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tv   FOX 6 News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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a.m... the recount started slowly. ...sorry. 9:10 a.m. i stand corrected :42 when elections commissioners decided to publicly test only two of the 30 voting machines being used in the recount... nats - feeding ballots thru machine a supporter of green party candidate jill stein objected. only testing one machine versus all the machines :31 milwaukee county commissioners then decided to test all 30. one of them was broken, and had to be fixed. the objector, mark kowalski of greenfield, said the delay was worth it. if were trying to save time, why? we have the time, we made the time. were paying 3 million, 4 million. i think we can test 30 machines :08 the first city of milwaukee ballots finally got fed through the machines just after noon. nats -- feeding ballots suburban ballots, two hours later. were going to get the job done. its going to take us a little longer
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:17that's december 12th, and the county clerk says inspectors are planning to work every day except sundays. besides 130 inspectors, representatives from the republican, democratic and green parties were also here to challenge questionable ballots. there have been a couple that have been rejected because they were improperly filed :26 here in the room where the suburbs are being counted, municipalities will rotate through this warehouse as they finish their counts. in another room, workers will be working on the city of milwaukee live, theo keith, fox6 news. brad thanks theo election officials in waukesha county are using machines -- but say things are moving slowly. around 3-30 -- officials were still checking the validity of ballots. waukesha has almost 240 thousand ballots to count -- one of the largest totals in the state. in our area -- milwaukee -- waukesha -- racine -- and
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machines -- and taking a hand count... while fond du lac -- ozaukee -- washington -- dodge -- jefferson -- and kenosha counties are just using hand counts. for counties doing just the hand count -- several observers we spoke with say this is making them feel better about the process... and one county clerk even argued it was faster for them than using a machine. fox six's angelica sanchez continues our team coverage from washington county... to meet the december 12 deadline. observers at both washington and ozaukee counties told me the same thing-- watching a hand recount is a fascinating process... but at the same time understand this is no easy task. ---on thursday tabulators across the state can be seen intensely flipping through thousands of ballots for day one of the election recount. ozaukee and washington county
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hand-count ballots. observers in ozaukee tell fox6 this gives them peace of mind. 'im here to observe the process to convince myself that it was a fair process. ' 'i can see its exhausting for the people that have to do it." through the morning, county clerk julie winkelhorst made her way back and forth throughout the room... answering questions and making sure rules of the recount were followed. in washington county, the board of canvassers decided to split the hand- count in two rooms so municipalities could be processed faster. . if we were using one machine which it would have taken over 130 hours to feed them all through and as you can see i have two rooms of tabulators we can go through a whole municipality... much quicker than going through the machine.' clerk jascewski says more machines were an option but reprogramming their database and memory cards would have taken away time that's not on anybody's side. she says they did find some election night errors. "we found some absentee certificates that were improperly processed on election day and we dealt with those today at the recount." as exhausting as the process is, one candidate
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be an american, we can do our voting and we can of building homes.' . here in washington county the re-count will go on until 6:30. the clerk says where they are at the end of the week will determine if they have to work on sunday. but she's confident her county will make the deadline. reporting live in washington county i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news. mary thanks angelica largest in the state doing a hand recount of the election ballots -- with a little more than 310-thousand to sift through. a large group of tabulators gathering today to begin the process. the county has chosen to do a hand count -- even though a judge ruled it is not a requirement. meanwhile -- president-elect donald trump's campaign is objecting to a hand recount of michigan's presidential votes requested by green party
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objection filed today will delay or cancel the recount -- which the state was planning to begin tomorrow.. stein has also requested a recount in pennsylvania. coming up later in the newscast -- we'll take a look at how this recount process has reignited the political division seen during the presidential campaign. meanwhile -- to keep track of the recount as it happens -- just visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "politics" tab to get regular updates. we'll also have links to the daily vote totals in "links." calling for the resignation of milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. in a statement supervisor "supreme moore omokunde" says it needs to happen before quote "more people die". he says four people have died in the milwaukee county jail in the last six months-- including a newborn baby. the child's mother has sued the sheriff's office. supervisor omokunde claims clarke has "abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers
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a statement saying "supervisor who? that sounds like some character in a science fiction comic book and he's upset that i helped donald j. trump get elected potus." a seven year old killed on milwaukee's south side is the center of a homicide investigation - as police question four people they arrested. none of those arrested are the boy's mother. but myra s that mother.. who says she's trying to piece together what happened. she joins us from the newsroom with a story ?you'll see only on fox six. more testing is needed to determine exactly how this boy died, but what we do know is that he had numerous injuries. this is a dated picture of trevion winningham who would
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milwaukee police say the seven year old was brought to children's hospital with numerous injuries. he would not survive. while two men and two women were arrested in connection with his death, being investigated as a homicide, one of the women, forty four years old was convicted in a similiar crime in 2003. fox6 discovered that the 44 year old was sentenced for a previous child neglect in november of 2003. the 47 year old also in custody for trevion's death was sentenced in december of 2003 in a burglary. as for trevion winningham, his mother spoke to me by phone. he was just a happy child always has been about why the boy was staying with others on south 19th street or his relation to those arrested, i don't really know what happened but the thing is it didn't have to happen. i don't know the full details right now. nobody's telling me anything. i don't know right now a source tells fox6 another boy was also injured in the incident and is at childen's hospital. as far as i know he's doing better. i haven't been up to see him. i'm going to talk to
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services right now the district attorney's office says it has received several of the cases referred to them as of today... but have not yet reviewed them for charges. live in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news mary thanks myra more than two years ago, she was shot and killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap. today, one of the men responsible for laylah petersen's death la fox six's justin williams was in court this morning for sentencing. he joins us with the latest. as you might expect, there were plenty of tears in one milwaukee county courtroom today... as laylah petersen's family watched one of three men who participated in her homicide -- be sent off to prison. they shared their memories... she was charismatic as they come, and, because of your actions, she will never have that opportunity to live her life to the fullest.
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be sittin at home, cant sleep for two, or three, days. thursday, members of laylah petersens family gathered inside a milwaukee county courtroom, for the sentencing hearing of carl barrett, convicted in connection with november, 2014 shooting death of the five-year-old girl. she may have lived a short life, but her life was full of love. we will never know, or be able to fully understand, what drove your willing participation, that night, behind laylahs death. milwaukee man was convicted of several charges... including one count of first degree, reckless homicide after he, and another man fired multiple shots into this house. one bullet struck petersen as she sat on her grandfathers lap, with her sister, and grandmother, in the room. according to a witness, the men thought they were targeting someone elses residence. before judge jeffrey wagner issued a sentence, laylahs godmother
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community, and we can only hope that her story can restore the compassion that our city, desperately, needs. ultimately, judge jeffrey wagner sentenced barrett to a total of 100 years -- 65 years, initial confinement, and 35 years of extended supervision. anchors? we have tracked the laylah petersen story from the beginning. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "laylah" to bring the suspects in. also, hear more from the petersen family in the wake of the convictions. the domes at mitchell park have undergone a series of repairs... but now they're back fully back open! see the grand reopening -- next. plus... winter parking rules are now in effect in milwaukee.... how you can stay on top of where you can -- and can't park -- coming up. a few peeks of sun possible tomorrow but much cooler.
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. learned about structural problems at the mitchell park domes. they were closed for a while but today -- a grand re-opening! but as julie collins reports the work to preserve the domes is far from over. underneath the beautiful music of the latino arts string
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from dome admirers. 'oh it definitely puts you in the spirit.' its a welcomed sight after months of being closed. in feburary of this year the domes closed due to the unsafe conditions when concrete began falling from the dome structures. in april stainless steel mesh was put into place to form a lining inside the entire domes...protecting it from further damage. the domes are now sturtually sound and safe - and to celebrate -- a grand reopening ceremony for all 3 domes. 'i are something that everyone in milwaukee can definitely enjoy and experience and its great that they are reopened especially at the holiday time.' the milwaukee county board chairmen agrees it's a happy day but says theres more work to be done. because the wire meshing is only a short-term fix. 'were proud to be here but i just want people to make sure that were planning for the future and not just remember a place of the past.' - 'the task force here at the domes meet
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future of the domes but theyre asking the public for your help. they have a survey online and we have a link to it on our website, thats fox 6 now dot com. reporting outside the mitchell park domes, julie collins. fox 6 news.' today -- visitors were invited into all 3 domes for free thanks to northwestern mutual. to see a timeline of the domes saga -- go to fox 6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and search "mitchell park domes." it's time for your news and weather together. racine police are asking for help identifyig suspect... officials say he passed several counterfeit 100-dollar bills throughout the city. anybody who recognizes this man or might have more information is asked to call the racine police department. documents show milwaukee county paid 11 million dollars in pension payments to retirees last month. the payments were to make up for underpayments made to county employees who retired between 2001 and 2008. further payouts are expected to cost 6 million. county chairman theo lipscomb
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abele acted too slowly on the payments. abele says he is moving as quickly as possible and could only act once the i- r-s approved the repayment plan. the board will meet to discuss the issue tomorrow. winter parking regulations are now in effect.. milwaukee's department of public works says most residential streets will require alternate side night parking from december 1st through march 1st. but -- there are exceptions to the rule... d-p-w offers an email and text message alert system for when you can't park on either side of the toss to weather weather mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday
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the upper 30s. another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low:
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cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph showers. am low: 33 high: 43 wind: se 8-12 mph mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday but
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another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 26 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain showers. am low: 33 high: 43
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freezing temperatures just yet -- but we know they're coming. fox 6 is hosting a special "coats for kids" collection next week. our tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha on wednesday, december seventh -- collecting coats of all sizes -- new or gently used. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve at the bmo harris bradley center find more details on our website
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95 - point-7 big f-m right now... but it isn't the music that's causing the stir. coming up -- how a simple call can help grant some very special holiday
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joy...are flooding the air waves on 95 point -7 big f-m. the make a wish radio-a-thon is underway right now... fox6s deandra corinthios explains how you can help.
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thought possible" this is day one of the make a wish radio-a thon "lets make those phones start ringing early" raising money to grant wishes for hundreds of wisconsin children suffering from life threatening illnesses. tune in to 95 point 7 big f-m this thursday and friday youll hear from kids like rebekah stege... "we went hiking lots of different places" her wish to visit zion national park...was granted this past september "by then i was doing pretty good and i could climb around and it was like everything was back to normal so it was like a celebration of my recovery" to look forward to during her fight against anca autoimmune disease that at one point prevented her from walking. "this has given her hope that yeah things get tough in life but we have to be patient and persistent and keep at it" make a wish wisconsin hopes to raise 200 thousand dollars through the radio-a-thon to grant wishes this holiday season "we grant a lot of wishes during this time a lot of children living with life threatening illnesses are
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hospital stays and so parents dont want to pull them out of school more than they have to" "nats music" rebekah is healthy enough to play music again... her mom says the wish...helped her get here... in greenfield deandra corinthios fox6 news make a wish wisconsin granted a record 370 wishes in 2016... and it hopes partnered with make a wish and 95 point 7 big f-m for the radio-a-thon. it runs through 7 pm tonight... and tomorrow from 7 am to 7 pm. learn how you can donate -- either by phone or online. just click on this story at fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. president-elect donald trump ?taking what he calls a "thank you tour"... up next... his big announcement today in indiana. plus... how the election recount here in wisconsin is rekindling some political division throughout
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z26zqz zvpz 6zqy yvpy donald trump is back on the road .... the president-elect stopping in indiana and ohio today as part of what's being referred to as a "thank-you" tour ... it comes the same week we learned of a deal mr. trump managed to work out with air conditioner maker
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washington. president-elect donald trump hits the road .... he and vice president-elect, mike pence, kicking things off at carrier's indianapolis factory ... announcing a deal to keep roughly one-thousand jobs there in the state of indiana ... after they were slated to move to mexico ... trump says: "united tech stepped it up ... and i have to say it that they did it in professional way." jobs on u-s soil ... indiana is required to give carrier's parent company seven-million dollars in tax breaks over the next ten years ... carrier employees responding to the news ... link says: "you've done more in your first three weeks of being elected than the last, you know, the current administration has done in the last nine months for us." carrier does however still plan to move six-hundred jobs from that
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mexico. the deal -- getting mixed reaction from both sides of the aisle ... stabenow says: "it said the state would be giving additional 7-million to -carrier- to stay ... not sure why governor pence in his position didn't do that earlier." mister trump later kicking off a "thank you" tour in ohio .... with a rally in cincinnati analysts are divided on whether or not the tour is a good move for the president-elect .... is if it keeps going you never govern you just keep campaigning." blanchard on-cam tag says: "and mr. trump's search for a secretary of state continues... adding another name to the running, ambassador john bolton ... bringing the list up to five-contenders. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news." it's time for your news and weather together. milwaukee police identify the seven year old boy who died after an apparent beating in a house on the city's south side as


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