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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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dispersed.. there was one earlier this morning too... that's when 3 people were arrested... police say it had to with them refusing to get off private property.. and one of them... resisting arrest.. its just a sad situation out here and it needs to be fixedpolice say 3 people were arrested for refusing a resident's request to leave private property... one of those people also resisted an officer. they were part of a cro for slyville smith... shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer in mid-august. you can't tell people that their grieving is up. frank sensabauth has been with the family numerous times at the memorial.. and has tried to help ease tension in the neighborhood... he was recently arrested.. he says it was while he , himself, was trying to keep that peace any concerns that the neighbors had we actually have been knocking on their doors and talking to them about their concerns to make it so we can peacefully resolve this some neighbors tell fox
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gathering has created some issues. were not trying to be at odds were trying to respect the neighborssome say while they understand the concern from neighbors.. they also understand the need to gather....even now.. weeks after the shooting. thats understandable. the things is though i believe the people are here though because they want to be seen and they believe if they leave everything will just go away. fox 6 is told the family and others plan to continue to gather at the memorial...although peae though besides a squad or two driving occasionally past. live in milwaukee krystle kacner fox 6 news. brad thanks krystle one of the people arrested late last an elected official. state representative jonathan brostoff brah-stoff says he was handcuffed after trying to record the arrest of someone, he spoke with our a.j. bayatpour... fox 6 cameras capture state
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face-down on the pavement tuesday night. i kept saying to them, i know this is your job, i dont hold anything against you.' milwaukee police say they dispersed the gathering at a memorial for sylville smith because neighbors have been complaining about the large groups. brostoff says hes well aware of those concerns and the complaints about some in the group being hostile. yes, i get the same energy put my way 100%. i usually bring some gum with me, try to de-escalate, try to chat with people. m-p-d says brostoff and an a-c-l-u police tried to break up a confrontation between a resident and the group. a police spokesman says, unlike other elected officials and community leaders, brostoff and the a-c-l-u rep did not identify themselves to police. i took out my phone and started recording and i was kind of tossed to the ground and you saw me with my face on the concrete. brostoffs assembly colleague david bowen was also at the scene. he declined an interview
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officer that lied and said he was ordered to remove people. glad i can confirm that order was never given.' m-p-d says it is reviewing the arrests to make sure officers followed proper procedure. brostoff insists it couldve been handled better. not every problem is a nail and not every solution is a hammer. in a statement this afternoon, the a-c-l-u condemned milwaukee police for the arrests. brostoff says he has yet to speak with anyone from m-p released. live near sherman and auer, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. steph thanks aj the milwaukee county medical examiner's office is investigating a possible co-sleeping death. it happened this morning just before six o-clock near 40th and locust.
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dead in the home. no one has been taken into custody -- and an official cause of death has not been determined. milwaukee police arrest 3 people late last night -- after a chase and crash involving a stolen car. police spotted a vehicle reported stolen near 12th and north -- and chased the suspects until they ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle near 68th and bluemound. all 3 people in the car were taken into custody. a milwaukee teen is charged as an adult today in the burglaries of four summer. javon vdillie was 16 when police say he and his friends broke into showrooms around racine county and stole or tried to steal vehicles. the district attorneys office filed a petition to have him tried as an adult. that request was granted this morning. the now-17-year-old faces 17-felony charges. deputy district attorney tricia hanson says moving this case into adult court sends a message.
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these young, unlicensed people taking off in stolen cars, its extremely dangerous. one other suspect... a 14-year-old male... has been arrested in connection with the burglaries. he cannot be waived into adult court. police are stil searching for the others invovled. the marquette law school poll...had a new surprise in store today. hillary clinton's lead in wisconsin -- shrinks to just three points over donald trump. political reporter theo keith shows us how quickly the race has tightened. in just three weeks, hillary clinton's lead in wisconsin goes from 15 three. she has fallen off a fair bit the mu law poll's director, charles franklin, says clinton is viewed less favorably now than earlier this month, but still better than donald trump.clinton has held fewer public events than trump in recent weeks -- and none in wisconsin since april. there may have been a sense that it was fine to let trump be trump because that was thought to be
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recently, it raises the question of whether leaving more of the stage to him is an effective strategy democrats note that clinton's running mate, tim kaine, has been here. and they expect visits from clinton before the election. i think this state is one that has to be taken seriously. its essential that hillary clinton wins this state in order to become president. republicans say trump still has to perform better in the milwaukee suburbs, where a base of gop voters has been slow to warm up to trump. u republicans come home here in the greater milwaukee area, i think wisconsin will be in play. but thats yet to be seen the big question -- does the poll put wisconsin back in "swing state" status? i think this tightening certainly shows that we could be considered a competitive state republicans say the poll shows how the dynamics of the race have changed.
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republican voters. libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson got 10 percent. three out of four voters say they don't know who he is. he'll get a chance to introduce himself tomorrow , when he campaigns at serb hall. wisconsin's u-s senate race also tightened in the latest mu law poll... we have the complete results on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. you'll find the story on our home page -- or you can search "marquette." the n-f-l has cleared packers players clay matthews and following an investigation into the use of performance enhancing drugs. both players met with the league last week -- after allegations made in a documentary by al-jazeera back in january. the n-f-l announcing today they found "no credible evidence" that the players were guilty of any of the claims. still ahead -- new developments in the "slenderman" stabbing case out of waukesha. the reason at least one of the girls -- may not actually be tried in waukesha. plus -- the unique way one milwaukee school is getting ready to start the school year.
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to school tomorrow. i'll have your fox6
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"slenderman stabbing case" out of waukesha. lawyers for the girls charged are looking to make some changes to how the trial will play out. morgan geyser and anissa weier are accused of trying to kill a classmate more than two years ago when they were twelve. they told police they did it to please the fictional character slenderman. geyser's attorneys filed a motion for a change of venue-- out of waukesha county because of so much publicity and intense interest. weier's attorneys filed a letter with the court, asking that jurors from another county be brou trial. both girls are pleading guilty due to a mental disease or defect. local professionals are getting trained in how to stop conflict... before it even starts. it's training police around the country are seeking out too. a former milwaukee police officer who now works for a local training company called vistelar vista-lar says the training is becoming popular with police supplements the training officers get at police academies. "police officers like to go out and get extra training to
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because of everything that's going on." singleton tells us in addition to law enforcers, they also do a lot of work with industries like health care, though the training is open to anyone. school is almost back in session. as students get ready -- the unique event taking place at sherman multicultural arts school. taking a live look outside -- temperatures a little cooler today. fox 6 weather expert tom wachs is in next with your full forecast. backpack buddies are back! you can help fox6 and "feeding america eastern wisconsin" make sure kids get enough to eat. go to any "sendiks food market" now through september 6th. all of the proceeds will be used to provide backpacks filled with food to kids in need. and, those backpacks will be restocked with food every friday throughout the school year. details are at fox6-now-dot-com.
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. son on student loans: ron johnson: it's just kinda free money, young people don't really, necessarily understand finance. narrator: what senator johnson doesn't understand is, more than 800,000 wisconsinites have student loans. but he wants to eliminate federal student loans and keep interest rates high. johnson: it's just kinda free money... narrator: with senator johnson, opportunity for middle class kids would disappear. ron johnson's not for students.
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the first day back is special for any school. but something unique is happening thursday at the sherman multicultural arts school. it's not far from the acts of
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exciting kick off. two words snapped together "get our hugs we've been missing all summer." mean the world to any teacher.. it's just one day before milwaukee public schools usher in a new year. "so my lesson plan book is here." count 26 years for the ageless tracy holmes. the k-5 teacher has the pregame routine down pat. our returning students and our new ones." but sherman multicultural school doesn't only kick off its new year thursday, "we are a turnaround art school so we will engage our students through the arts." it has the honor of repping all of m-p-s in doing so. "we have a wonderful opportunity to have the superintendent here, the state superintendent, the mayor all coming out to ring our kids in." kids like martisha and martevia
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who just transferred to sherman. mom, talesha might be the most excited."so they can get back to learning everything they need to know." but then again there's tracy holmes.. "it is exceedingly exciting. yes. we are very very very excited." and don't forget principal anderson "it will be an opportunity for kids to understand that we appreciate not just on day one but every day of the year." all of them ready to say "welcome back." the mps.. school year kick-off at sherman multicultural happens thursday at 7:30 am. an exciting and nervous and wonderful day for so many families and educators. back to you. if you have a child in your life who is starting school this week -- snap a picture of them on their first day -- and share it on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the photo gallery where you can
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adlib to weather weather mostly clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the middle-to-upper 50s by morning. the first day back to school for many on thursday looks great. temperatures ar bus stop in the morning, warming into the upper 60s by lunch and around 70 for the ride home. sunny skies continue in the forecast through the end of the week, as high pressure dominates our weather. highs in the 70s through sunday. 80s return on labor day along with a chance for thunderstorms. tonight: mostly clear. low: 58 dewpoint: 56 wind: ne 5-10
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dewpoint: 57 wind: ne 5-15 mph friday: mostly sunny. am low: 56 high: 72 dewpoint: 54 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 57 high: 76 dewpoint: 58 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 59 high: 77 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 monday: partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 63 high: 80 dewpoint: 64 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 65 high: 83 dewpoint: 66 wind: sw 5-10
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the packers prepare for their final tt it's a game for those trying to make the final roster. hear from one of those players next. and both teams at lambeau on saturday will be on the run. we'll preview the badgers and the bayou bengals coming up in sports. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show.
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i'm not sure it was a storm cloud that hovered over clay matthews and julius peppers throughout camp. but it was definitely a cloud of
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that's because the nfl says that there is no credible evidence that either player used or had performance enhancing drugs that was alleged in an al-jazeera report. the league's announcement follows a meeting its investigators had with matthews and peppers last week regarding this report. both players are with the team in kansas city for tomorrow's preseason game, but neither are expected to see any playing time. but we will see a number of rookies and players who are fighting to make the final 53 man roster that will be be prepared to see those players giving their all from every position, from quarterback to defensive lineman, from offensive line to defensive back. all the guys out there no this could be their final chance at making an nfl roster. "right now i'm just having fun with it. i'm not thinking about what i will do next or where i will be next, or if i will be on the team or not. i'm just having some laughs and working hard. i'm just having fun with it, like i said." the vikings find themselves
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preseason game because starting quarterback teddy bridgewater suffered a season ending injury at practice yesterday. that means shaun hill, a 36 year old veteran, will be the starter, at least for now. and former badgers quarterback joel stave is the back up. today, they added brad sorenson to their roster. the current badgers are hoping their neutral site game is like a home game as they'll face lsu at lambeau field saturday to kick off the 2016 season. even though the bayou bengals are the favorite in this one, expect to see a great battle between the two teams running backs, lsu' clement who is ready for a bounce back season. "i dont have any goals. just go out and play i think that is the best thing to do. best mental wise, and physical wise. just not put any stress on myself just go out and have fun. if records come than so be it. we're more so worried about the wins and coming out the first game 1-0." however, if fournette is fortunate enough to get into the endzone,
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leap as head coach les miles says any player who does that will be looking for a ride back home. because of college rules, a 15 yard penalty would be assessed if a player does celebrate with leroy butler's invention. so don't expect any badgers to do it either. and friday night the high school football season enters week 3. you can be part of our high school blitz coverage by voting for the game of the week. your choices are catholic memorial at kettle moraine, hartford at oconomowoc or sussex hamilton a feature the winning match up. vote on our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports between now and thursday night at 10. then we'll announce the winner on fox 6 news at 10 thursday. follow breaking news 24-7 by
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this!
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>> he's so normal. he doesn't have an entourage. >> he was by himself at the airport. he only had one guy with him >> drake and rihanna definitely seeing each other. full p.d.a. harvey: why suddenly boyfriend/girlfriend? >> in my mind what changed, she came around to him. drake initially came on way too strong with rihanna. dr debut album was called "fireworks." it was written after him and rihanna went bowling once. [laughter] >> there was photos of luke pell at the gym in nashville and he was rumored to be the new bachelor. however, they ended up choosing nick viall. harvey: why don't they find somebody new? >> it's going to be good. >> i was once giek like you,


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