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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 4  FOX  December 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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whether she thinks it or not. -- captions by vitac -- we begin at four with breaking news. john glenn, the first we begin at four with breaking news. john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth has died. glenn also served as a u-s senator representing his hom in 1962, john glenn was the third u-s astronaut to ever go to space. on that trip, he circled the earth three times. he was the last survivor of the original mercury 7 group of military test pilots who were chosen by nasa in 1959 to become america's first astronauts.. glenn then spent 24 years as a democrat from ohio in the u-s senate. he returned to space in 1998 at age
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discovery. john glenn died today in columbus after being hospitalized for more than a week. he was 95. ohio governor john kasich released this statement earlier today. in part it said, quote... 'john glenn is, and always will be, ohios ultimate hometown hero, and his passing today is an occasion for all of us to grieve. though he soared deep into space and to the heights of capitol hill, his heart never strayed from his steadfast ohio roots. godspeed, john glenn!' ...end to more breaking news. president-elect donald trump makes a stop in wisconsin next week. mister trump has an event scheduled at the wisconsin state fair exposition center in west allis next tuesday night at seven. it's part of his so-called "thank you" tour following his november win over hillary clinton. we have details on how you can get a ticket to the event.. just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com. now to our big story at four: a
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shootings, one person is recovering at a hospital. two of the four victims were shot in their own home while their children were in a nearby room. fox6s angelica sanchez spoke with members of that family today they are trying to make sense of this tragic situation. on the scene a family member was helping the youngsters load up his car with their belongings. as family attempts to make new living police are searching for the suspect or suspects. this started at 1:30 am . a neighbor called 9-1-1 to report shots fired and screaming near appleton and florist. police discovered a man and a woman in their mid to late thirties with gunshot wounds. both died at the scene. these were not the only lives lost to gunfire last night. close to 9:30 pm a 67-year-old was shot near 36th and thurston. the victim's car kept running and struck a fire hydrant and telephone
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'i heard this thump after i heard the thump i went to the bathroom and saw all these flashing red and blue lights i knew something happened and went back to bed. its very scary its like what do we do.' now another shooting investigation is still developing near 52nd and green tree where p life and attempted to also take the life of his girlfriend. hear what family on the scene told us tonight at 5. were live outside milwaukee district 4. im angelica sanchez fox6 news ben thanks angelica. one of the men who was involved in the fatal shooting of 5-year-old laylah petersen will spend the next 30 years behind bars. arlis gordon was in court this morning to hear the sentence. investigators say, back in 2014,
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revenge shooting, but shot at the wrong house. one week ago, carl barrett jr. was was also sentenced in connection to the shooting. barrett will spend 65 years in prison. paul farr also entered a guilty plea for his role in the shooting. milwaukee police are looking for a man they say robbed a wing stop restaurant on the city's north side. it happened last night at the restaurant near 76th and good hope. police say the suspect showed a handgun during the robbery -- and got away with a tray of money. he was wearing a gre pants, and gloves. no one was hurt. its the 8th... and likely final day of the recount for milwaukee county. election officials hope to have every municipality's ballots counted by this evening. tabulators spent the day counting all 29- thousand of west allis ballots... the only municipality that isnt yet complete. the city of milwaukees absentee ballots are also being counted today. "we worked long hours. somedays it was 12, 14 hour days. but we got the job done. im very happy that there were no major
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change in this recount." the only hiccup for milwaukee county came yesterday... when the city of greenfield discovered about 400 ballots in an office in city hall. the greenfield city clerk issued a statement this afternoon, saying those ballots were not properly packaged for transport to milwaukee county after the election.. and were found on wednesday with electio were counted by hand and the election commission voted to accept the results this morning. you'll find daily recount results on the links page of our website -- fox six now dot com -- or your fox six news mobile app! we have some snow in our future, but how much and when will it hit? weather expert tom wachs joins us from the weather office with
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otherwise cold. temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on friday, very cold. highs in the low 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on saturday with snow moving in during the afternoon and forecast to continue into sunday morning. accumulation is likely. another system might impact us sunday evening into monday. although this is stil unclear.
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low: 20 wind: wnw 10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 22 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in by afternoon/evening. am low: 10 high: 23 wind: s 5-10 mph with cold temps sticking around -- and snow on the way -- you'll want to keep the fox6 storm center app handy! it's free and available for apple and android devices. we know
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instant access to the interactive radar, forecast and road temperatures. a new 20-story building will soon be added to milwaukee's skyline. today, b-mo harris bank announced plans for a 360-thousand-square- foot office tower, which will house both b-mo harris bank headquarters, and the law firm of michael best and friedrich. construction is slated to start next summer and be completed by late, officially be known as the b-mo harris financial center at market square. it will be located right next to b-mo harris' current location at water and mason in downtown milwaukee. while milwaukee world festival is focusing on the upcoming 50th summerfest ... ?it is also planning for the next 50 years. fox six's carl deffenbaugh has more on the big announcement... that will mean huge upgrades to a part of the festival grounds. from virtual reality headsets to a 25- foot video screen, the
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'if you dont keep improving, you are absolutely moving backwards.' milwaukee world festival and u.s. cellular announced a new ten-year agreement thursday morning, which includes a major project on the north end of the grounds. starting right after summerfest 2017, the u.s. cellular connection stage slightly and replaced in time for the 2018 festival. 'the design of the stage is purposeful in the fact that well get a great view of the lakefront, a great view of the skyline.' bigger is better for the new venue, which will now accommodate 9- 10,000 fans and the largest video board on the grounds. plus u.s. cellular will add more charging
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experiences. 'well be working with, obviously, summerfest on what type of content we can create. what can we do real-time.' the stage will primarily host country and pop artists, and hopes to help maintain summerfests slogan as the worlds largest music festival. 'we compete on a global basis for bands. so its incumbent upon us to continually improve our grounds and the amenities.' carl deffenbaugh, fox6 news. terms of the new project were not released, but smiley said costs will be 'in the millions' with u.s. cellular paying the 'lion share.' you can take a closer look at plans for the new stage on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six renderings, 360- degree video showcasing the new space and video from thursday's announcement. ad lib about summerfest coming up on fox 6 news at 4... a local brewery -- forced to apologize for the controversial name of it's newest beer.. the online competition that led to the controversy. plus -- how one franklin man was able to help children in africa by teaming up with a professional
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the royal family is getting in the holiday spirit. madame tussauds in london unveiled a special version of
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christmas sweaters. prince william and princess kate have a two for one sweater...while queen elizabeth matches with her beloved corgis. the christmas-inspired outfits are to help raise awareness for the u-k's save the children campaign. are just 17 days away from christmas. as we continue the count down until the big day, we're going to be bringing you fun christmas facts every day. so here's your fun-filled fact for today -- the tradition of christmas caroling began as an old english custom. it was originally called "wassailing"
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a santa in colorado can communicate with all children, no matter what language they speak, that includes sign language. in colorado - "sign language santa" made his annual visit to cherry creek mall in denver yesterday. giving hundreds of hearing impaired children a chance to personally tell saint nick what they would like for christmas this year. "it's just a really heartwarming day to watch all of these kids tell him what they want in their language." nearly three-hundred kids from different schools in the denver-area were brought in to meet and sign with santa. the event was also open to the public. here's a story perfect for the giving season. a franklin man had a big idea in trying to help out some kids in need living in africa. but it wasn't until he got some big time help from one professional team in here in milwaukee, that he was
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game. every year tim banks and his franklin city investments firm gives back. "we're a very small firm we give a little bit to no kill shelters some of the homeless shelters, every year a little bit and i shake the bell. i get a kick out of standing on oakland and locust and shaking the bell and watching pe this year they are taking their giving spirit to a whole new level. "i have a friend in gambia, or west gambia east africa its near sierra leone, the children there are very very poor, they only have pencils for school, but their number one sport is soccer."
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own. "i know many people here in the united states their kids need things but there, those kids have nothing so we can make a difference." but then he had another idea. so i was going to go door to door and what i first did was i called the milwaukee wave and a gentleman named just said meet us at 37th and wisconsin and we will see what we can do." "he just called us and we were very happy to do that since we had gear that we could do that with." and this is what larry sayles and the wave did. 36 balls and a couple of bags of jerseys. "i thought anything that we can do and we had a sets of a old practice gear and we had some soccer balls that we had left over from our summer camp and i said what a better way to do it then to get it to those kids that love the game and could really use these things for their spirit and for the love of
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would take him weeks of work to accomplish, was finished in just moments thanks to the milwaukee wave. "for the wave they really kicked in they deserve 99.9 percent of the credit." "being the milwaukee wave we'veeen here years and we entertainment and a mily business and what better y to give back to our community that's been so good to us than with equipment that we can give to the kids and help them grow with it." next tim, contacted father william at the church of the resurrection in west gambia, and come this christmas he will surprise the children in the village. "i'd rather have them handed out on their holiday, their holy day whether it's christmas eve or st. nicholas day or whatever they do there, then just given them to h there." "there's enough there to handle a few villages over there and it's going to make a big difference in about 40, maybe 100-125 kids difference at christmas." it's a holiday that will be brighter thanks to a man from franklin that they never met...and a team
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existed. "that's pretty neat that they get something with milwaukee on it and then the people that are giving it to them can tell them a little bit about milwaukee and maybe see pictures of how we play the game here, but it sends chills down your spine." tim van vooren fox 6 sports. ad lib about pkg coming up aaron rodgers almost landed a role in the new comedy "office christmas party" alongside his girlfriend olivia
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a few flurries tonight, otherwise cold. temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on friday, very cold. highs in the low 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on saturday with snow moving in during the afternoon and especially the evening. snow is forecast to continue into sunday morning. accumulation is likely. another system might impact us sunday evening into monday.
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stay tuned. tonight: few flurries. cold. low: 20 wind: wnw 10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 22 wind: wnw 5-10 mph "here is a sample cheese board for a holiday mixer tonight. you're having a christmas party tonight? it's not a christmas party. it's a nondenominational holiday mixer. more inclusive. it's not happening. yeah well it's not happening because it's at 5:30 in the afternoon. it's just a really important to all of us. but trust me, it's going to suck." things get a little out of hand when a group of coworkers decide to throw an office christmas party. olivia munn is one of the stars of the film -- and her fellow cast and crew had some things to say about aaron rodgers. gino joins us via skype
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ad lib to bite "i'm from milwaukee. the green bay packers. any talk of getting aaron rodgers? we did actually that character to be dating an athlete because what would be the thing that would really turn jason bateman to envy. what would he not be able to compete with. and there's no way you could compete with a professional athlete. we just thought in the end it would be too distracting for everybody if it was aaron. but we're huge aaron fans. so we
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that's what brought us jimmy butler." and jason bateman got to work closely with olivia munn -- did he get to hang out with her and rodgers at al? "i'm from milwaukee of course. green bay packers. did you meet aaron rodgers? no but i talked to him a few times via facetime because olivia is very diligent about staying connected to her loved one. so often times we're sitting this close you know waiting for a scene to start and she turns the phone over. and he consistently was lying on a bed in some comfortable sweats. eating
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doesn't care. he's a greek god. and just enjoying life. you know i'd like to come back as aaron rodgers. that would be great." a controversial name for a potential beer has a local brewery apologizing. we'll tell you the name, and how it
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the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that.
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two juveniles are charged with starting the massive tennessee wildfires that killed 14 people... as people return to their homes, many are left with nothing, while others are forced to rebuild...
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wildfires in tennessee starting to return to their homes, for some, it's a bittersweet homecoming.. sot crane -"glorious relief, yet sickness about my neighborhood." sot crane covered by video "i believe our neighbors will rebuild better. so i look forward to tomorrow and each day after that." the damage to many homes making them unsafe, while others are left assessing her kids off for their first day back at school concerned about friends and neighbors. lopez says: "nervous to see who's coming back to school and who's not, and to see how friends are, how their homes are." police charging two juveniles with arson. the fires killing fourteen people and destroying or damaging more than twenty four hundred structures. werner says:"i know a lot of people have just had a lot of questions. how did it start? you know, how did it happen? i think that its closure for a lot of people, but it's still
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to everybody and we just want to get back to normal. locals reacting to the arrests... woman 1 says:"i hope they understand that they cannot take this back. with all these families are going through. some have lost their homes, their cars, their family." woman 2 says: "they've caused too much devastation. it makes me mad to know that somebody would do this." on cam tag despite two days of heavy rains earlier this week, fire fighters are still battling the flames on the mountais news. a congressman from tennessee is proposing a new bill to protect students on the school bus. the proposed law creates federal grants to buy new buses or equip older ones with seat belts. this comes in response to a deadly bus crash in chattanooga that killed six children and injured several others. the plan is to fund the grants with money withheld from states that don't have laws requiring background checks on drivers and
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flashing lights on. three people are dead after dozens of vehicles collide in a crash on a michigan interstate. the crash happened this morning on "eye"-96 between lansing and detroit. around 30 vehicles were involved in the crash. the cause is still under investigation, but officials believe white out conditions and slick roads may have caused the accident. a boat approaches the shore near san clemente, california. no people were on board - there was something else... ... more than a ton of marijuana. border patrol agents and california state park rangers pulled the boat ashore and boarded it. they didn't find anyone on or near the boat -- but found eighty-two wrapped bundles of marijuana -- weighing about 24-hundred pounds. the estimated street value of the drugs -- about one-point-two million dollars. u-s border patrol seized the drugs and the boat.
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stories you'll see next on fox six news at five. turning a former drug house... into a home it's the latest local habitat for humanity build. at five, the major local business behind the revamp. also at five, are you searching for a job? look no further. coming up, see how you could help build the new bucks arena. all that and more in about 20 minutes on fox six news at five steph thanks mary. one of milwaukee's newest breweries apologizing after a beer sparks outrage. the beer--- "date grape" was submitted for an online competition... and made it on the companies website. now the brewery is explaining how it happened. at mobcraft beer in walker's point--- you decide what is brewed here. each month we take idea submissions from anywhere across the us for a beer that people would want us to brew. a monthly competition, allows users to submit ideas, and share
4:34 pm
schwartz says was done automatically using computer algorthyms with no human intervention, now coming with a big apology. we looked into it, and said holy crap this is horrible. this is a name that can not be in our monthly voting round. making the top 8 in this month's competition--- a submission from a man in colorado--- called "date grape". the pun on "date rape" and alcohol going viral online. my head, like here we go again. maryann clesceri is the head of the nearby at aurora healthcare's "the healing center." they provide free resources for sexual assault victims. she says the beer idea submission is hurtful. again they are feeling of being minimized and what happened to them isnt important. mob craft has deleted the submission, changed their process to include human editorial checks and balances, promises offensive submissions won't make their
4:35 pm
embarrassed and two very sorry that any offensive beer name came up on our website. he seems really sincere in his outreach that he absolutely feels this is never ok. an apology accepted by advocates after a sobering mistake. mobcraft says they will now hold a fundraiser on saturday, and donate some proceeds of every beer sold to help sexual assault victims. the healing center says they have been contacted about accepting a donation and plan on attending. a flock of penguins is spreading holiday cheer at a zoo in japan. the adorable birds were waddling around the park dressed up in their santa outfits. the clip was recently posted on facebook and has more than 15
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four... the most rare book from the harry potter universe is going up for sale. why you won't be able to get your hands on it... plus -- a d-j left this local bride high- and-dry on her wedding day... contact 6 tracked him down. our jenna sachs explains what you can do to protect your wedding investments. here's a live look outside right now from our city center camera in downtown weather expert tom wachs is in next with a your forecast. "i'm tom hooper, i'm katrina cravy, i'm jenna sachs. contact 6. 44 years, millions of dollars returned, hundreds of thousands of people helped. what does that add up to? contact 6. the milwaukee institution led by jenna sachs. she's here to help you and your family because you
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awards open. knows the time, money and effort it takes! there's a reason they call it your big day. but what happens when someone you hired ... doesn't even show up? it happened to one allenton bride.. and as contact six's jenna sachs reports ... she wants save other brides the drama. everything else was perfect. on november 5th ... dairy farmers lisa and paul mueller took the bull by the
4:41 pm
test as a married couple ... came at the reception here at the chandelier ballroom in hartford. the coordinator here said, what time was your dj supposed to be here? and i said well "five," and it was probably 5:40 at that time. she goes well, he's not here and the website shows his business is closed. lisa's d-j ... was supposed to be eric ciepluch of d-j's couture. she booked him seven months earlier ... paying in full ... 975 dollars. look back on that and to remember that kind of on a sour note. when lisa's dj didn't show up, it was a shock to her bridesmaids. especially one who had booked the same dj for her wedding in april. so he not only did show up for you but now, what do i do? hannah gutschenritter and her fiance ... paid ciepluch nearly 14-hundred dollars ... for their wedding in april. that makes me mad. he's such a
4:42 pm
other things, i gave it to him to bring his equipment to entertain my guests. hannah signed her contact with dj's couture ... on july 27th. one month after ciepluch told the b- b-b his business was closed. the first initial conversation should have been, i'm sorry, i'm not in business anymore. the dj's job ... is to bring life to a wedding. most important decisions a couple makes. unfortunately something like this is a black eye to our industry. rich henry of vital image wedding studio ... has been offering discounts to couples ... jilted by dj's couture. we've received over two dozen people who have contacted us. in an email to
4:43 pm
best to come up with a plan to get refunds in order ... unfortunately, without revenue coming in, the funds simply aren't there immediately." when i asked him where the brides' payments went ... he said "they've all been used up trying to keep the business afloat as long as we could." i think that he played the system to his benefit and one to say it, i don't think any of those couples is going to get their money back. ciepluch has since moved to texas. the better business bureau ... says ciepluch has promised wisconsin brides refunds ... by may 2017. since july, we've received 6 complaints against this business. most of them have to do with people paying cash up front and not receiving any services whatsoever. thankfully - for lisa and paul dj's couture ... didn't ruin their big day. a guest called in another d-j .... in time for the first dance. luckily we were able to fix it no problems but i could have fallen totally apart. we could have had a lot worse of a night.
4:44 pm
an interview ... and only responded to some of the questions in my emails. when i asked him about taking hannah's money after telling the b- b-b he'd closed ... he said "we had prematurely gone out of business, later tried to keep it open, only to finally fold up in late august. refunds will be given." ciepluch did email some brides to tell them he was closing ... but hannah and lisa say they never got an email. for advice on choosing a dj - head to our website - i'm jenna sachs contact 6. it may not look like it here... but parts of wisconsin are getting hammered by heavy snowfall. the snow started falling early this morning... and picked up after sunrise. vilas county is getting hit the hardest. but business owners up north say they believe the winter precipitation will impact winter tourism in the area.
4:45 pm
otherwise cold. temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on friday, very cold. highs in the low 20s and wind chills in the teens. snow moving in during the afternoon and especially the evening. snow is forecast to continue into sunday morning. accumulation is likely.
4:46 pm
although this is stil unclear. stay tuned. tonight: few flurries. cold. low: 20 wind: wnw 10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 22 wind: wnw 5-10 mph afternoon/evening. am low: 10 high: 23 wind: s 5-10 mph sunday: cloudy with snow showers likely. am low: 21
4:47 pm
chance for snow. am low: 27 high: 30 wind: nw 10-20 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 22 high: 18 wind: nw 5-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cold. high: 10 wind: w 10-20
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outlook on life, could be helping some women live longer! new research out of harvard suggests women who have a positive outlook on life are less likely to die prematurely.. the study focused on thousands of female nurses over two years. those with the highest percentage of optimism were 30-percent less likely to die. researchers say it may be because those who are optimistic are more likely to have better mental and physical health. bargain. and doctors say finding a good deal isn't just good for your wallet - but also your brain. doing your homework and saving on that hot holiday item is actually a brain-victory. anticipation of a reward releases the chemical dopamine to the brain. experts say it is all about "intermittent reinforcement" -- or getting rewards inconsistently. it drives us to keep trying something until we get it. like that big four-k t-v at a great price! but be careful --
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addiction. light therapy could one day treat alzheimer's disease -- according to new research. studies involving mice -- show exposure to lights that flicker at a precise frequency, can fix faulty signals in the brain -- and energize the immune system to fight off alzheimer's. while light therapy is not ready to treat human paitents -- the studies have prompted the creation of a start- up company, which will approach the food and drug administration about clinical delta could be bringing back a major perk: free meals in coach. the airline is testing the service to passengers flying between new york and los angeles or san francisco. the menu changes by time of day-- morning travelers could be offered a honey maple breakfast
4:51 pm
mesquite-smoked turkey sandwich or whole grain veggie wrap. the testing period ends next week. delta has not yet determined if the free meals will become standard. mario is going mobile. the iconic video game character is coming to your cell phone! super mario run is hitting the app store next week. users can download it for free, but will have to pay about 10 bucks to unlock the fulg to make about 71 million dollars in gross revenue in the first month of the app's release. "super mario run is the first time our iconic character mario is coming on an iphone and ipad. it launches on december 15th and were very excited about this. we think this is going to be a fantastic way for millions of consumers to
4:52 pm
for now, you can go to the app store and get a notification that will let you know right when the game goes live. could a five dollar bill ever be worth more than 60-grand? sounds crazy, but that's exactly what's happening in the u-k three rare, five pound notes that are worth thousands more have be circulation in england, northern ireland and scotland. the bills are engraved with a picture of 18th century author "jane austen". the notes could be worth 50-thousand pounds or about 63-thousand u-s dollars. a fourth note is expected to be released in wales in the next few days. harry potter fans now have a chance to own the rarest book that j.k. rowling ever made. next tuesday, sothebys in london will sell a presentation copy of
4:53 pm
it was hand-written and illustrated by rowling herself. she made seven similar copies in 2007 -- six were given to people she said were most closely linked to the harry potter series. the seventh was auctioned at sotheby's that same year. it fetched nearly four-million dollars!. it is estimated to be sold for more than half-a-million dollars. wish you could touch a piece of history? ...what about driving a piece of history? coming up -- one of the largest collections of classic cars in america and how you can actually get behind the wheel.
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5. a midwest museum is giving drivers the chance to sit behind the wheel of a model t. fox 6's deandra corinthios shows you where you can take one for a spin. "nat: 11:21:44 starting the car " just outside of kalamazoo michigan, you'll find a gem hidden among the cornfields. "11:03:12 people fell in love with it " falling in love with a place, where past meets the present. "11:12:36 telling people the stories they all have great stories" and for jay follis...stories arent good stories..unless theyre about cars. "11:02:21 the model t was an automobile in the early part of the auto
4:57 pm
by 1908 he created a car that was very inexpensive, very easy to operate and designed for the every man" the gilmore car museum houses one of north america's largest collections of classic and vintage automobiles. many of those.... model ts. henry ford...manufactured the model t from 1908 to 1927.... it was unlike any car made today. "11:03:49 theres n theres no stick shift " no heat, ac, or odometers....just a pedal to go forward, backward and for the break. "11:02:39 anyone could get into this car and learn how to drive it " this is a 1919 model-t depot hack "11:28:56 eric flies over, hahaha looking back" its one of the cars, instructors at the gilmore car museum are teaching people to drive. "11:04:34 each class runs about 3 to 4 hours." its drivers ed...with a blast...
4:58 pm
"11:30:37 put your break on " the model t driving school got its start 9 years ago...instructors...te aching 1500 people... ranging from age 16 to 93. "11:04:58 in this class youre not just going to learn how to drive the car, youre going to learn why it was important." a non other... featuring a relic of the road. "driving off in model t" deandra corinthios, fox 6 news. glenn." an american hero passes away.... a look at the life of former astronaut and long-time senator john glenn. plus... "its very scary...its like what do we do?" a violent night in milwaukee leaves four people dead after three separate shootings. and... as the milwaukee county recount nears completion -- a mystery is
4:59 pm
left behind in a greenfield city clerk's office... we'll get to those stories in just a moment... but first -- we're learning president- elect donald trump will soon make a visit to our area. mister trump has an event scheduled at the wisconsin state fair exposition center in west allis next tuesday night at seven. it's part of his so-called "thank you" tour following his november win over hillary clinton. we have details on how you can get a ticket to the event.. just go to our website, fox 6 now dot com. effort in milwaukee county is wrapping up... fox6s madeline anderson joins us live at milwaukee countys recount headquarters in bay view with this update. madeline ad libs about the
5:00 pm
delivered. tabulators spent the day double checking all 29-thousand of west allis ballots... the final municipality in milwaukee county to complete its recount. to wrap this up as the final community in the county feels like a real achievement. as of thursday afternoon... the wisconsin elections commission reports 47 of the state recount... thats approximately 82 percent of all ballots. despite claims of machines being hacked and widespread problems... the discrepancies between recount and election night results have been minor. so far... hillary clinton is up 556 votes... while president elect trump is up 496. the results of the election are not going to change in this recount. milwaukee county clerk joe czarnezki says the only hiccup came wednesday... when the city of


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