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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  October 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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donald trump's campaign grappling with another negative headline... new york's attorney general serving the trump foundation with this cease and desist order after it failed to properly register before accepting donations. while trump's campaign believes this is politically motivated - it says it will comply. appearing before a military audience this morning in virginia, trump tried to shift the unfavorable spotlight to his main rival. trump nats: ""has server in their basement? oh boy." i /i the gop nominee staying clear of a new york times report suggesting the real estate mogul avoided federal income taxes for 18 years... instead - hammering away at a clinton controversy - the investigation into her private email server. trump says: i /i "hillary clinton's only experience in cyber security involves her criminal scheme to violate federal law, engineering a massive cover up and putting the entire nation in harm's way." i /i hillary clinton
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battleground ohio - where she earned a slam dunk endorsement from basketball champion lebron james. clinton nats: i /i "i might be elected president, but here in ohio, lebron will always be the king!! the former secretary of state also seizing on the attention surrounding trump's 1995 tax returns. clinton says: "yesterday, his campaign was bragging that it makes him a genius. what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single hillary clinton is also trying to convience voters here in battleground ohio that she opposes free trade deals which have become widely unpopular among workers across the rust belt. in akron, ohio mike emanuel fox news. it's time for your news and weather together. a 10-year-old boy with autism who was went missing last night is now home safe. waukesha officials say more than 18 hours after andrew ounkham was reported missing -- he was found by two teens near
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teens immediately called 9-1-1 and the wisconsin state patrol responded. ounkham's family says they're grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who came out to help search for him. milwaukee citizens giving input today at the first of several hearings before the public safety committee. it heard almost three hours of testimony and feedback on ideas for the city's ?safety plan. ideas ranged from more community involvement and interaction -- to how police should respond to crime. similar meetings are scheduled for the the u-s supreme court rejects an appeal to reopen the john doe investigation into governor scott walker's 2012 recall campaign. the court upheld the wisconsin supreme court's decision to shut it down. prosecutors investigated whether walker's campaign coordinated with conservative groups on advertising during the recall -- without reporting the group's contributions. weather we have a good chance of fog again tonight, with lows
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tonight: partly cloudy with patchy fog. low: 55 dewpoint: 54
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his 2017 budget to the county board this afternoon. chris abele calls it ... a 'big departure' from his past budgets. fox sixs jenna sachs is live from the milwaukee county courthouse ... where the meeting ended on a rather sour note today. the county executive told the ... is one he would not have expected from himself five years ago ... in that it includes a tax increase. chris abele has proposed a new 60 dollar per year ... vehicle registration fee ... or wheel tax. abele says it is not his favorite solution ... but now one he supports in order to maintain routes and keep fares rates from increasing. he says it also preserves the go pass ... which is a more cost effective pass for low income seniors and people with disabilities. as for property tax bills ... abele says for the average homeowner
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i dont relish the idea of the wheel tax. i just look at what cuts would need to be made to services particularly to people who need them the most. im skeptical of it ... why its necessary. sour note ... when county executive left after an hour for a meeting with the milwaukee county democratic legislative congress. his departure ... surprised and angered executives who had more questions. a spokesman for the county exec says ... this was a previously scheduled meeting ... and they had tried to reschedule with the board. reporting live in milwaukee. jenna sachs fox 6 news. steph thanks jenna the packers are back on the practice field today, hopefully
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and a couple of badgers basketball players are becoming very active on social issues.... how does their coach feel about that ??? we'll hear from him, next with tim van
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week off unless they are the first or second seed in the nfc playoffs, so the packers savored last week, even if it did come very early in the schedule.... they'll get a mini-bye, if you will, after playing a thursday night game against the bears later this month, too..... and time off is always welcome.... "it was good. i went back home to atlanta, just relaxed, chill with my family. that was about it. guys enjoyed the break but after awhile you get to watching football on sundays and mondays,
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there. so i think everyone really missed each other and now we back together so now it's time to get this thing rolling." the giants will be at green bay on sunday night.... because of the later start, the fox 6 sports blitz will come your way a bit later than usual..... our kickoff will be at 11-05. we will have live postgame reaction from lambeau, with analysis from here in the studio, as well.... in the last week, the bucks hold media day in st. francis and training camp in miilwaukee..... tonight, they have another type of assignment, still in easy driving distance, they tip off the nba preseason at chicago.... we'll have highlights at ten..... bucks players are considering making some sort of statement through their actions to address social issues in the united states, and president peter feigin is working on addressing segregation in milwaukee that he is on record about.... badgers basketball players nigel hayes and bronson koenig are now quite visible in areas of social
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college a time of self-discovery..... hayes has been vocal about more than basketball before.... koenig becoming more so than before.... a potential merger will shake up the outdoor and sporting goods retail industry... just ahead... what a combination of "bass pro shops" and "cabela's" could mean for the future of both companies. plus... a sheep on the lam in chicago... how long it took finally wrangle this guy during the morning rush hour
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illinois' calling. calling the makers. the doers. those who prefer one-of-a-kind, to common fare. e who would rather make the most of their precious vacation days. this land is illinois. and its calling everyone, everywhere who's up for amazing. so the only question is: are you? dormant city-owned parking lot at
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they include three hotels, a hub for the milwaukee streetcar and more than 100- thousand square feet of convention space. the public-private investment for the project totals 279-million-dollars. under the proposal -- funding would come from the city -- the wisconsin center district -- and the hotels would be privately owned and operated. a major merger in the outdoor retail industry... bass pro shops will acquire cabela's for five-and-a-half billion dollars. cabela's chain has 85 stores across the country, while bass pro shops' has 20- thousand workers in 99-stores. it's still unclear whether the deal might mean the closure of some locations. there's a cabela's in richfield. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. colombian president juan manuel santos says he won't give up on peace with rebels... yesterday -- voters rejected a
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a peace agreement for their war-torn country. the proposal was the result of four years of grueling negotiations. colombians overwhelmingly loathe the rebel group -- and many considered the accord an insult to victims of the long-running conflict. the supreme court beginning a new term today -- still with just eight justices... it started with a ruling on immigration -- rejecting a request from the white house to re-hear a case concerning the obama administration's executive actions on down by one justice after antonin scalia's death in february. president obama nominated judge merrick garland to fill in the open seat -- but senate republicans have refused to hold confirmation hearings. the director of haiti's civil protection authority says two fishermen have died in rough water churned up by the approaching hurricane matthew. meanwhile in jamaica -- officials say some people in flood-prone areas are refusing to leave their homes as the outer bands of the storm
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in the u-s -- the coast guard is warning boaters in southeastern florida to start preparing. toss to weather weather we have a good chance of fog again tonight, with lows in the mid 50s. by tomorrow, highs will be
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low 70s. we'll stay dry through tuesday, and then rain chances return wednesday through the end of the week. tonight: partly cloudy with patchy fog.
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high: 72 dewpoint: 57 wind: se 8-12 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with the chance for rain in the morning and afternoon. am low: 60 high: 74 dewpoint: 59 mostly cloudy with the chance for thunderstorms. am
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10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain through early afternoon. am low: 56 high: 63 dewpoint: 58 wind: nw 8-12 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 48 high: 58
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thanks collecting coats for kids... to keep them warm this winter. you can join in... just by going through your closet today. slightly used winter coats in all sizes - kids and adults - can be donated at any of our sponsor locations. or - you could hold a coat drive of your own! for more details - simply head to japanese scientist yoshinori ohsumi has been awarded this year's nobel prize in medicine... ...for discoveries related to the auto- decomposition and recycling of
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throughout the week -- with physics tomorrow -- chemistry on wednesday -- and the nobel peace prize on friday. tesla is selling more than twice as many cars as it was a year ago... the electric car company says it delivered more than 24-thousand vehicles last quarter -- that's compared to about 11-600 during the same period last year. as tesla works to get it's more affordable "model three" to market -- the company will face competition from chevy and volkswagen -- which both plan to release electric cars for looking across america... hundreds of hot air balloons hit the skies for the albuquerque international balloon fiesta... it started on saturday -- with more than 500 balloons taking off... everything from the traditional round balloons -- to special shapes and cartoons piloted by people from around the world. known as the "desert kaleidoscope festival" -- the week- long event is expected to attract nearly one million people. the
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a wayward sheep in chicago this morning... it caused some traffic problems as people had to stop to avoid hitting him... the sheep was caught on camera dodging vehicles after escaping from a slaughterhouse... but his freedom was short lived... about ten minutes after getting out -- a worker snatched him up and put him on a flatbed to return him. in paris...after being held at gunpoint... and lady gaga is going on a different kind of tour... the details in tonight's buzz. kim kardashian-west is tied up and robbed at gunpoint while in france for fashion week. a rep for west says masked men dressed as police officers confronted her last night. the thieves took off with a reported ten million dollars
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shaken, but physically unharmed." her husband -- rapper kanye west -- was playing a concert in new york at the time. he abruptly left that show, telling the crowd it was a "family emergency." lady gaga is headed back where she started. the singer is heading out on what is being called a "dive bar mini-tour." gaga will reportedly kick off the short tour this week at an undisclosed dive bar. baby news for blake lively and ryan reynolds... the pair welcomed t child to the world over the weekend. the baby's sex and name have not been made public just yet. and that's your buzz. it might just look like a mass of humans -- but it's actually a rich cultural tradition... up next.... where the "human
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead.
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for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class and working families should come first. thousands of people headed to spain this weekend to build the largest human tower.... the tradition of building human towers dates back to the 18th century in catalonia. in 2010 -- the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization made it a univers highest level of recognition that can be given to an element of popular culture. the same group has won the competition for eight straight years. open our big story tonight-- what's to blame? the waukesha county sheriff's office is trying to figure out what caused 35
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crews were called out to the dousman transportation company yesterday afternoon. our madeline anderson joins us there live with the latest. restoration crews will be out here until dusk tonight... cleaning up any diesel that may have leaked out of the buses and gotten into the soil. you can see the charred remains of the 35 buses destroyed in the fire... as well as a building on the property... aslo burned. dousman transportation has districts across the area... providing buses and bus drivers for schools like north shore middle school in hartman. despite the loss yesterday... the superintendent says dousman was able to find replacement buses by monday mornings usual pick up times. 18:05 dousman did an outstanding job, they had buses that arrived yesterday, and so they informed us yesterday evening that they were ready to go. all of the buses arrived on time. everything went as usual. you
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went wrong. :20 officials with the bureau of alcohol... tobacco.. and firearms... along with the waukesha sheriffs office were on scene today. a spokeswoman tells me the incident is being treated as a criminal investigation until it is determined whether the cause was arson or an accident. reporting live in waukesha county... madeline anderson fox6 news bret thanks madeline we are continuing our coverage on this morning's search for a miss waukesha. a massive community effort helped locate him in cornfields about a mile and half from his home. fox 6s angelica sanchez spoke with the boys mother and the state trooper that reunited the boy with his family. a call an entire community had been hoping for. 10-year-old andrew ounkham was found alive wondering in the


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