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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  October 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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our big story at four...smash and grabs. it looks like someone in bay view is committing crimes, just for the thrill of it. at least forty vehicles are damaged after vandals broke windows overnight and the night before. fox6's myra sanchic with the story. i'm here near wentworth and pryor, one of the areas hit. milwaukee police say it's early on in the investigation, but dozens of vehicles had smashed windows overnight . police say they are not aware of anything being stolen. but the damage is extensive, to cars throughout the bay view area. some who live here say in recent months there have been thefts and vehicles stolen. over night, just a lot of people
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an insurance company to call. nothing taken. nothing in it...they opened up the counsel a little but there was nothing in the car to take so they're looking for something. as you've just seen we were with police as they were investigating, so far no one is in custody. live in bay view myra sanchick fox6 news steph thanks myra. firefighter is now recovering-- after a house fire breaks out in milwaukee. fox 6's ted perry joins us from the newsroom with the latest. in total, four families are needing to find new places to live after the fire, and a firefighter had to be hospitalized. firefighters responded to 4th and concordia just after ted-thirty last night. when first responders arrived there were reports of people trapped but everyone had already gotten to safety. a firefighter was hurt
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taken to froedtert and later released, but will be off duty for some time. the fire spread to the house next door. a neighbor tells us she ran into the burning homes to help rescue people. "as soon as i entered things were falling all i knew is there was a lady that was disabled in a wheelchair that was on the back floor and people were struggling to get her out and i had to help her get out" the red cross responded and is assisting the 19 victims. fire officials estimate the damage be in the hundreds of thousands. e newsroom, ted perry fox 6 news. brad thanks ted. the west allis man accused of killing an illinois woman in an interstate shooting pleads not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. prosecutors say zachary hays killed gabriel sanchez in west allis back in may.... then later that day -- began shooting at an illinois family's car on "eye"-90/94 in sauk county -- killing 44-year-old tracy czaczkowski. hays faces a count of reckless homicide and a count of
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of sanchez. police are investigating a shooting on milwaukee's south side. it happened last night at 8-30 near 14th street and dakota. investigators say two cars nearly collided at that intersection... and the drivers then became involved in a confrontation. one of the drivers shot at the other. a 33-year-old man was taken to a hospital with non- life threatening injuries. police are now searching for that other driver. police in northern wisconsi posted seven years ago, but recently resurfaced-- for clues that might lead to a crack in a cold case. kayla berg went missing in august of '09 from antigo -- ?which is less than an hour northeast of wausau. two months after that, a video was posted on youtube showing a man talking about a new girlfriend.. then showing a woman who appears to be tied up in a locked room. kayla's mom is concerned the girl in the video could be her
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" sounded like her, looked like her, it gave me chills, um it's hard to explain." antigo police say the girl in the video does resemble berg. they're looking for any ?information into the video and its origin. anyone who knows who the man in the video might be, should contact germantown fire crews respond to a crash involving multiple cars. it happened around ten this morning at golden-dale road and holy hill road. officials say one person was taken to the hospital by flight- for- life. the sun broke out today, and we felt the warmth today. weather expert tom wachs is standing by in the weather office with more. tom? clouds will move back in overnight keeping us mild in
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into the forecast on wednesday then cools us into the middle 50s on thursday. warmer for the weekend but there is the chance for rain and thunder on sunday. tonight: increasing clouds. low: 58 dewpoint: 52 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with showers likely. high: 67 dewpoint:
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track them with the fox6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices -- and you'll have full access to the fox6 weather forecast. to you decide coverage now, we're four weeks from election day, and there are major signs the republican party is in crisis mode. donald trump is attacking top republicans, including wisconsin congressman and speaker of the house paul ryan. fox's rich edson has more from washington. the "shackles have been taken
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warning .... this time targeting those within his own party - including house speaker paul ryan. the highest elected republican says this only focus this election - maintaining the republican majority in congress. trump says ryan is "weak and ineffective" .... adding in another tweet "i can now fight for america the way i want to." and trump is carrying his gop criticism to campaign events. trump monday says: "you have people who can't fix the budget but they nominee. isn't that sad we dont have stronger leadership." trump is also bringing that style to a tv new ad on hillary clinton. trump nats..."hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world." / / / / clinton says: "we can't not risk putting a climate denier in the white house." clinton is teaming up in florida with former vice president and environmental activist al gore - who knows all too well the importance of winning the sunshine state. al gore says: i
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counts a lot applause edson tag and the clinton campaign is engaging in its own twitter fight. the target - wikileaks and its latest clinton email release. campaign spokesman brian fallon is accusing wikileaks of quote "colluding" with russia to help elect donald trump. in washington - rich edson fox news. for the latest happenings with the presidential campaigns, visit fox6 now dot com or the fox tab. this friday, tune in to fox 6 for the debate between republican senator "ron johnson" and his democratic challenger "russ feingold." that starts at seven p-m. then at eight, it's a "you decide election special." we'll bring you live, team coverage of the debate as well as a break down of other election issues and the race for president. that's all friday
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champion has been crowned. a third grade teacher from washington wins the safeway world championship pumpkin weigh-off in california. cindy tobeck is the first woman in 19 years to win the competition. her one-thousand-nine-hundred-ten pound pumpkin brought home first place. she started growing the gourd back in april. the elementary school teacher says it's always been her dream to win the contest, which is considered the super bowl of pumpkin weigh-offs. se dollars in prize money. which if you're doing the math at home, is about six bucks a pound for the pumpkin. ad lib about giant pumpkin coming up on fox six news at four, an emergency in aisle 11. the call that was for a first
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and still ahead, fast fingers. how court reporters can keep up with proceedings and type more
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one register at a utah walmart will always be the talk of the store. it's a place where people can pay for their items, and also, apparently, give birth. a mother unexpectedly gave birth her family sunday morning. she told a manager she wasn't feeling well, she went to register 11 to pay for her items while the manager called 9-1-1. they told the woman to not worry about paying. they could tell she was in labor. walmart employees and customers helped. they grabbed towels and blankets. some also held up sheets as the woman delivered a baby boy. 'in about 15 minutes we went from having a little bit of stomach problem to delivering a baby.' 'she was very calm she did very well -- it was her third child so she had experienced childbirth before so i dont think she was
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it was at walmart,' walmart has been in contact with the mother and they say theyre happy to report mom and baby are doing well. tiny love locks left on fences and bridges can be a romantic symbol of lasting love. but the new york department of transportation doesn't have the time or money for romance. they've banned "love locks" from the brooklyn bridge because they're
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dollar fine if they leave a lock. since 20-13 more than 30-thousand locks have been cut from the bridge..and it costs the d-o-t more than 100- thousand-dollars each year. last month a wire overloaded with locks fell on the road below. people in london lined up around the block over the weekend for a chance to get a free tattoo by a celebrity artist. so what was the catch -- the tattoo itself would be a mystery until it was complete. 18 people in london took quite the leap of faith for work by scott campbell -- who is known for his ink art on a-listers like orlando bloom and penelope cruz. campbell says the project offers people a chance to not take their
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stories of creepy clowns have popped up across the country. and it's mcdonald's says ronald mcdonald is keeping a low profile. the company says it's in response to police taking action as dangerous situations involving clowns have occurred in the past few weeks. the fast food chain saying it is being quote,'thoughtful in respect to ronald mcdonald's participation in community events.' the company did not provide any other details about how often its red-haired mascot makes appearances, or if anything will change in the
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when youre having an important conversation, wouldnt it be great to have everything you said recorded just in case the person on the other end claimed you didnt say something? there are people that do exactly that for a living and theyre called court reporters. fox 6's brian kramp looked at what it takes to be a court reporter and answer the question...who does that? elementary school said that i should probably do something that involved typing because i was always a quick typer. tiffany debruin ended up taking that advice and graduated college with a degree in court reporting when she was only 20 years old. well in order to graduate from school you have to type 225 words a minute with a ninety-five percent accuracy. bk on cam is that fast? td pretty yah. laughing for the past two years shes
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that many people think they understand, but have know idea how challenging it truly is. basically we type everything thats being said in depositions or courtrooms or you can do captioning on tvs. ok, that doesnt seem too difficult to grasp. so this would be a, but that s a short a. a long a for a vowel would be a-e-u so it pushed down together. wait a second, there are no letters on the keys...or numbers for that matter. this is my number bar right here, but every time you do it you have to hit the key underneath it. so that would be one this would be two, three, four, five is down here. why not use a regular keyboard? because on this machine you can hit all of the letters down at one time. where as on a normal keyboard you have to do one letter at a time. so i
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so its like a musical instrument? in a way. butt if you have a played a musical instrument in the past they say it comes a lot more natural to you. well, i play guitar so lets see if it comes natural to me... alright! it came out to 'rough much most is machine' which is nonsense obviously because i dont know what im doing. everything is shorthand like the word 'about' would be p-w. butt so we kind of have to le before we can actually get into practicing. tiffany was lucky that the shorthand language came easy to her, but whats really interesting is that she can type in shorthand, but doesnt actually know what the letters are if asked to spell something using shorthand. its kind of hard to tell because i dont have the letters memorized anymore because it all comes so natural. the most difficult thing about being a court reporter isnt the translation of shorthand to english or vice versa, its... clip 180 29.10 - 29.21 when people talk extremely fast with
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to spell. but i thought you use shorthand and dont spell anything! thats the case where then the phonetics come in and you just write it how it sounds. bk on cam onomatopoeia. whats that? when you type it out what would that be? td see again i dont know the letters, but i could type it out. i would spell it a-p-h-a-t-a-p-a-o-e-k-w-r-a. to me its gibberish and frustrating to wrap my head around, but those like tiffany find it easy. on very stable and rewarding industry dominated by females. but tiffany is 22 years old so surely she wont be doing this until she retires. or will she? yes i love it laughing yup, i
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that was our brian kramp reporting... a new movie tells the story of a trial following world war two. it's between a historian and a holocaust denier. our gino salomone speaks with the woman who inspired the film. why she says it's like an out of
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message.
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and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... finally a hand for you. a few showers through late morning then decreasing clouds and some sunshine in the afternoon. high clouds will move back in overnight keeping us mild in the upper 50s. a cold front brings rain
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us into the middle 50s on thursday. warmer for the weekend but there is the chance for rain and thunder on sunday. to low: 58 dewpoint: 52 wind: sw 5-10 mph "whatever the reasons that people become deniers, they often have an agenda that they won't admit to. why do you continually denigrate the work of david irving? you can have opinions about the holocaust, but i will not meet with anyone who says the holocaust didn't happen." it's the true story of the trial between an acclaimed historian
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sued her for libel. gino recently talked with the woman who is the inspiration for the movie "denial" ad lib to bite "so twenty years ago someone comes to you and says here's what's going to happen in your life. what unbelievable. just the whole thing is an out of body experience. the whole thing is so beyond
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lawsuit was beyond anything i ever expected. and then to have this film which i think so accurately portrays what happened. with such great actors and such a great director and a screenplay just beyond reproach. terrific terrific screenplay. it's just been amazing." still all kinds of deniers and conspiracy theorists out there -- who think events like the holocaust never happened. "sadly it continues. it continues not just in relation to the holocaust. we know that there are people throughout the world that just make things up and not just in our country all over and i read it on the internet so that makes it true. you know? so i think this film has a point to make not just, way beyond holocaust denial but about truth that
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happened. world war two happened. you can debate why it happened and what might have prevented it but that it happened. you just can't make those things up. and that's what holocaust deniers and david irving in ad lib out of bite coming up on fox 6 news at four... helping those who served. how you can help a group of world war two veterans get to a special event. plus -- the demolition of a bridge in arkansas -- didn't go quite as planned...
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fewer members of the greatest generation. and one wisconsin organization needs your help to honor those veterans, and keep their memories alive. fox6s carl deffenbaugh, has more, it's new at four. for ralph anderson, some memories have faded with time. 'im 92 years old, so sometimes if i stray a little bit you can blame it on that.' while others are fresh as ever. 'when the war was over, 1945, we led the 8th a england.' the racine native was a lead bombardier during world war ii, and a member of the 8th air force in europe. and while anderson and his fellow veterans answered the call so many decades ago, they are in need of help today. ' theres a right way to honor these gentlemen. and its not after theyre gone. its while theyre
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the 8th air force historical society holds its annual convention next week in st. louis. the wisconsin chapter hopes to send a group of veterans, but needs donations to fund all the travel and lodging expenses. 'and we are desperate, quite frankly, to get these guys down there. its not cheap. its a four-day event.' the convention connects surviving veterans, and their families. and just like the work the historical society does with local high schools in wisconsin, it keeps those memories alive today. 'i think its extremely important that we be the understanding of what took place in world war ii.' 'its just like building a building. if you dont have a foundation, youre building isnt going to be too stable.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. if you would like to donate to the 8th air force historical society, weve put links on our website, fox 6 now dot com. there have been numerous fires
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facility this year -- so recyling officials want you to know what you should not be putting in your blue recycling bin. officials say people commonly toss items they don't know what to do with, into their recycling bins. many end up posing serious risks to the workers who come into contact with them. "when we think about propane tanks, when we think about pressurized cylinders, they are small bombs. and whether they contain propane, methane, butane or natural gas. under compression they the facility is on pace to sort around 68-thousand tons of recyclables this year. the conference also comes in the middle of national fire safety and prevention week. the milwaukee common council -- honoring a business that has been a pillar of the north side community for nearly half a century. carter drug store sits at 24th and burleigh. the store was opened in 19-68 by doctor lester carter. alderman khalif rainey says the community has relied on carter's
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occurred in amani, dr. carter has always stood strong. he has been someone who has been a iconic image here in the city of milwaukee." at the event today -- 85-year-old carter spoke saying his main goal is to continue working and serve his community for as long as he can. mount pleasant homeowners who are concerned about bluff erosion along lake mic chance to talk to experts about protecting their homes. officials from wisconsin emergency management, department of natural resources, and u-s army corps of engineers will be available to talk to concerned residents. representatives from the u-w sea grant will also be at the meeting. the u-w system's "sea grant institute" is focusing on the effects lake levels are having on the bluffs between shorewood and port washington. the meeting starts at 5:30 at the mount
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marijuana plants are seized in northern wisconsin. this is a picture from the forest county sheriff's department of the haul. deputies say early saturday morning, they executed a search warrant at a large, outdoor, marijuana grow operation in the town of armstrong creek, more than an hour and a half north of green bay. authorities arrested three men, from waukesha, milwaukee and big bend. according to deputies, the men were arrested while they were harvesting the marijuana plants. law enforcement officials say they found marijuana and cocaine at the home on the property. were in class today, after the teachers union and the nation's third- largest school district avoid a strike by reaching a late-night contract agreement. the union had set the strike date for today. late last night, the two sides reached a deal. that deal still needs to be approved by the union's house of delegates and the rest of its members. that could take weeks. the two sides were at odds over pension contributions, pay raises, staffing levels and classroom funding. "the teachers' hard work will be respected in this contract and
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will be stronger, and on firmer ground because of this agreement." teachers have been working without a contract since june of last year. the last chicago teachers strike was in 2012 and lasted seven school days. nearly 400-thousand students attend chicago public schools. days after hurricane matthew- nearly 15-hundred people are still stranded in north carolina. in lumberton and many places like it, residents are still dealing with the forced to abandoned everything- their homes, cars and sometimes even their pets. north carolina governor pat mccrory saying there are 11 confirmed deaths so far. federal disaster has been declared in 31 counties there.. officials are warning that the aftermath can be just as deadly -- due to floodwaters. a minnesota-based company has created a hijab that girls can wear while playing sports. some young ladies were given the opportunity to wear the hijab during a
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of the company's co-founders says the hijab will be a game changer. hussein says: "it's sweat wicking. it's lightweight so they don't... it's not heavy. they're gonna be focusing on playing. they're not worried about this is weighing ten pounds or losing it or flying away. it's tight. the athletic hijab will be available for pre-order next week. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories coming up on fox six news at five. no calm after the storm. the relief effort continues. coming up, see how wisconsin is leading the way in helping disaster areas recover. also at five, perfect for milwaukee: harnessing the power... of beer! a byproduct from the brewing process can actually be used as an energy source. at five, see how the beer battery works and how it could save you money. we'll have all that and more for you in about 20 minutes when mary stoker
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at five. who doesn't love a bridge demolition or a building implosion. a bridge spanning an arkansas river had to come down, but as you'll see, things didn't go according to plan. after a detonation attempt this morning, the broadway bridge across the arkansas river in little rock, is still standing. officials say the bridge's joints were purposely weakened this past weekend ahead of the detonation. they're now looking for a new way to bring it down. and local officials warn that it's dangerous and unsteady and at this point could fall at any time. ad lib about blown bridge
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coming up on fox six news at 4-- which is better for you -- an iphone or a samsung galaxy? consumer reports has your answer coming up.
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in the smartphone wars, the two biggest players are samsung and apple. samsung has had some problems lately and the hype for the iphones isn't what it used to be. now that consumer reports has wrapped up its exclusive testing, can apple's new iphone 7 beat the top-rated samsung galaxy s7? jenna sachs has the results in this contact 6 report. elect reports measure lots of features on every phone they test, including battery life, ease of use and video and photo quality. if a long-lasting battery is important to you, the galaxy s7 beats the iphone 7 with more than 20 hours of talk time. the iphone 7 provides only 8 hours of talk time. youll get 13 hours with the larger iphone 7 plus. and what about the camera, which apple calls the most popular in the world? 'in our camera testing,
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would be a performance improvement in low-light photography over the 6s. our testing didnt find much difference.' after all its testing, cr says the camera on the galaxy s7 rated higher because it takes better images and videos. the iphone 7 is the first water- resistant phone from apple, something samsung has offered on the galaxy for several generations. both phones met their claims in consumer reports pressurized water- immersion tank. 'the iphones have gotten a lot of attention for dropping the headphone jack. tha find on the samsung galaxy s7.' consumer reports says dont worry about losing sound quality with the new lightning-connected headphones or even the headphone adapter included in the box. consumer reports says the galaxy s7 beats the iphone 7 in its ratings. but if youre set on an iphone, cr says its a good option to upgrade to the 7 if you have an iphone 6 or older. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com.
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overnight keeping us mild in the upper 50s. a cold front brings rain back into the forecast on wednesday then cools us into the middle 50s on thursday. warmer for the weekend but there is the chance for rain and thunder on sunday. tonight: increasing clouds. wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with showers likely. high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: sw-nw 5-15 mph thursday: patchy morning frost inland. mostly sunny and cool. am low: 40 high: 54 dewpoint: 35
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patchy morning frost inland. increasing afternoon clouds. am low: 39 high: 60 dewpoint: 38 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny with rain moving in at night. am low: 49 high: 69 dewpoint: 50 wind: s 5-15 mph sunday: chance for t-storms. am low: 57 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: wsw 5-10 mph . clouds will move back in overnight keeping us mild in the upper 50s. a cold front brings rain back into the forecast on wednesday then cools us into the middle 50s on
4:47 pm
but there is the chance for rain and thunder on sunday. tonight: increasing clouds. low: 58 dewpoint: 52 wind: sw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with showers likely. high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: sw-nw 5-15 mph thursday: patchy morning frost am low: 40 high: 54 dewpoint: 35 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: patchy morning frost inland. increasing afternoon clouds. am low: 39 high: 60 dewpoint: 38 wind: sw-se 5-10 mph
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49 high: 69 dewpoint: 50 wind: s 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms. am low: 57 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: wsw 5-10 mph high blood pressure affects millions around the country. doctor's prescribe a number of medications to help and it turns bargained for. mary stoker smith is here with more. a new study reveals that some high blood pressure medications could result in a much higher chance for depression.
4:49 pm
channel sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms. am low: 57 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind: wsw 5-10 mph am low: 57 high: 67 dewpoint: 53 wind:
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high blood pressure affects millions around the country. doctor's prescribe a number of medications to help and it turns out you may be getting more than you bargained for. mary stoker smith is here with more. a new study reveals that some high blood pressure medications could result in a much higher chance for depression. the research found that people taking beta blockers or calcium channel antagonists doubled their risk of being hospitalized for mood disorders. those taking ace inhibitors had a slightly lower risk of depression. treatments for heart and blood issues -- to mood disorders. the world health organization says high blood pressure causes around seven-and-a-half million deaths per year. music does a lot more than provide background noise or something to dance to... it's helping people deal with their medical conditions. people with parkinson's disease are able to use it to help focus and even get rid of pain. meanwhile -- patients with cerebral palsy can use music to
4:51 pm
beats -- they can control their movements better. music therapy is also being used in physical rehabilitation for injuries. wanna blow off some steam? head to the gym, right? not so fast. doctors say looking to the weights to ease anger -- could be deadly. a large, international study ...ties heavy exertion while stressed or mad to a tripled risk of having a heart attack within an hour. researchers say the study suggests there may be better or worse tim trigger harm. they suggest taking a break before exercise to relax and bring down your heart rate. president obama is shooting for the stars -- writing his plans to send humans to mars in an op-ed piece on c-n-n today. he says the united states is partnering with private companies to send humans on an expedition to mars and back by the 2030's. the president says the ultimate goal is to make it possible to
4:52 pm
period of time. this comes just ahead of his trip to pittsburgh on thursday for the frontiers conference on science and technology. take a look at this corn maze in new jersey... look familiar? the massive 6-acre maze on a farm in south brunswick is shaped like former met's catcher mike piazza. he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year. the maze also features a number-31 on it. the farm staff says this corn maze is the most challenging one it's ever designed. hear that? that low humming noise was coming from a meteorite... a new art exhibit at an art museum in mexico city is using science to generate the noise. artists created an instrument that uses
4:53 pm
to create different sounds. the unique tones are inspired by a group of native americans that found the meteor around four-hundred years ago. their wedding day started the same way their relationship did, with a car crash up next-- how a police officer came to their rescue and saved the big day. the big day. kids don't know how to act fake. the big day. i like your face. so we're learning to be more like them. flavors and colors from general mills cereal. i like his face. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good
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a bump in the road as they start their new lives together. a wedding party is stranded in michigan over the weekend after their limo got into a crash. what could have ruined the wedding day, ended with plenty of smiles. fox 6's angelica duria has the story. its a love story that started six years ago. like most relationships no ones is ever perfect. jeremy accepted that from the start. 19:00:13 our first date i got in a car accident. i was driving home a girl hit my car and the first person i called jeremy. almost six years to the day this past weekend... they christened their wedding with a similar situation on their way from taking pictures to their reception. 19:02:20 and out of nowhere there was just a giant crash. 19:03:14 i had a red drink and when i
4:57 pm
the dress was saved, but their ride wasnt going anywhere.. 19:03:00 i wouldnt call it a fender bender we got in an accident. but the men in blue showed up just in the nick of time. 19:04:58 kdps showed up super fast and this is where this actually gets quite amazing to me. even calming down a bride hoping to make it to her reception on trying to make light of the situation they are like well you are never going to forget this are you? and i said no we are not. 19:06:43 i thought it was really nice how the officer kevin he came out and wanted to make sure everyone was ok and actually calmed down the situation. some people were a little upset and he calmed down them. and after that he wanted to know where the bride was and he went straight for him he was just asking her how are you doing and calming her down they say officer kevin seckler was
4:58 pm
19:07:10 thats when i knew i wanted to get a picture with him. and we ended up getting a picture with him. one for the memory books...but they hope theres no more crashes in their future. 19:06:31 you started with a fender bender and you ended with a fender bender...hopefully ended hopefully this is the last of it. angelica duria, fox 6 news. our big story this evening: unshackled. republican presidential nominee donald trump is firing back at republicans who are dropping their support for him as the partys nominee. in the last 24 hours... hes taken to twitter to also call out house speaker paul ryan after ryan announced he would no longer campaign for trump. fox6s angelica sanchez has local reaction to this building ?feud between the two most well known faces in the g-o-p. one of those experts is a soon
4:59 pm
misinterpreting what speaker ryan meant when he said he would no longer be campaigning with him. another expert we spoke with says both men have different styles that give us a preview of what the republican party could look like beyond election night. on the attack mode-- republican presidential nominee donald trump took to twitter on tuesday to call out house speaker paul ryan for no longer joining him on the campaign trail after 2005 recordings of trump making explicit comments about a woman surfaced. elections trump is swinging away at ryan calling him disloyal- and weak. ryan hasn't responded to trumps attacks. u-w-m professor mordecai lee isn't surprised by this. "speaker ryan is a polished politician he knows what he's doing. lee says the distinctly different political styles between the two could mean a new era in the republican party. "donald trump is very different from being a polished politician he's the opposite of congressman
5:00 pm
meanwhile soon to be former congressman reid ribble says speaker ryan's decision to shift focus to races in the house isn't unusual from speakers in the past. ribble says ryan's words during a conference call with republicans were taken out of context. "what paul said was i am not going to defend the indefensible that is a direct quote from that conference call. he didn't say he would never defend donald trump on policy." congressman ribble was one of the first republicans to publicly say he would not be the differences between ryan and trump shows a clash of ideology. "i would agree the party is divided but "i don't think these divisions are "overcomable" but you have this emerging and powerful populist wing of the party that's been silent for a while." it's important to note that speaker ryan has not pulled his support of trump for president. ryan spokesman brendan buck said y that paul


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