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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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i get from him. -- captions by vitac -- our big story at four: suspect in custody. a standoff blocks off a portion of burleigh street in milwaukee.... and it took several hours before it was f fox six's beverly taylor is live at police district 5 with details. it happened at 13th and burleigh. and involved several agencies. but from what we could tell there were no injuries and a homicide suspect was arrested a resident told us she saw some commotion starting shortly after 11 a.m. eventually, an armed vehicle arrived. m.p.d. officers in protective gear, carrying shields, the u-s marshalls and madacc..the animal
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waiting. one person emerged from the home with his hands up. about 45 minutes later four other people came out. heres what the witness told us early on. 'we heard them talk to someone through the door. and they told him to call his parents, call your mom and dad. so we knew someone was in there. they said they tried to get in because i asked the police officer and he said we cant get in because he has it barricaded very well.' :54 taken from the house. again, madacc was there to take them away. reporting live in milwaukee, beverly taylor fox 6 news. steph thanks bev. one day after a decision was announced... that a wauwatosa officer will not face criminal charges... we're learning more about what lead up to a deadly officer-involved shooting. fox six's myra sanchick joins us
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district attorney made his ruling yesterday, they've received death threats. they are investigating them and are on high alert. meanwhile, we're getting a look at the 180 pages of documents from the milwaukee police investigation. they describe the day of june 23d shortly after three a-m when joseph mensah, a black officer with the wauwatosa police department was on routine patrol. this squad video shows officer mensah firing his gun six times. in an interview with milwaukee police homicide detectives who would be called to investigate mensah said he approached the nissan in the park. "he observed he anderson was breathing fast as if nervous or scared.... mensah "felt the driver was faking being asleep" we know soon after the officer says anderson reached for a gun and the officer fired, killing anderson. lots of follow up reports , a
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discovered. a surveillance video from madison elementary school nearby shows anderson's car entered the park around 1:30 am. the officer entered the park around 3 and the shooting was a few minutes after that. fox6 has covered this case extensively. to read our past stories or to watch the entire dash camera video of the officer-involved shooting -- visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. new infor a 7- year-old milwaukee boy who died last week. the medical examiner's office says trevion winningham -- pictured in this photo from a few years ago -- will be buried in arkansas. family members claimed his body yesterday. winningham died a week ago -- after suffering from numerous injuries related to abuse and malnutrition. 44-year-old etter hughes and 47-year- old mary martinez were both arrested in the case. a 9-year-old boy was also hospitalized with similar
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dodge county authorities charge three people in connection to a murder case. "sesalie dixon" was found dead inside a truck -- parked in the garage of a fox lake home sunday. according to prosecutors -- she was killed by her boyfriend "laverne ware." the two other people are charged with harboring or aiding a felon -- as they allegedly let ware park his truck in their garage. prosecutors say they also knew about the death for nearly a day before they called police. milwaukee police need your help identifyi connection to an armed robbery near marquette's campus. officials say this person entered the "jimmy johns" on 16th and wells last night... implying he had a weapon and demanding money from the cashier. the suspect then takes the money from the register and takes off. police believe this same suspect also tried to rob the nearby "real chili." the cashier at "real chili" refused to hand over any money
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you are asked to contact police. a sheboygan man is arrested-- accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. according to the criminal complaint, 19-year-old kenneth burnette-york had sex with a 16-year-old girl he met at a library. investigators say-- at the time-- burnette- york was out on bond for a different case of exposing himself to a child. a condition of that release was not having contact with female minors without his probation agent's approval. epidemic has some new weapons -- on southeastern wisconsin's skyline. three different billboards went up in the area-- with messages about the increased totals of opioid misuse, and heroin and fentanyl abuse. one billboard shows the number of milwaukee county overdoses so far this year. another encourages parents to discuss drugs with their children. a third offers a hotline for those seeking help. this initiative offers hope--hope that we can prevent
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that are in the grips of dependence, as well as hope, for their families. the billboard campaign is a collaboration between the department of justice, c-v-s health, hupy & abraham, and clear channel outdoor-milwaukee. the billboards can be found as far away as fort atkinson, sheboygan, and kenosha county. fox6 news has reported extensively on the abuse of prescription drugs -- as well as the heroin crisis. visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app -- and click the "dose programs helping people break the cycle of addition -- and view a fox6 news special on the crisis. itll take 70 years to finish rebuilding the deteriorating interstates in and around milwaukee. thats the estimate from wisconsins d- o-t secretary if current funding levels stay the same. ted perry in the newsroom to explain.
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they are divided over whether to increase the gas tax or vehicle registration fees. today lawmakers grilled the d-o-t secretary during a public hearing. governor walkers transportation budget delays major projects in southeast plug a billion-dollar shortfall. walker has said hes not open to a tax or fee increase to pay for roads, putting him at odds with assembly republicans. the governors made a det the right time to raise taxes and fees on wisconsin families and businesses. i think what the assembly is asking, when will the right time be to have the conversation? the spending plan does include enough money to keep the zoo interchange on track. but delays funding for 41-45 north of the zoo...and the i-94 north-south in racine county.
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on the way. but how soon will we feel the chill? weather expert tom wachs is out
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download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. we know you'll appreciate having
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the holiday season is upon us and many are putting out their best decorations to celebrate... the mayor of the small town of leroy lee-roy , illinois though is always in the holiday spirit, with his collection of 15-hundred santas!mayor steve dean has been growing his collection for over a decade now... he's sharing his collection with the community by putting them on display, and asking for a small donation for charity. "49 and 59, and there is a lot of 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and my favorite because i love the plastic christmas. the good, old fashioned well done plastic christmas." dean says he typically raises several hundred dollars every year... and he may need some more space to show off his collection as it continues to grow.
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coming up on fox 6 news at four... the milwaukee bucks are getting into the holiday giving back. a look at how they're saluting local u-s armed forces members and veterans. plus -- one christmas tree vendor sells some trees worth more than a holiday vacation. what makes them so join fox six for a special coats for kids collection tomorrow. tom wachs will be at the steinhafels in waukesha -- collecting coats of all sizes -- new or gently used. the first 200 people to donate at least four coats will get a pair of ticket vouchers to see the harlem globetrotters on new years eve at the b-mo harris bradley center find more details on our website
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here's a holiday gift that really "rocks." nordstrom is selling a medium-sized rock in a leather
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designed the item and it's been on sale since november 18. on nordstrom's website, they say the stone could be a paperweight, a conversation piece or simply a work of art. and if the medium-sized rock is too much for you, they're also selling a smaller version for 65 bucks. so there's a rock for any budget. how much would you be willing to pay for the perfect christmas tree? bucks was the right price. a tree in new york city reportedly sold for that price. it came from a vendor known to cater to high-end customers in the city. the tree comes from korea and they only get a few of them each year. they do offer much more reasonably priced trees though -- around
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lot of buzz online for one of their newest employees. the home improvement store hired a disabled veteran...and his service dog.. clay luthy served three deployments overseas.after multiple knee surgeries - they wouldn't let him re- enlist. so luthy started looking for jobs that wouldn't mind his service dog - charlotte - tagging along. lowe's management told him it was no problem at all and a few weeks later the "i'm a disabled vet and i can't stand just sitting at home." "instead of medications, i have charlotte." charlotte has been by luthy's side for 10 years. he even made charlotte her very own work vest for when they are at work. the veteran is currently training another dog - named lola - to take over for charlotte. a picture of the pair at lowe's
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shared thousands of times. it's the season of giving, and the milwaukee bucks are getting into the spirit. they are giving back to some of those who deserve it the most, u-s armed forces members and veterans. tom pipines goes beyond the game with the way they're saluting some of these local american heroes. that's the easiest was to sum up what was going on after a recent practice for the milwaukee bucks. after working on their jump shots, the team made an assist to over 30 active military members, veterans and their families. steve novak/bucks forward "we got to practice in front of the veterans and after wards they got to come down and kind of hang with us and it was great to meet them and some of their kids." it's all part of a continuing program by the bucks to give back to
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in the armed forces. jason kidd/bucks head coach "to see them come down to say thank you for having us here just makes you feel good that you are doing something right. " steve novak/bucks forward "we are blessed to play basketball we are blessed to have the freedoms that we have so sometimes i think we do take it for granted myself included and to be able to kind of look these guys in their eyes to see who they are and putting their lives on the line and sacrificing a lot of things with their country it's special, so it's nice for us to take a moment after practice and be with them in a casual setting and i think just have a good time." it's an experience that many people never get the chance to get, and that's something zachary zdroik doesn't take for granted."i think it's great what the bucks do with this with the community it's an awesome involvement get the veterans involved and showing that they are thankful for what we do, it's very awesome to see." and he hopes the same goes for his son. zachary zdroik/marine/lives in milwaukee "i got my son joey with me and he absolutely loved it. it was an awesome experience, i don't know if he knows how awesome it is but i'm definitely enjoying it and so is he it is great." a sentiment reiterated by army veteran peter corrao peter
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"i thought it was very interesting i never been to it before." peter carrao/army vet/lives in cudahy "i think they really care, i think it's something that they are giving back to the community and to our veterans." and coach jason kidd says that's the real reason for this event. jason kidd/bucks head coach "i think understanding our organization is about giving back, it doesn't always have to be about tickets or a game to come here to practice to be able to have lunch, to be able to talk to them face to face to the service people it reminds you of what's important especially for the holidays to see people smile that's what life is all about." tom pipines fox 6 sports. ad lib about pkg coming up on fox 6 news at four... how lucas hedges, the breakout star in the new movie, "manchester by the sea" realized he was meant to be an actor... gino salomone is in when we come back. here's a live look outside. ad lib what you see weather expert tom wachs is up next with a look at the
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mostly cloudy and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the low 20s by morning. the coldest air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly
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20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible thursday with a cold northwest wind. wind chills in the single digits all day thursday. we stay cold into the weekend before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. low: 22 wind: w 10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. a few flurries. wind chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 a reclusive man's world is turned upside down when he has to take on guardianship of his teenage nephew. our gino salomone sat down with the young star of "manchester by the sea." ad lib to bite "when did you know you were supposed to do this? act? yes. you know it was actually while i
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show right before i did this movie and it occurred to me while i was doing the tv show that maybe i could actually do this for a living. and then i got this movie and i remember i had a routine of swimming at the y while i was doing this movie. and i was doing one lap and it occurred to me, huh this might actually be something that i can really do
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unemployed. so i don't know. it feels good to say. maybe i can do this." he's at the start of his career -- but he actually has some history with the ad lib to bite "let's talk about kenneth your first meeting you probably don't remember. my first meeting? oh you know what. i met him when i was in a stroller when i was two or three years old. my dad was walking me in a stroller and ran kenneth lonergan in brooklyn heights and
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what better story than that? right isn't that crazy. and as a two year old you said i'm going to work for you someday. yeah that was definitely a thought i had in my mind. i don't know if i voiced it." ad lib out of bite coming up on fox 6 news at four... the latest incident that has residents of a chicago suburb fighting to shut down a chuck e. cheese
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join all your child?s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music elmo makes music playing the milwaukee theatre january 14th&15th
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there were three separate house fires in milwaukee overnight. the red cross is helping those who were displaced.. and say this is its busiest time of the year. fox6s deandra corinthios explains why...and how the organization is handling the extra calls. milwaukee firefighters encounter heavy flames at a home near 11th and wright early tuesday morning. there were no injuries...the home is vacant. an hour later...theyre at another house fire no one was home at the time of the blaze. and monday night...firefighters respond to an electrical fire near 13th and hayes. eight people are displaced but no one was hurt. "what we do is make sure they have food clothing and shelter" three fires...monday into tuesday in milwaukee from the south side to the north the northwest side. a busy night -but the red cross...says it responds to more fires over the holidays than any other time of year. "were cooking, were getting things ready, were putting presents in corners, were hiding them and unfortunately were not always thinking straight."
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volunteers respond 24 hours a day seven days a week. but they need more hands on deck right now. "we beef up the schedule quite a bit, were always looking for volunteers" while the overnight fires in milwaukee did not appear to involve cooking --red cross officials say it is the most common cause of fires over the holidays. "our number one thing is when youre cooking at the stove, dont leave it, dont go in the room and sit down" the red cross says install smoke alarms in your home --or make sure they have fresh milwaukee deandra corinthis news. the red cross trains volunteers for disaster response throughout the year. if you're interested we have more information for you at fox6 now dot com. we also have a link if you would like to make a donation. the search for victims in the oakland california, warehouse fire winds down -- as more bodies are identified. authorities say there could be more victims still buried in the rubble. at least 36 people died after a
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converted warehouse during a dance party last friday night. as many as 100 people might have been inside at the time of the blaze. "we're going to continue the search and investigation until all debris is removed from this building and every area is searched. so families in the community know that there is nothing left in this location and the investigation and the process can continue." investigation and the process can continue." prosecutors have yet to determine whether a crime has been committed. although, they add that charges could range from murder to involuntary manslaughter. a weekend shooting at a suburban chicago chuck e. cheese may force the restaurant to close for good. this comes after a man said he was shot after leaving the restaurant in oak lawn. the 26-year-old victim told police he was driving away when someone fire more than six shots at him from another
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two-children who were in the car with him. the aftermath can be seen from this cellphone video. police say they have responded to more than 300 calls at this chuck-e-cheese location since 20-11. "i have asked the mayor to support me and call a special meeting in which we can discuss this, with the potential of issuing a revocation of their license." that emergency meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night. ted perry joins us now from the news room with some stories they're five. an audit of healthcare for inmates at the milwaukee county jail. it's following four recent deaths that happened there. at five, the big questions coming from the man who set that audit in motion. also at five, take a look at this. a coffee shop robbed at gunpoint. coming up, see it all go down as it happened. we'll have those stories and more for you in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five.
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president-elect donald trump will spend most of today at trump tower in new york, holding meetings and working on his transition-- then, he's expected to continue his so- called "thank you" tour-- holding rallies and thanking voters for his november victory. elwyn lopez has more from washington. donald trump / -r- president-elect: thank you everybody. wow. thank you. president elect donald trump is expected to hold another rally later today in north carolina, but first he has a busy day in new with exxon c.e.o. rex tillerson, former secretary of state henry kissinger, as well as the mayor of washington d.c. but trump started his day on twitter criticizing a major airplane maker, "boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. cancel order!" and telling reporters at trump tower, donald trump / -r-
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boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. boeing plans to switch out the two 747-200 aircraft currently serving as the president's planes with more updated models. it is not clear why he cited the $4 billion number, boeing says its current contract is worth $170 million. although the air force has yet to formally place the order that trump wants to cancel, the president-elect's barack obama put on hold a multi-billion dollar order for a new fleet of presidential helicopters when he came into office. tonight, trump hits the road to fayetteville, north carolina, with the first of three rallies this week. he will head on to des moines, iowa, thursday and grand rapids, michigan, on friday. in washington, i'm elwyn lopez. during the holidays, you're sure to see plenty of different decorations outside.
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isn't going over so well... for the third year in a row, jasen dixon and his family-- put up their zombie nativity scene outside their home in sycamore township, ohio. the spooky nativity scene replaces religious figures with zombies-- and even the baby jesus statue has fangs and blood spilling from its mouth. "there's no ill intent. we have kids in catholic school. and we really blow off all the free thinkers and stuff like that so. it's all in good fun." dixon says the display is not a religious statement and is more of art. coming up on fox 6 news at 4... how a fake u-s embassy got away with selling illegal work visas for a decade, before finally being shut down last summer plus -- more and more new cars are ditching the spare tire. what it's being replaced with and why it may affect your bank account. here's a live look outside right now. ad lib what you see
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next with a your forecast. today is the sixth -- that means its time for buddy check six. remember to connect with your buddy and make sure she does her breast self-exam. the earlier you find cancer, the better your odds at beating it. if you havent already picked your buddy, do it today... you can even choose one of us here at fox6 to be your buddy. head over to fox6 now dot com to get all the details and sign up. cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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awards open. have you looked around the trunk of your car lately? have spare tires, instead, they have sealant kits and some others install so-called run-flat tires. but be careful. contact 6's jenna sachs explains how those specialty tires work and shows you the drawbacks. gloria strunin recently leased a new car that has no spare tire. she drives long distances by herself to see her family and
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solely on her run flat tires in case of a puncture. shes worried about their 50 mile range. 'it was a big concern of mine and it still is to this day.' consumer reports tire expert gene petersen says run flat tires have thicker sidewalls than traditional tires. most manufacturers say they will support the car at speeds u of at least 50 miles after most flats. but he has a caution. "theyre not going to work for everything, so if you do have a ripped sidewall, if you do have a large hole in the tire, obviously you may not be able to drive on it." run-flat tires are also more expensive than regular tires. depending on size some can cost
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there are also fewer models available, and might have to be special- ordered. why are so many car makers ditching the spare for run-flat tires? "so manufacturers are eliminating the spare to lighten up the load in the car to help improve fuel efficiency, ok. in the case of run-flat tires though it may also be because they dont have room in the car for a spare tire." still if you do get a small puncture, with run flat tires youll be able to continue on your way and wont be wrestling with a jack and a spare late at night or in an isolated area. if you are buying a new car that doesnt come with a spare and you want one, ask. sometimes dealers can sell you a traditional spare-tire kit. but make sure it is designed for your trunk and fits securely. i'm jenna sac do you have a consumer issue or investigation idea? give jenna a call!! the number is on you screen or you can file a complaint on the contact 6 page at fox-6-now-dot-com. tom wachs is out on the weather
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mostly cloudy and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the low 20s by morning. the coldest air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly
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blustery. highs in the upper 20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible thursday with a cold northwest wind. all day thursday. we stay cold into the weekend before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. low: 22 wind: w 10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens.
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thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. a few flurries. wind chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 18 high: 23 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 13 high: 25 mostly cloudy and windy with snow likely. accumulation likely. am low: 23 high: 34 wind: wnw 10-20 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a chance for snow at night. am low: 16 high: 24
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best parts about the holidays. but they can also be the most exhausting part. mary stoker smith is in with some ways you can help that... with holiday parties coming up-- you'll want to avoid the hangovers -- and there ar experts say clear liquors! which ones? gin, tequila, and sake are less likely to cause hangovers. if your a fan of careful, the sugary drinks make the after effects of drinking worse. and if you're a wine drinker-- red wines are supposed to be worse than white ones. back to you. there's so much going on during
4:50 pm
stressed out. but there's help right at your finger tips ... a phone call to mom. studies show calling mom on the phone puts you in a better mood, decreases anxiety and stress. some experts even suggest setting a specific day and time to make the call. and skip drinking before you drive but make sure you don't skip on the sleep. turns out missing an hour or two of sleep at night ...could more than double your risk of getting in a car crash the next day. researchers looked at data from 46- hundred police-reported crashes drivers who got less than the recommended seven hours of sleep, were 11 times more likely to crash. that means driving with little to no sleep- is equal to having a blood alcohol level of point-twelve to point-fifteen -- which is above the legal limit. back to you. a former american prisoner of war is asking president obama to pardon him. sergeant "bowe bergdahl" -- was
4:51 pm
in 20-14, after being captured by the taliban in 2009. bergdahl was exchanged for five guantanamo bay detainees. he was initially captured after leaving his military post in afghanistan. now, he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. a white house official confirming bergdahl's request for mercy was filed after the election. just because the holiday season is here, doesn't mean everyone is in the giving spirit. an arizona family is hoping police can catch a suspect they caught on camera tree near their front door. you can see in the video here, the man wearing a hoodie walked right up to the family's front door, taking his time, and taking off with the family's decoration. what's worse, the family says they were all sitting right inside when it happened. "completely violated. i felt like i couldn't believe that there was somebody, i mean to me it was like an intruder. you know that close, knowing that we were inside eating breakfast." police say they see a spike in thefts off of porches this time
4:52 pm
blow to their holiday spirit, they won't let this grinch ruin their christmas. a fake u-s embassy in ghana has been shut down after operating illegally for ten years. mobsters from ghana and turkey ran the fake embassy in ghana's capital, passing out u-s work visas. customers were charged six- thousand dollars each. it also got them fake birth certificates, education transcripts and bank records. allowed it to keep running until authorities were tipped off last summer. the state department didn't say how many people entered the u-s illegally using those documents. paypal is giving you a new way to send money this holiday season, hoping to make the experience more meaningful. the popular online pay service has announced that it will offer free holiday cards to customers who use paypal to send money. the company partnered with well-known designer, jonathan adler to create the designs.
4:53 pm
even birthday card designs to send year-round. "everyday people across the world send and receive money over paypal and this holiday season, this is just an extension of our free services that allow people to send money as a gift this holiday season using their paypal account in a more personal way with these cards designed by jonathan adler." paypal expects to see more than 17- million person-to-person payments this holiday season. the christmas season means lots of decorations to deck your halls. but are there dangers that come along with the holiday cheer? coming up, some tips to help you
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5. the holiday season means there's plenty of changes popping up all over your home. if you haven't decked your house out for christmas yet, there are some tips to avoid unnecessary risks. fox 6's jonathon gregg has more. "nat: rockin around the christmas tree music." its the
4:57 pm
"this is harder than it looks, alright?" thats all fun and games "nat: pouring booze." until someone...gets hurt. "careful!" injury prevention specialist, jennifer hoekstra says most holiday mishaps are 100 percent avoidable. "what else do you have in your box " whether youre hanging a wreath... "you always want to use a very sturdy latter and i encourage you to have a second person whose giving that ladder support so it doesnt slip and fall." tree. " you have to water it regularly, dry christmas trees are very strong fire hazard " according to the national fire protection association. from 2010 to 2014...u.s fire departments responded on average to more than 200 house fires because of christmas trees. "nat" "we want to make sure we go through the whole strand looking for any broken bulbs or any frayed wires." when it comes to covering your table...hoekstra suggests avoiding draped table cloths and keeping candles "blow out candle." and other dcor... out of kids reach. "i could reach it and pop it right off and that piece right there could become a big choking hazard for kids." small
4:58 pm
drunk from leftover alcohol left on tables or kids get sick from spoiled food leftover night." thats why hoekstra says its so important to clean... "nat: moving around stuff in box " and keep things organized... ensuring a happy holiday...indeed. "erica singing music 'happy holiday." jonathon gregg, fox 6 news. tonight in the case surrounding jay anderson's death. this comes just one day after prosecutors decided not to file charges against the wauwatosa police officer who shot him. that is our big story. pages upon pages of new documents have been released in the case. they come from the lead investigating agency -- the milwaukee police department. myra sanchick combed through the several hundred pages... she'
4:59 pm
i've been told after the d-a decided not to charge.... wauwatosa police have been receiving death threats by phone, and writing. they tell me they are investigating to prosecute anyone making a threat and are on high alert. in the meantime, there is an extensive investigation report online, nearly two hundred pages worth. the documents from the milwaukee police investigation are 180 pages. they describe the day of june 23 officer joseph mensah, a black officer with the wauwatosa police department was on routine patrol. documents say mensah went to check madison park after closing. that check would be anything but routine. this squad video released monday shows officer mensah firing his gun six times. five bullets would hit jay anderson. in an interview with milwaukee police homicide detectives who
5:00 pm
said he approached the nissan in the park. "he observed he anderson was breathnig fast as if nervous or scared....mensah"felt the driver was faking being asleep"he tapped the window, driver woke up and closed his eyes and leaned back in the seat again. ...mensah said "wake up. gotta talk to you"mensah "observed a black and silver semi automatic handgun...on the front seat. mensah told in told anderson, i see the gun. don't reach for it. however mensah says anderson reached for it. officer mensah then fired. shots fired! 305... back up squads arrived are you ok? yes i'm ok. suspect down. one officer said he page 28 "observed a baby car seat in the back seat, behind the passenger seat.. po moved to the rear driver seat to check the car seat for a baby. was empty. at one point a surveillance video from madison elementary school nearby showed anderson's vehicle entered the park around 1:30


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