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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 1, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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only on fox6-- a mailman hand-delivers a thief to police. new details about a not so normal day seen the trend over the last few years, whatever we are doing is not working. milwaukee county could break a deadly record. and-- a 7-year-old boy murdered. tonight disturbing new details about one of the suspects. that is our big story tonight: not the first time. four people were arrested in connection to the death of a 7-year-old boy. tonight we've learned one of the suspects-- a woman-- was
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13 years ago. fox6's ashley sears has the story. 58:53 its just terrible. it really is. neighbors are left heartbroken and confused... after learning what police say happened inside this south side apartment-- nats??? a 7-year-old child killed--- police say he was abused. four people were arrested in connectio a source says he suffered malnutrition and bruising at the hands of two women. we're told they met in prison-- one of the women was locked up for her role in a separate child abuse case. in 2003, the suspect was convicted of child neglect resulting in death. according to a criminal complaint, 1-year-old bryan alston was found dead from "blunt force trauma about the entire body" the child had "bruising to the face" his "left arm ...broken" with gangreen. the suspect spent a
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later-- another horrific accusation. a source tells fox 6--there were other children inside the home with the deceased 7-year-old. a 9-year-old was also abused and is being treated at the hospital. we are told neither of the women accused--are the mothers to the abused boys. investigators are trying to figure out what happened-- neighbors try to understand whether the heartbreaking crime could've been prevented, 58:36 this is all going on right underneath our nose and we dont even know it. homicide. the two men were arrested for failing to act to prevent bodily harm. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley only on fox6 tonight-- a mail carrier delivers a special package-- to police! after being robbed of two packages, the mailman didn't let the suspect get away. he chased him down and hand-delivered him to authorities. fox 6's brittany shannon explains-- that robber now
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there were two of them. they were just brown boxes but pretty good sized 01:55" to deliver matter what. "00:09 i was really freaked out 10" so when two men tried to rob him of the mail...he went after them. "59:42 from the yelling i was able to put together that he had stolen a package and the mailman was trying to recover it 49" a federal criminal complaint states 19-year-old darryl walters was one of two robbers who approached mailman, scott peller, he the boxes were addressed to a man on arlington place. two men approached from the street, claiming to the intended recipient, then grabbing the packages and taking off. peller went after them yelling "stop! this is a federal offense; i won't let you steal the mail!" at one point the complaint states "walters dropped the package he was carrying and attacked peller from behind" there was a struggle, but the document says a nearby "citizen
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the ground until the milwaukee police arrived" it all happened just outside kelsey lamb's window... "01:43 he was arrested right here like handcuffed and everything 46" thanks to a determined mail carrier...and neighbor... "00:36 all of those factors it makes me feel a little safer 39" sources tell us there were drugs inside those packages. walters is charged with theft of united states mail and assaulting a government employee. we reached out to the declined, stating this is still an active investigation. milwaukee police continue to seek the second suspect. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. mary thanks brittany shots are fired in downtown milwaukee this morning. tonight one person is in custody. it happened near the milwaukee county jail near 9th and state around 9:30. police say the suspect opened fire at two people. he missed-- but he did end up hitting a car. police say it all stemmed from an argument over an ongoing court
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the kind you want to break! new numbers show milwaukee county is likely to have its deadliest year ever for opioid deaths. fox 6's ben handelman with one alderman's new plan to fight the problem. it is the deadly drug that has exploded in wisconsin. there are new numbers showing in milwaukee county-- we are on pace to smash the existing record for opoid according to the milwaukee county medical exmainers office-- 217 people have been killed by drugs like heroin and fentanyl with 55 additional deaths pending toxicology reports. the current record number of deaths stands at 231 from last year. if you've seen the trend over the last few years, whatever we are doing is not working. alderman michael murphy says the numbers are startling. if i were to tell you today that
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alone, you would think there would be a diferent response. murphy says-- it's time for something new. thursday he will introduce legislation to form a city-county heroin and opoid task force. the task force is going to bring together law enforcement, medical professionals, treatment providers and addicts themselves. the group's job, brainstorm ways to stop the epedemics explosion like new resources, programs, and new treatment options for addicts. a first step-- aimed at curing a problem that has become many residents last choice. office has just sent out new numbers indicating there is a chance we've already broken the record as they wait toxicology reports to come back. one of those deaths you may rmember--- the medical examiner's own son. alderman murphy will take his task force idea to the council thursday. live in milwaukee, ben handelman, fox 6 news. ted thanks ben
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a teenager is in custody. the written bomb threat was found yesterday in the bathroom of the lincoln intermediate school. police searched the building-- but didn't find anything. police say case will be referred to the district attorney's office for possible charges. meanwhile, in germantown-- police evacuate a "gehl gail foods warehouse". they got a call this morning from an employee who reported someone may have entered the building with a possible explosive device. it took about 2 and a half hours for the police and the milwaukee' county sheriff's office to give the all clear. im glad for the response. it looked like but ... it was done, quietly. germantown police say they're still investigating. add michigan to the list... green party presidential nominee jill stein has formally requested a full hand recount of the presidential vote there. as it stands president-elect donald trump beat hillary clinton by just under 11-thousand votes in
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dollars in order to file for the recount. but taxpayers will pay for whatever that doesn't cover. the recount could start as early as friday-- though a challenge from the president-elect could delay it. its the countdown... to the recount! tomorrow morning begins wisconsins statewide presidential recount and theres a lot of work being done tonight to prepare. fox6s bret lemoine breaks down the cost... and logistics of the historic event. ballots boxed up... flanked by security... and clearly the center of attention for thene clerks across the state teleconfernce to learn new details of the pending state-wide recount... 'good morning...' ...were also learning more about what the process entails. a judge denied former green party presidential candidate jill steins request to force a state hand recount late tuesday night. some municipalities, however, will opt to process the recount by hand: 48 counties across the state... including dodge, ozaukee and washington... will still proceed with a hand recount. 14 counties... like milwaukee, racine and waukesha... will use optical scanners. 10 counties across the state will use both walworth county. walworth is
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already had some calls from counties this week that they are having a little bit of a challenge finding enough people.' ...while others like jefferson county say... they have a waiting list of people willing to help out. clerks have already projected their costs - for overtime, facility rental, transportation, food and paying temporary workers. in our area, costs range from 36-thouasnd in sheboygan county... to more than a half million in milwaukee county. waukesha county broke it down even 279-thouasnd dollar cost for a machine recount... would have ballooned another 78-grand had the recount been done by hand. steins campaign will foot the bill for all these expenses... which now stands at nearly 4-million dollars. clerks have until december 12-th to finish the recount... and certify the results. one wisconsin conservative group is alleging the recount is illegal-- saying a candidate must claim there is reason a mistake occurred not that a
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'if there is any real world consequence of it is it might put at risk our ability to have our votes counted in the electoral college because the recount wont get done on time... i hope it doesnt happen.' the president of the wisconsin institute for law and liberty says if this recount interferes with the casting of wisconsin's electoral votes ---the group plans to get involved. but he would not get into details. milwaukee had a lot to say about the recount. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app-- the story will be on our home page. don't be surprised if you see a few flurries out there tonight. weather expert tom wachs joins us now from our brand new weather deck! welcome to the brand new fox6 weather deck. we will take a look
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plus-- christmas shopping for the sports fans in your life? in tonight's contact 6 report-- the business that some customers claim is dropping the ball. and later-- he's the man, behind the man. we hear from packers back-up q-b brett hundley on how he stays sharp-
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if you're looking to buy a gift for a sports fan ... you'll want to pay attention to this story. contact 6's jenna sachs investigates one business ... that keeps dropping the
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tens of billions of dollars ... on merchandise for their favorite sports team. but that love of team ... is also creating opportunity ... for foul play ... by questionable businesses. i was impressed, i didn't see any red flags. it seemed like they were, they were legit. in september ...a facebook ad led steven jackson of west bend... to a website for fan authentics ... where he bought his wife a pair of packers leggings for 29.95. they wer b bay written down the side. the money was deducted from steven's account ... but weeks later ... the leggings hadn't arrived i called the number that they had and 'leave a message; and they'll 'contact you as soon as possible,' well, i tried once, twice, three, maybe four times and i never got an answer. no one answered when contact six called either. and no one responded to our email ... or message sent to the
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with complaints. some call fan authentics ... a "scam." we wanted to see for ourselves... so in october ... we placed our own order. i think we're gonna buy some leggings. the website advertises expedited delivery within seven to ten days. go to secure check out now. i paid 34.95 ... then waited. the money was taken from my account. but more than a month later ... i'm still waiting. when i check the it says "unfulfilled." contact 6 has spoken with a half dozen disgruntled former customers ... including one woman ... who took this picture of her package ... when it arrived two months after she placed her order. the return address ... is a u-p-s store in michigan. we just want the money we dont even want the leggings anymore. despite exhaustive online searching ...the operator of fan authentics remains elusive. there's no address on the website ... and the address listed by the better business bureau ... is an
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the bbb of michigan has more than 100 complaints against fan authentics ... and can't seem to track down its operator either. a lot of times people don't even look for contact information until something goes wrong gary anders of the green and gold zone ... says shoppers should stick to online businesses they know ... that are either local ... or a major chain, and be cautious of businesses that advertise on facebook. these internet providers that take these ads apparently dont even attempt to vet the people placing these ads at all. placing their order ... playing with dog the jacksons are now wondering if they'll get their package ... before the end of the season. disappointed and angry. when it comes to buying sports merchandise online. be cautious of prices that are too good to be true. ... buy from companies you know ... or do your research. fan authentics has a lot of negative reviews out there if you look for them. my feeling is people who order from fan authentics now ... won't get their packages by the holidays
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a few light rain or snow showers are possible this evening and overnight. lows will drop into the low to middle 30s. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday into saturday with highs struggling to reach into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but
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middle 40s next week. tonight: light rain and snow showers. low: 35 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph friday: mostly cloudy. am low: 30 high: 38 mostly cloudy. am low: 27 high: 38 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the
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high: 42 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain showers. am low:
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brett hundley has shown flashes of great talent..albeit at training camp and in preseason games. aaron rodgers has interesting comments about his tim
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heaven forbid that aaron rodgers should have to miss any time during the packers attempt to make a playoff push. that tender hamstring "is" getting better. but if number 12 can't take snaps, it's on brett hundley. tim van vooren always quarterbacks the blitz. "the packers go as they always do, behind aaron rodgers, good or bad. but behind aaron rodgers is brett hundley now in his second
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next to aaron. i think we've done a good job as a team going forth and myself, just progressing each and everyday. it's been a fun ride and obviously there's been some ups and downs to this season, but where we are right now we control our destiny, we just have to win out." "he's a very studious guy, with the note taking every single week. and he really want to be great. "hundley did make his nfl debut earlier this season. in fact he's played mop up duty twice." "it felt awesome you know, t greatest circumstances but at the same time it was good feeling for me just to get in there and play football again." "there's a pretty good history for quarterbacks named brett in green bay. whether brett hundley ever gets to join that company here or has to go elsewhere, he's eager for the opportunity. at lambeau field tim van vooren fox 6 sports." bart houston is bright..and maybe a little goofy. but the badgers quarterback who could have a big say in saturday's big ten
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by design. "i've really taken on this goofball, goober-esque whatever you want to call it personality on the field and in the huddle. i just feel like if i can show confidence in a positive way and one that's pretty obvious that everybody notices it then everybody else might catch on." number 7 penn state-on fox--with the big ten championship at stake! coverage from indianapolis kicks off saturday evening a 6. brandon cruz'll be with the team; his reports start tomorrow night here on fox 6. coach wojo's marquette golden eagles hosted western carolina tonight. juwan howard rises up for the slam! 17 year old freshman markus howard- on target.. 17 points. 1 for
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luke fischer. flirting with a 50 point lead, the golden eagles fly over the catamounts, -90-44! milwaukee looking to go 2 and 0 at uw milwaukee panther arena. brock stahl..17 points 11 rebounds against jacksonville. lavall jordan's team had a double digit lead; the dolphins made a run, but cody wichman and company hold 'em off 72-67. last night's 118-101 bucks win over lebron and the cavaliers ranks as their best performance of the season. giannis tyed a career-high by scoring 34 points. he added 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks! but he's impressed by rookie malcolm brogdon..a bright light on the court and off. giannis calls the mature 23 year old "the president". "i thought that was his nickname no?" "well, i don't know, i said do you know why?" "oh they say that he is really smart, maybe he can be the president of the united states. that's what they say right?" "yeah yeah ok." " if he's the president i got the plug you know. he can hook
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espn reporting that a new, 5 year baseball labor deal's in
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finally tonight-- even antarctica is getting in on the mannequin challenge. take a look! the trend has gone viral-- participants simply remain frozen in place. and these participants really were freezing. at the time of the video there was a windchill of negative 20 degrees. they're all athletes-- taking part in the antarctica ice marathon. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking >> feel like you are losing your grip? or maybe that you're in over your head? face it. there's no need to feel down. in the topsy turvy world of sports, you can simply rise above it all. hey, this ain't your grandpa's


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