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his professional relationship with brooks was akin to lightning in a bottle. he earned his second oscar nod, this time for best adapted screenplay for their parody "young frankenstein." "young frankenstein" "it could work!" his role as a hard-drinking gunslinger in "blazing saddles," also helped to cement wilder's meteoric rise to stardom. "blazing saddles" "yeah, but i shoot with this hand." perhaps the film that endeared the witty actor to many across generations is "willy wonka and the chocolate pure imagination."his private life became public with his marriage in 1984 to "saturday night live" star gilda radner. sadly, after two years of marriage radner was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died three years later. wilder dealt with his grief by establishing "gilda's club," a home away from home for patients and families. the actor teamed up with his friend richard pryor for a string of successful
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no evil, hear no evil." by the 1990s wilder remarried and kept his career going with various projects. however in 1999, the performer was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. with the help of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, wilder made a complete recovery. acting took a back seat in his life, and except for a few small t-v roles, he focused his energy on writing. in 2005, he released his memoir "kiss me like art." gene wilder will be remembered for his wit and warmth, and his memorable performances that were simply unforgettable. mel brooks -- who worked with wilder on a number of films -- tweeting about his death today saying: "one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship." gene wilder was born "jerome
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summer of 1933. he first started performing for his mother who was often ill. he graduated from washington high school in 1951 -- and moved east to pursue acting. while he was instrumental in forming the first gilda's club in new york city to honor his late wife gilda radner -- he was not involved in the creation of the one in shorewood which opened in 2004 -- and closed a few years later. we'll have more on wilder's connections to milwaukee tonight on fox6 news at 9 and 10... until then -- you can life and career on our website -- fox6 now dot com. a milwaukee man is murdered in the middle of a lively street on the citys lower east side. police say an argument escalated to a fatal stabbing. fox 6s derica williams learned more about what happened and the identity of the victim. she's live in the newsroom with more. police have not released the mans name until all family is notified... but fox six has learned the victim is a
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restaurant and hotel. the murder has shaken residents and patrons in this east side neighborhood. cops everywhere lots of people standing around police lights lit up the early morning... near pulaski and arlington. pretty sad turn of events not something you normally see the fun nightlife in this neighborhood...halted by violence. i had to come onto the crime scene to get into my house mac leicht lives just feet away from where police say a fatally stabbed. it looked pretty brutal my roommates car had blood on it, i dont know if this was a hand print but his car was part of the crime scene as well the grisly scene happened around 12:45 when police say an argument between two people -- who knew each other-- lead to a fatal stabbing. its just crazy the world we live in i guess people think bad things happen in bad areas but it
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the grim reality of crime. i think everyone is pretty shocked that kind of violent crime doesnt really happen in the neighborhood its in the city so you use things here or there but nothing serious like that rebecca berkshire is even more shocked by who the victim is. happening from what i know the man is kind a regular in the neighbors seemed like a pretty normal guy witnesses say he left a nearby incident. while police look into a motive, many here look to comfort for his loved ones. . sad for the victims family the victim was 32-years old.. milwaukee police have taken two male suspects into custody in connection with the homicide.
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fabian hinkle is a cousin of the 23- year-old man who was killed. he tells me the family was burying their grandfather today. they were driving from the church to the cemetery... when the victim was shot at. hinkle believes his cousin was targeted because he wa herse.. and its a car that certainly stood out with its bright coat of gold paint. we was all just together yesterday. he just fixed his car, painted it, put the rims on it. came by us the first day he got it out. he only had the car out one week. so if its anybody they know who they did it to. just cause of the car. soon after the shooting... police responded to a report of a burned up white suv near maple and 6th. hinkle says the vehicle is
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says he has no idea who pulled the trigger. 10:54 we just want all of this senseless killing to stop. he came down here to bury his grandpa. so how ruthless, and where is your conscience? :03 ted thanks madeline mourners gathered in jackson, mississippi to pay their respects to two nuns who were found fatally stabbed in their home last week. mass was held for sisters paula merrill and margaret held. sister margaret held grew up in slinger -- and worked with the school sisters of saint francis in milwaukee. over the weekend -- 46-year-old rodney sanders was arrested. he allegedly confessed to the murders.. but did not give a motive for the
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we streamed the entire memorial mass on the fox6 news facebook page -- you can view it there if you like. if you'd simply like to view the homily from the mass, visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story can be found on our home page. kenosha police want the public's help to track down a homicide suspect. authorities believe this vehicle is connected to the shooting death of 39-year-old bernard reavers. reavers was shot on august 21st -- and died this past shooting happened near 24th avenue and 68th street. police believe the father of three may have walked in on an armed robbery of his upstairs neighbor. kenosha police want anyone with home security video that may have captured this car to contact them. it's a blight fight in milwaukee. we know 2 million dollars is coming to help tear down -- or rebuild -- vacant houses. but neighbors in the sherman park area question how effective the plan will be..
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and clarke with more. this is a vacant, burned out house. you might think this would qualify for immediate demolition. we learned, that's not the case. at 50th and clarke... crews clean up after a vacant home the home itself is still standing. or leaning. the woman who lives next door told me off camera that its blocking her back door, and she doesnt feel safe. she wants the home torn down. 02:54:52 im gonna handle this asap. :54 we brought the issue to the area aldermans attention. russell stamper went over and checked it out himself nats - im going to expedite this. but fox6 later learned the decision is up to the property owner, not the city. city officials have given the owner 30 days to decide whether the house can be fixed, or if it has to come down. last week the mayor
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program to fight blight in the sherman park area. mayor - from friday 09:14:32 this is going to allow us to protect the neighbors as well that homes that do need to be raised :38 part of the money is supposed to go for demolition and part for renovating. neighbors at 33rd and hadley have many questions about the citys plan. jim brey -- 00:33:45 these are dangerous properties, and it hasnt been a big enough priority by the city :51xxx jim brey says his wife complained about a house that was abandoned for years. they were told: its on the list. hadl 00:00 nats - fire the house did come down. after it burned -- two weeks ago. 00:34:07 its sad :08 you know, thats what it takes :13xxxxxxx it has been 72 hours since the mayor announced the blight reduction effort on friday. today, barrett's office did not provide us with information answering our questions about the new program. the alderman we interviewed, russell stamper, says he has not been briefed by the mayor's office either. live, theo keith, fox6
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as kids go back to school for a new year -- school bus signals will work a little differently this year... up next... the changes every driver should be aware of as school buses start hitting the road. plus... a generic epipen. that's what the company that makes epipens is promising... when that's expected to be available -- still ahead. we have rain on the way. i'll show you when the best chance will be coming up in my fox6.
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new book bag, new classes, ?even new friends. many public schools in wisconsin start the new school year on thursday. also new? a state law affecting school bus warning lights. fox6s jonathon tells us what drivers should look out for. theres a new rule for public schools in wisconsin. "no body has more buses in this part of the state." when students climb on the bus this year... their ride may be flashing a new warning light. "an amber set of warning lights prior to the actual stop of the school bus and the unloading and loading of children." the flashing amber light tells drivers the bus is preparing to
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milwaukee teachers caught their own bus ride monday following an mps teacher pep rally. 'the new law doesnt require every bus to have the new amber flashing light just the ones built after jan one, 2005." "there's a lot of buses manufactured before that that will have the conventional red only system." and while red lights have and always will mean "stop, do not pass go." cars may "pass" a bus while its amber lights are flashing. "buses that loading children so we have to be very very cautious. it actually gives more information to the driver of exactly what that bus is doing." the new warning light will also flash momentarily as the bus pulls away from each stop. "i think it gives you a little bit more communication and usually more information results in a safer environment." the department of transportation is also responsible for inspecting --and signing off on every single yellow school bus before the new year begins for many... this thursday. back
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weather together. before heading back to the classroom-- milwaukee students were able to get free immunizations. earlier this afternoon-- the city of milwaukee health department held a back-to-school health clinic at westlawn gardens. they offered free immunizations and school supplies for the kids. officials in sauk county downgrading the most serious charge against zachary hays... he's accused of killing his neighbor in west allis -- as well as an illinois woman while driving on sauk county in may. prosecutors downgraded a charge of first-degree intentional homicide -- to first-degree reckless homicide. hays also faces charges in milwaukee county -- where a psychiatrists report found he could be suffering from schizophrenia or another mental disorder. a man accused of lighting a car on fire during the milwaukee unrest appeared in court today.... prosecutors say 19-year-old dale folley lit a car on fire -- this incident happened in a pick n
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south side. meanwhile -- milwaukee police have tracked down a man suspected of looting during the unrest... investigators say 27-year-old darius saxton was at the o'reilly auto parts store, metro p-c-s and jet beauty. according to court documents -- saxton denies taking anything from the stores with the exception of lingerie. he faces three counts of burglary. toss to weather weather we have a slight chance for isolated showers and storms later this evening, although most of us should stay dry. clouds and patchy fog will move in overnight, with lows in the
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thunderstorms returns on tuesday with our next cold front. although we'll stay mostly cloudy through the day, it wont be a washout. from there, our temperatures will cool back to the mid and even lo fall-like air in place through the end of the week.tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 66 dewpoint: 68 wind: sw 3-5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and
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high: 83 dewpoint: 69 wind: wsw 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: n 5-10 mph thursday: mo am low: 58 high: 71 dewpoint: 56 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 57 high: 74 dewpoint: 55 wind: ese 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 58 high: 77
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gearing up for another school year... teachers are doing the same! coming up... a special challenge for
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feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes-
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and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos, we need an economy that works for everyone. milwaukee public schools on the
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class this thursday. but this morning the teachers got an early boost -- with an energetic start to the new year. fox6's carl deffenbaugh was there. from cheers to costumes, school spirit was on full display at the bradley center monday. as the milwaukee public schools hosted a high-energy pep rally to kick off a new year. "our students are ready for us. were ready. and we are going to do something great this year." thousands of teachers and staff flip the switch from summer break to thursdays first day of school. "the energy is infectious when you see all hope and the excitement that all of our staff have. and the belief that we can make a difference." but the inspiring words from mayor tom barrett -- "our teachers work harder than just about anybody else in this society." -- and superintendent darienne driver came with a challenge, after a summer of unrest in the city. "schools are anchors. they are lighthouses in our communities. this is a place where people can
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supported, so be it. mps is up for that challenge." "i know its not an easy job. but people do it and they love they kids. and were there for the kids. and we hope they come every day and we just help them along." "her speech was inspirational for us. the reality is we have some challenges and barriers to overcome ... if we all work together in the community, we can get a lot accomplished." carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. to that end -- super day one kickoff event at sherman elementary, saying she believes that will be a "strong sign of what's to come." next year-- the u-s open golf tournament will be heading to wisconsin. coming up-- we're gonna take look at erin hills golf course before it hosts some of the best professional golfers in the world. a false alarm caused more than two dozens flights to be diverted at l-a-x over the weekend. the character that caused the scare--
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two security scares at the city's international airport. one of them -- reports of an active shooter -- follows a similar false alarm at a new york airport. adam
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angeles international airport... where reports of a gunman prompted the evacuation of several terminals sunday evening. l-a-x describing the situation in a statement reading, quote... "airport police began receiving reports of an active shooter in terminal 8. word spread quickly through the terminals by word-of-mouth, social media, and additional calls were made to airport police about an active shooter in other terminals." the ensuing panic caused more than two dozen flights to be diverted... as well as cancellations and delays. mos says: "..all there was a flood of people that came running into the bathrooms saying there was a shooter. i mean, everyone was in a huge panic." mos 2 says: "..we got off the plane and were exiting and saw just a mob a crowd coming towards us and we immediately started running." the airport says about the same time there were reports of a masked man armed with a sword and dressed as the character zorro. police later determined that sword was plastic. mos 3 says: "..they let me go. that was it, no charges. they said i was cool, i was clear, it was
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recent terror attacks on airports in belgium and turkey... and another false alarm of shots fired at j-f-k international airport in new york earlier this month. los angeles police say last night's shooting fears were caused by loud noises. on cam tag besides the obvious terror concerns at airports across the county, l-a-x has dealt with attacks in the past. the most recent in 2013 when a man opened fire and killed a security agent. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. it's time for your news and two suspects are in custody after a fatal stabbing on milwaukee's lower east side. it happened shortly around 12-45 near pulaski and arlington. police say the 32-year-old man was stabbed to death after an argument with someone he knew. a motive for the stabbing is currently under investigation. milwaukee police are investigating a triple shooting that left one person dead and two others injured. family members of the man that was
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this was the scene around 12:30 near 22nd and keefe. officials say a 23-year-old man was killed while two other men-- ages 22 and 24-- received non-life threatening injuries. so far, no suspects are in custody. this vacant home near 50th and clarke is finally torn down after burning up in a fire two weeks ago. fox-six started asking questions earlier today about why it was still standing-- even though it was a safety hazard for neighbors. within a mat private contractor came to demolish the building. we're told the property owner decided to tear it down. this comes as city leaders announced last week that 2-million dollars will be provided to help demolish or renovate blighted homes. we have a slight chance for isolated showers and storms later this evening, although most of us should stay dry. clouds and patchy fog will move in overnight, with lows in the mid


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