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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  August 31, 2016 1:05am-1:36am CDT

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we start tonight with breaking news. milwaukee police tweeting several arrests have been made in the area of 44th and auer tonight. you'll remember that's where sylville smith was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer 2 weeks ago. ashley sears is there live-- she joins us with an update. there is a rather large police presence out here. police are in riot gear in the
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police were called out here following complaints by neighbors for several people gatehring by a sylville smith memorial at 44th and auer. people were asked to leave the area. police say several uncooperative people were arrested. now to a fox6 exclusive. its one of the easiest cases greenfield police have ever closed. a man is brutally attacked... and the suspect posts a full confession on facebook. fox6s bret lemoine has the bizarre
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'he had posted some information on facebook.' ...every time a crime is committed: cd 'essentially, it was a confession.' greenfield police sergeant chris deglopper da-glopper says a fight between two men was investigated at a home near this intersection in may. a woman called police... cd 'she called hysterical reporting that there was a fight involving her boyfriend and a friend.' according to the criminal complaint, 36 year old brian schwochert walked up to the other man with closed fists... shouting: 'i came here for you, .'schwochert allegedly punched the victim... knocking him to the ground. cd 'he had be extremely hard - he thought it was a rock - multiple times.' the man was allegedly hit with this brick. the impact was so significant, the victim required six stitches. investigators say schwochert was gone by the time police arrived on scene... but a tip lead them to schwocherts facebook page... and a bombshell post. cd 'in the 18 years of law enforcement that ive had - ive never seen someone provide such a confession on social media.' schwochert makes reference to kicking
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' i also smashed 2 bricks, yes, concrete bricks over his head. he ran crying and screaming for police,' he allegedly wrote. 'why would i post this?' he continues... 'well find out... if i have a trial. trust me, this deserved it.' now schwochert can post a new status update... one that shows him facing a felony count of substantial battery. cd 'i wish that every offender edit would go home and do the same thing - put it out on facebook for everybody to see. it sure would make schwochert the suspect alleges that the victim was beating the woman... theres no evidence the victim was ever charged of any crime.we reached out to the suspects attorney for comment... but didnt hear back. reporting live in greenfield, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret
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this afternoon. the rain came down so fast in parts of milwaukee county-- it had nowhere to go. it's much quieter out there tonight. weather expert tom wachs joins us with the latest. parts of se wi saw very heavy rain this afternoon, with 2-3" of rain reported. the rain will taper off this evening as a cold front crosses. temperatures will fall into the 60s with areas of fog possible overnight. decreasing clouds, cooler and less humid on wednesday with a high i the end of the week and for most of the holiday weekend. our next chance for t-storms is on labor day. tonight: rain ending. areas of fog overnight. low: 63 dewpoint: 63 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:decreasing clouds. cooler and less humid. high: 75 dewpoint: 59 wind: ne 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low: 58
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wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 56 high: 71 dewpoint: 54 wind: e 5-10 mph download the fox6 storm center app to keep ts it's a free download for apple and android devices. heartrbroken and frustrated. two mothers devastated after their sons are killed while riding their motorcycles. the women thought the driver would be charged--after alcohol was found in his truck. but now they're worried that might never happen. fox 6's ashley sears with a story you will see only on fox 6. its hell every day. for the last month-- its been rough. two mothers--
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pictures. its just a whole lot of unanswered questions and its very frustrating. their sons were friends, riding their motorcycles together in the early morning of august 6th -- when 25-year-old deangelo maxwell and 36-year-old james morris were struck and killed at 6th and mckinley. the driver of the truck who hit them was initially arrested. a medical examiner's report indicates "two open bottles of alcohol were noted and "a marijuana pipe could be seen laying on the ground..." charges for homicide were pending-- but just two days after the crash, the driver was released from custody. it looks like there is no justice, not when you let a person out. the milwaukee county district attorney's office says the case is still under review for additional evidence related to accident reconstruction. its three weeks, going on four, what is going on? two mothers
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their sons-- hoping to see justice. he killed my baby...this is crushing me and killing me. in the meantime-- milwaukee police are investigating another homicide. three people were shot near 27th and vine this afternoon-- one man didn't survive. it happened a little before one. police still aren't sure why gunfire broke out. but a teenager was one of the v hospital. this is the third homicide in 2 days and the 90th in milwaukee so far this year. you know there's been a lot of killings lately. so it's just really sad. it's scary. everything is going haywire around here. a lot of people is just dying. again-- no suspects are in custody.
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the man fatally stabbed outside a bar near arlington and pulaski yesterday. 32-year-old shawn ostrom was a chef at the pfister hotel. a 45-year-old oak creek man and a 20- year-old greenfield man are accused of killing him after a fight. family members are speaking out after their loved one is found dead in a milwaukee county jail cell. 38-year-old kristina fee-brink fiebrink was in custody for resisting an officer after police tried to arrest her on a felony warrant. she spent four was found unresponsive. her family doesn't know what killed her but they know how she got there. they say she was addicted to drugs-- and they want others to learn from her situation. there is a lot more to life than going day by day and drug by drug its time we start changing and being a good example the medical examiner has conducted an autopsy on fee-brink fiebrink-- but the results are currently on non- disclosure. it sounded like a brutal
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didn't happen. a 12-year-old girl told milwaukee police she had been sexually assaulted in a park near 23rd and national. five men were arrested. but that girl has since recanted her statement. police say they determined the incident was quote, "baseless". two crashes in matter of minutes cause quite the traffic jam during rush hour. the first one happened a little after 4:30-- on i-43 southbound near silver spring drive. the second happened right around 4:45. in total-- five cars were involved. traffic was backed up for a potential new arena could be coming ... to racine! city leaders want to get started as soon a possible.. but before they do.. they need the county to sign off on it. that's where our krystle kacner was tonight-- at that first proposal presentation in racine county. the racine county board heard from the public.... i strongly encourage you to move forward with this project .and then from racine's mayor... nat
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proposed racine arena. officials say the 38-hundred seat arena would be build downtown.. on the southeast corner of lake avenue and gaslight drive.. and would host events like hockey.. nba d league basketball... concerts... wrestling matches... conventions... the city has told us this they would not be able to finance this by themselves because the plan is still in it's infancy .. that's still one of the big question marks in all of this -- finances-- exactly where would the estimated cost of 40 million dollars come from.. if the county decides it wants to partner with the city on this project. in the county the city you look at 440 construction jobs, 46 to 70 million dollars in development if you include the hotel racine's mayor says they weren't expecting any answers at tuesday nights meeting.. still.. time is of the the essence with a project like this. our job is to now try to get this done. the county board will do their best to do this in a timely fashion so that were not dragging our feet on this etc the numbers and data discussed tonight were derived from a
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board plans to take a closer look at that but also plans to put some of their own numbers and proposals together in the weeks to come. live in racine county . kk fox 6 news one day after he appeared to win a punting battle, tim mast'-tay is unemployed. so much for beating out rookie peter mortell , right tom pipines?! masthay was cut after tampa bay gave "their" punter the boot...and he became nfl. masthay, the 6 year veteran gets the pink slip following an up and down twenty fifteen season. green bay signs jacob schum-a former undrafted free agent who's spent time with the browns, jets and the buccaneers since entering the league in twenty 12. the pack got down to today's 75 man roster limit-before switching punters. wide receiver harvey binford was released. tight end kennard backman-a 6th round draft pick last year,
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running back john crockett-on i.r. same with c jacob flores, tight end mitchell henry, guard josh walker. linebacker lerentee mccray was traded to buffalo for a future draft pick. gm ted thompson gets a ringing endorsement during his news conference..literally. that's new in sports. mary, ted. new tonight-- a local police officer knows when to take his job seriously-- and when he can cut loose. they approached i was starting to feel it and then it just started to take over." hear from muskego's dancing cop-- next. and-- an awkward moment at milwaukee's new mexican consulate. we'll fill you in-- still ahead.
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or te of a mexican consulate on milwaukee's lower east side... mexico's foreign affairs secretary wasn't shy -- taking on trump in the
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republicans who support trump, but also want to strengthen ties between mexico and wisconsin. trump's name was never mentioned-- but one of his best-known plans was criticized. he's called for mass deportation of people who are here illegally. undocumented immigrants are oftentimes an easy target for intolerance and discrimination. but let me tell you, it has been documented that if this population left wisconsin today, the state would lose this is the 50th mexican consulate to open in the u-s. now milwaukee's mexican population won't have to travel to chicago for visas and other paperwork. in the meantime-- trump has announced he;s traveling to mexico tomorrow to meet with the country's president. i think michael jackson's song dancin maching - describespolice officer you probably don't see them doing what we're about to show you. nothing bad-- just not the norm....and certainly
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muskego police officer kevin raiche ray-ch takes the job seriously, you know, serve and protect.but his service goes beyond the norm. nat that's him... dancing in the street sunday. let's set the scene-- as the south shore dance team of illinois approached..... "i was very stone faced and as they approached i was starting to feel it over. once it got close enough i walked over. i took off my traffic vest, started waving it around and they went nuts, ...this has been happening at the annual muskego community festival parade for the last three years. and this group -- also a crowd pleaser -- is always toward the end of the parade. "and it was totally spontaneous"since the first time, onlookers have requested it. the crowd has gotten bigger. and, the department purposely puts him at that intersection so he can strut his stuff. "i had a woman come up
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vacation by a day just to come watch you dance today. so, i said, i'm not going to disappoint." nat and he didn't. even the dance team seems to love it. "i love the dance team. they're so talented and they all had big smiles on their faces "33 and it's just so much fun to make people smile and laugh." nat raiche raych thinks the exhibition shows people that officers are approachable.and, he thinks he's a terrible dancer. although you have to admit he has the moves. "i would say it's freelance dancing. i laughs :27 bt, fox6 news. backpack buddies are back! you can help fox6 and "feeding america eastern wisconsin" make sure kids get enough to eat. go to any "sendiks food market" now through september 6th. all of the proceeds will be used to provide backpacks filled with food to kids in need... and
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throughout the school year.
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aaron rodgers is in a hairy situation himself...but it's of his own choosing. the qb's comment are next in the
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audience laughter "thats my fault. if we were in the draft room that would cost me 50 cents." packers gm ted thompson phone
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today. punter tim masthay got a surprise call today...a call to the office to tell him he'd been cut! masthay went toe to toe with green bay native peter more'tell' the rookie who was released yesterday...but when jacob schum became available- after the buccaneers made "him" a cut casualty- tim masthay was given his walking papers. jacob schum will be given a long look in kansas city during thursday night's preseason finale. here's how the packers got down to today's 75 man roster limit-before harvey binford was released. tight end kennard backman-a 6th round draft pick last year, was placed on injured reserve. running back john crockett-on i.r. with a shoulder injury. ditto c jacob flores, tight end mitchell henry, guard josh walker- all on injured reserve. linebacker lerentee mccray was traded to buffalo for a future draft pick. a hairy time for guys on the bubble with cuts down to the 53 man on saturday. speaking of cuts and hairy..we give you aaron rodgers. "ive been cutting it down slowly. i had the mutton chops yesterday and those lasted for about a day. then i went down to this. very proud of it. i looked back at some of the packers post on
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over the years and im very proud of the fact that its finally filling in at 32." sad news from vikings camp. quarterback teddy bridgewater went down without contact. he has a torn acl and a dislocated kneecap. it appears that bridgewater will be lost for for the season. as some teammates prayed after witnessing what some labeled a sickening sight. former badger joel stave is one of two qb's left on minnesota's roster. stave's alma mater opens the season at lambeau field saturday afternoon against number 5 lsu and dave aranda, who left uw to take over as the tigers defensive coordinator. "you never knew what was coming next and the moment you thought you were going to line up against the same defense, uh no, he always switched it up whether he dropped a safety in the box, dropped a safety out of the box, brought a croner in the box, so coach ren is the mastermind when it
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to play against it." friday night the high school football season enters week 3. there are your game of the week choices. catholic memorial at kettle moraine, hartford in oconomowoc or sussex hamilton at marquette. i'm honored to feature the winning match up. vote on our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports; the polls close thursday night at 10. the brewers trying to avoid a 6th consecutive loss. willie peralta did his part..hes allowing just 1 run over 7 innings. 1-0 birds..marteen maldonado rbi double scores keon broxton..back to even. to the top of the 10th inning: corey knebel gives up an rbi single to randall grit-chick. 2-1 st. louis. they've won 34 of 46 played at miller park. counsell's crew 9-20 since the
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