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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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-- captions by vitac -- our big story at 4 -- video captures the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of a man by charlotte police. this is the first time we are seeing the inc sparked days of riots. plus -- police make an arrest after a protester was killed during those riots. fox6's ben handelman is live in the newsroom with this developing story. charlotte's police chief is still refusing to release police video of the fatal shooting of keith scott -- despite the public and family calls to do so. the shooting sparked several days of violence -- including the fatal shooting of a man on wednesday. today -- police announce they
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"that" death. protests continued last night -- but remained largely peaceful. for the first time -- we are seeing the moments leading up to the police shooting that started all of this. the law firm for the family releasing cell phone video taken by scott's wife today... we want to warn you, the video is graphic. "drop the gun!" "he doesn't have a gun he has a tbi he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took is "drop the gun!" "keith don't let them break the windows, come out the car." "drop the gun!" "keith don't do it!" "drop the gun" "keith don't you do it! keith, keith!" gun shots
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video...but the family of scott says he never had a gun, and doesn't own one. police say he was armed. scott's family say he was parked outside of his apartment waiting for one of his children to come home on the bus when police arrived. officers were not originally there for scott -- they were serving a warrant on someone else. it's not clear why police approached scott. law enforcement is prepai brad thansk ben if you'd like to take another look at the video released today, visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. search "charlotte." meanwhile the tulsa,oklahoma police officer charged with manslaughter for shooting and killing an unarmed man is out on bond. betty shelby was booked and released this morning on a 50-thousand-dollars bond. she is accused of shooting
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broke down in the middle of a road last week. shelby's attorney says she thought he might be reaching for a weapon in his car. but police videos show crutcher walking towards his car with his hands raised. there was no weapon found in his vehicle. his death has been ruled a homicide. a plea from police on milwaukee's northwest side -- slow it down. this comes after two serious crashes yesterday - just minutes apart - leave two people dead and one badly injured. a.j. bayatpour is live at the scene of those here at 76th and sheridan, police say a car was speeding down 76th street when it slammed into a public works truck. the female passenger died at the scene, the male driver later died at the hospital. that's one of the two crashes prompting police at district four to call a press conference asking drivers to
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drivers speeding on main roads like 76th, silver spring, and brown deer road. within 10 minutes of the crash here, a driver was badly hurt in a crash at good hope and teutonia. police say there are indications that driver was racing someone before the accident. the lieutenant says traffic enforcement is becoming a bigger priority in the district... it is an uptick in serious and fatal accidents and the citizens are definitely distressed about whats going on. i see a lot of accidents, a lot of se people on their phone texting not paying attention to what theyre doing. police say initial estimates show the driver here at 76th and sheridan was going 70 to 80 miles per hour at the time of crash. we have gotten word of plans for a vigil later this evening at the scene of the
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news. steph thanks aj a 32-year-old woman is under arrest for driving drunk and crashing with her 3-year-old daughter in the car -- seriously injuring the child. investigators say noelle deehr lost control of her vehicle on town road m-m in dodge county yesterday. she went into a ditch and hit a utility pole the crash and was seriously injured but is expected to survive. deehr has two prior dui convictions. she faces up to 16 years in prison. you decide coverage now - republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in wisconsin next week. the campaign announcing he will make an appearance in waukesha on wednesday -- two days after the first presidential debate. trump's event is taking place at the waukesha county expo center at 6 p-m.
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endorsement of one of his fiercest opponents today -- ted cruz. cruz famously refused to endorse trump at the republican national convention. he then urged republicans to "vote with their conscience." today -- cruz said on facebook he is upholding his promise to support the republican nominee and also said he finds hillary clinton, quote "wholly unacceptable." democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton does not have any immediate plans to visit wisconsin listed on her schedule. he shows clinton holding a solid six point lead over trump heading into the first presidential debate -- which takes place monday at hofstra university in new york. a second person has died in the storms and flooding that hit wisconsin this week. vernon county sheriff's officials say a 79-year-old man tried to drive through flood water near his home yesterday. joseph menne was in a pickup truck pulling a trailer -- and got stuck in about 6 feet of water. authorities found his body in the pickup
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53-year-old michael mcdonald also died due to the storms when a mudslide pushed his home onto a state highway. yesterday, governor walker declared a state of emergency in 13 counties because of the floods. that will help local governments get help to pay for the cleanup and damages. it's finally feeling like fall, but with the cooler weather we've got a lot of cloud cover. overnight will bring us a chance for patchy fog and mist. through the 60s and into the upper 50s by early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 60s under mostly cloudy skies again. tonight: mostly cloudy with some mist and patchy fog overnight. low: 59
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download the fox6 storm center app and stay ahead of the weather anywhere. it's free and available for apple and android de regattas in the nation is happening right here in milwaukee! it started in the late nineties by a group of sailors who wanted to get in one last sail before putting their boats away for the winter. louies 18th last regatta attracts hundred of boats and thousands of sailors every year. they come from all over lake michigan -- chicago, muskegon, michigan, sheboygan, sturgeon bay. each one of them sets sail with hopes of having fun and raising money for some very special children. "its a regatta thats open to every different type of sailor and boat. most boats typically
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this particular race is open to anybody because its a fundraiser and a charity event for childrens hospital." "its all about the kids. childrens hospital is close to all of us. four of our five children have been cared for at childrens hospital and this is just a great way, a great way to return some of the benefits weve had and get some money back to them." the regatta takes place on lake a post race party starts at 3 p-m at the milwaukee ale house. for more information on the regatta - or how you can donate to its cause - head to and click on links. coming up on fox 6 news at 4: the stars have a message. you may have been getting your horoscope wrong your entire life! why nasa says there are actually 13 zodiac signs...and
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"seems like just yesterday i was starting out and going through training" the milwaukee fire department says goodbye to its longest serving firefighter. his memories on the job -- and how his legacy is staying in the
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record -- and that's good news for grapes! winemakers in france are predicting one of the best crops in years. warmer summers means fruit ripens quicker.. and that means grapes can be harvested early.. giving them less time to dry out. in bordeaux, some winemakers are saying the 20-15 vintage will be one of the best in years.and they anticipate 20-16 grapes.. will be even better thanks to a sunny summer. if the warming trend continues.. experts say the "good" years will be
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reds.. buy a few bottles and tuck them away! mcdonald's japan is taking the pumpkin craze to a new level. restaurants there are selling pumpkin chocolate french fries. they're drizzled with chocolate and pumpkin sauce. ....just in time for halloween. the japanese stores have in the past sold just chocolate fries... which actually sold fairly well. give either a try. a rude hitchhiker causes a crash in oregon. the driver didn't even know who was in her car... ...until a spider appeared! the woman was driving near portland yesterday when she says a spider dropped down from the rearview mirror of her car. she panicked -- veered off the road
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ditch. the driver is okay -- but her toyota wasn't as lucky -- it's totaled. as for the spider -- well, there was no sign of him. right now people are freaking out a little bit over their new horoscopes... nasa did some new calculations -- revealing there are actually 13 zodiac signs... not 12. this is really mixing things up for a lot of people who had their sign shift. february 23, you're not a're an aquarius! the biggest change is for folks with november and december birthdays. goodbye scorpio... and sagittarius. now anyone born between november 29th and december 17 actually has a new sign -- called...
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a high tech box is changing the way food is delivered. rich demuro explains in todays tech report. food items like grilled cheese and french fries just dont do very well for delivery... now a restaurant that specializes in these items is turning to tech to solve the problem. 1;37;20/nats... taking a bite of the sandwich 1;39;26/nats...crunchn its hard to believe..but the food im eating left the kitchen nearly half an hour ago.. 1;40;13/im looking at the bottom to see the sogginess of the bun its nice and dry under there... im at the melt... 1;15;01/were a fast casual restaurant... serving up grilled cheese, fries... and burgers. 1;15;04/we use all natural ingredients... delicious hot off the grill, not so easy to deliver. 1;23;47/this is the baby but thats changing...
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innovation when standard food delivery cases didnt keep catering items crisp and melty in transit... strategy manager mike pavel made it his mission to build a better one. nats... after much trial and error... a breakthrough when a team member brought in her hair dryer. 1;18;33/we jammed it in a clean this up cardboard box and blasted a melt for a good 25 minutes.much to their surprise... the bread stayed crisp... the cheese melty. 1;37;20/nats... taking a bite of the sandwich 1;37;27/umm...that is good... their smart they now call it... uses an algorithm to adjust heat, humidity and airflow ... 1;16;52/its essentially the same experience as if you had it right here in the restaurant. only a timer on the side gives away the gooey secret. 1;20;27/all this for grilled cheese happiness so far the melt has made a handful of their smart boxes.. but it could play a key role in expanding the companys future 1;41;22/we really really believe in what were doing... right now the melt is using their smart boxes for catering
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them that would enable individual delivery orders to stay just as fresh. that your tech report im rich demuro were killed when the "deepwater horizon" oil rig exploded. hundreds of other crew members were able to escape, and next week that story comes to the big screen. next -- gino sits down with kurt russell -- who talks about what it was like to portray a person who endured it. here's a live look outside. ad lib what you see weather expert rachael kaye is up next with a look at the
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honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long.
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it's finally feeling like fall, but with the cooler weather we've got a lot of cloud cover. overnight will bring us a chance for patchy fog and mist. through the 60s and into the upper 50s by early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 60s under mostly cloudy skies again. tonight: mostly cloudy with some mist and patchy fog overnight. low: 59
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"we're a big company. millions of moving parts. hey. how you doing man. we all work very hard to ensure those moving pars profitable end for all of us." the b-p oil spill was the worst in american history -- and now the story of the real life heroes on board the deepwater horizon is coming to the big screen. our gino salomone talked with kurt russell about portraying one of those heroes.
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go to see superhero movies and think those are heroes. these are heroes. i love people to see someone who in the face of adversity doesn't buckle and just stays. and just kind of stays the course they just keep trying to mush forward and just get away and try to survive it. what was fascinating because it's a story that i knew that i knew nothing of. all i knew was the ecological potential disaster that was occurring out in the gulf because a pipe broke. i had no idea that this massive explosion that killed eleven people that over
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story and i thought that in itself was an interesting story." and of course in this case -- the characters in this movie are all real people who actually had these experiences. ad lib to bite "this is one of those movies where you're trying to be real people. you're trying to be somebody that exists either existed or exists and you're those people. how do you do it? well most of the time you do it through a series of what the writer has already gone through the information that he's used to get the person down. but often you find that sometimes when you meet the person it's not quite the way the person is you know what i mean both good and bad for the story. and i feel you're as an actor obligated to capture that person. i know that if somebody was going to play me i would want them to play me and know as much about me as they could. in this case i
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ad lib out of bite coming up on fox six news at 4... someone has claimed to have hacked into
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online. plus -- after nearly four decades -- the milwaukee fire department is losing it's longest serving firefighter. the emotional farewell when we come back. darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet: 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. to share more photos at your cabin or video chat at your secret fishing spot... all for just $49. the best part? we put towers in places the other guys don't. because u.s. cellular thinks you deserve a signal that works wherever you are. switch to u.s. cellular and get a whopping 7 gigs of data per line
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the milwaukee fire department bids farewell it's longest serving firefighter. after 39 years ..steve gaenslen is retiring.fox6's deandra corinthios takes you to the ceremony...and shows you why he'll be missed. hoisting a flag outside eng celebrate a long time public servant and friend. "number one fireman...most senior man on our fire department" after a nearly 40 year career....39 years and 3 quarters to be exact...steve gaenslen is retiring "as a supervisor as a peer as a fellow christian ive got nothing but good things to say about this man" heads bow down gaenslens pastor says a prayer "you put your life on the line
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love "amen" it is an emotional day for gaenslens daughter mfd firefighter and paramedic. she presents him with a plaque...feeling lucky to have worked alongside him for a day earlier this week. "i have always gone to work knowing my dad was somewhere on the job too so it is the beginning of a new era that is for sure" "seems like just yesterday i was starting out and going through training" but no ...yesterday...a farewell dinner for gaenslen's final shift at engine 9. from age 21 to 60 with mfd... he's made a lifetime of memorie. to bring a brother firefighter back to life by delivering an electrical shock through a defibrillator unit when he had been electrocuted at a fire" from admirable firefighter "he's hard to replace" who will be missed. "it sure did fly by, it has been a great run" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news.
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well now you could have your chance. lackland air force base in san antonio looking for families to help to raise military dogs. the pups are being trained to help find explosives - especially with i-e-ds. but before the dogs get deployed, they have to go to a foster family until they reach 7 months. while many of the trained dogs go into the military - others work in law enforcement and t-s-a. the national weather service confirms a tornad yesterday near ogden, utah. the twister hit the town of washington terrace. authorities say several homes in the town were damaged by the tornado and are now unlivable. numerous downed trees and power lines are being reported, while water and gas lines were shut off for safety reasons. tens of thousands of homes are without power across ogden and nearby communities. there is no word on any injuries. a freshman football player at indiana university now facing
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today, saying kiante enis key-on-tay ennis has been dismissed from the team.according to the randolph county police department, enis admitted to at least two consensual sex acts with a child under 13. now, he's facing two counts of child molestation charges. enis was booked in the county jail on a 20-thousand dollar bond. as north korean bomb tests force global tensions rise , south korea confirming something that has long been speculated. the country does have a plan in place to assassin korean leader kim jong un. according to south korea's defense minister, kim would be taken out by elite troops. but the plan would be implemented only if south korea feels threatened by north korean nuclear weapons. in response, north korea said today that if the u-s and south korea escalate the situation... it would reduce seoul to rubble and wipe guam from the face of the earth. the ceasefire in syria continues to unravel. activists there say a fresh round of ferocious airstrikes
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people buried under the rubble. continuous bombardment is preventing rescue efforts. the airstrikes are serving as a clear signal that the ceasefire is over. u-s and russian diplomats have said they will meet again today to try to restore the ceasefire. ben handelman joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on fox six news at five. fighting the opioid epidemic. a local mom took that battle all the way to the white house. at five, she tells us about her mission to help wisconsin overcome this problem. also at five, keeping a local campus safe. coming up, see why u-w-m students aren't concerned...despite a recent robbery near the school. those stories and more coming up in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. thanks ben. the first of three presidential debates is just days away, on what will be exactly 56 years from the first televised debate between richard nixon and john f. kennedy. emily schmidt with what has changed since then -- and a new
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debates. presidential debates are voters' chance to see candidates field questions face-to-face. nats sarah palin/vice presidential candidate for john mccain: "can i call you joe?"unless...what you see... nats president george w. bush: "there's differences"...isn't what you get. nats admiral stockdale/ vice presidential candidate for h. ross perot: "who am i? why am i here?" john donvan/intelligence squared u.s./abc news correspondent the real point of view that i have on presidential debates is they're not actually debates. not debates? john donvan -- moderator of the intelligence squared u-s debates -- calls press conference", less "lincoln-douglas." john donvan/intelligence squared u.s./abc news correspondent what we see is candidate a answers the question for 30 seconds or 90 seconds and then has to stop. and then the question is put to candidate b. it's how presidential debates work--but it's not the the 120-or-so oxford-style debates donvan has moderated work, as he explained in this video urging people to sign a petition to change debate styles.
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this: there is one stated resolution, it's called a motion. one side argues for the motion, the other side argues against the motion.more than 60-thousand people signed on to the change-dot-org oxford-style debate petition to the trump and clinton campaigns... and to the commission on presidential debates which organizes the events. then... populist optimism met political reality. this year's format--the same as before. john donvan/intelligence squared correspondent the reasons why candidates go to debates is to serve their own interests and that's why incumbents always seem so resistant to the idea--do i really have to debate him? am i going to elevate him? but good debates need rebuttals. john donvan/intelligence squared u.s./abc news correspondent what i would say to americans is to tune in, because it's better than not tuning in. but be critical enough so that next time you too will be demanding a real debate in oxford keep this question still in motion. in washington,
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a new national poll is looking at the most liked -- and dis-liked players in the n-f-l. colin kaepernick is taking the top spot for "most disliked player." the san francisco forty-niners quarterback was "disliked a lot" by 29-percent of those polled. that's more than any other n-f-l player however, kaepernick is enjoying a record-high popularity among african-americans. the poll shows that 42-percent of african-americans like him a lot. kaepernick has been kneeling during the national anthem before n-f-l games, to draw attention to police treatment of african-americans. his protest landed him on the cover of the upcoming issue of the time magazine. it's the classic movie snack adored by people around the world. but you may want to grab for a different snack the next time
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coming up -- what makes popcorn so bad for you...and it's not the butter. plus -- with the new eye-phones no longer coming with a headphone jack, you may soon be looking for alternatives. we checked out a number of wireless headphones and found out which to open your wallet for in our contact six report. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see weather expert rachael kaye is in next
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illinois' calling. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare. calling the endlessly curious, and the boundary pushers. those who would rather make the most of their precious vacation days. this land is illinois. and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing.
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apple's new iphone 7 does not have a headpho lightning port or wireless blue-tooth headphones. in this contact 6 report - jenna sachs has some wireless headphones for those wholl want to cut the cord. nearly every type of headphone —home or studio-style, portable and noise-canceling — comes in a wireless version. and because theyre usually connected using bluetooth, you can listen to music without taking your phone out of your pocket. "wireless headphones are a big part of our ratings. we have more than 60 in there now, some
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these sony headphones for 200 dollars. "they have very good sound quality and will keep some ambient sounds out while keeping your music in." if you prefer an on-ear pair, check out these headphones from audio-technica. "for 200 hundred dollars, you get a quality pair of wireless headphones with 38 hours of battery life and a 24-month warranty." a noise-canceling pair might come in handy if you need to get some work done on a noisy fligh be pricey. consumer reports says the 400-dollar parrot zik 3 headphones have excellent active noise reduction and very good sound quality. and for exercising, consumer reports suggests mee audios x7 plus. "these headphones stay in place even with a lot of vigorous movement. and at 85-dollars, theyre a consumer reports best buy." one of the downsides of wireless headphones is they typically run on rechargeable batteries—which would leave you with another electronic device to keep charged. the new iphone 7
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adaptor so you can plug in your old headphones through the lightning port. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on your screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. tom wachs is out on the weather deck. it's finally feeling like fall, but with the cooler weather we've got a l bring us a chance for patchy fog and mist. temperatures will slowly drop through the 60s and into the upper 50s by early tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow will be in the upper 60s under mostly cloudy skies again. we're looking to stay mostly dry saturday. sunday will be warmer and bring us a chance of storms
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tuesday will be much cooler, with highs in the mid 60s and a slight chance for showers. we may see more sun by the end of next week. tonight: mostly cloudy with some mist and patchy fog overnight. low: 59 saturday: mostly cloudy. high: 69 dewpoint: 60 wind: e 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with a chance for thunderstorms. am low: 60 high: 74 dewpoint: 62 wind: se 5-15 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a slight chance for showers. cool. am
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tuesday: mostly cloudy with a slight chance for showers. cool. am low: 50 high: 66 dewpoint: 49 wind: w 5-15 mph wednesday:partly cloudy. am low: 48 high: 68 dewpoint: 50 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: partly cloudy. am low: 51 high: 73
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your favorite movie snack may leave a bad taste in your mouth. the new study unveiled what exactly makes movie popcorn so bad for you...and it's not the butter! it's the coconut oil that many theatres is 90 -percent saturated fat. for comparison lard is only 40- percent saturated fat. the study focused on three movie theatre chains: regal, a-m-c and cinemark. a medium popcorn at regal scored the worst with 60 grams of fat and 12- hundred calories... maternal mortality is on the
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maternal mortality is defined as deaths due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth. researchers found between 2000 to 2014, the maternal mortality rate had increased by 27-percent. america's increase put it above a number of poorer countries whose rates had declined... including iran... vietnam.. and russia. the world health organization says maternal death is preventable with proper healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. a new study shows that tobacc legacy on your d-n-a. nearly 16-thousand blood samples from smokers... former smokers and non- smokers were analyzed. results reveal that tobacco smoke changes the d-n-a's chemical surface. that in turn, affects how particular genes function. study leaders say the genes impacted were ones associated with smoking-related diseases. changes were still seen in participants that stopped smoking 30 years ago. experts hope this evidence could be used to identify and develop treatments for smoking-related
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designer has won what's called an "ig nobel prize" for an odd and humorous achievement. thomas thwaites called on for his work impersonating an alpine goat. he had special prosthetic limbs made to enable him to walk like a goat. that way, he was able to mingle with a herd of goats in switzerland. he fit right in. he lived in the alps - as a goat - for three days parody. the "ig nobel" prizes are given ten people who have all done something that makes people laugh, then think. a dramatic rescue in northern england -- capture on video. a royal national lifeboat rescued two people from their car. it may be hard to tell, but they are standing on the roof of it here. the waters were so high that the
4:51 pm
managed to climb on top of the car as it started to sink. luckily -- the two were safely pulled on to the rescue raft. hackers are going after the white house. the same website that leaked emails from former secretary of state colin powell... has leaked emails from a white house staffer. they've also posted... what they claim to be the passport of first lady michelle obama. the site also published the private schedules of hillary clinton, vice president joe biden, and the first lady. white house officials say they are aware of the claims and are looking into the matter. t sales floor -- companies are eyeing it for a takeover. stock in the social media company soared amidst the rumors this morning. alphabet, the parent company of google - is said to be interested. c-n-b-c is reporting that salesforce- dot-com may also have twitter in its crosshairs. despite recent successes with livestreaming- most notably thursday night football- twitter seems to have stalled. newer competitors, like snapchat, are quickly catching up to it. a florida woman is speaking out about a dangerous encounter she had with a purse snatcher. she was
4:52 pm she jumped onto his moving car. surveillance video shows the purse thief reaching into her car. she caught him...and tried to stop him. she ran around to his car, and jumped onto the roof. after a quick struggle, she fell off the car....and he ran over her ankle. looking back...she said it was a heat of the moment decision...and she regrets it. a michigan woman was sentenced during a one-of-a-kind ruling yesterday... and its definitely something you don't hear about every day. the oakland county woman, tricia kortes cortiss was sentenced to 300 hours of community service, after pleading "no contest" to disorderly conduct last month. it happened back in june -- when she apparently got upset her son's birthday cake didn't turn out the way she wanted. that's when she started cursing in the grocery store.... and drop-kicked the cake. the judge going on to say kortes cortiss needs a reality check.
4:53 pm
homelessness among america's veterans. " if you look at these units they're beautiful inside, this is going to be a beautiful multi family community." how one company is turning shipping containers... into these fully furnished apartment complexes
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veterans is a growing epidemic across the country. fox6's kim murphy shows you the unique solution one company in california came up with. nats you are looking at what may be one of the most unique efforts in the united states to address homelessness. shipping containers that you're probalby more used to seeing at places like the port, instead being used in midway city, california to create new homes for it as tetris i played it quite often, just trying to fit pieces where pieces go you know what i mean?" this is what will be potter's lane. a 16 unit aprtment complex made of those converted containers. "it takes um 3 of the containers to make one 480 sq foot unit. as you can see inside they're built out and made very quality we try and keep a real classy look to it, granite counter tops,m sinks with water softeners, stove top,
4:57 pm
condititioning and just about everything else you would expect in a studio apartment. american family housing ceo donna gallup says the idea is that poeple will soon stop looking at these as shipping containers and instead just call them as homes. "we don't anybody to think that those that served our country are going to be living in a recycled at these units they're beautiful inside, this is going to be a beautiful multi family community." each one of these apartments costs on average about 140 thousand dollars to build and they're not done yet. once they get done with this first level they're going to add a second level. they expect the entire project to be complete by the end of the year.
4:58 pm
our big story this evening: driving drunk-- hitting a utility pole-- and crashing into a culvert. that's what a dodge county woman is accused of. but that's only part of it. her own three year old daughter was seriously injured. fox6's myra sanchick is in the newsroom with tonight's big story. the dodge county sheriff tells me what makes this even more tragic, this woman didn't learn her lesson apparentl she drove drunk. this is the third time. this is the photo of the crashed s-uv that swerved off the road in the town of ashippun thursday afternoon. 32 year old noelle deehr told detectives she was trying to avoid a turkey. but officials smelled alcohol, and they say deehr was belligerent, swearing and yelling at them. meanwhile her three year old daughter was thrown from the vehicle,
4:59 pm
her bones broken, her liver lacerated. the radio dispatcher said the car had rolled on the child's legs. hopefully she'll learn from this because it seems there's a drinking problem here an owi conviction in 2004 and 2006 apparently didn't make deehr right her wrongs. a criminal complaint says she told the deputy "no wonder why america is in the state it is in right now, referring to the recent violence against police officers." and to make matters worse, as airlifted to children's hospital with serious injuries, she told officials "she was headed to an elementary school to pick up
5:00 pm
officials took deehr to a hospital for a blood draw. it will be several weeks until those tests come back to determine how much alcohol she had, but for now she is charged with her third owi, and with injuring another person in the process. ben thanks myra police in one part of the city are calling on get off the gas. they say speeding has become a growing problem-- and yesterday was a.j. bayatpour is live at 76th and sheridan with the details... within 10 minutes there were two bad crashes in district 4. in the first one here at 76th and sheridan, police say a speeding driver hit a public works truck. both he and his passenger died. today, those who live and work in the area are asking drivers


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