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tv   FOX 6 News Debate Analysis  FOX  October 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:00pm CDT

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election -- both presidential isis both president clinton and setm with philly clinton e-mail problems, trump a tape from 2005 they will do whatever is necessary clintons are criminals remember that. think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents home canyon for u.s. senate where off in their first debate. that evening welcome to the fox takes you to set election special tax law our live team coverage with their came.e.
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first geopolitical plan. he's been covering that's our debate and just watch. good evening to you you just saw here on fox 62 candidates with two very different philosophies and very different ideas on how to solve the nation's problem that was for sure. there were no fireworks and thew debate and that was because the format didn't allow any conversation between the two candidates at this point while to see changed by the hour that you just saw here of course this race is within the margin of air accord to the latest market law school paul applied to points they got to the don trump issue right away tonight of coarse ron johnson still supporting don trump not revoking his endorsement as other republicans have done he says he's not as close to trump as russ is to hillary clinton. i'm not been shy about
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i'm not going to defend the indefensible which chieflb difference between myself and senator who must be about the last american things hillary clinton as trustworthy.r all search for the agreement also for those areas but i will hold whoever is president accountable i have a chance to follow the lead of the other senators republican senators. also and tough reelection sides. where said no enough i'm not going to support donald trump. i challenge him to do the same because it is just wrong. this is why these times you have to be an american first. not a politician running for office. not republican or democrat but an american. on issues from health care to ices to paid family leave these two are following their party's positions pretty closely it was interesting the moderatorsli asd
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the national health care law is changed ron johnson who wants tremendous overhaul of the healthcare law once it repealed said he would keep the provision that allows children to stay on the parents plan until age 26 other than that the finals week on national security while feingold: many of the domestic issues saying that ron johnson was not looking out for average wisconsinites bled. you mention off the top there we been saying a lot of the debate that happened thus far this election season but they deftly have some shots at last five minutes are so especially when it came to gun control both of them we had different sides i came to that. that's absolutely true here again a situation where both candidates are very much on their party's position on this issue ron johnson does not want any background checks at gun
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that sort of thing addition to what we have right now russ feingold says it is simply crazy i think he said that ron johnson was just wrong on that issue by johnson says additional gun control that will not solve the violence problem the mass shooting problems in this n. headline writers tonight scratching their heads trying to figure out what wod . not a lot of fireworks in this debate something that the moderators wanted they want to ask each candidates are question
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think eachch of these candidates theyn really can hang their hat on tonight i thought was classic and we saw traditional left of center @they both articular the viewpoint inspect them that appeared the middle of the eyes. were used to political debate as entertainment tonight was an
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got directly from them. in your opinion do think the political comment now as much different than it was six years ago? no doubt about it. because you have a midterm election a smaller a lector smaller electors in wisconsin ski republicans a higher turnout and a high turnout presidential election the results tend to skew democratic so ron johnson has the easier time six years ago the tougher time this time around. when you watch this is this a battle for each of these to make sure they energize their base. this is a battle from the undecided. wisconsin politics has changed so much want their wisconsinites we're really independent and were swing voters regard to the points of 40 to 45 percent are always bring democratic the same
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aren't that many undecideds and senate races i think there's a little more give so ron johnson was to appeal to those middle of the road democrats and he wants to feel the middle of the road republicans such different from the presidential race. the first question is asked by the moderator talking about aligning themselves hundred percent with their party's candidate in feingold of caused by confetti hundred percent ron johnson not as much. careful walking through the tulips where wisconsinites are tending now i'm not to split their about as much as they used to it always used to be reflexive i'm running for one party for president of arts we all vote for the oh governor are u.s. s i think there's less and less of that going on. so ron johnson shipwright here is somewhat depending on the ties of the corruption that have you lived in this situation and
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if you miss the u.s. senate debate that happen here from seven to eight on fox 6 of you want to go watch and backs and parts of it you can go to fox 6 .com /pause six and will be right there. we in you've heard from mordecai about how he got a senate candidate did this eve interesting to state senators wayne index are studio plus falling out to people handing out the credentials of federal judge acquitted criticized and wisconsin.n. what it means if you still need a photo id before the election
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with the senate debate wrapped up -- how do members of johnson and feingold's parties think their respective candidates fared? let's go over to ted perry who is joined by two state senators. i'm joined now by republican state senator "leah vukmir" and democratic state senator "lena taylor." adlib interview.
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what issue and work on just talk about the senate race is hard to separate presidential politics senator i'll start with you what issue is vital and the senate race to wisconsinites that was touched on tonight guide do a nap to say that's was going to give me in your case reelected. there's no doubt my mind this race is tightening up and that the momentum is going in the direction of senator johnson i think you hear that a ballpark today talked about the issues that really resonate with the voters and wisconsin people are concerned about the economy meant offense of our nation. of very strong record of working and how serious i think it's
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in his direction. the message that he said is government is the cause of problems getting government out of our lives is going to free people ought to have more freedom prosperity to do more with their hard-earned dollars i think that mess came through and people are tired of having e the onerous government upon them and i think that message came through over and over again many of the answers he gave tonight. when you said that's my guy. first of all this book about going to 72 counties i think that's truly important not only this year but as and he's heard the people who spoke about specific things that he heard from individuals at the county level of ended or individual residents. frankly i think he starts different between he and senator
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wisconsinites. this folks assist with two things that even the publisher their wisconsinites are most concerned about i have to say for me i listen to both of them i think are many of the question senator feingold was right on the money and answering them and ron johnson and term did not answer in the criminal justice issue policing was truly one. i'm really disagree with mgo friend because i believe that the person who had more of the dc mine set is russ when you look at ron johnson this is a ceo of manufacture a man whose credit thousands of jobs he can track same threat who has been a career politician three or four years and he's looking to create a government job for himself that is a huge difference. i don't think that senator johnson is out of touch with the people i traveled around the
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any certainly as a citizen legislator understands what every day people are going through the question of gun finds came out tonight respect to both the general meant they're not and districts affected two are. where you okay with their answers on both are where are we failing when we are still have records setting homicides. there's no question all jump in as you mention you both touch by it as someone lives and our community and grew up in a community living on the block i johnson completely miss the point. i don't think he answered the question. with all due respect i do believe it's an important component with the question. exactly how would you address those issue the respect that i'm so i'm saying i believe that just like that he didn't address the issue.
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issue of how we will do background checks what we would do in order to be able to look at the situation that we're and how it can make it better i think senator johnson was turned on things that way they are and senator feingold specifically had said their specific things we shouldo speaking specifically to background checks. i was disappointed with an answer because if you can't talk about the situation at the community issue i was really upset that he failed to mention the idea of giving kids that are offering them choices that something that he does. and that's something that we have to look at what were looking at our inner cities and it's unfortunate he failed to even bring that up. i don't think it's an issue. brought up education at all
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two i think i again over and over that senators specifically had spoke to the issues that wisconsinites are concerned about i really think senator johnson's disconnects does speak out. my ceos perspective. he's trying to create jobs and connects. we can't say he's disconnected. i want to talk, were doing is talking issues we haven't done that on a national level to knowe what were doing and wisconsin that may be that west of the can learn from us. of course a lot of the focus isa on the presidential race also plan campaigning among
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to take control of the state
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us.
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not wisconsin. most of the focus election cycle has been the race for don trump and hillary clinton a candidate acrosso wisconsin campaigning fr state assembly state senator our political reporter theo joining us from green bay with that part of the story and the big race that's going on. many people say the state legislature is certainly just as important as congress on a
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in republican hands such a big majority for the gop but the state senator saya three seats o gain a majority. higher education cut situation freezes republicans have had a six years toe coto i think that's a republicans havei deliver on that one out running up huge deficits rating funds.t only precedes to regain control buts this joe's counterpart's plane the long gameis we are looking at thet election and 16 the election in 2018 and 2020 about the lens that i look to making sure we have one of the
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2020 democrats say for gop held senate seats on played this yeao republicans are running for reelection in wisconsin's tenth 12th and 14th district intended or gop senator passed away their democratic morea harris is this a republican dance for the open sea. a great opportunity to when one to do seats as a large synonymy and democraticts we have four great challengers that are out there they agree t a competitive race and fitzgerald says he isn't worrid about the other three district thet t democrats are trying top if the unions poking around looking for another seed to play in.i targeting three seats of their. own in the 2,430th and 32nd district fitzgerald expects to at least maintain his 1914 majoritytas i think on our west night we end up at 1919 i have a couple challenger races and one
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chilling is facing a challenge it's a rematch month 2011 recall race when they beat then senata dan can thank you nicklaus area district.he not played out in the wake of act ten of many collecting bargaining rights for sector work voters will have a long memory more of a redemption runo for my opponent having been disputed in 2010 for congress in 201111 and every cause some expt a down ballot racesd a lack of enthusiasm for donald trump will dampen republican turnout. i think they had a real problem on their handse it's really of their own makings of the last several months but if it shows points to poll numbers that showed trump performs best and northern and western wisconsin d the senate districts happen to be fitzgerald endorse tromp early and supports and despite what he calls ridiculous and embarrassing comments comeme to life. fineness of a position of being
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are you going to support hillary clinton i just can't bring myself to support hillary clintonar democrats have a turnt problem because hillary clinton is as popular as bernie sanders. at the capital go owner scott walker floated a series of priorities for next year.e walker has proposed delaying major road projectsr to deal wih the shortage in the transportation fnd republicans fitzgerald says senatet republicans may push for a tax cut elsewhere and the budget which is the only wayp walker has said he would support a tax or fee increase. it's an obvious option on the table but is probably the oneh that makes the most sense. the governor's not can assign a tax increase of republican counterparts having gotten serious about a long-term solution we need to have a grown-up discussion about how we don't put a band-aid over that
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governor has already unveiled two other proposals as well one ofd them is extending the w h tuition freeze for at least another year for in-state p state sales tax holidayr for back to school shoppingm fitzgerald says senate republicans certainly consider the uw system tuition freeze extension he does not think he has the votes for the sales tax holiday but does not declare a that tuition freeze extension a bumper sticker policy and says the sales tax dollars is a joining us once again the professor talks about control andli a state legislature tor clarify for our viewers the state assembly wase have republican. also means republicans not as much and that's where a lot of
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what we would want our citizens and every single legislative district 5050. democrat republican an equal chance of winning. the plate is there to redistricting. right now wisconsin they've done a fabulous job crating districts that are very stable and terms of republican majority so the story we saw with is very few districts that are swing districts one of the ones we pay generally speaking it's right for us to assume they continue to have majority control after this election. doesn't look like she turns the majority. if you think about the state janitor 3 percent of wisconsin.
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clinton all the way down the line their staying in the same place a state dentistry state. we are talking about during the break and the fact that you want everything controlled by their things are split the more difficult to do that precisely you make an argument either way one argument is give a party all the power it says it wants to do i'd like to i didn't like it. the opposite is if both parties some control after compromise we're compromising just obstructionist. i'll think about my sin to look like washington and figure out a way to compromise. arthritic state for public. think the numbers will stay the same. i think republicans michael down one are w in the last week republican back in for y donald trump has gone
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are you saying what they said on this bus 11 years ago he did not actually kiss women without consent our group woman?h up next they keep digging into the race for president and what wisconsin voters might view next month at the polls.
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decide election special." it's been a week since the welcome back to his election special is been a wink sense of turned upside down. that video from 2005 up in green bay for us feel where's the race for president stand at this point. you know how unpredictable this race has that been i started writing this next-door he last weekrihi and had to rip it up completely afterp what happened last weekend donald trumps numbers and wisconsin are ino a tell spent he's beating when paul ryan now andtr hillary clinton is the benefactor.. a rift between republicans widen
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the fallout happen quickly and wisconsin trumbull after luke comments but public trump is virtually tied with hillary clinton of people polled last thursday by o the weekend he was down 19. trump supportersde brody mostly women going fromg down92 and what evangelicals his 40-point lead cut almost in half at up everyone polled and clinton is ahead by seven in the face of this trump isc cominge back to wisconsin scheduled to visit green bay on monday thet most precious resources that are investing that resource here. speaker paul ryan now i see it differently less about election strategy. this isn't about winning coming
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palm ryan indeed the lewd audiotape drove a wedge between white and trump said he was sickened. an uninvited trump for the unity of nalcorkh and then told his colleagues in the house they went defend trump anymore that was before alleys for women went onw the record this week accusig trumpt of unwanted sexual groping women and his second presidential debate pivoted to attack bill clinton for his own sexual transgresson done to women this never history of politva in this nation that's been so abusive two women back in during campaign stop in milwaukee last weekend. and more than six months we have not seen the same level of commitment from that came in campaign in terms of the candidate herselfa coming we
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campaign tighe had this week from around the hacked e-mails from wikileaks the mill show her campaign is musing over clinton's weakness as a campaigner their concerns about her e-mail scandaln to same criticizing conservatives catholics publicans and e-mails prove clinton and her staff are different and private than in public the fbid is involved in clinton isg blaming russia for thet hack of foreign power is working so hard to influence the outcome of the election believe me elected. on monday donald trump will be just a couple miles from where i'm standing right now at the convention center in green bayn noneox of the three top republicans will be house speaker paul an or senator ron johnson plan to be there all their spokespeople tell me have their prior commitments.
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asked time. is their way to bow five they did impact have prior commitments our these things coming up as this campaign spots are being scheduled. to clarify governor walker did introduce trump at a rally in west bend in august but neither johnson nor ryan have campaign with him yet ryan was supposed to campaign with him in elkhart at the gop timidity event last uninvited from that. august is a long time ago especially in this presidential race you had to rip up your story from a few days ago everything that came down late last week will have to wait out and see we appreciate your coverage from green bay. and how it shaping up they have
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out where they candidates are and what they are doing we can tell what they're thinking. because clinton thinks wisconsin essays but he has to know is he's in went to wisconsin. is his bombing wisconsin and running for governor spending so much time and effor this is the elephant of the room. ryan spoke this week didn't mention trump didn't mention clinton and his got to be a fascinating situation for him to be in to try and walked this fine line getting highly criticized as you know from top republican supporters you really nailed it.
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season and the republicans are trying to walk their way through the tulips being partygoers. republican can a be difficult take waukesha county i suspect there is a lot a standard republican always vote republican but this year on that first line of the ballot i'm not sure what i'm going to do. a lot can still happen we know that things happen on a dime in this race do you think there is a chance that don trump could secure wisconsin it hasn't happened since 84. george w. bush came this close to winning both times he ran is not a wasted effort for trump to do it and is the only card he has to play i think it is a
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trump really getting those core republican voters energized ones who are saying they just sit on their hands. the disenfranchised establishments but really didn't have a favorite candidate going into it. because northwest wisconsin voted for trump in the republicanr southeast wisconsin voted for ted cruz town trump can do well with the population described it almost becomes a question of who turns out and who makes the final decision.h the federal judge urging officials to do better by comes how getting voting credentials explained even if we start the position process.e he won't will be able to vote?a
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thein recording provided by one activist group that prompted changese and what it means still need an id for next month's election. whetherr you voted and every election since turning 18co are this is your first we want you prepared when we had to the pollsa what you need come
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numbers show -- but what about what the latest poll numbers are signr are elected members ande office said it what to think about the race for president? get back over to for more on that i'm so our address state senatorsse in the red and alina taylor a democrat from milwaukee
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are on the wisconsin women's for trump you have not campaign with don trump will you campaign with him when he comes to green bay on monday? this because i have another engagement that evening. donald trump wasn't my first raise choice our second i certainly don't condone some of the things that came out in recent weeks but i will say this one i look at the big picture a look at the things that matter to me and matter to my constituents and what matter to our state and our nation i think down tromp is going to move us in the direction that is going to look at issues like jobs and economy supporting our military fighting against ices. probably one of the biggest. there been more today from women whose that i was touched and improperly by him i what point are you ever thinking i can't do
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what happened today but their allegations i don't condone them with a look at the big picture i'm frustrated with the over sensational edition of this in theed on the other hand we look at hillary clinton and her record as a mom of a son is a first lieutenant and united states army what she did with benghazi to me is just frightening. and i'm saddened by what for those families i look at the other things had deleted e-mails having a personal server having all these cell phones and destroying them as the a secretary of state and trusted by to look at tab secure information and have such a cavalier disregard. again looking at this and the
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that don trump said years ago and instead of looking at things that hillary clinton has done recently there still with him. there are questions you talk to a lot of people who say i just don't trust her. and we can go back and forth on both candidates what you say to those people when senator says she's not to be trusted they campaign by trump right now why aren't i 50 points ahead. all say this there's no person that is more experienced that's run for president than hillary clinton has not only spread she has the toughness. i think she also has the fortitude and consistency candid me she's listening.
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the nation. i think the concept of the overstating the concept of her not being truw is the furthest thing from the truth when you look at every segment of her opponent's mouth mostly has either been something degrading disgusting and bigotry sexist racist? you name it in addition to that is blatantly said things that have been found to not let's not get lost in that i think the important piece is to look at the action of secretary clinton already shown she's someone who has fought for women's rights versus the action that we have seen trump do. these are things we do on apprentice whatever this shows
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game show on tv show. what we saw tonight we're two men who didn't agree on anything except tonight is friday night it was a civil debate. and that our atrium where two women who really don't agree on that much politically but sitting next to each other as if they we're longtime friends. are we a model on what can be done right? i'm talking about u2 who don't really have a physical us will agreement on many things are very civil toward each other and almosnd amort about the political climate what can a nice of the nation learn from us things have changed in wisconsin came in a few months apart from one another i joined later on surveyed there is a period of time during but i think the senators that it was pretty cold and icy i think it's thought and
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maybe it's just a smaller number of people maybe as were the way we're all seated it lands for more conversation and could reality. i just think that i respect for the fact that she stand up for her constituents i may not agree with her stance all the time there are areas of agreement and many times. you look at the vast number of bills that are passed and signed by governor walker they are bipartisan bills. with used to physically but the media has the tendency to have the highlights of the polar opposites and issues where we disagree is that a focusing where we do agree. are we doomed our can we get past what is just been a ridiculously ugly national campaign. i will say i think it was
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were doomed the truth of the matter it takes everybody to determine they want to do things differently we don't agree on everything we have decided to at least try to have a cordial relationship. as it may be always agree our i don't agree with you on that the truth of the matter is i don't think nationally that's all were saying. is those huge negatives. and that constant clash i can't and they don't best for our democracy we even left the state and were denying corm which you the matter is grills we're still getting past i had a bill passed by we we're gone there was a democratic bill. i tried calling a couple. from senator taylor from milwaukee. it's been a pleasure with these two.
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voting to your polling location will give youy a rundown of what you need to? know to cast your votec next month i idm the debacle why a federal judge criticized wisconsin. he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests,
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a federal judge blasts wisconsin officials for confusion over the federal judge blasts int wisconsin officials for usefusion of the state't keeping the id law and place for the november election the judge wants the state to do better this lt her with dmv workers giving out that information when would be quarters federal judge in this case was not happynd near side .-dot what one photo id november election but many other of the requirements to get will not be. .-dot aero zach more's visit to
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workers what i'm following wisconsin voter id law. more moved from illinois and trying to an id to vote on the recording provided byi the activist groupv of writers three dmv workers including a supervisorpr gave more the wrong info. 's not supposed to wisconsin residents have valid ids someth like more lack the a necessary documents like upper certificate this july the federal courthouse and menacing judges james peterson ordered te state to give thesee people abot idea anyway wisconsin officials announcedva the dmv would give receipts anyone who couldm- have produced the right documents those receipts would serve otherrs voter id but that is not what workers told moreo of a woman wo accompanied more to the medicine dmv points this out on the
8:51 pm
the process to get anything temporarilyp the out of became public and late september at firstv governor scott walker question someone hase collectively edited the tape obviously i think it beif interesting to note what they did with they said but is just a litt c reflect anything we stated judge peterson saw different in order to wisconsin officials to investigate last week undercover state troopers with the 31 dmv and reported no problems yet- critics of the photo id law was skeptical governor walker's dmv sent over state troopers to governor walker'st dmv and they report everything was okay au liberal group one wisconsino institute filed this motion
8:52 pm
entire law for the november g eetion during- ep sertusuewthpr all dmv employees we're given out completely samet information that's why the transportation went through and the training again the loss critics saw voters the exact more to know they're right for the so here is where we stand those voterse who lacked documentation like a birth certificate can still vote they will need to get and ordered to do that from the dmv you won't walk out of the dmv with the receipt and the state will marry you onene then you can use that as a vali id at the polls meanwhile one wisconsin institute says they are going to appeal judge peterson's ruling but that the
8:53 pm
after november's election again voter id is in place at the polls. what are you voted in our election since turning 18 or maybey too see her first time we want you prepared. are ted goingcoco right to the stores the milwaukee county clerk no one knows the landscape be will know exactly what you need next month.t talking about whether thepa pronunciation are the other player will just go with that. want toto make sure we get everything right. he says something that raised your eyes a little bit wary objecting to something or you want to be clear. the aftermath of the ruling now they will give you a receipt at the dmv that you can use to go
8:54 pm
doesn't get mailed to you will give you one but you can take with you. will not have your photo on it but you do not receive the other one in the mail you can use that receipt they give you for voting purposes of former state lawmaker the sort of say thanks for leaving me with this headache because you been a know how the laws we're made you have to deal with the aftermath on that front to give political on you as the judge pointed out an imperfect law. i'm among those who el the voter photo id law was a solution in search of a problem i'm not aware of documented cases of voter impersonation and the state of wisconsin it is a lot and abide by it you will have to bring with you an acceptable photo identification let's take it from the top. what in the eyes of the law is considered acceptable. you can't use it was concert
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from the dmv a military id. your veterans id you can use the passport you can use a tribal id you can use a student id from the college and university if you use your student id you must show proof of enrollment so there's a number of documents you can use on election day to show that you are the person that you say you are what i am those forms he mentioned a has to have your current address might not always have your current address. at all. none of the documents have to have your current address on them the poll workers are checking the name the driver's license are your state id can be expired but it cannot be expired more than two years does not have to have your current address their only checking the name and the photo and not the address all of what the state
8:56 pm
for registering to vote oklahoma today. we still have day of registration a lot of people don't understand that you can walk out the polls on the date to register that has not changed. for ways to register to vote you can register to vote through the mail my about wisconsin website and you can fill out and print out the voter registration form and mail that and along with your proof of residence to your when a simple court and register to vote that way register with a special registration deputy which are volunteers trained to register people to vote in milwaukee do that at any public library at the county courthouse even do it at the county can't center on 12 and police you can also register to vote at your local city hall or village hall with human a simple court and finally as he mentioned you can register to vote on election day at the polls the don't want to stand into lines and want to
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register in advance of the election. turnout will be high. you did mention something before absentee ballot them as saudi on and also been a change on the absentee ballot. envelope has been witnessed by another person a new law change that went into effect this a when is also must provide their camp the address their mailing address as well as a menace but out is an order for absentee ballot to be valid in order for it to be open and i counted. so much confusion because of the lawsuits in the judge's ruling. bottom line do you think that everyone who wants to vote will be able to vote it might not be as simple as it once was by you think will get the proper votes?
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people will be disenfranchised there are people who will not have the proper id and four will not vote. and also have calls from people who do have the idea who do not have the proper id going to be afraid to go to the polls and vote. my about wisconsin website is a great website to go to you can find out where to vote see was on your ballot. thank you very much you stick with fox 6 leading up to election on electionav night and sticke with us now becausesm fox 6 news at nine begins and
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milwaukee men are accused of trying to help isis. the allegations are l men in a federal complaint. a.j. bayatpour has gone through those documents and joins us live in the newsroom with the details... the two men were picked up by authorities earlier this month on their way to mexico. this complaint alleges they told an undercover agent they eventually planned on going to either syria or iraq. 35-year-old jason ludke is accused of trying to aid a foreign terrorist organization. 30-year-old


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