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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage with our strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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people in florida -- and many parts of the south -- are bracing for impact. hurricane hermine is set to become the first hurricane to hit the "sunshine state" in more than a decade. jonathan serrie is in panama city beach with more. "hermine" is still churning out in the gulf of mexico. but, the storm has already caused damage here in florida. largo to evacuate their homes. maiden says: ".."it was still about 4 1/2 inches of water inside of the house." maiden says: "..make sure it doesn't grow mold. it was rainwater you don't know what was in it." "hermine" expected to make landfall along florida's panhandle sometime overnight. it could bring over twelve inches of rain to much of the central and northern part of the state. tornadoes are also possible in both north florida and southern georgia. mos says: "..i'm
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anything and have to spend more money replacing it again." in the meantime in the pacific, "madeline" passed south of hawaii's big island... and the system is forecast to continue moving away from the state. peck says: "'s just amazing, you know, mother nature at work. we're just sitting at our house, thinking yay, that wasn't too bad." hawaii residents not in the clear yet, however, with another powerful storm -- lester -- nearing the island chain. obama says: "..i just ask the people of hawaii to listen to your state and local your families are prepared." on cam tag "hermine" is forecast to track over land and then near the carolina coast over the weekend. in panama city beach, florida, jonathan serrie, fox news. it's time for your news and weather together. protests at today's milwaukee common council meeting... they're upset with the draft of a "public safety action plan" -- saying it focuses too much on law and order while failing to create opportunities for people. alderman bob donovan -- the driving force behind the
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strictly for the criminal justice system. the common council says the plan will not be finalized before community feedback sessions. many people in the sherman park neighborhood want to know... will the park open up in time for labor day weekend? many are tired of looking at the orange fencing around the park, but today the sheriff's office says there is no plan to return to normal yet. the park has been closing at 6 p-m every night after the recent violence and unrest in the area. earlier this week there near the park as crowds gathered by a memorial site for sylville smith -- who was fatally shot by a police officer last month. students across the state heading back to class today to start a new school year... a special welcome for those at sherman multi-cultural arts school... m-p-s superintendent darienne driver -- milwaukee mayor tom barrett -- as well as -- teachers and parents were there to make it a special morning for students.
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temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the low-to-mid 50s by morning. high pressure will dominate our weather straight into the holiday weekend. this means plenty of sun and comfortable temperatures. highs will reach the 70s through sunday. increase sunday and we will really notice it by labor day. sunny on labor day with a warmer high in the middle 80s. don't tell mother nature it's the unofficial end to summer because we heat up next tuesday & wednesday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 56 dewpoint: 53 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. high: 72 dewpoint: 55 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 57 high: 77 dewpoint: 59 wind: se 5-10 mph libertarian presidential candidate-- and former new mexico
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milwaukee tonight to rally support. and one political expert says wisconsin could play a crucial role in his campaign plans. fox6's rachelle baillon joins us in studio now with more. good evening. the latest marquette law school poll shows johnson's polling numbers in the double digits..... if he can notch a few more points, it could make a huge impact on his campaign. when it comes to the libertarian candidate for president, u-w-m professor mordecai lee is making a bold prediction: "i think it's possible that gary johnson will get more votes in waukes than donald trump will get." professor lee cautions that that doesn't necessarily mean gary johnson will carry the state--or even come in second--in november. but having donald trump as the republican party nominee may prove just plain lucky for the libertarian's hopes. "i think there's going to be a substantial segment of traditional republican voters who are going to say i'll vote republican down the ticket i'll especially vote for ron johnson but i just can't vote for donald trump for president so i'm looking for an option i'm going to vote for
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johnson will be rallying in milwaukee at serb hall. professor lee sees the stop as an attempt to boost the candidate's favorability so that he'll be included in the upcoming presidential debates. "if he can go to 15 percent he'll be in the debates and if he's in the debates nationally televised then he's way on his way to being taken seriously." and wisconsin voters could help get him there. "we're a republican state generally speaking except in presidential elections but we're the only state th donald trump in the presidential primary." professor lee says it's those primary voters johnson is speaking to now: "they've already told us they don't like trump and gary johnson is saying to them you have a reasonable option." of course fox 6 is covering johnson's rally tonight. political reporter theo keith will have all the details in our newscasts at nine and ten. back to you. it's a night for the back ups, but that doesn't lesson the
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tim van vooren live in kansas city to talk packers. and-- while the badgers game is a big one saturday, it's also a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of the players. brandon cruz has more on what this game at lambeau field means for one
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i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. russ feingold: so, what do you girls want to be talk about progress. [ chuckles ] when you grow up? girl 1: i want to be an astronomer.
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you should be paid the same as boys? girl 1: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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here it is, the final chance for all of the players sitting on the proverbial bubble to impress the packers front office enough to make the final 53 man roster as the packers wind up the preseason against the chiefs. tim van vooren is live tonight in kansas city where this one
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a night full of nerves? tim talks about the packers final preseason game against the chiefs. that a lot of guys pick up guys from the packers and the patriots that came from one of my cousins who played with the patriots and he's a mentor, you know if it doesn't work out with the packers there's other teams that will likely pick you up because they know how good the packers are what they are capable of having with their squad." tim talks more about tonight's packers game in kansas city tim talks more about tonight's packers game in kansas city tim tosses back to brandon in
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as the packers wrap up their preseason, the badgers are getting ready to kick off their regular season. in 2 days, they'll meet 5th ranked lsu at lambeau field. while the game is huge in its own right, the setting is also having a big effect on some of the badgers. "it's a once in a lifetime experience. it's an experience that i don't think it can go bad for me. i'm so excited to play that i want to execute to the best of my ability and stuff and
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too." we're just a day away from the 3rd edition of the high school blitz and you still can vote on our game of the week. go to our website, fox 6 now dot com slash sports to vote for catholic memorial at kettle moraine, hartford at oconomowoc or sussex hamilton at marquette. tom pipines will feature the winning match up. voting closes tonight at 10 and we'll announce the winner on fox 6 news at 10. speaking of saturday's matchup between the badgers and l-s-u -- speaking of saturday's matchup between the badgers and l-s-u -- it is one of -- if not the -- hottest tickets in college football. up next -- how much you can expect to pay if you're still looking for one -- and why ticket sellers say prices have actually been dropping. plus... a spacex rocket explodes during a test. why this is affecting facebook -- just
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it's the final days of the ford freedom sales event... and the deals just got better. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ?
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and specially tagged vehicles get an extra $1000 smart bonus cash. freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best-selling brand. ? i'm free, baby!? hurry. get 0% for 72 and $500 labor day cash across the entire ford lineup. plus specially tagged vehicles get another $1000 smart bonus cash. sponsor support for the 8th annual milwaukee film festival
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milwaukee film saying the festival has raised more than 2-point-7 million dollars for this year -- and the number of sponsors has increased from 95 -- to 133. associated bank will take over as the presenting sponsor. tickets for this weekend's wisconsin l-s-u game at lambeau field are among the hottest for the first week of the college football season. range from 119-dollars at the highest point in lambeau above the endzone -- up to more than 1-thousand dollars for seats near the 50 yard line. but -- ticket sellers say prices have dropped from their peak... saying labor day weekend is notoriously bad for sporting events in wisconsin -- and flooding baton rouge -- where the l-s-u campus is located -- is likely suppressing interest from fans in louisiana. for more information on this and other stories in the business
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site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. a space-x rocket explodes this morning in cape canaveral. it happened on the launch pad during a test firing. buildings, several miles away, reportedly shook from the blast -- and multiple explosions continued for several minutes. space-x says no one was hurt -- but it destroyed the falcon-9 rocket and a satellite, commissioned by facebook -- which was set to launch on saturday. pope francis says he wants to make "caring for the environment" one of the seven works of mercy. the traditional seven works are acts christians are supposed to perform. they include feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless. the pope says christians should also use the holy year to ask forgiveness for their "sins" against the environment.
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weather mostly clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the low-to-mid 50s by mon pressure will dominate our weather straight into the holiday weekend. this means plenty of sun and comfortable temperatures. highs will reach the 70s through sunday. humidity levels will start to
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really notice it by labor day. sunny on labor day with a warmer high in the middle 80s. don't tell mother nature it's the unofficial end to summer because we heat up next tuesday & wednesday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 56 dewpoint: 53 wind: ne 5-10 mph friday: mostly sunny. high: 72 dewpoint: 55 wind: e 5-10 mph saturday:
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high: 77 dewpoint: 59 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 60 high: 79 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny, warm and humid. am low: 65 dewpoint: 66 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with a chance for t-storms. am low: 68 high: 88 dewpoint: 70 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a
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high: 87 dewpoint: 68 wind: sw 5-10 mph four survivors of 20-12's colorado movie theater massacre have been ordered to pay the movie theater 700- thousand dollars. . 12 people were killed and 70 injured in july of 2012 -- when james holmes began shooting inside the "century aurora multiplex." more than two dozen survivors sued the theater's owner-- cinemark -- claiming
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shooting. but a jury determined the company was not liable -- and most of the survivors took a small settlement. four of them refused -- now a judge has ordered them to pay the chain's legal bills. bimbo bakeries is issuing a recall for enten-mann's little bite snacks. the recall comes after consumers complained of finding plastic bits in the dessert treats. at least one injury is reported. the recall affects little bites fudge brownies and chocolate chip october 8-th-- and variety packs, with a "best by" date of september 24-th. all of the affected products were shipped to retailers in at least 30 states within the past two weeks. "star wars" fans could have a chance to write their own story for the big screen. and netflix makes a big announcement about "stranger things." the details in tonight's buzz. disney is launching a contest for fans ahead of the "rogue
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their stories and skits, set in a galaxy far far away on the official star wars website... the winners will be invited to "lucasfilm" in san francisco to see "rogue one" -- and their winning stories -- on the big screen. "do you know will? do you know where he is? hiding. from who?" "stranger things" is coming back... the supernatural thriller has become so popular.... that netflix tweeted it will be coming back for a second season. the disappearance of a young boy...and a telekinetic girl who helps friends with the search. netflix says the second season will air in 20-17. actor "kiefer sutherland" makes his big debut as a singer-songwriter... his first album, "down in a hole," sold a thousand copies. it also debuted at number 18 on the americana and folk albums billboard
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about a group of astronomers in russia, who found a radio signal coming from space -- that could possibly be from an alie turns out -- that signal likely came from right here on earth. the russian academy of sciences's "special astrophysical observatory" issuing a statement saying analysis quote: "revealed the signal is most probable terrestrial origin." one possibility -- a satellite. the director of the r-a-s's "institute of applied astromony" says during the soviet period -- he was part of group that found a similar
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coming from a soviet military satellite that had not ever been officially documented. open flynn says: "the fact remains, the overwhelming problem facing this city is violent crime." milwaukee's streets. police chief ed flynn lays out some staggering statistics a short time ago. we begin with that breaking news. august was the deadliest month in the city of milwaukee -- in decades. police chief ed flynn calls it a month filled with many challenges and hes calling on the community to make a difference. our madeline anderson is live downtown with the latest. - milwaukee police recorded 24
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and officials say that is the highest monthly total since the july 1991 discovery in jeffrey dahmers apartment. milwaukee police chief ed flynn held a news conference on thursday afternoon, september 1st to talk about this very issue. he pointed out that milwaukee has a population of 594,833. they say there were 24 homicides in the month of august. that's 4.0 homicides per 100,000 people. for comparison, chicago has a population of 2,695,598. chicago had 90 homicides in august. that is 3.3 homicides per 100,000 people -- or a lower rate than the 16:49:32 as long as criminally involved offenders believe they are better off carrying the gun because there is a good chance they get probation if they get caught, but they risk losing the shootout if they dont have their gun with them, they are going to


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