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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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begun. nats - feeding ballots thru machine hundreds of thousands of ballots -- going under the microscope. were going to get the job done but the clock is ticking... 'im here to observe the process to convince myself that it was a fair process. ' that's where we begin. underway-- one county down--- 71 to go! tiny menominee county -- with only a few thousand residents -- the first to finish its recount. others--- say it could be tough to make the 12 day deadline. we have team coverage tonight -- from municipalities across the area. let's start with ben handelman who is in milwaukee county. hillary clinton officially cut the lead by one vote up in menominee. here in milwaukee county, this
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today. they are just wrapping up now. day 1--- found almost no problems with the votes. it has never happened in the state of wisconsin-- until now. across the state-- each and every ballot cast in the presidential election, is being counted again. we got off to a slower start than we an green party each and every ballot machine was tested taking extra hours. in waukesha-- they too were slow out of the gate. obviously today is really kind of iffy becuase we don't know how long each step will take. eventually--- recount workers hit their stride to very few problems. in brown deer, it was discovered one person sent in two absentee ballots. in milwaukee county-- some ballots rejected. there have been a couple that have been rejected because trhey
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municipality to finish their recount in milwaukee county, the tiny village of river hills. one worker says the recount-- matched up perfectly with election day results. onlookers include representatives from the clinton, green, and trump campaigns. i'm not sure why they filed to have this. i don't know if they wanted to give money to the state of wisconsin and pay that fee. we're here anyhow. hillary clinton trails donald trump by over 22,000 votes. there is no indication th after the recount's first day. i'm hoping it works out in terms of equipment and machinery. green party leaders say they are pleased with how the day went. when asked about criticism from republicans this is a waste of time and money. i say wait to day 12. that's what i am saying. we just started. so wrapping up here. in waukesha county it is a different story. they spent most of the
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they are just about to start counting. they plan to work there until midnight. we're live in milwaukee county, ben handelman fox 6 news. brad thanks ben counties like ozauke washington have opted to hand-count the ballots. the washington county clerk argues it's actually faster. she says in the past they only used one machine for recounting-- which she believes would have significantly slowed this process down. brenda says: " if we were using one machine which we have done in the past, it would have taken over 130 hours to feed them all through and as you can see i have two rooms of tabulators we can go through a whole municipality a whole reporting
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much quicker than going through the machine." she says she could have requested more machines but believes reprogramming the database and memory cards would have taken away time that's not on their side. dodge county is also hand-counting ballots. and to the clerk's surprise... it's going much better than she thought it would. brittany shannon joins us in the studio, and brittany, as we can imagine, it's a tedious process... me she will need until december 12th to count all of the ballots. aside from some minor issues on day one...she reports things are moving along quickly, thanks to a good amount of help... hand counting...43,760 ballots... " didnt want to believe it" one by one. "do it right you have to get it
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"i had no idea it was going to go this well" volunteers making good progress. 18 out of 42 municipalities counted on day one...thanks to a lot of help. ive got 4 or 5 people that are actually doing the physical counting of the ballots" "my first thought was great. theyre going to need a lot of help" beth bachmann is one of the nearly 20 paid volunteers. her job... "i have been a master counter o she's not the only one. "theres at least two eyes on every step and probably more" so when things go wrong...or don't add up... nats they recount-their recount. touch-screen ballots were off by one thursday night, so they started over. "i read those who the ballot candidate was for and two people mark"
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"when you go to vote you, sign your paper stick it in the slot, away it goes. you dont know nothing. now youre seeing what theyre actually doing" it's a long process. "it can get pretty tedious" but one these volunteers are happy to be a part of. "its history in the making and im glad to be a part of it" the clerk tells me there were three absentee ballots that were not in proper envelopes. those have been removed and will not be included in the recount. as far s she has had an outstanding response from people looking to help. in the newsroom, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. the trump campaign is appealing the recount in the state of michigan after green party candidate jill stein filed for the process. president-elect trump's attorneys claim the recount can't be finished on time, and the petition wasn't properly signed. the michigan recount can't start until next week at the earliest. once again -- it would have to
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coming up later in the show -- we'll take a look at how this recount process has reignited the political division seen during the presidential campaign. meanwhile -- to keep track of the recount as it happens -- just visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "politics" tab to get regular updates. we'll also have links to the daily vote totals in "links." sort of a gloomy day... will the start of the weekend look any better? from the new and improved weather deck. mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday but it'll be cooler with highs in the upper 30s. another storm system will
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for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. high: 38
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starting today --- parking gets a whole lot harder in our area. winter parking regulations are now in effect for most municipalities. in milwaukee -- most residential streets now require alternate side night parking -- but there are exceptions. the city does offer an email and text message alert system for when you can't park on both sides of the street. saturday night as the badgers play penn state in the big ten championship game. the excitement is building and so is the hype. how are the players handling all the extra attention? brandon cruz has more on that from indianapolis. "the big ten championship game on saturday night here at lucas oil stadium will definitely be the biggest on the badgers schedule to date. but talking to the players it's just the next game on the schedule. 'you cant approach it like its this huge game because at the
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playing are who lives its got a little more hype around it but at the same time weve been in games that have had hype all year long its nothing new to us, weve facing another great opponent with a lot of great weapons offensively.' 'oh its really exciting all the hard work that weve done in the season, this is our kind of, your reward in fact playoff games and all that stuff but this is a championship game itself and we want to own the big ten.' "the badgers are hoping that there is another big game in the future meaning but that's another discussion for another day. first things first, they have to beat penn state saturday night. from indianapolis brandon cruz fox six sports. you can watch the big 10 championship right here on fox6. coverage from indianapolis kicks off saturday evening at 6. coming up next at nine. a problematic promotion? a milwaukee police sergeant-- once was in trouble with the law -- could soon have a new title. what he did -- and why some say it shouldn't hold him back.
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county supervisor says -- sheriff clarke should step down. and it didn't have to happen. those words from a milwaukee mother who lost her son. what we're learning the other little boy that's still in the hospital. those stories and more -- coming up in
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spent time in jail for an o-w-i is up for a promotion 6 years later. a decision was supposed be made tonight--that has been postponed. ashley sears is live outside police headquarters to explain.
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commission was supposed to vote on the promotion tonight. the meeting was postponed because there was no quorum-- the decision could come monday. in november of 2010--- in rural fond du lac county--- milwaukee police officer john corbett--is seen on dash cam-- only this time, he is not the one in uniform. corbett was pulled over for drunk driving. his 13-year-old daughter was also in the car. a police rept been driving only minutes earlier. corbett was suspended from the milwaukee police department. he pleaded guilty to o-w-i charges--lost his license for 15 months and served 30 days in jail with work release. now, 6 years later--saergent corbett could become lieutenant. he is up for a promotion with the milwaukee police department. in a letter written to the fire and police commission--chief ed flynn says those up for a promotion "were put through a timely
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record was reviewed..." in a statement to fox 6, an m-p-d spokesman said sgt. corbett has not been in trouble since 2011--where he served a 60 day suspension from the department. and " as a result of the suspension, he lost approximately $17,000 in pay. " adding since completing the suspension and criminal punishment: "... he is relieved from further sanctions related to this incident." now, it's up to the fire and police commission to determine the fire and police commission is expected to make a decision on the promotion at a meeting monday morning. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. steph thanks ashley a milwaukee county supervisor is calling for the resignation of milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. in a statement supervisor "supreme moore omokunde" says it needs to
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he says four people have died in the milwaukee county jail in the last six months-- including a newborn baby. the child's mother has sued the sheriff's office. supervisor omokunde claims clarke has "abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers accountable." in response the sheriff released a statement comparing the supervisor's name to a comic book character -- and saying the supervisor is upset that clarke helped donald trump get elected potus an error in the milwaukee county pension system means the county will be paying out 17-million dollars to correct underpayments. last month, the county paid 11- million dollars to those owed money. those employees retired from the county between 2001 and 2008. future payouts are expected to cost another $6 million. county board chairman theo lipscomb says he's asked the county comptroller analyze the pension payouts to determine if there will be any
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help identifying this suspect... officials say he passed several counterfeit 100-dollar bills throughout the city. anybody who recognizes this man or might have more information is asked to call the racine police department. one of the men convicted in connection with the death of laylah petersen-- receives a hefty sentence. carl barrett was convicted of one count of first degree, reckless homicide, and three counts of first degree recklessly endangering safety the judge sentenced him to total of 100 y and 35 years of extended supervision. investigators say in november 2014-- barrett and another man fired multiple shots into this house-- where one bullet struck and killed petersen. she was charismatic as they come, and, because of your actions, she will never have that opportunity to live her life to the fullest. 21-year-old barrett likely won't be eligible for release until age 86.
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the apparent homicide of a seven year old boy on milwaukee's southside earlier this week. police are investigating and questioning four people arrested who were in a house near south 19th and mineral with the boy on tuesday. myra sanchick spoke to the little boy's mother today. it's a story you'll see only on fox6. this is a dated picture of trevion winningham who would not live to see his 8th birthday. tuesday milwaukee police say the seven year old was brought to children's hospital with numerous injuries. he while two men and two women were arrested in connection with his death, being investigated as a homicide, one of the women, forty four years old was convicted in a similar crime in 2003. fox6 discovered that the 44 year old was convicted for a previous child neglect-- resulting in the death of one year old bryan alston in 2003. as for trevion winningham, his mother spoke to me by phone. he was just a happy child always has been trevion's mother did not talk about why the boy was staying
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relation to those arrested, i don't really know what happened but the thing is it didn't have to happen. i don't know the full details right now. nobody's telling me anything. i don't know right now a source tells fox6 another boy was also injured in the incident and is at childen's hospital. as far as i know he's doing better. i haven't been up to see him. i'm going to talk to the people at child protective attorney's office tells us it already has several reports in this case but has not yet reviewed it. reporting in the newsroom myra sanchick fox6 news all eyes are on the presidential recount here in wisconsin... and" the politics of it. the finger-pointing back and forth. the billboard now on display. and why all sides are talking "tampering"
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everyone has a warm jacket to wear this winter. special "coats for kids" collection next week. our tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha on wednesday, december 7 -- collecting coats of all sizes -- new or gently used. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve at the bmo harris bradley center find more details on our website you are watching fox 6 news at
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lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday but it'll be cooler with highs in the upper 30s. another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny.
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again... political parties once again how it's creating division throughout the state. the sights and sounds in philadelphia on monday night. and the packers played some decent football to boot! the 5th quarter highlights from photojournalist jerry imig,
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the recount of wisconsin ballots is officially underway. many of the 72 counties will hand- count the ballots -- while others will use voting machines or a combination of the two. green party presidential nominee jill stein leading the effort for the recount -- raising the money necessary to make it happen. the recount must be complete by december 12th. wisconsin republicans say the recount is a waste of time and
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were tampered with. meanwhile -- members of the green party and democratic party say the goal is simply to ensure each vote was counted properly madeline anderson has more on the politics of the recount. a billboard along i-94 at oklahoma ave... is the latest criticism directed toward the presidential recount. i think the recount is disgraceful. the message from the republican party of wisconsin reads... "don't let liberals steal the election"... and shows a picture presidential candidate hillary clinton and former green party presidential candidate jill stein. congressman sean duffy... who was recently named a member of president elect donald trump's white house transition team... says there's no evidence the election results were tampered with... calling the recount efforts a ploy by democrats to try to change the outcome of the votes to favor clinton. jill stein raised $3.5 million in total for her presidential campaign. and shes over $6 million now for the recount. the donors to her campaign are hillary clinton donors.
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the money raised reflects the wishes of the american people... not a single party. thats a broad spectrum of people who are donating to this campaign. for democrats... the recount serves as assurance... that the process is working. im not sure the results will actually change, but why not check it out? and i think the more that republicans protest, and stop this count from happening, trying and stop this double check, it makes me more interested in theyre trying to hide. one thing all three parties agree on... they're committed to having observers at the recount locations to watch this process play out. reporting in milwaukee madeline anderson fox6 news. the packers finally get back on the winning track this past week in philly. the win looks even better through the lens of the fox six cameras. photojournalist extraordinaire "jerry imig" is subbing in for mickie leach -- in this week's fifth
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his final wish with the world. the washington state resident is in hospice care -- and hopes to meet the team when he sees the green and gold take on the seahawks on the 11th. 30-year-old joshua mccall -- who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after birth -- says he fell in love with the packers when he was just 10 years old -- watching reggie white not just on the field, but helping out the community. mccall's mother says it's an attitude the two men share. always touched my heart about josh is that he always has a smile for everybody and a good word" " i can't even imagine his expression when he walks in there, i'm really ecstatic to see that." mccall has his tickets -- and his flight is booked. he's bringing his parents and caretaker along. friends set up a gofundme to help his family pay for the trip. if you'd like to help the cause -- we have a link on our
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before the packers take on seattle -- they've got to get past the texans. the oddsmakers are favoring the pack.... but what about our oddsmaker. we'll show you who the pup picks this week. mitchell park domes are back open. that's the good news. the bad --- more work still needs to be done. how you can give your input on the project. we dry out tomorrow but see much cooler temperatures.
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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the packers as they end a losing streak and win on monday. the pups from the wisconsin humane society are also excited as they picked the game correctly and are now 7 and 4 on the season. can they keep it going? pip has this week's pup and the pick. "well hi again everybody, it took over a month, but finally humane society teamed up for a double victory. as the pup picked the packers to beat the eagles on monday night. so can we make it 2 in a row, and get on a winning streak? the packers going against the texans at lambeau field on sunday. the wonderful and talented and beautiful allie christman from the wisconsin humane society joining us with sunny. sunny is so sweet, to make this week's pick. tell us about this young lady. "she is so adorable she is only 3-months
9:40 pm
pretty big. she's got a lot of energy and excitement and i think she is still riding the wave of monday's win. "and as you know the packers need help on inside linebacker with all the injuries so she could roam around." "i think she could." "alright. well you can learn more about sunny and all of the other pets available for adoption on our alright sunny you are not here to play linebacker but to make the pip, pip pick pups pick, or something like that. will it be the pack or will it be those houston texans got energy, she wants to play football, yup, what are you doing? you're going over houston, wait wait...oh tackling the houston texans. sunny we love you but we hope you're wrong. i'm not sure if she wanted houston or not. i think she just wants to play football. but anyway everybody, you got houston and the pack. allie
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you, you are just awesome and remember we will have this on the fox 6 sports blitz sunday night at 10:35 recapping a packers win sunny with all due respect." a chance for some snowflakes this weekend. weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. also ahead. president-elect donald trump proi says he delivered the details of the deal he struck with an indiana manufacturer. plus. a wisconsin burglary bust -- that keeps getting bigger. the crimes they're believed to
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how in the world am i gonna reach that? that's probably what this little guys was thinking when he tried to get a christmas gift. the mess he left behind, new at ten. milwaukee's industrial history is receiving recognition from an unexpected source: vogue magazine.
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publication featured the city among four former industrial centers in the midwest in a travel article highlighting cities that are quote: "making america's rust belt shine again." widely known brands like harley- davidson and recent national attention for local chefs are among the factors that put milwaukee in vogues spotlight. lands' end reporting a loss for the third quarter of 2016 -- and saw sales drop more than 14-percent. it was the dodgeville-based company's first earnings report since the resignation of its c-e-o in september. the company reported a net loss of 7-point-2-million for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal. authorities in tennessee say the death toll has now reached 11 as a result of the wildfires -- that have already burned thousands of acres. tonight -- at least one person has been arrested for starting one of the fires. there's some good news to report tonight though -- as crews are working to allow limited access to the city of gatlinburg beginning tomorrow. authorities say all the fires in
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remain and there is a threat of fires rekindling. adlib to wx weather mostly cloudy tonight with lows through tomorrow into saturday but it'll be cooler with highs in the upper 30s. another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime.
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32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 26 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 partly sunny. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain showers. am low: 33 high: 43 wind: se 8-12 mph mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday but
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the upper 30s. another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 26 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain showers. am low: 33
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joy...are flooding the air waves on 95 point -7 big f-m. the make a wish radio-a-thon is underway right now. deandra corinthios explains how you can help. "youre going to meet kids that are stronger than you ever thought possible"
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wi "lets make those phones start ringing early" raising money to grant wishes for hundreds of wisconsin children suffering from life threatening illnesses. tune in to 95 point 7 big f-m this thursday and friday youll hear from kids like rebekah stege... "we went hiking lots of different places" her wish to visit zion national park...was granted this past september "by then i was doing pretty good and i could climb around and it was like everything was back to normal so it was like a celebration of my recovery" the trip gave rebekah something to loo fight against anca autoimmune disease that at one point prevented her from walking. "this has given her hope that yeah things get tough in life but we have to be patient and persistent and keep at it" make a wish wisconsin hopes to raise 200 thousand dollars through the radio-a-thon to grant wishes this holiday season "we grant a lot of wishes during this time a lot of children living with life threatening illnesses are taken out of school because of doctor visits and treatments and
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out of school more than they have to" "nats music" rebekah is healthy enough to play music again... her mom says the wish...helped her get here... in greenfield deandra corinthios fox6 news make a wish wisconsin granted a record 370 wishes in 2016... and it hopes to grant 380 in 2017. fox6 is a partner in the radio-a-thon.... which runs again tomorrow from 7 a-m to 7 p-m. either by phone or online. just click on this story at fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. president-elect donald trump continues to build his upcoming administration. mister trump has chosen retired marine general james mattis as his secretary of defense. the 66- year- old known as "mad dog," was in the marine corps for more than 4-decades.... serving in both afghanistan and iraq. throughout his campaign -- president-elect trump vowed to keep companies here in the united
9:55 pm
payment on that promise. mister trump and indiana-based heating and cooling manufacturer "carrier"-- announced a deal that will keep the company from moving two plants to mexico. carrier will get seven million dollars in tax breaks for the next decade. that's in exchange they promise to keep around one-thousand jobs in the indiana area. today the president-elect pitched the deal as a win for taxpayers. donald trump: "i just want to let all of the other companies know that we're going to do great things there's no reason for them to leave anymore. because your taxes are going to be at the very, very low end. and your unnecessary regulations are going to be gone. we need regulations for safety and environment and things. but most of the regulations are nonsense." "carrier" says they were also enticed by mister-trump's promises to create a "more competitive u-s business climate" a scary scene unfolding in jacksonville, florida this morning -- after a bank robbery turns into a
9:56 pm
holding 11 people hostage for several hours. they say the suspect put a gun on hostages and threatened to kill them. after hours of negotiation -- swat teams were able to diffuse the situation -- and forced the gunman to surrender. williams says: "two people were hiding inside the bank, unknown to the hostage taker. those two people took an opportunity to attempt to flee the bank when they did that it distracted the hostage takers and at that point the swat team took the opportunity to make entry into the bank." investigators break up a major criminal operation in shawano -- recovering more than 60 stolen guns taken in about 30 burglaries. sheriff's officials found much of the stolen goods in what they described as a "hoarders home." some rooms are so full investigators couldn't walk through them. they said the homeowner would buy stolen items off his nephew. altogether investigators recovered about 70-thousand dollars worth of property, including power
9:57 pm
it's probably one of the biggest ones we've ever worked on, our detectives have ever worked on." bieber "we know that there's more people involved. we're working this case really hard right now." investigators expect they'll arrest more people involved in this ring -- and find more victims. it's been months since we first learned about structural problems at the mitchell park domes. they were closed for a while but today -- a grand re-opening! but as julie collins reports the work to preserve the domes is far from over. of the latino arts string can hear the oooos and ahhhhs from dome admirers. 'oh it definitely puts you in the spirit.' its a welcomed sight after months of being closed. in feburary of this year the domes closed due to the unsafe conditions when concrete began falling from the dome
9:58 pm
was put into place to form a lining inside the entire domes...protecting it from further damage. the domes are now sturtually sound and safe - and to celebrate -- a grand reopening ceremony for all 3 domes. 'i think its exciting, the domes are something that everyone in milwaukee can definitely enjoy and experience and its great that they are reopened especially at the holiday time.' the milwaukee county board chairmen agrees it's a happy day but says theres more work to be done. because the wire meshing is only a short-term fix. 'were proud to be here but i just want people to make sure that were planning for the place of the past.' - 'the task force here at the domes meet earlier this week to find a viable solution for the future of the domes but theyre asking the public for your help. they have a survey online and we have a link to it on our website, thats fox 6 now dot com. reporting outside the mitchell park domes, julie collins. fox 6 news.' today -- visitors were invited into all 3 domes for free thanks to northwestern mutual. to see a timeline of the domes saga -- go to fox 6 now dot com
9:59 pm
domes." 10pm open now at 10-- a fox6 exclusive. prosecutors said a milwaukee mother faid son from deadly abuse. tonight we've learned she died of an overdose. plus-- he spent time behind bars-- now a milwaukee police officer is up for a promotion. and-- it's the first day of an historic event. how the recount is going across south east wisconsin. that is where we begin tonight. just 71 counties to go! tiny menominee county is already
10:00 pm
time meeting the deadline. tonight we have team coverage. brittany shannon is live in the newsroom with the latest from dodge county. but let's begin with ben handelman-- he's live in milwaukee. hillary clinton has cut into donald trump's lead by 1 vote--- thanks to results in menominee county. here in milwaukee county, it was a slow start. after day 1--- almost no problems are found with the ballots. it was n we got off to a slower start than we anticipated. in milwaukee, at the request of the green party each and every ballot machine was tested taking extra hours. eventually--- recount workers hit their stride to very few problems. in brown deer, it was discovered one person sent in two absentee ballots. in milwaukee county-- some ballots rejected. there have been a couple that have been rejected because they were improperly filed. 8 to be exact. the first municipality to finish


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