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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  November 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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there were hundreds of people marching through downtown milwaukee. their message-- which they shared often and loudly was they're unhappy with the results of tuesday's election. we have team coverage tonight. ashley sears and bret lemoine have been following the group as they moved around town. let's start with you ashley. hundreds of people marched through the streets. their message: president-elect donald trump does not represent their nats hundreds march in protest. through downtown milwaukee-- demonstrators are angry tuesday's election ended with a donald trump victory. 06:11 i feel just dumbfounded and just numb. they join protesters across the country-- sharing outrage--and disgust
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07:24 we need to move forward. we're moving 200 years back with donald trump being the president. for michael drake and isaiah lightfoot tuesday was the first election they were old enough to vote in. they say the outcome was disheartening--but this gives them hope. 08:32 these protests are working, but we need to be more active in making policies. all walks of life--join together-- amanda parr--brought her 5-year-old daughter-- 21:14 i think america needs to see this isn't a win. all these people out here are steps back, we're not moving forward. the hundreds say this is only a first step-- hoping from here people will come together again-- 08:51 this is good that people care, but we need to do more than this. nats police say there were no arrests or major incidents. at one point, i personally witnessed a woman who was not a
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by. no one was seriously hurt. live at red arrow park, ashley sears fox 6 news. mary thanks ashley the protesters have done several loops through downtown-- they've been outside the b-mo harris bradley center for almost an hour now... the game let out around 930. bret lemoine is near that end of the protesters rallied here at red arrow park... but quickly took to the streets. they weaved their way through milwaukees streets in a large group. hundreds blocked traffic and chanted things like 'hes not my president' as they ultimately made their way back
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several stops - on wells, their yelling echoed throu the covered street along the wisconsin center. there was also a brief stop near the b-mo harris bradley center - where m-p-d officers were already staged on horseback. at one point, it looked like the group was going to walk onto the interstate... but instead they circled back to red arrow park. police tried to anticipate their moves all night... blocking traffic in advance of the protesters arrival. we spoke with a mother of bi-racial children... she says some of trumps words have hurt her... and her family. weve had transitions all the time. i never hated bush. but this is crazy. i am scared for my children and for all my friends that are brown.' bl 'specifically why' lp 'because of all the rhetoric right now - and on social media. people are lashing out.' :21 the streets have been congested again in the last half hour--
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have been marching the streets surrounding the b-mo harris bradley center... chanting as people walk back to their cars. live downtown, bret lemoine fox6 news. ted thanks bret
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is video from madison. several hundred protesters marched around the capitol building and the u-w campus. at last check -- everything was peaceful. if you're wondering if the incoming president is taking note, he is. president-elect trump taking to twitter tonight to respond to the protests. less than two hours ago he tweeted : "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. very unfair!" clear about their views on president-elect donald trump.. however, senior officials-- from the president on down-- say they will spend their final weeks in office ensuring a smooth transition of power. stephanie grady joins us in the studio with more. that first step towards a smooth transition happened today at the white house. president obama sitting down with the president-elect for about 90-minutes this morning. they talked about domestic policy, and setting up a team to make the
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house come january. the white house saying the talk went better than both sides expected. mr. obama went as far as calling it quote: excellent." donald trump/president-elect "mr. president, it was a great honor being with you it i honor being with you i, and i look forward to being with you many many more times in the future." president elect trump also spent some time today with house speaker paul ryan. ryan says the two had quote: a "fantastic, productive meeting" vp-elect mike pence also sat down with vice-president biden, and melania trump lady. back to you. we have posted the entire "public" portion of the meeting between president obama and donald trump -- on fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. just search "trump." new at ten. one person is taken to the hospital -- after a truck smashes into a house in greenfield. it happened just after eight tonight near 92nd and plainfield. according to witnesses -- the driver was speeding when it lost control. you can see the truck plowed through the fence and hit the house.
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new tonight. keeping his memory alive... and still searching for his killer. it has been one year since 21-year-old michael prescott was shot and killed outside of a friend's home near 12th and reservoir. tonight -- friends and family gathered there to honor him. the suspect-- dwayne chaney -- has been charged, but has not been arrested. his cousin has a message for milwaukee. arianna bergemann says: "i just want the violence to stop. we're hoping we can find who killed my cousin. we forgive h peace. we want to be able to sleep tonight. " if you know anything about the where chaney is -- you're asked to call police. first they found the car...and new tonight, the driver is in custody. five-year-old rickyia langham was killed sunday when she was struck by a car just outside her home. fox 6s brittany shannon is live from police district seven headquarters with
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police custody. he's the suspected driver of the porsche suv that killed 5-year-old rickyia. i spoke to a witness who says he saw the man dump the car just outside his home. a heartbreaking scene sunday. a little girl's life ending after being struck by a car just outside her home. ambulance nats rickyia langham's family, pleading for the driver to be brought to justice. today, an answer to their prayers...thanks, in part, to a good im like you know what i mean i was mad like why he took off' this man...who wants to remain anonymous...heard about rickyias terrible accident sunday. later that afternoon...he watched a man park a car outside his home. " porsche cayenne like a silver color" the driver of the porsche got out and hopped in another car leaving the lights on. the battery died, but the witness didn't find it odd...until he saw these images the next day. "thats when i saw the picture on facebook. and im like
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called it in right away"0 according to a search warrant, police recovered the vehicle that killed rickyia near 60th and lincoln creek drive...thanks to a phone call...putting the 30-year-old man behind the wheel...behind bars. " im glad that i can help " two people are now in custody related to the incident-- including the suspected drive arrested today. sources tell us it was a woman who was arrested monday. she's the owner of the suv-- the suspected driver is her boyfriend. family members say they are happy someone has been taken into custody but they are focusing now on funeral arrangements for rickyia. in milwaukee, bs fox 6 news. mary thanks brittany to the weather now. record heat today -- change is in the air though. weather expert tom wachs joins
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it'll feel much cooler for veterans day. details coming up. plus. in an emergency, time is precious -- and you want the best team caring for your kids. see how a local hospital is 'training to save your children.' we continue to follow the protests going on in downtown milwaukee. this is a live look
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waukesha county-- where the sheriff's department is searching for a missing girl. this is 12-year old ayana phelps. she was from the town of lisbon-- investigators say she came home from school this afternoon-- but she has not been seen or heard from since. if you have any information-- call the waukesha county sheriff's department. we have the number on our website in a life-or-death emergency, the staff in an e-r knows there's no time to waste. that's especially true is a child. doctors and nurses at children's hospital frequently practice for the worst-case scenarios. for one of those drills, the hospital gave special access fox 6's a.j. bayatpour and photojournalist jerry imig.... estimated arrival is 8 minutes the team and its equipment are in place. gunshot wound to a six-year-old, alert, oriented information comes in from paramedics. patients here then it's showtime. well most likely need an x-ray to the abdomen, we
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children's hospital trains for different traumatic scenarios. one, two, three... in this simulation, they're treating a six-year-old child who's been shot in the abdomen. i anticipate were gonna need lab work trauma director, doctor david gourlay, says practice must make perfect when treating children which is even more difficult than treating adults. they have a harder time communicating...and well...everything is smaller. a childs airway is much more difficult to intubate than an adult, especially the smaller the child. weve got a low blood pressure resuscitation - examining and stabilizing a victim to make sure he can make it to surgery. it is fast. that patient needed to get to the operating room as quickly as possible. far too often in recent months, it hasn't been a drill at children's. between september 11 and october 1, four children were shot in milwaukee: the two-month old wounded as she rode with her family on i-43. the nine-year-old wounded by his
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shot while sitting in the car. and four-year-old jordan who accidentally shot himself and did not survive. it is hard but thats why we practice it. we interview doctor gourlay in the main operating room at children's; it's equipped with everything needed to handle any type of emergency. in an average year, the doctor says about 50-thousand kids come through the emergency room. 150 of them need trauma resuscitation. about 50 of those are for gunshot wounds. weve not seen a dramatic increase in the number of kids whove come to childrens hsp definitely observing that a lot more of them are ending up going to the operating room for reasons that arent clear. once the child gets to surgery... what do we need to do for that patient? whats the priorities? the resuscitation staff meets for a couple different reasons. one is to help everybody heal after that emotionally traumatic event but also to learn from it and do better every time for the next patient.
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v-p bridget clementi says the hospital's work doesn't stop once the child checks out. if you are a victim of violence, youre more likely to be a victim again or to be a perpetrator. because of that, she says children's tries to work with the families and schools to keep the victims and their families work through "adverse childhood experiences." clementi says that includes being a victim or witnessing violence at home or in the neighborhood. about a third of the kids in milwaukee have at least two adverse childhod more and that is about the amount of kids who could fit in the seats at miller park and have about 6,000 waiting in line. because of that, the hospital believes it needs to help build a complete road to recovery. can someone call the operating room and let them know well be on our way shortly? dr. gourlay says the goal is to have a child gunshot victim out of trauma resuscitation within five minutes. thats why they have these simulation drills four times a month. reporting from childrens hospital of wisconsin, a.j.
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earlier this year, children's hospital partnered with u-w-m to form a new institute. it's dedicated to researching childhood trauma in milwaukee and working with kids who are
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a cold front passes this evening bringing a big drop in temperatures for friday as highs only reach into the middle and upper 40s. expect a few more clouds friday
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precipitation will arrive late tuesday night. tonight: clear. low: 42 wind: nw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny, win cooler. high: 48 wind: ne 10-20 mph saturday: mostly
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am low: 32 high: 51 wind: sw 5-15 mph sunday: mostly sunny and breezy. am low: 34 high: 54 partly sunny. am low: 40 high: 53 wind: wnw 5-10 mph tuesday: partly sunny with
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high: 54 wind: sw 5-10 mph advance of tonight's bucks game against the pelicans.... can the home team keep up the entertainment ?? fox six sports is next..... break break
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when the packers play at tennessee on sunday, they could have tight end jared cook in uniform... the one-time titan has been out with an ankle injury since week three, but does quite a bit at practice today.... "i just think it should help open things up a little bit more. teams have been playing us a lot of man the past three games so those are the fun games you should kind of want to play in. i'm looking
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around the fellas. i've missed them. i hope they missed me too." you won't want to miss the packers at the titans.... you can see it right here on sunday at noon, with the cowboys and steelers to follow..... we'll wrap the football day and sports week up on the fox six sports blitz at 10:35 sunday night... badgers coach paul chryst says today that one of the most satisfying aspect of this season's team is that so into service and so many of them are delivering.... wisconsin hosts illinois and coach lovie smith on saturday.... our polls are now closed and your votes will send tom pipines to tomorrow night's high school playoff game between cedar grove-belgium and clinton in slinger.... the winner moves on to state... the bucks may indeed own the future, but they get foreclosed on in the present tonight.... 0 and 8 new orleans comes to town and beats them,
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purpose, scoring eleven of the first 23 points for the bucks..... he is terrific all night and finishes with a season-high 33 points... . new orleans spurts at the end of the first half and into the third quarter and when e'twan moore hits the home run ball, the pelicans are up fifteen points at 75 to 60..... the bucks close furiously and cut the deficit to 108-105 on giannis antetokounmpo's old-fashioned three point play.... but they can't catch all the way up and lose, 112 to 106.... brandon cruz is on hand for the contest.... "on a nih and giannis antetokounmpo combine for fifty of the bucks 106 points, they still lose because they had to play from behind all night and could never really catch up." "you know, we were down seven or eight points. it's a thin line between a game getting away from us and us getting back into it. we gotta figure out how to get better shots and attack the rim." "i think some of it is our energy. we gotta maintain high energy for the whole game. it can't just be in spurts trying to come back. that's cool that we almost came back but it doesn't really mean anything." "defensively they had a tough
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scored 32. now the bucks will have to rebound on saturday night when memphis comes here to the bradley center. reporting from the bradley center, brandon cruz, fox six sports." it's one thing to handle rockhurst in an exhibition, it's another to go toe- to-toe with vanderbilt on a neutral court.... that's what marquette hopes to do in its season opener tomorrow night in annapolis, maryland.... "we understand how bryce's teams played at valpo. obviously he did a great job there. we back at vanderbilt who contributed to a ncaa tournament appearance. but how those two things fit together is a little bit of an unknown for us." toss to break badgers and uw-milwaukee also open for real on friday evening... college
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county for a missing girl. 12-year old ayana phelps is from the town of lisbon. she disappeared after coming home from school. if you have any information-- you're asked to call police. the 6th annual m-d-a wisconsin muscle team event held tonight at turner hall. several sports items up for auction -- raising 150-thousand dollars.... to help youngsters and their families go to the m-d-a summer camp. our
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