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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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otherwise, don't buy it. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution we begin with breaking news at four. the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail is ruled a homicide by the medical examiner's office. newsroom with what the m-e's office found. ted? on april 15th, terrill thomas was taken into custody after he allegedly fired a gun inside the high roller room at ?potawatomi hotel and casino. nine days later, thomas was found unresponsive in his cell, and died. the milwaukee county medical examiner released its report today.. and ruled thomas death was a homicide... and the cause of death was dehydration with other
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?including bipolar disorder. when thomas died, the milwaukee county sheriff's office reported thomas showed no visible signs of trauma. but an attorney for thomas' family says water had been cut off to thomas' cell for several days. to be clear, the medical examiner's office says it's called a homicide as a way to certify the death. it's a neutral term that neither implies nor indicates criminal intent. reporti perry, fox 6 news. governor walker's original plan today was to tout his latest department of transportation budget proposal but some arent happy about whats in it....or rather, whats not in it. fox6s rachelle baillon joins us live from wauwatosa. good afternoon. construction zones like the one you see behind me are a familiar experience for drivers who frequently use the zoo interchange and
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budget proposal prioritized safety and maintenance on the states existing infrastructure.... while also keeping his promise that there would not be a tax or fee increase without an accompanying decrease elsewhere. sot 1: 19:38-55 clip 1149 gov scott walker 'we put a priority on safety and maintenance and then we looked at a number of projects that were of utmost importance like the i39/90 corridor like 441 and 10 and we said those are important to do now there are other projects that are important in need to be done.' governor walker says the core of the zoo interchange project will still be completed on time, but the north leg of the project will now be delayed two years. additionally, the proposed budget does not include any additional funding for the i-94 north and south project. even members of his own party say they were blindsided by that move....and theyre not happy about it. rach live tag: were going to have more on that coming up on fox6 at 5. reporting live in wauwatosa, rachelle baillon fox6 news.
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it is a grim statistic from the milwaukee county medical examiner's office... 71 probable overdose deaths in 7 weeks. today we've learned one of them is the son of the medical examiner. the medical examiner's report says 29-year-old adam peterson was staying with a friend when he was found unresponsive monday shortly before 7 p-m. when medical personnel arrived, they used narcan to revive him, but it was unsuccessful... and he was pronounced dead about 30-minutes later. searching for the driver who rammed a squad car and then drove off. police say an officer was responding to an assault report....when he noticed a vehicle coming at him. the suspect hit the squad's driver side door...and then took off. the officer was not injured....but the door of the squad was destroyed. police say the suspect was driving a dark sedan. anyone with information on this incident is asked to call mount pleasant police. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app and search "hit and
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a school bus and car collide in oconomowoc this morning it happened about seven o-clock near bayshore circle and lake drive. police say around a dozen kids were on the bus at the time of the crash -- they were not hurt. we're told the bus driver and the driver of the other car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. officials say low sun may have a been a factor in the crash. the kids were picked up by another bus and taken to their destination. a school bus driver in verona is under arrest, after a number of concerned citizens noticed the school bus swerving all or yesterday morning. the dane county sheriff's office located the bus and arrested 25- year- old matthew frings after he failed a sobriety test. at the time, there was a 10-year-old child on the bus. badger bus company issued a written statement saying employees undergo a thorough pre-employment process-- which includes criminal background checks, and drug and alcohol testing. in kenosha county...the health department confirms a dead crow has tested positive for the west nile virus. the crow was found back on september second. earlier this month... another crow tested
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north shore area. health officials say kenosha county residents need to continue to protect themselves against mosquito bites. clouds will increase tonight and temperatures will fall into the low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. tonight: increasing clouds.
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download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available fo you'll have instant access to the interactive radar and fox6 weather forecast. to more breaking news now... we're learning a shot was fired inside a milwaukee elementary school-- we're just gathering information from thoreau elementary at 60th and bradley-- our madeline anderson is there... madeline
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if he spent 2011 and 2012 asking for corporate cash on behalf of a conservative group... even though documents leaked to a british newspaper show he did just that. political reporter theo keith was there today as the governor faced questions for the first time since the documents were published. he joins us now in studio walker would not say whether he solicited millions on behalf of the wisconsin club for growth. and, at first, at a news conference in edgerton, he wouldn't say if he the group. however, at a second news conference in neenah, he said "i don't right now" in response to the same question. this all relates to about 1500 pages from the supposedly secret, now-closed john doe investigation into the governor's 2012 recall campaign. someone leaked the documents to the guardian, a british newspaper. walker would not say if the state attorney general should investigate the leak... he blames the leak itself on the john doe prosecutors.
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court of law have chosen to leak bits and portions of things to try to win in the court of public opinion, without giving people a full perspective milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm, who is one of the prosecutors, said yesterday that leaking john doe material is a crime. top republicans in the state assembly want attorney general brad schimel to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the leak. schimel says he's "deeply concerned" about the leak and is "reviewing" his options. at five o'clock, governor responds to pay to play allegations. you can explore more on the john doe probe. visit the fox6 news mobile app -- we included those documents as part of our online coverage of the john doe investigation. a massive snake slithers into a florida high school. some students actually stepped in and caught the nine-foot burmese python before school officers were able to get there. the responding officers took a few moments to
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fire rescue venom one unit. " they took matters into their own hands and went above and beyond and apprehended the burmese python and held it for the venom response team." no students were hurt when they caught the snake. ad lib about snake capture coming up on fox 6 news at four... chronic homelessness is a problem for many in milwaukee...but could its end be in sight? the organization pledging to do just that and how. plus -- yoga has been gaining major traction in the last few years. with everything from hot yoga to power yoga. but what about... goat yoga? the wild
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we asked u.s. cellular customers to show us all the beautiful places they get coverage ur strong signal. you posted from the seashore. you shared from your hike. you showed us this sunset. you posted from the farm. and you adventured way out there... a lot of amazing places. ?? u.s. cellular put towers where the other guys don't. so join our network, and start sharing your moments
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an italian artist unveiling his latest work. it's a giant portrait of hillary clinton made with his tractor. it took the farmer about eight hours to create the portrait. he says that the slogan --"you must, you can" refers to clinton becoming the first female president of the u-s. this isn't the first time the artist from northern italy's town of vero portraits. he's also done field art of nelson mandela, barack obama, and pope francis. a new card game takes aim at donald trump. it's called "trumped up cards". it's similar to "cards against humanity", where players throw out their best or most absurd response to questions on the cards. "trumped up cards" feature questions with a more political theme and they are not flattering to the republican presidential nominee. it also features dozens of "trump
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experts say yoga can be good for your body and soul. and at one oregon farm, that mantra is being followed by people ... and goats. "even when they chew their cud they kind of go into a meditative state, and so it just seemed like it went well together." lainey morse started "goat yoga" earlier this summer. she wanted her classes to be an escape from the problems of the world. an there's already a waiting list of 500 people. and now, the possibility of a covered the classes could go year round. you can feel it in the air - fall is just around the corner... which means winter is too. that's why fox6 is
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proper winter coat to keep them warm - and you can help change that simply by going through your closet today. slightly used winter coats in all sizes - kids and adults - can be donated at any of our sponsor locations. or - you could hold a coat drive of your own! for more details - simply head to this october, twenty-four new apartments in downtown milwaukee will be occupied by twenty- four people who have not had a home for a while. a new project is providing permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals who struggle with alcoholism. brian kramp has more on the program. its beautiful this place is a beacon of hope. the goal butt is to get individuals off the street to give them a safe place to rest their head to allow them to start thinking about alcohol and drug treatment and thinking about mental health treatment. in a few weeks the brand new thurgood marshall apartment building on north 6th street will be one of those safe places. this is brilliant. its brilliant. especially for people who have a little bit more
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have to get over to be able to have a safe place to live in i mean this beautiful. and the organization thats helping to get these individuals off the street? housing first. they signed me up. weve never been treated like second class citizens and unfortunately in our society people who are homeless and suffer from mental illness and or a dual diagnosis of addiction sandra are a few of housing firsts earliest success stories, recently completing one year leases and demonstrating the success of this model. theyve been through a lot in their lives living out on the street and now are very successful with what theyre doing completing their lease and thats exactly what we hope to do here with more individuals that were moving in off the street. to live in a supportive environment with staff on-site around the clock. were trying to have
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instead of emergency rooms, instead of at costly services at the behavioral health division and jail and court systems and things like that. the goal is to end chronic homelessness in milwaukee by 2018. this is a part of our housing first philosophy which is really the cornerstone to our plan to end chronic homelessness. its really giving individuals housing immediately without preconditions and once individuals are in housing then we work on mental health treatment, alcohol and drug treatment whatever our clients need take people from the streets and put them in housing as fast as possible. and getting keys to your own apartment is life changing. i mean i can go home to my own place i can sleep, i can watch tv, i can cook on my own your know, i can go home and watch tv where its quiet butt i can sleep when i want to laughing .to be quite honest with you i used to wake up and for a whole week i stood in front of my bathroom door and was like i can shower anytime?
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this building is that were putting in a small homeless resource center here where individuals who are working with our homeless outreach team can come in, take a shower, get cleaned up do housing referrals mental health referrals and it kind of gives us a good spot to do some of that coordination. best of all the thurgood marshall apartments is permanent housing so the individuals can live here as long as they want to and can leave once they no longer need the intensive services offered here. its going to be nice really nice." building thats similar to this. they save half-a-million dollars a year in taxpayer costs on one building alone. for more information on you can help and donate household items needed for the new tenants - just head to and click on links. edward snowden, the american who has left perhaps the biggest mark on public privacy debate tomorrow-- the story of his life is making the jump to the big screen. next -- gino sits down with shailene woodley who plays his
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temperatures will fall into the low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. tonight: increasing clouds. low: 62 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph "excuse me ma'am would you like to sign? i actually just signed. thank you very much.
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just don't really like bashing my country. it's my country too. and right now it has blood on its hands." you hear a lot about edward snowden himself -- but what about the people closest to him? gino sat down with shailene woodley to talk about how her
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ad lib to bite "this movie deals with something that is so relevant and so timely, and so relatable to this election year and everything that is going on in society right now. ed snowden is a real human human being. that are still alive today living exiled in russia. and what this movie does is tells you why they're in russia. a lot of us know the information that ed exposed and are privy to that and we all have our own opinions based upon that information. but what we're not necessarily savvy
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snowden's life changed drastically because of what he did -- but it also affected the people around him. ad lib to bite "when ed was 29 years old and he chose to leave hawaii and decided to go to hong kong. and release this information and disclose all the information about the nsa taking and absorbing our cell phone data and our privacy he was sacrificing a great love. they had been together for a decade. not stability, his career, his comfort. he was sacrificing someone that he deeply truly cared about. and i think anytime whether you're a parent or you have a lover you've been with for a long time, all of a sudden your life becomes less important because the life of those around you reflects who you are based upon your experiences with
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coming up on fox six news at four... if you think more people use bubble
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special "hall of fame." plus -- a kitten found on the highway with severe burns that remain a mystery. two procedures later, and he's on the road to recovery. next -- how he's doing and how
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a little kitten is looking for a new home after being on the mend for several weeks. as our own julie collins shows you this kitten had a grim future until a good samaritan stepped in. 'hi munchkin' old hot rod - he came to humane animal welfare society after being found on highway 164 near big bend - - with sever burns on his left side. 'it was all down his side, his paws were burned his whiskers were singed.' how he got him - no one knows - but the humane society is working to get him back to new. 'he had 2 different procedures.' the second was completed on wednesday - his armpit was reconstructed giving him his
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'hes doing really good.' 'he runs around my house like a crazy man, he plays with my 2 cats really well. so hes doing really well.' they expect him to make a full recovery. 'yep, hmmm!' those looking to adopt hot rod should know... 'hes cuddly on his own time right now, which that may change, it may not, hell come to you when he wants cuddling but hes not really the pickup come snuggle me kind.' 'we are hoping he goes home with another cat. and hes a little bit iffy on dogs so a high active dog wouldnt be the best for him.' adoption in 7-10 days. if youre interested you can come here to the humane society or fill out an application online. weve got that information for you on fox 6 now dot com.' hot rod is a domestic sort haired orange tabby cat. if you're interested in adopting hot rod -- log on to fox 6 now dot com or the fox6
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for an adoption application. investigators say they now have the two men who killed two girls in california more than 40 years ago. it's all thanks to new technology. authorities caught up to larry patterson in oklahoma. he was arrested in connection to the case from 43 years ago, when 12-year- old valerie lane and 13-year-old doris derryberry were raped and murdered in a wooded area north of sacramento. patterson and william harbour were both 22 at the time of the murders and lived in the area. the county sheriff says they're cousins. the arre years after detectives reopened the cold case. "mr. patterson and mr. harbour had been previously arrested and imprisoned, and as you know dna is collected from people who go into the state prison system, so both had what we called profiles in the national dna database." police arrested patterson at his home in oklahoma. harbour was taken into custody near his home north of sacramento. police shoot and kill a 13-year-old in ohio, after
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for a real gun. it all started with reports of an armed robbery in columbus. when officers approached a group of three people, two of them ran. as officers tried to take the suspects into custody, police say one of them pulled a b-b gun from his waistband. thinking it was a real gun they shot, killing 13-year-old tyree king. police are still searching for one of the teens who ran from the scene. an attorney for sandra bland's family says a settlement has been reached in the civil lawsuit. the fa county jail in texas. the settlement is for 1-point-9 million dollars. it includes compensation for bland's death, as well as, several changes to waller county jail procedures. bland was stopped for failing to signal a lane change on july 10th of last year. she was arrested after police say she became argumentative. while in jail, bland was found dead in her cell three days later. her death was ruled a suicide. the u-s government issues an
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phone. there's a risk that the batteries can explode or catch fire. samsung already has voluntary recalled the devices, but the u-s consumer product safety commission is stepping in with a formal recall. samsung has confirmed a few dozen instances of the phones catching fire. two-and-a-half million of the phones were sold. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on fox six news at five. a sobering s today the medical examiner's office tweeted that there were 71 probable overdose deaths in the last 7 weeks. at five, why one of these terrible tragedies is hitting especially close to home for the man in charge there. also at five, wells fargo recently hit with a 185 million dollar fine for their financial fraud scandal. up next, the latest fallout in that case. those stories and more in about 20 minuets on fox six news at
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brad thanks ted. bubble wrap, a product that many use maybe more for fun than as a packing aid, is finally getting recognized for its versatility. it is now a finalist for the national toy hall of fame. strong's national museum of play in new york launched a voting poll to see which toy people think should be honored. nerf, transformers, the clue board game and more the museum will announce the winners in november. a driver trapped inside of his burning truck after colliding with a school bus. police struggling to get the man
4:36 pm
video of the daring rescue and how it went down. and -- its one of the most dangerous areas you can injure on your body and damage is often permanent next -- the revolutionary new spine procedure changing that. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is in
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moms and dad's want to keep their kids happy, healthy and safe. for those with babies and toddlers - sometimes that's tough...especially when they're learning to navigate the world. in this contact 6 report jenna sachs is helping you protect your little ones. "vrooooo" babies and toddlers are energetic.... "giggles" active and growing up quickly. "stacks rings dad claps" as most parents know - that means there's going to be bumps and bruises along the way. but - it's lisa klindt simpson's mission to make sure it's nothing worse. lisa works for safe kids. the national group partners locally with children's hospital of
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community on how to avoid injuries. lisa says for little ones prevention starts in the home. "with babies, they're in the home more often. so, the falls are more frequently going to happen in the home. " one safety must-have for parents: baby gates "i think baby gates are key to keeping our sanity." choosing the right one is important. "there are some that are pressurized. we don't recommend those at the top of the steps cuz that day that your child had that growth spurt, ate their wheaties and they're extra strong..they might be able to push that." knowing when gates should come down can be equally important. "if you have a climber or your child is at that point of going over the gate is easier than pushing it, then it's time to reconsider using those at putting a hazard in place instead of a safety item.." another safety must-have: a harness. you see them on high chairs, booster seats and changing tables. "they're not just there as a decorative item" lisa says always use a harness if it's available - but don't rely on it. "it's there to aide us. it's not an end all. so, once your child is strapped in don't assume that that will be the complete end to your child falling." no matter what products you have in your home - it's important to remember babies can change
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"you might have your house setup for a baby and before you know they're an active toddler and your house isn't ready for a toddler. so, on a monthly, relook at your house to see if what you have is adequate for your child. " and - when all else fails.... "supervision is key. making sure you're always with your child. that your child is never alone or unattended." the key to keeping your little one out of harm's way. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. remember -- if you have a consumer issue or an investigation -- call the number on your screen or file a complaint on the contact 6 page at
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deck. clouds will increase tonight and temperatures will fall into the low 60s. mostly cloudy with periods of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. highs will reach into the low 70s. some showers may linger expect partly sunny skies. warmer by sunday with a high around 80. a mix of clouds and sunshine monday then rain moves in at night. tonight: increasing clouds. low: 62 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-10 mph friday: scattered showers and t- storms. high: 74 dewpoint: 63 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: lingering showers then partly sunny. am low: 63 high: 78 dewpoint: 66 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday:
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wind: wsw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with showers at night. am low: 60 high: 80 dewpoint: 59 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 62 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: n 5-10
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there could be hope for the tens of thousands of americans who suffer from spinal cord injuries. it could mean patients
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stoker smith is here with more on this new treatment. 17-thousand americans suffer a severe spinal cord injury each year. a new, experimental stem cell therapy may be a game changer. one of the five patients in a small trial regained the use of both arms and hands... and is now able to feed himself, send text messages, and operate a wheelchair. three months after the cells were implanted, two patients regained motor skills on at least one side of their body. but all five people experienced some improvement so far. this type of improvement can mean a patient is able to live more independently. alzheimer's is known for affecting the elderly.. but another form of the disease called early-onset alzheimer's may affect people in their thirties or forties. early onset alzheimer's is diagnosed before aged sixty-five. only five percent of the five million with the disease will be diagnosed with this
4:49 pm
- losing interest in activities or joining in conversations. it's important for family members to get involved...and if they suspect that something isn't right, get that person tested. "losing the ability to put new information in and hold on to it, is not a normal process. we all forget our keys occasionally, but as this happens more and more and we forget conversations, we repeat questions, we repeat ourselves, that's a lot more concerning." mary/voif a person has alzheimer's, it's best to get a diagnosis as early as possible so they can plan treatment. the n-f-l is launching a new 100-million dollar initiative aimed at preventing, diagnosing, and treating concussions and other head injuries. the n-f-l has long been under fire by critics who allege the league has done little to protect players from head injuries. in 20-15 a federal judge approved a mass settlement to a lawsuit filed by thousands of former players,
4:50 pm
in linking concussions to brain injuries. the league says it has been doing more, making dozens of rule changes to protect players stunning body-cam video shows police frantically saving a man trapped in a truck. north carolina-- the truck was wedged under a bus and caught fire.. you can see the officers arriving on scene. they try pu the windows, bend the door.... and use fire extinguishers to put out the flames. eventually, police were able to get him out. he's expected to be okay. there were two children on the bus, but neither was injured. the school bus driver, faces a charge of failing to yield to the right of way. six high school students face criminal charges after one of them punched their principal. police in manor, texas, locked down
4:51 pm
an argument started when a bus arrived to take students to lunch. one of the students got upset, because he wasn't being allowed on the bus. that's when police say things got physical... "the principal, dr. jones, tried to talk him down, stood between him and the bus door, and the student pushed past the principal and then became physical with the principal, including punching him." when police arrived all six students were put in handcuffs. the first student is charged with assault on ap the other five are charged with interfering with public duties. police say the principal was treated at the school for minor injuries. the lives lost during a battle from world war one were remembered in france today. britain's prince charles and other dignitaries honored the thousands of soldiers from new zealand and other pacific islands killed 100 years ago in world war one at the site of the battle of the somme som .he prince of wales wore the
4:52 pm
was given last year. he laid a wreath at the new zealand battlefield memorial. maori may-'or-ree tribesman performed ceremonies among the tombstones. "my hope is that today we can rededicate ourselves to a future free from intolerance and conflict. we do this in honor of the memory of those who fought and died here so long ago." more than one-million people were killed, wounded or went missing in the and german troops fought from july 1st to november 18, 1916. dozens of giant lanterns.... parading through a city in vietnam. a day before the popular moon festival, the 100 lanterns are placed on floats and pushed around town. the festival is held on the full moon of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. tradictionally it was done to ensure a successful harvest. in the evenings during the festival,
4:53 pm
masks. being a police officer-- a stressful job. but that doesn't mean they all stop when the work day is over. coming up -- how one officer in connecticut puts herself out
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5. a police officer in connecticut is honored by her community, for going beyond the call of duty. fox 6's jessob reisbeck introduces us to the officer who helps people in her comn on a typical shift for officer caroline o'bar in the small town of beacon falls connecticut... 24:13 motor vehicle accidents and domestic violence calls or even medicals the protect and serve part of her job keeps her busy enough. 25:38 smaller community but we have the same crimes as any other town does but o'bar is known around this small town for the extra work she does... 27:23 -25 everybody in town knows me and that's important way beyond her job
4:57 pm
a year. 29:40 this is something that's done all year round we have needy families in town. nats opening storage 31;43 these are all from donations officer o'bar works with local organizations and companies...and generous residents... 32;58 -02 christmas wrapping paper i have razors and shaving creases i have clothes here to gather a stockpile of items to help beacon falls residents in need. 39:09 -12 people know that if they contact me that something's gong that i'm not going to let it go the help she's been able to get these folks goes well beyond food and clothing... 39:57 i was able to get the church int he town that i live to put a new roof on somebody's house in beacon falls for free and well beyond holidays and back to school. 41:51 i was able to get a month's rent for her through another organization and although she tries to do it quietly... 41:19 nobody in town knows who these people are her work doesn't go unnoticed. 19:21 it's just a magnificent testament to her that she does this just all on her own because she knows it's the right thing :29 and if you ask her why...she'll
4:58 pm
36:25 -40 i was brought up in a family of giving, my parents always volunteered and when this came up and i was bale to run with it i was like this is my chance to do what my parents taught me to do to do the right thing help out those people in need and those people don't forget you jessob reisbeck, fox 6 news. be shocked that i did what i did, i did what i said i was going to do." governor walker responds after leaked john doe documents appear to show a "pay-to-play" deal with a lead paint manufacturer. plus... too close to home--one of the latest victims of an overdose death is the son of someone who's seen too much of the epidemic already. and.. the death of an inmate at the milwaukee county jail -- is
4:59 pm
mean a crime was committed. those stories in just a moment... but first -- we start with breaking news... a 13 year old girl at milwaukee's thoreau elementary school... injured when a police officer's gun went off inside the building. it happened around one o'clock this afternoon... at the school on 60th and bradley. fox6's madeline anderson was the first reporter on scene...she joins us live outside the school with the latest on the investigation. in the basement of the school... away from other students and staff. the supervisor of the school resource officers was trying to talk to a 13-year- old female student when she became physically combative with him. "his firearm, while still in the holster discharged. it appears to be some sort of accident. were still working on, just a freak
5:00 pm
childrens hospital for non-life-threatning injuries. im told those injuries are not serious. despite the incident, the school was never placed on lockdown. one dad tells me his son did hear over the loudspeaker, though, that there was a code red in the building. reporting live in milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6news. mary thanks madeline this comes less than a day after two milwaukee pol are hurt while trying to take a 13-year-old student in custody at benjamin franklin school. police say the teen brought a soft shot, plastic b-b gun to school. milwaukee public schools says it was a toy pellet gun. the 13-year-old student was taken into custody after resisting attempts to control him -- nobody else was hurt. the officers went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. the district attorneys office will review the case in the coming days. and in racine -- saint catherine


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