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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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rain this afternoon, with 2-3" of rain reported. the rain will taper off this evening as a cold front crosses. temperatures will fall into the 60s with areas of fog possible overnight. decreasing clouds, cooler and less humid on wednesday with a high in the middle 70s. sunny and quiet for the end of the week and for most of the holiday weeken t-storms is on labor day. tonight: rain ending. areas of fog overnight. low: 63 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:decreasing clouds. cooler and less humid. high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 58
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a viewer also sending these pictures in of a car submerged after the heavy rains. this is near pennsylvania and dale -- in cudahy. stay ahead of the weather anywhere with the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android. we are following breaking news out of milwaukee. one person is dead -- two more injured after a triple shooting near 27th and vine. fox6's madeline anderson is live latest. police just cleared the scene in the 1900 block of 27th st. officers and detectives spent several hours at this white house on the end of the street. just before 1 this afternoon, mpd says one man was shot and killed. two other males, an adult and a teenager were also hit by gunfire. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. it's the third homicide in milwaukee in two days and the 90th so
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59:04 you know there's been a lot of killings lately. so it's just really sad. police are still investigating what led up to the shooting. no word yet on a suspect. brad thansk madeline they dont know what killed her... but they know how she got there. the family of a woman found dead in milwaukee county jail cell has a warning-- and asks others to learn from their loss. fox i information. there is a lot more to life than going day by day and drug by drug that's the message robert jackson wants to share after his sister-in- law kristina fiebrink's death. been in and out of trouble off and on with an arrest history dating back nearly 15 years, the 38- year- old had several drug convictions it was opiates heroin, cocaine and most recently arrested wednesday for resisting/obstructin g an officer when police tried to arrest her for a felony warrant. she spent four days in jail.. before being found unresponsive in her
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jail and passes away. with everything that is going on with overdoses i have an inkling something else happened the truth will come out we will investigate and we are going to find out her death is being investigated. meanwhile jackson wants others to learn from his loss... and steer people away from drugs and path of crime. a lot of people are getting addicted to opiates through july, the medical examiner has certified 161 drug overdose deaths. thats up about ten we are going to miss her smile and going to going to miss her face's sad its time we start changing and being a good example fiebrink leaves behind siblings, children and grandchildren. the medical examiner has conducted an autopsy but the results are
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live ..dw, fox6 news. a convicted sex offender is released in waukesha county today -- with nowhere to go. 76-year old fortunato carrion is homeless after his release. carrion's convictions came in 1986 and 1992 for having sex with a child. he will now be on the life-time sex offender registry -- and will be on g-p-s monitoring. if he violates the terms of his release -- he will be taken back into custody. 12-year-old girl has recanted her accusations of sexual assault. the girl originally reported being assaulted near 23rd and national yesterday -- and five men were taken into custody. police say after further investigation -- they've determined the incident is "baseless." a national conference on ways to improve police shooting investigations.... a long-time activist says law enforcement should seek the advice of experts in other dangerous professions. michael bell says he's hoping to
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police union, to arrange such a conference. he hopes to include investigators from the national transportation safety board and the medical industry, among others. bell, who's retired from the air force, says police might be able to learn from other hazardous industries... i see a lot of holes right now in the process thats out there. lets just say that if an agency had a fatal shooting and they learned something from it, are they sharing it with other agencies in the does that. in a statement, the director of the w-p- p-a says police already look at the way other professions review deadly incidents. however, he says the union is open to taking part in such a conference. the lieutenant governor's office confirms it met with bell to discuss this idea last week. mexico's top diplomat -- had donald trump on her mind today... even as the mexican government opens a new consulate in milwaukee.
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nats - cutting the ribbonbefore cutting the ribbon on her country's newest consulate, mexico's top diplomat had business to attend to... without mentioning donald trump's name, claudia ruiz massieu attacked one of his best-known plans. undocumented immigrants are oftentimes an easy target for intolerance and discrimination. but let me tell you, it has been documented tt wisconsin today, the state would lose over 14,500 jobs trump wants mexico to pay for a border wall. he's called for mass deportation of people who are here illegally. the foreign leader made her stand in front of trump supporters -- like governor scott walker and congressman sean duffy. of course theyre going to say that because obviously mr trump has taken a pretty hard line against mexico. i think our ties are still strong wisconsin republicans say the consulate will advance business opportunities between wisconsin
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when asked about trump. no matter who the president is or what the president or others in washington might be saying, were focused on trade, were focused on strengthening those bonds. we see that as a positive outcome for the people of wisconsin the consulate is mexico's 50th in the u-s. it means milwaukee's mexican population will no longer have to travel to chicago for visas and other paperwork. trump, meanwhile, is scheduled to make an immigration speech tomorrow, amid questions about what his plan for illegal immigrants really will look like. packers reducing their roster..until about an hour ago when they cut punter tim masthay! masthay beat out rookie peter mortell .one day later, he's unemployed. pip tells you why coming up in sports. plus -- seeking a solution for milwaukee's blighted properties. mayor tom barrett talks details
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i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized...
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well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ]
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been filed against the property owner of a closed down new berlin school. the former prospect hill elementary school has become a magnet for thrill- seekers.. and the property is dangerous. monday, new berlin police took seven juveniles into custody for trespassing and possession of marijuana. the property has been police say there is not only broken glass... but potential problems of mold and asbestos in the building. fire crews on the scene of a house fire near 5th and washington today. this was the scene just a few hours ago -- you can see the damage to the roof. still no word on what caused the fire. an update to a story we've been covering -- mayor tom barrett says the newly announced effort to tear down or renovate blighted homes in milwaukee may not start for
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dollars for the effort. barrett says the city is seeking federal money, and he plans to include money in his budget. because the total amount of funding isn't known, barrett isn't sure how many homes the city can address. however -- when fox6 threw out a number, barrett said it would be more than that. in my budget, youll see dollars in there for this in my budget, and were hoping to get additional dollars from the federal government. so itll going to certainly be more than 80 homes we're told there are about 400 condemned properties citywide. of a lifetime. mother teresa will officially be recognized as a saint in just a few days. the wisconsin residents heading to rome -- and their special connection to her. a flash flood warning was in effect earlier today. fox 6 weather expert tom wachs coming up with what to expect
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tomorrow on wakeup.
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teresa will officially be recognized as a saint. and a group of local catholics with a special connection to her will be in attendance. fox6's rachelle baillon has the story, new at six. a simple notice in the church bulletin prompted fran schuck to take the trip of a lifetime. "i went home after mass and the first thing i did was check my passport to see if it was still valid and it was." kitchen table for a couple of days, while she weighed the idea in her mind. "i thought 'you know you've always wanted to do this you're going to do it now'." on tuesday, schuck and about 25 others from blessed teresa of calcutta parish in north lake, set out for rome. schuck's 17-year-old granddaughter is joining her on the trip. "it's a lifetime experience and me and my grandma are going together which will be even more special to share that together." the group
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pilgrimage-- but those going will also watch their namesake be canonized and declared a saint on september 4th. "usually catholic churches are named after people are already declared saints so for us to be able to be there when she is canonized is just an opportunity that is very rare." it's the kind of experience that schuck still can't believe she's about to have. "i have to pinch myself it's hard to imagine it's really happening and the fact that i'm ta us a very special bond and something to share you know for the rest of our lives." father stanfield says they will join an expected crowd of about one to two million people for mother teresa's canonization on september 4th. back to you.
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heavy rain this afternoon, with 2-3" of rain reported. the rain will taper off this evening as a cold front crosses. temperatures will fall into the 60s with areas of fog possible overnight. decreasing clouds, cooler and less humid on wednesday with a high sunny and quiet for the end of the week and for most of the holiday weekend. our next chance for t-storms is on labor day. tonight: rain ending. areas of fog overnight. low: 63 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:decreasing clouds. cooler
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mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 58 high: 70 dewpoint: 57 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 56 high: 71 dewpoint: 54 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 55 high: 74 dewpoint: 57 wind: se 5-10 57 high: 77 dewpoint: 60 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 63 high: 81 dewpoint: 64
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the packers will probably end up signing 1 or more of their undrafted free agents. how can a young man who stands out so much not get picked? coach mike mccarthy's comments next in sports. ? ? ?
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russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer. girl 2: i want to be a doctor! russ feingold: do you think you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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just when it looked as if veteran punter tim masthay was in the clear..he's been released in favor of fellow vet jacob schum!! a surprise, given what transpired monday. masthay, in his 6th year, went toe to toe with green bay native peter more'tell' the rookie who was released yesterday...but when schum became available, after the buccanneers made "him" a cut casualty, masthay was given his walking papers. schum will be given a
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preseason finale. if he doesn't impress, maybe somebody else..even peter more-tell'? stay tuned. here's how the packers got down to today's 75 man roster limit-before switching punters. wide receiver harvey binford was released. tight end kennard backman-a 6th round draft pick last year, was placed on injured reserve. running back john crockett-who they like for the number 3 spot behind eddie lacy and james starks-also went on i.r. i you see the others...c jacob flores, tight end mitchell henry, guard josh walker all on injured reserve. linebacker lerentee mccray was traded to buffalo for a future draft pick. ted thompson's brought in some talented free agents for mike mccarthy. ya wonder how those guys go undrafted! "there';s no exact science to the draft. the way value is created not absolute as far as the value that;s put on each and every player. i think it gives you a chance to give guys opportunities for whatever reason along their path they did not accumulate the actual credibility that the
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the vikings suffered a big blow in practice today when quarterback teddy bridgewater suffered what coach mike zimmer a non contact , but significant leg injury in practice. unofficial word is bridgewater will be lost for for the season. one reporter tweeted that teddy's injury made his teammates vomited at th the badgers don't plan to count their chickens before they hatch when they host number 5 lsu in saturday's season- opener at lambeau. 2 years ago, the tigers overcame a 17 point deficit to stun wisconsin. "back in 2014 it was, leaornard was a true freshman at the time, we didnt see much from him and for me as a college football
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develop and mature as as a person over the years. hes deffenitley much more of a handful than he was back in 2014" that whiff you smelled if you were at or near miller park last night was bad brewers batting. they struck out a whopping 19 times in last night's loss to the cardinals...and still had a chance to win before johnathan villar's throwing they crew has lost 33 of the last 45 games to the cards at
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announcer: today on "tmz"-- harvey: chris brown is in big trouble. chris is a suspect for allegedly pointing a gun at miss california regional at his house this morning. she said she was invited into the house with another friend and this melee breaks out. the best part of the story, if this woman is telling the truth, chris points a gun at her and then asks her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> we got teyana taylor leaving ace of diamonds. she's the girl in the kanye west "fade video.
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>> i know a twinkie body when i see one. that's not one. >> there are two twin boys that were selling their teddy bear. angelina jolie paid each of the boys $50. >> they bought a street teddy bear. just give them money. >> all you have to say is here's $80, i will be back for them and never come back. >> the kid will be sitting there until he's 41 for them to come back. >> super sad yesterday, gene wilder. but willy wonka is the one. >> a little nostalgic. where are they now? >> the guy playing oompa loompa, still doing tv movies. he's the guy right here, obviously. >> which guy? >> the oompa loompa! announcer: chris brown, talking to cops after a standoff following allegations of felony assault, weapons, drugs. let's go to the tmz crime desk


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