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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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our big story at four... we begin with the latest in mayville, where heavy rain lead to flooding there yesterday. today-- was all about cleaning up.. and tomorrow is about to a normal routine. justin williams is live near saint johns lutheran school, with the latest. justin? what a difference a day makes, in mayville, as the water, which flooded this playground, and the surrounding area, is gone today, following wednesdays formidable flooding. inside saint johns lutheran school, more of the same. the principal tells me the half-inch or so of water which lined portions of the
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damage. in fact, the muddy shoe prints outside the daycare which opened this afternoon offer the only sign of moisture. meanwhile, whats being called a sandbag brigade has just about completed the clean-up on the west side of the building, as this small group removes a large number of sandbags from alongside an exterior wall. we did disinfectant, this morning. and, we mopped everything up, and we had a lotta sand we had to vacuum up, and then all the mats went outside, the ones that werent out there, and then theyve all power-washed. the principal, says, while classes are canceled, today, students are to return to their classrooms friday morning. as for the clean-up costs, she does not yet have an estimate, but says she may apply for grants if they end up being more than the school can afford. this is the latest, in mayville. i'm justin williams, fox 6
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heavy rainfall flooded streets and backed up traffic in west allis yesterday. water even got into four of the areas schools. a spokesman for the west allis-west milwaukee school district says cleaning crews were able to mop up the water quickly and school was back in session today. he says they did have to cancel a class for three-year-olds today, because it was scheduled to be in an area that was still drying out. theyre not yet sure if that class will resume tomorrow. after downpours yesterday, we're tonight. but there are some more storm chances on the way. weather expert tom wachs is out on the weather deck. how's the night look? we'll be mostly clear tonight with lows in the low 60s. another storm system will bring the chance for rain and thunder friday afternoon into the first half of saturday. tonight: mostly clear. low: 62 dewpoint: 64 wind: nw 3-5
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wind: se 5-10 mph the fox6 storm center app alerted users first yesterday -- when the weather began getting dicey. it's a free download for apple and android -- and you'll have instant acces looking ahead now... in about 10 minutes milwaukee mayor tom barrett will hold a news conference with milwaukee health commissioner. they're discussing comments the mayor made-- suggesting milwaukee residents should use water filters to avoid potential lead poisoning. the suggestion was for people living in homes built before 1950. we'll bring you that news conference live when it happens-- at about 4:15. milwaukee police continue to
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shooting that killed one and injured another. it happened around 5-45 yesterday evening at 27th and locust. police say 24-year-old edward lawson died at the hospital from his injuries. the other person shot... a 34-year-old man.... continues to receive medical treatment. while the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear at this time... those who live and work in the area say shootings have become a routine occurrence along 27th street. annette mcknight concerned milwaukee resident 43:34 its disheartening that it is being allowed to c happen. thats whats disheartening. a preliminary investigation shows one of the victims may have been shot while inside a vehicle. the milwaukee county district attorney's office says charges will not be filed after a deadly shooting earlier this week. a 35-year-old milwaukee man was arrested after shooting 61-year-old ray harrington on sunday near 19th and hopkins. the d-a's office says the shooting was justifiable self-defense. milwaukee police are asking for you help identifying a suspect
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man pulled a gun on a 14-year-old boy and robbed him it happened around 6-30 saturday night near 34th and silver spring. if you recognize the suspect, you are asked to contact milwaukee police. and police in pleasant prairie are asking for your help in finding a vehicle involved in a hit and run. according to police, last thursday a van, similar to this one, hit a motorcycle, and a parked vehicle at 80th avenue and cooper road. the van may have damage to the front driver's side of the vehicle. the driver taken by flight for life to a local hospital with serious injuries. anyone who knows something about the crash, or about the suspect vehicle, should call pleasant prairie police or kenosha county crimestoppers. one person is dead after a shooting at a high school in alpine, texas this morning.. that's about 200 miles southeast of el paso. brewster county sheriff ronny dodson said a female shooter shot a student, then killed herself. the victim was transported to the hospital, her condition is unknown at this time. the school -- with about 280
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alpine is a small community with about 6-thousand ?residents. heated moments last night aspresidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump made their cases as to why they should be the next commander in chief. and we're inching closer to the first presidential debate of this election cycle. dianne gallagher has more from washington. in a night dedicated to national security and military policy, it is controversial moments, hillary clinton, d presidential candidate now, wait, let me...look, this is an like this one, dominating the day-after news cycle, donald trump, r presidential candidate i think under the leadership barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble.putting the candidates hoping to become the next commander-in-chief, on the attack. hillary clinton, d presidential candidate that is not just unpatriotic. it is scary. it is dangerous. donald trump, r presidential candidate hillary clinton's policies produced ruin in libya, iraq and syria. absolute ruin and death.donald
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praising russian president vladimir putin, donald trump, r presidential candidate the man has very strong control over a country. now, it's a different system and i don't like the system very much but certainly in that system he's been a leader.which garnered a blunt response from the current commander- in-chief. president barack obama i don't think the guy is qualified to be the president of the united states.clinton, in a thursday morning press conference, continued the criticism, hillary clinton, d presidential candidate what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praise on trump spent thursday pouncing on her performance, donald trump, r presidential candidate she's always talking about things that she's going to do. but she's been there for more than 30 years and she's never done anything about it. never done anything.the candidates will be able to confront each other face to face in less than three weeks, at the first presidential debate. in washington, dianne gallagher. a skywest flight makes an emergency landing at mitchell international
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around 6-50 this morning and was heading to minneapolis...when a possible mechanical issue was reported. the plane turned around and safely landed back in milwaukee just before seven-30. officials say there were no other issues. it's not clear whether it was a conflict... or just a mistake.. but now one thing is clear: a popular restaurant on the marquette university campus is back open.. serving food. our ben handelman is live in the newsroom with what happened today ... ben? sobelman's on marquette's campus is back open and serving burgers tonight. sobelman's got the green light to open its doors once again. the restaurant owner said he failed to attend a city committee meeting earlier this summer to answer questions about a patron accidentally discharging a weapon outside the business.... as a result, his license to operate was allowed to expire at the end of august... and he was told he had to close his doors. a committee did vote to reinstate the license, but that won't ?take effect until the full council meets later
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with his alderman... and was granted a temporary food license to once again serve food at the marquette location. if i could publically apologize to him, to my wife for being unprofessional and to marquette, and milwaukee community, students, faculty and staff and to my employees. i knew i threw a temper tantrum. i was pretty upset fox 6 tried to r confusion.. but he has not returned a call. bottom line, sobelman's is open for food. however it's liquor license won't be reinstated until september 20th. reporting in the newsroom, ben handelman fox 6 news. steph thanks ben. cracking down at the happiest place on earth. disney world is making some changes at its theme park in
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will see right at the front gates, and the reason disney is making a switch. and still ahead, after i-t-t tech suddenly shut its doors, the local school stepping up to help stranded students earn
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tighten up on ticket fraud... the theme park now requires young childre fingers scanned before entering the florida park. disney world rolled out the ticket verification process for children between the ages of three and nine in august. older guests have already been scanning their fingers to prevent people from sharing tickets. the park says they discard the fingerprints right after the scan. parents who do not want to have their children's fingers scanned can have theirs scanned instead. the process isn't being used yet
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tebow" -- the former n-f-l player who is now pursuing his major-league baseball dream. the former quarterback held an open tryout last week in front of scouts from 28 of the 30 m-l-b teams. and he must've done alright because the new york mets tweeted out that they have signed him to a minor league contract. tebow will participate in the mets instructional league. the 29-year-old hasn't played competitive baseball since high school. he announced his switch in sports back for over a month now -- a youtube channel has been showing a live stream of an intersection in the mountain town of jackson hole, wyoming. in the last few days -- the stream has gone viral -- often having more than
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really figure out why... this is the live stream here... live right now. you can see it's mostly just a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. one thing of note is that white arch in the background. it's made entirely of elk antlers and is one of four around the "george washington memorial park". but the popularity of the live stream, may
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rich demuro was at the event in san francisco and goes hands-on with the new device in todays tech report the rumors were right... apple decided to ditch the headphone jack on the new iphone 7... but they also added water resistance and a camera that performs better than ever in low light at 15 sec in... take from first glance... the new iphone doesnt look very different from its predecessor.... nats... tim cook this is the best iphone weve ever made apple added several key features... but its what they took away that has people talking the most. nats.. look at the bottom, the rumors are right... no headphone jack on the bottom! included are headphones that plug into the lightning jack... where you also charge the phone and an adaptor for your old headsets. of can now go wireless. 6;52;32/these are new airpods, they kind of look like your typical earbuds, but without the cables, they will retail for $159 coming later this
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light... for way better pictures in dark conditions. on the big screen model... there are two lenses 6;53;51/on the plus editon you see the dual camera setup on the back...both are 12 megapixels, one is a wide angle, ones a telephoto lens you can zoom way in. both models are now water resistant... they can withstand a splash or rain but not a swim... there are stereo speakers for the first time... plus two new colors... matte black... and a super glossy jet black... nats... from announcement its a fingerprint mage get it... youll have to spend at least 100 extra dollars finally... gone are the 16 gigabyte models, the iphone 7 starts at 32 gigs of storage... more room for your pictures, videos and apps. we're taking a live look of milwaukee mayor tom barrett's office in city hall. we are waiting on a news conference to start addressing the quality of the city's water. mayor barrett along with health commissioner bevin baker are discussing comments the mayor made-- suggesting milwaukee residents should use water filters to avoid potential lead poisoning. the suggestion was for people living in homes built before 1950. we'll
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the new film "sully" starring tom hanks revolves around a
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who landed a plane in the hudson river in 2009. get a first look at the new movie directed by clint eastwood. plus -- gino sits down with clint eastwood's son -- scott -- to talk about starring in the new oliver stone
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of classified n-s-a documents comes to life on the big screen in "snowden." gino sat down with one of the film's stars -- scott eastwood. ad lib to bite "how do you hear about this? what happens and how do you get this? well everybody knows when an hollywood. and i got lucky enough to just audition for him and yeah just an honor to work for a legend like oliver stone. does he pick your brain? does he want to know what you think about the movie or about the script? i pick his
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guy you want to pick his brain." and speaking of movies based on real life events -- scott's father clint eastwood just directed the movie "sully" about the miracle on the hudson. ad lib to bite "to investigate how a plane ended up in the hudson. on the
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you could make it back to the airport. not possible. i felt it go."
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many communities in the milwaukee area saw flash flooding last night. and today that means clean up - julie collins shows you what a big job it is. flooding in parts of west milwaukee -- the streets near 38th and lincoln saw the worst of it. causing many cars to get stuck -- 'that was a heck of a storm.' and it left behind a heck of a lot of damage here on the coffey trailer property - this tree spilt in half sending a large portion of it to the ground. 'what i see here in a lot of work.' 'this isnt the first time this business has dealt with storm damage. just last year, this huge tree
4:38 pm
onto the roof of the business.' this time around coffey trailers was much luckier - nobody was hurt and no damage to the business. 'its very incredible. im glad nobody got hurt.' jeff schubert will supervise the removal... 'this will be cleaned up in no time. its just a matter of getting a couple of guys together and getting the job done.' that didnt take long - within minutes about half a dozen friends and surrounding business owners banded together to help. 'i r doors down and lees always helping us if we need help borrowing a jack or something, trailer parts, nice guy and things happen.' its a big job but as they say many hands make light work - '3 saws another 45 minutes.' and then theyll all return to their day jobs - reporting in west milwaukee - julie collins. fox 6 news. the business owner says even though this has happened twice now he has no plans of moving his business to a different location. its a family owned business
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another college in southeast wisconsin announces its doors are open for displaced i-t-t tech students. the admissions director at m-a-t-c says the school has set up a phone line and an email account for i-t-t students looking to transfer. she says students can also walk in to set up an appointment with a counselor. at that meeting, the school would review the student's paperwork to see which i-t-t credits would carry over... each student case is individual and so i encourage them to bring a transcript and we can see learning, work experience evaluation. the state's educational advisory board says students can get their federal students loans for i-t-t forgiven...but there's a catch. the student would have to enroll in an entirely different area of study. if you go to fox-six-now-dot-com, you'll find
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the contact info for the special m-a-t-c help line. expectant mothers have plenty of risk factors to consider while pregnant. but researchers may have just pin-pointed one you might not know about. coming up -- the new risk being identified for infants delivered by c- section. plus -- a scam artist -- who contact six has followed since 2002 -- strikes in milwaukee again. what he was up to and how you can look out for similar scams. here's a live look outside right now from our moderne camera over lake michigan. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in next with a your
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dan krebbiel: i'm dan krehbiel -- a vietnam combat veteran. we don't need politicians playing games with attack ads. there's a better way. i've read russ feingold's plan. he goes after the terrorists' oil money and arms supplies. better human intelligence. and, he'll work to get middle eastern states to take on the terrorists in their own backyard. russ feingold offers a tough, realistic plan to protect america. russ vo: i'm russ feingold and i
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you pay a lot for electronics and big screen tv's - so when they're on the fritz - you want someone to repair them. but beware of who you call - tonight katrina cravy shows you how one repairman just can't seem to learn his lesson. as much as the holidays are meant to be magical. they can also be emotional for people who are missing the ones
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greene and greg flegal were close to their mothers so when both ladies died the same year - celebrating was tough. "we would normally put up a tree, but neither of us felt up to the task of getting a tree and getting out all the decorations." what they found was this l-e-d snowflake. something simple and bright to try and be cheery. it was great until last year - when it broke and they found out g-e wasn't making it anymore. they say an online ad for accurate they said, you understand itll be $150 just to show up, and i said, well, i know i cant buy another one of these and its important to us, so yeah and i figured it wouldnt cost much to fix, it was just a power supply issue.' but by the time the repairman looked the display over - the price was 500 bucks. "i knew we couldnt buy another one, it was important to us to get a replacement. we said fine, gave him the money. he didnt take a check, he took cash. "plus he took the
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phone number was disconnected. rich called contact 6. "i was hoping you had heard of this man before or knew of him. because this seemed so shady and it seemed to perfect of a scam."the man only told them his name was jay and oh yeah - he left them this receipt. as soon as i saw it said "any printed hardcopy is a forgery this is a secure nonprintable gardetto. since 2002 - contact 6 - "turn the camera off"- has been doing stories about repairman james gardetto - his strangely-worded contracts that aren't legal - and his practice of taking people's property and not returning. "katrina: why do you run your business like this? you're hiding and just so you know you can't read your sign because you have it upside down."he's got a long criminal history and even though we hadn't done a story since 2012 because he was behind bars-
4:47 pm
and greg - gardetto's mugshot to see if this was the guy. "he knew right away - he said he knew from his mouth and his eyes."apparently others complained too - because gardetto is back in custody. the department of corrections tell us he violated a court order "not to facilitate any contracts for services or collect payments from customers." "there were a lot of red flags we should have followed up on but for some reason we got caught up in the moment in trying to get this decoration fixed. "rich has gone to police and says they're looking into their c i am angry, i am angry about that. but i dont know what the system can do - what is the system supposed to do to change someones behavior and their attitude. i dont know what the answer is.and i don't either. all we can do is warn you - i'm katrina cravy contact 6. remember -- if you have a consumer issue or an investigation -- call the number on your screen or file a complaint on the contact 6 page
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deck. with lows in the low 60s. another storm system will bring the chance for rain and thunder
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saturday. behind the rain comes sunshine, low humidity and cooler temperatures in the low to middle 70s. there is then the chance for rain monday night into tuesday.
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mph is there a possible connection between the way a baby is born
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yes. our mary stoker smith joins us with more on this new study. infants delivered by c-section may be more at risk of becoming obese 0 compared to other babies. researchers followed 22- thousand babies born by c-section. when compared to babies born vaginally, the c-section babies had a 15-percent higher risk of becoming obese as an older child. more research will need to be done to show why those children born by c- section ... are more at risk more college students are using marijuana. a new study from the "university of michigan institute" finds that marijuana use among students has risen eight percent,,, since 2006. researchers say a possible reason for the increase may be the decrease in perceived risk from using pot. the study also found that the use of prescription opioid or narcotic drugs fell from nine percent to three percent in the last seven years.
4:52 pm
this according to a study in the "american journal of preventive medicine." researchers showed more than two thousand drinks - that either had no label or a label with warnings about how sugary beverages ...can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. they found that teens were eight to sixteen percent less likely to select a sugary drink that carried a warning. the researchers say their work shows the need for nutritional information to help people make healthier choices. after nearly six-decades of being tough on dirt...mister clean is taking an extended vacation. and someone has to replace him. the legendary icon has teamed up with actor -- kellan lutz -- to help find a replacement. the "twilight" star tried his luck at scoring the new role during yesterday's casting call... but he didn't get the part. the winner is slated to win several prizes including 20-thousand dollars. the search for the next mister
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a new move by one man in india could see a seismic shift in the country's online capabilities. the richest man in the country is rolling out free 4-g internet access. thousands of people have already lined up to join the 20-billion dollar mobile network. right now -- only about one-fifth of adults in india have internet access. next year, the service will switch from free to a very low-monthly fee. if it succeeds, hundreds of l could be surfing the internet for the first time. a letterman jacket -- left behind and forgotten after a fire. but now -- it found its way home. next: how the owner was reunited with this jacket-- more than 40
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a letterman's jacket has had a long journey. after decades it's finally returned to its rightful owner. the jacket had actually been sitting inside a connecticut dry cleaner's for more than 40 years. fox 6's angelica duria shows us how the high school keepsake was discovered. last winter, fab's cleaners in
4:57 pm
after 71 years...over the decades, they collected clothes. "33:38 we have wedding gowns. we have dresses. a lot of sports clothes. 33:43" in the spring, his daughter, a new haven teacher, collected 50 bags of left over clothing for her school's clothing drive. "03:06 so we were going through the clothes and we spotted... we spotted a letterman's jacket 03:11" her assistant vice principal, at nathan hale school, said he would keep that out of the clothing drive and try to find the owner of the wilbur cross high school on the front of the jacket that says '71-'72 state champs 09:56" it belonged to a basketball player named ken.. enough for scott voisine voy-zeen to work with when he went to wilbur cross for a workshop this summer. "10:53 and i said that when i went cross that day that i would find an opportunity to go over over to the trophy case and see if i could find a team picture 11:01" ken turned out to be kenny cusano, coo-zahn-oh who, until two weeks ago, hadn't seen the coat since a 1975 apartment
4:58 pm
smoky clothes.. to fab's cleaners...and forgotten. "18:36 he went totally above and beyond, you know, to find me. 18:40" on wednesday, cusano put the coat on for the first time since high school. "20:41 does it fit you? not too bad... from 42 years ago, huh. 20:46" "14:07 everyone should try to, on a daily basis, do something nice for someone else. 14:10" angelica duria fox 6 news. "our water supply, the water as it comes into the city of milwaukee from lake michigan, contains no lead." milwaukee mayor tom barrett -- clarifying something he said yesterday -- when he urged anyone who lives in a home built before 1951 to get a water filter. those homes are potentially at risk for lead water contamination.
4:59 pm
thousand homes. the mayor's warning was shocking to some, long overdue for others. political reporter theo keith has been on this story all day. theo, you also covered this issue in flint, michigan. the mayor is assuring people, milwaukee is not flint -- there are protections in place that didn't exist there.. but the message about water filters has changed -- which is why the mayor's comments at a water forum yesterday raised concerns. run for two or three minutes brenda coley takes precautions at her home in riverwest. her drinking water runs through a lead lateral pipe from the street. lead in water i dont believe is the citys fault, but i do believe its their responsibility milwaukee has 70- thousand such homes, built before 1951. replacing all of the lead pipes, as many agree is the best long-term solution, would cost half a billion dollars -- on the low end. something from the flint storyin the wake of a water emergency in flint, michigan, cities like milwaukee are
5:00 pm
until wednesday, the city was only suggesting that people in older homes use them. a february 2016 letter from the milwaukee water works to the 70- thousand homes warned of possible lead issues.but on filters, it said only that "a home filtration system or water filtering pitchers can further reduce the possibility of lead entering your drinking water." even today, on the water works website, installing a filter is listed under "steps to consider." i was flabbergasted alderman bob donovan says the mayor's new website, installing a filter is listed under "steps to alderman bob donovan says the mayor's new warning"came out of left field." this is the first ive ever heard of this. for years weve been told the water was safe coley, who is part of a group advocating for filters, says now the city needs to tell people what to do. they cant have different messages on different websites. they have to have one clear message the mayor said at a news conference late today that this all came up not


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