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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 6, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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now at 10-- '305. suspect in the vehicle has a gun.' a dash cam captures the moment a by police. the chief say it's proof deadly force was justified. bw 'the officer involved in this incident will be returned to full duty.' but anderson's family is horrified. "its disgusting. this man gets to walk the earth and my son is dead." that is our big story tonight-- headed back to work. the officer who shot and killed jay anderson has been cleared of
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we have team coverage. our brittany shannon spoke to anderson's family. let's start with bret lemoine live in the newsroom. he has more on the investigation. the district attorney is saying no charges will be filed against the officer who shot and killed jay anderson. with that decision comes a ton of new information surrounding this incident. bw 'the officer acted in accord with wisconsin law.' investigators say wauwatosa police officer joseph mensahs account of this june 23-rd shooting is backed up by what we see on this so were freezing the video right before shots are fired, but police chief barry weber says mensahs use of force is justified. bw 'the park closes at 10 oclock, if there are vehicles in there after hours, officers are supposed to investigate to see whats going on.' weber says mensah confronted jay anderson, who was asleep in his car. anderson was asked to up his hands up after the officer noticed a gun on the passenger seat. bw 'that weapon turned out to be a ruger 9mm loaded with 16 rounds of ammunition and one in the chamber.' mensah called for
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madison park who has a firearm.' bw 'on several occasions, the subject started to lower his right arm toward the space where the gun was located.' mensah says he was fearful anderson might grab the gun... and shot anderson six times. immediately after the shots were fired, mensah remotely activated the camera in his squad, which retroactively records 20 seconds prior to hitting the button. 'ive got a 30 some year-old male, black whos not breathing at this time.' bl 'are body cameras something that tosa pd is considering?' bw 'were in the testing phs cameras.' weber says mensah received mandatory counseling after the shooting. bw 'the officer involved in this incident will be returned to full duty.' this is the secondfatal officer involved shooting mensah has been cleared of since july of last year. in the first case, a 29-year old man was killed after wauwatosa police say he confronted them with a
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also revealed marijuana in his system. reporting live in the newsroom, bl, fox6 news. it's not the news jay anderson junior's family was hoping for. after viewing the newly released dash cam video, they maintain the investigation was not transparent. fox 6's brittany shannon live in wauwatosa with the family's reaction to news that officer mensah will not be charged... raw emotion after disappointing news. 6:36 its disgusting. this man gets to dead 42 linda anderson learning the officer who shot her son, jay anderson, junior, will not be criminally charged... 30:35 the district attorneys office has advised that they will not be issuing criminal charges against wauwatosa police officer joseph mensah 36:06 anderson's mother, fiance and family attorney, jon safran, holding a press conference after meeting with the da and viewing the most recent dash camera video of the june 23rd shooting. 29:53 they had a verbal
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window 1:43 raised his hands in the air as he was instructed 1:45" police claim anderson reached for a semi-automatic weapon. "2:34 there is no evidence that mr anderson lunged for touched raised or pointed any gun that may have been in the vehicle 42" so the family plans to keep fighting. attorney safran pushing for federal criminal civil charges to bring this family peace. 5:10 i feel sick to my stomach just to know that hes abe to go back on th never be able to know her dad that she will never be able to see her dada gain 5:19 attorney safran has already reached out to the us attorney's office to investigate. the family and attorney have said they do not want any violent protests in response to the news. in wauwatosa, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. the anderson officer-involved shooting was one of several being considered by the milwaukee county district attorney this
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the officer who shot and killed sylville smith back in august will be charged for his use of force. the shooting led to two days of unrest. the officer-- dominique heaggan- brown-- has been charged in connection with an unrelated sex assault case. just six weeks ago, the d-a's office did file charges against a brown deer police officer. 27-year-old devon kraemer shot a man after a confrontation on a county bus in march. the man survived. kraemer was charged with aggravated battery. she's also administrative leave. you can watch the entire dash camera video of the anderson shooting on our website-- fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news mobile app. we've also posted the news conferences. just find this story on our home page. it's been nearly one year since a milwaukee man was killed after he stopped to help someone at a gas station. now, new information about his suspected killer. fox 6's ashley sears with a story you will see only on fox
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christmas trees. it is normally a special time of year-- but for this milwaukee woman-- 57:51 everything just brings back a whole bunch of pain for me. the holiday season--is incredibly difficult. 02:31 i hurt every single day. last year, her father--43-year-old clifford morgan was shot and killed at a gas station at 8th and atkinson. surveillance from that night-- clerk-- he walks outside--in the middle of a snow storm and is killed moments later. 00:31 you feel that pain like it was just that day. now, nearly one year later investigators say they know who pulled the trigger. nats: most wanted the problem is, he was murdered...himself. police 28-year-old london street
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up. stop killing each other, stop fighting. she takes comfort in memories-- tries to move forward-- as difficult as it seems... 05:06 my father was the backbone of our family. now my father is gone, our family is kind of fading. hoping that the pain will fade-- and her family will have peace. 07:27 i want some type of closure. i deserve closure. thats all i want. tag: morgan's daughter says since her father's death, her l and her home. she's asking for prayers and any help trying to get back on her feet. reporting in the newsroom, ashley sears fox 6 news. dodge county officials are investigating a possible homicide in fox lake tonight. all they'll say is that it's a suspicious death. but neighbors believe a man may have shot his girlfriend to death and took off. police and deputies were called to the scene sunday night. a neighbor tells fox6 he thinks he heard the gunfire.
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five minutes, ten minutes before i left but i didn't think anything of it because of the hunting season around here. deputies are looking for a dark blue 2016 dodge ram pick up truck in connection with the case. if you have any information-- give them a call. a milwaukee teen is behind bars tonight in connection with recent car thefts at an area cemetery. fox6's madeline anderson talks to one of the victims about the unexpected crime near his family's graves. since passed away... kenneth johlke feared he too could lose his life. at first i thought i might get shot.last sunday afternoon... the 67-year-old was placing a wreathe at his parents graves in valhalla cemetery near 91st and silver spring... when he says two young man appeared out of nowhere and demanded johlke turn over his car keys. i was like in shock. you dont think about that. johlke says he called for help while one of the men began shocking
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finally, they came over and tore the pocket of my pants, and there the car keys were. and tore my pants all the way down. and then they drove out of the main entrance. the scary ordeal is one of two vehicle thefts reported at the cemetery within the last month. milwaukee police say the other occurred ten days earlier on november 17th. a 16-year-old male has since been arrested in connection with that crime.. and investigators are now looking into whether the teen was one of thieves who targeted johlke. they knew what they were doing. they must have done it b knew how to act, what to do. police say they've recovered the car from the first incident... but johlke says officers are still looking for his. milwaukee police say the 16-year-old suspect is also being investigated for two strong arm robberies on the
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just five minutes later at 74th and hadley. in both... police say he forcibly stole victims' cars from them. reporting live outside of mpd's district four madeline anderson fox6 news. m-m-a fighter anthony pettis is speaking out for the first time since he became the victim of two car-related crimes. in late october-- 3 cars were set on fire in his driveway. posted video of people trying to break into cars. you can see one of the thieves appears to reach into the range rover before running way. we're told the suspect is just 13 years old. 'its scary to see where the youth is at. i feel there has to be some changes and i think im in a position where i can make some changes so its up to me to go out there instead of how do i replace my belongs how do i make it right for everybody else.' pettis say he plans to continue his work with milwaukee youth. but first he has to focus on
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title this weekend. at times this season, the packers have looked rather flat, to put it bluntly. but not so yesterday-- with a real sense of urgency surrounding the team, you can see the intensity of the players, even a normally even-keeled veteran. tim van vooren joins us with the story. ted, every player on the roster has his own way of doing things, and for jordy nelson, that's usually, in a rather understated fashion... but yesterday in a wn receiver is quite demonstrative, showing plenty of fire...... his actions are noticed by his
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have positive things to react to again next sunday when they host the seattle seahawks.... you're going to want to bust out the heavy coat later this week. weather expert tom wachs joins us now. the snow is done but t way. i'll have your fox6 forecast coming up. plus-- lots of new cars don't come with spare tires anymore. in tonight's contact 6 report-- jenna sachs looks at the alternatives. and next-- why one of the state's most prominent
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wisconsin republicans -- are fighting amongst each other over
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slash spending on major projects. two g-o-p senators released a memo from the nonpartisan legislative fiscal bureau that shows, if wisconsin does every road project on its "wish list," the gas tax could go up by 28 cents per gallon. but assembly speaker robin vos called that "fear mongering" because no one is proposing such a big tax hike. vos thinks the state needs to spend more on its roads. he rode in an ambulance to prove his point. look at this! holy cow! i cant even imagine what it would be like to be sitting in there i think that wisconsin residents are smarter than that. :03 they will take a more holistic look at our transportation system and the factors that are involved in it, and not just look at, somebodys riding in an ambulance there will be a hearing tomorrow morning. have you looked around the trunk of your car lately? more and more vehicles don't have spare tires, instead, they have sealant kits and some others install so-called
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6's jenna sachs explains how those specialty tires work and shows you the drawbacks. gloria strunin recently leased a new car that has no spare tire. she drives long distances by herself to see her family and was alarmed to learn shed have to depend solely on her run flat tires in case of a puncture. shes worried about their 50 mile range. 'it was a big concern of mine and it still is to this day.' consumer reports tire petersen says run flat tires have thicker sidewalls than traditional tires. most manufacturers say they will support the car at speeds up to 50 miles an hour for a distance of at least 50 miles after most flats. but he has a caution. "theyre not going to work for everything, so if you do have a ripped sidewall, if you do have a large hole in the tire, obviously you may not be able to drive on it." run-flat tires are also more expensive than regular tires.
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there are also fewer models available, and might have to be special- ordered. why are so many car makers ditching the spare for run-flat tires? "so manufacturers are eliminating the spare to lighten up the load in the car to help improve fuel efficiency, ok. in the case of run-flat tires though it may also be because they dont have room in the car for a spare tire." still if you do get a small puncture, with run flat tires youll be able to continue wrestling with a jack and a spare late at night or in an isolated area. if you are buying a new car that doesnt come with a spare and you want one, ask. sometimes dealers can sell you a traditional spare-tire kit. but make sure it is designed for your trunk and fits securely. i'm jenna sachs - contact 6. a heads up-- one last chance to donate coats for kids! tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha on
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four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new year's eve. for all the details visit our website-- fox6 now dot com. cloudy skies tonight with some areas of fog. temperatures will hold steady around freezing throughout the night. flurries on tuesday. temperatures won't move much, with highs in the middle 30s. the coldest air of the season moves in on wednesday and
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the 20s with lows in the teens. wind chills on wednesday & thursday will be in the teens all day. our next chance for snow is on sunday. tonight: cloudy with areas of fog. mph tuesday: mostly cloudy with a few flurries. high: 36 wind: w 5-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills:
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high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. wind chills: teens. am low: 18 high: 25 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 17 high: 23 mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 14 high: 27 wind: se 10-20 mph sunday: mostly cloudy with a chance for snow. am low: 21 high: 34 wind: wsw 10-20
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extend their winning streak to five, they are going to have to dull the spurs downtown..... fox
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there are 21 lead changes in the bmo harris bradley center tonight, but
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spurs, 97-96... san antonio remains perfect on the road this season in the nba... giannis antetokounmpo outscores the visitors by himself in the second quarter, ten to nine.... here's giannis on the slam to make it 39-28 bucks... . 753 things tighten up quite a bit in the second half, and there's some pushing and shoving late in the third period.... four technical fouls and a pair of ejections come out of this.... 848 the bucks are up a point in the closing though..... they allow an offensive rebound and then antetokounmpo is called for goaltending against kawhi leonard.... that puts san antonio up 97-96..... here's the final possession for the bucks..... antetokounmpo is stopped, but matthew dellavedova sets up mirza teletovic for the clean look.... he's off and the bucks lose... tom pipines is there from the beginning to the disappointing
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thanks to his all-around work in victories over syracuse and
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hayes in the big ten player of the week... .it's the first time in his stellar career that he earns this award.... the badgers host idaho state wednesday evening... uwm's second game in three nights in the state of montana goes better than the first.... the panthers beat montana state tonight, 83 to 78.... brett prahl with 13 points and 8 boards... 6 and 6 with four games to play, the packers are in the position of having to hope the detroit lions slip up a bit down the stretch in the nfc north division.... after sunday's win over the texans, a few of the guys explain their reality... burnett 153124 :25 total sunday's game at lambeau field is important to each team.....
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kickoff..... catch the contest right here and then stay tuned for a special edition of fox 6 news which will include locker room reaction and a visit from defensive lineman mike daniels... milwaukee native, former brewers owner and past major league commissioner bud selig is headed for the baseball hall of fame, class of 2016.... he is expressive today during a press conference in cooperstown tonight.... if ever someone truly loves what he does, bud selig is that man.... toss to break baseball winter
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finally tonight-- what does it take to become a world-record bell ringer? a lot of stamina. this mississippi man hasn't slept in almost 6 days. he's been ringing the salvation army bell for 151 hours. he was only allowed to take a five minute break every four hours. richardson used to be homeless-- but the salvation army helped him get back on his feet. that's why he wanted to give back. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking


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