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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 2, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am CST

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is presented by the dr. pepper tuition giveaway. learn more on dr. pepper the college football tradition and sponsored by intel. you know about it, now do something about it. upgrade to a new pc. trophy is headed back to seattle. washington will win its first conference title since 2000 and they hope more hardware is headed their way. jake browning hasn't had his best tonight. thankfully for him the o line and the ground game was. short kick taken by one of the young men to the 25. now for colorado's case, they still hope for a rose bowl assuming washington gets into the playoffs. the rose bowl would take the next highest team.
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>> brady: we'll have to wait and see how the rankings come out sunday night, i believe. at that point in time the hard thing is you look at usc, they have three losses, looking at colorado with three losses. all of a sudden start comparing them. head-to-head play is where it might be the deciding factor. they would pick usc over colorado. >> joe: liufau incomplete behind ross and they said it was a backwards pass and so a loss. a nightmarish evening for liufau who has been such a key part of this turnaround but he is 2 of 12 for 16 yards and three picks. >> brady: five games this season of 50 yards rushing. that puts him with lamarr
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those three have had that sort of production this season. that's the kind of company he has been in. really played some of his best football the last two weeks. unfortunately tonight between the injury. the passes which you can't put all on him. hasn't gone his way. >> joe: three-time team captain. the throw and down the sideline, tipped and incomplete. ross and liufau took another hit. >> brady: trying to get devin ross. this has been the other part. liufau has been under duress all night long. if you have a bad leg you're a sitting dog back there.
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in the second stringers for the most part. shay fields staying on his feet to the 22. are you surprised colorado taken take more shots? >> brady: when liufau got hurt it messed up the flow of the offense and didn't want to put too much on montez's shoulders. at the end of the day it's part of it. all of a sudden in a conference championship game your starter goes down. you get a backup in. you don't know how he will react. you've seen it in the regular season but not on a huge national stage like this. >> joe: kinne, not a good night for him. pettis takes a care catch at the 45-yard line. only a 22-yard punt. our progressive performance of the game going to give it to
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pair of 100 yard rushes >> brady: we have to give it to the big guys. no one else is giving them love. harris, the true freshman he was pulling a number of times to the strength, to the weak side. they have all done a great job of getting in space. paving the way for both gaskin and coleman. >> joe: you have always taken care of the linemen. >> brady: yeah, all you ca >> joe: gaskin with five more yards. actually asked -- we had the chance to sit down with jake -- we asked him in gaskin or -- no, >> brady: two years in a row
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behind the majority clean pocket. feed them. >> joe: seattle is not the cheapest restaurant ticket. i bet you could find a spot. maybe after this one. the tipping point. gaskin again, gaping hole again. miles gaskin with a dozen more and 159 on the night for the sophomore. >> brady: down with chris petersen. one of the things he mentioned right off the bat was the fact that he doesn't like talking about the college football playoff. what they have at the end of the season. he is focused on the opponent in fronts of him. it was this week he said it's time to talk about it. we have the chance to win the pac-12. if we do we're in the college playoffs. we want to make sure our players understand that and know exactly what the goal is going into this game so they know there is a reward coming
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>> joe: the victory formation. first of several kneel downs from jake browning. the chair of the playoff committee said this week it was really narrow between fourth-ranked washington and fifth-ranked michigan in his opinion. some people started the freak out about that. michigan is sitting at home this weekend and washington will pull off a 41-10 win in a championship game. they were already ahead. they will be now. >> brady: look, it's those college championships, that has to be weighted heavier than some other criteria. why are we having championship games if they aren't more meaningful? if you're a fan and upset that maybe your team michigan or whoever it is, there is a possibility they wouldn't get in, talk to your conference about how they select their teams to play for the conference championship. the big 12 might be getting it right next year. they have the top two teams
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divisions and you allow some of the best match-ups to take place for your conference championships. >> joe: the playoff committee will dodge a major bullet if clemson takes care of virginia tech and all the chaos. it will be pretty simple. this one pretty simple. 41-10 washington and they douse chris petersen who in his third season at the helm of the program leads washington to a pac-12 for the first time since 2000 the huskies on top of the conference. not the prettiest game but
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after those two early interceptions in the second half thrown by liufau. battled through the leg injury, went 3 for 13, three interceptions in the third quarter. turned this thing into a route. for colorado they now know what they are capable of. however, they will have to fill in some holes. there is a lot of senior who will be moving on. they have to continue to build off the example they set this season. >> joe: washington, miles gaskin ran for 159 and stands by with jenny taft. >> thank you very much. when coach petersen took over this program he said you guys were destined to be champions. what does it feel like tonight? >> a blessing. he proefpd it to us, we bought in. he is great coach and mentor.
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man. that's all it is. >> 159 yards rushing for you tonight. how effective was the running game in this offensive performance? >> every day i wish i could bring all them dudes with me. they did their thing tonight and i just love those guys. oh, they was doing it. >> we did give the o line mvp together tonight. they got love from us. >> that's what i like to hear. you guys, a lot of talk about the playoffs. did you guys prove you deserve a spot in the playoffs? >> i felt a whole bunch of people. i don't care, either. enjoying the time i got with my brothers. wherever that puts us, that puts us. it's all for these guys. it's just a blast out here. >> joe: congratulations and thanks for your time. >> players take on the personalities of their coach.
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>> joe: 41-10 washington winner of the pac-12 championship. rob stone ready to hand off the championship trophy. we'll go down on the field. >> we welcome you to the pac-12 2016 football awards presentation show. [cheering] cheer >> congratulations to the
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before we hand out the mvp and title trophy first we bring in the commissioner of the pac-12, larry scott. >> what an amazing season for the colorado buffaloes and washington huskies. congratulations to both teams on great seasons. i want to thank the fans for turning out and making this a an amazing atmosphere for both teams. to the city of santa clara, the 49ers, organization, to levi's stadium and thanks this an amazing season and championship game. >> now let's honor tonight's most valuable player. he was the pac-12 freshman defensive player of the year. he had two interceptions tonight. including a pick six, tyler rapp. [cheering and applause] thank you, congratulations, taylor.
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commissioner for the trophy presentation. >> it gives me great pleasure to congratulate to university of wash huskies and really delighted to present this 2016 pac-12 football championship trophy to coach petersen and the washington huskies. [cheering and applause] >> we have coach chris petersen here. it might be tough to see him behind this large trophy. you tied a program record with your 12th win.
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co-national champs in 1991. what does the win say to the college committee. >> we have a good team. they get better each game and we're proud of them. it is a tough league we play in and i think they know it's a really good football team. >> do the washington huskies belong in the college football playoffs? >> i think there is no doubt about at >> coach, congratulations, enjoy it with your team and hopefully we'll see you new year's eve as well. >> thank you very much. >> the huskies are conference champions. coming up after this break more
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>> let it rain down confetti. the huskies celebrate their first conference title since 2000. will it be enough college playoff committee? welcome to our studios. robert smith and coach day. this was a seven-point game at halftime. only colorado down was seven. 41-10. washington dom nailted with running game and defense. colorado didn't have a chance once liufau went down. >> that first drive he made a nice scramble and completed a few passes. that's what they would have had to do the whole game to be
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quarter. but the stats, three turnovers right away you see gee, the turnovers kill you. that will get you beat and rushing yards is the next stat. you look at 265 yards, 82 yards. no chance. those two stats jump out. the most impressive thing to me was the front guys, the offense and defensive linemen of washington i thought really came out and played well tonight. whether it was running the ball or whether it was defensively controlling the line of scrimmage. that made the difference to me. i know all the skill talk there but i thought the lines offense and defensive linemen for washington dominated. >> no question. will -- liufau is an example if you're a mobile quarterback you shouldn't play in a game that you can't be 100%. he can't run, he can't step into throws.
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high. mechanically he wasn't right. don't take anything away from washington in this game. you compared this game to what they did against usc. myles gaskin carried the ball 15 times 51 xwrards. 29 carries, 159 yards in this game. they were dominant up front and then you could see mixing in the runs with coleman, getting gaskin on the edge. they did a nice job of mixing up looks against the colorado defense today. i thought that difference. the offensive line you can hear myles gaskin running back, smart running backs know who to compliment after a game. the offensive line did a great job as their defensive line. >> chris petersen, building this program, he had five conference championships before he got to washington in other conferences. he has a blueprint for success.
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jake browning didn't look good at all. the defense stepped up. >> will it be enough? are we talking playoffs? is it enough for the playoffs?
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>> sixth rank wisconsin battles penn state for the big 10 championship tomorrow. could the winner be headed the playoffs? that's debatable. washington fans already want alabama. be careful what you wish for. you might just get them in the playoffs here. looking good so far as we look at your top ten teams. alabama should be a lot. ohio state, clemson plays virginia tech in the championship game. washington number four. impressive. the big ten team, michigan,
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en game you said know, maybe a big ten champion. maybe michigan. did washington change your mind? >> they didn't change my mind but the committee's mind. i don't think the committee has the courage to jump a two-loss big ten championship team over washington but i think that penn state certainly is playing better than this washington team right now. i'm not impressed with the team and you beat a quarterback with one leg and a backup that couldn't do anything. it is the same thing we saw with this colorado team when they lost to michigan and usc. they couldn't do anything without their starting quarterback. it doesn't gain that much credibility in my mind. they'll be in the playoff. >> you say they didn't have the guts, coach? >> let me simplify it. the committee -- this is the
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watches all the playoff games together there in texas. they were doing a little high five. i promise you after the game half of the stress for that committee is over with. now they focus on clemson and all the games tomorrow. the clemson is the next hurdle. 41-10. as i said earlier. i thought all they had to do was kick a field goal to win. >> seeding could be interesting. ohio state didn't play this weekend. if clemson wins on top of the washington win will th over ohio state? they get slotted to four and play alabama >> we'll find out on sunday. a lot of big ten teams will be rooting for virginia tech. it will be fun and exciting. tomorrow on fox catch oklahoma state, oklahoma and wisconsin and penn state. congratulations to the
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the 2016 pac-12 championship and also congratulations to colorado. great season.
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as the badgers and penn state set to square off saturday. what wisconsin is doing differently to prepare. --- plus. a wrinkle in the recount? clerk says: "unless we hear otherwise, from a judge, we need to keep counting." the court rulings im also. remembering a mother of three -- killed in a hit and run. the reward being offered to find the driver. that's where we begin tonight. a vigil to remember the life of woman hit and killed while walking to her car. the driver never stopped. the search is still on to find the person responsible. her family says something can be done immediately to make that stretch of road safer. angelica sanzhez tells us what happened at tonight's vigil that shows how
12:02 am
can be! at a time when so many are preparing for the holidays this group is preparing to say goodbye to 44-year-old peggy cetnarowski. she leaves behind three children and a boyfriend she was struck by a vehicle at the crosswalk of beloit and mitchell in the village of west milwaukee. she was declared brain dead earlier this week. the driver never stopped. --loved ones are demanding justice. "we want you to come forward unfortunately we need you to accep done." the frigid cold did not deter a friday night vigil to remember the woman so many call warm and compassionate. the family is donating several of her organs. those familiar with this intersection say it's dangerous. and want to see a traffic light instead of stop signs. "it's crazy i think they use that intersection as maybe a stop." the vigil was suddenly interrupted when a car drove into the wrong lane to cut the traffic in front
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cetnarowski's family. "it's unbelievable that someone would do something like that in front of something like this." the vigil went on with prayers-- a special poem. "hold on to your dreams and all of your kisses sending you hugs and butterfly kisses" the lighting of a lantern. and a plea that the person responsible comes forward. "somebody knows something about this. the family needs closur the family was originally offering a 25hundred dollar reward they've now increased that to 5-thousand. anyone with information is asked to contact the west milwaukee police department reporting in west milwaukee i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news a milwaukee woman accused in a fatal crash last month pleads not guilty. prosecutors say 18-year-old samira coleman-wilks was behind the wheel when she fled from a traffic
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capitol-- killing one of her passengers... and gravely injuring a second. officials say coleman-wilks was going more than 50 miles an hour over the speed limit at the time of the crash. a heated exchange in the hallway of the milwaukee county courthouse. ... this after a teacher is sentenced for having sex with a then-16-year-old student. man says: "what are you gonna do? what are you gonna do? that's my son!" victim. just moments before -- the judge sentenced elizabeth dillet to two years in prison -- after she engaged in what the family says was a year long relationship. the former teacher at saint peter- immanuel lutheran school in milwaukee addressed the victim's mom in court. "... i broke your trust and our friendship. i know i crossed the line with your son and your family and it was very inappropriate of me." dillet was also sentenced to three years of extended
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look into the quality of medical care being given to inmates at the milwaukee county jail.. and the house of correction in franklin. as fox6's ashley sears found out -- it's prompted by the recent deaths of four inmates. in just 6 months -three inmates and a stillborn baby...died inside the milwaukee county jail -- all under different circumstances - however one of them was ruled a homicide. this prompted milwaukee county omokunde on thursday to call for sheriff david clarke's resignation... saying the sheriff "abdicated his responsibility to hold his officers accountable." in response -- the sheriff released a statement comparing the supervisor's name to a comic book character -- and saying the supervisor is upset that clarke helped donald trump get elected potus.


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