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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  September 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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right now is really strong. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution our big story at four, a body found in a parking lot. police are investigating a homicide in glendale. she died of an apparent gun shot wound. of a woman's body in a parking lot off of port washington road. fox 6's julie collins is live near the scene with more, julie? police received a call around 5:30 this morning about a body lying in a parking lot near river woods parkway. when they arrived they found the body of a 19 year old women in the parking lot of the orthepedic hospital of wisconsin. they barricaded the area and we they began their investigation
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women died from an apparent gun shot wounds - she was pronounced dead at the scene. neighboring business people saw the scene on their daily walks. unsure of the events - they were shocked to hear the outcome. 'surprising, shocking, hurtful, our young people. with all the things thats going on, it's police asured us there is no immediate threat to the public at this time. officials at the orthopedic hospital of wisconsin but they have no comment or statement at this time. reporting live in glendale, julie collins. fox 6 news. bret thanks julie. milwaukee police are asking for help finding this man-- he's wanted in a homicide investigation on the city's west
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stabbed 23- year-old worn jones on august 13th. these pictures were taken earlier in the day about a block from the murder scene. if you know who this man is, or know anything related to the homicide, you're asked to call milwaukee police. three people are injured in a house fire in west bend this morning. fire crews responded to the home on "eagle lane" after eight a-m. a 24-year-old in the home woke up to an explosion, and found heavy smoke and fire coming from the basemet in the basement. "there was heavy fire in the basement at the time, the crews did, it's extremely difficult fighting a basement fire because crews are going down the basement steps as smoke and fire are coming up the steps, they did an excellent job to get down there an locate the victim." firefighters rescued the teenager from the basement. she was taken to a local hospital's burn unit for monitoring. the son was also taken to the hospital.
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investigation, but there was an estimated 300-thousand dollars worth of damage. officials say three people were taken to the hospital. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a federal judge rules today, upholding wisconsin's right- to-work law. right-to-work legislation prohibits unions from requiring the payment of union dues or fees. unions filed a lawsuit, claiming the law conflicts with the national labor relations act. the court ruled with the state of wisconsin that its law was not attorney general brad schimel says he hopes this ruling will help the state win its case that's currently with the wisconsin court of appeals, raising similar arguments. a financial plan for the coming year-- milwakee mayor tom barrett unveils hundreds of millions of dollars in spending in his upcoming budget. fox 6's ted perry joins us from the newsroom with details. it's that time of the year again who gets how much money in the coming year. mayor tom barrett rolling out his
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public safety. barrett says the city will add more than 165 police officers in 2017... but's that's also the number expected to retire. barrett says the city should be proud it can keep the level of police staff it currently has. the mayor's budget maintains 1,888 officers. barrett says while the city continues to add millions to the police force..the state has reduced its contribution. next year's budget, this year alone we are putting 127 million dollars more into the police department and its pension than we did in 2004. at the same time the state has cut its aid tothe city by 12 million dollars per year." a year ago the mayor's budget proposal kept taxes on homeowners flat.. but for 2017, the average homeowner
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a complete transcript of barrett's budget address is on our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app. just search "budget." reporting in the newsroom, ted perry fox 6 news. steph thanks ted. the brother of a milwaukee airman killed in afghanistan nearly a year ago, has died in a motorcycle crash in indianapolis. jeremy johnson died at the hospital after yesterday's crash. hi harris died after the air force cargo plane he was in crashed last october. voting for the november election gets underway today in milwaukee. there are two different entrances for voters at the zeidler buidling: the market street entrances is considered "express"-- for registered voters. the broadway entrance is for people who need to register, then vote. then starting october 10-th, in- person absentee will also be available at the "midtown shopping
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south side. the city is expecting between three and five thousand people per day at these sites. and remember -- the voter i-d law is in effect. we are just a few hours away from the first presidential debate of this election cycle. karin caifa is at hofstra university in hempstead, new york, where the presidential candidates will take the stage tonight, with a lot on the line. great expectations. high stakes. six weeks before election day, both with broad challenges to tackle on the debate stage here tonight. patrick griffin, adviser to four presidential candidates for trump it's about being credible as president. for hillary clinton, it's about being relatable. both these folks have some work to do, with their bases, and most importantly, with folks in the middle.the latest cnn poll of polls, an average of five major national surveys, finds clinton holding a two-point edge over trump among likely voters, 44 to 42- percent. the narrow margins driving the expectations game.
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will be graded on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate doesn't mean he's prepared to be president of the united states. kellyanne conway, trump campaign manager he's always constantly attacked, and then the moment he counter punches and people are shocked that he would do that, that he would try to defend himself.but neither trump nor clinton wants to make the night entirely about the opposition, especially in front of a massive audience. jason miller, trump campaign sr. communications adviser mr. trump will be very focused. i think he knows exactly what he wants to tell the american people, that is that he's read brian fallon, hillary for america national press secretary it gets harder and harder to break through with the positive, affirmative message, and so i think hillary clinton wants to take the opportunity tonight to talk about what she would do as hempstead, new york, i'm karin caifa. you'll be able to watch tonight's presidential debate live right here on fox6-- coverage begins at eight. we'll also be streaming the debate live on fox six now dot com, your fox six news mobile app -- and on our facebook page. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence's trip to
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because donald trump will be in waukesha on wednesday. trump plans to speak at the waukesha county expo center. we have a link to where you can get tickets on our website, fox 6 now dot com. and trump isn't the only stop planned for this week... anne holton -- the wife democratic v-p nominee tim kaine -- will be in milwaukee and kenosha on thursday... and hillary clinton's daughter chelesea will be in wisconsin on friday. specifics of her visit are expected in the coming days. temperatures, even some 40's out there tonight. there's also a chance of showers tomorrow. weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather deck. how's it look out there tom? partly cloudy and breezy tonight with temperatures falling into the 50s late this evening. breezy overnight with temperatures falling into the upper 40s by sunrise. mostly cloudy with a few rain showers on
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cool again on wednesday with a few showers and highs in the upper 50s. we will warm into the upper 60s by late week. tonight: partly cloudy and breezy. low: 46 dewpoint: 40 wind: w 10-15 mph tuesday: breezy and even cooler with a chance for showers. high: 60 dewpoint: 44 wind: wnw 15-25 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cool. am low: 47
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there is no game for the packers this week, and their time off for a bye will be a lot happier than it might have been.... aaron rodgers helped lead green lions yesterday at lambeau field, and he knew he would be in the spotlight.... tim van vooren joins us now with the story.... bret and stephanie, rodgers entered the game without having achieved a 100 passer rating in fourteen straight games, and also having been terse during his mid-week media session regarding criticism of his play.... on sunday, the lions pay the price, as number 12 throws for 4 touchdowns in the first half alone.... "he played well today. he played well and that's what we need him to do. i have confidence
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"i care about winning. and in also what it feels like and we need to harness that feeling we had in the first half. and keep doing that kind of stuff. that's a tough offense to stop, that first half." "he's always the same person when we're making plays or not. i think that's one thing he does a great job above keeping his composure through frustrations, through the good and the bad. so we today and give him opportunity." rodgers and his teammates don't play again until october 9... ever since concrete fell from the roof of one mitchell park dome, they were closed. after repairs, the show dome
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coming up -- which dome is now re- opened to the public and when you can expect the third one to join them. plus -- how a hartford man,
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oktoberfest traditions include eating plenty of sausage, pretzels, and drinking beer. a celebration in australia is adding weiner dogs into the mix! "3...2..1 go! nats cheering about 100 wiener dogs faced off for the title of "top dog" in melbourne over the annual dachshund race that is part of the city's oktoberfest celebration. the little dogs raced down a 50-foot track....and tried to stay in their lanes. some even came in costume too -- including a tank. funds raised from the event go to a dachshund rescue charity. there's a restaurant in indiana that's gone to the dogs. "the revery" in greenwood has a new way to enjoy dinner out on the town. the restaurant has added a
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the dogs also get popcorn on the house. the entrees run three to four dollars each. they include many of the same ingredients the restaurant puts in its normal dishes. in fact, some people have tasted the dog food themselves. eric kett/revery general manager "ya they said it was very flavorful, i'm not so sure they'd have it for their entree, but they definitely have it to their dog and their dog enjoyed it as well." the restaurant introduced the dog menu just last week. because the dogs are only allowed on the patio....right now, the menu is just seas a hartford man is turning a road block ... into an opportunity. two and a half years ago -- his life changed forever... and it happened in an instant. but as fox six's jenna sachs reports -- these days he's moving full speed ahead with a new plan. it's a story you'll see only on fox six. the last few years ... haven't always been a smooth ride ... for matt maier. fortunate to have some really, really helpful and awesome friends. thankfully matt
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ten years ... matt raced motocross professionally throughout the midwest. the turning point ... february 1st 2014 ... at the u-s cellular arena. i ended up breaking my back and becoming a t5 paraplegic. after being launched chest first into the peak of a jump ... matt became paralyzed from the middle of his chest down. i'd say for the first two years. it didn't take matt long ... to get back behind this wheel. i've you've ever driven a boat you push it forward to go and pull back to decelerate, so my car it's the opposite you push it forward for the break and back for the gas. but going the speed limit ... isn't matt's style. he missed the physical side of motor sports. it felt like there was a part of me that was gone.
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in a new direction. feeling the throttle and feeling the brakes and you know, getting the real feel is awesome. matt .... is back on the race track. got down to one of my lowest lap times so i was pretty happy about that. matt has been dreaming of burning up tires ... since his recovery in the hospital. two weeks out from my accident we were pretty of go karts. but it took time to buy a kart ... and order all the right parts. in may ... he got out on the track ... for the first time. the first session was just kind of more of a joyride, where the second time was pushing it, trying to get faster. matt is still training. but wants to start racing next year. trying to go and jump behind some of the faster guys and learn something from them. out on the raceway ... it's hard
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any other driver. got down to one of my lowest lap times so i was pretty happy about that. upon close inspection ... you'll notice his kart doesn't have pedals. my feet actually get strapped into the seat where the pedals would be and then i have a jet ski throttle for the gas. his friend jamie tennies tennis is here ... to help with unloading ...prepping the kart ... and getting matt get in and out of the vehicle. some people don' you're a racer you do. when matt spins out ... jamie runs onto the track. this week he's been getting a lot better. he's been gaining some time, a little bit on the track. he's getting a little bit more confident out there. but independence ... is important to matt. last year ... he allowed fox 6 to watch him test a re-walk at froedtert hospital ... a robotic exoskeleton ... that powered motion in his knees and hips. matt's insurance ... ultimately wouldn't cover the device ... so these days ... he's practicing walking with braces and a walker. it's a
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getting stronger every time i do it. walking and racing ... two things that are good for the body ... and the spirit. matt proving ... he's got drive. being back and being competitive, it's something that's a physically demanding sport, it's awesome. with photojournalist justin dubois. jenna sachs. fox 6 news. matt was pract badger raceway in dousman. he also races r-c cars at "track-side raceway" in brookfield. in april of 20-10, eleven people were killed when the "deepwater horizon" oil rig exploded. dozens of other crew members were able to escape, and this week that story comes to the big screen. coming up -- gino sits down with mark wahlberg -- who portrays a real-life
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partly cloudy and breezy tonight with temperatures falling into the 50s overnight with temperatures falling into the upper 40s by sunrise. mostly cloudy with a few rain showers on tuesday. it will be windy and cool with a high around 60. cool again on wednesday with a few showers and highs in the upper 50s. we will warm into the upper 60s by late week. tonight: partly cloudy and breezy. low: 46 dewpoint: 40 wind: w 10-15
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with a chance for showers. high: 60 dewpoint: 44 wind: wnw 15-25 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cool. am low: 47 high: 59 dewpoint: 50 wind: n 5-10 mph "that oil is a monster like the mean old dinosaurs all that oil used to be. so for 300 million years these old dinosaurs have been getting squeezed tighter and tighter and tighter, and tighter. we get it just use two tighters." the memory is still fresh of the oil tragedy that struck the gulf just six years ago -- but what about the people who witnessed it
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about playing a real life hero in "deepwater horizon." ad lib to bite "how important was it for you to have mike along on this ride? it was extremely important, and obviously lot of litigation going on back and forth. lawyers were very nervous about things for a number of reasons but you know i first said is i really need to talk to mike. i dont feel comfortable being involved if i cant actually speak with him directly. and then as soon as i got to speak with him i asked him to be consulting without anyones permission. but i thought
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the rig better than anyone and he was the last one off the rig and we needed it to be as accurate as possible so i thought having mike there would be the best way to accomplish that." this was a life or death situation -- and wahlberg's character put his life on the line to save his friends. ad lib to bite "when something of chaos like threatening. they dont think. theres no time to think. like mr jimmy. yeah ill tell you mike does not like being called a hero. you know he says i was just doing my job helping my brothers and they would have done the same for me. but he did some pretty extraordinary things." ad lib out of bite coming up on fox 6 news at four,
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public library's new fine forgiveness
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in less than 12 hours...two robberies and an attempted robbery around marquette's campus. fox6s deandra corinthios has the latest on the investigations...and advice from police should you find yourself a victim. marquette university police issue a campus wide safety alert. "we are increasing patrols, we have the capability to do that
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afternoon...a suspect on a bicycle steals a wallet from a man. just before midnight...another robbery at 14th and wisconsin. a suspect wrestles a cell phone out of a female students hands... and finally... monday morning around 6 am... a woman is approached by a man in his 20s demanding property at 17th and state. but nothing was taken... he ran away from the scene "while incidents like this are certainly very concerning to us i do want to stress that marquettes and the surrounding neighborhoods remain safe" "this is one of the quickest ways to reach law enforcement when you are on campus. there are phones. they will connect you directly with marquette police, and police say they will respond within minutes " students received texts and emails from the university about the incidents "i think it was just a warning for us to just be cautious about walking around and not doing anything that would make us an easy target" "if it is late at night i take a limo home or walk with someone else who is going in the same direction" a word of advice: "we always encourage people to be compliant give up your property you can
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deandra corinthios fox6 news. marquette police and milwaukee police are working together on these this point...police say there is no reason to believe the incidents are connected. for a list of marquette university campus safety resources...includin g the app for the "blue light phones" -- just head to our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app, and click on links. one more mitchell park dome re-opens t work to install mesh safety netting in the tropical dome was completed over the weekend and it's now open. the last dome to receive the safety netting-- the desert dome-- will re-open in early november. that will be followed by a grand reopening event for all three domes in december. houston police say a total of nine people were hurt when a man opened fire on vehicles at a strip mall just before rush hour this morning. the shooter has now been identified as nathan desai.
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the houston police department says he was killed while exchanging gunfire with officers. one of the victims is in critical condition-- and another in serious condition. four others are still in the hospital for lesser injuries. the f-b-i is helping with the investigation. charlotte had it's first night without a curfew in days ... and it was a primarily peaceful night. police made 11 arrests last night and into this morning. the curfew was in effect for three nights... in an attempt to clear the st 6-am. protestors lined the streets every night for almost a week... protesting the deadly shooting of keith scott by a police officer. body-cam footage of the shooting was released over the weekend. police say scott had a gun and refused to drop it. three people have died after two small planes crashed into each other in upstate new york . the incident happened early yesterday in north collins-- which is just south of buffalo. the faa says the two planes collided in the air and came crashing to the ground.
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planes were in a group of six that took off together. they were flying to pennsylvania to get breakfast. the f-a-a and the n-t-s-b are working to determine the exact cause of the crash. someone is causing a lot of damage in a st. louis neighborhood. authorities say they've received hundreds of calls from people... saying their vehicle windows were broken... officials say they were shot by b-bs or pellet guns. people who live in the area are confused and say there is no excuse for this kind of vandalism. "you know, y neighborhood you live in. and for people to be so destructive, as to just walk down and destroy the people's property, you're initially angry and you want to find out who did it." there's no word yet on if the vandals stole items from the vehicles. police are still looking for suspects. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on fox six news at five.
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the babysitter has been charged. at five, see what the girl's parents are doing to make sure it doesn't happen to your family. also at five, the trial of the man accused of fatally shooting laylah peterson begins today. coming up, what went down in court. those stories and more coming up in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five. steph thanks ted. if youre the type of person thats been avoiding the library due to long overdue fines or fees, listen wants to welcome you back by forgiving those fees. today through october 9-th those interested in participating in the 'welcome back' program just need to visit one of the thirteen milwaukee public library locations where you can return any overdue books, music or other library materials to get your library record into good standing. "if someone has materials the library no matter when they took them out no matter how old
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you. we want you to come inside the library and talk to us." fines will only be forgiven at milwaukee public library branches on materials that are owned by the milwaukee public library. the 13 different locations are open six days a week-- monday through saturday. ad lib about library fine forgiveness four... as e-cig users continue to rise -- the new found health risk they are taking with each puff. plus -- seeking out financial and investment advice can be quite pricey. the new place you can now look for help -- and for a fraction of the cost in our contact-six report. here's a live look outside right
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in this era of self-driving cars, what decisions are you comfortable entrusting to a computer? how about financial advice? your portfolio and charge less than a human financial adviser. in this contact 6 report, jenna sachs examines whether its time for you to make the switch to a robo- adviser. when allison cohen began investing, she opened an account, with a robo- adviser ... a relatively new breed of online financial advisers that use computer algorithms -- based on your risk tolerance and timeline --to recommend investments for you, for a fraction of the cost of a
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stodgy or conservative. it felt really on the cutting edge of the future of investing." cohen is not alone. consumer reports says robo-advisers have become big business. "robo-advisers manage an estimated 53 billion dollars --and that number is expected to grow to between five and seven trillion dollars in the next ten years." some of the players include companies like wealthfront and betterment. asset-management giant schwab is also experts at consumer reports say going robo requires a fair amount of faith in the technology. especially in a rocky market. "theres no real track record. robo services havent been around that long --and havent been tested in a true bear market." plus, robos dont account for the human element of advising. a robo-adviser cannot help you prioritize several financial goals. should you pay down debt or save more? nor can it help you navigate tricky financial situations like divorce or saving for college or
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still, for someone like allison cohen, a robo-adviser could be the way to go, particularly as a way to jump into the market. deciding between a costlier human adviser and a cheaper computer solution depends on a variety of factors, including your financial circumstances, your reaction to risk, and your comfort level with recently developed technology. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigationd call!! the number is on your screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. tom wachs is out on the weather deck. partly cloudy and breezy tonight with temperatures falling into the 50s late this evening. breezy overnight with temperatures falling into the upper 40s by
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few rain showers on tuesday. it will be windy and cool with a high around 60. cool again on wednesday with a few showers and highs in the upper 50s. we will warm into the upper 60s by late week. tonight: partly cloudy and breezy. low: 46 dewpoint: 40 wind: w 10-15 mph tuesday: breezy and even cooler with a chance for showers. high: 60 dewpoint: 44 wind: wnw 15-25 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cool. high: 59 dewpoint: 50 wind: n 5-10 mph dewpoint: 50 wind: n 5-10
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no surprise that it's better for your health when you're up and walking around. our mary stoker smith joins in now with a look at how much activity you should be getting each day. a new study may be what you need to get you up and moving! researchers say sitting around more than three hours per day causes almost four- percent of all deaths world-wide every year. that's more than 400- thousand
4:49 pm
in 50 countries ... over the course of a decade. they say most people sit way more than they should -- about five hours a day. the study appears in the journal of preventive medicine. most people describe it as the intense urge to move their legs... or a feeling of pins and needles restless legs syndrome, or r-l-s, is a very common neurological disease... impacting about seven to ten percent of the population. it can be difficult to diagnose, because there is no test for it. twice as likely as men to develop r-l-s some are prone to develop it in the later stages of pregnancy. symptoms typically ease up once the baby is born. the good news is - that fixing the problem... often doesn't mean a trip to the hospital. "restless legs syndrome, early on, can be effectively treated without medicine. and you know, things such as just leg rubs, getting up and walking around, a brisk walk before going to bed - not enough to get your heart rate up, but things like that
4:50 pm
variety of medications that can help treat r-l-s... but they are usually only considered after trying to lessen the effects without using medication. we've got a new warning for e-cig users. the 'flavorings' - could be even more dangerous to breathe in. e-cigs work by heating up liquid.. and turning it into vapor that you can inhale... just like smoke. but scientists at roswell park cancer institute tested the vapor directly on lung cells.. and found that certain flavorings, can be dangerous. the scientists compared mul strawberry is the most dangerous. they say one way to reduce the risk is by picking a lower-voltage e-cig device. back to you. dozens of children with disabilities in los angeles are given a new way to let loose. yesterday, "variety" the children's charity is commemorating its 75-th anniversary as a local chapter in southern california with its largest ever mobility grant. the
4:51 pm
the entertainment industry, raise money to help children. the new bikes are modified for the children with special needs to use. "like everything is coming together when you're just riding and you're stressed, if you just ride a bike you're just feeling sane, your anxiety decreases." these custom bikes are often too expensive for families to purchase, and parents say it's important for special needs kids to have the same experiences and opportunities as a beach is closed in australia after a shark attacked a teenager. the 17-year-old boy was surfing on the first day of spring break off the eastern coast of the country. his friends brought him to shore, and was taken to the hospital, and he was in stable condition. police believe a great white shark attacked the boy. the last fatal attack in australia was in june, when a 60-year-old diver was killed by a large shark off the west coast city of perth. in recent years, australia has averaged fewer than two fatal
4:52 pm
scientists in china have now flipped the on switch for a new telescope... but it's not just any telescope... it's actually the biggest one in the world.... it's called the "fast" telescope... and it took four years... and 185-million dollars to build. it's more than 16-hundred feet wide. for a sense of scale that is about 30 football fields. scientists used it for the first time yesterday. they say it will allow them to and farther for alien life than ever before. the british royal couple make a trip across the pond to visit canada. the duke and duchess of cambridge attended a youth reception in vancouver yesterday. canada's prime minster praised prince william and his wife kate middleton for their continued work on encouraged the world's youth. "their royal highnesses understand the need to support and encourage the world's youth. they
4:53 pm
success." the royal couple in in canada all week along with their two children. this is the first overseas trip as a family of four. a high school student in michigan is suspended for taking a picture in the bathroom. but it's what she took a picture of that has sparked some conversation. coming up - the picture she took and why dozens of other students are on her
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5. one picture of a sink, with running water ended up getting a student in michigan suspended from school. she claims she's being unfairly targeted for exposing a problem with her school. fox 6's kim murphy has the story, new at four. hazel juco joo-koe water coming from the sink at her michigan school, it concerned her. 'i just took a picture of it. and then in my newspaper class i talked about it with them." the senior at a high school in westland, michigan also posted the picture on facebook and twitter, voicing complaints. 'i always hope that someone will see it and want to help us, because our school obviously doesnt have money.' a short time later, she got
4:57 pm
suspended, oss out of school suspension . it is inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom." she said she felt she was singled out because she exposed a problem. 'every girl takes selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile pictures, no one has gotten in trouble.' she found out she has loyal friends. dozens of students protested by tweeting bathroom pictures they took at school without getting in trouble. the school district har-muh-lah , says she looked into what was happening at the high school.she says she found out high school administrators made mistakes. they didnt report the water issue to maintenance. superintendent harmala made sure maintenance knew about it. 'they sent a plumber out right away.' it turns out there is a pipe leading to that faucet that needs to be replaced. that is being done. harmala says the rule against cell phones in bathrooms aims to prevent inappropriate pictures of people, not pictures of building issues. kim russell/reporting "she said she is going to take the oss of
4:58 pm
that."harmala says this is a learning opportunity for students and staff. kim murphy, fox 6 news. now at five... the body of a 19-year-old woman -- found in a glendale parking lot. how police say she they're still trying to determine. plus... "the police department budget of 302 million dollar is more than our entire property tax levy." milwaukee mayor tom barrett submits his 2017 budget proposal. and... it's the most anticipated night in the presidential election so far -- with hillary clinton and donald trump both taking the debate stage. and that's our big story this evening: 100 million people --
4:59 pm
shatter a record for presidential debates. the candidates have prepared in dramatically different ways -- and both sides have concerns heading into tonight. for that, we go to our political reporter theo keith. count him among those looking forward to this day. this unpredictable race has tightened in wisconsin and across the country. whatever ha potential to define the rest of the campaign. trump and clinton arrive at hofstra university in new york on different paths. clinton has reportedly hunkered down for days to prepare for this debate. trump's prep has been a lot more casual -- rnc chairman reince priebus says he's ready because he's been through "14 season finales." that an apparent nod to trump's former t-v show the apprentice. the stakes are high, leading to concerns from both sides.
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on clinton. clinton's campaign -- concerned trump will be graded "on a curve." -- robby mook, clinton campaign manager 00:06 just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate doesn't mean he's prepared to be president of the united states. -- kellyanne conway, trump campaign manager 00:22 he's always constantly attacked, and then the moment he counter punches and people are shocked that he would do that, that he would try to defend himself. 90 percent of wisconsinites have already decided they like mrs clinton or they like mr trump. during the debate, will tha will it weaken their feelings? :25 probably the most important population tonight is 1 in 10 viewers. 10 percent of wisconsinites say theyre still undecided about who theyre going to vote for temperament may be key tonight. less than half of wisconsin voters are comfortable with the idea of clinton or trump as president. that according to last week's marquette poll. in the newsroom, tk fox6 news.


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