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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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election begins in wisconsin today. we're finding out just how each county will recount the votes. if you've seen the trend over are doing is not working. also this morning... finding a new way to combat a growing problem. how officials are hoping to put an end to drug abuse in milwaukee. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather office. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday
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into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph breaking news this morning-- a tacoma, washington police suspected shooter-- still in a standoff with police. officials say the officer was responding to a domestic violence call when he was shot multiple times, the standoff between police and the suspect has been going on for hours now. we are continuing to monitor the situation and will bring you updates as we learn more. its the countdown... to the recount! wisconsins statewide presidential recount begins at 9 this morning. and there was a lot of work done last night to prepare. fox6s bret lemoine breaks down the cost... and logistics of
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ballots boxed up... flanked by security... and clearly the center of attention for the next 12 days. as county clerks across the state teleconfernce to learn new details of the pending state-wide recount... 'good morning...' ...were also learning more about what the process entails. a judge denied former green party presidential candidate jill steins request to force a state hand recount late tuesday night. some municipalities, however, will opt to process the recount by hand: 48 counties across the state... including dodge, ozaukee and washington... will still proceed with a hand recount. 14 cn milwaukee, racine and waukesha... will use optical scanners. 10 counties across the state will use both walworth county. walworth is asking for volunteers to serve as tabulators... 'we already had some calls from counties this week that they are having a little bit of a challenge finding enough people.' ...while others like jefferson county say... they have a waiting list of people willing to help out. clerks have already projected their costs - for overtime, facility rental, transportation, food and paying temporary workers. in our area, costs
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a half million in milwaukee county. waukesha county broke it down even further, sharing its 279-thouasnd dollar cost for a machine recount... would have ballooned another 78-grand had the recount been done by hand. steins campaign will foot the bill for all these expenses... which now stands at nearly 4-million dollars. the recount results will have to be certified and completed by december 12th. reporting in the newsroom, bl fox6news. dealing with a recount in the presidential election... but first-- one wisconsin conservative group is alleging the recount is illegal angelica joins us from the newsroom with new information. the wisconsin institute for law and liberty says a candidate must claim there is reason a mistake could have happened. 'if there is any real world consequence of it is it might put at risk our ability to have our votes counted in the electoral college because the recount wont get done on
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if this recount interferes with the casting of wisconsin's electoral votes ---the group plans to get involved. but he would not get into details. and green party presidential nominee jill stein has formally requested a full hand recount of the presidential vote in michigan as well. as it stands, president-elect donald trump beat hillary clinton by a little less t votes in michigan. stein had to pay 973-thousand dollars in order to file for the recount. but taxpayers will pay for whatever that doesn't cover. that recount could start as early as friday-- though a challenge from the president-elect could delay it. jessob back to you. we are following the wisconsin election recount very closely... visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app for our full coverage-- including what madison and milwaukee officials are saying about the
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to washington. house speaker paul ryan met with vice president-elect mike pence and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus yesterday. ryan called the meeting part of an "ongoing conversation" on how to hit the ground running when president-elect donald trump is sworn in. we are learning more about the four suspects arrested in connection to the death of a seven year old boy. this isn't the first time one of them has been accused of child abuse that led to death. a source tells fox 6 was abused. we are told the two women arrested met in prison. one of the women was locked up for her role in a separate child abuse case. in 2003, the suspect was convicted of child neglect resulting in death. according to a criminal complaint, one-year-old bryan alston was found dead inside the suspect's home. now, thirteen years later that woman is accused in another horrific case. neighbors say they are disturbed by what happened.
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this is all going on right underneath our nose and we dont even know it. a source tells fox 6--there were other children inside the home with the deceased 7-year-old. a 9-year-old was also reportedly abused and is being treated at the hospital. we are told neither of the women accused is the mother of the abused boys. starting today-- milwaukee is launching a program where people can mail un-used prescription drugs in an envelope for free. they'll be ab envelopes at local c-v-s stores. this comes after new numbers show milwaukee county is on pace for its deadliest year ever for opioid deaths. the milwaukee county medical examiner says 217 people have died from opioid deaths so far this year, with 55 additional deaths pending toxicology. that likely means last year's record of 231 deaths will be shattered. alderman michael murphy says efforts to slow the epidemic have failed. later today, he will introduce legislation to create a city-county heroin and opioid task force.
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together law enforcement, medical professionals, treatment providers and addicts themselves to give us a better perspective about how we can change this course. the task force is expected to go up for a vote today. a 19-year-old faces federal charges for robbing a mailman delivering two boxes on milwaukee's east side... daryl walter faces theft of mail and assaulting government employee charges. was one of two robbers who grabbed packages from a mailman, and ran off. sources tell us there were drugs inside those packages. the u-s postal service declined to comment, because it's an active investigation. milwaukee police are still looking for the second suspect. happening today-- one of the men responsible for the shooting death of 5-year-old laylah petersen is scheduled to be sentenced. carl barrett junior was found guilty on all four charges. petersen was sitting on her grandfather's lap in 20-14, when
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killing her. investigators say, barrett and two other men were looking to kill a man acquitted of murdering one the men's family members. they fired into the wrong house. the other men have already pleaded guilty for their roles. also in court today... the man accused of breaking into several homes and shooting at a milwaukee police officer. 23-year-old "dabreon jefferson" has now been charged with one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide and one count of burglary.prosecuto rs say an officer confronted him as he tried to b near 26th and ruby. gunshots were exchanged -- but nobody was actually struck. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8-30 this morning. winter parking regulations begin today! according to the department of public works, from december 1st through march 1st--most residential streets will require alternate side night parking, but there are exceptions to the rule. the department of public works offers an email and text message alert system for when you can't park
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will have a grand reopening celebration. the celebration will last all day... from 9 until 5. county executive chris abele's office says thanks to a northwestern mutual donation... there will be free admission... live music... and the holiday floral show. the domes closed to the public back in february after a piece of concrete fell. new details this morning about the deadly wildfire in tennessee. when the city of gatlinburg i the packers are hoping to start a winning streak going into the weekend. how they're preparing to take on the texans at lambeau sunday. more protests against the dakota access pipeline are planned for milwaukee today. when activists
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cloudy and breezy thursday with chiy low 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday into saturday with highs struggling to reach into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. thursday: cloudy and breezy. high: 41 wind: w 10-20 mph
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texans sunday at lambeau -- and they bring a quarterback who signed a big money free agency deal during the offseason. he's also a q-b one packer is very familiar with. tim van vooren has the blitz from lambeau field. "when the schedule came out it looked like a dandy. jj watt of the houston texans back in his home state taking on the packers at lambeau field this sunday. watt is out with an injury and won't play the rest of the season. but the "make no mistake about it this is a very good football team. it's a very talented football team." "houston is almost trying to overcome their first year quarterback brock osweiler came over, big free agent deal. so far he has 12 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions." "i know he's had the last couple of games, he's had some turnovers. he's a much better athlete. you get guys who are above 6-4, 6-5, 6-6, and i know coaching quarterbacks they look at them
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very athletic for his height. "osweiler is from arizona state as is packers cornerback damarious randall and they worked out together in the summer." "i was his receiver, just kind of before he ended up signing with houston where he was kind of in the mix of about to sign with a team, i was just running routes for him, "jj watt won't be a part of things but a division leader will be at lambeau field on sunday and it's not green bay. at lambeau field tim van vooren fox 6 sports." we're continuing to follow breaking news after an officer is killed in washington state. the latest on the standoff situation between the suspect and police. jury deliberations continue today in the murder trial of a former south carolina police officer. the latest on the case against michael slager. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. a bit damp today but slowly drying up. right now with highs in the low 40s. our next chance of snow coming up.
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wakeup news. cloudy and breezy thursday with chilly high temperatures in the low 40s. staying mainly cloudy friday into saturday with highs struggling to reach into the upper 30s. the chance for rain and snow returns by sunday but temperatures gradually warm back into the middle 40s next week. thursday: cloudy and breezy.
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breaking news right now... a police officer has died after a shooting in tacoma, washington . and the suspected shooter-- still in a standoff with police. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the details. that standoff has been going on for hours now between police and the suspected shooter. the suspect is believed to be barricaded in a home with a gun. the homeowner and her two children were escorted out of the house and led to safety when the officer was shot. police say the oi violence call when he was shot multiple times. the officer was rushed to the hospital for surgery but later died. he was a 17-year veteran of the tacoma police force. kim and jessob. back to you. at least seven people have died from a massive wildfire in tennessee. three bodies were recovered form a burned home yesterday. authorities are working to identify them and notify their family members. several other people are believed to be the fire has spread to 15-thousand acres and
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buildings. but the weather took a turn for the better yesterday, bringing rain to the area. the mayor of gatlinburg says he lost his own home in the fire. "we lost our home. we lost our business of 31 years. you know, i really can't dwell on it that much. i think of others that have lost theirs keeps my mind off of our problems." the mayor says the city could re-open later this week. thousands in the area flames. jury deliberations continue today in the murder trial of former north charleston police officer michael slager. he is on trial for the shooting death of walter scott, and unarmed black man. cellphone video captured slager shooting scott in the back-- after he was pulled over for a tail-light violation in april last year. slager testified that he used his taser first, but scott
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slager opened fire. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. in charlotte-- four people wind up in handcuffs following protests around the city. they're angry over the decision not to charge a charlotte police officer in the death of a man in september. a north carolina district attorney says keith lamont scott was armed when police shot and killed him. scott's family insisted he did not have a gun, saying he was sitting in his car, reading a book while waiting for one of his children to come home protesters of the dakota access pipeline are planning to rally outside the wells fargo bank in downtown milwaukee today. this is video from a similar protest held last month. the demonstration is planned for 4-30 this afternoon. they're speaking out against the bank's investment in the pipeline construction. then at five, protesters will march to the federal court house, and demand president obama and the army corps of engineers withdraw their eviction order for the
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forecast from fox6 chief meteorologist rob haswell a large low moves slowly off to the east and weaken today allowing us to slowly dry up but we will still see a few morning showers and snow showers. drizzle could linger into the afternoon. as high pressure builds into our region, we continue to dry but stay mostly cloudy for friday. a bit more sun is likely on saturday with a new low moves in for sunday with a chance for rain and snow. temperatures slowly return to the low 40s early next week. today: overcast with early rain/snow showers then drizzle. high: 42 wind: w 5-15 mph tonight: cloudy. low: 30 wind: nw 3-9 mph friday: mostly cloudy. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy. am low:
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mostly cloudy with the chance for rain/snow. am low: 26 high: 40 wind: w 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with the chance for rain showers. am low: 32 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph the holidays have come to new of the christmas tree in rockefeller center took place last night. alec baldwin and kate mckinnon helped light up the 94-foot tall
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york. the 84-th annual lighting of the christmas tree in rockefeller center took place last night. alec baldwin and kate mckinnon helped light up the 94-foot tall norway spruce. 5 4 3 2 1, go woo! radio city rockettes, among others all took part in the celebration. some 50-thousand colored lights cover the tree. remember that packers fan who swore to wear shorts until they won? well you'd think he'd put on some pants now they they broke their losing streak... but... he's getting superstitious. "i decided, i think my shorts are good luck. so i'm gonna wear shorts as long as they keep
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as his choice but his son-in-law also put 100-dollars on the line. the packers are now five and six after beating the eagles on monday. they take on the texans at lambeau field on sunday. join fox six for a special coats for kids collection next week. our tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha -- collecting coats of all sizes -- new or gently used. the first 200 people to donate at least ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve at the bmo harris bradley center find more details on our website ahead at five: major league baseball has a new collective bargaining agreement in the works. the changes we could see for the next world series. and then at six... how a woman used go-fund-me to get the ultimate revenge on her now ex-husband. a manatee is recovering after getting stuck in a storm drain.
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live look outside this morning.. a bit damp today but slowly drying up. right now with highs in the low 40s. our next chance of snow coming up. get your frosty on... starting next year, anyone with a two- dollar key tag will get a free junior frosty at wendy's with every purchase. wendy's will then pay 90 cents on the dollar for every key tag to the dave thomas foundation that helps children in foster care. the tags are available at most wendy's locations. a manatee spotted stuck in a storm drain in florida yesterday morning... is now safe and sound at sea
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manatee in jacksonville when they were paving a street. crews cut pipes to get her out -- it took six hours to free her. then last night -- she finally made it to sea world in orlando for rehabilitation. she's expected to make a full recovery. the manatee was named "venetia" by a group of kids -- after the neighborhood she was found in. sea world hasn't decided if they will stick with that name. the mannequin challenge. take a look! the trend has gone viral-- participants simply remain frozen in place. and these participants really were freezing. at the time of the video there was a windchill of negative 20 degrees. they're all athletes-- taking part in the
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the communication weve had from clerks has not been frantic or panicky theres been some frustration over whether or not they feel that this is necessary hours...necessary or not...the ballots will be counted today. what to expect in the day ahead. and we're following breaking news out of washington state this morning...after an officer is killed in the line of duty. details on the all-night standoff with the suspect. rob joins us now with more on


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