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they met in prison-- one of the women was locked up for her role in a separate child abuse case. in 2003, the suspect was convicted of child neglect resulting in death. according to a criminal complaint, 1-year-old bryan alston was found dead from "blunt force trauma about the entire body" the child had "bruising to the face" his "left arm ...broken" with gangreen. the suspect spent a year and a half behind bars. nats?? now another horrific accusation. a source tells fox 6--there were other children inside the home with the deceased 7-year-old. a 9-year-old was also abused and is being treated at the hospital. we are told neither of the women accused--are the mothers to the abused boys. investigators are trying to figure out what happened-- neighbors try to understand whether the heartbreaking crime could've been prevented, 58:36 this is all going on right underneath our nose and we dont even know it.
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homicide. the two men accused in this case, were arrested for failing to act to prevent bodily harm. live in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. ted thanks ashley a teen has been arrested -- in connection to a west allis school threat. the written bomb threat was found yesterday in the bathroom of the lincoln intermediate school. police searched the building- - but nothing was found. police say case will be referred to the district attorney's office for possible charges. officially moved to another state. jill stein's campaign filing its petition for a hand recount of all votes cast in michigan. she says more than 75-thousand blank votes were a "red flag" that pushed her to seek a recount of the 4- point-8-million ballots cast in the state. president-elect donald trump won michigan by more than 10-thousand votes over hillary clinton.
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wisconsin's historic recount will get underway and tonight we have new information about how it'll all play out. from cost... to logistics... the wisconsin elections commission is keeping clerks... and the public informed every step of the way. fox6s bret lemoine is here in the studio with new details. the recount will begin at 9 a-m tomorrow in every county across the state. each county has released a projected cost... and also indicated if they will process the recount by machine or by hand. box than the one you saw on election day... large crates filled with ballots leave milwaukee county storage wednesday morning in preparation for the massive state-wide presidential recount. they will be under lock and key tonight and once the ballot bags have been opened, there will be 24- hour security provided by the sheriffs department. the tight security is the result of strict guidelines... outlined in full detail through a teleconference
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'good morning...' a judge denied former green party presidential candidate jill steins request to force a state hand recount late tuesday night. some municipalities, however, will opt to process the recount by hand: 48 counties across the state... including dodge, ozaukee and washington... will still proceed with a hand recount. 14 counties... like milwaukee, racine and waukesha... will use optical scanners. 10 counties across the state will use both walworth county. walworth is asking for volunteers to serve as ab had some calls from counties this week that they are having a little bit of a challenge finding enough people.' ...while others like jefferson county say... they have a waiting list of people willing to help out. clerks have already projected their costs - for overtime, facility rental, transportation, food and paying temporary workers. in our area, costs range from 36-thousand in sheboygan county... to more than a half
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even further, sharing its 279-thouasnd dollar cost for a machine recount... would have ballooned another 78-grand had the recount been done by hand. steins campaign will foot the bill for all these expenses... which now stands at nearly 4-million dollars. clerks have until december 12-th to finish the recount... and certify the results. one wisconsin conservative group is alleging the recount is illegal.... there is reason a mistake occurred not that a mistake could have occurred. 'if there is any real world consequence of it is it might put at risk our ability to have our votes counted in the electoral college because the recount wont get done on time... i hope it doesnt happen.' the president of the wisconsin institute for law and liberty says if this recount does interfere with the casting of wisconsin's electoral votes
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but he would not comment further in what shape or form. officials in madison and milwaukee had much more to say about the recount... visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- to watch the complete news and tele-conferences. the story will be on our home page. wisconsin headed to washington today. house speaker paul ryan met with vice president-elect mike pence and incoming ryan called today's meeting part of an "ongoing conversation" on how to hit the ground running when president-elect donald trump is sworn in. a few light rain or snow showers are possible this evening and overnight. lows will drop into the low to middle 30s. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. staying mainly cloudy
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to reach into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. tonight: light rain and snow showers. low: 35 wind: sw 5-10 mph thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph fr 30 high: 38
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from your phone. just download the fox 6 storm center app, it's available on android and apple. the packers next take on the houston texans sunday at lambeau -- and they big money free agency deal during the offseason. he's also a quarterback one packer is very familiar with. tim van vooren has the blitz from lambeau field. "when the schedule came out it looked like a dandy. jj watt of the houston texans back in his home state taking on the packers at lambeau field this sunday. watt is out with an injury and won't play the rest of the season. but the texans are still formidable.
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talented football team." "houston is almost trying to overcome their first year quarterback brock osweiler came over, big free agent deal. so far he has 12 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions." "i know he's had the last couple of games, he's had some turnovers. he's a much better athlete. you get guys who are above 6-4, 6-5, 6-6, and i know coaching quarterbacks they look at them differently. but i think he is "osweiler is from arizona state as is packers cornerback damarious randall and they worked out together in the summer." "i was his receiver, just kind of before he ended up signing with houston where he was kind of in the mix of about to sign with a team, i was just running routes for him, "jj watt won't be a part of things but a division leader will be at lambeau field on sunday and it's not green bay. at lambeau field tim van vooren fox
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bad news to report from milwaukee's northside. tonight-- a different kind of story from the 53206 zip code. cameras... capturing a side of the city you seldom see. the movie... about milwaukee. more death. more destruction. the terrible discoveries in the tennessee fires. and -- a controversial nativity scene. who won the battle to save or scrap it.
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on pace to break a deadly record! new numbers are out tracking wisconsin's opioid epidemic. one milwaukee alderman says we will likely shatter the record for deaths in milwaukee county. our ben handelman live near downtown tonight a new plan to try and fight the what is being called a "public health crisis." guys. it will kill more people than homicides and car crashes
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do something new about opioid deaths. it is the deadly drug that has exploded in wisconsin. there are new numbers showing in milwaukee county-- we are on pace to smash the existing record for opioid deaths. according to the milwaukee county medical examiners office-- through late september, 191 people have been killed by drugs like heroin and fentanyl. the record set last year at 231. milwaukee aldm number could surpass 250 deaths. if you've seen the trend over the last few years, whatever we are doing is not working. murphy is pointing out startling numbers. in 2012 there were 5 fentanyl deaths. the latest numbers-- showing at least 56 deaths this year alone. you would think with all of the attention that the media has spent on it, a lot neighborhood meetings, public meetings, you would think those numberswould start going the other way, but they haven't.
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introduce legislation to form a city-county heroin and opioid task force. the task force is going to bring together law enforcement, medical professionals, treatment providers and addicts themselves to give us a better perspective about how we can change this course. the group's job, brainstorm ways to stop the epidemic's explosion like new resources, programs, and new treatment options for addicts. a first step-- aimed at curing a problem that has become many residents last. i just outcome than what we are currently doing. tomorrow the city will be launching a program where people can mail un- used prescriptions in an envelope for free. they'll be able to pick up the envelopes at local c-v-s's. the task force-- expected to go up for a vote tomorrow. live in milwaukee, ben handelman fox 6 news. ted thanks ben one person is arrested after shots are fired this morning in downtown milwaukee.... it happened near 9th and state -- where officials say a suspect fired
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vehicle was hit by a bullet. the 45-year-old suspect was quickly arrested by police. milwaukee police are asking for help identifying a suspect wanted in connection with an armed robbery outside the citgo gas station near teutonia and green tree road. it happened early this morning.... authorities say the suspect approached the victim with a fake gun and demanded money... he got away with cash after a brief struggle between the two. anybody who might know who this is -- is all too often we tell you about grim news from milwaukee's central city. the 53206 zip code has seen a high rate of murders, violent crime, drugs. so what would there be to sing about? fox6's myra sanchick tells you how a hollywood feature film shot in the city's poorest neighborhood . the reality of milwaukee violence this past year.
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conflict nat gun violence nat lights flashing lights camera action. nat and reaction nat camera set. action the harsh reality of the streets surrounding them makes a backdrop for a group of filmmakers head to milwaukee's poorest neighborhood to produce a movie. a musical no less. i'm from l.a. i produce and direct out there. and we wanted to use as much local milwaukee talent as usual with casts as well. filming a full feature movie called 53206 milwaukee and it highlights the crime and tragedy. it also highlights talent kim zulkowski known as mz kim, is producing this hollywood movie. it's not her first. lived in poverty. grew up in foster care , had that single mother . mom was young when she
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so i grew up on the streets that we're filming .. several months ago, a casting call went out through facebook. it was spearheaded by milwaukee activist tory lowe. the talent is amazing. from milwaukee. born and raised there were call backs. and milwaukee talent discovered. imani brown got the lead role of robbie. singing ...pave the way for my community...out a 17 year old girl named robbie, her and her friends have dreams and aspirations of making it out of 53206 and becoming something great. okay pause . no cut in. pause blood i'm robbie. i'm my character all the way. compeltely around her all she sees are drugs violence, her friends being murdered. classmates
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has lots of experience . lots of deaths in regards to gun violence and i have as well. i just lost my friend last december . yesterday made ten months she's been gone http: showing that someone with the right motivation can make change in the community and can inspire people to make a difference. that's what we're all hoping to do singing ...pave e milwaukee myra sanchick fox6 news the movie is currently being edited and post produced in los angeles. it could debut as
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wednesday in germantown but what happened at gehl foods had people running. the call that had police scrambling. plus, we're getting closer to the finish line. the sign on the new northwestern mutual building is being put up. so how about some trivia as we head into break. can you guess how tall each letter is? and a live look at the new fox 6 weather deck! so what does we'll give you a behind the scenes tour... right after the
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you are watching fox 6 news at 9. a few light rain or snow showers are possible this evening and overnight. lows will drop into the low to middle 30s. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. into saturday with highs struggling to reach into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. tonight: light
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mph thursday: cloudy and breezy.
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break break get your morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, and the latest on the election recount. and a preview of the grand re-opening at the domes. tomorrow on wakeup! it was a tense few hours in germantown today -- after law enforcement got reports of a possible explosive. it forced an evacuation at gehl foods.fox6's justin williams has the latest.
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whats goi wouldnt say. they said there was an incident. had the neighbors, tried to go down maple road, n im like, okay ... cant get this way. came around, im like, okay ... cant come down friestadt. concerned. i get to the lovers lane corner, and the sheriffs there ... and, the washington county sheriffs department had company, in the form of germantown police, as they responded to a call from an employee at this gehl foods facility, around 9-40, indicating someone may have entered a warehouse with a possible explosive device. world. the concern for some 60 employees was significant enough that they are evacuated from the facility. following an investigation, assisted by the milwaukee county sheriffs office explosive ordnance disposal unit, an explosive device was not located, and employees returned to work, just after noon. im glad for the response. it looked like it was done, well, but ... it was done, quietly. david teeters also lives near the scene. he says he understands the
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about excessive vigilance. i think, in america, people need to, yes, keep an eye open, but, at the same time, just look out for each other, enough, you know, dont go overboard. the company's cfo tells me the warehouse has a key card access system, and that only employees have key cards. meanwhile, germantown police continue to investigate. this is justin williams, fox 6 news. the badgers football team has surprised most of the country with their success. to be in the running for the four team playoff is remarkable. ...much like the path of one of their leaders. tom pipines goes beyond the game. 18:35:23 every time i practice, every time i go on the field, i don't take that for
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journey for badgers senior running back dare ogunbowale. the former standout at marquette university high school has had to work for every one of the tough yards he's gained for his home state school. perhaps that's why he appreciates every moment of his 5 years in madison. come in here not knowing really how i got on the field, being one of the last guys accepted in the fall camp. then kind of earning my way on the field and earning a scholarship and then the best part of my whole journey is to be voted by my teammates to be a captain. there's not a lot than means more to me than the guys on this team 18:35:18 dare started as a defensive back before being switched to offense. his willingness to play any role for the good of the team isn't lost
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certainly on the field. but off the field, he's a guy that everyone knows in the locker room they can go to. that dare's got their back the number of things that he does that aren't on a stat sheet, and what he brings to this team. it's huge. 18:11:29 gifted redshirt freshman bradrick shaw shows signs of being a feature back in the near future. he's one of several young players who've benefited from ogunbowale's guidance. 18:25:38 dares a great dude. when i first came in here i was a little iffy about plays. he basically taught me some of the plays, 18:25:47 18:34:15 it's something i've always wanted to do is make sure i impact people in the right way. 18:34:39 i try to make sure i'm a good leader for this team. and hopefully i've been doing a good job for these guys. 18:34:44 the respect that dare ogunbowale's has among his teammates extends to his opponents. last summer, he was selected to speak at the big ten conference preseason meetings in chicago.
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in our world, the things that makes us different, the unique things that each member of our team brings to the table aren't things that divide us. they're pieces that come together to make us complete. pieces that make us a team. but why not carry that mindset beyond the locker room, or beyond the stadium? and carry that mindset in our everyday lives? ogunbowale hopes to continue his on field journey in the nfl. but if it doesn't happen, the economics major won't be thrown for a loss. he wants to work in wealth management and provide financial guidance to athletes. but ito dare. 18:36:02 regardless of what happens with my career, i plan to just continue to be a role model for people and maybe inspire people whatever aspect i'm able to do it in. that's big for me. i just want to be a good person in the world. 18:36:14 tp; fss dare and his badgers teammates take on penn state-on fox--with the big ten championship at stake! coverage from indianapolis kicks off saturday evening at 6.
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here on fox 6. if you're excited for the new star wars movie... you are not alone. the records it is breaking -- before its even out in theaters! and she is one of president-elect donald trump's most talked about appointments. why his top education pick -- is drawing scrutiny in wisconsin. we have light precipitation falling on our new weather deck tonight. we'll take a closer look m
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the newest "star wars" movie is already breaking records and it's not and ed sheeran has to get stitches in his face... the details in tonight's buzz. pope francis meeting with film director martin scorsese at the apostolic palace. the meeting comes a day before the film "silence" makes its world premiere at the vatican. the movie documents the persecution of jesuit missionaries in
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paintings with the theme "hidden christians." "the empire's building a weapon, capable of destroying an entire planet. "rogue one: a star wars story" has broken a box office record and it isn't even in theaters yet. the hollywood reporter says the movie has the biggest number of ticket presales for 20-16 for both fandango "and" movie-tickets dot com. the film is tracking to open above the 130-million dollar mark when it hits theaters decemb princess beatrice is apologizing after hurting ed sheeran. the singer was partying at princess beatrice's house...when he had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches in his face... princess beatrice accidentally slashed him with a ceremonial sword while mock-knighting fellow pop-star, james blunt. and that's the buzz. still ahead -- a trip to wisconsin ends up saving one woman's life. the rare and unconventional treatment she could only receive in two
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and we are taking a live look at the new fox 6 weather deck! a closer look after the break --
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10:00.' the finishing touches are being put in place on the northwestern mutual building in milwaukee. crews are installing the company 7-foot-tall letters on the 32nd floor of the new downtown officer tower. poblocki sign company of west allis was contracted for the job. workers began installing the sign last week -- but had to pause work for a couple days because of windy conditions. the entire width of the sign -- including the logo and company name -- spans about 140 feet. despite employees at o'hare international airport protesting yesterday -- airlines say the work stoppage had little or not affect on operations at
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united airlines -- which operates its largest hub out of o'hare -- says delays were minimal and american airlines says it saw no disruption. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, new developments from gatlinburg, tennessee where the death toll from the dozen wildfires -- continues to rise. right now -- the total is up to 7-deaths. more could be dead... as search and rescue teams continue to scour burned neighborh storms dropped some much-needed rain into the area... helping firefighters as hot spots continue to flare up. it's damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings in the eastern part of the state. mayor larry waters/sevier county, tn and we are updating our numbers from 150 structures either damaged or destroyed in the county to we think
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structures in sevier county. the fires are considered the largest in 100 years in tennessee. president barack obama has spoken with tennessee's governor to offer support for residents gravely affected by the wildfires. fema has also approved a grant to help mobilize resources. it's been two months in the making... and our weather deck renovation is now complete! this timelapse video we've put together shows just how much has changed in that r time... we completely knocked down the old one -- and started from scratch. there's now a gazebo... some new deck furniture... and even a fireplace! you can see the complete video on our website fox 6-now-dot-com. adlib to wx weather a few light rain or snow
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possible this evening and overnight. lows will drop into the low to middle 30s. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday into saturday with highs
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into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. tonight: light rain and snow showers.
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thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph friday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain/snow showers. am low: 26 high: 42 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 29
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tuesday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain showers. am low: 32 high: 44 wind: se 5-10
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out of state is grateful to doctors at aurora st. lukes medical center -- who kept her alive long enough to get a transplant. the treatment is rare -- and unconventional. it's used for patients in liver failure fox6s deandra corinthios has the story. "you can see your liver has serosis and changes related to that" the side by side images diane wings end stage
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liver... after the transplant this past july. a transplant doctors say she was only healthy enough to become eligible for...thanks to this... its called the mars machine.mars stands for molecular adsorbants recirculating system. it essentially washes a patients blood of toxins "this device is designed to not only do dialysis for your kidneys but also dialysis for your liver" the machine was initially designed to allow the liver to heal and prevent some patients from needing a transplant... wing was hop visiting the area from texas. she was hooked up to the mars machine for 22 hours a day...and was barely conscious... "i was here in the hospital for 4 months and probably the last month is when i became more aware of people and certain nurses" according to doctor sahajpal...only one other transplant center in the country has taken this approach...theyre located in maryland. the treatment healed wing enough to get a liver and kidney transplant. "it saved my life basically" "aurora health care has a hepatitis c screening program they have tested more than 35
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tested positive and are now receiving treatment. reporting in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news." doctors say baby boomers are most at risk for hepatitis c. they say often people don't realize they have the disease... until they suffer a flare-up... like in wing's case. a snowplow in maine getting rid of the snow in an unexpected way.. this truck caught fire in front of the maine warden service office -- causing several explosions. no one was injured in the explosion -- but employees were not able to put out the fire on their own. they tried using an extinguisher but the flames were too intense. volunteer firefighters later arrived and put it out. a pipeline explosion lit up the night sky near kansas city, missouri overnight. people who live nearby say they could see the bright flames but
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10-inch line carrying liquid propane was buried underground. officials aren't sure what caused it to rupture. the louisana-based company was able to shut the pipeline off... and the fire was out in two hours. no one was hurt and no property was lost. a michigan city has decided to take down its own nativity scene outside city hall shortly after it was put up. officials say they made the decision after realizing it was a violation of city policy-- in regards city officials say a madison-based group called "the freedom from religion foundation" sent numerous complaints to the city the past couple years. this year - the city decided to enforce the policy. tony graff: "we're willing to work with faith-based organizations in the community to put it up where it's not public property, because of the issue of constitutionality, it's been discussed all around the country." the city is still looking to
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she's one of the most talked about cabinet appointments in president-elect trump's administration. betsy devos is a billionaire businesswoman -- philanthropist and supporter of school vouchers - something drawing scrutiny in wisconsin. our jonathon gregg heard opposing view points on marquette's campus today. the advertised voucher "discussion" "there are kids who are getting into like a debate "i wouldn't say it's as strong as you would point out." between the opposing views of underwood and jensen. "unfortunately what i see all too often happen in this town is adults defending failure." "i don't think the causation of school improvement, i don't think that you can lay that at the feet of each played a role during the inception of voucher schools in
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leadership on the way, jensen and "like minds" are apprehensive. "i think lots of educators believe that it's an indication of a triumph of ideology over evidence." betsy devos does not have a degree in education nor extended experience with public schools and was the chair of a group "promoting school choice and voucher programs." "well, like the rest of the trump administration establishment, not a former principal, she's not from the educational establishment, she is someone who has worked with schools to improve them but she is an outsider." admittedly, jensen says "the presidents proposal is pretty vague" other than pledging 20 billion to education, there's a lot more to hash out, and why again, advocates of public schools, worry. "and a decline for students who really need help like in special education and english language learning..." jonathon gregg fox
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so much of the news has been portrayed around -- >> the dancer. >> he has a huge crush on her. you know? >> kissing and looking cozy in the hawaiian surf. it is on for mariah and her dancer brian tanaka. i'm liz hernandez. have katie and orlando just taken the next huge step in th >> i'm humbled. >> i kind of hit a wall. >> are you pregnant? >> a picture of me with a bump and a circle. >> she's put up with baby rumors for well over a decade but a line has been crossed for jennifer. i'm natalie morales. her new plea to end the madness. >> we just got to break out of that and go, whoa whoa. >> were kim and kanye having major marriage problems before his breakdown? we head straight to paris with gigi, bella and other angels


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