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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 7  FOX  September 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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now at 7-- milwaukee may have reached its 100th homicide. this year after a man was found shot to death this morning. what we know about the investigation. plus.. protests in california after a man is shot and killed by police officers. why demonstrators say there's racism in their police department and why police officers say they opened fire. good morning and welcome back to wakeup! time now x:xx
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traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = som delays milwaukee police are on scene of a deadly shooting near 19th and fairmount. we're learning new information about the victim.
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our count... this is the 100th homicide of the year? sgt on scene says it is a male victim, he was in his late 20s or early thirties, when sgt arrived the victim was deceased. the call for the shooting came from someone nearby unclear where the shooting took place, likely outside around the house.
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across america.. a man in arizona is fighting for his life after he was shot by police officers overnight. and in california -- one man is dead after an officer-involved shooting there. nicole is in the newsroom with details. california -- where police say they shot a man who was acting erratically and refused to comply with their demands. officials say the man was not armed -- but pulled an object from his pocket and pointed it "in a shooting stance" at two officers. one of them opened fire. the man was rushed to the hospital but later died. the shooting spurred protests at the scene for several hours -- with many criticizing the officer's actions...saying it was racially motivated. the el cajon police department is currently in the process of implementing body cameras on their officers... but that
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and then in phoenix, arizona....police shoot a man during a traffic stop. officials say police opened fire when the driver put his car in reverse -- ramming into the squad car with officers nearby. the man was taken to the hospital...and is said to be in "extremely critical condition." a passenger in the car was also taken into custody. no officers were injured in the incident. police say they recovered two handguns from the suspect's car... an investigation is ongoing. breaking business news this morning... involving a multi-l company merger. budweiser maker anheuser-busch inbev's takeover of sabmiller has cleared its final hurdle. investors approved $103 billion dollar plan to merge the world's two biggest brewers. sabmiller shareholders approved the deal despite opposition from investors. ab inbev shareholders also backed the transaction. the combined company will control almost a third of the global beer market. south milwaukee fire crews respond to a garage fire that
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it happened just before one this morning near michigan and 12-th. it happened just before one this morning near michigan and 12-th. the detached garage was completely on fire when crews arrived. the garage and an suv next to it were destroyed and the home sustained minor damage. the roof of an auto body shop next to the garage was also damaged in the fire. the red cross is helping the occupants who were displaced. and another south milwaukee gar this one happened yesterday night.. around six o'clock in the area of harrison and marshall. we're told a classic car and whole lot of tools were destroyed. we're told a second car out on the street also caught fire. officials say, nobody was injured. you decide coverage now -- on the heels of monday night's historic presidential debate.. both candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard. wisconsin yet again at the center of the political spectrum as both parties are set to visit our state this week. angelica joins us in studio with the details. donald trump will make an appearance in our state
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supporters at the waukesha expo center. he's set to take the stage at six o'clock. wisconsin is an important state for both trump and hillary clinton. the latest marquette law school poll gave clinton just a slight lead among likely voters 44 to 42, but that's still well within the margin of error, so it's a dead heat. however -- that poll taken before monday night's debate. as for trump's opponent -- hillary clinton will be spending the day in new hampshire today. her former sanders -- will be joining her they'll be attending a "new college compact event." on friday -- clinton's daughter chelsea will campaign in green bay. and tim kaine's wife anne holton will rally supporters tomorrow in kenosha and milwaukee. jessob -- back to you. happening today -- milwaukee county supervisors are expected to announce legislation... to raise the minimum "living" wage to 15 an hour... by 20-22. the move comes on the heel's of dane county's own shift to 15. the
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agreement for a similar wage standard for service-sector jobs. right now... the living wage is 11 dollars and 68 cents. also happening today - milwaukee's strong baby campaign will kick off its latest phase at united way's southside health center. the home visiting campaign aims to increase awareness for the city of milwaukee's home visiting program for expecting families. mayor barrett is expected to attend today's event... at 10 a-m. the campaign's new phase comes as infant mortality awareness month is wrapping up. 87 it's not too early to take a sneak peek inside santa's workshop. we're taking a look at some of the hottest toys for the holidays this year. a busy night for south milwaukee fire crews after a garage fire forces seven people out of their home. we're taking a closer look at some of the damage. carl's getting in tune with the musical "man of la mancha" this morning. good morning.
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i cause wisconsin's middle class
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one of the most well-known stories in literary history is coming to life at the milwaukee rep. the theater's production "man of la mancha" is a retelling of don quixote. carl joins us this
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deadly shooting in milwaukee this morning. new information from police about officers encountered when they arrived on the scene. plus.. breaking overnight - an unarmed man shot by police in california... dies from his injuries. why police say they thought he was armed. thanks for staying with wakeup.. time now x:xx..
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yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays police are investigating a deadly shooting on milwaukee's north side.
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deandra corintios is live near the scene with an update... and deandra... homicides in milwaukee now reaching triple digits? sgt on scene says it is a male victim, he was in his late 20s or early thirties, deceased. the call for the shooting came from someone nearby unclear where the shooting took place, likely outside around the house.
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in south milwaukee -- fire crews respond to two separate fires... ...they both happened in the garage. angelica joins us in studio with the details. the latest happened just before one this morning near 12th and officials say the garage and an s-u-v parked next to it were both destroyed. an auto body shop next to the garage also suffered some roof damage. one person was evaluated for smoke inhalation...and the red cross is assisting seven people who were displaced. the cause is still under investigation. and crews also investigating a garage fire that happened near harrison and marshall just before 6 last night. officials say everything inside was destroyed -- including a classic
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as a tree. we're told nobody was injured. kim and nicole? looking across america -- we're following breaking news out of two states -- in california.. one man is dead after an officer-involved shooting. and another officer-involved shooting in arizona leaves one man fighting for his life. meanwhile -- in south carolina... a suspicious package prompts the evacuation of a police department. jessob is in the newsroom with details. we'll start in california -- police in the san diego suburb el cajon say a black man was so officers. authorities say the man was not armed, but had pulled an object from his pocket and pointed it in a "shooting stance" toward two officers. that's when the police officers opened fire. the man later died at the hospital. the police chief asked for calm, but protests continued at the scene for several hours. meanwhile, in phoenix, arizona... one man is reportedly in "extremely critical condition" after he was shot by officers. it started as a traffic stop at a convenience store parking lot.
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down officers with his car. that's when they shot him. no officers were hurt in the incident. and in north carolina -- a suspicious package forces police to evacuate department headquarters in charlotte. this comes a week after a fatal officer involved shooting... that led to days of protests. officers say the package was discovered in the mailroom yesterday.... so police called in a bomb-sniffing dog and remote- controlled robot to check it out. it took around four hours for the bomb squad to investigate and contain the package. no one was hurt. tulsa, oklahoma.... calling it a "march for justice" after police shot and killed a man nearly two weeks ago. the reverend al sharpton was at the rally .... calling for protesters to march peacefully. fox's jackie ibanez, has the story. nats hands up don't shoot hundreds of protesters take to the street in tulsa, oklahoma tuesday... in a peaceful demonstration against police brutality. this
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unarmed black man... 40-year-old terence crutcher... at the hand of police nearly two weeks ago. crutcher says: "this is a fight against, like they call my brother a bad dude, this is a war against bad cops." officer betty shelby was charged last week with manslaughter in the first degree... police say she was responding to a domestic violence call... when she spotted crutcher's car in the middle of the road. sharpton says: "there's no way you can make sense, out of a man whose car broke down on the road, walking with his hands in the air, and someone taking video showed crutcher walking to his car on the road... with his hands up when he was shot. reverend al sharpton says authorities have handled this case well. sharpton says: "they put out the video right away which they will not do in other cities. so, tulsa is
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step." demonstrators want a further investigation into the other officers involved in the incident. crump says: "i find it very difficult as we look at that video to see how anybody could not want to stand with crutcher family for truth and justice." on-cam tag shelby is facing between four years and life in prison if convicted. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. still ahead on wakeup -- our pet of the week is here! we'll meet lily the six month old puppy. "man of la mancha" hey carl!
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delays green on traffic map = no delays this morning... reaction is pouring in from around the world... after former israeli president shih-mone shimon peres died. he was 93 years old. we're told his condition worsened after a major stroke two weeks ago. peres was the last surviving link to israel's founding fathers. in a statement last night... president barack obama said in
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with who change the course of human history... shimon was the essence of israel itself." house speaker paul ryan wrote "the world has lost a true legend and statesman. shimon peres was a gift to the country he helped establish and lead, and a persistent voice for the cause of peace." it was the most-watched debate in the history of presidential debates. nearly 82 million people watched hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head monday night. so what it will mea fox6's rachelle baillon finds out.. monday night's debate between democratic nominee hillary clinton and republican nominee donald trump was the first face-off between the two, and it drew a near record breaking crowd. "trump brought a lot of eyeballs to the debate." "he brought them to the circus but what they saw was not good for him." brian fraley is a former political director of the republican party of wisconsin. he now runs edge messaging. he says he won't be voting for trump or clinton -- but says clinton was the clear winner in monday's contest.
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trump and he couldn't he hit his head on the bar he couldn't even do that. now, does that mean that she's going to get a huge bump in the polls i don't know." as of last week, the two were locked in a dead heat here in wisconsin. the most recent marquette law school poll showed clinton with 44 percent among the state's likely voters and trump with 42 percent. fraley predicts that monday's performance will halt recent polling trends. "it stops her decline provides an opportunity for these last 40 days for a real slug fest." uwm professor mordecai lee thinks the debate was a draw.....and also says it may not have helped undecided voters move any closer to choosing a candidate. "which means that there's an opening both for the libertarian candidate and for the green party candidate i suspect we're going to be seeing an increase by both of those candidates because people are
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rachelle baillon fox 6 news. on the heels of the debate... a busy campaign week in wisconsin. republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in waukesha today -- he'll be speaking at the expo center. anne holton -- the wife democratic v-p nominee tim kaine -- will be in milwaukee and kenosha tomorrow. and hillary clinton's daughter chelsea will be in green bay on friday. windmills or fighting for a lady's honor, the story of don quixote is full of action. that's true for the stage adaptation as well. carl is at the milwaukee rep this morning
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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time now for adopt a pet. beth maresh from the wisconsin humane society is here with lily the six-month-old puppy.
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can call 414 animals or go to the link on people interested in adopting can call the ozaukee campus of the humane society in saukville at 262 377-7580 or go to the link on
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searching for suspects in the city's latest murder. what we know so far
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for some big campaign stops this week... where you can find donald trump's rally today and when democrats are expected to visit the area. good morning and welcome back to wakeup.. time now x:xx adlib weather forecast


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