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tv   FOX 6 News at 6  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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in it, theres an official narrative of the events that transpired during the early morning hours of june 23-rd. investigators say the officer was patrolling madison park after it had closed. the officer approached jay anderson, who appeared to be sleeping in his car. the officer noticed a semi-automatic firearm on the passenger seat. after viewing the gun, the officer took out his firearm and ordered anderson to put his hands in the air. anderson, meanwhile, allegedly lowered his arm to officer then fired his gun, shooting anderson. there are 28 seconds of video recorded of this incident - there are no other witnesses except for the officer and this video. wauwatosa police chief barry weber says the officer underwent counseling and has been cleared to return to duty. weber says... the officer has also received death threats since the shooting took place. he says... the officer was clearly in a dangerous situation. when he investigated he observed a semi automatic handgun on the
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park. that weapon turned out to be a ruger 9mm loaded with 16 rounds of ammo plus one in the chamber. the officer requested backup on radio and said subject involved with at park had a gun. andersons dna was found on the gun. an autopsy indicates anderson had marijuana in his system. reporting live in tosa, bl, fox6 news. jay anderson's family and attorney expressing extreme disappointment in the justice system. fox 6's brittany shannon live from downtown with their reaction to the district attorney's decision. jay anderson's family learned earlier today the wauwatosa officer that shot and killed him, will not face charges. as you can imagine, extreme disappointment and sadness from family
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the family says their meeting with district attorney john chisholm was rescheduled from last week to today. they say chisholm told the family there was no evidence to charge the wauwatosa officer that shot and killed anderson back in june. police claim anderson had a gun but family members say they are skeptical about the police investigation -claiming a lack of transparency. the fbi also provided new dashcam video of the shooting to the family but they say it still leaves many unanswered questions. anderson's fiance says she wants some acc happened... "i feel sick to my stomach knowing he will be back on the force but my daughter will never get to see her dad again. it's not right." attorney john safran says he has contacted the us attorney's office to launch a federal investigation into the case. now, the family does say they don't want this news to bring
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downtown milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. fox6 has covered this case extensively. to read our past stories or to watch today's news conferences-- visit our website fox6 now dot com. an unusual death in a small town. that's what dodge county officials are investigating. fox6's myra sanchick is live in fox lake. police and the dodge county sheriff are not releasing information, but it's quiet in a small town. fewer than two thousand people live in fox lake i was putting a furnace in for my dad. and many know each other. they also know when something isn't quite right. and i knew something was going on when i went home and when i got home i turned my scanner on and i heard the dodge county make a dispatch call sunday evening lennart buchd
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five minutes, ten minutes before i left but i didn't think anything of it because of the hunting season around here. neighbors point to this home on we go trail. they say those who lived here moved in on labor day and no one nearby knew them well. they all noticed fancy vehicles parked in the drive, including a huge camper. fox6 learned that a man in his thirties bought the camper for cash, tens of others he was going to move to nevada with his girlfriend and open a restaurant. before he left, he bought this house for his mother. although several others reportedly lived inside, no one answered the door monday. the dodge county sheriff says they do want information on a 2016 dodge ram blue pick up truck if anyone sees it they are asking to call them. live in fox lake myra sanchick
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speaking out for the first time since he became the victim of two car-related crimes. in late october-- 3 cars were set on fire in his driveway. then just last week pettis posted video of people trying to break into cars. you can see one of the thieves appears to reach into the range rover before running way. we're told the suspect is just 13 years old. youth is at. i feel there has to be some changes and i think im in a position where i can make some changes so its up to me to go out there instead of how do i replace my belongs how do i make it right for everybody else.' pettis say he plans to continue his work with milwaukee youth. but first he has to focus on winning the feather-weight title this weekend. the counting continues across wisconsin. today is day 5 of the election recount. more than a million votes have been counted so far-- but there
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results. the deadline to complete the recount is 8 o'clock on monday, december 12th. only six counties have completely finished-- but the wisconsin elections commission says all of the counties are on track to finish their work in time. assembly speaker robin vos says his bumpy ride-along in an ambulance shows the state needs more money for roads. but fellow republicans say that...would be a waste of tax dollars. political reporter theo keith in the newsroom with the g-o-p infighting. this comes a day before a hearing in madison on the transportation department's proposed budget -- which slashes major projects in milwaukee and racine counties because there isn't enough money. look at this! holy cow! i cant even imagine what it would be like to be sitting in there in this video released by his office, assembly speaker robin vos says bad roads impact patient care. vos says he took this ambulance
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worker in burlington. the wisconsin ems association said the bumpy road is "an example of what local ems are dealing with throughout the state."but the speaker's opponents in the road funding debate were not convinced. i think that wisconsin residents are smarter than that. they will take a more holistic look at our transportation system and the factors that are involved in it, and not just look at, somebodys riding in an ambulance duey stroebel is one of unlike vos, they would not support any tax or fee increase to pay for roads. the senators released a memo from the nonpartisan legislative fiscal bureau that shows, if the state built every project on its "wish list," the gas tax would need to increase by 28 cents a gallon.governor scott walker ripped assembly leaders like vos for being open to a tax hike.. walker said, "they should make their plan public so the people understand exactly how much it would cost
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large tax increase. and saying the governor's plan -- which would borrow half a billion dollars -- is "not conservative." three republicans endorsed a full repeal of the state's prevailing wage law, which sets minimum pay for construction workers. but the nonpartisan fiscal bureau has said the cost savings from that would be "uncertain" and likely small. live, theo keith, fox6 news. change later this week. weather expert tom wachs joins us now from the weather deck. the snow is done but now we have the coldest air of the season on the way. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. and with the packers back to their winning ways, jordy nelson is back to his catching touchdown passes ways.... the latest step in his comeback, later in sports.... and later-- it's a dining destination! a look at the
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recruits are sworn in. 58 men and women hope to make it through the academy. today the recruits took the oath of office followed by the milwaukee police departments oath of honor. now they'll go through intense training for 6 months-- and if they're successful they'll graduate in june of 2017. the bucks getting a nod from milwaukee's plan commission this afternoon. designs for the proposed entertainment district surrounding the new bucks arena were approved, renderings that may included a craft the bucks president himself attended the meeting along with architect rinka chung. they went over the nearly 30 acres of development. tenants aren't being announced just yet-- but one of the design imagines gives away what they are thinking for one building: a brewery. 'well, i think in wisconsin, you would be remiss if you didnt include beer so i think it gives you an opportunity, we will know in the beer garden and in some of the buildings, food and be
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the plan commission approved the latest designs, they include public space for a children's playground, performance space and a pedestrian mall connecting the arena space to old world third. just a few blocks away from the arena-- a first of its kind food court! a few of milwaukee's most popular food trucks now have a brick and mortar location. we'll take you there-- new at 6. and a heads up-- fox 6 is holding a special "coats for kids" collection. steinhafels in waukesha this wednesday. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve. the details are on fox6 now dot com.
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new tonight at 6-- the continued redevelopment of the old pabst brewery now involves a unique food court, open to the public. fox6s carl deffenbaugh introduces us to the restaurants at eleven25. whatever your preference,
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far east to good ol wisconsin cheese - theres something for everyone at the restaurants at eleven25. 'when they walk up to the truck, at first theyre like, i dont really know it. ive never had it, is it spicy? we explain it.' this renovated building in the old pabst brewery offers apartments for students from the various colleges throughout milwaukee. that opened in august, but monday was the grand opening for the food court - which serves residents and the general public. 'working here, there is not a whole lot around as stuff to do on your lunch break. so this is a welcome sight.' its a particularly exciting venture for the gouda girls, and the filipino siblings of meat on the street. both are popular food trucks throughout the city, but now have their first brick-and- mortar locations. 'its really nice that we have something that youre guaranteed to find every single day, eleven hours a day.' 'i can only imagine where the
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blocks from the bucks arena, new and old, the restaurants at eleven25 hope to be part of a continued revitalization of downtown milwaukee. 'this building was like a wow moment for us. we were like, we really could be part of this? part of milwaukees historical building sites? ' 'quite honestly it just might be a gold mine. and why not go for it.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. adlib to weather weather cloudy skies tonight with some areas of fog. temperatures will hold steady around freezing throughout the night. mostly cloudy with a few flurries on tuesday. temperatures won't move much, with highs in the middle 30s. the coldest air of the season moves in on wednesday and lingers through saturday. highs will only be in the 20s
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thursday will be in the teens all day. our next chance for snow is on sunday. tonight: cloudy with areas of fog. low: 32 wind: se 5 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with a few flurries. high: 36 wind: w 5-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. am low: 22 high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. wind chills: teens. am low: 18 high: 25 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 17 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 14 high: 27 wind: se 10-20 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with a chance for snow. am low: 21 high: 34
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plus, it's not a parker brothers board game, but it will be jabari parker against tony parker downtown tonight.... a live preview from tom pipines, next in
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the packers have four games remaining in their regular season, the final quarter of the campaign to break it up the way coach mike mccarthy likes to do.... their playoff chances remain uncertain, but their reliance on jordy nelson remains firm.... and while he's not running away from defenders as he did pre knee and
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after yesterday... "i mean, it's fun. that's probably more enjoyable getting them. we just need to continue to win games and we'll look at all that later. i put in the work throughout the offseason to get back to this point. it's fun to be out there with the guys and playing. obviously every time you get in the end zone you gotta enjoy them." you'll be able to enjoy the packers hosting the seahawks this sunday, with a 3:25 kickoff here on fox six..... we'll have a special edition of fox complete analysis, locker room reaction, and a visit by defensive lineman mike daniels... that's all this sunday..... the san antonio spurs are an nba equivalent to what the packers have been, a consistent contender.... tonight they are in milwaukee to take on the young bucks led by eastern conference player of the week giannis antetokounmpo.... tom pipines has the courtside live preview.... pip.... pip adlibs to sot full 11:01:26 "they're pretty much
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you know they've been a championship organization throughout the whole decade. and they just have habits and philosophies that every team wants to be. so we're definitely going to try to learn from them". 11:01:41 studio wisconsin badger nigel hayes has a lot on his resume as a
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of the week.... until now..... he is honored today after leading u.w. to wins over a pair of final four teams from last season, syracuse and oklahoma...
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introducing the reuben from subway a sandwich as full of intrigue as it is flavor. some say it was invented by deli owner arnold reuben.
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insist it was hollywood starlet marjorie rambeau in a fit of crazed hunger. seriously. the reuben's past may be debatable, but its great taste is not. stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. we don't know where it came from, but we know where you can get it. only at subway. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: r kelly celebrates christmas by handing out his candy cane. ? >> a fan grabbed his junk and his face was like, ooh! it looks like it hurt. >> she went full claw. >> justin bieber, we got him leaving 10 goose boxing. he wasn't really talking about it. he turns and pretty much lectures them. >> why does bieber feel like he has to give lectures to everyone now? don't make us feel what it feels
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like. make us feel like what it is like to go with models every day. >> if you want to share your experience. >> mariah carey was out for her viewing party for "mariah's world" premiere. >> she said don't get too big so you don't put on your own shoes and she says this as people are putting on her shoes. >> cam newton's getting in trouble for not wearing a tie on team travel day. he was jacket and hat. >> if turtlenecks are good stuff for donald trump, they should be good enough for the panthers. [laughter] >> i never had my hand under her skirt. i never grabbed her. announcer: that's d.j. david mueller, the man accused of sexually assaulting taylor swift, giving his first radio interview about the event, an interview taylor swift allegedly made disappear. >> david mueller did his first


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