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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  October 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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the elderly. greenfield police are looking for a man connected to at least three robberies. police say he's targeting people who live in senior living facilities--and he doesn't mind using a gun. fox 6's ashley sears is live at the greenfield police department--with the latest. li victims' wallets and purses. and he was caught on camera using one stolen credit card. now, police are hoping someone recognizes him. 41:49 it gets you angry. it's crimes like this-- that would make anyone upset. 41:13 just a coward, just a coward. some of society's most vulnerable--have become the targets of a criminal. 48:25 im so sick of hearing about this stuff. greenfield
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happening at senior living facilities. the first took place at 93rd and howard. 23:34 offered to help her carry in her groceries but instead--the suspect walked away with something else. 23:45 he removed her wallet from her purse without her knowing. police say the suspect moved down the street--to 92nd and layton-- targeting an elderly couple in a parking garage. 22:35 he claimed he had a gun on him and said if he didnt give him his wallet he wago later, he struck again, this time he preyed on a woman near howard and prairie hill. 24:17 as she was helping him, he came up behind her and put a gun in the back of her back and demanded her wallet. 41:37 those are vulnerable people over there, you know? for james wayer--the incidents hit too close to home. his mother lives in nearby senior housing. 42:12 why doesnt he pick on someone his own size with a gun? police this suspect was caught on camera using the stolen credit cards. they are hoping
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42:31 he belongs behind bars is where he belongs. these incidents happened at the beginning of the month. police say they don't want people to be scared, but just aware. if you recognize the man in the photo, call greenfield police. live in greenfield, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ash an update on a hit- and- run involving a p milwaukee's south side last week. police tells us a 33-year old milwaukee man turned himself in yesterday in connection with this incident. surveillance cameras at cesar chavez and greenfield show 27 year old amy mayek crossing the street around 2 in the morning.. a car strikes her head on. mayek's sister says she's suffered brain trauma and several broken bones and she now has pneumonia. new tonight - charges are filed
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popular jazz club. 30-year-old jason small of milwaukee is charged with killing 65-year-old donald lewis. lewis' body was found at the young urban jazz cafe on fond du lac avenue last saturday. police say small shot lewis and then robbed the cafe. small was an employee there.. another frosty night - but now more counties are included in the advisory weather expert tom wachs is live in the weather center with more. a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into effect late tonight and conitnues into friday morning. cold again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. more sun on friday and a bit warmer with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms,
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morning. another chance for scattered t-storms expected monday. tonight: clear and cold. frost likely. low: 38 dewpoint: 31 wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: morning frost inland. mostly sunny. high: 62 dewpoint: 40 wind: s 5-15 mph two days after donald trump attacked house speaker paul ryan on twitter... the congressman from janesville dismissed the
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and and the republican party as a whole in a series of tweets. fox6's madeline anderson was in brookfield today for an event with area business leaders where ryan joked about all of the attention this twitter rant has gotten. starting off with a little sarcasm... not much going on there these days. not much to talk about. house speaker paul ryan made light of the recent political attention hes gotten in the wake of this p buzz of the day and forget about the twitter storm thats going on in the last 20 minutes i assume, the last five minutes. on tuesday... republican presidential nominee donald trump took to twitter... blasting ryan for his quote 'disloyalty' and calling him a quote 'innefective leader.' the day before... ryan said in a conference call that he would no longer campaign with or defend trump after audio surfaced last friday of trump making lewd comments about
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politicians hashing out things that are 30 years ago. at the waukesha county business luncheon thursday... where ryan was invited to be the guest speaker... the congressman from janesville said he wasnt going to engage in any mud- slinging. instead he dedicated much of his time onstage to talking about taxes... national security and healthcare. this will be a substantive talk. those in attendance applauded ryans decision to 'take the high road.' what i liked is that he dismissed it a little bit in terms of the value and the its smart. very very smart to stay out of the weeds. ryan didn't take questions from reporter but was suppored to do a q and a with attendees. however after his speech he left immediately. the president and ceo of the alliance says he had a last minute schedule conflict and had to cancel. reporting in brookfield, madeline anderson fox6 news.
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entire statement on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. click the "politics" tab. next week, donald trump will be back wisconsin for a campaign rally. he'll be at the state fairgrounds in west allis at seven p-m on monday. earlier that day -- he's got a rally in green bay. governor scott walker, house speaker paul ryan and u.s. senator ron johnson - will not be attending either event. as of right now -- hillary clinton's campaign does not have any scheduled tomorrow, tune in to fox 6 for the debate between republican senator "ron johnson" and his democratic challenger "russ feingold." that starts at seven p-m. then at eight, it's a "you decide election special." followed by fox 6 news at 9 and ten. that's all tomorrow night -- here on fox 6. earlier this month we showed you surveillance video of a woman stealing a "donald trump" sign from a home in walworth county---tonight,
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after two of his trump signs were missing from his yard. footage shows a woman stealing a sign and taking off. the town of geneva police chief confirms they have identified the woman. she's from elkhorn and is not in custody. the walworth county district attorney will decide on any possible charges. new at 9:00 - rats! pests have moved into a milwaukee neighborhood near 92-nd and lisbon... and theyre really tearing up the place! its so bad... some peop live outside the department of neighborhood services at the zeidler building downtown with more on their struggle. officials tell us that area is a difficult case. and it turns out... the big problem... is a home where the owner moved out long ago. nat 'the house has been abandoned for - i want to say two years now.' its the empty house on the block.... causing a big problem. dv 'an infestation of rats, to
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living next to this home near 92-nd and lisbon tell us... when the homeowner moved out... hundreds of unwanted guests moved in. dv 'they just seem to be popping up - i cant seem to control them.' for evidence of the problem, look no further than michelle griegers backyard. mg 'they are going all along the back of the garage and the fence line.' its so bad... she says her patio bricks have shifted. shes dropped rat poison in the many holes left by t nat 'shes smelling because she knows - thats the first place she bolts to.' ...but shes worried about daisy and tegan... her curious dogs... taking a bite of something they shouldnt be getting into. nat 'thats a good girl.' so whats being done to rid the rats? we reached out to officials with milwaukees department of neighborhood services. a residential building code enforcement manager says this location is a big problem. 'our inspectors
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this an active site and a difficult case. probably the biggest issue there - is the abandoned home.' ms 'were not seeing any results.' the problem is so bad... grieger is considering joining some of her other neighbors who have decided to pack up... and leave altogether. ms 'if they cant come up with something, i want to move too.' city officials assure me they are working in that area and hope to bait more spots with rat poison in the coming days. we also reached out to the alderman of that area... were told hes also aware of the situation and working to find a solution. reporin news. ted thanks bret the video is tough to watch it captures what went down in a police interrogation room the suspect, handcuffed to the
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police detective. and now, that former detective is finding out just how long he'll be in prison for his actions. an unusual crime in kenosha county. explosive devices found in public places. why investigators think popular youtube videos could be sparking this dangerous trend. and it's been a long road to recovery for this little guy, but tonight -- good news for the cudahy fox named lucky. those stories are coming up in the next 9 minutes.
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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calling it a "tragedy from all sides".. a judge orders a former milwaukee police detective behind bars. rodolfo gomez junior - will serve a year in jail for punching a handcuffed suspect while he interrogating him. fox6's angelica sanchez spoke with the victim's family after the sentencing. surveill of 2013 shows former milwaukee police detective rodolfo gomez jr interrogating suspect deron love for the death of his own baby. you love, visibly upset, stands up. gomez responds by striking him in the face. it escalates when gomez punches love in the face again, then in the head and knees him in the torso. love handcuffed to the wall never fought
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love was cleared as a suspect in his son's death. he's now in prison for an unrelated incident. gomez was charged for misconduct but found not guilty in his state trial. soon after, he was indicted on federal charges of for violating love's civil rights. gomez plead guilty in june. on thursday gomez was sentenced to one year and one day behind bars. loves family said, that's not enough. different than anybody else. like if me or you would've done what he did we probably would've gotten 20 years automatically. "horrible a year and a day for an officer who beat someone handcuffed is not right. i feel like he got away with it." gomez -- a father of four-- told the court he's lost everything since the incident: his life savings...marriage and dream job in law enforcement. the judge said she took this into consideration when handing down the sentence.. recommended by the assistant u-s attorney in the case.
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gone harder on him." angie tag "the courts have allowed gomez to voluntarily surrender to authorities on december 16th. reporting in milwaukee i'm angelica sanchez fox 6 news. a milwaukee man is charged in a fatal crash in menomonee falls. according to the criminal complaint -- quentin hazelwood stopped his car in the center lane on i-41... and put it in reverse... when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. he told poli h center lane when he slammed on his brakes.. hazelwood's car was hit from behind by another vehicle. his 29-year-old passenger died at the hospital. three other people were injured. strange and potentially dangerous discoveries in kenosha county. for the second time in two days - unexploded car airbags were discovered left in out-of-the-way public places. fox6's myra sanchick has more from the town of somers where the first airbag was found. it all began in this rural area
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suspicious object for anyone walking past it was hard to miss. ...taped to a railroad crossing ahead warning sign this is a picture of what turned out to be a live airbag device mounted to a sign. the kenosha county bomb squad came to get it due to the potential danger. the airbags technically explode. there's a chemical reaction or explosive device that makes the bag inflate with nitrog could cause significant damage or even injury or possibly even death if that wasn't unusual enough, wednesday it happened again. this time in pleasant prairie. this is the airbag that was discovered on a picnic table bench of a local business. police were called. investigators aren't sure why someone
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is speculation that videos of airbag exploding on you tube, might be prompting it. the same reason kids set off fireworks, just to see what would happen in the area where one of the explosive devices was found neighbors just think it's odd. don bugalecki-neighborthis could be a bad habit. i don't understand why they do something like this officials say if you run across any suspicious item like we've shown you in this story. don't touch it, call the somers myra sanchick fox6 news a threatening note is found at a grafton middle school it happened just before 2-30 today. a teacher found the message on a bathroom stall at john long middle school. students and staff were evacuated according to protocol -- and all evening activities are canceled. grafton police are now investigating.. for a wisconsin family - the wait is finally over. after 66 years, a soldier's remains ?are returned home from korea.
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homecoming of corporal donald hendrickson. thursday, it brings tears to your eyes, no matter what. donald hendrickson is heading home. you, youve accepted this long ago, but the reality of him coming home is different. on the tarmac at general mitchell international airport, his family gathers to greet the remains of army corporal donald hendrickson, who, at 19 years old, is reported missing in action, in north korea, in a lot of things go through your mind. after 'donny' is declared dead in 1953, for decades, relatives recall sharing stories, and looking at letters, to maintain their memories, all-the- while, hoping to, one day, retrieve his remains. whether it was from our mother, our grandmother, we heard about him, and it was as if he was, he was there. we were getting to know him, as we were growing up. gram saved all of his letters, and so, weve been
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in 2001, corporal hendricksons remains are discovered, and, through dna analysis, they are matched with relatives, who accompany the janesville soldier back home, to his final resting place. grams never quit trying. never quit trying. this was her dying wish. this was our mothers dying wish ... theyre all smiling, together, now. corporal hendrickson will be laid to rest in janesvilles oak hill cemetery. services are scheduled for saturday when an executive order, from the governor, will have flags flying at half-staff, to honor the corporal. this is the latest, in milwaukee. im justin williams, fox 6 news. lucky the fox -- is - once again he was released back into the wild this afternoon near the warnimont golf course. lucky had been at the humane society for several weeks getting treatment -- after he was found with a rat trap on his front paw. check out pictures from lucky's recovery on fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search
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new tonight - controversial comments from a u-w madison student.. he says all white people are inherently racist.. how he's using sweatshirts to spread his message.. and she had a nursing license.. problem is .. police say it wasn't hers! the bizarre case of identity
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you are watching fox 6 news at 9. a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into effect late
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again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. more sun on friday and a bit warmer with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms, mainly saturday night into sunday morning. another chance for scatterd tonight: clear and cold. frost likely. low: 38 dewpoint: 31 wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: morning frost inland. mostly sunny. high: 62 dewpoint: 40
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theft .. a wisconsin woman allegedly steals an identity - to become a nurse! and officials say that wasn't the only thing she doctored.. and he likes to keep a full schedule. coming up, tim van vooren goes beyond the game with a freshman in high school who stays busy by doing something very rare.
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the identity of a milwaukee woman. the most disturbing part -- is that she was using her nursing credentials. to be more specific, she used the woman's nursing license to get a job as an r.n. a job officials say she was unqualified for. beverly taylor is here to explain. 1: standpoint it's pretty eeky that someone would do that. :36 icky is not a legal term but from an emotional standpoint it might be the right fit. police say this woman, 40 year old jennifer browne from the wisconsin dells area stole the identity of a milwaukee woman. specifically, she stole her nursing license number and used it to gain employment as a registered nurse at reedsburg area medical center in may of this year. from a legal standpoint this is a felony. browne is charged with
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"and the lies started to compound to the degree where they were overlapping to such a degree that we were able to bring those back to her and then she just cut off all communication with us.according to the criminal complaint those lies ranged from convoluted explanations of why the nursing license number and her name don't match to why the schools she listed as attending have no record of her graduating. the medical center fired her in august. :23 "you feel embarrassed. you feel taken advantage of. i guess the same that any victim would feel. wasn't the only one seeming decieved. browne worked at north central health center as an rn in wausau for six months before going to reedsburg. 2:03 "using someone's information, it happens pretty frequently. but to use it to get employment in a medical setting, claiming to have credentials that don't exist, i think that's pretty rare." :16 browne was still going through training at the reedsburg medical center when other hospital employees brought up concerns
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browne, but hope she will arrive for her court appearance next month. beverly taylor fox 6 news. the milwaukee bucks hoping to catch fire this season while hoping your home doesn't. the team joining forces with the milwaukee fire department today to help make sure people have working smoke alarms in their homes. the m-f-d spoke to a group of about 50 elementary school kids -- hoping they will pass the information on to their parents. person your family who has gone through this type of training. that puts a lot of responsibility on you to share this information with your parents, with your brothers, sisters and all of your friends. we hope you take that seriously, will you do that for us?? yes!!! alright." after speaking with the kids -- the bucks volunteers and fire officials went around and checked smoke alarms
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every bedroom in the home should have working smoke alarms. your freshman year in high school can be pretty challenging, that's even if you don't play a sport at the varsity level.... a local athlete is meeting the challenge.... tim van vooren goes beyond the game.... there aren't many high schoolers who can sum themselves up as accurately as austin peters... 142941 "i just love doing sports.... i love being busy." 142943 austin is a freshman on the waukesha north cross country varsity.... he is also a fresh varsity... and yes, those are both fall sports.... 143423 "i just have fun doing them both... running always came naturally to me, i have always loved doing long distance... it's just fun doing two sports and being busy.... do you have any time for schoolwork ?? yeah, at night." 143437 most days after school, here's how things go for austin.... get dressed for cross country practice and take part in the workout.... he is one of the team's top five
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time, at about 5:15, he heads into the locker room to put on his football gear and then comes out to catch the tail end of that team's practice... he is the kicker and punter.... 145426 "he knows what he has to do, he's a tremendous time manager.... that's one of the life skills i am always teaching our guys." 145432 145444 "that's really going to help him balance it all because i really do see him doing it all and i see him being successful doing it all." 145451 northstars cross country coach jamie mosley kept austin's situation in mind his team's meets this season.... and football coach matt harris, who went to school with austin's mom, is similarly flexible... 150813 "i have to change practice.... sometimes i can't do kick off team or extra point at the beginning of practice like sometimes i'd like to, but it's fine, i'll take the trade-off." 150823 144955 "to kick at the varsity level and to run cross country at the varsity level, i think that speaks to his maturity... i think if he wasn't the kid that he was, i think it would be a lot harder for him to both, first of all, but especially to do so at that level." 145010 151530 "austin is
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he'll play basketball, he'll run track, he'll play baseball.... that's five sports in school year... he's not really to give any of them up, and the best thing about it is, nobody really thinks he'll need to." 151544 151006 "i mean they're in high school.... at this point, if he's going to be a division one college athlete in any sport, he's going to get there... and i think it's important that the kids are able to do whatever they want, whenever they want in this type of atmosphere once in your life." 151022 and after all, austin loves it.... in waukesha, tim van vooren, fox six sports... when it comes to producing, austin is doing so on both teams.... his times make him a counter in cross country.... and he is 29 for 29 on extra points and 2 for 2 on field goals in
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controversy at uw-madison.. .. and it's all over his sweatshirts.. all white people are inherently racist, if they want to believe it or not." coming up - the student's message - and why some say it's misdirected.. plus - packers fans expect a victory over the dallas cowboys.. but will "lucky" the another cold and frosty night ahead but a big warm up is on the way. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up.
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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there's a showdown sunday as the dallas cowboys head to lambeau field. packers fans expect another victory, but what about the pups from the wisconsin humane society? pip joins us
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"hello again everybody and i can not wait until sunday and i'm pumped right now because just like the pack the pups from the wisconsin humane society picked up another win last week so can they keep the winning streak going against the cowboys sunday afternoon at lambeau field. the lovely and talented angela speed from the wisconsin humane society joining us with, he's full grown he's in the prime of his career, he weighs 11 pounds, a terrier more about lucky angela." "lucky is such an adorable little dog. i am falling in love with hi,. he is 3- years-old, he's a terrier mix and he so social. he likes to go up to new people and meet them, he would do great with other dogs and he is currently looking for a new home along with lots of other wonderful dogs, cats and kittens at the humane society and we've got doves actually. we are looking forward to placing him along
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you and you're team. you can learn more about lucky and all the great pets at the wisconsin humane society by heading to our website alright you know the score, every week the packers have been picked by the pups. the record 3 and 1 for the green and gold and also for the lucky yopu going to break that streak or are you going for the pack against dallas this sunday afternoon at la hand." oh, no hesitation, this is unbelievable right there to the packers. you feeling good about that?" "i brought the right dog." "yes you did. well you can watch the big game this sunday against the packers and the cowboys sunday at 3:25 right here on fox 6, then comes a special postgame blitz with reaction live from lambeau. so angela thank you so very much. lucky you as well. and remember sports fans sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. what did you think of that? yea, too
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sunny but brisk today - will we warm up for the weekend? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. it's called "flood the hood with dreams." how a new program is teaching milwaukee kids compassion - and a sense of community. and controversy at uw madison - student - says he's trying to
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in the search for better, sometimes, less is just so much more. at subway, our new tender, juicy autumn carved turkey sandwich may look like a lot. but we're actually making it with a lot less. this thick-cut oven-roasted turkey is made without artificial preservatives or flavors. which are good things to have less of. instead, it's made with sliced cheddar, 9-grain wheat bread, and our all new cranberry mustard sauce
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we'll give you another look at the injured fox pup - who's been nursed back to health and released back in the wild. several area malls will close their doors on thanksgiving -- but today - others announce they will be open for the the southridge mall in greendale along with the pleasant prairie and johnson creek premium outlets say they'll all open on thanksgiving day this year. all three are owned by the same real estate company, "simon property group" out of indianapolis. yesterday -- bayshore town center and brookfield square both said they'll be closed this year on thanksgiving. marquette university breaking ground on a new 96-million-dollar residence hall on november 2nd. the co-ed
9:47 pm
bed towers at 17th and wells -- just west of downtown milwaukee. the dorms will be ready for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal.
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weather a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into effect late tonight and conitnues into friday morning. cold again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. more
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with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms, mainly saturday night into sunday morning. another chance for scattered t-storms expected monday. likely. low: 38 dewpoint: 31 wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: morning frost inland. mostly sunny. high: 62 dewpoint: 40 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. am low: 52 high:
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mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms, mainly in the morning. am low: 61 high: 70 dewpoint: 59 wind: n-ne 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with the chance for t-storms. am low: 58 high: 70 dewpoint: 60 wind partly sunny. am low: 57 high: 68 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-15 mph a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into effect late tonight and conitnues into friday morning. cold again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s
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with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms, mainly saturday night into sunday morning. another chance for scattered t-storms expected monday. tonight: clear and cold. frost likely. low: 38 dewpoint: 31 wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: mornig high: 62 dewpoint: 40 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. am low: 52 high: 70 dewpoint: 56 wind: se 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms, mainly in
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high: 70 dewpoint: 59 wind: n-ne 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with the chance for t-storms. am low: 58 high: 70 dewpoint: 60 wind: w 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 57 high: 68 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-15 mph anchors thanks weather you can expect to pay more for your winter heating bill this year than last year. that's the message from government analysts who've gone through forecasts for a colder winter.
9:53 pm
through march are likely to be higher for all four main heating fuels. those include natural gas, electricity, heating oil and propane. mild temperatures last year gave consumers a break.. but government meteorologists expect a colder winter this year in the midwest, northeast and south. thousands of students from the north side of milwaukee... spread a message of hope and success. its called 'flood the hood with dreams' fox6s deandra corinthios shows you what it is all about. college prep lloyd street full of inspiration ' i try to feed homeless people and clean up the community' ' i think i influence others to do what i do and get good grades' each student...looking for ways to change their community for the better... "what do you think needs to be better?" "people not stealing cars and breaking into buildings'
9:54 pm
prep campuses come together...for the 'flood the hood with dreams' event... it is a day dedicated to highlighting everything positive about their communities... "really just honing in on the fact that academics are so important and that can change an entire community" "they are flooded on a daily basis with so much negativity and it is so important that we flood them with hope optimism and dreams" an event organizers say is all the more important...after this summers violence and unrest in sherman park. 'these are very challenging time for us in our city. a lot of people are wondering where are our leaders goingt come from? and the answer is so simple, because all of our leaders and heroes are going to come from right here" challenging students to be role models... "do you help others? are you kind?" and celebrate their successes. in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. a heads up to drivers who use
9:55 pm
all lanes on southbound interstate-41 will be closed at watertown plank road friday night at ten. the shutdown will last through sunday morning. crews will be working to install some new tub-girders for one of the system ramps. klipstein says: "in order to reconstruct this big of an interchange, there is going to be inconvenience to the traveling public. we try our best to limit that... but in this case we are closing 41 south because for safety reasons, we cannot place these girders over live traffic." plan ahead. there are expected to be delays during the day on saturday. samsung expands its recall of galaxy note seven devices in the u-s.... the recall affects nearly all of the 2 million original and replacement note seven devices. according ton the consumer product safety commission website -- nearly one hundred batteries overheated on the phones -- and about a dozen people suffered burns.
9:56 pm
were also overheating. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york has made his first court appearance. via video phone - "ahmad khan rahimi" pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder of police. the afghan-born u.s. citizen has been hospitalized with gunshot wounds since a police shootout that led to his capture last month. rahimi is accused of detonating a pipe bomb in new jersey and a pres york city - injuring 31 people. a one-month-old baby is dead after falling six stories in an elevator shaft. it happened in brooklyn this morning. officials says the infant's 21-year-old mother was on the 23rd floors waiting for the elevator. when the doors opened she pushed the stroller in--- not realizing the elevator car was not there. the child fell six stories and landed on the elevator car on the 17th floor.
9:57 pm
a student at the university of wisconsin-madison is causing a stir with his personally-created sweatshirt. the clothing features racially charged statements that the student hopes sparks conversation. but critics say it sends the wrong message. saira anwar reports. eneale pickett/sweatshirt creator "all white people are inherently racist, if they want to believe it or not." as eneale pickett goes about his sophomore year at the university eneale pickett/sweatshirt creator "i'm planning to have people check their privileges." he's creating a stir with these. racially charged sweatshirts and shirts. eneale pickett/sweatshirt creator "people have been talking about race, sexuality and gender, but now i'm doing it to make them uncomfortable." last month, he debuted the sweatshirts on etsy, which soon drew attention on social media. michael johnson/president, dane county boys and girls club "shirts like this, it's just not right." local leader in the african-american community, michael johnson, says eneale is going about this the wrong way. michael johnson/president, dane county boys and girls club "are there racist people? yes. are all white people racist? absolutely not." there's
9:58 pm
god complex, i'm going to have to show the world that they are human". eneale pickett/sweatshirt creator "what i meant to really do with that is if there's no justice, there's no peace. it's people that look like me that's dying every day in the street." michael johnson/president, dane county boys and girls club "despite that we all have our freedom of speech, i think this kind of tone and rhetoric divides us." even though eneale has received death threats, he intends on still selling the sweatshirts to keep creating the conversations on race. eneale pickett/sweatshirt creator "people have been centering around whiteness or centering around other people's feelings, and that's not what i'm trying to do." so far pickett has sold 40 sweatshirts. according to pickett's facebook page, etsy, the website used to sell the shirts, has removed the sweatshirt listings multiple times. michael johnson says he hopes to meet with pickett to discuss different ways to express his message.
9:59 pm
now at 10: targeting the elderly. the search for a serial armed robber. plus -- dv 'an infestation of rats, to put it very simply.' it's gotten so bad -- some people want to move. the neighborhood fighting it -- and how one home is making the problem so much worse. and -- "she didn't hvae a pulse she was not breathing so i started cpr." located went to the window and saved his life." selfless. extraordinary. heroic. all words used to describe these people. the lives they saved -- and how they're being honored. good evening. we will get to those stories in just a moment but first -- we have a frost advisory to tell you about. it covers all of southeastern wisconsin -- and goes into effect in just a few hours. and many areas --- already in the 30's tonight! weather expert tom wachs is in the weather center with what to
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