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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  October 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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striking burnley in the back. she told police she shot burnley because she feared for her safety the criminal complaint says an expert in police defense says this was not a reasonable fear. "the officers were in the process of handcuffing him behind his back. at that time, officer kraemer drew her service weapon and without any warning or reasonable explanation shot mr. burnley once in the upper middle part of his back. mr. burnley is lucky to be alive from being shot. attorney for the man shot, jonathon safran, says this is the first time criminal charges have come down against a local officer in a police involved shooting since 2006. burnley's lawyer says he still suffers from physical and emotional injuries and has difficulty getting treatment. online reports show officer kraemer worked her way up from dispatcher to patrol officer... and had been on the job five years. the victim, manuel burnley
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a lung removed. his lawyer says he still suffers from physical and emotional ?damage. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news bev thanks myra brown deer police chief michael kass released a statement on the shooting, saying: "as with any officer involved shooting, the brown deer police department recognized that criminal charges were always a pos ....we fully understand and accept the need for this high level of scrutiny within the criminal justice system." the brother of a man killed by a milwaukee police officer says that officer should be facing charges -- in addition to the ones that have already landed him in jail. dominique heaggan-brown is accused of sexual assault with one alleged attack happening the night after his use of deadly force. a.j. bayatpour is live in
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during the second night of violent protests right here back in august, investigators say dominique heaggan- brown was getting drunk in a bar watching on t-v. he's accused of sexually assaulting the man he was with later that night. sylville smith's brother says that's not the only crime the officer committed that weekend... sedan smith reflects at the memorial for his brother. police say sylville smith was armed and r officers on august 13, prompting officer dominique heaggan-brown to shoot him. on thursday, it's heaggan-brown in handcuffs facing charges of sexual assault. in the alleged attack that prompted the investigation, the officer is accused of getting a man drunk then sexually assaulting him one night after the shooting. theres no personal morals there, theres no conscience there. in a press conference thursday, police chief ed flynn says the review of the shooting should be viewed separately from the charges heaggan-brown now faces. it doesnt specifically relate to the case; im sure many people will draw a
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gonna have to be decided on the lawfulness of the shooting, in the context of the events in which it occurred, not the character of the individual who did the shooting. how do you not tie someone to an activity - an act that they did, a malicious crime, and then separate it from another malicious crime? smith now questions whether police missed red flags when hiring heaggan-brown. wheres the psychiatric training that they go through? wheres the tests theyre suppose together awful. the fact of the matter is that this individual has revealed his character in a way that did not come to light in the internal investigation- excuse me, the pre-hiring investigation. the milwaukee county d-a's office is still reviewing the august shooting. there is no timetable for a decision. heaggan-brown is currently in jail on a 100-thousand dollar bond for the sexual assault charges.
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a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. hand thanks aj hear all of what mayor barrett and chief flynn had to say about this incident on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. we have also posted the full statement from the milwaukee police association. ...a body -- found inside a trash can-- in an alley-- in the harambee neighborhood.. police are calling it a homicide. jul with details -- julie? police are in the process of informing the victim's family of the discovery... as neighbors speculate on what happened. right now, there are many unanswered questions. danielle machett was walking her dogs thursday night when she saw the commotion across the street. 'i noticed a bunch of flashing lights up the block but i really didnt pay that much attention to it because were used to seeing that around here.'
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investigating a body found... 'now im very shocked about that. now thats not, thats rare.' but milwaukee police say an adult male was found on north holton in-between wright street and meinecke avenue. 'pretty much i think the whole neighborhood is talking about it.' whats more - the body was found inside a trash can. 'its bad enough to have something like murder happen to you but to be left in a dumpster, thats an extra violation to what you were.' this is at least the 3rd case of a body found in a dumpster or trash can si 4th - when two 31-year old men were found dead in an alley near 21st and of them was inside a trash can...then again on june 11th a mans body was discovered in a trash can on 5th and wright street. both cases investigated as homicides. 'its something that happens in the movies like you dont think of it in really life, that people do that sort of thing, unfortunately it seems they do.' this latest death leaves the neighbors wondering...
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of shaken a little bit.' the autopsy was performed today and the investigation continues. anyone with information is asked to call the milwaukee police department. reporting live outside district 5 - julie collins fox 6 news. the milwaukee county medical examiner's office says it's investigating a suspicious death.... officials say they were called to a morning for the death of a man... no other details have been released. an autopsy is now set for tomorrow. ...a big change in temperatures from the beginning of the week. but it looks like our current weather will hold through the weekend... fox6 weather expert stephanie barichello is in weather office with a look ahead. weather we'll be mostly clear and cool again tonight with lows dipping into the low
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the weekend will warm things back up for us, as we reach into the upper 50s saturday and the mid 60s sunday. tonight: a few clouds. patchy
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stay ahead of the weather anywhere -- any time. just download the fox 6 storm center app -- it's free and available for android and apple devices. it might not have been pretty -- but the packers did what they were supposed to do, win and move on to a long weekend. brandon cruz is here with the details of last night's win over the bears. first they got a division win, second they did it without their top 2 running backs and third they get a long weekend to try and get healthy. after struggling mightily in the first half, the packers start the 3rd quarter with only a 6-3 lead and that goes away early on as aaron rodgers is sacked by leonard floyd, who forces a fumble and recovers it for a bears touchdown and they take a 10-6 lead. but that's when the packers offense kicks into gear and a lot of that had to do with ty montgomery who stepped in as a
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that leads to a go ahead touchdown. the packers end their next drive in the same way a davante adams touchdown catch from aaron rodgers and it's 20-10. the drive after that featured something we saw a lot of in the game, aaron rodgers throwing the ball and he finds randall cobb in the endzone for a 26-10 lead. rodgers sets a packers record with 39 completions in the 26-10 win. "we got the production out of the run game that we needed. obviously the completion passing game was there. aaron did a great job, obviously, with the team record with completions. davante since 1942, with 13 completions. so those are, any time you can talk about records for the green bay packers all time, that's unique and special." the packers are off until next sunday when they head to atlanta to take on the falcons, a game that's time has changed to 3:25 and you can see it here
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for the latest on the packers --- you can find it all online at fox six now dot com or the fox six news app. just click "sports." wisconsin's unemployment rate hits it lowest point in 15 years... and up next.. ...why employers in some industries are struggling to fill open positions. plus... milwaukee police are asking for the public's help in
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attention, job seekers: this could be your solution. a shortage of labor - in two specific segments of the job market - is offering opportunities a-plenty. justin williams joins us with more. justin? the two segments to which you refer include manufacturing and construction, and, the push to fill positions, in each, continues, in the sparks are flying, you know, and its like, thats so cool! and cool is the rule, at this milwaukee school. its really cool, especially, like, the welding, of, like, the metal, is, like, really nice! im excited to start doing this, you know, get ready for life, n stuff. friday, this stuff involves dozens of high school students at milwaukee area technical colleges oak creek campus for whats known as the heavy metal tour. what were trying to do is expose high school
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doctor mark felsheim is vice president at the campus, where, he explains, this event is part of a concerted effort to attract students to a large pool of potential employment. there are really good jobs. i dont think people realize the good jobs that are available. in manufacturing. but, first, those people need to know what the work entails. they might, like, talk, like, you can get all this money if you take this job, but people dont experience it, so, when they dont experience it, theyre just like, okay. whatever. / meanwhile, at milwaukees manpower headquarters, the founder and c-o solutions, reginald reed, junior addresses another job sector suffering a shortage of employees. this is an effort to economically stabilize milwaukee, through leveraging the workforce demand, in construction. here, he brings together contractors, community organizers, and potential workers--in the search for construction staffing solutions. if we arent able to produce enough workers, then how does any other market move forward? construction is responsible for the
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if you, or someone you know, are interested in construction, or manufacturing work -- which, can include administrative positions -- the fox 6 web team has posted a link to the websites of both mindful staffing solutions, and matc admissions. log onto fox-six-now-dot-com, and search the links page. it's time for your news and weather together. milwaukee police are looking for six suspects in connection to a burglary from early yesterday. officials say the suspects broke the playmakers store at 27-th and loomis by throwing a rock through the window. after stealing merchandise-- they left the store in a dark gray or blue minivan and a maroon, 4-door vehicle. police say four of the suspects are men and the other two are women. wisconsin's unemployment rate drops to its lowest level in more than 15 years. according to the department of workforce development-- the state's unemployment rate last
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of five percent. last month's rate was the state's lowest since february of 2001. charges are pending for an amherst woman-- accused of vandalizing 30 vehicles... officials say 32-year-old christina ferguson was drunk when she entered the event yelling that she hated donald trump. she then allegedly used peanut butter to write offensive symbols with peanut butter on the vehicles outside. as it turns out-- the gathering was for a conservation group and had nothing to do with politics. toss to weather weather we'll be mostly clear and cool again tonight with lows dipping
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frost early tomorrow morning. the weekend will warm things back up for us, as we reach into the upper 50s saturday and the mid 60s sunday. we'll see a few days of sunshine before rain chn wednesday of next week. tonight: a few clouds. patchy frost. low: 36 wind: w 3-7 mph saturday: partly cloudy. high: 59
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mostly sunny. am low: 45 high: 66 wind: sw/nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly sunny. am low: 42 high: 55 windne partly sunny with a chance for showers. am low: 38 high: 54 wind: se 5-10 mph wednesday: mostly cloudy and breezy with a chance for showers. am low: 41 high: 54
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...baking thousands of apple pies -- to help raise money for a local church. up next.... see how volunteers are able to put together that many pies. tomorrow on wakeup -- the the fun isn't stopping! katy deardorff from visit milwaukee joins us with events you'll want to check out. plus -- it's the latest thriller based off "the da vinci code" -- our gino salomone gives you an inside look at "inferno." that's tomorrow on wakeup -- we'll see
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there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service
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we're network health. and this is an actual member event where some of our 63,000 medicare members are getting to meet the friendly voices on the other end of the phone, in person. we're new to you, but we've been serving northeast wisconsin with a personal touch for more than 30 years. and, 9 out of 10 network health members are satisfied with their medicare plans. if you'd like to join them, call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor either in or out of network. plans with zero dollar monthly plan options, prescription drug coverage... silversneakers fitness benefit, and person to person customer service. call now and get help choosing your plan. network health. we're local, we care,
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church holds an annual apple pie sale. and were talking thousands and thousands of pies. fox6s carl deffenbaugh shows you how a community comes together for a good tasting,
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things in. 'you see we overfill them so itll be a nice product at the end." its all part of the assembly line at st. bonifaces apple pie sale. 'there must be some kind of special ingredient in them that makes them highly addictive.' the annual event is in its eighth year, as the largest fundraiser for the catholic parish and school. 'last year we raised well over 30,000 dollars making apple pies. all of that money goes straight to school programs.' and they are "we had record sales this year, were making 4,500 pies." four thousand five hundred pies! 'hundred more pies. they ring the bell every one hundred.' 'everyone is out here to have fun. its a community builder for our school.' 'as you see, hundreds of volunteers donate their time friday and saturday to make all of these pies. but theyre responsible for selling them as well. and when it comes to sales, one family takes the
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couple years weve been over 200 as a family.' 'each year people try the pies and then they want more. they start calling us, when is that pie sale starting? ' word of mouth. an appropriate way to sell a mass amount of pie. carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. the proceeds from the apple pie sale, helps to fund the school's operation -- and is used for field tris teachers and students.. with less than three weeks until election day-- the pressure is on for both presidential candidates. coming up-- how both campaigns are making their final days count, before november 8- th. plus-- she's charged in a hit-and run- crash that killed her friend. the victim's mother ?watched
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with just 18 days left until voters hit the polls, the presidential campaigns begin their final battleground blitz... they're encouraging voters in crucial swing states to make
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blanchard is in washington with the latest. both campaigns know it's now a sprint to election day... with get out the vote efforts in full swing... i /i trump rally nats "lock her up!! lock her up!!" donald trump riling up crowds in battleground state north carolina . saying he thinks they're going to win trump says: "the level of excitement and the people coming up, think we are going to have beyond brexit." former president bill clinton stumping state of florida... bill clinton says: "i want you to promise yourselves before you leave here today that you're not going to pass a living soul between now and election day that you don't ask to be part of a truly historic triumph for american freedom." while a fired-up vice president joe biden... saying what he'd like to do to the gop nominee. biden says: "the press always asks don't i wish i was debating him? no, i wish we were in high school so i could take him behind the gym."


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