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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  October 1, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CDT

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ben thanks ash now to our big story at 9: a string of vehicles have been in the south milwaukee and oak creek area during the last couple of days. fox6s rachelle baillon joins us now with more on what police think is going on. good evening. police here in south milwaukee say more than 20 cars have been hit by bb guns and paint ball guns....just in the last couple of days. this is not the way anyone wants to start the workday. 'this is the car we got all of the glass out though i mean
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czarneckis car looked like after it was pelted by a bb gun. her sisters car was parked near hers on the street outside of their oak creek home and was also hit. '....drivers windows both were, my sister and my car were both shattered.' she thinks vandals targeted both vehicles around 3 a-m. czarnecki had to miss work on friday to deal with the damage. 'its just frustrating that you know property is getting ruined and that you have to take time to get your car fixed and pay money and work and all that just to get everything worked out.' but czarneckis just one of many recently hit: south milwaukee police tell us theyve had more than 20 similar incidents involving either bb guns or paint ball guns....and thats just since wednesday. they also think its likely the same people are behind the oak creek vandalisms. 'its not happening in peoples garages its just mainly on the streets it is an easy target for people to hit and .....hit it and be out of
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shooters are just damaging cars for the sake of causing damage. police tell us nothing has been taken from the vehicles. 'my suspicion is its more of your teenaged early twenty year old kids because i think theyre just going out to have fun.' but its not fun for those like czarnecki who now have to get their vehicles repaired. 'i hope that they catch them thats all i hope for and that theyre punished in some way and that we get reimbursed.' steph thanks rachelle rain chances continue tonight into saturday, before the low finally starts to push back east. we should be dry sunday, but the chance for an isolated shower still remains.
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you can stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- just download the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. a 36-year-old man shot multiple times last night -- has died. the shooting happened late last night near 37th and concordia... the victim was taken to the hospital... and died from his injuries this morning. so far -- no suspects have been arrested. racine for two suspects, following two, attempted armed robberies, at one convenience store, in the past, few days. monday, the man in this image allegedly robs the b-p gas station, in the town of norway. he is, currently, in custody, according to investigators. then, thursday night, just before eight, a store employee says two, young women walk in, with a coworker following them. when he walked in, he asked em what he could help em with, and then, thats when one pulled
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money. investigators say they're looking for two women, in their late teens, or early 20's. if you have any information which may contribute to this investigation, you're encouraged to contact the racine county communications center. get a closer look at the photos of the suspects in this case -- when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. we also have the phone numbers and website where you can report tips to investigators. chelsea clinton visit supporters for her mother hillary clinton. fox6s madeline anderson was in green bay for the campaign stop -- she has more on chelsea's message to voters. chelsea clinton encouraged folks to register to vote... answering questions about her mothers plans to raise the minimum wage... pass gun safety legislation and eliminate the national debt. cheers speaking to 200 people inside green bays meyer theatre... chelsea clinton calls this presidential election the most important
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profound role in shaping the future that my children and the generation they grow up in. hillary clinton's daughter and now a mom of two herself connected with several other young parents in the crowd... bringing up hillary's plans to make higher education more affordable. we finally have to move to free tuition for community college. it would be great if my daughters got out of college without that stone around their neck of however much debt they may be in for going to school. 05 chelsea also took jabs at her mom's opponent donald trump... saying his campaign has normalized hate everything i care most about is at stake. prior to mondays debate... the latest marquette law school poll showed clinton's lead over trump... who campaigned in waukesha wednesday.... narrowing to two percent. in response to chelsea's green bay stop... the republican party of wisconsin released a statement that reads in part quote 'hillary clinton is struggling... the fact that she not only lied to the american people, but also endangered our national security, has forced her allies
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life-long democrats in the crowd are split on whether the think wisconsin will swing in hillary clinton's favor in november. she doesnt need to come here for me to lock up my vote. the alternative will be devastating for us. the last time hillary clinton was in wisconsin was back in april. a campaign spokeswoman tells me... hillary clinton will quote "hopefully be in wisconsin 'very soon." madeline anderson fox 6 news we shared the chelsea clinton visit on the fox6 news facebook page... y on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. just search "chelsea." clinton herself is in florida today... and this evening -- the campaign for republican nominee donald trump annoucning his son donald trump junior will be in brookfield next wednesday. donald trump is in michigan today -- where he's questioned about his late night tweets focusing on a former pageant queen. "mr. trump why did you go on the late night tweet storm?"
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machado -- who's accusing the former pageant owner of mistreating her during her reign as miss universe. posting this tweet early this morning... saying quote: "did crooked hillary help disgusting -- check out sex tape and past -- alicia m become a u.s. citizen-- so she could use her in the debate?" clinton fired back this morning calling her opponent quote: "unhinged." a 19-year-old is found shot dead outside her job in glendale. her boyfriend is in custody. there are new documents that show why investigators are tying the ri why his vehicle may have led to his arrest. plus changing the rules. milwaukee police say an state agency will no longer investigate officer involved shootings in the city. their new plan. and flames shoot out of a home with firefighters still on the roof! one firefighter is hurt. he didn't get burned. why he had to
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you're doing great, let's just... we're going to try this again, ok? ok. wheels, peddles, handle bar, breaks. sit up straight, keep your weight in the center, keep your eyes on the road, hands on the grips, butt in the seat. and if we feel ourselves falling, what do we do?
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the murder of 19-year-old nya hammond remains under investigation tonight. potential charges against her 21- year-old estranged boyfriend have not been filed -- but a search warrant asking for the suspects d- this tragedy. fox6's myra sanchick explains. shalonda hammond victim's mother erin perkins milw. comm. on domestic violence the document filed with the courts say a security officer parked in his vehicle in the parking lot of the orthopedic hospital in glendale heard one of two pops early monday morning. then saw nya hammond running toward him. she collapsed from a gunshot wound in her chest and back. the search warrant affidavit says a vehicle was seen leaving the scene, matching
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hammond's child. hammond was on her way to work at the hospital. police say her boyfriend knew this and knew where to find her. she said this is why i left him hammond's mother says before her daughter was murdered she texted these photos, alleging her boyfriend had beat her with an extension cord. the medical examiner would find the same injuries. police say their information is that it wasn't the first time hammond was threatened with a gun by the suspect. she made the statement there's even more pictures that i don't want to show you to happen if they report. they're afraid of what their family is going to say erin perkins of the milwaukee commission on domestic violence says it's a story that is far too common. family members can help a reluctant victim by not judging, and offering options and a safety plan if the victim leaves the abuser. opening a conversation with them letting that victim know that you're concerned about what you're seeing. the first few weeks after a domestic violence
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dangerous, according to experts. that proved true for nya hammond. domestic violence advocates say victims can start by calling an anonymous hotline to get information before taking further steps to get away from violence. live in milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news a milwaukee firefighter is hurt after battling aire on the city's soud firefighters were c house fire at 36th and burnham. three people managed to escape the fire on their own unharmed. but a firefighter hurt his knee...and was taken to the hospital. the deputy fire chief says flames were heaviest on the third floor. "the fire was in the attic you know there is some knee wall space up there you know some hidden areas, structural features of that building, it was in soe work to get though them to get at that fire" the cause of the fire is under investigation. the red cross is assisting the three victims. huge backups in the mitchell park interchange this morning after a semi truck jackknifed on a curve. multiple lanes and a ramp were closed after the truck tipped over on the interstate-- spilling its cargo. the milwaukee county sheriff's office says the truck was
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milwaukee police say from now on, the state will no longer lead the response to deadly police incidents in the city. a new partnership has been formed to handle those investigations. a.j. bayatpour with the details of the plan. its not a perfect system. it cant be. police chief ed flynn says with the new partnership, investigations will no longer include retired m-p-d previous d-o-j led investigations. it's also so investigators can get to the scene more quickly than they could in incidents like last months shooting of sylville smith. it was clear to us that one of the causes of the riot in sherman park was we couldnt get in there for two hours. meanwhile, weve got a dead guy and his friends are gradually gathering and gathering, getting angrier and angrier, and we cant move the body. will those agencies be nervous to find mpd at fault because,
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and find them at fault in retaliation. police accountability activist michael bell led the push that resulted in the law signed in 2014 that requires independent investigations of deadly police incidents. despite his concerns, bell says the change in milwaukee is a step in that direction. theyre doing an ntsb-style go-team of investigation where someones gonna be in place, theres a shooting, they activate everybody. flynn says no system will account for every concern. somebody will say well theyre law enforcement fbi, well the fbi is on a task force with mpd, well lets bring in the california state police! this afternoon, i talked with the west milwaukee police chief whos putting this partnership together. he says the members from the department involved in a shooting will not have an active role in that investigation. he says there will be about 50 members all together - obviously some agencies will have more than one representative. aj bayatpour fox
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it's truly amazing no one was killed but now, the woman convicted of ramming a squad, taking out several deputies and even her own mother finds out just how long she'll spend behind bars. her emotional plea today in court. plus, it's homecoming weekend for many schools across our area, but what students at one local school did for two of their fellow classmates will melt your heart. why it is well
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tomorrow on wakeup -- release your inner artist at devon seafood and steak -- we'll get a taste of what to expect at their "sip and paint" party. plus -- from pets in costumes to a festival for bats -- there's plenty to do in the city this weekend. kristin settle joins us with the details. that's tomorrow on wakeup -- we'll see you when you wake up! we are getting an exclusive look at a nearly 300 million dollar development plan in downtown milwaukee. the milwaukee business journal sharing these sket parking lot at 4th and wisconsin. it would transform the property into 3 hotels, a hub for the milwaukee street car, and more than 100 thousand square feet of convention space. the proposal -- currently called "nexus" -- is from milwaukee-based jackson street holdings. they are hoping for a public-private partnership, with the city of milwaukee funding improvements related to the streetcar route and station. an illinois developer is
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overlooking what will be the new bucks arena. the six story hotel would be built on winnebago street -- and an upscale "hyatt place." city officials will review the proposal next month... pending approvals -- construction could begin as soon as next spring -- with the hotel opening in spring 2018. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, rain chances continue tonight into saturday, before te to push back east. we should be dry sunday, but the chance for an isolated shower still remains. tonight: showers likely. low: 55 dewpoint: 56
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graduation of its kind for the milwaukee police department. the "community service officers" being honored -- and what they will do to help residents in milwaukee and food and football are going hand-in-hand at tonight's high school blitz game of the week. pip's at university school and
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five months for a hit-and-run. now ?a mother of three will be behind bars for years to come... fox six's derica williams was at the sentencing for kevina freeman.. who struck two deputies and her own mother with a car.. while trying to get away. emotional words of remorse. i apologize to yall everything i put yall through for a dramatic and dangerous incident behind the wheel. i admit to my mistake and my attempt to flee
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panicked after getting pulled over on i-894/43 near loomis road in greenfield back on may 15th for speeding. i didnt mean for it to go that far and that was my fault because of a stupid decision i made and i regret dash cam video seen here and presented in court shows her reversing the car, then speeding away. one deputy is thrown to the ground while the other who is clinging on to the door gets thrown as well. freemans mother is seen getting slammed into the median car. you were reckless and you sure showed a disregard to human life and thats what you plead guilty to 1st degree reckless endangering safety despite letters and family members painting her character in a different light. judge dennis cimpl says she needs to be aware of the severity of her actions. there is not question in my mind that
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would have 2 dead deputies you knew you had a warrant and were trying to get away freemans past criminal history included warrants for theft and carrying a concealed weapon. she lied to law enforcement several times about her identity. friday there was no where to flee...she was held responsible for her actions. youre going to prison. derica williams fox 6 news. freeman will spend 7 years in prison, and 5 years on exted milwaukee police are expanding their ranks with everyday citizens. today-- 14 of their new community service officers graduated from the training academy. the civilian officers will take non-felony, low-priority calls such as theft, some traffic accidents or vandalism. one recruit says she hopes the new officers will help with current tensions with police. so i'm hoping that what me and my classmates, the purpose of
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we're the middle man and it's all gonna be good, it's all gonna be okay. we're here to help. along with the 5 weeks of training at the academy-- the newly graduated officers will spend eight weeks training in the field at their assigned districts. this week's high school blitz game of the week takes us to university. but that's not the only thing happening there tonight.
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again-- pip and brandon cruz will be "blitzing" tonight. they'll have the highlights and reaction from the big games. that's at 10:15. two students at cedarburg got a big surprise this we classmates made sure they would have a homecoming they would never forget. plus-- tim burton defending the casting choices in his new movie. find out why-- next in the buzz. we're wrapping up september with a lot of rain ... i'll tell you how the start to october is looking ... in just a
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miley cyrus... and tim burton is defending his casting choices. the details in tonight's buzz. mariah carey fans are not happy with miley cyrus... in an interview with "elle magazine" cyrus said she's "never really been a fan" of mariah...and that the grammy winner makes music all about herself. carey has not responded but her fans are not following her
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headed to the super bowl. lady gaga announced on twitter that she will be performing at half-time during super bowl 51. this is the second year in a row the super bowl has featured an appearance from lady gaga. she sang the national anthem at super bowl 50 to rave reviews. the super bowl airs february 5 on fox. director tim burton is defending his decision to cast primarily white actors in his move "miss children" the only non-white actor to have a significant role in the film is samuel l. jackson, who plays the villain. when asked about his casting choices, burton said that he finds calls for on- screen diversity to be offensive and not necessary. "miss peregrine's home for peculiar children" opens in theaters friday. and that's your buzz. we've got a rainy start to the weekend but it should be looking brighter by sunday. our weather expert stephanie barichello is coming up with
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drugs but now he's wanted in connection to more violent crimes. find out more on tonight's most wanted. a woman gets thousands of texts and calls from people voicing their political opinions. how they ended up with her number-- up ahead. tomorrow on wakeup -- release your inner artist at devon seafood and steak -- we'll get a taste of what to expect at their "sip and paint" party. plus -- from pets in costumes to -- there's plenty to do in the city this weekend. kristin settle joins us with the details. that's tomorrow on wakeup -- we'll see you when you wake up!
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mission -- the rosetta space probe has crash landed onto the comet it had been tailing. this was the final image sent back to earth from rosetta -- just 50 meter above the surface of the comet -- known as "67-p." rosetta launched the "philae lander" -- which discovered 16 organic compounds on the comet. it's an important discovery -- because some of those compounds form the building blocks of life... one theory is that life on earth partially originated from bringing the necessary ingredients to form living organisms. hurricane matthew in the caribbean is now a category four storm... the national hurricane center says matthew now has sustained winds of 140 miles per hour -- centered about 105 miles northeast of colombia. the colombian government has issued a tropical storm warning along the coast -- and more
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dominican republic and eastern cuba. one week after flooding ravaged parts of western wisconsin- damage is now being estimated at 10 million dollars. and the cleanup continues. flooding destroyed property and closed roads. some roads remain shut down. despite the devastation - a blip of hope. volunteers have shown up without fail everyday to help. adlib to weather into saturday, before the low finally starts to push back east. we should be dry sunday, but the chance for an isolated shower still remains. by monday, temperatures will start to warm back to the upper 60s, and we should see the 70s again by the middle of next week. tonight: showers likely.
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mostly cloudy. rain likely. high: 62 dewpoint: 55 wind: ne 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with an isolated shower possible. am low: 54 high: 65 dewpoint: 54 wind: n 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 52 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wi tuesday: mostly sunny. am low: 53 high: 70 dewpoint: 54 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly sunny during the day, with a chance of rain arriving late. am low: 56 high: 71 dewpoint: 55
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who will be crowned homecoming king and queen - and who will be on the court standing next to them. students at cedarburg high school had a big surprise in store for two of their classmates. fox six's julie collins with the plan to make them feel like royalty. hang out with chad and angela for 1 minute and its easy to see their a class light and spirit of cedarburg high school.' both are junior students at chs - both have down syndrome - for their classmates to see them in the halls is nothing short of exciting. 'its just this great exchange of pure joy.' so when it came time to nominate students to represent the junior class on homecoming court chad and angelas best buddy had a plan. 'theyre always the ones who are cheering the loudest so they deserve nothing less than to be on homecoming court.' she and others spent 1 week campaigning for the cause. 'throughout the week i told
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word.' school officials say their goal has always been to encourage the student body to embrace chad and angela not as students with down syndrome but simply as classmates. 'were all the same and we all have great traits and great gifts that we can give to the world.' it worked! ?during the 2016 homecoming pep rally the anticipation built - 'your junior representative is chad...' and then angela joined him - the two draped in royalty -- 'oh, ive got to tell my mom & dad a celebration of acceptance for all. reporting in cedarbueg, julie collins. fox 6 news. the two were honored again during the homecoming parade from the fairgrounds to the highschool. cedarburg's homecoming dance is tomorrow night. with the holiday season approaching-- the hunger task
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they're kicking off their annual food for families food drive. starting today-- you can donate to the cause. blue collection bins will be placed at grocery stores around the city -- or you can pick up a bin and host your own food drive. those with hunger task force say this a time when families need help the most. '43% child poverty rate here in the city of milwaukee, which means that we are the second- poorest city in the nation. and our ki and fresh foods.' in the last 40 years-- the food food families food drive has raised between half a million to a million pounds of food every single year. that food goes out to local food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. donald trump and hillary clinton -- two names americans are constantly hearing. but after a broadcast mistake, no one might be as tired of hearing them as a virginia woman.
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tripp diaz says c-span accidentally plastered her number on their screen during the debate -- asking people to comment. with 80-million viewers, diaz got more than 13-thousand texts and more than 600 phone calls. tripp diaz "for the first few minutes i was entertained. i was like: what's happening? like obviously this is going to stop soon. but then it was like 12:30 and then it ws like, 'what the f---what the heck? i just want to use my phone.'" tripp diaz "honestly i thought my phone was broken or hacked." diaz says she does have unlimited text messaging. she says she will vote for clinton -- so none of those 13 thousand messages
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most hated man in america -- is re-opening a "charity auction." he is selling a chance to punch him in the face. the notorious pharmaceutical c-e-o -- known for hiking prices of life-saving aids drugs -- wants to raise money for his friend's six-year old son fighting cancer. shkreli announced on twitter wednesday that a woman from florida won the bid-- and agreed to donate 5 thursday night he tweeted that she had reneged -- so the auction is now back on. shkreli says he pans to match the winning puncher's bid. two priceless works of art are recovered in italy...
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-- they were stolen from the van gogh museum in amsterdam in 2002. italian investigators say they were discovered during an investigation into an international drug smuggling ring. museum officials say the paintings were found without their frames -- but in relatively good condition. wells fargo is in trouble for illegally repossessing 413 cars owned by u-s military service members. the justice department says the illegal repossession took supposed to get a court order before seizing cars from active-duty troops. wells fargo will pay 10-thousand dollar to each of the affected service members, plus lost equity in the cars with interest and will have to repair their credit. he's a convicted felon who served time for dealing cocaine. but now u.s. marshals say this fugitive could be involved in several north side shootings. fox6's jonathon gregg shows us in this week's wisconsin's most
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when you're dealing with a known criminal.. "multiple prior convictions.." luck is never on your side. "dealing cocaine, weapons possession." you might say, the cards are stacked against you. "i would definitely not approach him. that's why u.s. marshals say - don't chance it with 35 - year-old adrian williams. "when you're doing these kind of activities you're showing a blatant disregard for not only the victims but but innocent bystanders." parole..released from prison after playing the drug game. "a-c-e" on the street, he's known as ace. "the drug and gun violence has become kind of an epidemic in the city of milwaukee." but just last week, williams may have upped the ante. "he was allegedly involved in three shooting incidents in one day." williams is suspect in three shootings all from september 20th. agents say he was going after a
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he had some involvement whether that was a girlfriend or some other relationship." "no deaths but i believe a few people were hit by gunfire." u.s. marshals say adrian williams has been playing the odds for too long.. "allegedly a member of the black gangsta deciples." and it's about time the house wins. "i would clearly assume him to be armed at all times based on his behavior from the last week." adrian williams is 5 - eleven and weighs 170 pounds. he has black hair, brown eyes. williams is wanted for a parole violation and is a suspect in several recent shootings. "ace" is tattooed on his lower left arm. if you have any information on his whereabouts you can call agents at 414-297-3707.
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right now on beautiful homes and great estates, tour this french-inspired mansion that was newly rebuilt on a property once owned by the royal saudi family in the heart of beverly hills. this is an awe-inspiring architectural wonder. >> this gorgeous mansion is on just about two acres, about 36,000 square feet and priced at >> epic in size and stature, the home has been superbly designed down to every meticulous detail. >> there are 120 chandeliers in this home and each one is magnificent. >> the hardware alone was over $1 million. it's all 24 karat gold.


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