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tv   FOX 6 Wake- Up News at 8  FOX  November 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am CST

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evening, its been an amazing two year period and now at 8:00 --- after months of campaigning -- the voters finally had their say and donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. ahead how wisconsin voters helped make history. good morning and welcome back to wakeup.. time now x:xx adlib weather forecast high pressure takes over today giving
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temperatures above average. winds shift to the sw later today and tonight and that brings warmer air our way on thursday with highs returning to the 60s. a dry cold front drops our highs into the low 50s - seasonal for november - by friday and into saturday. we do warm a bit on sunday and stay in the mid 50s for monday. today: mostly sunny. high: 58 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: clear. anchor adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no
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wisconsin voters help make history --- as president-elect donald trump's win in the badger state... put him over the top. we have team coverage this morning - breaking down wisconsin's impact on the presidential race... and the fight for senate control... and voter turnout. but first - we go to kim in the newsroom... with a look at the early morning victory speech by the president-elect. set to become america's 45th commander in chief. president obama congratulated trump and plans to issue a statement later today.... he has also has invited trump to meet with him at the white house on thursday... from the primary election... all the way to today... president-elect donald trump has surged beyond expectation... thanks to voters who were eager to shake up washington. initially... clinton campaign chairman john podesta spoke in new york
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after wisconsin was called for the republican... clinton called to concede. here's what president-elect trump had to say about their call: " she fought very hard. hillary has worked very long, very hard over a long period time and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country." as trump gained more and more electoral votes last night... markets around the world sank... with dow and nasdaq futures hitting their "limit- down" max they can fall in a single session. european markets opened lower this morning. however - gold is up 1-point-8 percent. wisconsin - becoming a critical state in the race to the white house - but that wasn't what people were expecting to see. deandra corinthios... live in milwaukee with a look at how it
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stunning upset if you look at the results of the most recent marquette law school poll...showing hillary clinton with a six point lead over trump. that was just over a week ago. now a lot of democrats are shocked...wondering where things went wrong for them. at a watch party tuesday night in the madison area..clinton supporters expected a clean sweep but the room cleared out, and few were there to watch as the last few states were called, or to explain what happened. this is the first time since 1984 when wisconsin has not gone democrat. based on polling...hillary clinton was positioned to win the state's 10 electoral votes. this --even despite the fact that she hadn't set foot in wisconsin to campaign since the primary...sending surrogates instead. both wisconsin democrats and republicans agree...the pollsters missed something big. " it doesnt surprise me because i talked to a lot of people and i knew a lot of people who
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were going to vote for donald it doesnt surprise me that it happens in wisconsin it doesnt surprise me that it happens nationwide. 13 58" " i think we definitely need reflection. i dont know if weve had a chance to do that. we definitely will do that. i will also have to dive into the numbers myself to truly understand the depth governor scott walker released a statement saying in part ...last night was a "win for taxpayers and a win for america".. but not outright congratulating donald trump on the victory. house speaker paul ryan tweeted " congratulations to both trump and pence...and thanking republicans for turning out to vote. reporting live in milwaukee dc fox6 news after a very close race -- incumbent ron johnson will keep his u-s senate seat. here's a look at the results -- ron johnson winning with 50-percent of the vote in russ feingold's 47-percent.
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some history there as well for wisconsin as ron johnson becomes the first republican candidate in 36 years to win a senate race in this state in the same year as a presidential election. this was the scene in oshkosh last night russ feingold for the second time in 6 years. feingold led for most of the campaign, before things tightened in the closing weeks. johnson ended up getting a relatively early win -- as feingold called to concede a little after 10pm. so it's back to washington and back to work for johnson, while feingold was left looking at the big picture. 23.44.47 - i always had faith in the good folks of wisconsin to be able to really see through the lies and distortions and
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seriousness of purpose. theyve given us an opportunity and i want to seize that moment. 23.34.19 - this could be one of the most challenging times in the history of our country. and its going to be up to you, particularly these wonderful young people that worked on this campaign. theyre going to have to heal the wounds, theyre going to have to bring us together. final term as a senator. and this is noteworthy as well -- feingold gave his concession speech in middleton at the exact same time johnson was giving his victory speech in oshkosh. reporting in waukesha, carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. it's an easy win for house speaker paul ryan. the congressman from janesville beat political newcomer ryan solen with 65-
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paul ryan, r house speaker "working for you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. i can't even begin to express my gratitude to your generosity and your goodwill. however inadequate it may be i just want to say to everybody i've been working with for all these years, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. for a complete list of results head on over to fox six now dot com. there you'll find a recap of all of our state wide races. last drawing attention all around. several world leaders reacting to trump's victory. angelica joins us in studio with those details. russia -- keeping a close-eye on the results. some folks think the outcome will not have any consequences on u-s russian relations -- but, others are concerned about a trump presidency. "so this is not only a victory for the americans, who defended their democracy against the liberalist, global elite - no, this is a victory that the american people brought to the whole world."
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that the american people voted the way they did and very depressed about the outcome." president vladimir putin says he wants his country to restore relations with the united states... in light of trump's victory. he says he understands it will be difficult given the current state but russia is ready to play its part. meanwhile -- the australian prime minister also looking forward to working with president trump. "t great and momentous choice today. we congratulate president-elect trump and we look forward to working closely as ever with his administration." the u-s ambassador to south korea also says he does not foresee any change in the alliance with the u-s and south korea as a result of the election. still to come --- continuing election coverage.
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candidate, take a look how voters are to decompress out west in one community. and julie has an update on voter
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you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. high pressure takes over today giving us sunshine and keeping temperatures above average. winds shift to the sw later today and tonight and that brings warmer air our way on thursday with highs returning to the 60s. a dry cold front drops our highs into the low 50s - seasonal for noveme warm a bit on sunday and stay in the mid 50s for monday. today: mostly sunny. high: 58 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: clear. low: 41 wind: sw 3-7 mph dick adlibs traffic red on traffic map = major delays yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no
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we continue now with our you decide coverage. it was mostly a smooth night at the polls. our julie collins joins us now with more on thet julie? wisconsinites made their voices heard in this eleciton - and many did it early. long lines were reported in some communities early in the day with election officals estimated that 20 to 30 - percent of the city's registered voters cast their ballots within the first two hours of the polls opening. officials say there were only minor issues with people
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cases they were given provisional ballots. for most voters the process was a breeze. cass street school is historically one of the busiest polling locations and they reported shorter lines than in past years. 'i got there, i think i sat there for 30 seconds and then they had me right there, signed me up and it was an easy process from there.' wait times appeared to be lower than the presidential election of 2012...and again that to the recording setting number of early voters we had this year. reporting live downtown milwaukee julie collins fox 6 news. breaking overnight --- a police investigation on milwaukee's northside. around ten thirty last night officers had a field taped off near 76th and denver avenue. officers were searching near a set of train tracks. right now
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when more information comes into our newsroom we'll bring you an update. a hit-and-run crash that left a little girl dead remains under investigation. this as family and friends come together for another vigil remembering a 5-year-old child who was struck and killed on sunday rickyia langham was hit by an s-u-v near the corner of west leon terrace and west constance avenue. milwaukee police say they recovered the vehicle on the city's north side... at this time officials say they've arrested a person in connection to the crash, but are still searching for the suspect who drove the car. high pressure takes over today giving us sunshine and keeping temperatures above average. winds shift to the sw later today and tonight and that brings warmer air our way on thursday with highs returning
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the low 50s - seasonal for november - by friday and into saturday. we do warm a bit on sunday and stay in the mid 50s for monday. today: mostly sunny. high: 58 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: clear. low: 41 wind: sw 3-7
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bind the wounds of division, we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. president-elect donald trump
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number of 270 points to win the election. but when it comes to popular vote --- that goes hillary clinton. we should hear from the former democratic candidate coming up within the hour. new york city's iconic empire state building -- decked out in red, white and blue for the election. the empire state building -- dazzling new yorkers with an election-themed light show last night. the skyscraper transformed into a massive election display... with a chart to track the candidates' progress as they compe needed to win the presidency. when it was announced donald trump was the winner -- the empire state building put up a picture of the president elect.. after this election -- many people are feeling a little stressed out. one polling station in california is transforming the voting process into a spa-like experience... the luxe sunset boulevard hotel in los angeles is a polling
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calm the mind before heading into the booth. a ten-minute yoga sequence accompanied by light music and meditation will melt your election anxiety away... according to survey released last month by the american psychological association -- fifty-two-percent of american adults report that the election was a very or somewhat significant source of stress. trump-- defeating hillary clinton for the presidency. how wisconsin's vote affected the outcome. the stock market-- feeling the aftermath of a tight race... how wall street and markets around the world are responding
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land that i will be president for all americans. its been what they call a historic event
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promise i will not let you down. we will do a great job. now at 8:30... it's a new day in america. donald trump is the president-elect of the united states. what he told the american people in his acceptance speech early this morning. good morning everyone and welcome back to wakeup. time now x:xx giving us sunshine and keeping temperatures above average. winds shift to the sw later today and tonight and that brings warmer air our way on thursday with highs returning to the 60s. a dry cold front drops our highs into the low 50s - seasonal for november - by friday and into saturday. we do warm a bit on sunday and stay in the mid 50s for monday. today: mostly sunny. high: 58 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: clear. low: 41 wind:
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yellow on traffic map = some delays green on traffic map = no delays after more than two years of campaigning --- the race to the white house has crossed the finish line. president-elect donald trump defeats hillary clinton... anthony di-lorenzo has the latest... from outside trump
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stunning upset, no matter what you call it america has spoken and for the first time ever it has elected a president with no prior military or political experience. for those who said nevr trump, they're learning never say never. " outcue: with everyone those who said nevr trump, they're learning never say
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cam tag and trump's win was certainly a vote against hillary and a vote against washington. president obama reportedly calling trump to congratulate him on his win and we're told by former mayor rudy guiliani there will be a peaceful transition of power. anthony dilorenzo now back to you happening now -- the outcome of the presidential election sending shock waves around the world financial markets. the u-s stock exchange just opened moments ago --- lets go here's a live look at the dow --- it's opening down . that's better than overnight when dow futures took a nose dive at one point last night more than eight hundred points. it's the same story around the world. markets in europe, australia and asia falling over night. and with president elect trump's plan to build a wall across the american mexico boarder ---- the mexican peso has plunged more than 11 percent.
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recapping how wisconsin's voters played a role in the historic election. we start first with deandra corinthios live in milwaukee. hillary clinton was poised to win wisconsin...based on the polls...and based on history. wisconsin has gone democrat in seven straight presidential elections... now for the first time since ronald reagan...the state turned red. surprises for supporters of donald trump. wisconsin's trump campaign leaders joined supporters of ron johnson and local trump supporters to watch election returns at the oshkosh convention center. cheers roared as state after state was called for trump. meanwhile at a hillary clinton watch party in the madison area...supporters were stunned. the most recent marquette law school poll..out just over a week ago showed clinton with a healthy 6 point lead over trump. leading the poll director to say it would quote "take something
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happened. it was a surprise even for the most confident trump supporters who say they were still concerned about the polls, which predicted hillary clinton an early winner. keep in mind trump lost in the primary to texas senator ted cruz. in the end --donald trump's hard push to win wisconsin paid off. he visited five visits over the past three months...and spending big money on advertising. clinton sent surrogates to campaign in her place...not setting foot in wisconsin since the primary. coming up at 6... hear from wisconsin republicans and democrats -- on what they believes pollsters might have missed leading up to the election. repor fox6 news. as for the u-s senate race in wisconsin - ron johnson will keep his seat...defeating democratic challenger russ feingold. johnson winning with 50-percent of the vote...and feingold with 47- percent. our carl deffenbaugh joins now with more on this close race. this was a key race nationally as well in the fight for control of the us senate, and
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this campaign -- turning his deficit into a big win. the celebration started earlier than expected in oshkosh last night as russ feingold called to concede a little after 10pm. quite the turnaround as feingold, the former senator, led for most of the race. but that lead was down to just a point heading into election day as millions of dollars of funding rolled in. in the end, johnson defeated feingold for the second time in six years -- and he's looking forward to getting back to work in washington. i am really grateful of the good folks of wisconsin to give me this opportunity. fo accomplish my mission. which is heal our economy, make sure we realize our full potential. so we can strengthen our military, defeat isis, secure our border. solve these problems. obviously something is happening in this country, tonight. i dont understand it completely, i dont think anybody does... but we as americans have to do the best we can to heal the pain in this
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johnson did say this will be his final term as a senator. in waukesha carl deff fox six news. it comes as no surprise that paul ryan has won a tenth term in congress. he defeated ryan solen with 65- percent of the vote last night. congressional district 4 was not one of of of the more competitive congressional races. gwen moore will retain her seat-- taking 77 percent of the vote moore was a strong clinton supporter
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'certainly, i have to abide by the decision of the american people think about the presidency. i think whats really important for me to stay engaged and stay on the battle field. :07 and to keep the right instincts and the right values for the american people.' :13 so how does this affect power in congress? let's break down the numbers for you. in the u-s senate - g-o-p candidates won virtually all the battleground state contests needed to keep the senate majority. the number now stands at 51 republican...and 47 democrats. as for the house of representives...repu blicans control that as well...with 236 republicans..and 191 democrats. and this all on top of a donald trump republicans will have a lot of control in congress now. for the latest poll results... and campaign victory or concession speeches... head to our website... fox 6 now dot com... or your fox 6 news
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"links." across the country there were a number of big issues on the ballot. everything from raising the minimum wage to legalizing marijuana angelica is in the newsroom with details. voters in five states went to the polls to decide whether marijuana should be legal for recreational use. by a wide margin, california and massachusetts voted to legalize recreational pot. it's still to early to tell if maine, arizona and nevada will pass the law. marijuana is still illegal under feder have relaxed over the years. it's currently legal in four states and in the district of columbia. when it comes to raising the minimum wage... maine, arizona, colorado and washington state all voted yes. that means by 20-20 the minimum wage will go up to 12 dollars an hour. in south dakota, a ballot initiative called for lowering the minimum wage for non-tipped employees under 18, but it was roundly rejected. and voters in nebraska
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oklahoma voters approved a referendum that declares that the death penality is not considered cruel and unusual punishment. in california two competing death penalty initiatives are up in the air. one would end the death penalty the other would speed up the process. donald trump's son eric shows off that he voted for his dad.. by tweeting a picture of his ballot. why he quickly deleted the post. as the news of a donald trump presidency begins to set in -- some peope happening across the country. our julie collins is tracking voter turnout...
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kramp live rob: plus --
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pet. ===== angelica: an expert is in with how your four legged friends can actually help your finances. ===== rob: plus -- putting a new spin on a sunday staple. ==== angelica: in today's dining with duria i'm taking hot ham and rolls and kicking things up a notch. get the mouthwatering recipe -- next on real milwaukee. donald tr next president of the united states in a stunning victory. he captured the electoral vote. but hillary clinton won the popular vote. president elect donald trump says he will do everything to reach out to democrats. "for those of you who have chosen not to support me in the past... im reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work
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hillary clinton conceded the to president elect trump in a phone call early this morning. clinton is expected to speak with in the hour. here's a live look outside clinton's hotel. elect trump winning the election taking to the streets overnight. a group of about 50 protesters gathered outside a republican watch-party in san francisco --- setting fires in the streets. anger mounting in the nation's capital too --- here's a video of people protesting outside of the white house last night. hillary clinton would have become the first female president to serve in office. trump and governor mike pence will take office in january ... donald trump's son - eric in hot water -- after he posted a picture of his ballot
8:47 am
eric trump posted a pic of his ballot -- showing off that he voted for his dad. the image was then re-tweeted by an election blog which reminded voters that taking photos of ballots is illegal in new york. trump then deleted the tweet a short time later. voter turnout robust yesterday... and for the most part -- everything went smoothly. julie collins joins us live with more on that part of our coverage. julie? so many in wisconsin proudly wearing their "i voted" stickers yesterday process saying it was an easy one. overall a smooth night for both voters and poll workers ...election officals telling fox 6 no major issues at the polls - however, with the voter id law in pace there were some voters who forgot their ids...they were given provisional ballots. cass street school is historically one of the city's busiest locations.
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tuesday turned into a steady stream on tuesday afternoon with 13- hundereds voters casting a ballot. tuesday evening voters saying they experienced shorter lines than in the past. 'it was great, it was very smooth, the process was fantastic.' 'i thought it was going to be long lines but it actually went quicker than i thought.' at times, there were more voters registering than voting at that location. officials estimate early voting could have continurbueted to a slower place on election night. reporting live downtown milwaukee - julie collins. fox 6 news. a polar bear and tigress at a russian zoo are making predictions about the presidential election. yesterday they went after treats with the candidates names carved into a pumpkin. felix the polar bear went for the trump pumpkin, while it looks like yunona the tiger with clinton.
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high pressure takes ove temperatures above average. winds shift to the sw later today and tonight and that brings warmer air our way on thursday with highs returning to the 60s. a dry cold front drops our highs into the low 50s - seasonal for november - by friday and into saturday. we do warm a bit on sunday and stay in the mid 50s for monday. today: mostly sunny. high: 58 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: clear. low: 41 wind: sw 3-7 mph netflix is ready to take you
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the cast for season two of "stranger things" after a few weeks away for the world series-- the lyons are back! what you can expect on tonight's
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wakeup news. donald trump/president elect "this was tough. this was tough. this political stuff is nasty and it's i want to thank my
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all. thank you all." donald trump will become the next president of the united states in a stunning victory. here's a look at the electoral vote with donald trump going above the magic number of 270. when it comes to the popular vote for president and it was close... but president president and it was close... but president elect trump comes out on top. his senate seat. he has beat out democratic challenger russ feingold with 50- percent of the vote.. supporters filled the oshkosh convention center. this was projected to be a very tight race. it was called relatively early. supporters cheered with enthusiasm as the results came in. senator johnson thanked his supporters for helping him in his re-election. i'm just grateful for the fact that folks really did recognize my seriousness and purposes running not to be a senator but to really
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final term as a u-s senator. for a complete list of results head on over to fox six now dot com. there you'll find a recap of all of our state wide races. now that the election is over --- "empire" returns for all new episodes tonight! and things are heating up for the lyon family. fox's adam housley sits down with rapper turned actor xzibit about his character that's bring the heat to the family of "empire." the table and i'll show what i mean by that things are getting more intense on "empire" as shine johnson, played by xzibit retaliates against lucious and andre lyon over a business encounter gone bad. snd full: hey don't talk to her, a matter of fact don't even look over there. xzibit says: "it's gonna be you know on the edge of your seat, nail biting, cliff hanger. i mean, well, there's always the storm and then there's sunshine afterwards. i know for a fact
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is definitely heavy handed on the show and that doesn't play very well with the lion family so it's bound to be fireworks." snd full: you break into my studio you beat up my people you'll start hurting my feelings, we talk about feelings. the 42 year old rapper says it's fun to play a seedy record producer with a checkered past... snd full: ready xzibit says: "there's such a sharp contrast from the way i am in real, i'm very personable i'm very family oriented and so to be able to go on tv and play the persona that is you know quite the opposite, it feels good. you know it definitely takes the edge off of the way people view me from pimp my ride, i'll tell ya that ." snd full: introducing the x man phenomenon xzibit says teco for artists to get their music to the masses... snd full: got the world saying my name xzibit says: "it's so easy to connect to the crowd without having that big machine. all you need is internet access, a good graphics designer, and music. you know now there/s a double edge sword there because either you know you get bombarded by garbage or you need to find the needle in the haystack to find something worth being a fan of." and if there's one thing he's learned from his success - it's to stay humble. xzibit says: "the number one thing that you know success is not promised. it could be here
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always have to work." snd full: that's the deal in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. and you can watch empire tonight right here on fox six. filming on season two of "stranger things" is about to start and netflix has just announced the addition of new cast members. sean astin of "goonies" fame has joined the cast.. as has "mad about you" star paul reiser. astin will play a high school classmate of joyce and hopp meanwhile reiser will play a doctor at the department of energy.. tasked with cleaning up the mess left at the end of the first season. real milwaukee starts now intro show: welcome to real
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