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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:32pm CST

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aggressive. for hours— nats in vogel park near appleton and stark nats blaine hampton and his wife tanya have been searching nats for a family member who disappeared in the middle of the night. my dog let me know he had to go out and use the restroom. hampton say he let barely let his 6 year old dog chico out of his sight— when he heard a noise, and the dog did not return. once i called out his name, he didnt respond to me at all. hampton believes he knows who coyotes are out here running around. you never think it would happen to you. but it happened to me this morning. these type of attacks are going to be more frequent i believe this time of year. matthew snorek of guaranteed gone pest and wildlife control is warning other pet owners. snorek says, weve just hit the time of year coyotes become more aggressive. if there is one in an area they ant to take over and dominate. they will attack and kill that animal. one family is fearful, its exactly what happened to their
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family. a dog still missing from a family hoping you do not feel the same heart break. winter is breeding time for coyotes, and they become more aggressive as defend their turf. bottom line, watch your pets closely. live in vogel park, ben handelman fox 6 news. ted thanks ben system. the wind chills tomorrow are going to be brutal! grab the hats and scarves! weather expert tom wachs joins us now with the latest. mostly cloudy and cold tonight with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the low 20s by morning. the coldest air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly
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20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible thursday with a cold northwest wind. wind chills in the single digits all day thursday. we stay cold into the weekend before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. low: 22 wind:w wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold. a few flurries. wind chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 wind: nw 15-25 mph download the fox6 storm center app. it's free and available for apple and android devices. and you'll have instant access to the interactive radar and fox6
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he didn't get food to go, he got cash. and now milwaukee police are looking for the dapper robber who took cash from a jimmy john's on marquette university's campus... fox 6's brittany shannon takes you to 16th and wells. "ive put a lot of my money into this business so i hope they didnt take too much" an armed robber, taking aim at a college favorite monday night. dressed to impress in a pea coat, scarf and blue jeans this surveillance walking into the jimmy john's on marquett'es campus around 10-30. police say he implied he had a gun...took cash and ran off. tuesday...marquette students were taking note.. "16:35 this is supposed to be the safer area of the city 36" "15:29 its in the heart of campus and its kind of concerning a little more that it happened here " many of them learning about the armed robbery at their fingertips. the university putting out an alert to students right after the robbery happened. "17:44 i always have the mupd police alerts on7:49" "14:33 it
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wells" minutes before...another attempted robbery happening a little more than a mile away at real chili in cathedral square. but "milwaukee staple" and real chili employee, james, got in the way telling the man to go away. "26:32 hes a pretty tough guy. milwaukee staple here at real chili 26:37" police believe this man is responsible for both incidents. now they're counting on someone to recognize the robber with a knack for fashion...and for taking cash. james did" milwaukee police are handling this case and say they have not had any tips so far. marquette university urges students to use campus safety resources at night. in milwaukee, brittany shannon, fox 6 news. ted thanks brittany in cudahy-- police are looking for a man wanted for child
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they say he approached a 13- year-old girl in his car three times this afternoon while she was walking home. and he made sexual comments. he's was last seen wearing a baseball hat and driving a blue or gray 4-door sedan. if you know anything call cudahy police. the latest now on a serious crash in west allis. police are investigating a hit and run. they say a woman was hit near 70th and national and the vehicle sped off. no word on the victim's condition. announced that a wauwatosa police officer would not face criminal charges-- we're learning more about what lead up to the fatal officer- involved shooting. fox six's stephanie grady joins us in studio with the latest wauwatosa police say since the milwaukee county district attorney made his ruling yesterday clearing the officer, they've received death threats. they are taking them seriously and investigating their origin. meanwhile, we're getting a look at the 180 pages of documents from the
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23d shortly after three a-m when joseph mensah, a black officer with the wauwatosa police department was on routine patrol. he says he saw a car parked in madison park. since the park was closed, he went to investigate. this squad video shows officer mensah firing his gun six times into the car. five bullets hitting jay anderson. in an interview with milwaukee police homicide detectives who were called to approached the car in the park. "he observed the driver was breathing fast as if nervous or scared. mensah also says he "felt the driver was faking being asleep." the officer then says anderson reached for a gun he could see on the passenger seat and that's when officer mensah fired, killing anderson. a gun with jay anderson's dna was found at the scene. fox6 has covered this case extensively. to read our past
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the officer-involved shooting -- visit fox6 now dot com or the fox6 news app. attorneys for brendan dassey have filed new court documents. it's the latest step in their attempts to get him freed from prison. dassey was convicted of helping his uncle steven avery kill teresa hallbach. a district judge threw out that conviction -- saying dassey was coerced into confessing. but the state appealed that decision to the 7th circuit court of appeals. today's briefing state will respond in 2 weeks. three arrests have been made in connection with a fox lake woman's death. 36-year-old laverne ware junior is accused of hiding a corpse. his mother and her boyfriend are accused of aiding a felon. the dodge county sheriff's office says the victim is ware junior's girlfriend. according to court documents she was found dead in ware junior's pick up truck and there was a lot of blood in his garage. family members described their
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a homicide suspect is taken into custody after a lengthy standoff on milwaukee's north side. this was the scene near 13th and burleigh this afternoon. m-p-d officers in protective gear and u-s marshals responded. police say it took two and half hours to coax the 19 year old suspect out of the home. theyre counting in the morning... in the evening... and up until midnight! waukesha county has been working round the clock - to finish its part of the statewide fox6s bret lemoine explains the important benchmark achieved today... waukesha county clerk kathleen novack says... after a slow start processing towns and cities first... workers are now making a dent in the largest city— kn 'weve actually started the city of waukesha!' crews have been preforming the recount every day from 9 in the morning until midnight. as of wednesday, that will change: kn 'were going to close up tomorrow at 10pm. we are really doing well. my conservative
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friday.' novack says theyre ahead of schedule for one big reason: this high speed ballot-counting machine arrived on monday. it can count 5-thousand ballots per hour! other milestones achieved statewide include milwaukee county completing city of milwaukee ballots monday... and theyre about a third of the way though absentee ballots. 23 of the states 72 counties have finished their recounts. including dodge, ozaukee, and walworth counties. the latest tallies have president-elect o increasing his margin over democrat hillary clinton by about 150 votes. tonight, waukesha county projects it will have counted 150-thousand ballots so far.... out of the 240-thousand cast on election day. reporting live in waukesha, bl, fox6 news. mary thanks bret when it comes to wisconsin's roads-- there's a billion
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how to make up for it. a look at the proposals and what they mean for you-- next. and it's a christmas tradition! the holiday train rolls into wauwatosa. we'll take you to
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a top wisconsin republican says governor walker is "dis-investing" in roads. that was how assemblyman john nygren characterized it at a day-long hearing at the capitol. walker has proposed delaying major highway projects in southeast wisconsin to plug a d-o-t secretary revealed that it would take 70 years to rebuild deteriorating interstates around milwaukee at the current level of funding... but the existing roads won't last that long. clearly there would have to be other allocations made and other decisions made at some point in that interim time to make sure we were maintaining that system as well
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with temperatures falling through the 20s this evening. we'll drop into the low 20s by morning. the coldest air of the season moves in wednesday. mostly cloudy, cold and blustery. highs in the upper 20s, with wind chills in the teens all day. a few flurries are possible thursday with a cold northwest
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all day thursday. we stay cold into the weekend before we have a chance for accumulating snow on sunday. tonight: mostly cloudy and chilly. low: 22 wind: w 10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy, blustery and cold. wind chills: teens. high: 28 wind: w 10-20 mph and cold. a few flurries. wind chills: single digits. am low: 20 high: 24 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 18 high: 23 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy and cold. wind chill: teens. am low: 13
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mostly cloudy and windy with snow likely. accumulation likely. am low: 23 high: 34 wind: wnw 10-20 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a chance for snow at night. am low: 16 high: 24
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pennel has been suspended a 2nd time for violating the nfl's substance abuse policy. he'll miss the final 4 regular season games..he sat out the first 4 for the same reason. pennel could return if green bay makes the playoffs. mike pennel's loss is concerning on a personal and a professional level for a team that's decimated by injuries-especially on the defensive side of the ball. but after 4 straight losses---came two wins--and the pack are hoping to build on the latter. "winning and losing, both of those things are habits. so together, and you start putting the right one together, wins, you start stringing those along, it does a lot for the psyche of the team for everybody for the confidence. so i think it's a shot in the arm". packers/seahawks sunday afternoon at 3:25 right here on your packers station. then we'll have a special edition of-- fox six news-- in order to bring you complete reaction....
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vooren live.....we wrap it up with the sports blitz sunday night at 10:35. marquette 5th straight win looked like a lock! the hosts led fresno state by 22 points in the first half. that was before the bulldogs put up 53 points after intermission to make it too close for comfort! how did bucks star giannis antetokounmpo spend his 22nd birthday? ..watching basketball! the greek freak was courtside. he saw some three-mendous shooting by freshman sam 19 points. he hit 4 of 6 shots from downtown. since coach wojo inserted sam and fellow freshman markus howard into the lineup--marquette hadn't lost. the 17 year old howard one of 5 in double digits--ten points. mu led 47-28 at the break. the stubborn bulldogs clawed back. luke fischer had a strong game . 18 points. lead cut to 2-but hauser ... from beyond the arc. wojo's guys to escape with an 84-81
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know in a lot of ways he's our most consistent player which is very unusual for a freshman. these last two ball games, there's now question, without him we don't win." former marquette player sandy cohen is transferring to uw green bay to play for the phoenix. the seymour native asked to be released from his mu scholarship because of a lack of playing time. coach steve wojciechowski granted that release. the tyler thornburg to boston. in return, the crew brings first baseman/3rd baseman travis shaw on board. shaw brings a left-handed bat. milwaukee also gets 2 prospects, shortstop mauricio dubon and single "a" pitcher josh pennington. shaw's a 6-4 230 pound twenty-six year old hit 241 with 16 homers and 71 rbi with the red sox last year. "i think we looked at it, the entirety of the deal was important to us. really all three pieces coming back. travis is the most notable because he does have major league experience. he played a
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year and he'll play a prominent role in our team this year as well.." the central division-leading admirals skating at iowa tonight. the visitors cash in on a shot off the stick of adam pay' earl. coach dean evanson's boys tame the wild, 3 to 1. on the women's court: the marquette women lose to green bay. ted and mary back after
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