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tv   FOX 6 News at 530  FOX  December 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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powers of the epa to impose a radical environmental agenda on this country ... that is killing jobs and hurting the economy. and pruitt is going to roll that back, so we have clean air environment. and, general john kelly - a retired marine - as the next department of homeland security secretary. he's the third general chosen so far, some arguing it's one military leader too many, others saying the opposite. keane says: "i don't see militarizing the national security function as being anything that's dangerous to this country. quite the contrary." waldman on-cam tag says: "and tonight, president-elect trump no thank you tour. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." it's time for your news and weather together. a string of violence in milwaukee overnight.. four people were killed in three unrelated shootings. one person is recovering at a hospital. two of the four victims were shot in their own home while their children were in a nearby room. the shootings all happened within a span of a few hours. there are no suspects in custody. john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth has died at
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senator representing his home state of ohio. in 19-62 he was the third u-s astronaut in space -- circling earth three times. glenn then spent 24 years as a democrat from ohio in the u-s senate. he was the last survivor of the original mercury 7 astronauts. glenn returned to space in 1998 at age 77, aboard space shuttle discovery. he died today in columbus. and -- its likely the final day of the recount for milwaukee county. election officials hope to have every munic counted by tonight. tabulators spent the day counting all 29- thousand of west allis ballots... the only municipality that isnt yet complete. the city of milwaukees absentee ballots are also being counted today. weather a few flurries tonight, otherwise cold. temperatures in the 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on friday, very cold. highs in the low 20s and
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saturday with snow moving in during the afternoon and especially the evening. snow is forecast to continue into sunday morning. accumulation is likely. another system might impact us sunday evening into monday. although this is stil unclear. stay tuned. tonight: few flurries. cold. low: 20 wind: wnw 10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 22 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: sno afternoon/evening. am low: 10 high: 23 wind: s 5-10 mph what cold? that's the attitude of workers for habitat for humanity as they braved the temps to help one family move into a new home!
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in milwaukee. and we energies is helping to get it done. julie collins has the 'nuts and bolts' of this story. julie? we energies is sponsoring the build today and with the cold temperatures... volunteers are glad to know the work was contained to inside the home. laquita evans is helping to rebuild a once vacant home. 'this is 1 way for me to reinvest in my community.' and this community is close to laquitas heart as she grew up just 1 block away. restore the neighborhood that i previously came from and make it better.' shes one of many we energies employees volunteering their time and talents to helping rebuild this home. 'this neighborhood being so close to one of our service centers were actually a part of this neighborhood so for us to give back and help in a neighborhood in which we work its a really good feeling.' we energies is sponsoring this build in the washington park neighborhood where habitat for humanity has focused its efforts. 'were really seeing these blocks changing on
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decrease in crime since 2013. were seeing vacant lots go down, property values are stabilizing. so we can see the change.' and the change is coming to this house... 'before we got in here there was a lot of criminal and drug activity in this home...the police raided this home and were able to extinguish the criminal activity that was going on here and then it sat vacant.' until habitat theyre now pumping new life into this home. 'thats really special to know that in just a few months a familys dream is going to come true of owning their own home.' the home will be complete by summer 2017 -- and to meet that deadline the family moving in will help with the construction. we energies will also continue its efforts with a 6-day volunteer push...this week. when seattle comes to lambeau field on sunday, the packers
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defense. the packers will try to keep one player in particular away from aaron rodgers. but if he records a sack--the impact will go beyond the game. pip tackles the
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the real inventor of the reuben sandwich may be debatable, but its great taste is not. at subway, this authentic classic is stacked with lean corned beef, bavarian-style sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread.
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packers linebacker nick perry won't play against the seahawks sunday because of a significant hand injury. assuming clay matthews plays-he'll probably do so with only 1 healthy shoulder. jake ryan and blake martinez are iffy. where would that group be without old pro julius peppers?! the possible future hall of famer has exceeded all expectations since
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agent in march of twenty fourteen. 10:44:38 absolutely. not only the way he practices, but even the off season program. i'm mean you're talking about, julius peppers, i mean he runs with the dbs when he works out. so 10:44:48 audio edit 10;44:52 has tremendous work ethic. like i said, he has a very old school approach. he just does not want to come off the field, and i think he's a tremendous example to our younger players; and he's been a tremendous asset to our program". 10:45:06 packers/seahawks sunday your packers station. then we'll have a special edition of-- fox six news-- in order to bring you complete reaction.... defensive lineman mike daniels will join tim van vooren live.....we wrap it up with the sports blitz sunday night at 10:35. nobody in packers nation wants to see cliff avril sack aaron rodgers on sunday, but at least if he does, it will be for a great cause. the gifted seattle defensive end is donating money to build a house in haiti,
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hit by hurricane matthew, a natural disaster that reportedly claimed at least one thousand lives. teams have always said it's not the biggest game of the season because it's non conference. but when marquette hosts the badgers on saturday afternoon--everyone knows what's on the line. "guys know it's a big deal; not worried about being ready to play. it's about how you play". when idaho coach don verlin offered up a chance to coach
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little did he know that cougs' coach ernie kent would offer up the winning 2 thousand dollar bid! kent's donation went to a cause near and dear to the coaches hearts--coaches versus cancer. both men lost their dads to the disease. the two sat together on the idaho bench for the first 2 possessions before ernie kent returned to the washington state bench. washingto state bet both sides-and coaches-came out on top by honoring their fathers. ben, mary. delta airlines could be bringing back a perk that many fliers thought would never return... free meals in coach! the flights where the food is being added
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population leads to a reclassification for the
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von maur sets a target opening date for its new store at the corners of brookfield. the high-end department store chain is set to open its first wisconsin location on april 8th... after years of delays. plans for this von maur date all the way back to 2011. the company plans to hire more than 100 employees for the brookfield store. von maur's president says he also hopes wisconsin... possibly in milwaukee... madison... or northeastern wisconsin. the milwaukee bucks -- committed to hiring local residents for arena construction and the new arena district -- are partnering with a company to help find qualified workers. "skill-smart" will also help prospective employees gain skills the bucks and the city of milwaukee will host a series of town hall meetings to introduce job seekers to the "skill smart" platform. the first is set for next thursday at journey house --
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you'll find a link to the platform on our website -- fox six now dot com, or your fox six news mobile app. for more information on this and other stories in the business journal, we have link to their site on ours, it's time for your news and weather together. authorities say a man suspected of shooting two police officers in georgia is dead... swat teams entered a home where 32- year-old minquell lembreick was hiding.he was wanted in connection with the r officer shot outside an apartment complex. an officer with the georgia southwestern state university was also shot -- but survived the attack. a man suspected of shooting and killing a u-p-s driver in upstate new york is in custody. it happened early this morning outside a wal-mart store in ithaca. police say the suspect shot the 52- year-old driver -- then ran him over. the gunman ran from the area -- then barricaded himself inside a home. he was arrested after a
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and other are hurt after a 30 vehicle pileup on an icy interstate near lansing, michigan... authorities are blaming the slippery conditions for this morning's crash -- which forced the interstate to close in both directions. toss to weather weather a few flurries tonight, otherwise and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on friday, very cold. highs in the low 20s and wind chills in the teens. mostly cloudy on saturday with snow moving in during the afternoon
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into sunday morning. accumulation is likely. another system might impact us sunday evening into monday. although this is stil unclear. stay tuned. tonight: few flurries. cold. 10-15 mph friday: mostly cloudy and cold. high: 22 wind: wnw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in by afternoon/evening. am low: 10
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cloudy with snow showers likely. am low: 21 high: 32 wind: e 5-10 mph monday: mostly cloudy with a chance for snow. am low: 27 high: 30 mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 22 high: 18 wind: nw 5-15 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and cold. am low: 2 high: 10
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thanks giraffes are now listed as "vulnerable" by the international union for the conservation of nature. populations have fallen up to 40- percent over the last 30 years -- according to the i-u-c-n. the group described it as a quote: "silent extinction" -- and says the
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-- and illegal hunting." some people in the u-k could be in for a big surprise... three - five pound notes that could be worth thousands have been released into circulation in england, northern ireland and scotland. the bills are engraved with a picture of 18th century author jane austen -- to commemoration the 200th anniversary of her death. "she had a passion for reverence and ridicule, and i think she would have liked the idea of it being on the note because when the note is turned a little and the light comes at a different angle it vanishes, you turn it back it comes back again. i think she would have liked that." the notes could be worth as much as 50-thousand pounds -- or about 63- thousand u-s dollars. a fourth note is expected to be released in wales... in the next few days. delta could be bringing back a major perk: free meals in coach.
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service to passengers flying between new york and los angeles or san francisco. the menu changes by time of day -- morning travelers could be offered a honey maple breakfast sandwich. for afternoon fliers -- a mesquite-smoked turkey sandwich or whole grain veggie wrap. the testing period ends december 15... delta has not yet determined if the free meals will become standard. an unexpected item seems to be a top seller so far this holiday season... selling for 85 dollars each -- nordstrom says they have sold out! the smaller version for 65-dollars... is also out of stock. they described as quote: "smooth los angeles-area stones -- wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned american leather secured by sturdy contrast
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the most overpaid actors... and mick jagger is a dad again. the details in tonight's buzz. forbes releases its list of the most overpaid actors in hollywood ... johnny depp, will smith, and george cloon list. depp led the list for the second straight year after his movie "alice through the looking glass" underperformed at the box office. "magic mike" star channing tatum and comedian will ferrell also made the list -- rounding out the top five. mick jagger is now a father of eight! the 73-year-old and his girlfriend welcomed a boy today in new york. the rolling stones frontman already has 7 kids...they range
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stone and ryan gosling --- forever immortalized at the t-c-l chinese theatre in hollywood. the two signed their names and placed their hands and feet in cement during a ceremony. stone and gosling star in the upcoming movie "la la land." the two have also worked together twice before -- in "crazy, stupid, love" and "gangster
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thousands of "love locks" to help refugees. people would attach padlocks to city bridges in paris as a symbol of love. the city council stopped the romantic ritual after city bridges started to crumble from the
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they decided to sell them. they hope to raise more than 100- thousand dollars for refugees. open now at 6: remembering an american hero. a look back at the life of john glenn - the first american to orbit the earth. milwaukee. the shootings that left 4 dead in just 8 hours. plus- president-elect donald trump is bringing his "thank you" tour to wisconsin. when you'll be able to see him. we start with the election recount in wisconsin -- as of this evening, nearly a done deal. more than 82 percent of the votes are counted -- and hillary clinton has picked up just 61 votes. madeline anderson is live in milwaukee county with
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