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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 4, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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caledonia dad tried to blame youtube after his baby boy is treated for bleeding on the brain. tonight, the parents charged with child abuse plus-- a wrong-way crash leaves three milwaukee accountants dead-- and a fourth fighting for his life. and-- hackers hit a milwaukee non- profit. "it is definitely a real threat. its becoming a business" we begin tonight with that fox 6
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political leanings is hacked! the hackers allegedly creating documents claiming the bradley foundation gave millions to the clinton campaign. fox 6's brittany shannon spoke to an election expert who says the hack doesn't pass the "sniff test"... political trickery has been around for decades... but the internet has changed the game... "now its morphed into a new kind of existence that its online its a forgery its fake" how political expert, mordecai lee bradley foundation's network monday. "this is really bizarre" a group called "anonymous globo" taking credit for the hack tuesday on twitter ...and... releasing this letter appearing to be from bradley foundation administrators asking that 150 million dollars be sent to hillary clinton's campaign. the bradley foundation tells us the document was fabricated. "here you have a right of center foundation supposedly giving money to hillary clinton on the left of
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but its totally illogical politically" i-t expert, jared olson, says this type of hacking is common... "its not that difficult to be completely honest from a hackers standpoint to get through those systems" and it's a big business... "it is definitely a real threat. its becoming a business" "just about anything can be hacked and just about anything can be a forgery" so be careful what you believe, lee say, especially when things just don't add understand the basics of politics" in a statement to fox 6 news, bradley foundation officials say they are working with the fbi to investigate the hack and with security experts to prevent future security breaches. their website was down for much of the day. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. mary thanks brittany weve just learned the
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overnight - some of them were accountants at a milwaukee firm. it happened on eye-94 near deerfield. fox6s bret lemoine is live at kilbourn and broadway... where four of the victims worked... and co-workers tonight are mourning. were told they were all bright young professionals who worked in milwaukee... tonight... three of them are dead... and ritz-holman c-p-a, sharing difficult news thursday night. in an emotional statement, a spokeswoman says the victims were returning home from a recruiting and networking event at u-w la crosse for accounting students. 'our family at ritz-holman is shocked at this tragedy and incomprehensible loss of three of our best and brightest. please keep the families of brian, kim, clenton and katey in your thoughts and prayers as we all struggle to understand this
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kim radtke of milwaukee .... clenton hall of waterloo ...and katey pasqualini of milwaukee - were all senior staff accountants at ritz-holman...and died in the crash.brian falk of whitefish bay , a supervisor at the firm, received serious injuries and is undergoing emergency treatment.police say an s-u-v was driving the wrong way on eye-94 near deerfield and hit the accountants car... and one other vehicle. the driver of the s-u-v is from waunakee and is in critical condition. vehicle, a man from northbrook illinois, also died. even for investigators on scene... this was a devastating accident. sgt. william miller says: "we're humans too -- and when you see this kind of damage and carnage out there, it's very difficult to process. i know that my people out there that were working last night, they're professional. they're going to take care of this job." investigators say alcohol is believed to be a factor in this wreck. reporting live downtown, bl, fox6 news.
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accident leaves one man dead and another injured. it happened at a-t-i forged products.... which is in the former ladish building on packard avenue. 49-year-old shawn day of oak creek died. a 48-year-old man from cudahy was hurt but is expected to survive. right now -- we're still waiting to hear how this accident happened. two caledonia parents are accused of abusing their infant. the baby had fractures on his skull and bleeding on his brain. fox 6's as parents say - they did nothing wrong. nats: cars in caledonia-- halloween decorations are left on one home-- but it's what authorities say happened inside that may be the most frightening. nats??? gest jest wangsness wongs-nuss and krystal hall are accused of physically abusing their month old baby.investigators say hall took the child to a racine hospital but the injuries were so great--the infant required treatment in
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complaint, the 33 day old baby had "4 fractures to his skull and was bleeding on the brain." he also had a"... broken rib...and broken bones on his right leg." doctors believed "the fractures were caused by abuse." 30:31 i'm really shocked and i'm really sad. neighbors say they don't know the couple well-- but knew they had recently had a child. 31:07 i saw the balloons and i knew a baby was born. when the parents were questioned by police--they denied abuse. wangsness said he learned par video. the father told police "he plays with the baby kind of rough sometimes."adding he would "play airplane...and swing him around..." other times he "would bounce him on his knee" and at times the infant would fall off.neighbors say they are waiting for the whole story-- 32:17 it could've been an accident. i'm not going to judge. the baby was treated at a hospital one week prior after his tongue was bleeding. the parents says that was due to an accident with a
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injuries are not life threatening. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. mary thanks ashley the retired kenosha county sheriff's captain accused of sexually assaulting a woman makes his first court appearance. according to court documents-- 73- year-old clarence mielke forced a woman at an assisted living facility to have sex with him. the victim suffers from a mental deficiency-- so she can't consent. today a judge se the facility called "carrey manor" is owned by mielke's wife. she was ordered to shut it down and transfer all of their patients elsewhere. a brown deer police officer charged for shooting a man outside a milwaukee county bus-- will stand trial. today devin devon kraemer waived her right to a preliminary hearing. according to a criminal complaint kraemer and another officer took a belligerent passenger off a milwaukee county bus back in march. kraemer ended up shooting the
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today members of the black panther group were in court... to watch proceedings. so we're putting everyone on notice, the mayor, the governor, politicians, county executive, county supervisors, alderman. this has to change or we will force you to change it, by any means necessary. kraemer is not in custody. she's free on a five thousand dollar signature bond. her next court date is november 28th. a milwaukee lanl halt his real estate ventures-- at least for now. the ruling comes as a lawsuit against "mohammad choudry" moves through the courts. choudry owns 67 properties in milwaukee. city attorneys say there are 3- thousand code violations against those properties-- and he owes 400- thousand dollars in back taxes. they're trying to get him to pay up. just days before the election-- donald trump is coming back to wisconsin. his staff confirms he'll make a
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but right now that's all we know. trump was in florida and north carolina campaigning today. his wife melania delivered a rare campaign speech of her own ... in the battleground state of pennsylvania. hillary clinton also campaigning in north carolina today. she's trying to encourage early voting-- particularly among black voters. tomorrow she's getting some help from vice president joe biden here in wisconsin. he's scheduled to campaign in madison. by the time tuesday rolls around-- election officials estimate one in f cast their ballot early. if you want to avoid the hassle of election day-- there's only a few days left. our brad hicks joins us in studio with the details. milwaukee has already surpassed it's early-voting record set back in 2012. as of yesterday-- more than 38- thousand in-person absentee votes have been cast. that's 2-thousand more than the last presidential election-- and there are still 2 days to go. city officials estimate that number is likely to reach close to 50-
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last day to vote early. if you're not-- you have to get it done by tomorrow night-- or wait until election day. and remember-- there are three locations this year. the zeidler building downtown, midtown center and the forest home library. "interestingly, the north side location probably has about 47 percent of the early votes cast city wide. the southside location maybe 17 percent and the remainder here downtown, so the northside location has by far been the most popular." we have information on all three of those locations on our we dot com-- just click on the politics tab. mary? fox6 is the station to watch on election night. we will bring you expert analysis, results and reaction throughout the night on november 8th. only on fox6 tonight-- your kid gets into her dream college-- and you couldn't be happier. but then reality sets in. "ooo,who gonna pay for this laughs " coming up next-- we'll introduce you to a different kind of financial aid. get ready for a lot of sun over the next few days. i'll show you how long this
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coming up in your fox6 forecast. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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there are two big parts of a college in...the second is getting out with being stuck with life-crippling debt. beverly taylor reports on how some are using a different kind of "financial aid". "i got my acceptance letter from depaul and i'm like "mom, i'm going there." she was like, yeah, okay cool." we first caught up with brionne candie of milwaukee, as she packed for school-- pursuing a degree in nursing. she was surprised when she was accepted at depaul university in
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"not". "i knew it wasn't, it wasn't an issue...'cause her grades through high school had been awesome. and she's a really hard worker." but then reality set in. "ooo,who gonna pay for this laughs " depaul is a private school with a hefty price tag. "i was just working and you know, saving my money. and then of course my mom was saving her money. as well as my dad and my grandma, she always helps when she can." "by this being kinda my first experience i wasn't really scholarships and different things. so we got a few. but we didn't get as many as we probably should have."on top of that, johns had recently opened a new business called transcending salon and spa, and with the bills that generated-- not to mention furnishing the place... there wasn't much of a surplus. ...what the school wanted right away and what they had didn't match. and that's when the proverbial light bulb went off:: why not try
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mom's idea." "you know i talked to bri and i said why don't you go ahead...because i wasn't going to do it because i wanted her to also have some responsibility." candie composed her pitch on the site and launched the gofundme page.donations from friends, family and a few strangers started coming in. we raised about $750 and that helped a lot. it helped a lot...just that little bit because i was facing such a big debt at first."it's still up... candi isn't the only student to turn to crowdfunding. "just search the education others. pitches range from overcoming difficult times to the chance to help others .... all designed to encourage readers to contribute." "sometimes my mom will make a little donation to kinds kick it out and we'll share it on facebook." some other students we talked to said they never thought of crowdfunding for education. "i think it could be very effective for people who have enough sources." "i don't think it would be a good thing if everybody, you know if the majority of students did that,
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who have special circumstances." "i have the means for paying for college right now and i've been able to support myself thus far so i don't see the need in asking for money."one thing to keep in mind when considering crowdfunding is getting the money from the sites is not free. gofundme deducts about 8% from each donation you receive. the deduction is between 8 and 10- youcaring deducts a processing fee of about 3%. but what's left, is still money students wouldn't have otherwise. and lastly, the support is immeasurable. "it makes me feel good. it makes me want to keep going. it makes me want to make all those people proud and keep making the dean's list. in milwaukee, beverly taylor, fox 6 news. candie began her second year at depaul this fall. her gofundme page is still up. we have a link to it... simply
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temperatures falling through the 50s this evening. we will stay clear overnight with temperatures falling into the low 40s in the city by sunrise,
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weather through the weekend. sunny and mild on friday with highs in the 60s. mostly sunny and nice both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle 60s. tonight: clear skies. 30s inland. low: 41 sunny. high: 61 wind: sw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly sunny. am low: 43 high: 65 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: mostly sunny.
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mph monday: mostly sunny with a chance for a few showers at night. am low: 46 high: 66 wind: sw 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cooler. am low: 47 high: 60 wednesday:partly sunny. am low: 45
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plus, jabari parker and the bucks try to keep pace with indiana on the homecourt tonight.... stay tuned for fox
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supported privatizing social security, which would hand billions to wall street, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage. senator johnson works for wall street, not us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. need to fix your cell phone but don't have the time? the app that sends a specialist tot you! then, wine, beer and food, country music and china lights. the events you don't want to miss this
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packers fans would like to see more of this this season.... clay matthews on the field and clay matthews applying pressure to an opposing quarterback.... he does do some practice work today and vows to be back from leg problems this week against the colts... that's good for green bay and not good for indianapolis, which is last in the league in sacks allowed... andrew luck absorbs a lot of hits in the pocket, but can apply his own his scrambling ability.... "a lot of stress. you know, when he gets to scrambling around we gotta clutch onto our receivers in the back end. from there he can tuck it down and run. he can make people miss, break tackles, do whatever." if the badgers can at northwestern saturday, while nebraska is losing at ohio state, wisconsin moves up in the race for the big ten conference west division title... that's the short term.... long term, there's plenty of grumbling about the big ten's plans to
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starting next year.... "high school football in wisconsin is really important. it's important to our program but it's more important for all the kids and schools. you start to hear some of the repercussions of it and i know coach alvarez intent and our intent as a program. yet i understand how this is all coming about." for this week's high school blitz game of the week. tom pipines is headed to lake geneva badger to see middleton against the host school..... he'll have a complete report and brandon cruz all the playoff highlights, tomorrow night at ten.... by beating the pacers downtown this evening, the bucks bounce above the .500 mark for the first time this season with the guys who could be the ones who help them own the future doing a large share of the work... just before halftime, it's matthew dellavedova on the push, to jabari parker for the hoop and ensuing
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parker.... moments later, newcomer tony snell sets up giannis antetokounmpo.... the bucks are up a half dozen at intermission, 63 to 57.... 27 points for antetokounmpo, as well... the bucks move out in the second half to the point that first round draft choice thon maker gets the first homecourt run of his career.... and he tosses in a pair of three pointers, much to the delight of his teammates.... the last game of the big league season s progressive field in cleveland... tonight at miller park, the brewers braintrust exchanges ideas with fans during a town hall type get together... "we think about the enthusiasm of this town, the passion of our fan base. the fact that on a rando thursday night in november we have all of these folks out here to talk brewers baseball. i can't imagine what's it going to be like when we get to the world series." from the brewers to joel
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on brookfield central in a division one state semifinal game today... the hilltoppers win 3-zip and will play in saturday's championship game.... meanwhile in division four, racine st. catherine's wins its semifinal over phillips.... brandon stulo sets up paul serratos for the first goal of the 3-1 victory for the angels.... how about boys sectional volleyball ??!! tosa west at tosa east with a spot in the state field on the line.... the red raiders serve to the trojans, who keep things alive on their side of the net until south dakota state basketball recruit alou dillon he's a former fox six high school hotshot... but east wins in five sets and moves on to state... toss to break meanwhile at the girls state tournament, menomonee falls and burlington both win to set up their meeting in a division one semifinal
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the holiday season is here. santa claus will be at brookfield square mall starting on saturday-- and he's not going anywhere til christmas eve. this year you can buy a "fastpass" in advance to jump to the front of the line. we've posted the details on our website-- fox6 n wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at paid presentation for the


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