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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  September 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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our big story at nine. a community honors a little girls memory.. nearly two years since her death. 5-year-old layla petersen was killed in 2014... in a random shooting. this evening... students and staff at her former school-- dedicated a special garden in her memory. fox6's madeline anderson joins us in studio -- to explain the meani this garden is supposed to remind everyone who visits it of the joy little laylah brought to people while she was alive... as well as inspire hope and peace in the midst of her death. beginning with a song from students who would have likely been laylah petersen's classmates... friday's peace garden dedication filled those in attendance with fond memories of the
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flowers, balloons, everything about this. she would adore it. for laylah's aunt catherine petersen... the green space outside northwest catholic school helps family and friends feel less alone in their grief. 8:55 it reminds us that were not the only ones that miss her. on the evening of november 6th, 2014... milwaukee police say laylah was sitting on her grandfather's lap in a home near 58th and fairmount... when she was shot twice in the head.... later dying hospital. 00:37 i think the murder of laylah petersen was an extroadinarily violent and senseless act. chief flynn took laylah's death especially hard. his department spent a year tracking down the people responsible. last october.. three men were charged in the homicide. investigators say they targeted the wrong house in an alleged retaliation of another crime. amid the hugs and tears at the dedication... flynn is hopeful that what someday grows from this garden
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1:15 its a place where we can come together today and remember and in the act of remembering, commit ourselves to the act of doing something about it. :27 one of the men charged in connection with laylah's death is set to go to trial at the end of the month... another will head to trial in october. the third suspect reached a plea deal with prosecutors and will be sentenced in october. the wisconsin department of justice has concluded its investigation into the police smith was shot and killed by a milwaukee police officer on august 13th. his death prompted days of violent protests in the sherman park neighborhood. city officials previously said smith was armed and pointed the gun at the officer during a foot chase. the officer -- who is also african american-- was wearing a body camera at the time. the report has been passed on the milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm -- who will decide whether or not to charge the officer.
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jessie lee is charged with first degree intentional homicide -- accused of killing christina schuster earlier this month. investigators say she died from a single gunshot wound to the head. lee and schuster were reportedly dating -- but she was planning to break up with him. charges are also filed in a fatal shooting that occurred in brown deer earlier this week. jessie james is accused of shooting and killing mannix franklin jr, on monday night. the victim is the son james told police that he ordered franklin to turn down his music, then leave the apartment. a criminal complaint says the victim instead taunted him.. and that's when james shot him. caught in the act! two men face charges for allegedly planting credit card skimming devices at area gas stations. the devices steal credit card information.. and they were successful for some time... but ?caught in the act-- earlier this week. fox six's derica williams has the story.
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garcia now understands the consequences of what he is accused of. he and his friend josue garcia moret made appearances in a waukesha county courtroom as the pair faces five felony charges of attempted identity theft- financial gain- as party to a crime. its a good feeling because weve had a lot of customers that were scared to use their card at the pump brian perman , the manager at jillys mobil and car wash is glad to see the men in custody. after getting a warning that suspects migh in the area, staff found a skimmer at a pump. we removed the skimmer then we put an alarm on that pump so if they came back we would know and the elm grove police would know if someone was tampering with it according to a criminal complaint, the two suspects came back a week later. as one was supposedly tampering with the lock , an employee approached him. the suspect then sped off.. got in
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open pantry there authorities also discovered another skimming device. the complaint says rivera garcia was seen inside asking for bathroom keys... he then dropped them by the soda machine..those ended up being master keys to their gas pumps. also found were master keys to jillys pumps hiding in a candy display. its pretty scary knowing your information could have been stolen but customers now feeling better about paying at the pump.. we have security tape on there. we are changing all the locks on the pu are going open the pump up and look we are going to watch everyday derica says: "both suspect reside in miami florida, but they may not be back there for a while. they were each given a 10-thousand dollar cash bail. as of now, they plan on asking family members for possible payment while they try to obtain attorneys. in waukesha county, derica williams, fox six news. police say the skimmer had approximately 200 credit card numbers stored on the device at jillys. if you suspect a gas pump has a
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the state to report it. we have all the information on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- search "skimmers." the man accused of setting a fire that killed two children -- has been found guilty. "michael morgan's" trial lasted just five days. the fire happened last october. 10-year-old kevin little, and two- year-old taenajah morgan were both killed. morgan's sentencing has been scheduled for the end of the next month. some rain and fog today -- but how long will it be sticking around? barichello is out on the weather deck with more. weather although we may see some lingering showers into tomorrow morning, the biggest impact will be fog. overall, the weekend is looking partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s saturday and mid 70s sunday. tonight: foggy overnight. low: 64 dewpoint: 64
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weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. high winds and large waves forced officials to close a popular recreation spot for the evening-- in the interest of safety. fox6's rachelle baillon has more from
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into sheboygan's shore friday....while fog envelops anglers nearby. "i love fishing, just got done with work and couldn't pass it up." devan hefter says he usually makes it out to fish near the north or south pier about once or twice a week. but on friday, anyone hoping to fish on the south pier had to find an alternate spot: it was shut down due to the weather conditions. a small crowd, including hefter, gathered to fish nearby. "i was just planning on moving down with the weather and i was probably going to actually sit in my car if it rained because it's real close." winds of more than twenty miles per hour and five to six foot waves forced officials to close the pier friday afternoon. "the wind that causes the waves to break over the pier is what will put people in the water and once they're in the water the cold temperatures are extremely dangerous." jason dwyer of the united states coast guard tells us the south pier has become a popular recreation
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these, they worry someone will accidentally get swept into the water--and then struggle to swim back to shore. "it looks like a fun place to be but when weather conditions change like this it's not a safe place to be. it's very small and narrow so people can get caught out there and get into trouble." he says the coast guard monitors the pier from their watchroom and friday afternoon, they decided it was no longer safe. "we'll see waves breaking over and we saw a person start to walk out there so we called the police department and recommended they close down the pier." "the exact time line for when they're going to reassess the conditions out here but they say they'll be monitoring it and when things calm down the south pier will open back up. reporting in sheboygan rachelle baillon fox6 news." a badger basketball star -- packing up his bags. he's heading out west -- to protest/ why bronson koenig-- says he's gotten a lot of support so far-- and how long he'll be there. plus -- a burned out car -- and a disturbing discovery. the death investigation underway
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employees -- taking the law into their own hands. what they did-- after a man pulled out a knife and tried to rob them. those stories and more in the next nine minutes.
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happened near green bay and capitol in april of this year. love's body was later dumped from a car near 19th and atkinson. sills was also ordered to serve five years of extended supervision. a bizarre story -- out of kenosha county, today, after a burning vehicle is discovered, with a body inside. fox six's justin williams has more on the investigation, from the town of wheatland. it's a really nice, actually, quiet area. i mean, i--i know this area--well. while bill spencer says he's wheatland's best bargains store, we get a lotta our cheeses, here, because the prices are--are pretty good. friday, on 352nd street, he spots more than he bargains for ... right there. i--i don't know. it's shocking. actually, it defies explanation-- why here? and, and what happened? when employees arrived, here, they observed flames-- coming from the pick-up. according to sergeant eric klinkhammer, of the kenosha county sheriff's department, by the time deputies arrived, just before 8 a-m, a red truck was
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unfortunately, the subject that was in the vehicle-- they weren't able to get out. an unidentified body was located inside the vehicle's charred remains. we're in the early stages of the investigation. so far, no word from investigators-- regarding whether the person died as a result of the fire. we're labeling it as 'suspicious,' at this time. we're not sure of what caused the fire, or the death. these signs indicate best bargains is closed for an emergency. it is set to re-open, saturday morning, at 8 a-m. this, as the kenosha sheriff's department continues its investigation. this is the lates, county. i'm justin williams, fox 6 news. milwaukee police investigating an early morning hit-and-run crash near atkinson and capitol. police say a 45-year-old man was hit by a four door red or maroon vehicle. the victim was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the crash -- so investigators aren't sure if he was trying to cross the street or wandering around when he was hit. the man was taken to the hospital and is expected to be
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following a crash in dodge county. mayville police say the man crashed into a bridge yesterday afternoon --- tearing up the whole passenger side of his car. the 69-year-old driver had minor injuries. he reportedly told officers he had been drinking. police arrested him on tentative o-w-i charges. employees are credited with taking down a suspect who robbed a dollar tree store this morning. it happened at the location near 76th and capitol. police say the man -- armed with a knife -- confronted a store. he was able to get some cash before he ran out. employees chased after him -- eventually stopping him a few blocks away. the 58-year-old man was arrested and could face charges in the coming days. new at nine. u-w basketball star bronson koenig is heading to north dakota as part of protests over the dakota access pipeline. koenig is a member of the ho-chunk tribe. he and his brother loaded a trailer filled with donated supplies to aid the standing rock sioux protesting the pipeline project --which
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native american tribal lands. koenig says he's received a great deal of support for his decision. bronson koenig/university of wisconsin basketball player "i got a lot of positive tweets and facebook messages from a lot of people i don't even know, like student, faculty members, and my teammates are definitely in support of me, who are also minorities, so they kind of know what it feels like. they have just been telling me all week that they are really proud of me." koenig will also conduct a basketball clinic there before returning to wisconsin on sunday. the city's newly formed "water quality task force" met for the first time to discuss the safety of milwaukee's tap water, more specifically, lead levels. the mayor has said in recent weeks - homes built prior to 1952 may be exposed to higher level's of lead because of older service lines. today's meeting which lasted more than three hours, focused on, among other topics, safety of water consumed by newborns and young children. "we realize there are risks,
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infrastructure and our effort is to tackle this is a very timely basis." since this was just the first meeting for the task force, no specific action plans were made. but, its members may have recommendations for the mayor's office down the line. you decide coverage now. it was considered by many to be a thing of the past ... until now. the president obama birther issue resurfaced in the presidential race. this -- as donald trump tries to put an end to the years-old controversy for more from the campaign trail. trump says: "president barack obama was born in the united states. period." donald trump putting an exclamation mark on the birther controversy ...pinning it on his political opponent ... despite cries, from some, that trump himself started it all .... trump says: "hillary clinton and her
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birther controversy, i finished it ..." the hot button issue reignited by rival hillary clinton during her return to the campaign trail ... today, the democratic nominee re-asserting the claim, from the very beginning, reeked of bigotry ... clinton says: "he's feeding into the worst impulses ... the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country." speaking from a black women's agenda symposium in washington, clinton was just blocks away from trump's countered her claim of racism ... but not before decorated members of the military threw their support behind the republican nominee. the latest campaign trail tension coming as a new fox news poll shows trump and clinton separated by just one point nationally.... with just 53 days to go before election day. sabato says: "hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is getting the democratic activist base
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obama himself -- also weighing in on the birther controversy today, saying, quote, "i'm pretty confident where i was born." in washington, joel waldman, fox news." a new brewery is opening in town next weekend. where you can find "third space brewery." plus. two weapon-related incidents at milwaukee public schools this week. how the head of m-p-s is responding tonight... up ahead-- a mission impossible-like burglary that was only partially successful. why this thief's payday wasn't quite what he was expecting
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson.
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it's first piece of the milwaukee bucks arena district projects. the company will manage construction for the entertainment plaza, northeast of the arena. the bucks have been referring to it as a "live block" -- which will run along north fourth street between highland and juneau. a new brewery is set to open menomonee valley. "third space brewing" is located near 16th and saint paul. "third space's" beer will first be available at the tap room -- and at 15 to 30 local bars and restaurants. the company is planning for a production line in the future -- but not at the initial opening. for more information on these and other stories in the business journal, we have a link to their site on ours, although we may see some lingering showers into tomorrow
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overall, the weekend is looking partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s saturday and mid 70s sunday. tonight: foggy overnight. low: 64 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 3-7
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-- that unfortunately could be much worse.... dozens of people have died in milwaukee county in just the past couple weeks, due to drug overdoses. ...the staggering new numbers -- about how and west allis comes together for the rivalry game between nathan hale and central. but this is the end of an era for this game. tom pipines looks into this special night for the city.
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deaths in 7 weeks in milwaukee county. that's a shocking number by itself. but think-- what about the number of those who were resuscitated? fox six's krystle kacner has more on the shocking statistic.... if we can get to them quickly as long as their still breathing, or close to still breathing its usually fairly successful in waking them upthis little box... can be a life saver..
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thats attaching to the cells in the body in the brain. naloxone.. or narcan.. is given to patients overdosing on opiates... but it's not a sure thing depending how long the person has been overdosing for, it might not work if its mixed with other drugs, it can not work too. the greenfield fire department is just one agency that has been administering a lot lately... according to the office of emergency management so far this year... narcan has been administered to 885 patients in at this time... only 541. 9:44 we can either get it iv.. or hook up this misting devising... which we spray into their nose. but because it is so available now.. there is a concern it will be misused.. so officials have a warning-- its an emergency medicine. its for us or a hospital to give somebody that is overdoing. its not meant to be used by someone who is abusing
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high krystle says: "fire departments like greenfield carry it. many police departments are now carrying it -- and since the beginning of september, narcan is available over the counter... but again, just to stress, paramedics say it should be used only in emergency situations. reporting from greenfield, krystle kacner, fox six news. fox6 news has reported extensively on the heroin crisis. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "dose of reality" tab. you can read about programs helping people addiction -- and view a fox6 news special on the crisis. m-p-s... dealing with two different incidents between officers and students this week.. officials say yesterday-- a 13- year-old girl at thoreau was grazed by a bullet during a struggle with an officer. the shot was accidentally fired from an officer's gun, while in its holster. one day before-- police say two officers were injured during a struggle with a 13-year-old boy
9:32 pm
franklin school. the m-p-s superintendent answered questions about the incidents today while at an event promoting community schools. i think part of this speaks to the reality of what we're dealing with in our community. i can't give specifics about those incidents, because investigations are underway. but it speaks to why we need to have community schools. the 13-year-old girl was taken to children's hospital after she was grazed by the bullet. she's expected to be okay. in west bend. for the final time west allis central will play west allis nathan hale in high school football with both teams in the same conference. tom pipines goes down memory lane with some fans and former players in this rivalry. this weeks vote for the high school blitz game of the week was neck and neck.
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allis nathan hale. this weeks vote for the high school blitz game of the week was neck and neck. after the tight race, the winner is west allis central at west
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pip will be back at 10 with brandon for the high school blitz. they'll ha reaction from the big games. that's coming up at 10:15. ahead at nine. the epi-pen controversy continues.... prices have skyrocketed -- and people aren't happy. could things be changing though? the meeting between the company's c-e-o and congressional lawmakers. plus-- his criminal career started at a young age ... and his rap sheet continues to grow. the search for tonight's most wanted. a few more showers possible tonight then a sunny and warm
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: definitely. girl 2: yep! russ feingold: well, i raised my two girls right here, and they agree with you - and so do i. unfortunately, in wisconsin, a lot of women make less than men doing the same job. i'll work for equal pay for women, and for paid leave so parents can care for a sick family member. discrimination against any women is flat out wrong. what you think of that? girls: good call! feingold: i'm russ feingold
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involving trains and cars are incredibly serious... often deadly. fox6's carl deffenbaugh shows you what's being done to keep you safe along the tracks. its a quiet morning at the intermodal station in downtown milwaukee. and thats exactly how members of operation lifesaver hope to keep things - around wisconsin. this is rail safety week throughout the state, as officials stress the awareness you must maintain anytime youre near tracks. 'if you were riding in a train, and you hit a car at the velocity, it would be the same as if you step on a pop can. it's 4,000-to-1 ratio.' thankfully, the number of collisions at railroad crossings has dropped significantly in recent years. there were 52 in 2014. 'in 2015 we had 36
9:40 pm
this year.' but the number of incidents elsewhere along the rails remains an issue. operation lifesaver officials want to remind people that railroad property is private property. 'trespassing on railroad property is illegal, period. you can only cross tracks at a marked grade crossing.' susan klinger still has vivid memories of a near miss a few years ago, as she was operating her locomotive coming around a curve. 'i had seen people fishing off one of our bridges. i to stop. i was not going fast enough, and blew the horn. and it was a father with three young children, went running off the bridge.' a close call. the likes of which officials hope to avoid in the future, through education projects like rail safety week. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. more warm temperatures -- and more chances for rain. stephanie barichello will be in next with her forecast.
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through the ceiling -- right over the register. ...why everything didn't go as planned, when it came to counting the loot. and after years of planning -- three friends from wisconsin finally find what they're looking for -- at the bottom of a great lake. the historical discovery.
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new at nine. a crazy discovery at the bottom of lake superior! three men from wisconsin have found a 119-year-old shipwreck. they say they spent years looking for the wreck of the "schooner antelope." the work paid off on september 2nd... when they found the sonar. the ship sank near the apostle islands in 18-97, while being towed to ashland, wisconsin. no one died. they say it's still in good condition. merryman says: "very intact. it has the mast still standing, and the rigging is still in place. yeah, it was an amazing find." the men plan to share the location of the wreck with the state of wisconsin. they hope it will eventually be
9:46 pm
weather although we may see some lingering showers into tomorrow morning, the biggest impact will be fog. overall, the weekend is looking partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70s saturday and mid 70s sunday. rain chances return monday night and again wednesday. tonight: foggy overnight. low: 64 dewpoint: 64 wind: sw 3-7 mph saturday: morning fog and maybe a few cloudy. high: 79 dewpoint: 64 wind: w 5-15 mph sunday: partly cloudy. am low: 58 high: 76 dewpoint: 56 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: partly to mostly cloudy with pm rain and storms possible. am low: 61 high: 80 dewpoint: 60 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 60 high: 77 dewpoint: 57
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thunderstorms return. am low: 57 high: 76 dewpoint: 60 wind: sw 5-10
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two more schools join milwaukee public schools and united ways milwaukee community schools partnership. julie collins explains what that means for the kids. it was a celebration at lincoln avenue elementary as the students here cheered loudly for their new playground. this playground, open to the entire community is just one step in making community school. 'we know at lincoln elementary we cant do it by ourselves, we cant function independently, the only way well be successful is working with our neighbors and support one anothers.' and they can do that now with the help of the united way... 'this work requires many hands to build on the existing things already here at lincoln avenue.' lincoln
9:52 pm
this year to the existing roster of four schools in the milwaukee community schools partnership. 'now having 6 schools that will be able to benefit from having these additional resources is really what education is all about and what the village is all about.' the community schools model places the focus on the childs entire development by providing academic support, social and emotional learning, health and wellness and family and community engagement in a safe and supportive climate. 'with those resources that means students will be able to come to be able to focus more on their reading and their math, and the number of interventions they can focus in the classroom.' 'the second school added to the community schools partnership this year was browning elementary on milwaukees northwest side. reporting in milwaukee, julie collins. fox 6 news.' funding to add the two schools came from m-p-ss 2016-2017 budget. the milwaukee health department wants to make sure you and your family are healthy. so they made today -- a "day of family health" open house.
9:53 pm
76-th and mill road. they offered health screenings, h-i-v testings, mammograms and immunizations. . all of our services, there is no charge, so we'd like for them to come in for immunization or for learning about whether or not they qualify for our insurance program, lead program, education and anything that helps the families at every level, men, women and children." the goal was to help people take what they learned... and apply it to their daily life. controversial price hike on epi-pens is heading to capitol hill... for a grilling by lawmakers. mylan c-e-o "heather bresch" will appear at a congressional hearing next wednesday. she'll release financial records on the profit it makes from selling epipens. "mylan" has been accused of price gouging on the potentially life- saving medication. since 2007, the price of an epipen has increased tenfold, to about 600 dollars. legislation that allows most people in missouri to carry concealed weapons
9:54 pm
effect next year. this comes after the republican-led state legislature overrides democratic governor jay nixon's veto. those who qualify will be allowed to carry concealed weapons without permits or training. residents who would not have qualified for a permit, will not be allowed to carry under the new law. ellington says: "i'm not gonna vote for this bill because i have a conscience but i also understand that this bill would allow those that have been victimized in this country to unequivocally defend them happen twice before. i was here when we voted on conceal and carry and everybody had the same arguments. 'you're gonna create a wild, wild west scenario' and it doesn't. responsible gun ownership and gun owners won't go crazy." the new gun law will go into effect next year. a one million dollar bond has been set for the ohio man suspected in the murders of three people. he's also accused of kidnapping of a woman. "shawn grate" was arrested after a woman called 9-1-1... saying she had been
9:55 pm
found the bodies of two women inside the home... and a third was found in a neighboring community police believe grate abducted the woman for sex. a competency hearing has been set for next week. police in california are on the lookout for a brazen thief who broke into a y- m-c-a through the ceiling. it was like a scene from mission impossible. he was trying to steal money from a register. there's a big problem though. the register and the cash -- we're both fake. he stole all the monopoly money and then ran out through a door. florida. millions of gallons of contaminated water -- leaking into the groundwater. crews are working to stop the leak from a massive sinkhole in one of the containment pods at a wastewater treatment plant. officials say about 215- million gallons of contaminated water has seeped into the sinkhole. they have a well to drain it-- but that it
9:56 pm
used to process fertilizer -- and it's seeping into an aquifer. new at nine. jackson paramedics out on a call get quite the surprise this morning. they were about to transport a patient -- when they encountered nearly 100 hornets in the back of the ambulance! turns out -- the driver's door was left open for a few minutes and the swarm of hornets got in. one e-m-t got stung on the chin while trying to clear them out. it took about ten minutes -- but eventually the ambulance made its way to the hospital. the man charged in connection fatal shooting-- reaches a plea deal. 20-year-old "gregory rounds" pleaded guilty to a felony murder charge. back in may, rounds and burt johnson robbed an auto parts store near 73rd and mill. while trying to run, johnson was shot and killed by police. rounds was caught and arrested... and state law allowed ?rounds to be charged with his accomplice's death. rounds now faces up to 55 years in prison. u.s. marshals say he's fugitive that's graduating to more serious crimes..
9:57 pm
before he can do that -- marshals say he needs to turn himself in. fox6's jonathon gregg has this week's wisconsin's most wanted. u.s. marshals say he's a young but with a wrap sheet beyond his years. "he's a 26 year-old male but he has a 30 page criminal history." devan townsend has been in and out of jail since his he was a kid. "everything includi of bail jumping cases, a lot a lot of drug arrests." marshals say not to mention the fact if townsend is on the street, he's likely armed. but it seems for this fugitive, crime runs in family. "his brother is a convicted felon, a lot of family and friends are convicted felons. he's known to associate with a ton of violent people and gang members in the city." townsend isn't a tall man, "5'
9:58 pm
"on his right four arm hes got a brewers logo, a grim reaper a, milwaukee brewers glove and, money signs downtown milwaukee building." townsend is known to hang around 44th and center and 17th and galena but he doesn't stay in one place very long." "he's bounced around from four to five different homes while he's been on supervision." even though townsend has a troubling criminal history. life around here." marshals say it's not too late for him to change. but he has to repay a debt. "until he deals with this issue the he can move on with that part of his life." jonathon gregg fox6 news. devan townsend is five foot--8 and weighs 170 pounds. he has black hair and brown eyes. townsend is a convicted felon and wanted for breaking his parole. agents say he's known to carry a gun. if you have any information about his whereabouts, call marshals at 414-297-3707.
9:59 pm
10. 10p open friends... family... and classmates... honor a little girl... shot and killed nearly two years ago. 5-year-old layla petersen was shot and killed in november of 2014. this evening... students and staff at northwest catholic school... where laylah was in k-4... dedicated a peace grd memory. fox6's madeline anderson spoke with those at the event. with pinwheels twirling and balloons bouncing in the wind... friday's peace garden dedication filled those in attendance with fond memories of laylah petersen... the five-year-old taken too soon. 52:35 when it blooms in the spring, we are going to see a
10:00 pm
butterfly fan. for laylah's family... the green space makes them feel less alone in their grief. 7:30 i know ill see her again someday, but it doesnt fill the hole in our hearts. on the evening of november 6th, 2014... milwaukee police say laylah was sitting on her grandfather's lap in a home near 58th and fairmount... when she was shot twice in the head.... later dying at the hospital. chief ed flynn took laylah's death especially hard. his department spent a year tracking down the people three men were charged in the homicide. investigators say they targeted the wrong house in an alleged retaliation of another crime. 00:53 in many ways it came to symbolize that there are too many murdered children in this city. in a quick message to the crowd outside northwest catholic school... flynn says he's hopeful what grows from this peace garden will someday help heal the community. 1:15 its a


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