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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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and hampton. the schowalter family pulled off the freeway and into a parking lot here following the shooting. i thought it was normal because i just thought it was just someone who got off the highway and stopped for the police. instead, police were responding to calls for a shooting on i-43. it happened just before 5 pm sunday near the capitol drive exit. fox 6 has obtained a news release from the milwaukee county sheriffs office. it includes photos of the bullet-pierced car door and go-fund-me page set up by a family friend states the bullet barely missed avas spine. monday afternoon, the friend updates the page: ava is getting out of the hospital. through the friend, avas family declines to comment. for me, its kind of tragic, just to see this stuff in society, broad daylight, its unspeakable. according to the release from the sheriffs office, investigators are still trying to identify the shooters car. family friends are asking for
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fox-6-now-dot-com. reporting live at childrens hospital, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. steph thanks aj a milwaukee man is seriously hurt -- after he was shot on the city's south side. it happened just before one this afternoon near 15th and greenfield-- during what police believe was a drug deal. the 30-year-old man was taken to the hospital -- and police are still looking for the suspect. milwaukee police are as suspect in a rape case. take a good look at the suspect in this sketch. police say a man approached a 19- year-old woman late last month near 62nd and fiebrantz. he reportedly pointed a gun at her and sexually assaulted her. police say the suspect is believed to be 35-to-40 years old. he has gold front-teeth and could be driving a dark colored utility van. only on fox six. we're learning new details about the suspect who was caught on camera escaping the back of a police
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fox6 obtained cell phone video of the suspect getting away. he is 17-year-old "raymond barfield." he had been arrested ?sunday afternoon on a handful of charges. a criminal complaint says barfield went on a crime spree last year... that included a carjacking. he was arrested but the case was dismissed and re-filed due to problems with a witness. ?at that time, barfield was released from jail and disappeared. we went to his house today but a woman inside said he wasn't there. to you about ray at all? you don't want to talk milwaukee police say they are still trying to determine how barfield was able to escape from the police van. at last check -- he's still on the run. a new trial begins -- for the man charged in connection to an arson that killed to children. michael morgan's trial had to be restarted and a new jury is selected -- after a witness never showed up for court last week.
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milwaukee county jail on unrelated charges. morgan is accused of setting a fire in milwaukee that killed two young children last october. jurors are picked today in the homicide trial for "justin carl" in waukesha. prosecutors say he shot and killed kevin human hueman in august of 2015.carl was tracked down by police -- because of a sneaker that was found at the scene. investigators traced it to a kohl's department store -- and from there they learned the shoe was purchased by resumes tomorrow. it's been a long few days for a kenosha hotel. the best western harborside inn was shutdown last week after failing an inspection. after ?some ?repairs.. and another inspection.. there is good news to report. fox six's justin williams has the story, new at six. the seasonal activity continues, along 6th avenue, which lines kenosha's lakeshore. concerts, weekend events. things are going on, constantly. and, this, according to matt thompson, offers excellent exposure for red line cycles, and neighboring
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... send business to the other people. but, monday morning, just a lotto questions, what's goin' on? one of those businesses sends potential patrons away. the best western harborside inn continues to be closed, after inspectors with the city's fire, and community development departments located multiple electrical code violations, friday. they put the parking horses up, and block the parking lot off. that's frequent. we watch quite a bit. in fact, fox 6 was there at the end of june, when another instance involving multiple violations caused another closure. i think that they need to figure out what they're doin' wrong, and fix it. late, monday afternoon, a city electrical inspector tells me that the hotel does pass his inspection. i get a chance to speak with a man who identifies himself as the general manager. he tells me that the hotel is open, and, minutes after the inspector has left, he tells me they, already, have a guest, inside. this is the latest, for now, here, along kenosha's lakeshore. i'm justin
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one down, 15 to go. the packers survive the heat and major scare from the jaguars in jacksonville yesterday. now they hit road again, and it will be a new experience for all the players and coaches. tom pipines here with the blitz. vikings christen the brand new u.s. bank stadium on sunday night. that facility has a roof and all the amenities. more metrodome. what's mike mccarthy's take on that? "i'll be honest with you i enjoyed going to the metrodome it's a heck of a challenge playing in there, i've had some bad days in there and some good days in there too. the noise was a little too much
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different, it was different it gave you a headache." next up for the packers is the minnesota vikings sunday in their new stadium. with the late game, the sports blitz will start later, at 11:05. switch over after the game for live post game reaction live from the twin steph, brad. after all that rain last week -- more could be on the way. weather expert tom wachs joins us now. it's been a gorgeous and sunny monday, but rain chances return tomorrow. we'll take a look at skyvision
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steven avery appeal case. we'll tell you about the person who's been appointed special prosecutor. and later. summer is just coming to an end -- but summerfest are already looking ahead to next year. the big changes coming for perhaps the most popular stage
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major step to help you make sure your vote counts. today -- city officials announced expanded hours and additional sites for in-person early absentee voting. the three locations are: the zeidler municipal building, midtown shopping center on the north side and forest home library on the south side. the city expects about 60-thousand early voters. a judge has appointed a special prosecutor to the steven avery case. former milwaukee county
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"norman gahn" will represent the state in avery's request for extensive d-n-a testing in his homicide case. gahn is replacing the manitowoc county d-a ... who cited a conflict of interest. avery contends manitowoc county officials framed him for teresa halbach's 2005 death. one of avery's former attorneys is reacting to recent developments in the case against brendan dassey. dassey was convicted of helping his uncle kill teresa halbach -- but last month a federal judge rule dassey's confession was coerced. packed room on marquette's campus this afternoon. he never represented dassey but says he's not surprised by brad schimel's decision to appeal and uphold the conviction. "it means acknowledging a significant wrong or a mistake, which is hard. it means potentially putting a victim's through another trial." the u.s. circuit court of appeals will have the next say in the dassey case. dassey is currently serving his
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near portage, wisconsin. more rain could be headed our way. tom wachs will be in next with his forecast. plus -- as fall starts to settle in -- it's never too early to be thinking ahead to next summer. the big change coming to summerfest grounds for next year. break we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times. but what we'd rather be making are tee times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do. the time for shots we'd rather forget, and the ones we'll talk about forever. in michigan long days, relaxing weather and more than 800 pristine courses make for the perfect tee time. because being able to play all day is pure michigan. your trip begins at russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk.
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it's not even winter yet -- but summerfest officials are already looking ahead to next year's 50th anniversary. today-- we're learning one of the most popular stages at henry maier festival park is getting a major facelift. fox6s carl deffenbaugh has the details. take a good look now, because the familiar sight of the miller lite oasis will look summer. 'it's an iconic meeting place. if you talk to people over the years, everybody wants to meet at the oasis.' on monday, milwaukee world festival and millercoors announced a multi-million dollar renewal of their longstanding partnership. millercoors will continue to be the official beer supplier of summerfest. 'it's something that's part of the community, and it's the fabric of the community." "this festival will be in great shape for years to come.' included in that deal,
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oasis. the project will feature a complete facelift for the stage, a new brew house right next to that area, another structure with second-level seating for the public and much more. 'the last time we touched the oasis, i think it has been over ten years." "in addition the major renovations going on in the entire oasis area, the summerfest store will get a major facelift as well. what you're used to seeing, these structures, will be entirely torn down and a permanent structure, walled-off and with air conditioning, will be put up in its place." 'any new construction on these grounds is great news for everyone because, it really does, it keeps it fresh.' 'the miller lite oasis is where some of the music will be played for now, and for years to come in the future.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. the upgrades are expected to be completed for summerfest 2017, the 50th anniversary of the festival. for a closer look at the renderings of the new stage --
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gallery of the photos -- plus more information on the project. just search "oasis." the weather is still pretty nice...but the cold and snow are right around the corner. too many kids go to school without a proper winter coat to keep them warm. thats where fox 6 coats for kids and you come in. go through your closets and please donate any slightly used winter coats -- for kids and adults. head to for more details and a list of all our sponsor locations. thanks for helping us keep kids warm one coat at a time. adlib to weather weather cloud cover will build overnight, bringing a slight chance for showers before sunrise. lows
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mostly cloudy as the next cold front moves through. rain chances will continue on and off throughout the afternoon and evening. 70s with rising humidity. once the cold front passes, we'll be in the upper 60s wednesday and the low 70s for the end of the week. tonight: clouds
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dewpoint: 59 wind: s 3-7 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with a chance for showers and isolated thunderstorms. high: 77 dewpoint: 63 wind: sw/nw 5-10 mph morning showers possible. then partly sunny and cooler. am low: 58 high: 69 dewpoint: 57 wind: n 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny. am low:
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mph friday: partly to mostly cloudy with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. am low: 56 high: 73 dewpoint: 59 wind: se 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and breezy with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. dewpoint: 63
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lane taylor is used to being thrown into challenging
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state. so replacing left guard josh sitton was something he just had to deal with again.. we'll get the lowdown on game 1---next in the blitz and fox 6 sports.
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cornerback sam shields is going through the concussiuon protocl after taking a hit late in the jaguars game. sam missed a few games with a concussion last year--so caution is the operative word. a lot of concern about how left guard lane taylor would hold up after being thrown into the fray following the sudden release of josh sitton. seems as if 65 did just fine,. think lane played really well we picked up everything they threw at us i think they threw a lot of games and twists at lane early and him and dave did a hell of of a job passing everything off." "i thought i was solid, did some good thinks in there held up well there's some stuff to build off of but overall solid." the pack help the vikings open u.s. bank stadium this sunday night. so we'll move the blitz back to 11:05. tim'll be in
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and yours truly carry the ball in studio. the 2 and oh badgers are up to 9th and 12th in the polls after blasting akron, 54-10 saturday in the camp randall stadium opener. georgia state doesn't figure to pose much of a threat this weekend in madtown. but coach paul chryst's team 'll be without cornerback natrell jamerson after he injured his left leg. through it al defense continues to be dynamite. the zips didn't score an offensive touchdown.. brookfield east alex james had the big safety. ty badgers basketball coach greg
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greenfield..whitanll h.s. voting is now open for this week's high school blitz game voting is now open for this week's high school blitz game of the week. talk about rivalries! your choices: oak creek at franklin, new berlin west at new berlin eisenhower and west allis central at west allis hale. i'm honored to feature the winning game friday evening. you have until thursday night at 10 to vote on our website, fx dot com slash sports. follow breaking news 24-7 by
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: chri protest the national anthem but he didn't take a knee, and he didn't really take it seriously. ? and our flag was still there ? harvey: if you're doing it, you're doing it for people. you're not just doing it for yourself. >> chris brown the individual actually means nothing. >> to chris brown, it means something. because chris brown thinks he's a victim. >> if chris brown is protesting something, maybe it's not about
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pretty sure. george clooney, how do you feel about hillary and the scare? she stumbled, she's sick. >> i'm wishing her very well. >> why isn't the narrative of this hillary clinton under the weather but loves america so much that she's continuing her campaign? why is it, she's gonna die! [laughter] >> the new york authorities got some issues with this desiigner arrest. there was no narcotics and no guns. >> you think you're being set up, man? >> but they're still charging him with menacing based on the desiigner pointed a gun at me. >> maybe the guy thought it was desiigner. every time we get him he's going -- and then he thought it was real! [laughter] >> blac chyna, she is having a girl! >> do you have any girl names at the top of your list right now? >> not yet. harvey: god, what if the kardashian bloodline goes away? >> just have all girls. >> all we're left with is these


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