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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  September 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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murder of 19-year-old nya hammond. officials say hammond was shot twice in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital she worked at in glendale on monday. a search warrant reveals a vehicle leaving the scene matches the car driven by her 21-year-old boyfriend. the milwaukee county d-a is reviewing charges for him. hammond's mother says she was a victim of domestic abuse. the state department of justice will no longer investigate deadly police shootings in chief ed flynn says members from each police department will now cover these cases. he says that way-- there won't be complaints that retired m-p-d officers are involved. also-- investigators will be able to get to the scene of the shooting more quickly. chelsea clinton-- the daughter of democratic nominee hillary clinton-- visiting wisconsin today. she was campaigning for her mother inside green bay's meyer theater-- calling this election the most important
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clinton spoke to 200 people about her mother's plans to raise the minimum wage, pass gun safety legislation and eliminate national debt. the last time hillary clinton was in wisconsin was back in april. rain chances continue tonight into saturday, before the low finally starts to push back east. we should be dry sunday, but the chance for an isolated shower still remains. tonight: showers likely.
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now ?a mother of three will be behind bars for years to come... fox six's derica williams was at the sentencing for kevina freeman.. who struck two deputies and her own mother with a car.. while trying to get away. emotional words of remorse. i apologize to yall everything i put yall through for a dramatic and dangerous incident behind the wheel. i admit to my mistake and my attempt to flee kevina freeman claims she panicked after getting pulled over on i-894/43 near loomis
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mean for it to go that far and that was my fault because of a stupid decision i made and i regret dash cam video seen here and presented in court shows her reversing the car, then speeding away. one deputy is thrown to the ground while the other who is clinging on to the door gets thrown as well. freemans mother is seen getting slammed into the median wall after being struck by the car. you were reck life and thats what you plead guilty to 1st degree reckless endangering safety despite letters and family members painting her character in a different light. judge dennis cimpl says she needs to be aware of the severity of her actions. there is not question in my mind that if those people didnt pull over we
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were trying to get away freemans past criminal history included warrants for theft and carrying a concealed weapon. she lied to law enforcement several times about her identity. friday there was no where to flee...she was held responsible for her actions. youre going to prison. freeman was found guilty of 2 counts of 1st-degree recklessly endangering safety and operator flee/eluding an officer- causing bodily harm or property damage. she will serve her sentences years in prison, and 5 on extended supervision. the bucks finish up camp in madison, while the packers bye week enters its final days. and it's over for the season in houston.. as the texans officially confirm jj watt's status. brandon cruz has
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the burg'. "i didnt know it would go this far." homecoming week -- 2016. this celebration is about more than football though. spirit of cedarburg high school.' the special surprise -- two students will never forget... "it goes far beyond this week.' that's coming up new tonight at six. late last night news broke that jj watt had undergone back surgery and the likelihood of his return this season was slim. now we know it won't happen as head coach bill o'brien announced that watt will not be back with the texans this season.
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playing in the 1st 3 games of the regular season, after having surgery on a herniated disc in july. when the texans play the titans sunday it will be the first game that watt will have missed in his career. the final weekend of vacation, or the bye week has arrived for the packers. they'll get back to work on monday in preparation for next sunday's game against the giants. and if sunday's win over the lions was an example, randall cobb feels this team knows what they're capable of moving forward. "it proves what we already know, that we have a good team, that we have a great team. we have the opportunity to do sometin build off of wins. ... we have the capability to play like this every week. it's just coming out and proving it." the badgers test in michigan tomorrow will be a lot more difficult than originally planned as linebacker vince biegel will be out after having surgery on his foot. he's out indefinitely. but the defense has been able to fill seemingly big holes already this year and they expect more of the same tomorrow in ann arbor. "every guy has to do his part. and there can go with
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the football, you gotta get, if you can get takeaways. if you can be efficient on third down offensively and defensively, when you're in the red zone. all those things are real." tonight the 7th edition of the high school blitz will get underway. tom pipines will preview our game of the week on fox 6 news at 6 from university school and then he'll have a feature on the game at 9 followed by highlights and reaction on the blitz at ten. the buck over as they head back to milwaukee. on sunday they'll host an open house at the bradley center for fans. maybe we'll be able to see what they were able to take from hall of famer john stockton who paid a visit to the team's camp this week. "i regard john as the greatest point guard. you look at some of the records that he holds, the way he played the right way. you couldn't ask for a better person to learn from. i just thought it would be helpful for our guys to
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overlooking what will be the new bucks arena. the six story hotel would be built on winnebago street -- and an upscale "hyatt place." city officials will review the proposal next month... pending approvals -- construction could begin as soon as next spring -- with the hotel opening in spring 2018. walmart is looking to take on amazon.... the company is reportedly in talks to make a big investment in a company called "flipkart" -- an india- based e-commerce firm currently or walmart also recently purchased online shopping startup jet-dot-com -- and there are plans to open an online store for walmart's sam's club warehouse. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. the tulsa police officer charged with first-degree manslaughter pleads not guilty... betty shelby did not say anything during her first court appearance this morning -- other than acknowledging
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terence crutcher. prosecutors say she acted unreasonably whey she shot crutcher. shelby is due back in court at the end of november. the c-d-c updating guidelines related to zika virus... the agency saying today men who travel to an area with active zika transmission should wait at least six months after exposure to have unprotected sex or try to conceive a baby. that's even if you have never shown any symptoms of the virus. the c-d-c says women should wait hurricane matthew in the caribbean is now a category four storm... the national hurricane center says matthew now has sustained winds of 140 miles per hour -- centered about 105 miles northeast of colombia. the colombian government has issued a tropical storm warning along the coast -- and more could be issued in jamaica, haiti, the dominican republic and eastern
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toss to weather weather rain chances continue tonight into saturday, before the low finally starts to push back east. we should be dry sunday, but the chance for an by monday, temperatures will start to warm back to the upper 60s, and we should see the 70s again by the middle of next week. tonight: showers likely. low: 55 dewpoint: 56 wind: ne 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. rain likely. high: 62 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with an isolated shower possible. am low: 54
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wind: n 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 52 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: n/e 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 53 high: 70 dewpoint: 54 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny during the day, with a chance of rain arriving late. am low: 56 high: 71 dewpoint: 55 wind: se 5-10
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leaders from across the globe coming together today to mourn the passing of former israeli president and prime minister shimon peres. peres was laid to rest in israel's national cemetery. president obama, former president bill clinton and secrtary of state john kerry among those paying respects... peres died wednesday at the age of 93 -- two weeks after suffering a stroke. he's perhaps best known for negotiating a 1993 peace deal between israelis a splitting a nobel peace prize for his efforts. "he knew better than the cynic that if you look out over the arc of history, human beings should be filled not with fear but with hope." the funeral created a rare moment of unity -- when palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas who was in attendance was
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minister benjamin netanyahu. two priceless works of art are recovered in italy... both created by vincent van gogh -- they were stolen from the van gogh museum in amsterdam in 2002. italian investigators say they were discovered during an investigation into an international drug smuggling ring. museum officials say the paintings were found without their frames -- but in relatively good condition. car manufacturers are showing off i motor show... it's one of the largest in europe -- and known form high tech and concept models unveiled there. this year -- ferrari is drawing a lot of attention... after debuting a convertible version of the "la-ferrari" hybrid super car called the "aperta." only 209 of them will be made -- and all of them have already been sold... for 2-point-2-million dollars
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seater "lusso" -- meant to meant to be more of an everyday vehicle. that one comes in at a much more affordable 260-thousand-dollars. mariah carey fans are upset with miley cyrus... and tim burton is defending his casting choices. the details in tonight's buzz. mariah carey fans are not happy with miley cy magazine" cyrus said she's "never really been a fan" of mariah...and that the grammy winner makes music all about herself. carey has not responded but her fans are not following her lead...tweeting lady gaga fans, rejoice: the singer is headed to the super bowl. lady gaga announced on twitter that she will be performing at half-time during super bowl 51. this is the second year in a row the super bowl has featured an appearance from lady gaga. she
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the super bowl airs february 5 on fox. director tim burton is defending his decision to cast primarily white actors in his move "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" the only non-white actor to have a significant role in the film is samuel l. jackson, who plays the villain. when asked about his casting choices, burton said that he finds calls for on- screen diversity to be offensive and not necessary. "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children that's your buzz. after more than a decade chasing a comet through our solar system -- the rosetta spacecraft's mission is finally complete... up next... see the final image it sent to earth before crash landing on purpose -- and some of the major discoveries to come out of the mission. tonight at six. a big weekend in the burg'.
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this celebration is about more than football though. 'theyre kind of the light and spirit of cedarburg high school.' the special surprise -- two students will never forget... "it goes far beyond this week.' that's coming up new tonight at six. russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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your inner artist at devon seafood and steak -- we'll get a taste of what to expect at their "sip and paint" party. plus -- from pets in costumes to a festival for bats -- there's plenty to do in the city this weekend. kristin settle joins us with the details. that's tomorrow on wakeup --
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after a remarkable 12-year mission -- the rosetta space probe has crash landed onto the comet it had been tailing. this was the final image sent back to earth from rosetta -- just 50 meter above known as "67-p." rosetta launched the "philae lander" -- which discovered 16 organic compounds on the comet. it's an important discovery -- because some of those compounds form the building blocks of life... one theory is that life on earth partially originated from comets crashing into the planet -- bringing the necessary ingredients to form
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our big story at six... keeping the investigation...close to home. milwaukee police say from now on, the state will no longer lead the response to deadly police incidents in the city. a new partnership has been formed to handle those investigations. a.j. bayatpour is live outside police headquarters to the new partnership includes every police department in milwaukee county. whenever theres a deadly police incident in the county, this team will lead the investigation. chief ed flynn says there are two main reasons for the change. its not a perfect system. it cant be. police chief ed flynn says with the new partnership, investigations will
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previous d-o-j led investigations. it's also so investigators can get to the scene more quickly than they could in incidents like last months shooting of sylville smith. it was clear to us that one of the causes of the riot in sherman park was we couldnt get in there for two hours. meanwhile, weve got a dead guy and his friends are gradually gathering and gathering, getting angrier and angrier, and we cant move the body. will those agencies be nervous to find mpd at fault because, at some point, mpd might come in and investigate their shootings and find them at fault in retaliation. michael bell led the push that resulted in the law signed in 2014 that requires independent investigations of deadly police incidents. despite his concerns, bell says the change in milwaukee is a step in that direction. theyre doing an ntsb-style go-team of investigation where someones gonna be in place, theres a shooting, they activate everybody. flynn says no system will account for every concern. somebody will say well theyre law enforcement officers, so we bring in the


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