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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 3, 2016 3:05am-4:01am CDT

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they drive home safely with some type of designated driver program." thirty five agencies team up for the task force. and lt. gary gabrish says they're very effective: since last october, not including regular patrols, the task force alone has made 230 operating while impaired arrests. "i believe we have about eight percent of the owis that occur in our county just on our deployments." they'll be keeping a close eye on drivers this weekend, while some celebrate of summer. "i think people need to get that last drinking in the last large weekend before they go back to work." and while days like new year's, memorial day and saint patrick's day normally top the list for intoxicated driving, lt. gabrish says labor day still cracks into the top group. "i would say labor day is probably in the top five." again, if you don't want to end up in the back of a squad car but your weekend plans involve alcohol or other substances, simply make sure you've got a designated driver to get you home safely. reporting live
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brad thansk rach clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the 50s inland overnight, around 60 lakeside. high pressure will continue to dominate our weather through the holiday weekend. this means more sun and mild temperatures. highs in the 70s sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and monday. it will warm into the 80s on labor day. the heat really builds by tuesday and wednesday with highs near 90 along with chances for t-storms. tonight: clear skies. low: 60 wind: e 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. high: 74 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 78
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am low: 65 high: 83 wind: s 5-10 mph you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. it has been a violent summer in milwaukee. police chief ed flynn laying out the numbers yesterday. milwaukee's murder rate-- surpassed chicago -- which also had a violent month of august. 4 homicides per 100-thousand people in our city -- compared to 3-point-3 per 100- thousand in chicago. when it comes to solving the city's most serious crimes... police have a successful clearance rate. flynn says
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unsolved. fox6's madeline anderson with the reason why. hours after milwaukee police chief ed flynn labeled august the deadliest month the city has seen in 25 years... officers were called out to three separate non-fatal shootings overnight. "although they are down compared to last year, they are still extraordinarily high." in one incident... mpd says the victim took himself to the hospital... but refused to be forthcoming with information... something the department sees over and over rational act for people to be afraid to cooperate with the police because those offenders who are armed and dangerous and survive have a very much vested interest in intimidating those who would truthfully testify." "absolutely, and talking with both youth and adults, one of the concerns is, we dont want to be seen as a snitch because we dont want to make ourselves and our families vulnerable to retaliation. " pastor darryl
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works with the communities that are affected by gun violence. " its very very disheartening. " with a record-high 24 homicides in august... seay says the key to taking the most violent criminals off the streets is to improve relations between law enforcement and the neighborhoods where these crimes occur. "police just coming into the neighborhood, talking with families, listening to their concerns and developing a real honest rapport with them. " in addition to catch yesterday his department has taken more than 200 guns off the streets since august. reporting downtown... madeline anderson fox6 news. as madeline mentioned... a shooting last night in milwaukee is an example of the difficulty solving non-fatal shooting crimes. a 35-year-old man showed up at a hospital with a gunshot wound -- but would not cooperate with police and tell officers where the shooting happened. meanwhile -- police are searching for suspects in a second non-fatal shooting
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was shot near 20th and nash. the victim suffered serious injuries -- but is expected to survive. a third shooting happened near 86th and hampton. police say a 21-year-old man was shot after two people tried to rob him. the man is also expected to survive. two men have now been charged in connection with a fatal stabbing on milwaukee's lower east side. 32 year old shawn ostrom, a chef at the pfister hotel, was killed early monday morning, near pulaski street and arlington place year old hussain sami of greenfield with first degree reckleess homicide. 45 year old imed chabbouh is charged with aggravated battery. prosecutors say the stabbing came after a fight, where the two suspects attacked the victim. five people are hurt following a crash this afternoon near 55th and villard. we're told a stolen car was speeding when it crashed into two other vehicles. the driver of the stolen car fled the scene -- and police are still looking for
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to survive. one of the two nuns murdered in mississippi last month was laid to rest today. sister margaret held grew up in slinger and was a part of the school sisters of st. francis here in milwaukee. as julie collins shows us today's focus was the life sister margaret led and the legacy she'll leave behind. the life of sister margaret held - a friend to all -- taken tragically last 'margarets life is a witness to all of us; she represents the best of who we are as women religious so its a celebration of the beauty of her life.' the celebration began with a wake as dozens paid their respects - reflecting on how their lives have been forever changed having known the sisters. 'thank you
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for the 7 years i lived.' sister margaret spent decades providing healthcare in an impoverished community through a small medical clinic. this is the doctor who worked with her everyday. 'sister paula and margaret really are gods face here on earth." during the funeral mass, archbishop jerome listecki spoke about how she spent her life dedicated to serving god. 'the very life enjoyment of their lives was a reflection of christs lov. sorrowful one - but sister margarets best friend shared a message of healing... "the energy and spirit of who we are lives on in those that are touched and so we know that margarets life lives on in those that she touched and loved.' 'following the funeral mass a procession lead sister margaret to her final resting place at mt. olivet cemetery in milwaukee. the school sisters here have discussed possibly sending more sisters to mississippi to pick up the work of sisters margaret and paula. reporting outside
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news.' archishop listecki had much more to say about sister held in today's homily. watch it in its entirety on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app -- the story is on our home page. also read more about sister held's impact on those she served in mississippi. the f-b-i... releases its notes today from the agency's interview with hillary clinton, regarding her use of a private email server. it also released its own report on the invet bureau made the information public in response to numerous freedom of information act requests. among the revelations -- clinton told investigators she could not recall any training on handling classified information -- and did not remember every detail of her transition out of the state department, citing her 2012 concussion. clinton held no campaign events today. meanwhile -- republican presidential nominee donald trump is campaigning in philadelphia. he held a roundtable with business, religious and civic leaders in the african-american community.
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make inroads with minority voters. ahead at nine. taking the good -- with the bad. the fox with a trap on its foot has been captured. why it's too early to tell -- what 'll happen to the little guy. plus... the passenger kept saying please help my brother a truck goes over the edge of the interstate. how some strangers came to the rescue. and history being made at lambeau this weekend. why the badgers game has a bigger those stories and more in the
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biology homework, g. i got this. is that bran? colleges love extracurricular activities. chess really isn't my thing. i got this. doesn't matter! go ahead. picking a college, man! you and us. d tuesday. and i loooove tacos. fire and ice. those don't really go together. narrator: go to for more info. [siren] for us, today was routine. for the mom who called 911 it was terrifying. one moment her little boy aiden was racing cars on the kitchen floor, the next he was gaping and wheezing. he couldn't speak, he couldn't breathe.
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thma is behind one fourth of all emergency room cases; 1.75 million a year. it's the most common chronic disease in children. 60% of asthma attacks are allergic reactions, to familiar triggers such as pollen and pet dander. or invisible allergens from household pests. in fact rodents and cockroaches leave behind potent asthma triggers. eighty-two of homes tested contained allergens left by mice. in cities cockroaches found in 78 to 98% percent of homes. but they're not unstoppable. learn how to protect your family at a pair of brothers have some good samaritans to thank after their truck
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lucky for them -- two people were in the right place at the right time. fox6's myra sanchick joins us in the studio.. with what happened next. the sight of a red truck flipped over under an overpass was enough to get brennan balestrieri's attention. we ended up backing up and then rushing up to the crash site . the passenger and driver in the truck were pinned and couldn't get out. that's when balestrieri and another passerby went to work. i was starting to kick at the windshield with another gentleman . we were able to remove the windshield and pull the passenger out but unfortunately me and a few other bystanders were unable passenger safe, balestrieri and others tried to get the driver out safely. i did try to wrench the door off of the driver but he was completely wedged into the door but no one gave up. - the passenger kept saying please help my brother finally firefighters would be able to free the driver. i tried moving the seat forward and back. i tried moving the seat up and down. balistreri says the passenger seemed to have minor injuries. the driver
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rescuers went their separate ways and left, knowing they helped two brothers who couldn't help themselves. milwaukee county sheriff deputies were on the scene helping with the crash. no word yet on what the cause may have been. myra sanchick fox 6 news looking at possible job cuts. how many employees-- and when it will happen -- are still unclear. fox six's krystle kacner with this developing story. as northwestern mutual expands in downtown milwaukee nat news of future layoffs hit current employees... their ceo sent a message to employees just saying were going to b looking at some job cuts rich kirchen with the milwaukee business
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affected and when is still unknown.. i think theyre the 9th largest employer in the rea. they have almost 6 thousand employees in downtown milwaukee and franklin. so its important, its significant but we dont know what the numbers are. but we do know why their profits are under pressure so they have to look at their cost and one of the biggest costs of course is employeesas he explains... insurance companies rely on 2 sources of income. one - which is based interest rates. and investment rates we're seeing are good for the's causing a struggle in the industry... northwestern mutual officials released a statement that reads .. in part.... 'unprecedented low interest rates are putting pressure on companies across our industry." and "while we will continue to grow our business and hire accordingly, there will be impact to some positions over time.' kirchen says until now.. northwestern mutual has been fortunate-- and unique-- in that it hasn't had to deal
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believes the changes could start with open positions not being filled... as for the long term changes on milwaukee remains to be seen.. because again we don't know just how many employees this will affect or when it will happen. reporting in milwaukee. krystle kacner fox 6 news. wisconsin tax revenue is coming in below projections. the state brought in about 85 million dollars less in taxes than earlier projected. the state department of revenue releasing those numbers this week. that mke percent below the amount estimated in january. the i-r-s is giving taxpayers an early warning -- there may be a delay in your 2017 tax refund. for some early filers claiming the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit -- the agency says a new tax law requires it to hold refunds until at least mid-february. it also says extra steps to check for identity theft in returns may result in a "slight delay."
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about a new "roofing fraud." door to door salesmen come to homes offering roofing or home improvement services. they take the money for the job -- and while the homeowners are distracted they steal money and valuables from the home. new berlin police say at least one bayview citizen has come forward, offering donations for one elderly man who fell victim to the scam. badgers fans will have some company as a little bit of louisiana has made its way to wisconsin. while they're getting geared-up for the big game they're also helping those affected by the recent flooding justin williams with more details. woooo! all these people in purple and yellow, go tigers! go tigers! are tickled to talk about tigers ... go tigers! whats geaux ... ing on? wooooo! yeah! with the university of wisconsin preparing to host lousiana state university, at historic lambeau field, saturday, friday, folks are focused on football, in downtown milwaukee. badger country has been taken over by lsu, here, in
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couldnt be more excited to host em. but, escorting the excitement are estimates indicating more than 500- thousand people are adversely impacted by the august flooding of the bayou state. so, ahead of the downs and distances, there is some deviation, towards donation. today, and tomorrow, 10-percent of food and beverage sales, here, at the lobby lounge, and in blu, will go back to the red cross louisiana flood relief fund. and the pfister is not alone, as the hilton milwaukee hotel will also donate 10-percent of its bar sales, during fridays outdoor beer garden all of you, for doin' that. we really appreciate it. the fact that you guys are doin somethin, like this, here is ... its heart-warming. pat casey says, knowing where the money is going means hell continue to consume. beer, wurt? warts? what do you call that stuff, here? -- whats that? -- the sausage. what do you call it? --bratwurst.-- rot-wurst. yeah, beer n wurst. right? what a way to help our brethren in the bayou, huh?
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milwaukee hilton hotel, until 9 p-m, tonight -- if you're interested in attending. if you miss it, you can still make your way to the pfister, tonight, and tomorrow. eat and drink up, southeastern wisconsin. at the hilton, i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. governor scott walker tweeting about a friendly bet with louisiana's governor over the game. he says wisconsin is wagering "cheese and brats." louisiana's governor john bel edwards tweeted he is "looking forward to trying some wisconsin cheese & brats after this l-s-u football win." boudin sausage for a badgers win. the packers along with carmex and delaware north announcing today they'll donate 55-thousand dollars to the red cross to help with flooding in louisiana. and they're asking fans to do the same... red cross volunteers will be at each lambeau field gate before the game -- collecting donations. or you can text "la-floods" to the number on your screen to make a
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phone bill. a baby fox in quite the predicament. we told you about this little guy last night. a rat trap stuck on its paw. it's now being cared for by the humane society. but has too already been done. and it's a battle of the signs! marquette versus loyola. the reason behind this marketing
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its fourth milwaukee- area location on monday. the new restaurant is part of oak creek's drexel town center. an official grand opening celebration will happen on thursday. bel air's other locations are on water street and downer avenue in milwaukee -- along with another college recruiting can be a fierce business -- and two midwest universities are taking aim at each other. over the last few months -- you'll see these advertisements near the wisconsin- illinois border. one is a marquette billboard proclaiming the school's top-tier education -- while poking fun at loyola university in chicago. and loyola has one of its own -- in the same style. the two signs will be 500 feet from each other -- and are a playful marketing cooperation between
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and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop into the 50s inland overnight, around 60 lakeside. high pressure will continue to dominate our weather weekend. this means more sun and mild temperatures. highs in the 70s saturday and sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and monday. it will warm into the 80s on labor day. the heat really builds by tuesday and wednesday with highs near 90 along with chances for t-storms. tonight: clear skies. low:
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high: 74 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 78 wind: se 5-10 mph ahead at nine. mixed emotions coming out of cudahy. an injured fox has been found. that's the good news. the bad -- why the little guy's future is still up in the air. and this week's high school blitz game of the week takes us sussex hamilton is visiting marquette high. the unique feat that marquette will reach this
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reopen. bones fractured--tissue damged. but tonight, a little red fox is on the road to recovering. we first told you about the fox yesterday. neighbors in cudahy spotted him and the trap clamped on his right paw. fox 6's ashley sears is in the newsroom with more on the treatment he's now getting. tonight--the trap is off and the fox is being treated by the
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says there is a lot of damage--but everyone is hoping for a recovery. inside the wisconsin humane society-- a little red fox-- acts rambunctious inside his cage. nats: paper shuffling his energy--is a happy sight-- 06:01 it was horrid. for those who saw him hours and days earlier. 06:09 iwa so bad, but there wasnt anything we could do. barb lierman helped rescue the little guy-- after she saw him with his paw clamped in a rat trap-- she set up a safe trap--and caught the fox early friday morning. 08:04 we were just so happy, we hugged, we were relieved. it was ecstatic. they took the fox to the wisconsin humane society where wildlife director scott diehl has been looking over him. 37:29 its still a guarded
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effectively. diehl says several of the fox's bones were broken and soft tissue was damaged on his right paw. part of his toe cut off/ the fox is being treated with antibiotics and pain medication. 46:58 you can see the extensive soft tissue swelling diehl says he is hopeful the months old fox can recover-- but it could be weeks before they know for sure. 40:36 we always try to have the best outcome for the animal, a live outcome. an outcome many will be watching-- thankful neighbors stepped in t 10:44 we just did what we thought was right. it is critical for the fox to use his paw to pounce on prey in the wild. the wisconsin humane society will be keep a close eye on this baby fox to determine what will happen to him next. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thansk ash personal information for possibly thousands of patients at the
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officials say it's all because somebody got access to an administrator's email account. right now -- the medical college is still trying to figure out the extent of the damage. letters were sent to about 32-thousand patients. 21 veterans at the milwaukee v-a could also be affected. officials say -- right now -- there have been no cases of identity theft reported. the high school blitz rolls into september, and for many teams this week means conference action kicks-off. that's the case for our game of the week at hartp school hosts sussex hamilton. and as tom pipines found out tonight there's marquette will set a major milestone in football this
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they'll have the highlights and
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rap artist kanye west is moving into the art world. the controversial sculpture selling for 4 million dollars. plus -- a student gets the gift of life from one of her teachers. what made this year's back to school so special. we have a nice stretch of weather for the holiday
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fox 6 news at 9. the academy awards are honoring jackie chan... and lindsay lohan loses a legal battle... the details in tonight's buzz. jackie chan is getting an oscar! the motion picture academy has to give the action star an honorary oscar this year. chan will receive his statuette at the governors awards, november 12th in hollywood. kanye west is carving out a place in the art world... a los angeles gallery is selling the controversial sculpture used in the rapper's music video, "famous." the work features wax replicas of naked celebrities sleeping together on a giant bed. the sculpture is on sale for $4 million dollars. lindsay lohan loses a
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theft auto' ... the actress sued the producers of the video game ...claiming they modeled her physical features in a version of the game. a new york state appeals court dismissed her lawsuit...ruling the company didn't use her actual name, portrait or picture. and that's your buzz. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with a look at your 6 day forecast. plus -- back to school is extra special for one teacher and student in oakfield. the moving gift from the teacher -- that means they will share a bond for life. milwaukee gets a new lease on life. the cutting edge procedure that saved her.
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new at 9 - we are getting to see the first-ever images of jupiter's north pole. the pictures of our solar system's largest planet taken by nasa's juno spacecraft. the space agency tweeting out several pictures today showing off the planet's north pole. the images were taken during juno's first every flyby of
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it recorded 6 megabytes of data -- that's only about four floppy disks. nasa says that info then took one a half days to get back to earth from jupiter. nasa astronauts are venturing out of the "international space station"... it's the second spacewalk in less than two weeks. they are retracting a "thermal radiator" that is part of the station's cooling system. they're also tightening struts on a "solar array joint"... and installing the h-d... t-v cameras. boxes weather clear and quiet tonight with temperatures falling through the 60s this evening. we'll drop
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lakeside. high pressure will continue to dominate our weather through the holiday weekend. this means more sun and mild temperatures. highs in the 70s saturday and sunday. humidity levels will start to increase sunday and monday. it will warm into the 80s on labor day. the heat really builds by highs near 90 along with chances for t-storms. tonight: clear skies. low: 60 wind: e 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny. high: 74 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny. am low: 62 high: 78 wind: se 5-10
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humid. am low: 65 high: 83 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. hot and humid. am low: 70 high: 89 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:partly sunny with a chance for thunderstorms. hot and humid. am low: 71 high: 88 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: partly sunny with a chance high: 84
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getting back to school took a lot more than just school supplies. she needed a kidney transplant. and one of her teachers -- was a perfect match. fox's alex ronallo with the touching reunion after the
3:52 am
off the oakfield school district's first day of 2016-2017.second grader natasha fuller and third grade teacher jodi schmidt were the stars. natasha fuller, kidney recipient : "mrs. schmidt is the wonderfullest teacher and she takes care of a lot of kids!" reporter fuller herself has received the most care, far beyond what you might gave fuller a kidney. the teacher says the decision was not difficult. jodi schmidt, kidney d that it was meant to be, that it's my path." reporter kidney failure kept fuller from doing a lot of things most children take for granted like:running, jumping, even eating chocolate. after she and schmidt's surgeries in may, everything's changed. fuller says one new activity is her summer favorite. natasha fuller, kidney recipient : "ummm, go swimming!" reporter schmidt says seeing fuller enjoying her childhood is priceless. jodi schmidt, kidney donor : "almost indescribable. watching her swim for the first time was probably, easily, one of the
3:53 am
school brought good changes too. natasha fuller, kidney recipient : "got to play with my friends, we were running!" jodi schmidt, kidney donor : "i guess if anything changes, i think my students have a different awareness of kindness and giving." reporter one thing hasn't changed: this little girl's personality. jodi schmidt, kidney donor : "she's always been spicy!" reporter schmidt says she hopes this story inspires others to consider organ donation. jodi schmidt, kidney donor : "people are waiting very patiently for organs every day." reporter now these two share a close bond: kidney friends forever. jodi schmidt, kidney donor : "s' my heart." reporter and fuller has one wish for her now very bright future. natasha fuller, kidney recipient : "if i could be in mrs. schmidt's class." reporter we'll just have to see what the first day of school brings next oakfield alex ronallo fox 11 news. fuller has one more surgery at the end of this week to remove a final tube from the transplant site. the transplant surgeries themselves took place at froedert and children's hospitals in wauwatosa.
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the 16th annual milwaukee rally-- hosted by harley davidson-- kicked off last night at the harley davidson museum. there are five local dealerships participating in the rally-- providing rally-goers with entertainment throughout the weekend. there's still plenty of time to enjoy the festivities-- the rally goes through monday. "the moving wall"-- honoring vietnam veterans-- comes to germantown for the weekend. through monday-- the germantown american legion post 1 will host the half-sized replica of the vietnam veterans memorial in washington d-c. there names on the wall-- 14 of which are from washington county. the moving wall has been touring the country for more than 30 years. a milwaukee holocaust survivor...has a new lease on life. she didnt know she was a candidate for a cutting edge heart surgery -- until it was nearly too late -- and her family wants others to know their options. fox6s deandra corinthios explains. at age 93...rose chrustowski loves to swim "i feel good in the water" but last winter she couldnt get in
3:55 am
breath they had her in some kind of a im not sure what it was...some kind of plastic tent' her aortic valve had stopped working...affecting her blood supply her daughters thought they would lose her. "they said they were sorry there was nothing more they could do for" but they found out about doctor bijoy khandheria at aurora health care...and a surgery rose was a good candidate for: transcatheter got her over to st lukes immediately and thank god we did" "tavr" is a less invasive alternative to open heart surgery, for some patients. "we have done over a thousand of these procedures, a given week we will probably be doing between 6 to 10" the procedure has been available at aurora for four years... but it isn't as common everywhere. " it is up to the patient to ask their physician who is their
3:56 am
eligible for this or not" "can you wave to me?" rose was out of the hospital in two days...back in the pool in 6 weeks... "i am grateful for what he did and it takes time but thank god" and her kids...want other families to know their options...and have that same chance. " i dont think she would be here now" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. "tavr" procedure is right now only f-d-a approved for high risk and intermediate risk patients.a clinical trial is underway at aurora to determine whether it can be used for low- risk patients, as well. surveillance video captures an incredible crash in ellsworth, maine. a driver lost control of his vehicle and it took off at a high speed, crashing straight into a river. police say the 61-year-old suffered a medical emergency, but after
3:57 am
the man managed to free himself from the vehicle walking away with just minor injuries, with the help of a volunteer. amazingly, no one else was hurt. the truck, however -- is a total loss. parents in columbus,ohio are on high alert after reports of a creepy clown terrorizing children. a 14-year-old student at the local high school says he was on his way to the bus stop when he was chased by a man wearing a a clown mask, all black clothing, and holding a knife. suspect. along with parents being on the lookout-- police are stepping up their patrols in the neighborhood. it's a wisconsin's most wanted first. marshals want these young criminals in custody before there is no turning back. fox6's jonathon gregg on the violent crime committed in a public place. innocence is lost "it doesn't do anything for the community or the quality of life." when violence arrives to a place
3:58 am
traumatized by it." an attack can start a chain reaction sparking only fear, which is why us marshals want the men who staged a cruel attack on a young couple. "as it was reported, were in the park sitting on a bench." agents say last october three men, including two brothers, alexander and andrew crawford demanded money from the couple. "a hard object was placed in the back of the victim. that victim felt there was a firearm placed against their body." it happened at liberty heights park more sets this crime apart. "they are twin brothers they are not identical twin brothers. 18-year-old alexander and andrew crawford have been together since the beginning. "this makes it a little more interesting because they were bother committing the crime at the same time." the twin brother have been charged with armed robbery. "andrew is heavier set." and if you need help telling them apart--alexander makes that pretty easy. "large rose, mural tattoo across his
3:59 am
alexander should stand out against anyone including his twin. "our best lead we believe are going to be from our viewers.." two brothers -- work together "if you're siting in a park trying to relax." to commit the same crime.. "and someone comes up from behind you and places what you believe is a gun in your back.." agents say it's time give the park back to the people by taking these troubled men off the street. jonathon gregg fox6 news. alexander crawford is five foot 8 and weighs 130 pounds. his neck and a brewers logo on his right arm. his twin brother andrew is taller, five- 11 and weighs 180 pounds. andrew has "jesus" and "loyalty" tattooed on his left arm. the brothers are turning 19-years-old soon and are wanted for armed robbery. if you have any information on their whereabouts contact
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- [voiceover] right now on beautiful homes & great estates, travel to bel air, california and visit a massive french traditional style home. initially built in 1951, this grandiose celebrity compound contains nine bedrooms and 11 baths and has a view overlooking the 16th hole of the beverly hills country club. - this house is one of those rare gems. this is the house where stars can live really comfortably. they never have to leave this house. - [voiceover] once home to film producer david wolper and broadway composer jerry herman, the estate recently underwent a major renovation. the new floor plan includes a myriad of rooms that cater to both family living and entertaining. - [jeeb] there is a screen room extraordinaire.


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