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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  November 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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three more top level positions ... selecting kansas congressman, mike pompeo, to lead the c-i-a, while tapping alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general...retired lieutenant general michael flynn is being asked to serve as national security adviser. and, tomorrow, in new jersey, mr. trump is set to meet with one of his fiercest republican critics, mitt romney ...about a possible role as secretary of state. conway says: "been through the political fire. represented the around." democratic massachusetts senator elizabeth warren --- and big mr. trump critic --- using the romney meeting to take a swipe at the two ...while pushing for more female cabinet contenders ... warren tweeting ... gov @mittromney: when you're meeting with @realdonaldtrump, maybe you could bring your binders full of women with you? and, new york city mayor bill de blasio, who earlier in the week met with mr. trump --- and voiced concerns about everything from tax breaks for the rich
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in midtown manhattan ... as president-elect trump has made it clear he plans to spend a lot of time in trump tower. de blasio says: "we have never had a situation where a president would be here on such a regular basis, details unknown but know he will be here very regularly." waldman on-cam tag says: " speaking of potential female cabinet members ... former dc schools chancellor, michelle rhee, is also set to meet with president-elect trump about a possible secretary of education position. in washington, joel waldman, fox it's time for your news and weather together. two men could face federal charges after trying to rob a mail carrier on milwaukee's east side. police say the robbers targeted a package from the mail carrier yesterday near arlington and warren. the mailman managed to tackle one of them-- a 19-year-old-- and pinned him down until police arrived. that's when they discovered the package had drugs inside. police have that one suspect in custody and are looking for
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milwaukee police take one man into custody after he opened fire at them last night. officials say they were called to a burglary in progress near 27-th and ruby around 10-30. when they arrived-- the burglary suspect fired at them and officers returned fire. the suspect tried to run but was taken into custody after a brief chase. no one was injured during the incident. a kenosha county man is facing more charges after "disturbing" videos were found in hi hat-kuh-witz wibohatkiewicz waived his preliminary hearing today-- he's accused of placing a spy pen in the women's restroom of the bar he worked at as a d-j. when police searched his home in that case-- they say they found videos containing child pornography. he's now facing 14 more felony charges for those videos. we started off the day with temperatures in the upper 60s
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this is all ahead of our next cold front, and big changes are coming. highs will take about a 30 drop to the upper 30s tomorrow. a wind advisory also goes into effect at 3pm this afternoon and continues through tomorrow. expect gusts up to 45 mph. with the cooler weather, our rain chances will turn overnight. that said, we're not expecting any accumulation to stick. tonight: windy. chance for flurries and snow showers overnight. low: 33 wind: w 15-25
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...not backing down. a day after saying milwaukee police need to send more officers to the south side, alderman bob donovan dismisses criticism from the common council president. a.j. bayatpour is live on the south side, in an area donovan says is among the most problematic. donovan and other residents along this stretch of greenfield say in the more prostitution and more drug activity here. council president ashanti hamilton says simply calling for more police in one area is divisive and short-sighted. senior pastor joel jaeger says prostitution has become so prevalent, its even a problem on sunday mornings. a couple weeks ago, an 85-year-old man dropped his wife off here for church and we dont have off- street parking, so he went to park, and as hes parking, one of the gals got in his car and she wouldnt get out
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for more officers assigned to the south side. a letter signed by four south side aldermen makes that exact request. im asking that we get our fair share of officers. thursday, council president ashanti hamilton calls on the aldermen to take back the letter, writing 'a strategy that pits neighborhood against neighborhood for policing resources is simply irresponsible.' donovan says the letter does not call for police to be taken away from other high-crime areas. theyre needed up there without a doubt. i am saying the chief officers in other assignments and get them into this neighborhood. jaeger, and street pastor marty calderon, say they want a spot at the table. but they question whether there are currently enough seats for police. im not saying to arrest people right away, or to say lets put everyone in jail, by no means am i saying that but ive seen the interaction with officers in neighborhoods and how thats been such a positive
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ben thanks aj what else is new ?? the packers will be missing some key players because of injury sunday night at washington.... and brookfield east's standout today at camp randall stadium.... tim van vooren has the story, in just a
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injury list for the packers.... damrious randall, jc tretter, jake ryan and tj lang are all out for sunday night's game at washington... don barclay is lang's likely replacement at right guard.. "i'm comfortable. i've done it before. you know, like i said, i'm gonna prepare the same way and i'm going about this week like any other week. just staying true to my set, trying to stay fundamentally sound and just execute that and give great effort." guys who always gives great effort, which is part of the reason why this scene last night at carolina is so tough to watch.... the veteran linebacker is sobbing on the field before being carted off.... today he is in the league's concussion protocol.... the former league defensive player of the year does have a history of slow recoveries from concussions.... it could be blow-out city tomorrow in the big ten.... four teams are twenty plus point favorites, including the badgers at purdue...
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best high school teams in the state get to do their thing at camp randall stadium.... brookfield east rides the five rushing touchdowns of sam sanitago- lloyd to a 42-36 win over monona grove for the division two championship this afternoon.... the five td's is more than anyone else has ever scored on the ground in any division final.... congratulations, too to waukesha catholic memorial.... ben nimz finds max cooper to break a 7-7 tie with green bay notre dame... the crusaders go on to prevail, 24 to 14 and cap a championship.... franklin currenlty ----------------- kimberly in division one.... we'll have highlights of that game on fox six news at six... college basketball this afternoon.... marquette plays the strong defense against pittsburgh at madison square garden..... andrew rowsey sets up matt heldt at the other end of the floor for the hoop and a foul.... 4:11 but the golden eagles go on to lose,
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we'll be talking college hoops... and college football..... and of course, packers football on the fox six sports blitz this sunday night.... with green bay playing that night, we'll push back our kickoff until 11:05 pm, so we hope you'll stay up with us for some lively discussion on all things local sports... brandon cruz in madison today... a looming strike at o'hare international airport could cause problems for holiday travelers... up next.... when hundreds of workers at one of the country's busiest airports could walk off the job -- with the busiest travel day of the year just days away. and... where snowfall-- and accidents-- led to a shut down of a major
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600-million-dollar sports and entertainment village -- as well as the annual enshrinement weekend in canton, ohio. the 18-year partnership was announced today. exact terms were not given -- but it's estimated to be worth more than 3- million-dollars per year. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have a link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. hundreds of o'hare international airport workers have voted to go holiday. about 500 workers have committed to strike in the coming days -- but officials with the "service employees international union local 1" did not specify which day it will start. . it's not clear how a strike could affect operations at o'hare -- which is one of the country's busiest airports... and triple-a predicts this will be an especially busy year for thanksgiving travel. north carolina is offering up to
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leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for starting wildfires in the state. governor pat mccrory making that announcement from an evacuated town. dry conditions are causing the fires to spread -- and bring down air quality across the region. more than 200 people have already been hospitalized in the south with breathing difficulties. major snowfall in denver causing some traffic problems... both directions of interstate 70 were closed for hours thursay accidents involving nearly two dozen vehicles. the snow is the first in denver in more than 200 days -- and comes a bit later compared to previous first snowfalls in the area. some ski resorts have even had
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toss to weather weather we started off the day with temperatures in the upper 60s and thunderstorms across the area. this is all ahead of our next cold front, and big changes are
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take about a 30 drop to the upper 30s tomorrow. a wind advisory also goes into effect at 3pm this afternoon and continues through tomorrow.
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chances will turn into snow chances overnight. that said, we're not expecting any accumulation to stick. highs will stay in the 30s through the weekend, and warm back to the
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tonight: windy. chance for flurries and snow showers overnight. volkswagen is planning to cut about 30-thousand jobs, as
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recover from its emissions scandal. volkswagen made that announcement today. most of those cuts will happen in germany -- where v-w is based. after the company was found to be cheating on emissions tests -- fines and compensation payments have added up to tens of billions of dollars. the company says the job cuts are necessary to reduce costs. a merger between tesla and solar city is moving forward -- after shareholders approve the 2-point-1-billio for elon musk to merge his two green-energy companies-- whose products include emission-free cars and solar panels for homes. musk is the c-e-o of tesla -- as well as the chairman and largest shareholder of both companies. the deal is expected to close "in the coming days." new maps show a dramatic loss of shoreline in louisiana -- following the deepwater horizon oil spill in 2010. the louisiana marshlands has lost a significant amount land
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recedes. the new maps from nasa and the u-s geological survey show much of that recession came after the b-p oil spill in the gulf of mexico. researchers say the oil kills or weakens vegetation along shore -- and when that happens, the soil is more prone to erosion. mission accomplished for two chinese astronauts who are now back on earth. china's shenzhou 11 space capsule mongolia. the pair spent 30 days on the country's small space station -- making it china's longest space mission so far... during their stay -- they conducted experiments and equipment testing for the launching of the station's core module in 2018. nick brown is ordered to pay the estate of bobbi kristina brown. and a dress worn by marilyn monroe sells for nearly 5 million bucks! the details are in tonight's
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pay 36-million-dollars to the estate of bobbi kristina brown. this-- two months after gordon was found "legally responsible" for the death of bobbi kristina. brown's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against gordon last year -- alleging he gave brown a "toxic cocktail" that caused her to pass out. brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub in january of 2015...and died six months later. marilyn monroe's dress she wore during her "happy birthday" song to for 4- point-8 million dollars! the dress was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. the dress cost 12-thousand dollars when she wore it to sing to the president. morgan freeman already has lifetime achievement awards from the "american film institute" and the "golden globes" -- not to mention an oscar... but now the 79-year-old actor is being honored with the a-a-r-p "movies for grownups" career
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notes his movie career didn't even begin until he was 50. and that's your buzz. disney world getting a new kind of light show off the ground... up next... the technology they're using to put this
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this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. brand new kind of light show last night... the theme park unveiling its first "drones holiday light show" at its "disney springs entertainment complex."
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air -- shifting into holiday shapes. the five-minute "starbright holidays" show is expected to run at least through the end of the year -- but dates and times have not yet been finalized. open now at six. wild wisconsin weather. thunderstorms roll through this morning -- bringing brief -- but heavy shots of rain. now -- an abrupt change of seasons is headed our way. good evening. our wild-weather is only getting started. temperatures -- taking a complete nosedive tonight...
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weather expert stephanie barichello joins us now with a look at the forecast. a wind advisory is in effect until 6pm saturday. staying overcast and windy this evening with the temperature quickly falling into the 30s. overnight lows will be right around freezing areawide so a rain/snow mix is possible in spots and flur morning. temperatures won't move much saturday - they'll only reach into the middle to upper 30s, but gusty winds will keep wind chills in the 20s. similar conditions expected on sunday but more sunshine and lighter winds. another storm system will bring


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