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tv   FOX 6 News at 9  FOX  December 8, 2016 3:05am-4:00am CST

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9. tonight on fox 6 news at 9 - a very busy news night - we're covering three big stories.. theo keith - live with a big ballot discrepancy in greenfield.. bret lemoine - live with an exclusive interview on a little boy's death.. and brittany shannon - live with a foiled plot to kill - brittany let's start with you. a troubling story here in burlington. a teenage boyfriend and girlfriend now of making a kill list. it coming to light when the girl's mother discovered the conversation on facebook monday night. she then told school officials here about her daughter's plan... disturbing details coming from the halls of karcher middle school. a criminal complaint stating 15-year-old jasminne piechocki and her boyfriend 14-year-old darryl roeschen made
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where the complaint states the girl's mother saw a facebook conversation between her daughter and roeschen. in it, darryl asks, do you want me to kill them all? jasminne respons yes. darryl: need a list court documents show-- piechocki proceeds to send a list of six names. one of them being her father. the complaint states the girls mother told school officials who then talked to the students who admitted to han relationship. piechocki also admitting to having disturbing thoughts about people being slaughtered, eaten, tortured and even stabbed. the boyfriend stating to school officials it was all a joke and he never intended to kill anyone. school administrators found a pair of scissors in the boyfriends backpack on tuesday. the complaint says he admitted to stealing them from a teacher with the intent to harm himself--but never did. despite
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the racine juvenile detention facility. in burlinton, bs fox6 news. steph thanks brittany now to a fox6 exclusive: remembering little trevion. a vigil is held for the 7 year old who died last week in a case of alleged child neglect. fox6s bret lemoine is live in the newsroom with reaction from a woman who says... this death could have been prevented. of another little boy who died... while in the care of the same woman now facing charges for trevion winninghams death. its a way to say goodbye to 7 year old trevion winningham... nat 'why do monsters chose to hurt small defenseless children?' at a vigil held near 19-th and national, members of the group 'guardians of the children' - an advocacy group for child abuse victims - try to process a
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i heard about it, it was literally sick to my stomach.' investigators say the child and his nine year old brother were being watched by etter hughes and mary martinez. the boys both had wounds on their bodies... and appeared malnourished. trevion later died at the hospital. aa 'i dont even like to call them human beings.' its a death april alston says.... aa 'i think they are lower than mammals.' ...could have been prevented. alson is the grandmother of one year old bryan alston. aa 'he was a very sweet child.' the child was left in hughes care back in tragically short: aa 'final cause of death: sepsis, gangrene of left harm, complications of blunt force injuries, brushing.' hughes was convicted of child neglect in this case... and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. in alstons opinion... aa 'our court system period is failing miserably.' ...the courts went easy on hughes. aa 'i hope it doesnt hinder me from going to heaven - but hard
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in this most recent case, the childs mother, candace winningham, tells us the 9 year old is still in the hospital but is improving. hughes and martinez both face child neglect charges. reporting live in the newsroom, bl, fox6 news. steph thanks bret what happened to hundreds of ballots in greenfield? frustration and confusion in milwaukee countys presidential recount room as mistakes interup otherwise smooth process. our political reporter theo keith is there tonight. theo, has the issue gotten fixed? you can see election workers from the city of greenfield are still here - hours after they discovered a problem they still do not have a fix. it started earlier, when election workers running greenfields ballots through the voting machines came up 291 ballots short of the
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back to the office. can you look for any misplaced ballots? sure enough, workers found 412 ballots. 412 is not 291 - so there is was still a problem. and thats what theyre still trying to resolve. this was frustrating to many because this had been a very good day. in an adjacent room, the city of milwaukee - the states largest - finished up this schedule. joe czarnezki/milw co clerk 15:38:29 were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. people have been working very, very hard. :33 weve had wonderful cooperation from all the municipal clerks and all the poll workers :37 412 ballots in greenfield will be inconsequential to the election results. president-elect donald trump leads by more than 22-thousand votes, with 70 percent of the recount done. live, theo keith,
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and breaking recount news - the associated press tweeting out that a federal judge has lifted the order that allowed michigan's recount, effectively ending it. the judge acted tonight - a day after the state appeals court said green party presidential candidate - jill stein - isn't eligible to seek a recount of millions of votes cast on election day, novemer 8th because percent of the vote and can't win with a recount. stein is now appealing to the michigan supreme court. you'll find daily recount results on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app! one person is in custody tonight-- accused of threatening the wauwatosa police department. it stems from the jay anderson case. police say there have been five threats of violence made against the department since monday. that's when it was announced that no
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anderson. the threats that we've received have been general threats of violence toward specifically wauwatosa police officers we take that very seriously - we don;t take it lightly and we are investigating all of these.. the district attorney's office will review the threat arrest in the coming days. weather script goes here.windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the will stay in the single digits. a few flurries possible thursday otherwise mostly cloudy, windy and cold again. highs will reach into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another
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behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph has turned frigid and that might be good news for the packers. as a rule, they enjoy the shift for december football as it gives them a distinct advantage. will it help this sunday against seattle. tim van vooren is at lambeau field with the blitz. "packers coach mike mccarthy's nineteen and three at home in december and he loves to talk about december football. his team won one of those games last sunday in the snow and a little cold and there may be more of that coming up sunday when seattle visits." "we're counting on a lot of those young guys to play alot of plays for us and we need another great
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understanding how the weather and field conditions affect your balance and your ability to push off and your abillity to accelerate." "slippery. you gotta make sure your technique is right and your cleats are right and in the ground, i think i handled that well." "never played in a game that snowed the entire game so that was pretty, pretty fun but the cold, you cant let it get to your mind. just kind of mental stay strong and just h it." "the packers practiced indoors at a point on wednesday at a point but they go outdoors as well." "i think that's a good idea that we kind of go half and half you know cuz we're going to have to play outside in it so you don't want to get used to then sunday comes and you have to go out there and perform in the cold." "the packers are underdogs to the seahawks for sunday's game but they're banking on the home field and home weather
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field, tim van vooren, fox six sports. you can watch the packers take on the seahawks this sunday right here on fox6. kick off is at 3:25. then stick around for a fox6 news special. and a full recap on the fox6 sports blitz at 10:35. it affects more babies than the zika virus. it can also be life-threatening tonight, one mother's message for other parents out there so them safe. hundreds of incriminating text messages between a teacher and her 16- year-old student. the price now being paid for the inappropriate sexual relationship. and it was a crash that killed a father and his young daughter. now the man accused of causing it faces a judge. those stories are coming up in the next 9 minutes.
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a former new berlin west teacher is sentenced for having sex with a student. 29-year-old sara domres reached a plea deal for two felonies in the case. domres will spend the next two years in prison followed by three years extended supervision. she must also register as a sex offender treatment. prosecutors say she sexually assaulted a 16-year-old student she had in her english class. hundreds of incriminating text messages were found on her phone. "what parents don't expect is that when they are sending their children to school, that their children are essentially going to be victimized." domres must register with the are essentially going to be victimized." domres must register with the
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treatment. she can no longer teach - and cannot have unsupervised contact with underage males. new berlin school officials fired domres after finishing their own investigation. the racine man accused of driving drunk and crashing into another car killing a father and daughter was in court today. 25-year-old levi ruohonen faces several felony charges in the case.prosecutors say he was drunk when he rear-ended kevin dalley's vehicle in caledonia. dalley and his 9-year-old daughter were both killed. also injured in the crash. caledonia police rescue a man overdosing -- just hours after he got out of a two year drug treatment program. officers say he graduated the drug treatment program at 3 p-m, and was found unresponsive at 7 p-m. they found him unresponsive and performed c-p-r, using narcan to revive him. fortunately for this individual
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and we we able to administer the narcan to him. the man - who is a veteran - was taken to a nearby hospital -- and later arrested for possession of narcotics, cocaine and paraphernalia. caledonia police say they use narcan to help overdose victims 4 to 6 times per year. we at fox 6 are committed to keeping you safe click on the dose of reality tab on fox six now dot com for more information and help if you or someone you know is battling addiction. the zika virus. but it. doesn't get mentioned nearly as often. every year, up to 40-thousand infants are born with the cytomegalo virus, or c-m-v. it's similar to zika, but c-m-v can be airborne, making it even easier to catch. fox6's nicole koglin has one mother's message who's son was taken far too
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memories... simply arent enough. we may need reminders. like this, a memory...jessica glieden has marked in black ink. overwhelming saddess sniffles her skin....has since healed but the wounds in her permanent as the ink on her arm. the past three years of my life have been him and to lose that, i mean... her son tay was born deaf and visually impaired. this is one of his b doctors...eventually diagnosing him with epilepsy and cerebral palsy. all signs, that the boy who was always smiling...didnt...hav e long to live. all the seizures he had... tays medications...were helping slightly. click click click though, no pill... turns back time. the hardest part is what happened to him was preventable testing positive for the cytomegalovirus ...or cmv.a virus.... neurologist, anastasia luniova
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its very common in children very common in adults according to the c-d-c, more than half of adults younger than 40 are infected with c-m-v. once a person contracts the virus ...its there activating at times. children or adults when they first encounter this virus they may have absolutely no symptoms those that do might have something similar to what we call mono however, c-m-v causes serious problems for both people with weakened immune systems and babies infected prior to birth. have vision problems they could be blind, they frequently have brain malformations, they have microcephaly, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen cmv is the most commonly transmitted virus from a pregnant woman to her fetus... affecting up to 40 thousand babies each year. the virus.... transmitted through bodily fluids like saliva, blood, mucus, and even tears. im angry i didnt know beforehand about this so i could protect myself
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caught the virus at 8 weeks gestation, from her daughter who was 2 at the time. according to the organization of teratology information specialists, a woman who contracts cmv during pregnancy will transmit the virus to her fetus around 30 to 50 percent of the time. i think everybody should be tested for it before they get pregnant so they know if theyve already had their virus or not, thats the huge thing, i apparently had never had the virus before so when i got him because i didnt have antibodies to fight it for those whove already had the virus...the chance their baby catches c-m-v is dramatically lower, around 1 to 2 percent. once baby is infected it is very little you can do out of supportive care and treating symptoms and problems. theres no medication, theres no vaccines, but very simple step, a very simple measure
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hands...especially after changing diapers. dr. luniova adding its important pregnant women not share food, drinks, or kisses with children under 6. if theres a choice between attending the gathering with a lot of people in a closed room, verse not doing that i think it would be a wise decision to avoid i dont want anyone to panic, this is the rule, recommendation we give to very pregnant woman crucial advice...glieden says her doctor never shared with her. a lot of doctors dont even know about it or know how to go about telling their patients about it it might be a bit of nuis able to kiss your toddler while youre pregnant or share food with them or whatever but it out ways what can happen to your unborn baby 3-year-old tay...lived longer than expected, but not long enough. ...passing away august 15 of 2016. my chest hurts, i mean physically its horrible a mourning mother... reminding herself, and others of the dangers of c-m-v. dr. luniova says right now there are no medications or vaccines
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the american pregnancy association says hyper immune globulin may help prevent the fetus from contracting the infection. blood tests can be used to diagnose cmv, but right now, doctors are not required to test pregnant women for the virus. glieden is hoping lawmakers will soon make that change. nicole koglin fox 6 news. about to change again. one of the city's best known banks is building an office tower. where b-mo harris plans to put new offices--and now soon we'll see construction on this project start. and getting to the bottom of deaths in the milwaukee county jail. how one supervisor wants to get answers--but will the sheriff
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9. windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens. wind chills will stay in the single digits. a few flurries possible thursday otherwise mostly cloudy, windy
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into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph an update to a story we brought you last night--about a kid who brought a
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it--why she had no idea how much danger she and her class mates were in. and a local guy had a great idea about making christmas special for kids very far away but he didn't know where to turn. his first call turned out to be all he needed......
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more milwaukee county leaders are calling for an external investigation of the jail. this is in addition to the audit that's already underway of the jail's medical services. the county board chairman told fox6's madeline anderson he wants a third party to look into operations as a whole.. she talks with other board members today about why they agree. in a plea to all milwaukee county inmates...
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chair of the health and human needs committee... wants anyone with complaints about their treatment at the jail to contact him. because i want to know from people who are in our jails what is actually happening. because if these four deaths are representative of a culture in our jails, it is not a good, it is a terrible thing. earlier this year... three inmates plus a newborn baby died inside the jail within a six month-span. in response... county auditors are looking into th company called "armor" which provides medical services at the jail and the house of correction. now... board members are also calling for an outsider to conduct a broader investigation into what's going on inside. the time has come for an independent investigation that is not housed in the county. a spokeswoman for county executive chris abele says his office is on board with the request but says it's up to sheriff david clarke
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we can continue to call for the sheriff to allow an internal investigation and we can ask other stakeholders to also intervene and request that same level of impartial investigation from external agency, that the sheriff so far hasnt been able to comply. fox6 asked a spokeswoman for sheriff clarke if he would cooperate with this request. she said "sheriff doesnt run the medical contract, the hoc does." reporting in milwaukee madeline fox6news. the transition of power continues in washington. president-elect donald trump makes his pick for head of the department of homeland security -- general john kelly. milwaukee sheriff david clarke was passed over -- fox6 reached out for comment. in a statement, clarke said "i have always intended to fill out my term. i will do what president-elect trump asks of me. all that ever mattered was to help trump become the 45th potus.
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president-elect donald trump as the 20-16 person of the year. time says mr. trump was the person quote "deemed to have most influenced the year's news -- for better or worse." hillary clinton was the runner up. followed by 'the hackers.' looking ahead-- another new construction plan for downtown milwaukee. bmo harris will official announce plans for a new office tower tomorrow. it will reple the bank tower would face water street across from city hall. new parking structures would be built to the east facing broadway. here's a story perfect for the giving season. a franklin man had a big idea in trying to help out some kids in need living in africa. but it wasn't until he got some big time help from one professional team in here in milwaukee, that he was able to accomplish his goal. tim van vooren goes beyond the game. every year tim banks and his
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"we're a very small firm we give a little bit to no kill shelters some of the homeless shelters, every year a little bit and i shake the bell. i get a kick out of standing on oakland and locust and shaking the bell and watching people put money in the kettle." but this year they are taking their level. "i have a friend in gambia, or west gambia east africa its near sierra leone, the children there are very very poor, they only have pencils for school, but their number one sport is soccer." so tim thought about collecting some soccer equipment on his own. "i know many people here in the united states their kids need
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have nothing so we can make a difference." but then he had another idea. so i was going to go door to door and what i first did was i called the milwaukee wave and a gentleman named larry and his assistant bruce just said meet us at 37th and wisconsin and we will see what we can do." "he just called us and we were very happy to do that since we had gear that we could do that with." and this is what larry sayles and the wave did. 36 balls and a couple of bags of jerseys. "i thought anything that we can do and we had a sets of a old practice gear and we had some soccer balls that we had left over from our summer camp do it then to get it to those kids that love the game and could really use these things for their spirit and for the love of the game." so what tim thought would take him weeks of work to accomplish, was finished in just moments thanks to the milwaukee wave. "for the wave they really kicked in they
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credit." "being the milwaukee wave we've been here 33 years and we like to think of ourselves as family entertainment and a family business and what better way to give back to our community that's been so good to us than with equipment that we can give to the kids and help them grow with it." next tim, contacted father william at the church of the resurrection in west gambia, and come this christmas he will surprise the children in the village. on their holiday, their holy day whether it's christmas eve or st. nicholas day or whatever they do there, then just given them to them when they get there." "there's enough there to handle a few villages over there and it's going to make a big difference in about 40, maybe 100-125 kids difference at christmas." it's a holiday that will be brighter thanks to a man from franklin that they never met...and a team from milwaukee, that they never knew existed. "that's pretty neat
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and then the people that are giving it to them can tell them a little bit about milwaukee and maybe see pictures of how we play the game here, but it sends chills down your spine." tim van vooren fox 6 sports. a history making day in washington, d.c. congress passes the biggest health reform legislaio so-called "obamacare." what it could mean to you.. and take a look at this - a bold new plan for milwaukee's lakefront - where and when this could happen.. the cold continues the rest of the week then snow returns this weekend. details coming up.
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announced... beyonc and adele are going head to head for this year's top grammy awards. both are up for: record of the year, song of the year and album of the year. beyonc leads the pack with nine nominations. that's followed by drake, rihanna, and kanye west, who each received eight. nat "you want to know, don't you? why they keep coming here." the transformers are headed back to
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last knight" is out, featuring narration by sir anthony hopkins. the fifth movie in the transformers franchise hits theaters on june 23rd next year. a canadian police officer is apologizing to "nickelback" after a facebook post goes viral... it threatened drunk drivers with being forced to listen to the band's music after being arrested. the post was removed after nickelback's management complained to the kensington police service of prince edward island. that's the buzz. get ready for the cold and the snow! weather expert tom wachs is coming up with the forecast. plus just in time for the snow.. how the city of milwaukee is making it easier to get your alley plowed.. and she thought it was for arts and crafts - but it was actually a deadly substance.. why her green bay home is now
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a design competition is underway to transform milwaukee's harbor at east greenfield avenue. the "harbor district" organization hired five design teams. their goal - to create concepts for a public plaza east of walker's point. so far, the designs feature kayak landings, performance spaces.. ...seating areas and a number of clean water systems. upgrade for milwaukee's war memorial center. those include - new walking paths, a more elegant lakeside promenade and better stormwater controls. reconstruction of the parking lots at the war memorial will move ahead -- but these other ideas are mostly conceptual. the ideas were presented to milwaukee county supervisors, yesterday. for more business news - go to fox 6 now dot com for a link to the business journal.
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weather windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens. wind chills will stay in the single digits. a few flurries possible thursday otherwise mostly cloudy, windy and cold again. highs will reach into the 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another chance for accumulating snow. behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast
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the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low: 18 wind: w 10-20 mph thursday: mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a fw wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for snow showers.
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mph sunday: cloudy with snow showers likely. am low: 22 high: 31 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 16 high: 21 mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 12 high: 18 wind: w 5-15 mph windy and cold tonight with lows dropping into the mid to upper teens.
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possible thursday otherwise mostly cloudy, windy and cold again. highs will reach into the middle 20s with wind chills from 5-15. the cold will last through saturday then we look towards another behind the snow we see even colder air move into southeast wisconsin - temperatures will only warm into the teens. tonight: windy and cold. low:
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mostly cloudy, windy and cold with a few flurries. high: 26 wind: nw 15-25 mph friday: partly sunny and cold. am low: 19 high: 22 wind: nw 5-15 mph saturday: mostly cloudy with the chance for snow showers. am low: 13 high: 25 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with snow showers likely high: 31 wind: nw 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 16 high: 21 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 12
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a move today to make dealing with the snow a bit easier in milwaukee. the common council and mayor tom barrett are lowering the cost of a snow plow equipment license to only 10 dollars. the goal is to provide more options for residents that need alley plowing services -- as the city does not plow alleys within the effect tuesday. new berlin police and firefighters join forces off the job. fox6s deandra corinthios explains how theyre helping the hungry. it all starts at the new berlin pick n save...inside the cardboard boxes: 120 hams..purchased by police officers and firefighters...and headed to the new berlin food pantry... to feed families in brookfield, elm grove and new berlin.
3:54 am
when it is a team the police officers and the firefighters. "its just good to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate than we are" the pantrys shelves may look stocked...but they rely on these donations "our pantry couldnt afford to buy these" and could use even more help. "the food pantry says what they need the most is protein, an example would be pork and beans, another example would be peanut butter" "this makes a huge difference knowing everyone can get a wonderful ham on their table" the a tradition f association and international association of firefighters local 4724 "for about the past ten years we have been donating between 80 and 120 turkeys and hams every thanksgiving and every christmas" an act of kindness...they will continue for years to come. in new berlin deandra corinthios fox6 news. the new berlin food pantry says they always need canned goods...especially proteins like chicken and tuna.
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how on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. new information on a mercury scare in green bay. the home of a fifth-grader who is believed to have taken a vial of mercury to school is now condemned because of dangerous levels of mercury. the girl's mother says her daughter thought the substance was some sort of arts and crafts supply. the mother says her children found one vial of mercury at another older the mother says none of her children have shown any effects from the mercury. and students and staff members are reportedly ok too.. lincoln elementary school was closed today for cleaning.. it's expected to reopen tomorrow. new tonight - drug-related traffic crashes in wisconsin are soaring. that according to state departments of justice and transportation. and to help combat this deadly crisis, you'll soon see new ads about the dangers of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. state officials say last year,
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crashes in wisconsin. this is a nearly a 200 percent increase over the previous decade. it's the biggest health reform legislation passed by congress since so-called "obamacare." it has sent president barack obama a bipartisan bill speeding government drug approvals and bolstering research on cancer and other diseases. it's called the 21st century cures act. supporters say the bill will get new cures and treatments to research at the national institutes of health. wisconsin senator ron johnson voted in favor of the 21st century cures act. but says he's disappointed it did not include the trickett wendler right to try act fox 6 introduced you to trickett wendler in 2014 - and followed her through her brave battle with als. the act would allow those with terminal illnesses the right to try to save their own lives-- with
3:57 am
her battle with als in march of last year. thousand gathered at pearl harbor bowed their heads for a moment of silence.. it was the remembrance ceremony for those killed in the japanese attack 75 years ago. the uss halsey sounded its whistle to start the moment at 7:55 a.m. the same moment japanese planes began their assault on december 7, 1941. f-22 fighter jets flying in formation overhead broke the silence afterward pier across the harbor from where the uss arizona sank during the raid, killing nearly 2-thousand sailors and marines. the ship's casualties accounted for almost half of the more than 2,300 servicemen killed in the attack. a big honor for wisconsin's national guard base in madison. "truax" field is one of 5 finalists to receive an advanced stealth fighter plane. it's called the "f-35a
3:58 am
two of the bases to host the fighter. governor scott walker says the plane could patrol 10-thousand square miles of airpsace - saving taxpayers money. an early morning fire tears through a milwaukee church. but the pastor says -- despite the damages, service will go on. and as our justin williams found out - foul play is not suspected in connection with this fire. i think i almost cussed! he may have been forgiven -- considering the catalyst ... right. i know. thats what gets me so worried. wednesday, those who live nearby react to what they see, at the intersection of 12th and brown in milwaukee... im overwhelmed ... where they join pastor odell johnson, in their shock. ... kinda devastated by what has
3:59 am
department, involves an overnight fire, in all saints fellowship christian church. just before one a-m, fire personnel responded -- focusing their efforts on an area toward the top of the structure, between the ceiling, and the roof. from what i'm understanding, they think it was faulty wiring, in the egress area. no injuries are reported as a result of the fire. and, while the damage estimate sits between 50, and 75-thousand dollars, and comes just a couple of weeks before christmas ... my faith is still strong. if god could move in such a way to allow for the birth of our savior, in the means in which he did, he can, certainly, get us through so, the lesson, outta this, right now -- what are you gonna be talking about, at services, on sunday -- this sunday? - that god is good. the pastor says thursday evening's bible study, and sunday afternoon's service, will be held at ephesians missionary baptist church, at the intersection of 5th and meinecke, in
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lights, camera, access. nobody saw what was going to happen. i felt it. >> what do you think of the new person of the year cover? >> well, he thinks it was snarky. he didn't like that. >> his "time" person of the year cover reads the divided states of america. i'm natalie morales. reaction to that and his new words aimed at "snl." >> seriously, this is real. >> she's a grown woman. >> an exit interview for the obamas. i'm liz hernandez as we take you back eight years to the only interview the family has ever done all together. ours. >> what's the big deal that's going to happen when all this is done? >> a dog. >> remnants, the title, what does that mean to you? ? >> allowing yourself to fall apart.


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