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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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winds... by mid afternoon friday matthew's winds had dropped to one-hundred- fifteen miles an hour... but, officials warn this storm is still a real threat. south carolina's governor warns the forecast for her state has gotten worse... with major - potentially deadly - storm surges, flooding and winds all predicted there. haley says:"please evacuate, even if it's to a shelter." and while hundreds of thousands have fled coastal south carolina... some - still - are not heeding evacuation warnings. webber says: "we've ee not too worried. not worried enough to leave.." steady rain and storm surges, have crippled much of the florida eastern coastline. it's causing residents to move inland or evacuate. but some tourists are trying to make-do as they brave the storm-- while stuck in the south. fox 6s derica williams shows you how locals are being
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consultants say many travelers are affected by hurricane matthew. not only are they not able to get in and out of certain areas... but the phone lines are all tied up. thankfully, they are a resource anyone can use. nats storm hitting the florida coastline hard.... nats a category 3 storm swallows parts of the sunshine state. i think its very heartbreaking kate marikova lived in jacksonville and experienced a hurricane in the home making sure the food is stocked now she is helping travelers who are trying to get out of a similar scenario.... being a pipeline for anyone needing to break through the busy phone lines. as an agency we do have a special line for our tour operators and our airlines and we have a chance to get through them a little bit faster than someone... our clients many airlines have offered waivers or are changing flights, but its still no consolation for this muskego couple .
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monday... trying to make the best of it. it's little disappointing stranded in orlando on their honeymoon. after the happiest time in their life, they were supposed to enjoy the happiest place on earth. we had plans to do orlando today, which clearly we didnt and we are supposed to fly home tomorrow hurricane matthew has driven a wedge into their whole honeymoon.. single day we have gotten rained on there is still a lot of wind on the back side of the storm a lot of trees bending some debris on the ground they tod we could lose power hunkering down and hoping for the best... flights out of orlando are canceled but we are told that neighboring airports are starting to restart operations little by little. bayside travel says its consultants are willing to help anyone with their travel woes due to the hurricane even if you did not book through them.
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before arriving in florida... hurricane matthew devastated parts of caribbean... in haiti -- at least 271 people people have been killed since the storm made landfall there as a category four hurricane. and officials warn the death toll is likely to keep rising. the country had only just begun rebuilding after a devastating earthquake there six years ago. in the bahamas -- 140 mile per hour winds tore up large trees and left extensive damage to buildings... like this hotel guest room. you can see it took out a chunk out of the room -- leave a gaping hole in the now that the storm has moved on to the u-s -- florida isn't the only state in its path... georgia and south carolina have been preparing for matthew as well. fox6 weather expert tom wachs is in the weather office with a look at what to expect, next. weather clearing skies tonight and cool with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. mostly clear
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temperatures will fall into the upper 30s in our inland counties overnight, low 40s near the lake. mostly sunny this weekend with highs around 60. we have a brief warm up on the way early next week with highs around 70. tonight: mostly clear and cool. low: 41 dewpoint: 31 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. a.m. patchy frost inland. high: 60 dewpoint: 35
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coming up later in this newscast... how local red cross volunteers are stepping in to help with the relief efforts -- and we'll get a live report from the florida coast... in addition to the red cross, there are a host of international organizations acceti matthew victims. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click "links" to if you're interested in pitching in. "i pray for everybody"... the words from one milwaukee woman who lives blocks away from the scene of a deadly thursday afternoon shooting. four other people suffered bullet wounds after a string of overnight gunfire in the city -- and just a few hours ago, we got word of a double shooting this morning. fox6's angelica sanchez joins us live with more... angelica.
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motive behind these crimes. a total of five shootings played out in the city overnight and today as you mentioned a double shooting involving two men inside a car. one long time milwaukee resident says something must be done on the gun violence plaguing the city. longtime milwaukee resident jelaine calvin recently moved into her sister's home. this is just a few blocks away from thursday afternoon's deadly shooting on the 2400 street. police say 28- year-old jarvis j johnson was a passenger inside a car when he was shot around 2:30pm by a someone in another vehicle. johnson was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. residents like calvin say gunfire has plagued her neighborhood. "i mean one while i had to lay down on the couch because i thought the bullets were coming straight for us it was just that close. four other shootings occurred from 7:50 pm
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intersection of 18th and pearl...then on 83rd and sheridan and ending the night on 35th and center. all victims were under the age of thirty. residents like calvin say this area needs more resources or a community center for kids and teenagers to go to after school. " i just pray for everybody the kids are the most important." police say the overnight shootings are not higher than the usual number they've seen in other 24 hour periods. the two male victims in this morning's shooting are 22 d suffer serious injuries police are also trying to locate the suspects in this case. reporting live in milwaukee i'm angelica sanchez fox 6 news. bev thanks angelica the state justice department says it has found problems with how the state's voter i-d law was being administered at d-m-v license stations... that's according to governor scott walker. he said that today -- just hours before the d-m-v had to report to a federal court how it was handling the
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before election day. the judge ordered that update following the release of audio recordings revealing d-m-v workers giving inaccurate information to people seeking i-d's to vote. meanwhile -- a busy weekend ahead for politics in wisconsin. presidential candidates and their surrogates will be in the southeastern part of the state saturday. fox6's madeline anderson is live in downtown milwaukee with a preview on tomorrow's events. from election day... and by all accounts of what's happening ?here, wisconsin is very much in play in this election. the politicking kicks in to high gear tomorrow... big events planned by the campaigns both here in milwaukee and in walworth county. the political spotlight... shines bright on southeastern wisconsin this weekend. former president bill clinton will campaign for wife hillary clinton in milwaukee saturday. hillary clinton has spent her entire career standing up to bullies like donald trump... and
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democratic presdiential candidate... first though getting help from massachusettes senator elizabeth warren. at a rally with russ feingold friday afternoon in milwaukee warren bashed clintons opponent donald trump. everybody who pays taxes to support medical research, donald trump thinks is stupid. because according to donald trump, he can use them all and not have to pay anything. wa of man does that? a selfish little sleezeball. gop presidential candidate donald trump... will also visit the area saturday at the first congressional republican party of wisconsin fall fest. "the bottom line is... if they want things to stay the way they are, go with hillary clinton. if they want think to change, she's not the candidate." other republicans joining him in
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fairgrounds... include governor scott walker... house speaker paul ryan... senator ron johnson. "there's a lot going on and i think it's good for the voters to see and hear from the candidates." this will be the first time ryan and johnson will appear on the campaign trail with trump. walker... has attended one of trump's three visits to wisconsin. for more information on times and locations for each event... just head to reporting live in downtown milwaukee... madeline anderson fox6 news. brad thanks madeline we're keeping close tabs on the presidential campaigns daily. click the "politics" tab on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app for the latest. the east coast -- the red cross is already preparing to help... up next.... we talk with some volunteers, before they head out for florida to help in the relief efforts. plus... officials issue a warning regarding a busy pedestrian crossing on a street that's recently seen an increase
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico?
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going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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reopen up the atlantic coast... this is a live look in folly beach, south carolina -- where the storm is arriving right now as a category two storm. more than 1-million customers have lost power -- with the storm bringing winds up to 120 miles per hour on land. as you just saw -- hurricane matthew is bearing down on the east coast and threatening severe damage. when the storm is over -- there will be a lot of immediate needs for residents... and the american red cross is sending more help for the relief effort. nat of checking the van early friday, the american red cross in milwaukee was gearing up the disaster relief van for an area
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florida. "their primary responsibility right now is to drive our emergency response vehicle down to orlando where it will be primarily stationed."tommy poe and milos laazarevic lah-zar-eh vich will take on that task.the two had never met until now. "so far, so good."but both have volunteered with the red cross for many years and have many deployments under their belts since retirement. "and i figured, well, you know, it's time for me to get out and help other people. and so that's what like to help people because maybe some day someone will help me if i need that. i'm capable. still healthy and i like to help." :31 "testing, testing, 1,2,3,4 testing, yep that works." :36 the two men have seen the effects of hurricanes and massive flooding, including working in a lot of mud. "that's what you see down there. it's all devastation. and, the people, they're just so happy to have anybody helping them out. :25they are scheduled to be in orlando for two weeks. 29 other
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along the east coast and may stay longer. " there's a tremendous length of skill sets and needs that come up with this kind of operation at this level." nat "it doesn't matter. we do the same job. when you come to the red cross your mission is to help people. not what you did in private life. :28voice over bite: you can also help the red cross in their three ways::: donate money... donate blood-- because blood drives in affected areas are cancelled.... and, train as a volunteer, for future disaste. it's time for your news and weather together. the racine man wanted on federal charges in connection to the "maniac latin disciples" gang is now in custody. according to the f-b-i-- 33-year-old erik en-sense-ee-oh turned himself into u-s marshals today. authorities arrested 22 out of 24 people federally charged in a gang round-up yesterday. en-sense-ee-oh was one of the two not captured. the other suspect-- 30-year-old fabian melendez-- is still at
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the case against a former math teacher accused of child pornography. 68-year-old thomas defazio had recently been a volunteer at all saints academy in kenosha when he was charged with 10 counts of child pornography. today-- those charges were dropped. the court found based on the description in the criminal complaint and reasons set forth on the record -- that the case would be dismissed. the wisconsin department of transportation is urging drivers and pedestrians to be cautious at a popular det road. they say they've seen a lot of confusion at the cross walk right outside the milwaukee county zoo-- also known as the pedestrian- hybrid- beacon. it's now a busy area as people work to get around the new ramp closure from "i-41 southbound to 94 eastbound. the ramp will be closed until next
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weather clearing skies tonight and cool with temperatures falling into the 40s this evening. mostly clear overnight with patchy frost inland. temperatures will fall into the upper 30s in our inland counties overnight, low 40s near mostly sunny this weekend with highs around 60. we have a brief warm up on the way early next week with highs around 70. tonight: mostly clear and cool. low: 41 dewpoint: 31 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. a.m. patchy frost inland.
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mostly sunny. am low: 43 high: 60 dewpoint: 41 wind: e 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 50 high: 70 dewpoint: 47 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with a chance for a few showers. am low: 54 high: 69 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cool. am low: 45 high: 58 dewpoint: 40 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly sunny and cool. am low: 39 high: 57 dewpoint: 33 wind: se 5-10
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just a reminder... fox 6 is collecting coats for kids... to keep them warm this winter. you can join in... just by going through your closet today. slightly used winter coats in all sizes - kids and adults - can be donated at any of our sponsor locations. or - you could hold a coat drive of your own! for more details - simply head to fox6 and sendik's teamed up once again this year for the "backpack buddies" program... up next.... how the money raised is being put to good use... it's all found n tomorrow on wakeup -- it's going to be a busy weekend campaigning in wisconsin -- both donald trump and bill clinton are paying us a visit... we'll have the details. and we continue to track hurricane matthew -- we'll have the latest updates of the impact it's having on the southeastern part of the country. that's tomorrow on wakeup --
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fox6 for supporting the backpack buddies program again this year. while the buddies may no lo raised is now helping students who need it most. carl deffenbaugh has more. thousands of backpack buddies flew off the shelves this summer. now those little creatures are paying dividends - in the form of actual backpacks going to students in need. the program, a partnership between sendiks and feeding america, used to provide school supplies. this year, the focus is on food. 'what we understand is they have lunch during the
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what happens during the weekend.' every friday for the rest of the school year, certain students at milwaukees clarke street school, as determined by social workers, will receive a backpack of nutritious goodies to get them through the weekend. ...which we know is extremely important for students, not only for their bodies but also for their minds.' 'my boys are athletic. on saturdays, they burn a lot of calories. a little snack out the door is perfect. after selling almost 4,000 buddies and raising close to 20,000 dollars, the first backpacks go home this weekend. clarke str did the packing... 'it makes me feel like a good person because im giving stuff to people that need it. because some students at this school have stuff that other people dont. and thats kind of ..i dont like seeing that.' instead, kaveon and his fellow classmates are seeing the start of change. 'when you come here and you see the students, and the impact that it makes on their lives, and the fact that were making a difference, its very impactful one buddy, and backpack, at a
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clarke street school was chosen because of a food pantry that already exists there.. in connection with feeding america. organizers say with more donations -- they hope to expand to ?more schools in the coming years. he was released from prison after more than two decades-- serving time for a crime he did not commit. but he was guilty of a different crime. what the victim in that case... says
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tonight to raise money for a man just released from prison, for a crime officials now say he didn't commit. earlier this week we told you about daryl holloway, in prison the past 24 years. he was released on tuesday. fox6's myra sanchick is in the there is a fundraiser for daryl holloway, released after decades in prison.. with very little way to support himself. and tonight you will hear from a victim, who says she's glad he's finally out. freed after 24 years in prison for crimes dna testing would now show he did not commit. the rape of two women at knife point in milwaukee. i did 24 and some odd years for something that i believe they knew i didn't do it. i came in
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has changed on that same 1993 criminal complaint with the sexual assault charges, a third burglary charge. it happened the same month as the assaults, not far away, in shorewood. i was just coming home from the store to study because i was at uwm. holloway's victim: a young college student named lindsy who now lives in another state. and somebody came up, grabbed me and took my groceries and my purse. been in lindsy's apartment stealing jewelry. then confronted her in the yard. i said i need those because i have a cold and he threw the groceries back to me and i thought that was really nice lindsy says she was shocked when police told her the same person who robbed her was pinned for two sexual assaults. i really couldn't believe it because the fact he gave the groceries back and something


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