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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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letting him go would harm their case and the public. all eyes are on this prison in portage. will 27 year old brendan dassey walk out to join his family after serving 11 years of a life sentence. dassey and his uncle steven avery were convicted of the 2005 rape and murder of teresa halbach. in august, judge william duffin ruled dassey's confession was coerced by investigators and his conviction was monday, the same judge ruled dassey be released from prison while the state appealed ?his earlier ruling. the state appealed dassey's release on tuesday. wednesday, duffin reaffirmed his ruling.. ordering "the respondent shall release brendan dassey from the custody of the wisocnsin department of corrections not later than 8 pm on friday..." but that is still not the end of the legal wrangling. late wednesday, the state
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circuit court in chicago. dassey's lawyers argue the state's position just "recycles nothing but old arguments already presented to and ruled upon by this court." the past few months have been up and down and wonderful and dreadful and hoping and hoping brendan dassey's half brother says the first thing he wants to do is tell brendan he loves him and hug him. of course the states got to do their thing. they're fighting and pushing hard but we in its appeal the state asks the appeals court to rule no later than friday. the same day the federal judge in milwaukee ordered dassey be released. within the past half hour dassey's legal team filed a response in court, saying the state has no legal grounds to fight the release and that it does not state why dassey is a danger. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra all eyes tonight on the prison where dassey is currently
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outside the columbia correctional institution in portage-- ben good evening guys. technically a judge has ordered dassey be released--- and on theory he could walk out of this jail at anytime. his release plan was accepted by the courts. take a look at this scene-- there are reporters and cameras from all we have not seen any members of the dassey family today. the big question will a high coyurt overrule today's lower court ruling keeping dassey in prison pending the state's appeal? a judge has ordered dassey must be released by friday night. the state rushed to file
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circuit court of appeals will hault the release. it's a good reminder that this fqacility is run by the state-- the same group trying to keep dassey behind bars. so we're not surprised dassey was not released today. it now would be a big surprise if he walks out before friday. but we are here--- with our cameras pointed at the prison--- in case it happens. live in portage, ben handelman fox 6
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you can read for yourself the order of judge duffin -- when you visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. the story's on our home page. also -- search "avery archive" to check out developments in this story going back as far as 2003. the minnesota police officer who shot and killed 32-year old philando castile during a traffic stop in july -- has been charged with manslaughter. saint anthony po jeronimo yanez is charged with second-degree manslaughter and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. yanez shot and killed castile after pulling him over for a broken tail light. castile's fiancee -- who live-streamed the aftermath on facebook -- says castile had a license to carry a weapon -- and that he had been trying to tell officer yanez about the gun. according to one report -- politics is dictating a change in the milwaukee bucks travel plans. e-s-p-n reports the bucks are one of three teams changing their
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at trump-brand hotels. a.j. bayatpour is live outside the b-mo harris bradley center with that story... the bucks are on road in atlanta tonight. but its where the team is - or is not staying - in new york and chicago that has made national headlines... the banner in the heart of bronzeville reads welcome to bucks country. die-hard bucks fan kurt owens says his basketball allegiance will not be swayed by the teams view of who presides it makes no difference to me one way or the other. as a sports fan, its not political. according to e-s-p-n, the bucks are one of three teams to cancel stays at trump-brand hotels 'in part to avoid any implied association with the new president-elect, according to league sources.' the bucks neither confirm nor deny the report, saying their policy is to not comment on travel details. id have to consider that if i thought it was true but i
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mobley, the thiensville village president and prominent backer of now president-elect donald trump, says hes reserving judgment. what is on record is that team co-owner marc lasry and his son, alex, the teams senior vice president, are in the 'hillblazers' club for those who donated or raised at least 100-thousand dollars for the hillary clinton campaign. the fact the bucks owners may have contributed to hillary clinton makes no impact on whether id go down and watch a bucks game. mobley says if the hotel story is true, hed find that to the voters in the state of wisconsin voted for donald trump. as for owens, he didnt like either candidate and stayed home. with the bucks, he doesnt care how they stuff the ballot box, just that they fill the basket. as long as they put a good product on the court, thats the only thing that matters to me. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban was also a prominent clinton supporter. according to the report, the bucks stayed at trump tower for a
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has already made reservations elsewhere when they go back later this season. live at 4th and state, a.j. bayatpour, fox 6 news. the milwaukee bucks release new renderings of the planned downtown entertainment block. this complex will be built next to the new downtown arena -- and will span fourth street between highland and juneau avenue. this property is planned for year- round use, including dining, entertainment and retail shops. entertainment block open alongside the new arena in fall of 20-18. a hillary clinton campaign airplane -- parked at general mitchell international airport last night. viewers asked us, now that the campaign's over, what was it doing there? political reporter theo keith has the answer. nats -- plane takes off at mitchell among the comings and goings at mitchell airport...a surprise visitor flew in tuesday night. paul rasky took this photo near
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avenue. i was like, wait a minute, thats the same h thats on my neighbors lawn. thats got to be hillary clintons plane! fox6 confirmed this was the plane that clinton's running mate tim kaine used. clinton flew on a second plane. after election day, the campaign's lease was up. the planes' florida-based owner started leasing them to new clients without changing the paint job. the elections over. this is almost a week now. whats it doing here? as it turns out, marquette' university's men's basketball team used it to fly its says it's actually the second time marquette's charter company has given the team a plane with clinton's logo on it.the spokesman says marquette doesn't get to pick a specific plane in advance. i was frankly surprised...chris haworth, a veteran of local campaigns, also saw the plane at mitchell. he says it's ironic. while kaine visited, clinton became the first major party candidate in 44 years not to stop in wisconsin in the general election. i think that having tim kaines plane here
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for what went wrong. the plane showed up days after the election. and i think that speaks volumes as to how the campaign was run marquette's not the only team to use these planes. the university of dayton men's basketball team has as well. the plane's owner tells me that the paint job will get changed as soon as possible. it hasn't happened yet because the planes have been in service. maybe at that point, the 2016 campaign will be over ted. holidays... fox6 and feeding america eastern wisconsin are teaming up... next... how you can help the cause-- without even leaving your house... plus... more movie money pops up at wisconsin businesses... where it's now being used -- just ahead. a big warm up tomorrow with more
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next week many of us will sit down to a thanksgiving feast. unfortunately -- many people wont have that opportunity. you can help change that. fox6 is teaming up with feeding america eastern wisconsin to help with the "food for the holidays" campaign.... we're hosting a phone bank right now to raise
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biddle from "new life, new
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million meals.. tell us about the need in this community how people can get involved: --those wishing to help can stop by any associated bank branch to drop off nonperishable food items or make a cash donation. --people can also make donations online from the feeding america eastern wisconsin website, feedingamericawi dot org. --the website also has ideas on how to hold a food drive at your work or school or organize a virtual
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the number you see 414-355-3160 volunteers are waiting to take your pledge.. from all of us at fox 6 and feeding america eastern wisconsin, thank you
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it's time for your news and weather together. a pleasant prairie man is bound over for trial on sexual assault charges... 73-year-old clarence mielke is accused of sexually assaulting a 50-year-old woman at an assisted living facility. she suffers from huntington's disease. mielke -- who was working at the facility at the time -- is a former captain with the kenosha the facility has since been shut down -- fined -- and ordered to relocate its residents. authorities are investigating movie prop money popping up again. six new reports in green bay say it was used at restaurants, gas stations and taverns. the prop money has the phrases "motion picture use only" stamped on both sides. similar fake money has also turned up in kenosha and madison.
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more than 48-point-7 million americans are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home. triple-a says 90 percent of wisconsinites will drive to their holiday destination. experts say the increase is due to an improving economy -- consumer confidence -- and low gas prices. toss to weather weather partly cloudy tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s. breezy
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upper 60s. thursday will be a tease though as a strong storm system brings the chance for rain friday afternoon and even rain/snow mix saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will only reach into the 30s and 40s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: wind: s 3-7 mph thursday: mostly sunny, breezy and warm. high: 69 wind: s 10-20 mph friday: increasing clouds with showers possible in the afternoon. windy. am low: 55 high: 62 wind: sw 15-25 mph saturday: morning rain/snow mix then cloudy, very windy and
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high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly. am low: 25 high: 37 wind: nw 10-20 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 24 high: 40 wind: n 5-10 mph partly cloudy tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s. breezy with near upper 60s. thursday will be a tease though as a strong storm system brings the chance for rain friday afternoon and even rain/snow mix saturday morning. temperatures this weekend will only reach into the 30s and 40s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 46
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warm. high: 69 wind: s 10-20 mph friday: increasing clouds with showers possible in the afternoon. windy. am low: 55 high: 62 wind: sw 15-25 mph saturday: morning rain/snow mix then cloudy, very windy and chilly. am low: 34 high: 40 wind: nw 20-30 am low: 25 high: 37 wind: nw 10-20 mph monday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 24 high: 40 wind: n 5-10 mph
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news this evening... milwaukee police are investigating a homicide near 68th and congress. this is a live look at the scene right now... officials say officers responded to a call of shots fired shortly after 4 p-m -- and found the victim when they arrived. right now -- very few details are available -- but we'll keep you updated as we learn more. erasing warrants from your record... today was warrant withdrawal wednesday... up next... what offenses qualified for dismissal -- and just how many people showed up on the final day of the
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there's a new medicare plan in town. one where personal customer service is much more than just words. hello, milwaukee. we're network health. and this is an actual member event where some of our 63,000 medicare members are getting to meet the friendly voices on the other end of the phone, in person. we're new to you, but we've been serving northeast wisconsin for more than 30 years. and, 9 out of 10 network health members are satisfied with their medicare plans. if you'd like to join them, call now and learn about plans that let you see any doctor who accepts medicare, either in or out of network. plans with zero dollar monthly plan options, prescription drug coverage... silversneakers fitness benefit, and person to person customer service. call now
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we're local, we care, we're person to person. for the holidays phone bank -- volunteers will take your pledge to help feeding america eastern wisconsin provide meals to folks in need this holiday
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four for a week... 100-dollars can provide a senior couple with food for 2 months. if you'd like to donate -- just call the number right there on your screen - 414-355-3160 our friendly volunteers are standing by right now to take your pledge. from all of us at fox 6 and feeding america eastern wisconsin, thank you for your support. giving 'em a break... the milwauke license suspensions for people who have failed to pay off their traffic citations. it's part of a program this month called "warrant withdrawal wednesday." fox6's madeline anderson is live downtown... where she spoke with people taking advantage of the help. while the line outside has disappeared... it had extended an entire city block. many people told me they had to take the whole day off work to be here because it took them at least five hours before they could even go inside the
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as the hours pass by... those in line inch one step closer to clearing their names. weve been here since 8:30 this morning. yep. and its worth it. im waiting. they're waiting outside the milwaukee municipal court either because they've had their drivers licenses suspended or they have outstanding warrants for not paying off traffic tickets. i got about 10-15 from driving while suspended, from my kids not having a seatbelt. luckily for kiandria harris and the 800 others... the municipal judges are lifting all municipal warrants and reinstating drivers licenses for free for anyone who appears before them... plus... offering payment plans for the fines. every 90 days i gotta come back down here with $20. i probably owe about $2,000.the service is part of a warrant forgiveness program held on the first three wednesdays of november. the goal is to ease the emotional and financial
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or not being able to drive. a lot of the great paying jobs are on the outskirts of milwaukee county so you gotta basically get in a vehicle and go. as harris leaves the courtroom with her license now valid again... she feels like she's been given a second chance. i am grateful. this is awesome. i think its a blessing. i asked people in line why they didn't pay off their tickets right away. some said they simply forgot to... others said they couldn't afford to. this was the last day to take advantage of the program. the city's website says has reached capacity for the day. reporting live downtown madeline anderson fox6 news. milwaukee public schools is calling out an ad placed by a local bar.... up next... why they're calling vulgar and offensive -- and why the bar owner says he created it. plus... how a major drug bust in dodge county is linked to the milwaukee area.
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin,
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all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger. welcome to delicious! tasteless--- thats what m-p-s officials are calling a controversial ad recently published in a local culture magazine. it mentions pregnancy and abortion -- while calling attention to students at bradley tech high school. fox6s angelica sanchez spoke with the bar owner who created the ad and tells us his motives behind it.
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causing mps officials to reach out to several organizations including the naacp. they say its their responsibility to stand up for false statements made on students. the bar owner tells me this ad was created and designed to get the attention of mps administrators. this is an ad for sabbatic bar at walkers point. it reads 'sabbatic is for lovers' and in bold print: 'our back alley: where 50% of and end'. bar owner jay stamates is no stranger to controversy but the ad is causing him to receive a flood of angry calls and texts. it turns out a lot of people whove never come to my bar never been to my bar really are upset with me! for safety reasons he did not want to show his face on camera. he says his bar has been a victim of numerous crimes and he believes those responsible are students that attend bradley tech high school ...which


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