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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  August 27, 2016 3:05am-4:01am CDT

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a@#$hole. get out of the car. hold on for a white knuckle, adrenaline pumping chase. behind the wheel according to police, 41-year-old sara seboe of new berlin. speeds over 110 on maple, still cant catch her. even at speeds that would reach nearly 130 miles per hour, officers say it's hard to keep up. the suspect becomes erratic she just brake checked me. slamming on the breaks, swerving-- speeding up again. she almost struck another motorist on the roadway. eventually she makes her way into the cabellas parking lot-- jumps over curb with no as officers try and pin her--- she just rammed my squad. get out of the f@#$% car!!!!!!!!! time and time again, she manages to get away. spikes missed. spikes missed! go go go! eventually the pursuit is called off. the frustration is easy to hear. f!@#$ god damn. you f@#!$ rammed my squad. officers say they eventually caught up with seboe at her home where she threatened to kill
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police say it had no effect. she managed to punch a cop in the head before being arrested. police say when they explained the charges seboe was facing-- she responded by saying "i should have punched you harder." while officers say they suspect seboe was been drinking--- she has not been charged with d-u-i. she is free on bond after posting cash bails in both washington and waukesha counties. live in the newsroom, ben handelman, fox 6 news. steph thanks ben turn yourself in. ha her daughter was struck by a driver tuesday night. fox 6's ashley sears is live at children's hospital where the girl is being treated. 11-year-old katty katie bartley was riding her bike near 27th and burleigh when she was hit.her mother says it has been a difficult journey as she recovers. we cry every day, we cant sleep, we cant even think isn't easy for dominique ford to talk about
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down in a hospital bed and this man is still out there.11-year-old katty katie bartley was riding her bike near 27th and burleigh--tuesday evening, when she was struck by a van.the driver took off. the moments after-- she said 'your daughter just got hit by a van.' so, i ran from 24th to 27th and burleigh.continue to replay in ford's mind. its hard to see my daughter like that. she wasnt moving, she wasnt talking, little girl with a vibrant smile, now struggles to speak, has nightmares and memory loss. god has a plan for her, this is a life story. once she gets old enough she will tell people what shes been through at the age of 11.police say they have identified the driver, but he hasn't yet been taken into custody. just turn yourself in so we have peace of hopes his arrest will bring some closure-- so her family can focus on helping a little girl heal.
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childs head, somebodys baby, somebodys child. ford tells us her daughter will not be able to start school in a couple of weeks. but she is getting better now listed in fair condition. anyone with information about the driver, should contact police. live outside of children's hospital, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thansk ash a 20-year-old man hit during a shootout in milwaukee has died... -- and began shooting at another group of people. that's when he was shot -- he later died at the hospital. police are still searching for suspects. racine police are trying to figure out how a young teen drowned in island park. officers pulled the unresponsive 13- year-old girl out of the river earlier today. investigators believe she was playing with her younger cousin when she either jumped or fell in the river. the 9-year-old
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police do not suspect foul play fibers... dna... blood. steven avery's attorney wants it all retested. and she filed an official motion today for that to happen. it was one of two motions filed in avery's murder case. krystle kacner is in manitowoc county with this developing story. i cant get this smile off my face. for kim ducat... steven avery's cousin... test evidence in her cousin's case... gives her hope... its unbelievable, i had no idea that other countries were going to help do these testings its been about 10 years since avery was convicted of killing photographer teresa halbach. now... his attorney kathleen zellner wants to take a closer look at some of the evidence... with some new developments in forensic science for one.... these tests are going to establish definitively the age of the blood, in the victims vehicle, so we are going to know through radio carbon or dna
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the motion filed is a few hundred pages thick.... proof of many months of arguous work... "now weve got it pinned down to the testing we need to do to determine once and for all was the evidence in the vehicle planted was the dna on the bullet planted , was the car key planted was dna on the car key planted , were going to be able to answer all of the questions " but first... the attorney agree to the testing... as for avery-- "hes thrilled ,hes absolutely thrilled, he cant wait for the results." zellner says typically the state pays for testing .. . but in this case the defense will pay. in manitowoc county.. krystle kacner fox 6 news you can read the document filed in the avery case today -- just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com, or the fox 6 news mobile app.
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the death of sylville smith. smith was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer near sherman park earlier this month. sylville smith's death was a catalyst for violent unrest, and calls for change. in a letter to u-s attorney general loretta lynch, state reps david bowen, and evan goyke goy-key say the state investigators pose a conflict of interest -- because they used to work for the milwaukee police department.lawmakers say the federal investigation would help restore faith between the public and law enforcement. investigation coming on the same day sylville smith is laid to rest. the reverand jessie jackson giving today's eulogy at christian faith fellowship church near 86th and good hope. fox 6's derica williams with more details. "comfort and healing and a future that is positive " that's the message being sent by church pastors as loved ones mourn sylville smith. he had a big heart he was a loving person and a very much loved person. the attorney for smiths family spoke on their behalf as they
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jackson attempted to console smiths family while also trying to heal a city. we must turn this crisis into opportunity. assess where we go from here i was able to sit down with rev. jesse jackson who delivered the eulogy. he later expressed his goal of unifying a city that he says is segregated, stricken by poverty, pain and despair. jackson says all of that was evident during the unrest after smiths death. used to protest get the desired results and intended consequences. " jackson hopes people can learn from this tragedy and says the real way of paying tribute to smith is to address and improve the root problems in the community. they need the hope they can make it and dont' have to surrender they need to lif their expectation level of them selves and they need opportunity rev. jackson says
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to see how the city can rebuild and put people back to work. he also says that inside there was a lot of prayer, crying, thinking and reflecting. he hopes that be successful in getting a response beyond this and service for a broader sense of revitalization derica williams fox 6 news from the shooting of sylville smith to the unrest in sherman park -- you can see all of our coverage on our website, fox 6 now dot com. the temperature gradually falling into the middle 60s overnight. showers and thunderstorms will move in after midnight and continue saturday morning then mostly cloudy the rest of the afternoon with scattered t-storms. temperatures will stay in the upper 70s then rise into the 80s by sunday. gradual clearing throughout sunday then there is the slight chance for a
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midnight. low: 65 dewpoint: 64 wind: e 2-4 mph saturday: morning rain and thunder will become scattered in the afternoon. high: 78 dewpoint: 68 wind: se-sw 5-10 mph you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. a house explodes -- a man critically injured. how did it happen? the stunning revelation tonight -- that erases what many thought was the reason. new information about the mysterious death of a racea what the coroner is saying that could answer the biggest question. and -- 20-thousand dollars now in the case of that murdered nun from milwaukee. who's behind the big reward. those stories in the next 9 minutes.
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a new reward -- more than 22-thousand dollars offered for any info that could help policde find whoever murdered two nuns in mississipi. one of those nuns grew up here in southeastern wisconsin. fox6's julie collins spoke with a friend of theirs. crime tape wrapped the home of two catholic nuns -- sisters paula merrill and margaret held. police - finding evidence of a break- in -- a vehicle...possibly
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of this property to make sure that we dont miss anything and we provide as much as we can to the family.' officers came to the their home, for a wellness check, after the pair didn't show up for work thursday -- the two were nurse practitioners at the lexington medical clinic. both women were found dead inside their home, with stab wounds. 'it is extremely odd for a small town like durant' their brutal murder... sending shock waves through the local community... and all the way to helds childhood home in wisconsin, where her family & friends now mourns. 'theyre just good, good friends. tremendous women religious who lived their lives their vows and loved the poor and were loved by all.' the sisters' violent death -- a stark contrast to the compassion they displayed in life... spending decades helping the poor... sister margaret speaking about their work -- in a video posted on the sisters of charity of nazareth website. 'we need more women like them, thats for
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have done what they could but they would have known that this was their time and their god was going to call them home.' the school sisters of st. francis here in milwaukee say a service will first be held for both nuns in mississippi before they'll be brought to their respective homes. at that time the school sisters of st. francis will hold a service for sister margaret here in milwaukee. reporting in milwaukee - julie collins fox 6 news. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office investigating the death of a two-year-old child from last night. officials say the child was found unresponsive after his mother put him down for a nap. first responders tried to save the child's life but were unsuccesful. this is the third two-year-old child to die in milwaukee within the
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bulls star dwyane wade was shot and killed in chicago. police say nykea aldridge was shot in the head and arm.according to reports.... aldridge was caught in the cross fire when two men opened fire on a man she was walking with... in the city's south side neighborhood. she was taken to the hospital where she died. wade tweeting tonight -- "my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. 4 kids lost their mom for no reason." dwayne wade was recently on an e-s- p-n roundtable talking about the we're learning more about the death of a race car driver that happened earlier this week. officials say on wednesday-- 27- year-old matthew shoe schuh crashed his car straight into an in-field guardrail at the manitowoc county fair.tthe manitowoc county coroner believes the driver died before impact. the coroner says shoe schuh could have possibly suffered from a medical condition prior to crashing. new information tonight about
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explosion in fitchburg. madison gas and electric says there's no evidence of a leak in the underground gas system connected to the home. one man was critically injured in the explosion... it happened around 7 o'clock last night. fire officials say three nearby homes have major structural damage -- and 23 others have moderate to minor damage. debris from the explosion was found as far as a half mile away. the victim reportedly suffered burns and broken bones -- but is alert. distraction,... a milwaukee mother struggles to split her focus between grieving her daughter's hit-and-run death -- and the continuing search for the driver, responsible. justin williams shares the story. just a body, without a soul ... despite her pain, we are mourning the loss of my daughter. this mother makes a plea. just turn yourself in, so we could be at peace. friday, tasha bunch joins dozens of others as they remember tyann bunch-- who was killed, august
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say is a hit-and-run crash, near 23rd and fond du lac. she was at the crosswalk. she had the right of way to walk, and you ate the red light, and just ... struck her, and she just landed in the middle of the street. the striking vehicle, described as a 1999 cadillac deville, was located, about a block away. at least one man was spotted, running from the car. he's livin' his life, while he ended my daughter's life. miss bunch shares a message, in tyann's memory. i want justice. that's all i want. i'm not gonna say nothin' negative about them. i just want them, and and my family pain, just as well. milwaukee police say they continue to search for the driver of the striking vehicle, and they believe that vehicle to be stolen. if you have any information which may contribute to this investigation, you're encouraged to contact milwaukee police. for now, this is the latest, at 23rd and fond du lac. i'm justin
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today -- governor walker ordering flags at half-staff to honor a special forces solider from brookfield. u-s army staff sergeant "matthew thompson" was killed earlier this week by an i-e-d while on patrol in afghanistan. he graduated from brookfield central in 2006. thompson also attended marquette university before completing his degree at concordia university in california and enlisting in the army. the death toll continues to rise following an earthquake in central italy earlier this week. in studio with more details. good evening. that loss is very personal for one local man who has family in the area where the earthquake struck. a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked central italy earlier this week--and has claimed the lives of at least 250 people. those with loved ones in the amatrice area have watched anxiously as rescue crews dig through the rubble, trying to find survivors. "come wednesday morning my phone
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know that nino and simona are missing and they were there." tony paladino says his cousin and his cousin's wife own a vacation home in the area that was hit by the earthquake. rescuers found the couple's dog alive on wednesday... "the greatest video that they see is the rescuers carrying their dog out of the rubble so that gave you a bunch of hope." tragically paladino got word that nino and simona's bodies had been found. "you always prepare for the worst and expect the best but even you know with all that preparation it's still difficult to swallow." paladino says he won't be able to make it overseas for the funerals, but his mom is currently in italy and he says she'll represent the family and join his other family members as they grieve. "it's tough being here and not being able to share the grief with all my family...."
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paladino says one thing he plans to take away from this tragic experience is gratitude to the first responders who show up to such scenes. he encourages everyone to thank those people whenever you have the chance. back to you. a merger involving the world's largest beer maker could send thousands into unemloyment the new numbers out tonight showing just how many workers will be effected when ansheuser busch acquires s-a-b miller. and when it comes to startups - be. in fact -- it's the worst. we'll explain.
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in business news... more passengers are choosing milwaukee's mitchell international for their summer travel. 611-thousand passengers passed through the airport in june. that's a 3-point-4 percent increase from june 2015. passenger traffic for the first half of this year is also up.... mitchell says new nonstop flights from frontier and southwest are helping boost the numbers. year for the milwaukee region -- and wisconsin as a whole -- for startup businesses. although startup activity rose in 2016 for the country -- that wasn't the case for wisconsin or milwaukee's -- that's according to the annual kauffman report. in fact, for the second year in a row -- the state came in dead last. milwaukee didn't fare much better -- placing 39th out of 40 of the country's largest metro areas. for more stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours,
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temperature gradually falling into the middle 60s overnight. showers and thunderstorms will move in after midnight and continue saturday morning then mostly cloudy the rest of the afternoon with scattered t-storms. temperatures will stay in the upper 70s then rise into the 80s by sunday. gradual clearing throughout sunday then there is the slight chance for a few t-storms monday and tuesday. tonight: rain and thunder after midnight. low: 65 dewpoint: 64 wind: e 2-4 mph sat become scattered in the afternoon. high: 78 dewpoint: 68 wind: se-sw 5-10 mph break
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the looting and fires two weeks ago on milwaukee's north side...have given them a new sense of urgency. governor scott walker announcing today nearly five million dollars has been pooled together from different state agencies. fox6's aj bayatpour with the details. our society has created a situation where the vast majority of low-income people are located and live very close to where we are right now. to address this troubling concentration of poverty, governor scott walker announces friday million dollars in milwaukee. walker says this is just the start. these are things that dont require action of the legislature. we can do it right away to show a meaningful and tangible way that were investing and building the workforce and helping to rebuild neighborhoods here in the city of milwaukee. here's how that money is to be spent: 1.5 million from the department of children and families for job
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training. and two million to demolish or renovate vacant buildings on the north side. i want to put people from this neighborhood to work fixing those homes or tearing them down. officials say the civil disorder around sherman park has spurred these investments. im glad that out of a tragedy, at least were having a broad, shared discussion about what we all do to address whats really a bigger issue than just what happened near sherman park. state senator lena taylor says, the programs will need people who can act as a bridge between angry young people and those trying to serve them. those connectors are the people who can do a better job that you or i. its kind of like when i want my son to do something, its somebody who helps him get it better than me. the challenge will be ensuring the spending has a lasting impact. rapid response is great. sustained and effective response is better. the governor's office says the state is also reaching out to the business owners directly
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hoping the city can also secure federal money to help address the vacant buildings problem. in the newsroom, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. thousands could soon lose their jobs after a merger between two of the top competitors in the beer industry. anheuser-busch inbev has the go- ahead to acquire sabmiller. according to transaction documents-- three percent of the workforce will be cut after the merger . will go-- but annual reports show the two companies had about 220- thousand employees between the two of them at the end of 2015. that could mean more than six- thousand jobs cut. it's week 2 of the high school blitz. and the fox 6 blitz game of week is at greendale high school as they host the menomonee falls indians. and as tom pipines found out, football is just part of teh reason many people show up friday night's in greendale. hi everybody tom pipines with you from greendale and the
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field by the greendale marching band before the big game against menomonie falls. something special about this band, they are one of just 12 bands across the country who will perform at the macy's day thanksgiving parade in new york city. wow! it's a lot of hard work and it's the pressure is on because it'll be on national television and it will be in front of 50 million people and it's going it's just like the greatest feeling like i'm a senior this year. this is how i'm ending my senior year like going to new york city being in the parade it's just an amazing feeling. oh look at all this food everybody. you go tot get to the concession stand. maybe i can get a freebie later for giving them a little publicity. we'll wait and see. but all these women here. these hard workers they are proud mothers of young men and or women who are on the parade team if you will going to the big apple.
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excited and proud are you? i can't even begin to tell you. it is such an honor and it's going to be such a thrill to be there and to see it in person ad see our kidsin teh parade . mom how did it all happen i mean this is quite a big honor. yes i believe that there were 175 applicants that sent recordings in of their band and we were one of 10 that were selected to be in the parade this year. that's from all over the country. so what does that do for you? do you have a son or a the band and ti's just a once in a lifetime opportunity i feel for our kids and the school and we're taking out my whole family to watch and some friends are joingin us as well out there so we're really excited. it's just a once in a lifetime opportunity. mom you're rocking the shirt here so how cool is this for you and your family? this is awesome, amazing. the preparation our band director tom rippenberg is amazing. the excitement is building. and we're three months three and a half months away. oh, it smells so good ladies and gentlemen so a lot of excitement
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feature game as voted by the viewers online menomonie falls here in greendale we will have it featured for you with brandon cruz who steers the ship on the fox six sports blitz coming your way tonight at ten o'clock it's the high school blitz. meantime, i got ot get over there and get to work so i can eat. hey pip get you big butt over here. it's time to work. alright, i'm going to roll up those sleeves. for now tom pipines fox six sports. pip and brandon will be "blitzing" tonight. they'll have the highlights and that's at 10:15. ahead at nine. fox's hit show empire -- could be in some legal trouble. the claims being made from juvenile prisoners! plus. a dramatic and fiery rescue caught on camera. the intense video of an officer pulling a man from a burning car. and some big news for people living in milwaukee's central city.
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announcement from the bucks. there are rain showers and thunderstorms on the way for saturday, especially in the morning. i'll show you skyvision coming up
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lawsuit.... and jennifer lopez is back on the market... the details in tonight's buzz. t-v show "empire" is facing some backlash... inmates at the "chicago juvenile detention center" where scenes from season two were shot...have filed a lawsuit against fox. they are claiming they were put in lockdown with no facility access or visitation for the nearly 2 weeks of filming. the inmates are asking for
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psychological damages. richard branson was hurt in a bicycle accident this week... the billionaire said he was cycling down a hill in the british virgin islands when his bike hit a speed bump--sending him flying through the air and his bike off a cliff. branson suffered a cracked cheek and some torn ligaments, but credits his helmet for saving his life. jennifer lopez is single again... the singer called it quits from her longtime boyfriend, casper smart. ended the 5-year relationship after smart went to las vegas for a u-f-c fight instead of attending a fundraising event with lopez. and that's your buzz. have you ever wanted to go to mars? well-- nasa is working on getting you there. the test they conducted this week and the crazy footage that
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plus-- he's spent his life on the run-- because it isn't easy for him to hide. find out more on tonight's most wanted.
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nasa's juno spacecraft will capture the first close up
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be the closest approach to the planet and will help nasa gather new data, including how much water is in the atmosphere and how and when the planet was formed. nasa says it will take some time to analyze the results but they will release photos later next week. nasa engineers simulating a splashdown of its orion spacecraft -- using crash test dummies. the dummies are in legit spacesuits -- and represent a 105 pound woman crews used a pendulum and explosives to drop a test capsule into a pool of water at 25 miles-per-hour.. it's all part of an effort to eventually send humans to mars. nasa is confident the program is on
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spaceflight, in 2023. adlib to weather weather mainly cloudy this evening with the temperature gradually falling into the middle 60s overnight. showers and thunderstorms will move in after midnight and continue saturday morning then mostly with scattered t-storms. temperatures will stay in the upper 70s then rise into the 80s by sunday. gradual clearing throughout sunday then there is the slight chance for a few t-storms monday and tuesday. tonight: rain and thunder after midnight. low: 65 dewpoint: 64 wind: e 2-4 mph saturday: morning rain and thunder will become scattered
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dewpoint: 68 wind: se-sw 5-10 mph sunday: gradual clearing. am low: 67 high: 82 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with an isolated shower possible. am low: 67 high: 83 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with an isolated shower possible. am low: 68 high: 83 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 66 high: 77 dewpoint: 60 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 79 dewpoint: 58 wind: se 5-10 mph mainly cloudy this evening with the temperature gradually falling into the middle 60s overnight. showers and thunderstorms will
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mostly cloudy the rest of the afternoon with scattered t-storms. temperatures will stay in the upper 70s then rise into the 80s by sunday. gradual clearing throughout sunday then there is the slight chance for a few t-storms monday and tuesday. tonight: rain and thunder after midnight. low: 65 dewpoint: 64 wind: e 2-4 mph saturday: morning rain and thunder will become scattered in the dewpoint: 68 wind: se-sw 5-10 mph sunday: gradual clearing. am low: 67 high: 82 dewpoint: 69 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with an isolated shower possible. am low: 67 high: 83 dewpoint: 71 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with an isolated shower possible. am
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dewpoint: 69 wind: w 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly sunny. am low: 66 high: 77 dewpoint: 60 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 63 high: 79 dewpoint: 58 wind: se 5-10
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we knew all of the construction near the bradley center wasn't now we know what else is moving in down there. beverly taylor reports on today's announcement-- that deals with health. "in froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin we have a fantastic partner who shares our vision for the future of milwaukee and is in the long haul with us." this partnership will result in these facilities you see in this rendering-- to be built adjacent to the new bucks area. there will be a health center at north 6th and mckinley. "the froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin mckinley health center will be our first in
3:53 am
provide much needed access to health care services for people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods." it will offer primary care, orthopedic and sports medicine, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, as well as imaging and lab services. secondly-- there will be the froedtert and the medical college of wisconsin sports science center. "we will increase our ability to not only provide evidence based care but create new discoveries around sports medicine, including player prevention, surgical techniques, and other related injuries." the potential benefits of these endeavors are not lost on bucks coach jason kid. "with the technology and the way medicine changes, you know, everyday, to be able to have the best right next door can only help us and i'm very happy to have that." in milwaukee, beverly taylor, fox 6 news. the health facilities are expected to open sometime next fall. meanwhile, you can take a closer look at the renderings for the proposed complex... just visit fox6 now
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trending now -- a debate over popular app pokemon go and the use of milwaukee county parks. county executive chris abele responding to news that the app might be banned from parks. abele posting on facebook this statement chock-full of pokemon references. in part he says, "simply playing pokemon doesn't require a permit. it would be tentacruel, that's the name of a pokemon, to ask people who are just trying to get outside and explore our parks." abele is asking the creator of the game to work with the parks to maintain the green spaces in the county. if you have an i-phone -- hackers may be able to see nearly everything on it. apple released an urgent update -- and says all i-phone users should update their phone immediately. the researchers say the malware belongs to the israeli-based n-s-o group -- which openly sells its tracking software to governments. here's how it works: the attackers send a text message with a link that looks legitimate. when the user clicks on the
3:55 am
installed on the phone. n-s-o group has denied any knowledge of this specific hack. 26 companies in the u-s are signing the white house's "equal pay pledge." some of the biggest na,mes signing on -- target, apple and facebook. the pledge includes a promise by employers to conduct a yearly analysis of pay by gender, as well as review hiring and promotion processes. the pledge, announced in june during the united state of women summit, is the latest effort by the obama administration to address the gender wage gap. a women in general earn 79 cents for every dollar men earn. the news coming on the 45th anniversary of "women's equality day." the day was designated in 1971 to commemorate the 19-20 passage of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote voting was only the beginning for some women's rights advocates, who pivoted in the 1920's to the larger issue of putting equal rights in the constitution. the equal rights amendment was first introduced to congress in 1923 -- but has
3:56 am
to both chambers of congress in may of last year. a georgia police officer risks his life trying to save a man trapped in a car on fire. this wild video is from the body camera of that officer. he was called to an accident late last week in athens, georgia. when he got to the scene the car was already in flames. he grabbed a fire extinguisher then rushed to the burning car. you can see a man sticking outside of a officer eventually pulled the man free ... and just in time. police say the back seat gutted within minutes. the man was one of two people inside the car. the driver of the burning car died in the accident. survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando are now getting some financial help. two florida hospitals say they will not bill survivors. 49-people were killed and dozens injured after omar mateen opened fire
3:57 am
center and florida hospital say will not be sending bills to those victims treated that day. jose garcia suffered minor injuries....he says the gesture is overwhelming. jose garcia/shooting survivor " he got hurt really bad and they heaven's been able to work, they have rent, they have bills, they have responsibilities. and a big concern was that hospital bill that was coming. you think sometimes all hospitals want is money. it really shows how the community has come together." un- reimbursed costs it could incur..... exceed five million dollars. it's probably the last thing a felon should have in their possession but u.s. marshals say a milwaukee man cant' seem to put it down. fox6's jonathon gregg has more in this week's wisconsin's most wanted. a life on the run is a lonely place. "he's probably living in a hole
3:58 am
himself in...after years of breaking the law. "he's been arrested on off for the past the decade." the wrap sheet of 32-year-old jordan coney is no quick read. as his convictions keep stacking up. "yeah, he has a 17-page criminal history. he is a convicted felon." marshals say last october -- the milwaukee police executed a search warrant of jordan's north side home. several firearms at the residence which belonged to jordan." it wasn't long before the d.a. added more charges to the chronically criminal. "two counts of a felon is possession of a firearm and one county of felony drug offense as well." but a man who's had plenty of run-ins with police has fallen off the grid. marshals say he's likely low in
3:59 am
of hard for coney to blend into the crowd, "jordan is six foot one, two-hundred and fifty pounds. he does have tattoos. on his lower left arm he has rip bertha, rip cassie." marshals say coney has been out far too and it's time to bring him in. "he has to constantly cover his tracks wherever he goes." because the longer he's on the street more desperate he'll jordan coney is a big guy. he hits six-one and weighs 250 pounds. a tattoo on his left arm reads "rip bertha" he reportedly has burn scars on his chest. coney is wanted on two counts of a felon in possession of a firearm. if you have any information on his whereabouts call marshals,
4:00 am
homes and great estates" visit a majestic mansion in the beautiful southern california community of bel-air crest. tour this tuscan-inspired estate that measures over three quarters of an acre and contains five spacious bedrooms, seven baths and a five-car garage. >> this is a foot house. it's got incredible scale. there's a lot of volume to this house. you're on three quarters of an acre here, incredible views, fantastic. >> and discover the story behind the impressive design of this amazing residence. >> architect ron firestone built this home from the ground up and it's one of his best pieces of work. >> then explore the creative


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