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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  October 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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story. it's a call that can be annoying... and frightening. criminals posing as government agents demanding money and threatening arrest or deportation. the department of justice says it's all part of a scam, and the d-o-j is charging sixty-one defendants around the world in connection with the india-based operation. fokart says: "..these scammers in this case, and in so many cases like this, are convincing. they are menacing and they are ruthless in their pursuit of their scammers have robbed at least 15-thousand victims out of more than 3-hundred million dollars. they targeted people all over the u-s... focusing primarily on immigrants and the elderly. caldwell says: " 85 year old california woman was called by an individual impersonating an irs employee who threatened her with immediate arrest unless she paid $12,000 for nonexistent tax violations. she paid the money." d-o-j stresses the government never calls to demand americans load
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cards to avoid arrest or deportation. george says: "..if you do get phone calls, and i do expect that these people are resilient and will not give up, my advice to you is to just hang up." on cam tag the department of justice is asking anyone receiving a scam phone call to avoid making any payments... and to report the incident to law enforcement. in washington, rich edson, fox news. it's time for your news and weather together. women in a crash is charged today. 23-year-old jasen randhawa faces 12 felony counts related to the crash early sunday morning.police say he hit an uber -- seriously injuring the driver and killing 3 women in their 30's from chicago. randhawa was driving with a revoked license; it was revoked because of a previous o-w-i conviction. he appeared in court this afternoon - his bail was set at 1 million dollars.
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officer is charged with sexually assaulting a riverside high school student. prosecutors say 26-year-old safety officer michael robinson traded phone numbers with a student in september. they texted back and forth -- before he invited her to an apartment where they had sex. milwaukee public schools say robinson is suspended without pay and they are cooperating with police. wisconsin attorney general brad schimel is asking the wisconsin supreme court to appoint a "special master" to investigate the "john doe" documents "the guardian." the now-closed john doe investigation looked into illegal campaign coordination during walker's 20-12 recall campaign. schimel promised department of justice resources to the new investigation into the leak. weather we'll be mostly cloudy this evening and overnight, with temperatures dropping to the upper 30s and low
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and clouds and about a 15 temperature jump. highs will be back in the mid 60s thanks to a strong sw wind. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 38 wind: sw 3-7 mph a program that connects people in milwaukee's central city with jobs -- is now a focus of wisconsin's u-s senate race. senator ron johnson wants an apology from russ feingold for comments he made about the program. as political reporter theo keith explains, feingold says he did
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senator feingold has never created a job. i have senator ron johnson is seizing on what his opponent said about a faith- based jobs program called the joseph project. johnson helped create the initiative, which transports people in milwaukee's central city to jobs in sheboygan. tuesday, russ feingold told milwaukee public radio that johnson should be doing more. "it's not enough to pick people up in a van and send them away a couple hours and have them come back exhausted at the end of the day," he said. "that doesn't make a community." there was no criticism at all it is a good program. feingold defended his comments when i asked about what he said. i think all of these things are good, but i think people in the central city are looking for fundamental change that would really make the community work as a community that includes more minority-owned businesses, funding for public schools, and community policing, he says. but johnson is now re-launching a t-v ad that highlights the program and his involvement. the joseph project is breaking all kinds of cycles of poverty johnson allies also ripped
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in wisconsin. this idea that somebody be tired of riding a bus, tell that to a mother raising three or four kids, a single mom. the dignity that comes with a job is worth a bus ride johnson continues to trail in the polls, and this week took a hit from fellow republicans. the conservative senate leadership fund is spending 25 million dollars on ads to help republican candidates in six key states. wisconsin's senate race is not one of news. thanks they can now be called road warriors. after a nice stretch at home, the packers play 4 of their next 5 away from lambeau. and it was a woeful performance at the bradley center for the bucks. brandon cruz takes a look back at their season opening flop next in sports. while clinton and trump compete for poll numbers -- there's another contest one of them already won. which candidate you'll see the most
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tonight at six. call it a big hole in one man's wallet.. "over 11-hundred dollars in cash" a massive chunk of change -- goes missing. "someone was going to be desperately missing that type of... that amount of money." this story takes a bit of an unexpected twist though. we'll explain -- coming up on fox six news at six. at 4-2, the packers sit only a game behind the vikings in the standings. but life doesn't get easier in the near future as they will be on the road often, starting
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vooren tackles that tonight from lambeau field. "for the first time in six weeks the packers play a road game. this weekend they are at atlanta on sunday. four of their next five are away from home." "we knew it was an unusual schedule when it came out in the spring. we have road rules, travel focus points that we go through every time we travel. we'll do that again this week." "i'm not going to get into cliches here. i mean, you look ahead all the time. it's a tough stretch. it's four out of five. you know, we just had the pleasure of being at home for a long time and counting the bye week, you know, it's been awhile since we've been on the road. it's a tough stretch of our season. it's going to tell us a lot about the team that we are." "the last time the packers lost a game on the road in the month of october as back in 2014 at new orleans. in a nig field, tim van vooren, fox six sports."
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been waived by the packers. the former badgers wide receiver had a number of injuries during his time with the packers and the two agreed to an injury settlement. he will become a free agent if he's not claimed off of waivers in the next 24 hours. the teams still alive in the high school football playoffs have been cut in half. but we still have 3 choices for you for the fox 6 high school blitz game of the week. oak creek is at franklin, watertown visits waukesha west, or delavan-darien heads to pewaukee. go to fox 6 no sports to vote until 10pm tonight. with the exception of giannis antetokounmpo scoring 31 points, the bucks struggled on both sides of the ball in their season opening loss to charlotte last night at the bradley center. the hornets just out hustled the bucks throughout the game. but the bucks did make a run in the 4th quarter, malcolm brogdon with the emphatic slam gets milwaukee within 9 points with more than 8 minutes to go. however, the hornets would never let the bucks back in to the
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charlotte a 101-89 lead. they go on to win 107-96 much to the dismay of jason kidd. "offensive rebounding and threes are something we got to get better at. anytime we made a run, they made a three. so, that's something that we'll look at the video. we've got to get better." after a long night in cleveland last night, the world series takes a day off with the series tied at one game a piece between the indians and now it moves to chicago and wrigley field for games 3 thru 5 with game 3 tomorrow and a bit of history for everyone. "i know that people that have been waiting for this for a long time are going to savor it. and it's hopefully on our part we could do something to really make it better." you can see game 3 right here on fox 6 tomorrow night with coverage
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const on the point burger bar planned in pewaukee. the 18 thousand square foot restaurant is looking to fill more than 100 jobs at an upcoming november job fair. it will serve a number of burger options -- some unconventional - including duck, turkey, buffalo and lamb --- as well as traditional beef. the bar will also include a 5-thousand square foot game room. the owner plans to open december first. buyseasons -- the costume company in new berlin -- says donald trump is
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costume sales! the company says trump is dominating sales -- at 57 percent of the total candidate masks sold. clinton makes up the other 43. according to the c-f-o at buyseasons -- the candidate mask that sells the most, usually wins the election. but he also said this year may be the exception. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to the it's time for your news and weather together. thousands of guns - confiscated by police or seized during buyback programs - are heading to the furnace. the n-y-p-d is preparing to melt all of these guns and recycle the metal. the weapons are destroyed twice a year to keep them out of the wrong hands. the national rifle assocation responded -- saying the guns should
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pipeline protesters in north dakota -- after they shut down part of a highway. law enforcement has made 16 arrests so far -- and are firing bean bags and pepper spray to disperse crowds. protesters, many of them native americans, don't want the pipeline... and they say they are maintaining peaceful protests. the morton county sheriff's department is also removing illegal roadblocks set up by protesters. more aftershocks are striking central italy, after two earthquakes hit the region wednesday. the largest quake was magnitude six- point-one. no injuries are reported -- but buildings are damaged and electricity is out. the quakes hit not far from the august quake that killed nearly 300 people.
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this evening and overnight, with temperatures dropping to the upper 30s and low 40s. tomorrow will bring us a mix of sun and clouds and about a 15 temperature jump. highs will be
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the mid 60s thanks to a strong sw wind. the warmer weather looks to stick mostly cloudy a slight chance for some showers in the evening. sunday will dip back into the upper
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and monday will jump back to the 60s again. although there's a small chance for showers monday, we should stay mostly dry for halloween. tonight: mostly cloudy. low:
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wind: sw 3-7 mph friday: partly cloudy, windy and warmer. high: 64 wind: sw 15-25 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with a slight chance for pm showers. am low: 56 high: 63 wind: w/nw 5-10 mph sunda high: 57 wind: ne 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy and breezy. am low: 45 high: 65 wind: se 10-20 mph tuesday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 52 high: 61 wind: w 10-20 mph thanks even nasa seems to be getting in the halloween spirit.. the space agency releasing this
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off by a dead star. the glow is the result of the star exploding into a supernova... although that happened a very long time ago. what's left after that explosion -- a "neutron star" which has about the same mass as the sun! it's only a few miles across and is 100 billion times stronger than steel. this image was captured in the "crab nebula" -- which astronomers have studied as far back as the 11th century. recently got a "hairless hamster" when her family was forced to move. thanks to their efforts -- "silky" is now an internet star! they gave "silky" her own fashionable sweater! an employee said silky looked cold -- so they crocheted her a little sweater, sized just right to help her stay cozy. she has no hair thanks to a genetic mutation -- and they're
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someone adopted silky a few days ago -- sweater and all -- and is now heading to a new, loving home. a "back scratcher" can be a bear necessity ... as one bear looking to ease his discomfort shows us in this video. the bear seems to be preparing for its hibernation... by getting one more back- scratching session against a tree. this is in washington state. a trail camera... regularly monitored by an area biologist... caught the animal in the act. enough... he calmly walks away. we are going to put you all to the test. it's a photo that is blowing people's minds all over the internet. what you need to know... an a-list actor is in the photo.
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which one... tom hanks or bill murray? the picture taken a long time ago is just now surfacing after the mother of this baby posted it. most people say it looks like bill murray holding a screaming child-- but some people are saying wait a second.. after looking for a few seconds-- it starts to look like tom hanks. however -- it's definitely bill murray, says the baby's mother -- who in scotland. megan fox posts a picture of her new baby... and coolio avoids jail time after carrying a loaded gun into l-a-x. the details in tonight's buzz.
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baby with brian austin green... the actress surprised fans with this instagram picture of her son, "journey river green." fox gave birth to journey back in august. the two already have a four year-old and two year-old. michael phelps is officially off the market... he just didn't tell anybody. during the summer games in august, phelps told "people" magazine that he and nicole johnson had set a wedding date. turns out, that date was before the already been married since june. coolio is getting probation and community service after pleading guilty to bringing a loaded gun into the los angeles international airport. coolio was arrested last month after t- s-a screeners found the firearm in his carry-on bag. a judge agreed to reduce the felony gun charge to a misdemeanor... if coolio stays out of trouble. and that's your
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johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold
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a "smashing" time getting into the halloween spirit. residents split up into teams...dropping pumpkins from a fourth floor balcony. a 104-year-old "walk on" got things started by throwing the first ceremonial pumpkin. now at six. a hometown hero -- now turned crime victim. what happened to m-m-a fighter anthony pettis. ------ plus. "talk the numbers so i can get back up to my cell" "okay, i'm getting there." "bleep man, you don't give a
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outburst -- from the man who set a fire that killed two children. ---------- and. charges in a fatal hit-and-run crash. what we're learning about the suspect's attempt to get away. we begin with that breaking news. the man accused of causing an accident that killed three women...has been charged. court documents are shedding new light on what was happening right before the crash -- and what the driver thought about doing afterward. a-j bayatpour joins us live in the newsroom with more... total of 12 different counts, all of them felonies. police say he turned himself in monday but as we found out, that wasn't always the plan... counts five, six, and seven - hit and run causing death those are just a quarter of the charges laid out against ja-sun raw- how-uh thursday afternoon. he's accused of speeding through a red light and plowing into an uber car early sunday at 2nd and clybourn killing three women visiting from chicago: lindsey cohen, amy taylor, and ashley sawatzke. the driver is still in the hospital with


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