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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  October 13, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CDT

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18:09 they did it so quick. his vehicle -- parked in this lot at 4th and lloyd -- broken into for the third time in less than a year. 11:45 just really upset, just upset, feeling violated. the latest happened monday night around 8:45. and it was all caught on surveillance. a car is seen pulling in to the lot-- several people jump out-- 14:56 they went through the parking lot, they went through like 5 cars. eventually, making their way to his chevy aveo-- ransacking the car and stealing a pair of eye glasses. 14:42 they scattered through my the middle of the box in the car and just threw everything. since october these surveillance cameras have captured two other similar break-ins. on october second -- after midnight-- a vehicle pulls into the lot, five people get out and break in to a car not deterred as the alarm sounds. later that night-- a car pulls in and someone smashes the back window of a parked car, the thieves eventually take off. 14:33 they do this either for fun or see what they can get, but the damages they leave behind are irreparable. lopez -- is optimistic this
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caught-- and the break-ins to stop. and the break-ins to stop. 15:22 i hope so, i hope so. the property manager says the gate to the lot will soon be closed. they are in the process of providing tenants with keys to that gate. hoping that will stop the thieves. live at 4th and lloyd, ashley sears fox 6 news. steph thanks ash new video tonight from bay view. vandals smashd windows sunday and monday night. you can see the suspects in the video. at least 40 vehicles were damaged - no one is in custody. time to protect those outdoor plants. a frost advisory for some of you tonight - weather expert tom wachs live in the weather center with more. clearing out overnight with lows in the 30s. a frost advisory is
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lakeshore counties. sunny but much cooler thursday with highs in the low to middle 50s. back into the 60s by friday. another round of showers and t- storms is expected late saturday into sunday and again monday. tonight: clearing and cooling. frost likely. wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: morning frost. mostly sunny and cool. high: 54 dewpoint: 34 wind: w 4-8 mph friday: morning frost. mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 60 dewpoint: 39 wind: se 5-15
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breaking news from glendale. north shore fire department called to strattec security corporation on good hope road near teutonia avenue. strattec produces automotive locks and keys. we're told there was a fire in one of the bins that collects metal.. was hurt. new tonight - a state senator from fond du lac is dead. investigators say he shot himself in the chest. our ben handelman with why senator rick gudex's age may have put him at risk. state senator rick gudex was born with a servant's heart. he cared very much about our city. mike kurutz worked alongside when he became mayor of mayville at just 29. he started at the local level and worked his way up.
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state senator alberta darling sat next to him in madison. a huge loss at the legislature, but a huge loss as a friend. the fond du lac county sheriff's office says gudex was found dead from a gun shot wound to the chest early wednesday. the news--- shocking colleagues and the communities he served. it's a death however more common than you may realize in wisconsin. o'neil is suicide prevention and outreach coordinator at mental health america of wisconsin. more than 700 wisconsinites die each year by suicide according to state records. more than five thousand go to the hospital after failed attempts. those at highest risk are between 45 and 54 years old. rick gudex---- was 48. we all have mental health, and when
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measure--- calling a hotline-- there's several out there. don't be afraid to admit you need help. and throw your stereotypes out the window. a lot of people have preconceived notions that those who die by suicide are weak or they are selfish. and they just need to understand that the person is suffering. later this month there will a suicide prevention conference in milwaukee bringing groups together from all over the state to talk about 700 to zero. if you are looking for resources or help--- we have posted some great information on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. live in the newsroom, ben handelman, fox 6 news. steph thanks ben trump's numbers... plummeting in wisconsin. the marquette university law school poll shows that a tape of donald trump bragging about groping a woman -- has ?done some damage in the badger state. the latest poll has hillary
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story. fox six political reporter theo keith explains. in polling terms, it was a 'substantial shift.'translation: wow! donald trump went from ahead by one among people polled on thursday... to down six on friday. and down 19 on saturday and sunday. it certainly indicates a shift of something close to 20 points over the weekend the question is, can was done before sunday nights debate, and before trump started attacking house speaker paul ryan on twitter. trump is scheduled to be in wisconsin on monday, time and location to be announced. what we dont know is whats happened monday and tuesday and wednesday. so, i think really its speculation about whether this continues or not. but we have very strong evidence that there was a substantial shift over the weekend in the response to the
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trump plummeted, he had no impact down-ballot on republican u-s senator ron johnson. johnsons race with democrat russ feingold is now within the margin of error, with feingold holding a two-point lead. both of them are getting a little bit better known, but johnson seems to have improved his favorability a little bit more in the last three weeks while 89% of republicans say they will vote for johnson only 77% say the same for trump. compare that to nine out of ten democrats who say they'll vote from the marquette campus, theo keith fox 6 news. tune in for the debate between republican senator "ron johnson" and his democratic challenger "russ feingold" friday - starting at 7. then at eight, stick with us for a "you decide election special." followed by fox6 news at 9 and ten. tonight - m-p-s cleared. after months of protest, milwaukee public schools is no longer required to take part in the state-mandated turn-around district plan. but it's not because of public
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milwaukee public schools have moved out of the bottom category of the state report card for two consecutive years.. now that means the district no longer meets the criteria to have to participate in the opportunity schools partnership plan... o-s-p-p for short. m-p-s fought being in o-s-p-p for months. the goal was to take a failing school - put it under the direction of an outside commissioner - to ?turn the school around. today - mps superintendent darienne driver said the o-s-p-p legislation did not affect efforts to improve student achievement. "our goal is to push every day for all students to be his or her best, work is not completed until we are in the top category of the state report card, and then some." driver could not go in to specifics about the state report card because the
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the offensive line was a big reason for the big win on sunday night against the new york giants. now they know they have another big task in the dallas cowboys. tim van vooren has the blitz from lambeau field. "the packers subtracted a large personalityand player from their offensive line just pryor to the start of the season by releasing josh sitton, replacing him with the rather unassuming lane taylor. so far green bay's blockers have been up to the task." "you know, you could pick each one out and say a bunch of nice things about them, which i've done in the past, but i think as a whole they've played really well and the blocking against the run. they've limited the amount of sacks and pressures." "i think those guys are doing a great job of working together and i think, we always talk about statistics in here, teams that play with their offensive line healthy week in and week out, that's a good football team." "i would say every year, a team take on a personality, a team takes on a characteristic particularly for us, we're a unit, we're five guys that
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season,we develop our own so uh ya, i definitely think that we are starting to develop a characteristic." "this week it's green bay against dallas. the cowboys have what is widely regarded as the best offensive line in the league. you can bet the the packers guys have taken note of that and intend to stake their claim sunday. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." investigators. booster clubs can be big business - tens of thousands of dollars a year. but one club has some parents crying foul! where did their money go? that's where we stepped in and started asking questions -- and the school district started dodging. child porn charges against a grafton man. the disturbing nature of the pictures police say he had. and -- the red-tail hawk... that survived getting hit by a big rig.
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kids... but no one seems to know how much money a local football booster club has raised... or what the club's longtime president did with it. see what happened when fx bryan polcyn started asking questions. outcue: " 6 investigators." duration:0:00 before he broke into the nfl... before he starred for the wisconsin badgers... melvin gordon was a bradford red devil in kenosha. he joined the team as a freshman in 2007. the same year this man became the president of the booster club. "hey tom, can i get a word with you?" "no sir."nine years later, tom stone does not want to talk
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have donated since he's been in charge of the "end zone club." "why wouldn't you just want to answer some questions? what do you have to hide?"the end zone club is a parent- driven organization that operates with the permission of bradford high school. :"this money goes to the bradford football players so they can buy new uniforms and helmets and stuff." a report produced by the kenosha school district says the club raises 50 to 75 thousand dollars a year. but the district can't say exactly what those funds have because the club operates outside the school's accounting system. "my question has never changed. where did our money go?!"michele vega joined the club when her son was freshman in 2012. she immediately started helping raise money for the team... from pancake breakfasts and spaghetti dinners... to golf outings and game day concessions. "it was a full time job."vega was so good at raising money, she and
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of fundraising. by then, vega already had concerns about where the money was going. so she pressed the club's president, tom stone, for information. "i said, 'what did we do in sales last year?' he said, 'i don't know.'" "i said, 'what's in our account?' he said, 'i don't know that either.'"one month, vega says stone mentioned having 32-thousand dollars in the bank... the next month, it was 22-thousand. "'where did it go? what did we do with $10-thousand dollars?' and there only person with access to the club's private bank account. afterall, the bradford end zone club was registered in tom stone's name as a for-profit corporation, rather than a charity, as school district rules require. and while the district insists the club operates independently, stone listed the high school's address as the club's principal office. "he had a mailbox. the head coachs secretary was doin his paperwork."stone also owns a
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fundraising, which sells discount cards to the end zone club. and t-shirts your way, which produces bradford football apparel. in other words, stone's businesses sold products to the club he ran... which then sold those products to parents using the bradford name and logo. "who said it was okay for a private business to come into a public school and make money off our kids?"vega complained to the football coach... the athletic director... the principal... the school board... and eventually the superintenden district. "bradford nation, this is your home!"dr. sue savaglio-jarvis declined repeated requests for an interview. so i tried to catch up with her at the dedication of bradford's new $6- million dollar, taxpayer-funded football stadium last month. "dr. savaglio-jarvis, bryan polcyn from fox 6, do you have just a minute?" "no i don't, we're goin' on the field." "we're gettin' ready to go on the field." "if you won't talk now, when can we talk?"actually, the dedication didn't
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superintendent joking with a school board member. watch her lips closely... "i'm like, i gotta be out on the field," she says, then laughs about it. "there's a lot of questions." "but no one will answer 'em."last winter, at vega's request, the school district conducted its own investigation of the end zone club. but since most of the money raised was in cash... and stone didn't keep any formal documentation of meetings... the district wrote that it could not conclude fraud had been committed. "i can't prove to youe' he isn't."vega took her complaints to kenosha police, who declined to investigate. so she went straight to the kenosha d-a, who requested an interview with stone. but the d-a tells fox 6 it would be inaccurate to call it a formal investigation. "that's why i came to you. find my money!"we asked stone to show us the club's financial statements and tax filings for the past several years. and at first, he agreed to do so... scheduling an interview nearly two weeks in advance. but the night before the interview,
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leadership of the club had directed him not to talk to the media. "all you have to do is talk to me. if you have good answers, i'm right here, tom."while he refused to talk to the fox 6 investigators, stone did tell school officials that all money raised went to the football team... and that vega's allegations are an insult. '"if it was me, i'd be giving you every ounce of paperwork to prove i was innocent."the district has acknowledged that stone's role as both president of the end zone club and one of its primary vendors "raises the earlier this year, it recommended the old club be stopped... with a new one created in its place... as an official 501-c-3 charity. but as the 2016 season got underway, the new end zone club had yet to file for non-profit status. tom stone was still heavily involved as the club's "game day coordinator." his t-shirt and prime card businesses were once again chosen as the club's
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funds remained in the old club's account. "if he was for the kids this whole time, what is the problem with him handing the money over?"it wasn't until after the fox 6 investigators got involved that stone finally wrote a $10- thousand dollar check to the new end zone club. and four days after that, the new club paid the i-r-s application fee to begin the process of becoming a charity. now, bradford has a new football and a new endzone club... but vega says she won't be satisified. "show me where our money went."unless a proper accounting the money already raised finally comes to light. booster clubs are not required by law to register as 501-c-3 charities, but they are required to do so by kenosha school district policy. why does it matter? well, because the tax returns of non- profit organizations are public records.
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how much they spend... and how much they have in the bank at the end of the year. that way, you know if the money you're donating is going where it's supposed to. bryan polcyn, fox 6 investigators. "your input is critical.." a bold statement on a new city survey.. how can we make milwaukee better? make your opinion count.. and busted for growing pot up north.. 600 pounds of it! why the mayor of milwaukee is now
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9. clearing out overnight with lows in the 30s. a frost advisory is in effect for all of se wi except lakeshore counties. sunny but much cooler thursday with highs in the low to middle 50s. back into the 60s by friday. another round of showers and t- storms is expected late saturday into sunday and again monday. tonight: clearing and cooling. frost likely. low: 39 dewpoint: 49 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: morning frost. mostly sunny and cool. high: 54 dewpoint: 34 wind: w 4-8 mph friday: morning frost. mostly sunny.
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wind: se 5-15 mph 20 questions.. a new online survey - designed to make milwaukee better.. from - opinions on the police - to how safe you feel in your neighborhood. how you can help shape city policy. and -- a chance for kids to learn outside of the classroom-- fishing... for the heart. fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. everybody's talking about the hatchimal that plus other top toys for the holidays. plus a crocktober beef recipe tomorrow on wakeup!
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tonight - 20 questions. a new public safety survey targets people who work or live in milwaukee. the goal - to shine a light on the safety issues. fox 6's angelica sanchez explains. "we probably have a better idea of what's going on because we're there." sara gantt is originally from new york but she lives in
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the big apple she hasn't noticed a difference in crime. "i know a lot of people who've had their houses broken into their cars broken into." in their latest effort to increase safety-- members of the common council revealed a new online public survey wednesday morning. 'we have in my opinion some serious problems as it relates to safety in milwaukee.' public safety committee chairman bob donovan says this 20-question survey is the next step to help 'were asking residents of milwaukee and people who work in milwaukee to take the survey.' the questions start with the public's opinion of mpd's relationship with the community. how safe you feel in your neighborhood. how effective mpd is at preventing crime and the solutions you suggest city leaders look into. 'this is now your time to let us know how we can best help you.' the survey also asks people to circle the top three issues
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about time the public had more of a say in reducing the city's crime. i "we should have a say in that and i think it's awesome." in milwaukee angelica sanchez fox 6 news two of the three men arrested with 600 pounds of marijuana in northern wisconsin-- worked for milwaukee's department of neighborhood services. 35-year-old kevin hying and 32-year- old steven wasechek were arrested -- along with another man -- over the weekend at a suspected pot grow operation in forest county. milwaukee mayor tom barrett says the used city time or property to commit any crimes. both men have since resigned. a 25-year-old milwaukee man arrested for injuring a police officer. it happened yesterday near 13th and center. police say the suspect smashed the front passenger side window of the squad with a pipe. glass flew into the officer's eyes. the suspect tried running but was quickly arrested. the officer is okay. give a man a fish and you feed
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for a lifetime - a well known proverb. you could say that's also the motto for an organization in southeastern wisconsin that is helping children get the chance to enjoy something new. tonight, brandon cruz goes beyond the game and onto the water. "i thought wow, what a beautiful view. i could live out here forever." with the wind blowing strongly off of bark lake in washington county, 14 year old cessalyn turman's feelings bit nervous." it's understandable, as the lutheran special school 8th grader is spending part of her day out of the classroom at school, but in the outdoor classroom of caleb niedfeldt. "i see curiosity. i see wanting to experience something new.' a week before this, niedfeldt previewed this day for cessalyn and the two other students here with her, 13 year old nash siemers and 10 year old jaylyn holmes. "i told them
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going to be in my boat. youll be safe. itll be fun. youll try something new." "when mr. niedfeldt gave us this opportunity i was like really down for it, like yeah, sure." cessalyn, like nash and jaylyn, bought in, hook, line and sinker after niedfeldt casted out the idea of them going fishing with him through his fishing for the heart program. "the idea is to go into the schools and run like a pilot program where we go in, we have the rods and the reels. we do different casting games with them. and then after were all done with that, and teach them some safety things, then we move out and bring them out to the lake." "were going for little to catch a big fish, probably bigger than a blue gill that we might catch today." "i want to go fishing, get some fish." "catch some fish... big ones." aybe well catch a bigne.ll see. . "now its theiopportunity get s uld not normally get to do, wou" en though this is a small, cludedke, the moment is gigantir e kids. experience will st much longeran just the coupln the boat which is creating a wonderful fish tale for nash'sth was so reserved in his school, like he wouldnspeak. he dnt have theran special school for a
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ve just watched him ogressivelyn up." that's thkind of story at niedfeldt wants all of his students to ve. m hoping that they walk away, u know, excited that tylearned full of awesompsilities tdoors.e
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and life is full of awesome possibilities outdoors." "i love just to see the excitement, not just getting in the boat, but when that bobber goes down and they get to catch a fish. and sometimes you get surprised and you catch a big fish." the big catch wasn't necessarily waht cessalyn pulled out of the lake. instead it was just the experience she was able to share with her friends. "its like a family to me you kno together. were always doing things together. so it feels like im with my family." in washington county, brandon cruz, fox 6 sports. caleb is planning an ice fishing trip for the kids this winter. if you'd like more information on the fishing for the heart program, we have a link set up on our website, fox 6 now dot com. a bittersweet day here at fox 6 .
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our ted perry gave a rousing going -away speech at a luncheon today.... katrina responded to tens of thousands of consumer complaints with contact 6. she and her team got back nearly two- million dollars for viewers. katrina is starting her own consulting company. we wish her all the best. a cool new place for packers fans.. and it can hold 2-thousand of them! tonight - your first look at the johnsonville tailgate village.. what's inside can get in.. and help - theresa a hawk stuck in my truck! how the green bay driver got out of this dilemma. get ready for a frosty morning across most of southeast wisconsin. i'll show you how long this cool weather will stick around coming up in your fox6 forecast.
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recognition for his role in "sully." and kim kardashian is going on the defense... the details are in tonight's buzz. selena gomez has reportedly checked herself back into rehab. according to us weekly, the former disney darling is struggling with mental health issues... gomez from the music biz back in august... no word as to when she'll be getting back in the studio. kim kardashian is suing an online publication... the reality star filed a federal lawsuit against a website for publishing stories that accuse her of lying about the paris robbery. kardashian was tied up and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry in paris last week. her legal team already reached out to the site...demanding they
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response. tom hanks is being honored... the actor will receive the "hollywood actors award" for his portrayal of captain chesley sullenberger in "sully." hanks will get the honor next month at the 20th annual "hollywood film awards." and that's your buzz. a frost advisory in our viewing area.. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. dressing for success. the local "closet" just for college kids. how it's helping their careers.. two local malls staying closed on thanksgiving.. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. everybody's talking about the hatchimal that plus other top toys for the holidays. plus a crocktober beef recipe tomorrow on wakeup!
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populations of 10 u-s metropolitan areas are expected to skyrocket... milwaukee is not one of them. the projections by the "american city business journals" are based off raw data from the u-s census bureau. teh group says it expects the number of major markets -- defined as metro areas with 1-million people or more -- will grow from 53 in 2015 -- to 68 in 2040. milwaukee is projected to grow just 1-point-8-percent in that time... meanwhile -- austin, texas tops the list with an expected growth of nearly 99 percent over the next for the first time in 30 years -- blitrite - the family-owned greenfield business - is now closed on sundays. it's to allow employees to spend time with their families. the move follows some big national companies like chick-fil-a and hobby lobby. however -- biltite will be open on some sundays when it's a high-traffic shopping holiday -- like the sunday after black friday. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal.
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weather clearing out overnight with lows in the 30s. a frost advisory is in effect for all of se wi except lakeshore counties. sunny but much cooler thursday with highs in the low to middle 50s. back into the 60s by friday. another round of showers and t- storms is expected late saturday into sunday and again monday. tonight: clearing and cooling. frost likely. low: 39 dewpoint: 49 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: morning frost. mostly sun wind: w 4-8 mph friday: morning frost. mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 60 dewpoint: 39 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. am low: 50 high: 68 dewpoint: 53 wind: s 5-15 mph sunday: showers and t-storms early then decreasing clouds. am low: 59 high: 69 dewpoint: 59 wind: n-ne 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms. am low:
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mph clearing out overnight with lows in the 30s. a frost advisory is in effect for all of se wi except lakeshore counties. sunny but much cooler thursday with highs in the low to middle 50s. back into the 60s by friday. another round of showers and t- storms is expected late saturday into sunday and again monday. tonight: clearing and cooling. frost likely. low: 39 dewpoint: 49 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: morning frost. mostly sunny dewpoint: 34 wind: w 4-8 mph friday: morning frost. mostly sunny. am low: 40 high: 60 dewpoint: 39 wind: se 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. am low: 50 high: 68 dewpoint: 53 wind: s 5-15 mph sunday: showers and t-storms early then decreasing clouds. am low: 59 high: 69 dewpoint: 59 wind: n-ne 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms. am low: 56 high: 72 dewpoint: 60
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check out the newest feature at lambeau field .. it's the johnsonville tailgate village - it's a permanent tailgate space in the east parking lot. the johnsonville tailgate village can hold up to 2-thousand people. it's free and open to all fans on gameday. "what we found with the tundra tailgate zone, even though it's a temporary structure, in the summer its nice because its air conditioning and in the winter its nice because its heated, so its kinda the the johnson tailgate village will be open in time for the 2017 football season. students at u-w waukesha get some extra help in their transition from college to career. and it comes in the form of free clothes on campus! fox6s deandra corinthios explains. from button blazers and shoes... u-w waukeshas career closet is filled with donations of gently used professional attire "i have looked around, ive helped bring students here, and theyve
3:54 am
students...and what ever they take is theirs to keep. "anytime they want something or feel like they need to go for a job interview and dont have what they need they can come in here and take whatever fits them and the like" donations from the community are welcome. but so far most items are from university staff and professors "we go through them and make sure everything is presentable something that we would want to wear" the career closet was first only open ahead of campus jo now it is year round. paired with career workshops and resume help...the career closet is another tool for students to prepare for the professional world. "because the reality is that at this age were not really sure what constitutes business attire" and makes it easier to dress up ...on a student budget. "the career closet is located here in the commons building and it is tucked away down this hallway. the door even locks, allowing student to have some privacy when they shop." "this is a safe place where you can come and find something for you that will prepare you for the future" in waukesha deandra
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u-w waukesha is accepting donations for the career closet. they needs shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, ties... even jewelry and purses. you can drop off your donation in the bin at the student affairs office. that's in the commons building off university drive. two local malls announce - they will be closed thanksgiving day. bayshore town center join a growing list that are pledging to put family time before profits. bayshore town center will reopen on black friday at 8:00 a.m brookflied square at 6 a.m. tonight -- the very first meeting for the task force dedicated to saving the mitchell park domes. the milwaukee county board of supervisors put the 11-member task force together. they met at the domes to discuss a long-term plan for the future of
3:56 am
significant repairs -- so much that the national trust for historic preservation recently placed the domes on its annual 11 most endangered places list. the task force says tonight -- they are just getting started. "this is the first of many, several, we are not going to decide anything certain tonight, just look at the engineering reports. we have a 3rd party to evaluate them, gonna look at everything, look at what it will cost." after about a year and a ha recommendation to the county board on what to do with the domes. new tonight - an unexpected hitch hiker. a hawk hits a truck and gets stuck! check this out - a green bay trucker says - last wednesday - he hit a hawk in west bend going 70 miles per hour. the hawk got lodged in his visor in front of the windshield.
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was an adult male red tailed hawk. and despite being hit by a semi, the bird had no serious injuries and only had soft tissue damage and bruising. the hawk was released from rehab yesterday. the two women accused of running a brothel out of a house in union grove appear in court. adena sparks and eugenia nance face numerous felony and misdemeanor charges. investigators say they on "back page dot com"-- essentially a craigslist for prostitution. police say the women told them they needed money and were quote "doing this to survive". there were four children living inside the home. a grafton man pleading not guilty to three federal child porn charges. officials say 35-year-old seth foerster produced - distributed - and owned child pornography. the criminal complaint describes sexual images and videos of young girls -- some of them just
3:58 am
december. he faces anywhere between 15 to 30 years in federal prison if found guilty. honoring milwaukee's fallen firefighters. the department held powerful tribute to the men and women who's "end of watch" came too soon. jonathan gregg has the story. "we'll never forget our 128 brothers and sisters who gave their lives serving who are memorialized out in granite." a light rain falls on heavy tribute to the names etched on this stone. "each and every day the men and women of the milwaukee fire department do just that by selflessly serving." on wednesday milwaukee honored the names of firefighters whose watch ended too soon. "the bravery that our firefighters show on a daily basis the fact they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect this cityto protect people they've never met
3:59 am
were joined by those of milwaukee's fire chief mark rohlfing. "but i think if we remember who they were firefighters just like us doing the same job with the same mission it's easier to draw them closer." the ceremony comes as the department observes national fire prevention week. a testament to firefighters who put the safety of the public above all else. "making sure we get smoke detectors in all those homes, for the firefighting and for all those ems calls." "to our comrades." a fact made "their last alarm. they are going home." than by the names read during this ceremony, "captain andrew white.." names listed forever on this monument. "the ringing of the bell signifies the end of watch for milwaukee's fallen firefighters but this ceremony also pays tribute to the men and women serving day in and day out. reporting in downtown milwaukee jonathon gregg fox6 news."
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>> there's nobody i'd rather have with me. >> she loved him so dearly. now gwyneth opens up about some harsh yet honest words once said to her by her father. i'm natalie morales. why she's so thankful he told her the truth. >> he was the real inspiration. with the robbery still fresh in their minds, the kardashians co i'm liz hernandez. but was kim able to attend the special occasion? >> and he grabbed me by the back of my hair. >> minnie driver shares her story of assault. i'm scott evans. plus what donald trump is now saying about the bus tape and what else may be coming. >> i have been contacted by women. >> it's the words that no parent ever wants to hear. >> illusionist criss angel. on his young son's cancer


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