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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  September 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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republican party chair reince the chair with a warning for never trump republican support the nominee or your chances of running for president can come neverr again. hadi think that went over?
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at the home town of kenosha, and this out to be quick. ohio governor kasich took a swipe at kenosha and this is important way to early handicappingh of the next presidential race, ted cruz, casey, jet -- ted cruz and scott walker set himself apart. rifles of donald trump refusing to support the nominees. those people need to get on board. thinking they will run again somey day, a value way the process of the nomination process and i don't think it will be that easy for you. jeb bush, ted cruz john kasich indoors trump inn the -- and chiefre strategist quite the response. kasich will notot be bullet by
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operative. kenosha being used for a put down. mordecai lee says it is a sign potential candidates are looking at the next presidential election, they may run again but some a governor walker but walker and like his rifle stood with trump in, wisconsin. and his credentials n not just a governor or not just a conservative but list to thei commitl difficult days of the trump campaign. then again for possession on those and controversial. the majority leader responded to, even this thread is a big mistake and indicative of the future of the gop. we should mention never trump and never clinton. for his part walker said
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term and not on a presidential race in 2020 or beyond. live in the newsroom. makes for strange and never, ever estrange is 2016. that is for sure. 5:33 news and weather together. suspected and the bombings in custody, 28-year-old was captured today following a shootout with the police. officials believe he isk responsible for 2 explosionsenp over the park, new jersey and another one new yorkrk city chelsea neighborhood that injured 29. they also believe he is responsible for a third blast, elizabeth, new jersey and thatat explosion went off bomb squad trying to- determine a naturalized us citizen originally from afghanistan. no other suspects being sought. east coastsmi explosion command staff nine
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twenty-two-year-old a college student security farmworker sht dead by off-dutya police office. isis claims he was a soldier of the islamic state, however, no no immediate evidence yet contact with the terrorist group.r off-duty milwaukee police officer arrested on suspicion of driving2 drunk. saturday afternoonon the 22 year veteran of hit a squad car stopped in an intersection operating under the influence. the officer taken to the whileha the off-duty officer was taken into custody. she has since been suspended from the force. good news from weather standpoint no warnings in effect, a severe thunderstorm watch that. continues until 8:00 o'clock tonight for all of southeast wisconsin with the exception under lek and sheboygan county. that watch canceled early. even though we don't have warnings, the strongestat part f the line of storms 6 moving
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county. let the zoom you win, heavy rain during the rush-hour making its way through central milwaukee county. lightning strikes not far and so has we are heading new berlin and across into the county lines right over to west dallas greendale, greenfield straight over to downtown and points to the south as well, south milwaukee on the north side of franklin, heavy rain showers but the red that torrential rain falling and spots right now. 's logo milwaukee county. this will move out in the next half-hour or so. scattered storms to the west, not expecting any more warnings tonight. complete weather update in the next few minutes, guys. today there is an alert for driversrs who travel a particulr portion of roadway waukesha county. the motorist currently once to
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justin williams has the story. within seconds, a car ran over it. not his car. i just up there and took a video. it is a shared reality. monday, tony stance on ther state highway 59164 bypass just south of the intersection he'se broadway in waukesha county. the scene of some center lane trouble. sitting out here. this video, corona least one flat tire is captured sunday afternoon just minutesg after he takes a similar track. right along the edge. the edge that they put in. the result of my left foot tire popped in b rampant, rear tire alson popped. after pulling over and making arrangements to get his familyth home, noticed his other vehicle
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after mine last night. and inexplicably do not. you can hear that. and by the city of waukesha it, actually preparing though hole as we speak. for fe -- every traveler the passes through this stretch, the latest in waukesha, justin williams fox 6 justin, thank you. not everyone. punning but not everyone on the packers offense happy. the quarterback. the fox 6 weather
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coming up new at six. the idea recovery happens every day. andan to remove the stigma. we both cannot be afraid. addressing some of the reasons behind opioid addiction. offering solutions. addictiont is not unforeseeable condition. and hope fort those who need i. that is coming up new at did some good things and definitely efficiency, the flow, and we need to improve that. they certainly do, talking about mike mccarthy and in particular, it aaron rodgers. hasn't gonelw very well calling
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it has to be that way. five times he was sacked in aa loss to the vikings last night and all all ofn that on the offensive line. t.j. lang, not that you can read between thel lines. they tend to get blamed but we have to do a better job blocking and a better job staying on time. and everybody plays a part in that. defensive lineman may be sidelined until the knee injury, medicall update train matthews, sunday at n noon fox 6 post game to follow f live in sports we kick off 10:35 for a recap of the game. it will be a win. the -- the coaches 11th, after alex kim off of
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35 underdog, and coach declined 35 underdog, and coach declined big ten opener michigan state today however, when honey brook is preparing to be number one. coming to get paid like a budding superstar, contract extensiont and reporting for years and $100 million while guaranteed. i have to say to that, everybody commit that money fair. he will have
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but is better than cheese? more cheese. and undergo a major expansion and work i started thisii morning. for theth ceremonial groundbreaking clicks pension to add 20 for thousand square feet dumpling its currena size come all that new space for a cap shop expanded wine cellar, new officee and warehouse spac. the project expected to be punished byy april.
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holiday season him fans too higher 69,000 seasonal employees. the same amount since 2016 holidays in event retailer to shute down 18 stores by the end of the sheer. positions range from retail to distribution and credit operation and hiring began last monthn and will continue throuh mid-november. more information on these another stories we have ao link fox 6 time foror news and weather together syria c declaring cease-fire by us and russia to be dead in a statement today syrian military said rebel forces repeatedly violated the agreement that took effect last week in rebel groups also accused the government of a cease-fire and you win sets hearing government blocked the delivery of aid key component of the deal apparentlyje no more. the trial for new jersey bridge scandal underway today, 2 web
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charges of fraud and conspiracy with civil rights charges. prosecutors claim back in 2013, refused to endorse the reelection planned. ine return the 2 staffers formulated a plan to close some of the lanes on the washington bridge. tonight knowingy anything political mischief by members of the administration. and across the southeast, some service stations the metro atlanta and north georgia started running out of gas last the shortage comes after section of colonial pipeline close this month ass officials are to stop about 250,000 gallons in rule alabama. that line from houston to new york and carried gas across much of the southeast. .
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you think you can close my window? hybrid think so. right inside. here comes the rain. the good news to report, guys the severe weather threat virtually gone. and a watch in effect for all of them perfect section -- exception ponder lack it o'clock tonight but let me show you the radar screen.wa a weakening trendr still ago, drastically weakened over milwaukee now. we still have a few spotty showers to then west and a coupe of thunderstorms making their way fond du lac county and a few more to the west of madison. we are not totally out of the woods when it comes to thunderstorms although i think it will be pretty difficult to get additional warnings aroundh here. not: e anticipating additional warnings. milwaukee moderate rain falling
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over mitchell international down to the area as well st. francis off to thew east over lake michigan. the rain starting to lightot up, the rain showers, things quieting5 down. heavy rain, nothing severe, and a chance for a few more thunderstorms to make their way east into medicinesa area. we dodged the bullet, pinp far from southwest jefferson county. that continues to weaken lake geneva come everything largely falling apart and dry air along the lake today as well working in. that may be aiding in the weakening now have the thunderstorm so certainly good news to report. the bottom line everything starting to quiet down.
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right now and again, very gray, rainy go of it as we look over the city. down to 72 mitchell, 2.2 live with the moisture, 65 with the winds shifting with the rain showers rolling through as well. ipod now the view a cold front coming through tonight that is why we have the showers and thunderstorms lining up but again, the sunsets, 15 minutes or so. the instability, largely decrease in the rain coming through as well helps to stabilize the atmosphere. as the rain falls. the likelihood of additional weather, very low and i have a feeling seven -- thunderstorm watch will be canceled before 8:00 o'clock. we will keep a close eye on that severe weather threat diminishing. a chance for a few scattered
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the activity off to the west. the rain in milwaukee within the next 20 minutes or so. notice how the suspect starting to get early as well. six day planner 80 tomorrow and then 77 wednesday. thursday for the first day of fall. more thunderstorm chances were can and it feels like fall by the weekend, right, temperatures upper 60s saturday and sunday a few more thunderstorms. sunday come canceled but still a watch until 8:00 o'clock but as of right now severe thunderstorm threat looking low. back to the studio. tumg thank you, badgers basketball start joining "the voice" and against the pipeline project.kotr the stretches north dakota to illinois. the nation holding a youth basketball camp this weekend, stan rock -- standing rock reservation north dakota, standing rock sioux fighting the
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weeks now, happy and proud to support theb cause. people care more about stuff and what they should care about mime grateful that i have the platform that ir have.uc a federal appeals courtid temporarilye stopping the construction of the pipeline well it considers emergency request from the standing rock sioux tribe arguing it was damaged. in mid-september and you know but that beginning of oktoberfest. unit gotst the start -- the pary started by tapping the first keg. the date back to near 1810 when king firstar married princes and minute to attend thee festival. and many in many of them dressed like that. annual celebration by
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the world travel to munich every year just to celebrate that big festival. go to la crosse, your hometown. a pretty fun one. and i would rock them. good news for "game of thrones" fans. could be more.... books. tom hiddlestonwit -- tom hiddlestond his in his relationship with taylor swift. details inside a. instagram, the rapper shares this picture yesterday and very first upload. already more than 900,000 followers. "game of thrones" book in the works, george martin revealed he had worked on for a series and according to reports, thousandsi of history that led up to "game
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set first priority is finishing his next book . taylor swift and tom hiddleston still on good terms. tells people magazine, the pair broke upke earlier this month after three months of dating.
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a mother in arizona goes to some >> so arizona mom goes to great length to teach three-year-old daughter about wearing an seatbelt. what did h she do quick she cald the cops on her. her daughter unbuckled seatbelt during the rides home. scottsdale police officers arrived in took thet opportunity to back up mom's message driving only important to seatbelts.
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part to call the police but i knew she would remember it. now if we could work on mom doing interviews while driving would be great apparently the plan worked and the little girl promised it again. watching w i iti milwaukee and what matters to you matters to us fox 6 news because you matter. fox 6 news at six starts right now. now wet six, pecking a bit of a punch. the weatherc afternoon, some breeze but heavy downpours out there. severe thunderstormes watch, tht has been effect several hoursx has been effect several hoursx the storms to stick around for a few more hours. the storm center but the latest. a few minutes ago about the likelihood and it just has been canceled by the national weather service. severe weather storm watch until
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good news to report, 6:00 o'clock broadcast here is the radar, green showers over the city of milwaukeet down with a few light showers headed your way. off to the east but nothing overly happy. a second batch of rain making its way from west to east to west from fond du lac county imparts of dodge county, more developments as well. more activity further to the southwest as well. we still hav t nothing severe in the forecast. this has gotten a lot lighter milwaukee county, they heavy rain to fall through now the later rain in place out of milwaukee county the next ten to 15 minutes. off to the west come i mentioned, and about nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight, most of this activity will we can after


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