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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 2, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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now at 10-- a fox6 exclusive. prosecutors said a milwaukee mother failed to protect her 3-year-old son from deadly abuse. tonight we've learned she died of an overdose. plus-- he spent time behind bars-- now a milwaukee police officer is up for a promotion. and-- it's the first day of an historic event. how the recount is going across south east wisconsin.
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tiny menominee county is already done with their recount. others say they'll have a hard time meeting the deadline. tonight we have team coverage. brittany shannon is live in the newsroom with the latest from dodge county. but let's begin with ben handelman-- he's live in milwaukee. hillary clinton has cut into donald trump's lead by 1 vote--- thanks to results in menominee county. here in milwaukee county, it was a slow start. after day 1--- almost no problems re it was not a speedy kick off. we got off to a slower start than we anticipated. in milwaukee, at the request of the green party each and every ballot machine was tested taking extra hours. eventually--- recount workers hit their stride to very few problems. in brown deer, it was discovered one person sent in two absentee ballots. in milwaukee county-- some ballots rejected. there have been a
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because they were improperly filed. 8 to be exact. the first municipality to finish their recount in milwaukee county, the tiny village of river hills. the numbers there matching perfectly with election day results. onlookers include representatives from the clinton, green, and trump campaigns. i don't know if they wanted to give money to the state of wisconsin and pay that fee. we're here anyhow. hillary clinton trails donald trump by over 22,000 votes. there is no indication the numbers have when we get deeper into it, hopefully we don't want to find anything worng. green party leaders say they are pleased with how the day went. when asked about criticism from republicans this is a waste of time and money-- i say wait to day 12. that's what i am saying. we just started. the last municipality to turn in their numbers tonight-- brown deer.
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they'll be back at it 8 a-m tomorrow. live in milwaukee, ben handelman, fox 6y news. meanwhile in waukesha county-- the counting literally just started. instead workers spent the day validating absentee ballots and the ballots that were cast on election day-- making sure everything is filled out correctly. we're told they're planning to keep at it until about midnight tonight. a green party observer says he's concerned about the time line. slower than i expected it to. and so i think our biggest concern is going to be are we going to finish in time." so far moore says he hasn't seen any major issues-- just a few minor ones here and there. the green party called for a state- wide hand recount.. but the courts said no. it's up to the counties. in our area -- as we mentioned milwaukee and waukesha counties are machine counting votes. so
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both. fond du lac, ozaukee, kenosha ,jefferson ,washington and dodge counties are hand counting. in fact the saying in dodge county tonight-- many hands make light work. fox 6's brittany shannon says the clerk is pleasantly surprised things are going so well. the count is on... "i had no idea what to expect and the help ive gotten here has been tremendous" "i had no idea it was going to go this well" volunteers making good progress. 18 out of 42 municipalities counted on day one...thanks to a lot of help. ive got 4 or 5 people that are actually doing the physical counting of the ballots" "my first thought was great. theyre going to need a lot of help" beth bachmann is one of the nearly 20 paid volunteers. her job... "i
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"theres at least two eyes on every step and probably more" that's how they noticed errors on three absentee ballots thursday. "they should have never been counted on election day" tom stull is another set of eyes. an observer. "when you go to vote you, sign your paper stick it in the slot, away it goes. you dont know nothing. now youre seeing what theyre actually doing" it's a long process. "it can get p one these volunteers are happy to be a part of. "its a civic duty that i feel empowered to do" counters ran into one issue when counting touch-screen ballots. they recounted and found their tally was off by one. the clerk tells me she will need until december 12th to complete the recount. in the newsroom, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. meanwhile in michigan-- president elect donald trump has filed an objection to the recount there.
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the earliest. but no matter what-- the deadline is less than 2 weeks away. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "politics" tab to get regular updates on wisconsin. we'll also have links to the daily vote totals in "links." now a fox 6 exclusive: a little boy died in a horrific case of child abuse. now, aiden archers mother is dead of a suspected heroin overdose. she was charged in his case-- with failure to preven fox6s bret lemoine with the latest chapter in a story that enraged south east wisconsin. kp 'we knew that they were on heroin. but we were still surprised.' the milwaukee county medical examiner confirms 25 year old megan scott died wednesday of a probable drug overdose. members of the group, 'guardians of the children,' who aim to combat child abuse, have been monitoring aiden archers story every step of the way. kp 'we want justice for aiden - and im not sure thats the type of justice were
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28-year old maurice snyder faced multiple charges for the death of scotts son, 3 year old aiden. the boy died in june of 2015 after significant trauma to his head and body. aiden was also non-verbal and was diagnosed with mild autism. sa 'i hope that they dont let this guy back out into society... or his mom .' we spoke exclusively with aidens father, steven archer, in april. investigators say aiden suffered a skull fracture... appeared to have sr least 11 distinct human bite marks on his arm, hands, shoulder, groin and buttocks. sa 'i will never forgive them. i will never forgive them. theres a lot of anger - rage. i do my best to control myself.' when police were called to this house, officials say needles were found inside. prosecutors said both scott and snyder were heroin users. court records show scott posted a 500-dollar cash bond a week ago and was released from jail. she had been facing a felony count of 'child abuse - failure to prevent bodily harm.' lk 'wow. we were really
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condolences to scott's family-- in a statement he says quote: 'heroin has been an issue throughout milwaukee and the surrounding areas. it's so sad, but megan and aiden would still be here if it wasn't for this drug. this drug becomes number one, even before your own child. this shows you how dependent one becomes on heroin.' snyder, is expected to be sentenced in january. he faces one count of second degree reckless homicide, and several other child abuse charges. disturbing new discoveries about the murder of a 7-year-old boy. this is a picture of trevion winningham taken several years ago while he was sleeping. milwaukee police say he was taken to children's hospital with numerous injuries on tuesday-- but didn't make it.. fox6 learned one of four people taken into custody for his death has a previous conviction of child neglect after one- year-old bryan alston died in her care in 2003. fox6 spoke with
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i don't really know what happened but the thing is it didn't have to happen. i don't know the full details right now. nobody's telling me anything. i don't know right now a source tells fox6 another child is still hospitalized from the same incident. one of the men convicted of killing a 5-year-old girl - will spend the next 65 years in prison. sentenced today. the 21-year-old and another man fired multiple shots into a house near 58th and fairmount. one of the bullets struck laylah petersen as she sat on her grandfather's lap. the men thought they were targeting someone else's home. if he ever gets out-- barrett faces an additional 35 years of extended supervision. a milwaukee county supervisor is calling for the resignation of milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. in a statement supervisor "supreme moore omokunde" says it needs to
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he says four people have died in the milwaukee county jail in the last six months-- including a newborn baby. the child's mother has sued the sheriff's office. omokunde claims clarke has "abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers accountable." in response the sheriff released a statement comparing the supervisor's name to a comic book character -- and saying the supervisor is upset that clarke helped donald trump get elected president. course! yeah, the badgers football team was a pleasant surprise for many fans this year. now, they're vying for the big ten championship on saturday night. but their season wasn't a surprise inside the locker room. brandon cruz joins us from indianapolis with more. "lucas oil stadium is a familiar place to some of the badgers. unfortunately, their memory from a couple of years ago is a bad one as they were embarrassed by ohio state. the seniors that are here this time, are hoping
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'were definitely happy to get back there and reinstate why we belong and not feed off the last time we were there and we want to give people a different image of who the wisconsin badgers are in a championship environment.' 'big ten championship game is where wisconsin expects to be weve been there 4 of the last 6 years and thats something that we wear with a great deal of pride and we expect ourselves to be there. being a honor to lead a team into a big ten championship that is a goal we set forth early in the season.' "if anything that paul chryst has taught them this year, it's the fact that they should have short memories and only focus on the next game. and again, that is penn state saturday night as they hope to come out as big ten champions unlike they did two years ago. from indianapolis, brandon cruz fox six sports. you can watch the big 10 championship right here on fox6. coverage from indianapolis kicks
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it's the first day of meteorological winter. weather expert tom wachs is spending it out on our beautiful new weather deck. your full forecast is up next. just 5 years ago. now a milwaukee police officer is up for a promotion. and turning the table. teachers hold an appreciation night for parents. that story's coming up. and a heads up-- fox 6 is holding a special "coats for kids" collection. our tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha on wednesday, december 7. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem
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6 years ago-- now a milwaukee police officer could be getting a promotion. the officer was arrested for o-w-i with a child in the car. fox 6's ashley sears reports it's up to the fire and police commission to decide his future. in rural fond du lac county-- in november of 2010--- milwaukee police officer john corbett--is seen on dash cam-- only this time, he is not the one in uniform. corbett was pulled over for drunk driving. his 13-year-old a police report says she had been driving only minutes earlier. corbett was suspended from the milwaukee police department. he pleaded guilty to o-w-i charges--lost his license for 15 months and served 30 days in jail with work release. now, 6 years later--saergent corbett could become luetenant. he is up for a promotion with the milwaukee police department. in a letter written to the fire and police commission--chief ed flynn says those up for a
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internal vetting process and "the members' entire record was reviewed..." in a statement to fox 6, an m-p-d spokesman said sgt. corbett has not been in trouble since 2011--where he served a 60 day suspension from the department. and " as a result of the suspension, he lost approximately $17,000 in pay. " adding since completing the suspension and criminal punishment: "... he is relieved from further sanctions related to this incident." now, it's up to the fire what his past means for his future. the fire and police commission will decide on the promotion at a meeting monday morning. live downtown, ashley sears fox 6 news. documents show milwaukee county paid 11 million dollars in pension payments to retirees last month. it was to make up for underpayments made to county
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another 6 million. county chairman theo lipscomb says county executive chris abele acted too slowly. abele says ...he could only act once the i- r-s approved the repayment plan. the board will meet to discuss the issue tomorrow. heads up for those who park in milwaukee. in the city winter parking regulations are now in effect. that means in most neighborhoods you'll have to alternate which side of the street you park on. to get a refresher-- visit our website fox6 now dot com. it's parent appreciation night at a choice school on milwuk many of the students at "the institute of technology and academics" are low- income. tonight staff members passed out gift cards and kids got to make crafts for their parents. "we want to let them know that we know things are tough and we wanted to put an event together where they could relax and feel motivated and inspired during the season." just over 260 students are
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mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks but it'll be cooler with highs in the upper 30s. another storm system will move in by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. tonight: mostly cloudy.
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friday: partly sunny. high: 38 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: partly sunny. am low: 26 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: sw 5-10 mph 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain showers. am low: 33 high: 43 wind: se 8-12 mph mostly cloudy tonight with lows around freezing. sunshine breaks through tomorrow into saturday but it'll be cooler with highs in the upper
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by sunday bringing the chance for rain and snow showers. there is the chance for rain again on tuesday which will likely transition to snow by nighttime. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 32 wind: wnw 5-10 mph friday: partly sunny. high: 38 wind: nw partly sunny. am low: 26 high: 37 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with rain and snow showers. am low: 27 high: 39 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: partly sunny. am low: 29 high: 42 wind: se 5-10 mph tuesday: cloudy with rain showers.
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he's liked watching penn state quarterback trace mcsorley until this week..... brandon cruz callas signals for saturday's big ten championship game. from
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state's eight game winning streak-and win saturday night's big ten championship. keys to victory? you can "trace" one of 'em to containing the nittany lions quarterback. brandon cruz-from indianapolis. "all season long the badgers defense has been called upon to win games. they've been fairly successful making it all the way to the big ten championship game and that's another place where they will most likely have their names called as they have to face a very good quarterback in trace
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and it starts with the quarterback position, hes a dual threat guy, he can hurt you both with his deep arm and legs, hes a shifty type of player only 205 pounds but hes very elusive.' 'he does a lot of things really well, and thats going to be hard to stop, he can pass the ball really well and he can run as well and at the same time they have great weapons around him which always helps as a quarterback.' "and the badgers seem to be ready as they lead everybody in interceptions. something they hope to repeat again on saturday night here at lucas oi fox six sports. cruz's reports continue tomorrow as the 6th ranked badgers meet number 7 penn state-saturday on fox--with the big ten championship at stake! coverage from indy kicks off saturday evening at 6. the 5 and 6 packers are desperate to keep winning sunday against houston at lambeau. so are the 6 and 5 texans--a half game ahead of tennessee for 1st place in the
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have the same mindset. try to find a way to get a win i mean that's what it's all about is competing and getting a win. and for us it's about getting a win at home and protecting home turf. " the bucks try to build on monday night's win over cleveland by beating brooklyn on the road., giannis off the steal! so smooth! 23 points; 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks, zero turnovers. malcolm brogdon-they call him the president. the rookie's become popular with his teammates with that kind of 3 point shooting. from giannis. and 8 bucks singe the nets, 119-93; they try for a 2 game sweep back here saturday afternoon. badgers guard bronson koenig cotinues to make a great impact--off the court as well as on. as a proud member of the hochunk nation, the college game's most renowned native american joined the dakota pipeline protest this summer. he's not worried about critics who say athletes should stick to
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"it's not really anyone else's place to tell me what to do i can speak my mind. that's what this country is all about. which is what they say. so that's what i'm going to do. tiger woods first competitive round in 15 months was up and you might expect. the 40 year old actually shared the lead after 4 holes at the hero world challenge in the bahamas. but he had double bogeys on the 16th and 18th holes. and shot one over par admirals goalie juuse saros named american hockey league goaltender of the month. brad and mary back
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getting into the christmas spirit. and we mean everybody. this little beaver marched right into a dollar store and started
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it happened earlier this week in charlotte hall, maryland. the sheriff's office there posted the pictures on twitter-- saying the "suspect" caused some property damage they say animal control rescued the beaver and he or she has been released to a wildlife rehabilitator. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at announcer: for 25 years, the mountain top ski & snowboard series brings you the best of the best in high action and lifestyle entertainment. from big mountain terrain across the globe, to epic backcountry destinations of north america,


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