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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  December 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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the united states." while taking jabs over the jet, another stream of visitors met with the president-elect today, including former secretary of state henry kissinger ... and exxon mobil c-e-o rex tillerson, whose name is the latest to be floated as a possible pick for future secretary of state. vice president-elect mike pence, meanwhile, met with republican leaders on capitol hill. mcconnell having the vice president-elect at the lunch today. i believe i'm safe in saying that he intends to come to our lunches periodically when he's in town." current vice-president joe biden was also on the hill today... after telling reporters last night that he's looking at a possible presidential run in 2020, today he hedged... although did not rule it out. biden says: "it's gonna be a good year in '18..." reporter says off cam : "and what about the 2020 business - "biden says: "i don't know
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tag : "later in the week, mr. trump heads to michigan on his "thank you tour" where a state-wide recount is underway, prompted by former green party candidate, jill stein. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." it's time for your news and weather together. authorities peacefully resolve a standoff on the city's north side this afternoon. it began around 11 this morning near 13-th and burleigh. milwaukee police say they were looking for a 19-year-old homicide suspect at the time. after negotiating for several hours-- the suspect came out of the house and also taken from the home. several counties in our area have finished their presidential election recounts or are close to being done! ozaukee, walworth, and dodge counties are officially finished. milwaukee, waukesha, and racine all still have quite a ways to go.... but despite that -- the wisconsin elections commission says all counties are on track to finish by the state's december 12-th deadline. mercury contamination forces an
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elementary school officials say a student brought a vial to school from home-- and a group of students was playing with it. emergency crews-- including a hazmat team-- were called to the school. they're testing classrooms and students for exposure to the substance. so far -- crews say there are no immediate medical concerns. weather mostly cloudy and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the into the low 20s by morning. the coldest air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly cloudy, cold and blustery. highs in the upper 20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible thursday with a cold northwest wind. wind chills in the single digits
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before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. low: 22 wind: w 10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. a few flurries. wind chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 wind: nw 15-25 mph the milwaukee county board chairmain-- questioning the sheriff's management of the jail... this in the wake of an investigation into t receiving. fox6's madeline anderson is live outside the milwaukee county jail with more on the audit underway at the facility. the audit was called for after four people died in the jail within six months... one has been ruled a homicide. while investigators remain mum on whether the deaths of inmates terrill thomas... michael madden... and kristina fiebrink as well as a
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inadequate medical attention... county leaders are launching their own efforts to find out. it certainly sounds like some of this may have been preventable. board of supervisors chairman theo lipscomb has requested an audit of the contract the county has with a private company called "armor" which provides medical services at the milwaukee county jail and the house of corrections. someone has a profit motive around the provision of medical services in the jail, obviously that raises were all provided as they should have been. lipscomb is also questioning how milwaukee county sheriff david clarke has been running the jail. so to the extent that we could find out if management had an impact on it, id like to clear that up. last week... supervisor supreme moore omokunde called for clarke to resign. clarke said in response... he's upset "i got donald j trump elected potus." lipscomb
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the sheriff what to do... but he does want to launch an external investigation into the entire operations of the jail. the question is... what cooperation would we get from the sheriff in allowing that to be conducted by a third party? we reached out to the sheriff for comment on the audit last week... his office referred us to thursday's statement. reporting live outside of the milwaukee county jail... madeline anderson fox6news. defensive lineman again..and not to injury. meantime, they're trying to make a run to the playoffs.. in order to do that..they might have to run the ball more. especially if there's more snow in the forecast for sunday's seattle game. pip's in a rush to share the coach's comments--next in sports. plus. change in the air -- at the milwaukee gas light building. the big upgrades being made to the iconic lights. and later. a traffic stop ends
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packers defensive tackle mike pennel has been suspended a 2nd time for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. he'll miss the final 4 regular season games..he sat out the first 4 for the same reason. pennel could return if green bay makes the playoffs. december football at lambeau field,,snow..cold; that's football. it would have been eddie lacy football. but the big fella's out for the season; still, head coach mike mccarthy insists, he's in no "rush" to abandon the "run".
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seahawks... you can watch the game this sunday right here on your packers station.... we'll have a special edition of fox six news afterward in order to bring you complete reaction.... and of course, defensive lineman mike daniels will join us live.....we wrap it up with the sports blitz sunday night at 10:35. beating russell wilson and company-trying to pave a way to the playoffs for the 8th straight season- that's important stuff realty hit everyone on the team hard when they learned that mitchell henry-their former teammate-has been diagnosed with leukemia. the tight end is 23 years old. "the impact the other day when we got the news, it knocked all of us over. and frankly that explains some things too. because mitchell just wasn't quite right in training camp; so, we don't know the extent of it. we just know what the initial diagnosis is; but he will get definitely get support
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the brewers have traded reliever tyler thornburg to boston. in return, general manager david stearns gets first baseman/3rd baseman travis shaw..who brings a left-handed bat to the line-up. the 6-4 230 pound twenty-six year old hit 241 with 16 homers and 71 rbi with the red sox last year. along with 2 prospects, single "a" pitcher josh pennington. the bucks blew a 15 point 2nd half lead, but still had a chance to beat the spurs last night. with 21 point 2 ticks on the clock, giannis antetokounmpo was called for a goal tend on lamarcus alddrige. that was the go ahead basket in a oh so close but no cigar
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. oh...
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developers is looking to bring some new life into a milwaukee neighborhood. the group has gotten initial approval to build a four-story apartment building in the area of 36th and villard. it would feature 43-units... many of which will be reserved for low-income residents. it also boasts a first-floor cafe or restaurant space. developers are working to get full-approval from the city by february. milwaukee's iconic "gas light" building is undergoing some changes. iconic building are being upgraded and re-programmed-- to flicker when it rains or snows. there's also some different holiday color schemes that are in the works. the building manager declined to say the amount spent on the lighting upgrade, but said it is 'significant.' for more stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. a youngstown, ohio firefighter is in the hospital after he was
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leaving the scene of a fire-- someone fired shots at the fire truck...hitting the lieutenant in the leg. another bullet went through the coat of a firefighter in the back of the truck. police are treating this as a targeted shooting -- and until further notice -- police officers will accompany firefighters to any scene. a north carolina man is in custody-- accused of shooting two people during a christmas parade. surveillance video from a grocery store captured the shots being fired of the two people that were wounded -- one is said to be in serious condition. police are still investigating what prompted the shooting. nasa says the arctic seas this year have been slow to freeze. because of this - the arctic ocean and neighboring seas are setting both daily and monthly record lows for its ice caps levels. scientists say the arctic waters absorbed a lot of solar energy this summer... and until that heat escapes to the atmosphere -
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weather mostly cloudy and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly cloudy, cold and blustery. highs in the upper 20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible
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chills in the single digits all day thursday. we stay cold into the weekend before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. chilly. low: 22 wind: w 10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday:
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chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 18 high: 23 wind: nw 5-15 mph cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 13 high: 25 wind: se 5-10 mph sunday: mostly cloudy and windy with snow likely. accumulation likely. am low: 23 high: 34 wind: wnw 10-20
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chance for snow at night. am low: 16 high: 24 wind: wsw 10-20
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means its time for buddy check six. remember to connect with your buddy and make sure she does her breast self-exam. the earlier you find cancer, the better your odds at beating it. if you havent already picked your buddy, do it today... you can even choose one of us here at fox6 to be your buddy. head over to fox6 now dot com to get all the details and sign up. the supreme court is siding with samsung in its high-profile patent dispute with apple over design of the iphone. today - a 399- million dollar judgment against samsung -- for allegedly copying parts of the i-phone's patented design. the court says samsung may not be required to pay all the profits it earned from the phones because the features at issue are only a tiny part of the devices. the case now returns to a lower court. a struggling mother is pulled over in dallas... expecting a ticket. but thanks to a good-hearted police officer... she got more
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daughter, and her 9 month old son when she got stopped. the officer immediately noticed the boy's carseat was in a pretty sad state. not only was it old -- it was also broken. he says he had to do something.... not as an officer, but as a parent. gilbert says: "you know i thought about taking enforcement action but then i thought that's not gonna help her a father and i was talking to my wife about it and i just felt like i needed to do something" the officer went out and bought two car seats and some stuffed animals. he also showed mom how to properly install the seats. police in everett, washington are working to identify the man who robbed a coffee barista at gunpoint. surveillance cameras caught it all-- at the drive up coffee shop. it started with the 20-year-old barista to give him
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his face and demanded 'all' her money. i immediately handed him the drawer with the till and my tips and that was when it got a little scarier when he was repeatedly saying that i needed to give him - i better have bigger bills somewhere, i better have more money. the man ran away.. after another customer showed up. she wasn't hurt. details from her past... and brad pitt and angelina jolie reach a custody agreement... the details are in tonight's buzz. lady gaga is revealing some very personal news... the singer says she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. she shared the news for the first time with a group of homeless l-g-b-t youth in new york. gaga says she started suffering
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at age 19. she revealed that she was also sexually assaulted in 20-14. brad pitt and angelina jolie reach a custody agreement regarding their six children. according to papers filed in los angeles superior court... jolie will retain physical custody, while pitt has visitation rights. as part of the agreement, pitt has to go to therapy and submit to random drug and alcohol tests. the entire family will also attend counseling sessions. gods and monsters." the first trailer for the reboot of "the mummy" starring tom cruise is out. the los angeles times reports the film is a reboot of the mummy franchise and will act as the launch of a cinematic "shared universe" of universal's monster movies. "the mummy" hits theaters june 9th,
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway,
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dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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coming to the rescue -- as scientists are trying to figure out how to live in near- isolation, in a dome--- simulating a nasa mission to mars. "real space suits" are designed that means they are too expensive and heavy to use at the simulation....but staff and students at the school came up with a new, adjustable suit that will be tested during the next simulation next year. one of the focuses in creating the suit is affordability. lye says: "real space suits are millions of dollars apiece and they come with a whole crew of people to make sure that they function properly. obviously we don't have resources for that and, in fact, most researchers
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simulated missions. these suits would cost only about 10- thousand dollars. open our big story at six... police went looking for a homicide suspect near 13th and burleigh early today... it took several hours.. but pol but not before bringing a portion of the neighborhood to a standstill. fox six's beverly taylor reports. ' they said 1316 come out and surrender were not going anywherenatasha williams was coming from the store when she noticed the commotion on burleigh near 13th street. the block was closed off. mpds tactical enforcement unit and
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through the door. and they told him to call his parents, call your mom and dad. so we knew someone was in there. they said they tried to get in because i asked the police officer and he said we cant get in because he has it barricaded very well.' :54they were looking for a 19- year-old homicide suspect. after continuous of the occupants emerged peacefully. nat about 45 minutes later the rest of the occupants came out - one by one. nat there were several dogs also taken from the house. madacc, the to take them away. at this point we dont know which homicide the arrested man is suspected of committing. police say that investigation is ongoing. ted thanks bev three arrests have been made in connection with a fox lake woman's death.


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