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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 5, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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culminating a season-long 98 yard drive! it took the pack 11 games to get somebody not named aaron rodgers to score a rushing td. once again, aaron ripkowski does the honor from 3 yards out. that capped off an 89 yard drive. packers 21, texans 13. tim van vooren on the blitz. "it is truly six of one and half dozen of the other now for the packers. they're at six wins and six losses after knocking off the houston texans on an unusual day that looked like it could go either way." "the long drives offensively in the fourth quarter is what really stands out as far as our performance there. defense, the point total, keeping them down to thirteen points. and that's for." "it was just one of those games that was kind of a weird game but we stuck with it and guys stepped up. another big drive at the end of the game in the fourth quarter like we did last week in philly and that's what we talked about before we started. we wanted to do it again and finish that way." "our last two drives were back on the two and the ten or eleven so for us to put together two drives over 180 yards of offense was pretty special. we had a couple good drives last week to close the game out and did the same this week." "so now it's back to the nfc for the packers. nothing but conference games the rest of the
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bay has to keep winning, get a little help and see how the dust settles. in green bay at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." titletown; he joins brandon cruz and yours truly to break the game down on the sports blitz at 10:35. two other stories we're following. the badgers will meet 13 and oh western michigan in their first ever cotton bowl appearance on monday january 2nd in arlington texas. and baseball's hall of fame has opened its doors to former commissioner bud selig for induction on sunday july 30th of next year. a richly deserved honor for the commissioner
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north dakota pipeline protest. the government says-- there's a change of plans..and demostrators are celebrating. "but i think we need to keep in mind that we need to be ready to keep going." the surprising decision by the army corps of engineers and why demonstrators are only cautiously celebrating. and big box stores want you you to think you're saving money when you shop there-- and maybe you are. but there's evidence they could make you pay more... in propert the connection. and the bucks saying "thanks" with a simple gesture to veterans-- but one that was
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a huge announcement from the "u-s army corps of engineers" today. the corps now say it will not grant an easement for the dakota access oil pipeline in north dakota. the obama administration will not allow the four-state, nearly 4 billion dola built under lake oahe -- a missouri river reservoir where construction had been on hold. the route has been the subject of months of protests by the standing rock sioux tribe and others. they argue the pipeline threatens a water source and cultural sites. the federal government has ordered people to leave the main encampment by tomorrow--an order demonstrators still say they'll ignore. it's not clear what the company building the pipeline will do next.
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makeover a north side property desperately in need of one. a newly announced partnership aims to revitalize an area thats been hurting since northridge mall closed more than a decade ago. fox6s bret lemoine is live near 76-th and brown deer road with new details. the alderwoman for this district says residents want to see new stores, green space and condos here. she thinks all of those things could soon happen... but there mi its been an 800-thousand square foot vacancy in milwaukee since 2003... cl 'theyre bypassing this area to go to something a little more newer.' dark... empty and long gone... the former northridge mall was the first of many to say 'bye-bye' to business on the citys north side. cl 'we dont want to see any other business leave the area.' alderwoman chantia lewis says she has a plan to turn things
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the department of city development and uw-milwaukees community solutions group. together, lewis hopes fresh ideas will spur redevelopment on the far north side. new retail... condos... and green space... are all priorities. cl 'we want to see something out of the box. we dont want to do with the same old same old.' but businesses continue to fold or relocate... including target... pick n save... and ?aldi's gs 'we really would like to revitalize this entire area.' in the middle of it all is the salvatio say they're succeeding... even as neighbors are leaving. still, more foot traffic wouldnt hurt - especially because sales here help fund a downtown mens rehabilitation center. gs 'were still hopeful that other businesses will see that they need to be here as well to serve the people just like we serve the people.' lewis calls the northridge site the 'gem' of all plans going forward... but it could also be the citys biggest stumbling block: the facility is privately owned by a chinese
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current plans for their property... which include the opening of a chinese market. cl 'if you think about it, everything is made in china. everything gets imported here. glasses, couches and dishes.' lewis, who took office in april, says she expects the redevelopment partnership to work. the 'granville business improvement district' will also help fund the study. reporting live in mke, bl, fox6 news. which gets us to this story about big box stores. many are appealing their assessed values in an attempt to pay lower property taxes--a move costing local municipalities millions of dollars each year. it's an issue we'll be hearing more about in wisconsin. fox 6's brittany shannon looks into the dark store theory and how it could affect you. shopping the big box store. a place where you can find almost
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dozens of options. "theyre choosing this location because its desirable and its going to be beneficial to their company 22:54 " but mayor kathleen ehley says... big box stores are becoming bad business for local government. "it would make me very hesitant to support a big box coming in 26:41" in the past four years, stores like target, lowes and firestone have sued their assessed values...are too high by using a tax strategy called 'the dark store theory.' "its a store thats dark. its a store that has no lights on" pleasant prairie assessor, rocco vita, says stores want assessors, like himself, to value their businesses the same as a closed or dark store. "now all of a sudden just for property tax purposes we have to consider using sales of
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of value for good thriving locations" this target in the village was constructed in 2006 for 15 million dollars. the village assessed it around 12 million. but target claims its only worth 6.5. "if municipalities begin lowering values because of this dark store strategy there will be a shift in taxes 09" a shift to homeowners. pleasant prairie estimates homeowners would see an increase of property taxes. in wauwatosa...taxpaye rs would see a jump of nearly 400 dollars. "people do need to be aware of this" the city is currently facing 12 appeals from big box stores. like lowes—asses sed at 16 million dollars. but the company says...its only worth seven million. the nordstrom is assessed at 29.9 million. but the stores opinion of value is
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in legal fees each year for the past four years. "think of what we could do in our community with 275000 dollars" tax attorney, don millis, represents about 60 stores across the state including wauwatosas target and nordstrom. he says big box store properties are specificcally branded, making resale difficult. "the issue is what is it worth to the market 07 and we know when the lowes store goes on the market, its going to sell for a lot less than what walmart put into it and thats just life" this target on brown deer road closed earlier this year. its listed price is 2.5 million dollars. the dark store theory argues properties like this one should be comparable to similar sized operating stores. "what i object to is what assessors are saying is that the mere fact that a property is
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thats what the law and i dont think thats what appraisers would argue" "doesnt sound fair. intuitively it doesn't make any sense" for that reason, curt witynski with the league of wisconsin municipalities, is working closely with legislators, drafting a bill to close this tax loophole. "unless this legislation passes, there would be some noticeable effects over the next couple of years where this tax shift would happen" thats why local governments have also passed resolutions asking for help. boundaries and parameters and to provide clarity for our assessors because thats really whats being questioned." a loophole with the potential to cost homeowners big bucks when big boxes go dark. brittany shannon fox 6 news. day four of the election recount in wisconsin.. has hillary clinton picked up any more votes? how about president-elect donald trump? the latest totals .. and will we be done on time?
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death toll from a dance party is up to 30. the morbid request from
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break break snow tapering off. roads could remain slick in spots throughout the night, so use caution. mostly cloudy on monday with highs in the upper 30s to around 40. a few flurries or areas of drizzle
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in the upper 30s. the coldest air of the season moves in on wednesday through the end of the week with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens. tonight: snow tapering off. low: 28 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy. high: 40 wind: s 5-10 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with the slight chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 32 high: 39 wind: wnw 5-15 mph election workers made the snowy trip in to work today as the recount moved into day four... six counties are already done--
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for each candidate? we'll tell you-- next. the milwaukee bucks are on a four game winning streak. but their biggest victory came off the court when they entertained some of our veterans.
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wisconsin hit a milestone in the election recount today... more than a million votes have now been added up a second time. and the results -- have barely changed. political reporter theo for us tonight theo, what have you found? in the 59 counties that have reported some or all of their results -- president- elect trump has gained an extra 40 more votes over hillary clinton. remember he won the election by more than 22-thousand. nats -- from racine in racine, election inspectors work through a snowy sunday -- and a packers game.
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again, you only have a limited timeframe to get this done. the county clerk says workers are almost halfway through the 97- thousand ballots they must recount by the december 12th deadline. she reports no significant changes in the results. its typical of a recount where you go through everything again. you find things where people have used a blue pen that the machine didnt count on election day, so were hand-counting some of those unlike in racine, the recount is over for six wisconsin counties.president-el lost a total of 20 votes, and hillary clinton also lost a total of 20 votes. the margin between them is unchanged. green party candidate jill stein, who asked for the recount and is paying the full cost, picked up 27 extra votes. as of sunday, most counties have finished recounting some but not all of their wards. 13 counties had yet to report any results to the state. this is sort of bizarre, but i think it caps a
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professor mordecai lee says voters shouldn't fault stein for requesting the recount, even though she got barely 1 percent of the wisconsin vote and finished in fourth place. it seems to me, we ought to think about this as giving finality in racine county, finality won't come for several more days of ballot counting. i think were a little ahead, but i dont want to jinx that the counting continues after a federal judge refused to immediately stop the recount on friday. the judge has scheduled a hearing for this friday on the request, groups. live, theo keith, fox6 news. meantime green party presidential nominee jill stein is now saying she will move ahead with her statewide recount efforts in pennsylvania - through a federal lawsuit. this after announcing yesterday that she would drop it...because of to the expense put on taxpayers.. today stein tweeted - "on monday, i will escalate the recount in pennsylvania and file to demand a statewide recount on constitutional
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answers." this comes after michigan's attorney general announces that he would file a suit to stop a recount in that state. the a-g says stein is not entitled to a recount -- because she received just over one-percent of the vote in michigan. a judge is expected to decide if a halted recount can get underway immediately ... or if election officials will have to wait until another court hearing wednesday. here in wisconsin -- the elections commission is posting daily updates as the you can track the developments on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. it's the season of giving, and the milwaukee bucks are getting into the spirit. they are giving back to some of those that deserve it the most, u-s armed forces members and veterans. tom pipines goes beyond the game with the way they are saluting some of these local american heroes. joey zdroik/ "it is awesome." that's the easiest was to sum up what was going on after a recent practice for
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team made an assist to over 30 active military members, veterans and their families. steve novak/bucks forward "we got to practice in front of the veterans and after wards they got to come down and kind of hang with us and it was great to meet them and some of their kids." it's all part of a continuing program by the bucks to give back to those who serve or have served in the armed forces. jason kidd/bucks head coach "to see them come down to say thank you for having us here just makes you feel good that you are doing something right. " steve novak/bu "we are blessed to play basketball we are blessed to have the freedoms that we have so sometimes i think we do take it for granted myself included and to be able to kind of look these guys in their eyes to see who they are and putting their lives on the line and sacrificing a lot of things with their families to protect us as a country it's special, so it's nice for us to take a moment after practice and be with them in a casual setting and i think just have a good time." it's an
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that's something zachary zdroik doesn't take for granted."i think it's great what the bucks do with this with the community it's an awesome involvement get the veterans involved and showing that they are thankful for what we do, it's very awesome to see." and he hopes the same goes for his son. zachary zdroik/marine/lives in milwaukee "i got my son joey with me and he absolutely loved it. it was an awesome experience, i don't know if he knows how awesome it is but i'm definitely enjoying it and so is he it is great." a sentiment reiterated by army carrao/army vet/lives in cudahy "i thought it was very interesting i never been to it before." peter carrao/army vet/lives in cudahy "i think they really care, i think it's something that they are giving back to the community and to our veterans." and coach jason kidd says that's the real reason for this event. jason kidd/bucks head coach "i think understanding our organization is about giving back, it doesn't always have to be about tickets
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talk to them face to face to the service people it reminds you of what's important especially for the holidays to see people smile that's what life is all about." tom pipines fox 6 sports. this is the second year that the bucks have had this event for veterans and active service members. it's a converted warehouse known as the ghost ship'' but friday night during an electronic dance party - it became a death trap. tonight why the search for victims is going so slowly.. they call him a ticking time bomb. and he likes to target help find this week's wisconsin's most wanted. the snow is tapering off and now we have to get ready for the cold. i'll show you
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set shot bump back w/ tc harry potter will soon be spreading magic in the big
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slaps a fan but he's not about to say sorry. details in the buzz. harry potter is coming to broadway. the hit london play "harry potter and the cursed child" will begin performances in new york in the spring of 2018. it's set to open at the lyric theater-- which will undergo a multi-million dollar renovation for the production. harry potter author j-k rowling says she's very excited about the plans. the broadway production. for the second weekend in a row-- disney's mo-ah-nuh "moana" making waves at the top of the box office. the film features the voice of dwayne "the rock" johnson and original music co- written by 'hamilton' creator lin-manuel miranda. the harry potter spinoff 'fantastic beasts and where to find them' came in second place. and in third was the sci-fi drama 'arrival' country star luke bryan isn't
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it happened last wednesday at a veterans fundraiser concert in nashville. bryan's rep says the man was in the front row making "crude" hand gestures towards him which he says were insulting to nearby military families. event security personnel saw what happened and escorted the man out. and that's the buzz. the snow is over - but will it stick around? weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. no - this isn two-block area. plus - in racine - a very treat from santa .. why his special gift actually made one mother
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alert sunday at ten. some lucky elementary school students in glendale had the opportunity to "shop with a cop" today. julie collins shows us how the annual event is meant to help children... but police officers benefit, as well. among the holiday shoppers at the bayshore kohls today - many
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of being kind. 'because i dont want other people to feel lonely. right, you want to make everyone happy on christmas? yeah.' and hunter geo has a plan - 'cuz i came here early yesterday and figured out all the stuff i was gonna buy.' hunter is 1 of 10 other 3rd graders from parkway elementary who were given the opportunity to shop with a cop. 'just trying to brighten the kids holiday season, christmas time, just for them.' each were given 100 dollars to spend however they saw fit. hunter choose to buy for others. 'what are some things on the list?'while the "shop with a cop" event is about giving deserving children a special christmas, it's also designed to create a relationship between officers and children in the community. for hunter it was extract special because he looks up to officer nate hoffmann. 'because he protects us. and
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for me to have all this stuff.' 'after the shopping all of the students and officers walked down to ipic for an afternoon of bowling and lunch and they got ot wrap their gifts. it was an afternoon of a lot of holiday fun, reporting at bayshore town center, julie collins. fox 6 news.' the students who participated were nominated by their teachers based on grades in school. adlib to wx weather snow tapering off. roads could remain slick in spots
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cloudy on monday with highs in the upper 30s to around 40. a few flurries or areas of drizzle will be possible tuesday with a high in the upper 30s. moves in on wednesday through the end of the week with highs in the 20s and lows in the teens. tonight: snow tapering off. low: 28 wind: sw 5-10 mph monday:
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mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with the slight chance for rain and snow showers. am low: 32 high: 39 wind: wnw 5-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, windy and high: 28 wind: nw 5-10 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. am low: 17 high: 24 wind: nw 10-20 mph friday:
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high: 23 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. am low: 13 high: 29
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join fox six for a special coats for kids collection wednesday.
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steinhafels in waukesha -- collecting coats of all sizes -- new or gently used. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve at the bmo harris bradley center find more details on our website spreading joy and cheer to kids all over the world, santa claus makes sure to get everyone's list and to check them twice. foxs 6 derica williams shows you how sn regency mall is making kids of all ages and abilities have a wonderful holiday season. christmas is coming are you excited piled up on his lap what would you like for christmas -a tiger kids share their wishes and wants with santa. i likes superheroes the lists
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a marine corp helmet that fits me just right with hopeful hearts and smiles from ear to ear...old saint nick is more than happy to field requests. i want every child to have a very special experience sitting here with me giving each child one on one time, hes prepared to share his gift of understanding. some of the children who cant hear i can sign to them as well santa being able to sign with i ask them what do you want for christmas gives them a sense of being included in this magical experience. the children appreciate the idea that they can come and talk to me talk to santa without having to go through their parents or their sibling so interpret for them the thoughtfulness, is a touching gesture. i had one mother who was deaf herself to back there and she cried because is her first time as an
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sign for her child theres even a mailbox set up outside of santas home so kids can send their letter and communicate with him however they choose. i like to get list and if you cant spell the word draw me a picture this jolly man is ensuring all kids have a picture perfect memory of their interaction. we have happy holidays and merry christmas for all in racine, derica williams fox6 news. it wasn't exactly a chimney .. but an unlucky burglar in upstate pizzeria and gets stuck - in an air vent. sheriff's deputies were called to the restaurant around four, saturday morning, to reports of suspicious yelling. when they got there-- they found a man trapped in the vent on the pizzeria's roof. authorities had to take apart part of the vent system to get the suspect out. they say-- he didn't plan the heist well. cpl. john helfer, monroe county sheriff's office: "apparently his plan was not thought out that well. sometimes that's what law
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of these plans aren't thought out that well. in his case it sounds like he's done these type of things before." the suspect caused more than 2- thousand dollars worth of damage to the vent system when he got stuck. he's now being held without bail. a criminal investigation is being launched into friday night's deadly warehouse fire in oakland, california. that fire has killed 33 people so far and first responders say that number is expected to rise. firefighters have onl building thus far-- fragile support structures making the operation dangerous. officials say the warehouse was illegally converted into artist studios-- calling the scene inside the building a "death trap" that made it impossible for many to escape. they're now saying identifying the victims will be difficult. kelly says: "we ask those families if they could please preserve any evidence for dna purposes, so
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need those pieces of evidence to cross-reference for dna samples, that we have them readily available." authorities say they opened an investigation just last month into the warehouse after neighbors filed several complaints. they said trash was piling up outside the property and people were illegally living inside the building. a week after a federal judge allowed him to represent himself-- dylann roof now wants his defense lawyers back. roof faces dozens of fe of nine african- american parishioners at a south carolina church. his death penalty trial-- which is split into two phases-- is set to begin this week in charleston. the first phase will determine whether he committed the crime. if he's found guilty - a second phase ?will decide whether he should be sentenced to death... or life in prison. a transformer blowout turns a philadelphia street into what looks like a snowy scene. a massive blanket
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they received calls about an explosion at an electrical substation saturday afternoon. the substation's fire suppression system went off-- releasing foam that covered the street. about 27-hundred customers lost power but it's been restored. the foam is now slowly washing into the city's sewer system. u.s. marshals say this milwaukee man has a long history of abusing women. our jonathon gregg has more on this fugitive's violent past and how you this week's wisconsin's most wanted. you could call this man a ticking time bomb, 'he is a highly assaultive individual.' though you need to understand hes blown up time and again. 'he has battered people. he has multiple convictions of battery.' this is 39-year-old shawntell wiley. 'w-i-l-e-y.'
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a 2013 weapons charge. 'and the firearm case isnt so much what defines him.' wileys real m.o. is beating people up. 'hes caused multiple lacerations, broken orbital bones, he beat her so bad, bruised kidneys..' and more often than not wileys victims are the women in his life. 'one of his ex-girlfriends he assaulted her to the point she had a broken leg and had to walk with a walker.' agents say shawntell wi short man '58' 210 lbs.' with a short fuse... 'hes pretty unpredictable but when he is told no he acts out and becomes assaulted.' hazardous to those around him but especially woman. 'he would physically break down the door to get to his victims that he knew were inside.' but just when you think he couldnt become more dangerous. 'he started carrying a firearm
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routinely carrys a gun. 'is he going to increase his level of intensity toward his
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lights, camera, access. hey, kendall, how's kanye doing? >> the kardashian family concerns go well beyond kim's husband. i'm natalie morales with new details on kendall's extra security and kim's current state of mind. >> i know you are close with kim, have you reached out to her? >> you pick cute men. share about frolicking with her new guy? what did her ex nick mean by posting this? i'm liz hernandez and if we didn't already think will smith is the greatst guy in the world -- >> that was my first job. >> just taking a little tour. i thought, i want to be like will smith. it's the way you go about treating human beings. >> he's not like that any more. >> her song was so good. ? plus, fresh off the runway


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