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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 10, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CST

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you are watching fox 6 news at 10. 10p open now at ten. a lake rescue -- turned recovery. authorities confirm tonight -- a man's body has been pulled from lake como in that's our big story. a man loses his life-- after wandering out onto thin ice. crews searched for hours-- and ultimately -- they got the result nobody wanted to see. our angelica sanchez joins us live in walworth county tonight with the latest. what we know so far is that this is a male in his 40's he walked about 700 yards before falling through. law enforcement says the take
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the dangers of a frozen lake. it was all hands on deck--- as multiple agencies from wisconsin and northern illinois began working against the clock after a report of a person falling through the ice of lake como. officials tell us after four hours of searching the body of a male in his 40s was pulled from the water. 'theres been a search and rescue operation now for some hours at about 5:30 today a body was located lake.' the unidentified male walked at least 700 yards before falling through the ice. officials used divers and sonar techs to locate him. multiple crews came for back up. ' because of the weather the divers can only go in for a short period of time so we needed extra man power to handle those.' those watching the situation develop from a local bar tell us their thoughts on the search. 'i didnt believe it...the ice is
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days.' ' its very sad that something like this happens in our local community here i pray for him and his family.' law enforcement says this tragic incident is a reminder of the how deceiving ice can be. the ice is ectremely unstable uhm and given weather conditions that we've had no ice right now is safe for entry as we see tonight. the man's identity has yet to be that information along with how many agencies were on the scene is expected to be released in the coming days. we're live in lake como i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news. ben thanks angelica to the latest on the weather now. a winter storm is headed our way this weekend. the system is expected to drop several inches of snow in our area. weather expert tom wachs is monitoring the storm. he joins us live from the weather center with the latest.
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saturday night through sunday night increasing clouds tonight. it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in the low 20s. snow moves in from the west on saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward tonight: increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total accumulation. am low: 22 high: 30
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municipalities across the area -- bracing for the snow. d-p-w crews are prepari they'll work to clear the roads. our myra sanchick has more on how the city of milwaukee is getting ready. our main goal in mind is that we have safe and passable streets so you can home, you can get to your destinations and visit our city and businesses can be open. it's very important to us the predictions are that soon the area will be in the thick of it. wednesday brine was put on streets, an anti icing operation that is
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snow from sticking. it's worked on the past on bridges, and now it is on major streets for the first time. saturday we will be starting the operation by calling in 102 drivers and deploying 102 salt trucks to get into the districts, the residential streets and pre salt those areas plow blades are being mounted onto garbage trucks to get ready for snow accumulation. it is important in the winter that we follow parking regulations. there are posted parking regulations throughout park your car be mindful of the posted signs. as sure as the the snow falls each year, the day before that snowfall customers call. we sell a lot of salt, shovels, snowblowers and i'm sure tomorrow morning we'll see more of it bliffert's is one of many hardware stores now in the thick of it. people always procrastinate,put it off from
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rigs preparation is in full swing. myra says: "you may see snow trucks before the snowfall on saturday, city officials say they will be pretreating the streets. reporting in milwaukee... myra sanchick -- fox six news." in washington county-- 28 salt- filled snow plows are loaded, and lined-up for duty this weekend. theyre meeting, early, today, to discuss when the first guys are gonna come in, how long theyre gonna be in the shop, so they can, kinda, coordinate that, because they only have so many hours that they can schmidt mentions the restrictions on snow plow operators... .he says they can work 16 hours, before a break is required. plow drivers say you should give them some room on the road to let them work. track the weather anywhere. just download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and android devices. president barack obama has ordered a full review into any alleged "malicious cyber activity" linked to the u-s elections. this comes as u-s intelligence officials say russia did
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election...claiming the russian government directed the compromise of emails of u-s political organizations. tonight, the trump camp dismissed the claims, saying the election is over and it's time to move on. to the recount now... a federal judge says an effort to stop wisconsin's recount was "dead on arrival" in his courtroom. that means the counting -- which is almost done -- will continue. great america pac and stop hillary pac filed the federal lawsuit last week, to shut it down. the judge said there's virtually no chance that the recount will change the result of the election in wisconsin. the counting is now 89 percent completed. president-elect donald trump's margin of victory has barely changed. the state's top elections official says he's confident the recount will be done by tuesday's deadline. we're expecting a handful of other counties to be finished today. so, were happy that there was not an additional complication
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pleased to see that the recount, as was discussed in court, is occurring smoothly, that there havent been any problems, and thats a positive development for the voters of wisconsin the lawyer for the plaintiffs would not say whether he planned to appeal the judge's ruling. wisconsin is again the only state where a full recount is underway now that a judge has halted michigan's effort. the elections commission is posting daily updates as the presidential recount continues. track the developments on our website -- fox six now dot com, milwaukee police are asking for your help finding a critically missing woman. according to police, sabrina allen is reported missing from the area of third and nash. she reportedly suffers from health issues. if you know where allen is, you're asked to call milwaukee police. police in cudahy say they've arrested the man connected to a child enticement case. the 13-year-old girl was walking
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for sex. the man reportedly drove past her several times... but eventually he left the area. police haven't released any details about who they took into custody -- but he was being described as a man in his late 20s to early 30's. prosecutors say a fight between father and son led to gunshots outside the milwaukee county courthouse. "john cook" is now facing charges in connection to the incident -- which happened back on november 30th. according to a criminal complaint: him in the face -- and that's when cook allegedly grabbed the gun and fired two shots. nobody was hurt. cook was a felon -- and could not legally posses a firearm. a fox 6 exclusive. a woman is beaten and robbed. the attack was caught on camera. tonight, the victim is speaking out. fox 6's ashley sears is in the newsroom with her story. the woman is still very shaken by happened. she is hoping someone knows something, so the suspect is
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of fear. a terrifying attack-- captured on surveillance. i was taking out my son, unbuckling him from the car seat, when i felt someone pull on my purse. it happened near 10th and oklahoma last month. he started to hit me and i let go of my purse and he took off running. around 6:30 at night-- surveillance captured the strong armed robbery-- an unknown man spies on the victim-- then tries holding her in a headlock and hitting her repeatedly in the face. i got scared because im pregnant and i also had my son, so i just let him have my purse. i heard some scream outside of my office. attorney julius andriusis knows the victim and spoke with her shortly after the incident. she called me crying all hysterical and said somebody just robbed me, somebody just robbed me and got scared. the suspect got away with credit
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i feel like hes still spying on me. andriusis and the victim are offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest. hopeful this man will be put behind bars behind bars--before someone else becomes a victim. once hes captured, i would have relief. the victim is 6 month pregnant. she says despite the attack she is healthy now. her toddler was not injured, but she says he remains very s sears fox 6 news. steph thanks ashley ahead at ten. who's in -- and who's out? president-elect trump whittles down the field for his cabinet... and a major player takes his name out of the running! plus. candy cane lane is halfway in the books. how the holiday fundraising event is doing compared to last year -- and how you can check it out for yourself.
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continues to fill out his cabinet positions.. monday -- he will meet with former presidential candidate carly fiorina. today -- house speaker paul ryan met with the president-elect. the two haven't always seen eye-to- eye with the house speaker. they clashed several times during this year's presidential campaign over some of trump's political positions. but ryan says he and trump have smoothed things over, and the two now speak regularly. "very exciting meeting. really enjoyed coming up here and meeting
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our transition. we are very excited about getting to work and hitting the ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track." former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is out of the running for secretary of state. his name was reportedly removed from consideration during a meeting late last month. according to the transition team... giuliani will stay on as a vice chairman of the presidential transition team. mitt romney is reportedly still on the short list for the secrt president-elect trump says he's coming to wisconsin. according to his campaign website -- he will hold a "thank you" rally at the wisconsin state fair expo center on tuesday in west allis. more than 500 books are now in the hands of milwaukee first graders. its part of one local employers effort to improve childhood literacy in low-income communties. fox6s deandra corinthios has the story.
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to a good start but the excitement continues with story time... "no way said the farmer brown" and the first graders at saint anthony elementary school welcome special guests: ""do you like to read?" volunteers from kpmg -the audit tax and advisory services firm read to the students. then hand out bags of books! childrens green eggs and ham...and where the wild things are: "i love wild things like wild lions or monsters or wild to add to her library "i have like 50 books!" saint anthonys has 123 first graders. and kpmg gives each student five brand new books... "just putting books in childrens hands is the best way to get them excited about reading" a gift educators say will help students meet their goal... "we suggest to our families that everyone reads 15 to 20 minutes every night to keep
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"i make sure i dont watch tv at night and just get a book and read" the student body is 99 percent hispanic... "we want them to be bilingual and at the same time we want them to be secure in english" reading at school and at home is even more important to eliminate the language barrier. in milwaukee deandra corinthios fox6 news the k-p-m-g donation is part of the company's "family for literacy program". if you would like to learn more about it -- we have a link at fox six now dot com. -- candy cane lane is still going strong tonight. this is the 31st year that the west allis neighborhood has lit up to raise money for the macc fund... fighting childhood cancer. the event is free... and runs through monday, december 26th. visitors can make a macc donation fund at the candy cane lane... or donate online. ken perkl says: "we never have a goal. but last year we collect 114- thousand dollars and we're kind of right on that pace this year and it's a
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the lights display runs from oklahoma to montana avenues... and 92nd to 96th streets. adlib to weather weather winter storm watch for all of se wi from saturday night through sunday it will be very cold with temperatures falling into the teens by sunrise. mostly cloudy and quiet during the day saturday with highs in
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saturday evening. the snow will continue through the day sunday and taper off sunday night. 6-9" of total accumulation is forecast, lower amounts toward fon increasing clouds. cold. low: 13 wind: nw 5-10 mph saturday: snow moving in from the west during the evening. high: 22 wind: w 5-10 mph sunday: snow likely. tapering off sunday night. 6-9" total
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high: 30 wind: se 10-20 mph monday: mostly cloudy. am low: 23 high: 26 wind: w 5-15 mph tuesday: mostly cloudy and cold low: 13 high: 19 wind: nw 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy and bitter cold. am low: 0 high: 10 wind: wnw 5-15 mph thursday:
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they are who they think they are, and the packers are preparing accordingly as they get ready for the seahawks. tim van vooren's story is coming up. and as wisconsin gets ready to face in state rival marquette,
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they've been playing very well of late, winning 6 of their last 8. tonight, the bucks were looking to keep the good times rolling against the hawks at the bradley center. they start to heat up in the 2nd quarter as greg monroe comes up with the steal and finishes at the other end with the uncontested dunk, part of a 16-4 run. the fun continues as defense turns into offense, this time it's jabari finishing with the jam and the bucks lead by 20 at the half. but the 2nd half was a much different story as the hawks storm back, actually taking the lead late in the 4th on kyle korver's long jumper. after the bucks take the lead momentarily, tim hardaway junior buries them when he knocks down a 3 from the wing. the bucks take a bad loss, 114-110 is the final. meanwhile in okc tonight there's a sam dekker sighting, although it doesn't look like enes kanter saw anything but the ceiling after sam throws down the monster dunk on him. the posterizing play could end up as a fox 6 blitz play of the week
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way, that stare down was impressive as well mr. dekker. the bc will be a busy place tomorrow as the badgers roll in from madison to face the golden eagles in their annual match up with marquette. look for defense to play a big role as each team is looking to extend their current win streak. "they got a good inside with luke fischer. he's nice. he can finish. he can distribute the ball and they have shooters on the outside. we can't just collapse to him the whole time and not get back out so i think that's going to be important." "we play great defense if they're creative so i think with us being at home i think we'll play great defense again. i think up though." history made tonight in kenosha as deandre johns passed nick van exel as st. joseph's all time leading scorer. he came into tonight's game against burlington catholic just 8 points shy of van exel's 1282 career points. his putback off the glass in the 1st half puts him ahead of van exel. the game was stopped so they could honor his achievement. he finishes with 28 points in the st. joe's win. "just to be in the same category as an nba all-star is like, i mean, it hasn't
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about it, it's really gonna, it's honestly a pleasure. i'm blessed, i can say." they know each other well as they've faced each other 9 times over the last 10 seasons, including some post season match ups. so when the packers take the field on sunday, they realize how good the seahawks really are. tim van vooren has more from lambeau field. "the seattle seahawks will bring a good defense to lambeau field sunday. they're number one in the league in points allowed this season. they've won that category the last four years. and aaron rodgers says it's because of who they ball." "their defense is a great defense. i mean, they've got a lot of great players at every level so they run their defense as well as they possibly can." "they got playmakers on all three levels. that's what i see on film. i know where they rank, 27th in third down but when you look at they're number one in the league as far as keeping you out of the end zone." "ty montgomery ordinarily would have been worried about the defensive backs as he prepared for this game. now that he's seeing duty at running back he's worried
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"definitely looking at different things. last year wasn't worried about bennett or wagner or any of those guys, not so much. but now i'm worried about all eleven guys on defense." "and as if seattle's defense isn't enough the team just scored 40 points last sunday night in whooping carolina, five hundred and twenty four total yards gained by the offense. in green bay, tim van vooren,
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