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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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far, no word from investigators-- regarding whether the person died as a result of the fire. we're labeling it as 'suspicious,' at this time. we're not sure of what caused the fire, or the death. these signs indicate best bargains is closed for an emergency. it is set to re-open, saturday morning, at 8 a-m. this, as the kenosha sheriff's department continues its investigation. this is the latest, in kenosha county. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. the investigation into the officer- involved shooting of sylville smith is now complete. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel announced today that the department of justice has wrapped up its investigation-- and has turned over the evidence to the district attorney's office. smith was shot and killed by milwaukee police last month.... sparking unrest and violence in the sherman park neighborhood. police have said body camera video shows that smith was carrying a gun. that video will not be released until after the district
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charges have now been filed in a deadly shooting in brown deer earlier this week. jessie james is charged with first degree reckless homicide... for the death of mannix franklin jr, on monday night. prosecutors say james admitted to the shooting. the victim is the son of james' roommate. james told police that he ordered the victim to turn down his music, then leave the apartment. a criminal complaint says the victim instead taunted him.. and that's when he opened fire with a shotgun. charges were also filed today in the death of an oconomowoc woman. degree intentional homicide... for the death of christina schuster. the victim's brother found her body in her home earlier this month. investigators say she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. the brother told police that just a day before her death, she had told him that she had planned to break up with lee, and she did not think it would go well. guns in milwaukee public schools. two incidents have caused injuries this weeks. one, a b-b gun which led to a struggle. the other an accidental injury from a police officer's gun. fox6's myra sanchick has the
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it's been a week of student disruptions that led to injuries at milwaukee schools. officials say a thirteen year old girl was grazed by a bullet that accidentally discharged from a police officer's gun inside the school. everybody's doing their jobs. my kids have always been at mps schools thoughout their whole life the officers were struggling with the girl, who officials say was combative. thirteen year old thoreau student suffered non life threatening injuries and was taken to children's hospital. the day before at ben franklin school officials say a thirteen year old boy brought a b-b- gun to school. police responded and that student became combative, there was a struggle and two officers were injured in the struggle -- not from the b-b gun. the milwaukee public schools superintendent was at an event promoting community schools. she answered questions about the incident i think part of this speaks to the reality of what we're dealing with in our
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because investigations are underway. but it speaks to why we need to have community schools. in the incident at ben franklin school milwaukee police says the officers injured have been released from the hospital. they are recommending charges for the student. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news bev thanks myra about 200 credit cards are comprois device is found at a local gas station. the two men supposedly responsible were arrested and appeared in court today. josue hoe-sway garcia mo-ret and richard rivera garcia both face five felony charges of attempted identity theft- financial gain- as party to a crime. after getting a warning that suspects might be using skimmers in the area, the manager at jillys mobil and car wash in elm grove, looked and discovered a skimmer at a pump. he took it off then set a
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would know if it was tampered with. the suspects reportedly came back about a week later. they came back and tried to open the pump and one of our employees happened to startle them and that went they got in their car and took off and were stopped down the street at the open pantry that's where police arrested them and also discovered another skimming device. according to a criminal complaint a clerk says rivera garcia keys, then dropped keys by the soda machine..those ended up being master keys to their gas pumps. also found were master keys to jillys pumps hiding in a candy display. the suspects are from miami, florida and had a cash bail set at $10,000. gregory rounds, the man charged in connection with an armed robbery at an auto parts store, pleads guilty to felony murder. 20-year-old rounds entered a guilty plea, as part of a deal
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back in may, rounds and burt johnson robbed an auto parts store near 73rd and mill. while trying to run, johnson was shot and killed by police. rounds was caught and arrested... and state law allowed ?rounds to be charged with his accomplice's death. more than 70 probable overdose deaths in 7 weeks in milwaukee county.... that's a shocking number by itself. but think-- what about the number of those who were resuscitated? krystle kacner has this story this is our narcan it comes in a bo office of emergency management so far this year... narcan has been administered to 885 patients in milwaukee county... last year at this time... only 541. we can either get it iv.. or hook up this misting devising... which we spray into their nose. but because it is so available now.. there is a concern it will be misused.. so officials have a warning-- its an emergency medicine. its
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overdoing. its not meant to be used by someone who is abusing drugs to stop the overdose or stop the high the greenfield fire department is just one agency that has been administering naloxone.. or narcan to patients overdosing on opiates a lot lately... if we can get to them quickly as long as their still breathing, or close to still breathing its usually fairly successful in waking them upbut it's not a sure thing depending how long the person has been overdosing for, it might not work it can not work too. fire departments like greenfield have the drug on them all the time.. many police departments are carrying it ... and as of september 1st in wisconsin... it is available over the counter.. but again paramedics stress it is only for emergency situations. remembering and honoring laylah petersen what a milwaukee school is doing tonight, to celebrate the life
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plus - making sure milwaukee's water is safe. the steps being taken to protect the city's most vulnerable residents. we've had a few rounds of rain today, but how is the weekend looking?
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spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ? oh, i'm tied to this chair! ? dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. honors a little girls memory.. nearly two years since her death. this evening... students and staff at northwest catholic school are dedicating a peace garden in memory of laylah petersen. 5-year-old layla petersen was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfathers lap in 20-14. school leaders say they hope the garden serves as a reminder of the joy little laylah brought to so many people. this is really a celebration of laylahs life. this is to make
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very tragic event, we lost a little girl that brought a lot of light into this world, this peace garden is inspired by her. laylah was in k-4 at northwest catholic school. the garden's dedication goes until 6-30. two more schools join milwaukee public schools and united ways milwaukee community schools partnership. they celebrated the announcement at lincoln avenue elementary. lincoln avenue and browning elementary schools were added to the milwaukee community schools partnership. the community schools model places the focus on the childs entire development by providing academic support, social and emotional learning, health and wellness and interaction between the family and community.. 'community schools are really one-stop shops for family members and students, a place where our students come to learn but families can receive a lot of the social and human health services that are necessary to being able to raise a child successfully.' funding to add the 2 schools came from mps 2016-2017
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should you be concerned about drinking the water from your home? coming up-- what to be on the look out for-- and how city leaders are addressing the problem of lead exposure. fall is just around the corner... which means winter is too. that's why fox6 is collecting coats for kids now! many kids go to school without a proper winter coat to keep them warm - and you can help change that simply by going through your closet today. slightly used winter coats in l can be donated at any of our sponsor locations. or - you could hold a coat drive of your own! for more details - simply head to
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awards open. a newly formed.. "water quality task force" met for the first time in milwaukee. job one -- what to do about
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details on the discussion. "this is going to take time whether it be water, whether it be paint it's going to take time. for more than three hours, members of milwaukee's water quality task force talked about possible risks among the city's most vulnerable. "there's just no safe lead level exposure for children." task force chair and alderman james bohl "i think if we are going to have an honest discussion..." says..this and future meetings have several goals, including outreac about when lead is most prevalent in drinking water. "we realize there are risks, inherent with this older infrastructure and our effort is to takle this in a very timely basis." the city has stated previously, a home built prior to 1952, more likely has lead service lines coming in from the street, and therefore at a higher risk unless.... "the waters that come out of the tap , particularly when individuals are following the safe science of flushing
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safe levels. the task force says the mayor will likely have recommendations in his budget for addressing lead service in the near future. it's going to take a comprehensive community wide effort." the task force plans to reconvene in october and hopes to schedule neighborhood meetings so more residents have an opportunity to be involved. back to you. weather scattered shower chances
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continue through the evening - a few rumbles of thunder still possible. although we may see some lingering showers into tomorrow morning, the biggest impact will be fog. overall, the weekend is looking
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cloudy with highs in the upper 70s saturday and mid 70s sunday. rain chances return monday night and again wednesday. tonight: foggy overnight. low:
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dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 3-7 mph saturday: morning fog and maybe a few lingering showers. then partly cloudy. high: 79 dewpoint: 64 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday: partly cloudy. am low: 58 high: 76 dewpoint: 56
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pm rain and storms possible. am low: 61 high: 80 about to fire up as we get ready for the high school blitz. we'll go to tom pipines live at our game of the week coming up. and it's a brand new house that the packers are hoping to make
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one thing manager craig counsell said before the season began is that this team won't quit. despite streaks where they've struggled, the brewers have not shown any signs of giving up. that was proven last night when they beat the cubs at wrigley while the cubs were trying to clinch the division title. today, they showed a similar fight even after the cubs clinched late last night because of a cardinals loss to the mighty giants. the crew takes a 2-0 lead in the 3rd when ryan braun crushes his 28th home run of the season. but then things go
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breaks his right wrist running into the wall in centerfield, ultimately ending his season. the cubs would tie the game at 2, but that is changes in the 7th when scooter gennett comes through with a 2 run jack, his 13th of the year and it's 4-2 brewers. it stays that way until the bottom of the 9th when the cubs score 2 times to send the game to extras where... miguel montero ends the game with walk off home run to left and the cubs celebrate their division title. tomorrow e their annual trip to the twin cities. but this time, they're arrival will be at us bank stadium, the new home of the vikings. it's the official opening of the building and because it's new, it creates different obstacles for players like aaron rodgers. "well, you just got to find a few things. you gotta find the play clock on both sides. you gotta prepare for some noise. obviously the old metrodome was a very loud stadium when they were rolling. it makes it difficult on the communication so you have to have a plan for that. and then just kind of withstand
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when the packers play late, we go even later.... so when the game ends sunday night, turn to fox 6 for a late edition of the fox 6 sports blitz. we start at 11:05 so that we can bring you all of the reaction and analysis from minnesota. after so many years of enjoying a rivalry, tonight could be it for a while after realignment. west allis central and west allis hale are meeting up for the final time as members of the same conference. tom pipines is live there tonight because you voted to send him to this special meeting. pip what's the this time? pip does a live interview with west allis hale athletic director elliot
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follow breaking news 24-7 by heading to fox six now dot com.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> jamie foxx tells us he's trump but he's found a silver lining if he wins. >> to be president, you actually don't have to have any experience. >> that opens the field up for a bunch of other people. >> oprah winfrey/tom hanks ticket could not lose. >> i think winfrey? cruise could win too. >> no, the scientology stuff will come out. it will get really weird. >> area 51 opens right back up. >> calvin harris released his new song "my way." the one line he keeps repeating ? you were the one thing in my
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>> it's got to be about taylor. >> stop writing songs about your ex-girlfriend. >> it could be about work. 9:00 to 5:00. >> it's a person. you're the one thing in my way. >> yeah, the man! >> shooting last night, the game was the target. the night started off with the game talking about meek mill. >> hey, from now on it's [bleep]. >> meek mill is low-hanging fruit. when he had that beef with drake, he was embarrassed. >> there was a whole dis record made by meek mill. >> "we are the world" thing with a whole bunch of people on it? >> james woods is very upset about colin kaepernick. >> i'll never watch the nfl again ever. >> he's about to be out of all of the sports. there's stuff going on in the nba. >> it's happening in the wnba. >> i don't hear them calling for a boycott of the wnba. >> people are already boycotting the wnba. [laughter] announcer: and now "tmz" debates


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