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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  November 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CST

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brendan dassey won't be home for the holidays. that's the ruling handed down today from the 7th u-s circuit court of appeals. it's sided with wisconsin attorney general brad schimmel -- and blocked dassey from getting out of prison despite his murder conviction being overturned. ben handelman is live in dassey's good evening guys. brendan dassey and his uncle stephen avery lived just down the road. here in town-- the reaction-- is disappointment. for days-- the media has been staked out. after anticipation his release was imminent, brendan dassey will not be leaving this prison in portage this week. the 7th circuit court of appeals in chicago, overruling a lower
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state appeals. prosecutors are fighting a ruling that tossed dassey's convction in august for his role in the rape and murder of teresa halbach. the changing decisions have come so fast--- in dassey's hometown of mishicot, newspaper headlines are outdated. i'm pretty strong opinionated--- in this small village-- brendan really got coaxed into a lot of things. there is a sense of disappointment. they said what they wanted him to say, and then they go and slap the cuffs on him. well that's not right. come in here do not think he should be in there. is the talk of the town in the businesses down the road from the property where dassey and his uncle steven avery once lived. i think they should let him out until they figure if he really did do it. while they back dassey--- most we talked to don't feel the same about stephen avery. a lot of people think he should be free do to that making a mjrudere. it's not necessarily a
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informative. with this story not yet over-- they should let him out.a quiet town-- that's wrong will keep talking. that's pretty much where i stand. he really didn't anything. dassey's fate is now in the hands of the 7th circuit of chicago. there is no timeline how long it will take to review the case. live in mishicot tonight, ben handelman, fox6 news. updates in the dassey case, you can be among the first to hear about it -- if you have the fox6 news app on your mobile device. we'll send an alert. plus, "like" the fox6 news facebook page for updates and "live" reports as this process unfolds. it's a 8 and a half million dollar lawsuit. a woman is accusing the milwaukee county sheriff and his staff of mistreatment that caused the death of her newborn baby inside a jail cell
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with her attorney. "she's very depressed. she's distraught. i've never seen anybody break down that emotionally as she went through the story." --the emotions attorney jason jankowski says his client-- 30-year-old shade swayzer has been going through since the loss of her child over the summer. on july 6 2016, she was arrested after an altercation with police. she was eight and a half months pregnant. prior to being booked into the county jail she was taken hospital for examination. her attorney claims her pregnancy was progressing normally at the time. despite this and a history of mental illness, swayzer was placed inside the maximum security unit also known as the special needs unit. she alleges she was given prenatal vitamins only once and for days received zero medical attention. then on midnight of july 14th, she went into labor. she says she tried to alert guards that her water broke and was 'laughed' at. she went into labor inside her cell. she says her child was
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but later died. swayzer claims guards checked in on her six hours after she gave birth. the medical examiner has not ruled if the child was a still born or not. jankowski says hes tried to obtain documents from the sheriffs office but his requests have gone unanswered. "our client lost her child. i don't think she would come here and lie to us." an update in the search for a west allis shooting suspect. these are surveillance photos from the area around the cricket cleveland last night. police say the suspect had either, a sawed-off shotgun, or a short-barreled long gun. they say the suspect asked for money - but then a customer intervened and was shot in the arm. the injury is not life-threatening. we want people to be good witnesses, but we, certainly, dont want them to put themselves in harms way for , for, for property being stolen. this cricket wireless shooting suspect is described as an african american male, in his late teens, or early 20s. he was wearing a
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some sort of red logo on the front, along with dark jeans, and tan boots. if you know anything call west allis police. an update on a fatal shooting on 68th and congress. police say 18-year-old jahlin lopez was shot yesterday after an argument.. a second gunshot victim arrived at a nearby hospital a few hours later -- injured in the same shooting. police are still searching for a suspect. and milwaukee police investigating a double shooting near 36th and mt. vernon. a 21-year old man and a 20-year old threatening injuries. police are searching for suspects. debate... inside and outside of the classroom. we first told you last week about a mothers concerns about an m-p-s teacher sharing his political views in class. now students at that same school... are uniting for a different message. fox6s bret lemoine is live outside ronald reagan high school with new details. several dozen students joined an afterschool rally today... trying to
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of a ronald reagan high school student... about her daughters teacher. anon: 'the teacher said, if anybody is not taking part in this discussion, people will assume you hate just like donald trump.' the parent... who wishes to remain anonymous... says political views are being imposed on her daughter in the wake of president-elect trumps victory. last week, a spokeswoman for the district was 'looking into' the claim. nat 'spread love not hate.' on thursday after class, students rallied on behalf of the 'reagan others' - a nickname coined for the minority groups who now say they feel marginalized after mr. trumps election. dm 'were not trying to be anti-anything. political beliefs or people. we just want to be told and ensured that everyone will be safe here.' several dozen walked up and down the sidewalk in front of the school, chanting things like - chant jr 'we want unity, love between everybody.' 17-year old
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to do with the alleged incident involving a teacher... she says thursday is admissions testing for in-coming freshman... and upperclassmen want to let potential students know about reagans diverse background. lm 'ever since i stepped foot into reagan, i realized there were a lot of ethnicities and people around me. i see that as a very good thing.' but as a debate is now sparked about the role of politics in the classroom... anon: 'the political views of any teacher should never be interjected.' these students hope their message of peace... can have an impact on bringing people togethe time, people are negative. i feel like when you are negative you impose that to other people. its better to be positive.' we reached out to mps for comment on todays rally. a spokeswoman tells us: "mps believes that schools are places of healing where we can have respectful, safe conversations about issues that are important to our students and our community. our students at reagan were peacefully demonstrating their support for diversity."
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hs, bl, fox6 news. weve tied our record high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling into the 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday. tonightp
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tossed in the back of a squad car. not a criminal... someone's grandparent. fox 6 investigators expose why it's happening-- handcuffing the elderly. a giant plane... landing at mitchell. the reason this big bird will be flying over milwaukee for a couple weeks. gun deer season-- a warning from a menomonee falls man. a walk in the park... that turned
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to illustrate just how big this problem is, there's an estimated 48,000 people living with alzheimer's in southeastern wisconsin alone. half haven't even been diagnosed yet. and nearly all of them will need care. as fox6 i reports -- maybe not the kind of care they are currently getting. the baby boomers are aging. people are living longer than ever before. and as a result, more people are getting alzheimer's -- a form of dementia. figuring out how to care for these people is complicated. but what you're about to see might make you wonder -- is it a crime just to
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-- it's important to know what step you're on and where you're going.but in the dance of life, what's coming next can be totally unpredictable. 'that was just the beginning.' her kids say she was a great mom. and by all accounts, shannon wittal was a fiercely independent woman. "she supported herself, us kids, had her own life and her own activities. paid her own bills, haa finances.'a few years ago her behavior started to change. "she wasn't sleeping at night. she'd be up wandering around."her family chalked it up to old age. "she still could recognize people, still could figure out what season it was, when christmas was coming, all of that. now, three years later, it's a whole different story."shannon, in her early seventies, was
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ballroom dancer who once memorized complicated dance routines now can't even read a clock. 'she can no longer read a calendar, read dates. doesn't know what day it is."her family sent her to an assisted living facility in waukesha county -- one that advertised it specialized in dementia care. and then, on march 25, 2016, a nurse called 911. 10:43:13 elderly woman with dementia, was handcuffed and put in the back of a squad car after she slapped a caretaker. 'it was just like, oh my gosh, how can this be happening?' it's called an emergency detention or emergency protective placement. a caregiver calls 911. the police take the elderly person to a hospital or a mental health facility. but only when they are
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'why people put older adults in handcuffs - ill never know. it's a practice the alzheimer's association of southeastern wisconsin has been working to eliminate. 'there are other ways of intervening.' police were called on shannon because the 73-year-old -- who had a urinary tract infection at the time -- got aggressive with nursing home staff. brenda says caretakers at the nusi trained, should have been able to calm her mom down. 'people arent trained to handle dementia patients properly and when theyre not handled properly it causes aggression.' 'they utterly failed him.' caregivers couldn't calm down 100- year-old ken leque, either. 'all of a sudden we had gotten these calls that he was being transported that he had hit one of the hospice staff."the nursing home called 911. police cuffed him and put him in the back of a squad
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somebody do that?' crieshe was detained in the name of getting him help. 'and i did not know where he went.'leque was transferred in and out of 14 facilities in three months. she shakes her head, speechless the bruises up and down his arms proof he had been restrained by the very people tasked with taking care of him. 'this should not be happening. these are th that we walk on, and this is not how we should be treating them.'but they are still being treated this way -- five years after this very issue was highlighted in milwaukee county. 'it was awful.' richard peterson became the face of the problem in 2010.he was 85-years old with late stage dementia when he was handcuffed and bounced around from facility to
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found him tied to a wheel chair, no jacket, no shoes. he died soon after. 'something really, really needs to change.'a taskforce met. a report was written. petersen's family spoke out about their experience hoping it would never happen again. 'there are more people like my dad. my dad is not alone." six years later, our happening. elderly patients with dementia are still being handcuffed.sometim es even spending the night in jail. 'its like a guaranteed way to make it worse.' we reviewed hundreds of 9-1-1 calls from nursing homes to see just how often police are called to deal with dementia patients.we found dozens of reports where elderly people
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"causing problems" -- and nursing home staff -- "frustrated by their behavior" -- wanted them "relocated" to other they called the cops. you might think handcuffing such vulnerable people is not the way to handle these situations. the experts agree. "it just doesnt feel right. handcuffs are for punishing people, or for people who have done something wrong and you can't trust them. they're not for dad who is having a medical issue."rob gundermann, public policy director for the alzheimer's an says people with dementia can feel trapped -- and often can't verbalize how they're feeling. "and you reach the point where you can't ignore them anymore because they're acting out, they're doing things you just can't ignore." 'it just snowballs...because nobodys handling them properly." so what are staff members supposed to do if a dementia patient gets out of control?experts say they should be trained in how to calm the patient down. and if they're caring for
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first place. 'if you say you can care for people with dementia you need to be able to care for people with dementia." 'i know that i cant change things for my mom." after brenda's 73-year-old mom was handcuffed, she was put in the back of a squad car and taken to a facility more than an hour away. 'she didnt understand that they were trying to help her. she literally thought that she was in jail."brenda says her mom deserves better. and she shouldn't be punished just because she got old. "i just hope it can change have to go through what we had to go through. sniffles you might be wondering what the nursing homes and assisted living facilities have to say about this. we tried to talk to industry leaders about the challenges they face, but nobody got back to us. one of the things we've heard through our reporting is that nursing homes and assisted living communities have to keep everyone safe by
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sometimes have no other choice than to call police. police then make a decision on whether to take them. there's certainly liability issues at play and facilities say they can get in trouble for keeping someone who might have challenging behaviors, especially if they are violent. other places tell us calling police is a last resort -- other places say they never call police. do they really have to be handcuffed though? that's a liabil they tell me anytime someone's in a squad car, they have to be cuffed -- no matter how old they are. dementia advocates say there are other ways -putting someone in an ambulance instead for example -- but that gets expensive. there is some progress being made. some counties are working on mobile crisis units that can be called to come calm someone down, so they don't have to be taken away from their home. but that's all still a work in
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if your family is struggling to figure out how to care for a loved one with dementia -- we have a ton of resources on our website you can also call the help line you see on the screen right now 24 hours a day. that's 800-272-3900. still to come -- her car was stolen. she found it, called police but it was taken again before police showed up. tonight though -- her story has a different ending and you'll see it only on fox6. plus, more crime equals a need for more police. at least that's what some milwaukee aldermen claim. why the common council president is
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9. weve tied our record high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 50s by dinner time. a few showers are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 55 wind: sw 5-10
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prostitution.... robberies.... car jackings... just a few of the crimes neighbors on milwaukees south side say they are dealing with.. how their aldermen are responding .. and why they're getting scolded from a high-er
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she found her stolen car... it was gone, though, by the time police showed up. but this time - her story has a different ending - this time - she got it! a.j. bayatpour has the update you'll only see on fox 6. their odor eaters, trust me. inside marie cunningham's toyota corolla... worlds finest chocolate, made in the usa. the thieves leave behind trash and some parting gifts. they left me a full unopened can of coke. where did she find her car this time? abyss towing, im racking my brain. a south side tow lot. a driver towed the car from an apartment complex in west allis and called marie once the company ran the vin number. at first, marie says she got a bill for about 700 bucks. i said google fox6, blah
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shes like oh my god, i watched it with the owner, were gonna waive your fees. last month, we met marie when she first found her car on the north side. it was stolen when her son left it running at a wauwatosa gas station. marie was mad because it took milwaukee police 40 minutes to respond. they told me they would make this an emergency. maam, i already put it in as a higher priority. the police log s called m-p-d at 9:20 am on october 22nd. she said her car was already used to steal someone else's vehicle in brown deer. by 10:02, no one had shown up. i called it in and the police never responded so now my vehicle, that stolen vehicle i was sitting by, got up and moved. about five minutes later, police saw the car but canceled the pursuit as the thieves drove recklessly. m-p-d tells us the district captain is still working with marie to figure out what happened that day. its
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car 's pretty important since she's an uber driver. but she doesn't think there's any way way she can keep it. i dont, you know? its creepy. people were in it, its a violated feeling. its creepy. marie says she's now working with the car dealer to see if she can arrange some kind of trade-in. she confirms she has been talking to the captain in district five, adding she still wants to know why it took 40 minutes for police to respond. aj bayatpour fox 6 news. alderman on milwaukees south side want more officers to keep their neighborhoods safe. about 220-thousand people live in the five aldermanic districts on the citys south side.. currently there are 215 officer assigned to district 2 and 6 - and some aldermen say thats simply not enough. they say emergency response times are lacking and patrols are minimal.. so they're asking milwaukee police chief ed flynn to reassign
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sot 'without a doubt. take for example police district 6, running from cleveland to college, the lake to 100th street and they have 84 officers assigned there, keep in mind those officers arent working everyday and every shift.' common council president ashanti hamilton is criticizin t to rescind their letter - saying they should represent the public safety concerns of the entire city. no comment from milwaukee police. the waukesha west high school football team has been successful for a long time. the fabric of that success is rooted in relationships. tom pipines goes beyond the game. hsfb 10/28 watertown at waukesha
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family out here on friday nights. this is just what we do on fall fridays. we come out and we watch football, and we play football. 20:42:09 the waukesha west football team is a family. within that family, you have the the macudden family. there's tony, a wolverines assistant coach..and his 4 sons! 20:42:13 it started a long time ago with my son anthony, kevin, thomas and peter; we've just had such a great experience here at waukesha west. kevin, and thomas played at west. peter, just a junior, is a star running back and linebacker anthony, the oldest, wore te number 22 when he played youth football. the original 22 youth fb 20:43:33 it's just really cool to start something. your brothers follow suit. started with kev. ends with pete. ya know tommy was right there with him. i'm just proud. 20:43:42 kevin maccudden went on to play college ball at uw oshkosh; he'll be returning to his alma mater to join his dad on the waukesha west staff. 20:44:05 i love this place. i had such a good experience here. coach rux. the entire west family. they really kind of embraced our whole
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here at west. 20:44:12 and the maccudden family embraces one another..they're tight. 20:43:47 tight's an understatement. peter's been to every one of our sporting events. this is where i'm supposed to be. it's where i want to be. it's what it's all about 20:43:56 the older brothers are proud of peter. even with a year of high school left, he's being looked at by the badgers and northwestern. 20:44:36 everything i know i try to pass on. anthony's helped me, peter. he's been to so many of our events, it's crazy how much he's learned from all of us, and he's exceeded all of us, i thin has. he may not be the best looking, but i think that's up to debate. 20:44:49 20:45:02 it's great. i'm probably the most proud. because i got to play with him in 8th grade. he was suiting up, playing at a young age. i take most of the credit for all his success. ha ha like kevin said. he makes us proud. he's surpassing us and that's what we want. we couldn't be more happy for him 20:45:18 20:45:25 they set it all up for me. i can't thank them enough. kevin hit it right on the head. i went to all their sporting events. i learned everything i could from them. and i couldn't be more thankful for them showing up to my stuff and helping me out as much as they
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20:45:40 20:45:59 it's really exciting to see my dad there on the sidelines share a quick word before it starts. knowing how much he loves me. i just can't thank him enough for that, and i know he's always going to be there for me., 20:46:10 20:43:11 'm just proud of them. i'm proud of them being part of a bigger group than just themselves. they don't play for themselves; they don't play for this family. they play for that school waukesha west, and that's what we're proud of. the wolverine...the wolverines family; that' maccudden clan--it all starts and end with the mom. #1 20:47:19 watching all my boys on the field just warms my heart every week. and the special moments i see them have together . and with their teammates is just amazing. god's blessed us abundantly and we are just so grateful, and just want to share all the love and support that everybody has here. 20:47:36 tp; fss gun deer hunting season kicks off this weekend -
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his scary encounter with a hunter while walking his dog on public land. and she's only 2 months old - but is she wise beyond her years? will "sandy" pick the packers for a win this sunday - we hit another record high in milwaukee today, but the big cool down is on the way. i'll have your fox6
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better record than the packers so far, they're 5 and 4. but like the pack they are on a losing streak. pip joins us with this week pup and the pick. "hello again everybody. it's time to regroup for the packers and the pups from the wisconsin humane society. the pups have been wrong the past two weeks, while the pack has lost their last 3. allie
9:41 pm
joining us with sandy for this week's pick. as the pack stay on the road to play washington on sunday night. tell us about beautiful sandy. "isn't she gorgeous? "gorgeous, eveyone loves her." "she's only 2-months old. she's made a lot friends here in the studio. granted she was even born yet when the season started, but i think it givers her a nice fresh perspective on the game." "she seems to have kind of a low key demeanor but once the whistle blows..." "she's a bit of an athlete." little bit in the backfield for mike mccarthy and company. you can learn more about sandy and all of the other pets available for adoption at the wisconsin humane society on our alright sandy it's go time. are you going washington or are you going packers? it's up to
9:42 pm
little reticent just before the game started, let's see here. oh, she's taking a pass on washington. come on back here young lady, there's still time to salvage this. don't fumble the ball. don't pull a trevor davis last week. yea, you think so? maybe we do. you know what that's what our executive sports producer said matt that unless you go for to have to go washington. we are. it looks as if it will be washington. alright maybe that's a good luck charm for the packers as they try to snap that 3-game losing streak. and don't forget, with the packers game on sunday night, the sports blitz will be seen at a special time, 11:05 on sunday. we look forward to your company and sandy thanks a bunch for helping
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get out your winter coat! weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. an unusual sight at mitchell international airport.. why this mega plane is in milwaukee. and worry about the water - why kids at two schools in menomonee falls are now only allowed to
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9:46 pm argument alon gthe train tracks ends with a devesatating injury..why the man accussed might only face months behind bars. that's new at ten" -------------------------------- --------------- also tonight---the majority of states
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where's wisconsin in all this? it's not something we're putting back in the bottle..this is something coming our way" i think they're making a mistake why wisconsin probably won't be joining them any time soon--tonight at ten. weve tied our record high temperature for today! very windy tomorrow with highs in the middle 60s early then falling
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are possible in the afternoon. there is the chance for light rain and snow mix at night and into early saturday then expect decreasing clouds plus blustery and cold conditions. wind chills saturday and sunday will stay in the 20s. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 55 wind: sw friday: mostly cloudy with a few afternoon showers possible. high: 65 wind: sw 20-30 mph saturday: lingering rain/snow mix then decreasing clouds. very windy with wind chills in the 20s. am low: 34 high: 38 wind: nw 25-35 mph sunday: mostly sunny and chilly.
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mostly sunny. am low: 24 high: 43 wind: sw 8-12 mph tuesday: increasing clouds with rain at night. am low: 32 high: 46 wind: s-se 5-10
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anchors thanks weather froedtert and medical college of wisconsin reveal details for the drexel town square health center.... the oak creek location will offer services ranging from primary and urgent care -- to outpatient surgery and cancer treatment. 150 people will work there - including 14 doctors and 10 specialists. the drexel town square health center opens next fall. the safehouse is expanding to chicago. the marcus corporation will open another version of the popular spy-themed restaurant in chicago's river north neighborhood.
9:53 pm
january. marcus corp purchased the original safehouse last year -- and reopened the venue earlier this year. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. the biggest food holiday of the year is next week -- but more people in milwaukee than you may think won't be able to put food on the table this thanksgiving.... deandra corinthios shows you how hundreds of milwaukee public schools students...are trying to change that... academy ...taking steps to solve hunger in milwaukee. "so they can have something to eat, so they wont be hungry or begging people for money on the streets" this is the annual walk for hope... "its a community, its a neighborhood coming together to support our neighbors. there is a high need right now in our neighborhood, 53205 and 53206 zip codes" the whole school held a food drive...collecting canned goods and non perishable items. "they do
9:54 pm
hungry and not have the food they need to provide for a full family" thursday...the students walked the items across the feeding america. they work with more than 200 organizations to coordinate the distribution to families in need. "in milwaukee 1 in 4 households where children are present suffer from food insecurity" "feeding america typically collects about 800 lbs of food through the walk for hope which is approximately 650 meals" the walk for part of feeding holidays' campaign. the goal is to raise enough food and funds to provide one million meals this winter. "it teaches generosity not just to them and their families but to the whole community" in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news. meantime - a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the fox6 and feeding america eastern wisconsin - food for the holidays campaign.
9:55 pm
you can drop off non perishable food items at any associated bank branch or make a cash donation. we also have a link to donate fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. state-wide school report cards are out - and there's good news for milwaukee public schools. nearly one third of the schools are doing better academically -- that's about 50 schools. they all placed in a higher "performance category." the district is now in the "meets few expectations" category -- up fom category. the superintendent says -- it's a good start. "we have some progress people can feel good about the direction we are moving in but we still have that call tro action the urgency to continue. once you are able to feel what success is what it feels like you want to keep going and continue that momentum" driver says the goal is "one hundred percent efficiency" across the board for all mps students.
9:56 pm
two separate schools in menomonee falls. they are "valley view elementary" and "ben franklin elementary." students and staff at both schools will be using bottled water for now. at "valley view" -- a classroom sink showed a positive test for copper. then at "ben franklin" -- tests showed "coliform" in the water. it's a bacteria that's found in people, animals, plants, and soil.... but we're told there's no public health risks associated with it. check this out - a giant plane airport. the "a-c 380" will fly out of mitchell for the next 2 weeks, testing out a new jet engine. the plane can carry up to a whopping 366 passengers and will be used for long-haul routes like shanghai to boston or paris to santiago. the a-c 380 and its new engine also burns 25 percent less fuel than
9:57 pm
with gun deer hunting season kicking off this weekend in wisconsin... a menomonee falls man has a warning for all non-hunters. this after he says he had a scary encounter with a bow hunter while walking his dog in a county park. fox6's madeline has the latest. a walk in the park sunday morning for neil fleischhacker and his dog brutus... turned out to be anything but, well, a walk in the park. stand on the north property line. he got very upset that we were there and was telling me that i have to leave the area immediately, i don't belong there, and i'm infringing on his hunting zone. menominee park stretches more than 460 acres... but private homes surround the land... creating some conflict between hunters and park goers about who can claim the area along the property lines. so who was in the right in fleishhacker's case? he says the response he got from
9:58 pm
in the park, but if you walk back there, you know what's going to happen. so it might be better just to avoid conflict. waukesha county also sent a statement to fox6... it reads in part quote "we want to remind hikers that they should be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially during the hunting season." with no clear answer... fleischhacker hopes his experience will at least help both hikers and hunters take steps to better coexist. parks, and you think you're safe from hunters, you might not be. so be aware. if you're a hunter. not everybody that's coming up on you has the intent of wrecking your day. you have to have some compassion for the people who are walking in the parks. the wauskesha county parks department says if park goers do have hunting concerns... they should contact the sheriff's department. reporting in menomonee falls... madeline anderson fox6 news.
9:59 pm
now at 10-- a rally for unity-- nat 'spread love not hate.' after controversy in the classroom. plus-- president george w bush is in milwaukee tonight. what we're learning about his visit. and-- brendan dassey won't be leaving prison after all. tonight we head to his hometown for but first: our big story tonight--terror on the tracks. mukwonago police say a man pushed his girlfriend to the ground, moments later a train passed. the woman was left with devastating injuries. fox 6's ashley sears explains he faces just months behind bars. nats off county highway nn in mukwonago the sounds of the train breaks the quiet of a fall evening.
10:00 pm
the led police here monday night. nats officers discovered a woman badly injured. her head on the tracks-- "her left arm was amputated." according to a criminal complaint, the woman was left here by her boyfriend 22-year-old brandon calkins. police say calkins pushed his girlfriend to the ground following an argument. the victim's mother told police she believed her daughter "struck her head on a metal rail" causing her to "lose consciousness" falling on the track by the train." 20:06 it's jarring. angela mancuso runs the waukesha women's center and is not associated with this case. but is stunned by the details. 19:41 i had a physical reaction. i mean, when you read about it, or hear about it, it's frightening. police say when calkins was arrested he became aggressive. he faces three misdemeanor charges. if convicted, he faces just months behind


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