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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  October 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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anywhere -- with the fox 6 storm center app. it's free for apple and android. the house next door to these milwaukee folks - is a real rats nest. many neighbors near 92-nd and lisbon say an abandoned property has been a magnet for rats. theyre killing handfuls each day... and spotting dozens more scurrying by. fox6s bret lemoine is live downtown outside the department of zeidler building with more. neighbors say they have complained to the city for months... and they just cant take it anymore. neighbors living next to this home near 92-nd and lisbon tell us... when the homeowner moved out... hundreds of unwanted guests moved in. dv 'i noticed them in our garage. set traps, caught
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look no further than michelle griegers backyard. mg 'they are trenching all along the fence line.' its so bad... she says her patio bricks have shifted. shes dropped rat poison in the many holes left by the vermin... nat 'shes smelling because she knows - thats the first place she bolts to.' ...but shes worried about daisy and tegan... her curious dogs... taking a bite of something they shouldnt be getting into. nat 'thats a good girl.' so whats being done to rid the rats? milwaukees department of neighborhood services. a residential building code enforcement manager says this location is a big problem. 'our inspectors have been baiting in that area for the last year. we consider this an active site and a difficult case. probably the biggest issue there - is the abandoned home.' mg 'i dont even want to come out here anymore. its made me very nervous.' the problem is so bad... grieger is considering joining some of her other neighbors who have decided to pack up... and leave altogether. dv 'just be careful in this
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we also reached out to the alderman of that area... were told hes also aware of the situation and working to find a solution. reporting live in mke, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret a pursuit ends with three teens ar afternoon. milwaukee police say it started near 65th and starke -- after officers spotted a stolen jeep. it was taken just an hour earlier in a carjacking. the pursuit ended on green bay road -- near kletzsch park. two 18-year-olds and a 17-year-old were taken into custody. police also recovered a gun. vulnerable victims. police say someone in greenfield is preying on the elderly. the criminal is responsible for at least three robberies and he's not afraid to use a gun. fox 6's ashley sears is live at the greenfield police department with the
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police say the suspect stole the victims' wallets and purses. and he was caught on camera using a stolen credit card. now, police are hoping someone recognizes him. 41:49 it gets you angry. they are crimes--that would make anyone upset-- 40:52 yeah, i mean, where does it end? for james wayer, they hit too close to home. 41:13 just a coward, just a coward. his mother lives in a greenfield senior learned--thursday, those places have become targets of a criminal. 41:37 those are vulnerable people over there, you know? greenfield police say this man is connected to at least three robberies of elderly people. the first took place at 93rd and howard. 23:34 offered to help her carry in her groceries but instead--the suspect walked away with something else. 23:45 he removed her wallet from her purse without her knowing. police say the suspect moved down the street--to 92nd and
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22:35 he claimed he had a gun on him and said if he didnt give him his wallet he was going to kill his wife. days later, he struck again, this time he preyed on a woman near howard and prairie hill. 24:17 as she was helping him, he came up behind her and put a gun in the back of her back and demanded her wallet. police say this man used the stolen credit cards and was caught on camera-- they are hoping someone knows something--and the crimes come 42:31 he belongs behind bars is where he belongs. these incidents happened at the beginning of the month. police say they don't want people to be scared, but just aware. if you recognize the man in the photo, call greenfield police. live in greenfield, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley milwaukee police make an arrest in a hit and run crash on milwaukee's south side that left a woman seriously
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was crossing the street when she was hit near cesar chavez and greenfield last week.the family saysmay-ehk mayek suffered brain trauma and several broken bones. a former milwaukee police officer will spend one year behind bars for beating a suspect handcuffed to a wall. ?in august of 2013, rodolfo gomez junior repeatedly punched a suspect he was interrogating. ?gomez faced local charges of misconduct in office.. but a jury found h 2015. this past june, he plead guilty to federal charges. the victim's family says the sentence doesn't go far enough. "he's in blue they treat police different than anybody else. like if me or you would've done what he did we probably would've gotten 20 years automatically. watch the news and someone does that to an officer lets see how many years they got." the judge says she took into
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future losses while in jail when sentencing him. to presidential politics -- where both candidates are dealing with another round of controversies. new leaked emails show more of hillary clinton's paid wall-street speeches. and donald trump -- threatening to sue the new york times after accusations of sexual assault. the times recently printed an article with two women who claimed trump made unwanted physical and sexual advances. trump says the claims are demanding a retraction. meanwhile -- hillary clinton's campaign dealing with more email problems. the email account of one of her closest advisors -- john podesta -- was hacked and many of the emails released. they show some of the excerpts of her paid wall street speeches that clinton has refused to release. podesta says the f-b-i is investigating the hack. before the final debate -- donald trump will be back in
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fairgrounds at 7 p-m on monday... earlier that day -- he's schedule to appear in green bay for a rally at the "k-i convention center." that event happens at 4 p-m. you'll need tickets to get into the rally. you can find more details on our website, fox6 now dot com. as of right now -- hillary clinton's campaign does not have any scheduled appearances in wisconsin. here in wisconsin -- house speaker paul ryan earns a after ignoring donald trump. the presidential candidate attacked ryan on twitter this week criticizing his lack of support. stephanie grady joins us in the studio with ryan's response. paul ryan spoke at today's waukesha county business alliance luncheon and did not specifically address trump's tweets. to take you back -- this past monday, speaker ryan held a conference call with republican lawmakers and said he would not campaign for trump after that hot-mic video from 2005 surfaced late last week...
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comments about women. trump then took to twitter calling ryan a quote "ineffective leader" and said members on the call "went wild at his disloyalty" to the party. forget about the buzz of the day and forget about the twitter storm thats going on in the last 20 minutes i assume, the last five minutes. this is who we are, this is what we believe. speaker ryan reiterated in today's speech that he wanted to focus on the ep mudslinging. he spent time talking about taxes, national security and healthcare. and many of those in attendance say they applaud ryan's decision to quote "take the high road" back to you. tune in for the debate between republican senator "ron johnson" and his democratic challenger "russ feingold" tomorrow - starting at 7. then at eight, stick with us for a "you decide election special"-- followed
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like to boast about the type of person they hire. theres one car dealership on the northwest side that can make a truly unique claim: for two straight years, theyve had an employee honored by the city...for helping save someones life. a.j. bayatpour has their story... in a room full of first responders... christine gaspardo fits right in. not only because she was an e-m-t for 15 years. she was lying on the sidewalk right here. back working the desk at hart auto when a frantic customer ran in. all i could get from him was someone outside needed help. on the sidewalk, an unconscious woman. gaspardo knew she had overdosed. she was very thin and they have that sunken-in look in their face. christine did c-p-r until the rescue crew got there with narcan. the woman was saved. im just like a proud father.
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larry rowells employees helped save someone. in january 2015, a fire raged in a house just a few doors down. luke czuma choo-mah ran into the house along with larry when they heard a kid was trapped inside. something told me the kid was gonna be in the last room on the left-hand side and i crawled all the way through the hallway, opened the door, seen the kid there. he was yelling the kids in here! the kids in here! but the fire shot in my face. i had to get out of there. luke was able to give firefighters the boys location. the five-year-old survived. we were just the right time, you know. once again, a hart auto employee is honored at the fire departments awards ceremony. shaking hands with the mayor and fire chief, gaspardo is grateful - but reluctant to call herself a hero. its in my blood. you just react, you just do. christine says she still thinks about the rescue every day - because she wants to know how that woman is doing. christine says being able to meet that woman would really bring all of this full circle.
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academy, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. mary thanks aj a bizarre trend is keeping law enforcement busy in kenosha county. where they're finding these airbags -- and why getting rid of them requires the bomb squad. plus. lucky the fox -- living up to his name. after getting his paw stuck in a trap he faced an uncertain future. tonight... the fox is free! wha him a clean bill of
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potentially dangerous objects in unusual places. that's what kenosha county officials are investigating. in the town of somers the kenosha county bomb squad was called to what turned out to be an airbag from a car, taped to a railroad crossing sign. in the town of pleasant prairie, another airbag was discovered. this one was left on the bench of a picnic table near a business. the airbags technically explode. there's a chemical reaction or explosive device that makes the bag the force of that explosion could cause significant damage or even injury or possibly even death officials say if you find something similiar to what's in the pictures we showed you, don't touch it, call the authorities. more than six decades after he is declared missing-in-action, ...the remains of a wisconsin soldier
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mitchell family members gathered to greet the remains of army corporal donald hendrickson. he was 19-years-old when he was reported m-i-a in north korea in 1950. he was declared dead in 1953. his remains weren't discovered until 2001. grams never quit trying. never quit trying. this was her dying wish. this was our mothers dying wish ... theyre all smiling, together, now. corporal hendrickson will be laid to hill cemetary. intermet services are scheduled for saturday. new tonight. he faced an uncertain future. he defied the odds. and tonight... he's free once again. we were there as "lucky the fox" was released back into the wild... it started as a search... jennifer says: "this was a whole community coming together." a search for a fox --- caught in a precarious position. scott says:
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paw injury caused by a rat trap." broken bones -- and tissue damage. scott says: "it looked bad. it looked bad for him." it was followed by an uncertain recovery.... scott says: "we were really concerned about circulatory damage, nerve damage." ... or worse... scott says: "that he might lose a portion of that paw or the whole paw." he didn't get the name "lucky" for nothing.... scott says: "healed up fast." and thursday -- after weeks of treatment -- he became a free fox once again. jennifer says: "where he grew his family is." his rehab -- thanks in large part -- to the community.... jennifer says: "we raised a lot of money, and that's a good thing." ... and a local bakery -- stepping up to raise more than a thousand dollars. jennifer says: "if they didn't come to buy bakery goods, they just came to donate money." and with a clean bill of health -- wildlife officials are fairly certain... scott says: "this is a good time of year for him." he'll do just fine -- jennifer says: "it's going to be cool to see him back out in the wild where he belongs, where he
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a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into ef and conitnues into friday morning. cold again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. more sun on friday and a bit warmer with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms, mainly
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scattered t-storms expected monday. tonight: clear and cold. frost likely. low: 38 dewpoint: 31 wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: morning frost inland. mostly sunny. high: 62 dewpoint: 40 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. high: 70 dewpoint: 56 wind: se 5-15 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for t-storms, mainly in the morning. am low: 61 high: 70 dewpoint: 59 wind: n-ne 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny with the chance for t-storms. am low:
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mph tuesday: partly sunny. am low: 57 high: 68 dewpoint: 61 wind: se 5-15 mph a frost advisory for all of southeast wisconsin goes into effect late tonight and conitnues into friday morning. cold again tonight with frost likely, temperatures will fall into the low 30s inland, upper 30s lakeside. warmer with highs in the low 60s. 70s return for the weekend along with showers and t-storms, mainly saturday night into sunday morning. another chance for scattered t-storms expected monday. tonight: clear
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wind: sw 2-4 mph friday: morning frost inland. mostly sunny. high: 62 dewpoint: 40 wind: s 5-15 mph saturday: increasing clouds with the chance for t-storms at night. am low: 52
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packers is sent packing, but will this be the last we see of him? and he's been a pleasant surprise on the defense. tim van vooren checks in with the early star on that side of the ball when we come back with sports.. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room.
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there's something to be said for and the packers nick perry is proof as he leads the team with 4 1/2 sacks and has helped the run defense lead the league. tim van vooren has more on the
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sunday afternoon.... stay tuned for postgame coverage, featuring defensive lineman mike daniels, live from lambeau... and don't forget the fox six sports blitz this and every sunday night at 10:35.... meanwhile it was a tough day for joe callahan, the packers released the quarterback. no replacement has been named yet to fill the vacated roster spot. with a national tv audience and a sold out, boisterous crowd, the badgers are hoping to ride the emotions associated with their game to a win against the badgers. a something many players haven't experienced yet in their wisconsin careers. "i know it's going to be crazy and we're gonna feed off of energy coming from fans but it's our job to make the fans go crazy." the woodland conference title on the line tonight in greenfield as they hosted pewaukee. down by 16 in the 4th, greenfield climbs back into the game with the moves and speed of ezekiel banks, going 97 yards on the kick return and
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but brandon berg runs in from 4 yards out to seal the win for the pirates. they take the woodland conference title with the 37-29 win. two undefeated teams battling for the city conference championship, riverside vs king. and justice king calls his ownb number and nobody's going to catch him, 25 yards for the touchdown and it's 21-0 generals. king living up to his name in this one, shaking off tackler after tackler, 4 in all and 20 yards later it's another conference champion and remains unbeaten with the 28-8 win. tomorrow night is our 9th edition of the high school blitz and our game of the week winner is kewaskum at campbellsport. tom pipines will be there to feature the game on fox 6 news at 6, 9 and have highlights and reaction during the blitz at 10. thanks to those who voted as we had more than 53,000 votes this week.
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pacific holiday train schedule is out! the train, decked out in holiday lights, collects food and donations on its journey. the train is in wauwatosa on december 6th. we've got a full list of stops on our website fox 6 now dot com.
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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you know, it's funny. paula and i actually met because of elaine. elaine is in my drawing class at the new school. and i went there one day to see... a nude model. if elaine wanted to go get some coffee. i once went out with a nude model. never let me see her naked. hundreds of people see her naked every week except me. uite vexing. are you through? yeah. so anyway, i started to compliment elaine on her sketches, and it turns out they're paula's. george, i just like to doodle. oop. dropped my napkin. [whispering] jerry! what? what are you doing? what? she had those nuts in her mouth. she just spit them out! oh!


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